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This region of cold, craggy islands and northern coasts was once settled by Ombesh people but would not be recognized as such after centuries at the periphery. Along the northern coasts, there is a mixed culture where people speak a creole of Ombesh and the local Luetkan tongue. Many of the population here were descendants of the indentured servants and labourers who, at the Empire’s collapse, found themselves free to seek their own path and so travelled west from Nulu. The seven major and two dozen or so minor Luetkan islands have a few ruined Ombesh maritime outposts but here, the indigenous Luetkan culture and language flourish. The islands are proudly independent, ruled by local chiefs who exercise political authority based on the redistribution of goods, especially trade goods and rare maritime resources. Luetka is only minimally affected by the religion of the Hand and the Voice, and instead has a faith in which great elder whales are seen as gods.