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Choradan was once the westernmost civilized province of the Empire, known for its many forts and garrisons during the final century of expansion before the collapse. Few non-military members of the noble classes found their way so far west, and so when the empire collapsed, the Sentinels, the elite fighting forces of the Empire, took over the maintenance of the lands and the defense of the region, under the aegis of the Choradan Protectorate. The Marshal, who exercises autocratic power limited by his ability to appease and placate rivals, is the highest-ranking, and often the most powerful, warlord in the region. In Choradan, military service is required of every family, who must provide a soldier for a period of training. Soldiering, particularly as a Sentinel, is considered highly prestigious and is the main source of social mobility. A series of wars against Daligash and Taizi to the east, as well as raids to the west, have ensured the preservation of military rule. However, it should be said that some of the greatest conflicts in Choradan have been among local warlords, each seeking prestige and territory of the others.