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Nulu is the far northern province of the former Empire, and was traditionally the territory of the Thu Parsh, who have their own language and customs but who for centuries have followed the Hand and Voice as their own faith. Nulu is ruled by a hereditary Duke who is a descendant of the Omban aristocracy; most of the elites are similarly of Ombesh aristocratic descent. The territory is only good for agriculture near the coast, where most of the population are Ombesh speakers; to the east are the great silver mines which rely both on bubun labour and on Thu Parsh indentured workers. Nulu has stood apart from many of the conflicts that have afflicted the more southerly provinces because its only neighbour, Basai to the south, is isolationist. Thu Parsh have, over the past couple of generations, become more aggressively resistant to their domination by Ombans.