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When the Omban Empire collapsed, most of the imperial line went extinct; however, a junior branch persisted in Taizi, where a young son of the last emperor, whose parentage was never secure, was adopted into a local aristocratic family, the Ebesnata, and began styling itself as the lawful inheritors of the imperial sceptre. The Emperor, often characterized as the Pretender outside Taizi, claims nominal rule over the entirety of the old Empire and the style at the court is to characterize him as the Omban Emperor, but everyone else calls the region Taizi. It is perhaps the most autocratic of the former Omban states - the Emperor has an appointed council of important aristocratic lineage elders but there is no formal deliberative body, elected or otherwise. The Ebesnata Dynasty has been relatively successful nonetheless; Taizi enjoys considerable power because, in the decades after the empire’s collapse, the Emperors were able to arrange numerous marriages to aristocratic families. Its economy is based on maritime products (fishing and whaling) as well as mining.