Omban Empire

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The Omban Empire was a large, multicultural empire founded 765 years before the present through the union of several Ombesh-speaking states centered around the city of Omba. The empire rapidly expanded to the north (Basai and Nulu), west (Choradan, Daligash) and south (Malfan) before collapsing under its own weight in 338 I.E. (Imperial Era) into a series of successor states. The causes of the fall of the empire's fall are hotly debated but it is generally regarded that raids from the south (the Enskrai), setbacks in the ultimately abortive and failed colonization of Osnabis (now Ashnabis Territory), and internal political disputes all contributed.

The spread of the Omban Empire brought with it the Ombesh language, now spoken in all its successor states, and the religion of the Corps. While other languages (Thu Parsh, Aummesh, Enskrai) are spoken in some corners of the former Empire, and the Hulti (Old Folk) persist as a distinct minority faith, the Empire's effect on the politics, history, art, architecture, literature, and social life of the entire continent is undeniable.