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Khutu is a relatively small, craggy monarchy (of sorts) that relies heavily on whaling and fishing. It is governed by a council of aristocratic priests of the Voice of the Dead. Its principal claim to fame is that the body and spirit of First Emperor, Eluli Ula, reside in the capital of Onighus, where his spirit is regularly consulted on any decisions of national import. In effect, he is the Emperor and decisions are made in his name. During the time of the Empire, Eluli was honoured but power lay in the hands of his descendants; in Khutu, since the empire fell, he has acquired power, tempered by the fact that he cannot move or act on his own. The Voice is much more powerful than the Hand here, and Khutu is home not only to the Emperor but also numerous other important saints. Nineteen important aristocratic priests are chosen, largely on the basis of birth rather than merit, as Conduits for the will of the sainted emperor, and exercise power through controlling access to the bodies of the revered. Pilgrimages to the Mausoleum in Onighus are a major source of revenue, as individuals from throughout the former Empire come to visit the bodies of their noble ancestors. Khutu maintains a studied neutrality in most political affairs; most other nations are reluctant to attack it directly out of respect for Eluli, and it has become very conservative and inward-looking.