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Sharai was for many years the most powerful principality among the Omban aristocratic powers, and held enormous power in the Omban Senate. Around forty years ago, a powerful Omban senator, Gudum, having grown frustrated with the Senate’s rules and passivity, declared Sharai to be an independent kingdom and, with allies in Hasmala and Daligash, was victorious in what is now known as the Bone War. Gudum is now elderly but has overseen a period of great peace and prosperity, with maritime trade being a major source of income. Sharai is a hereditary monarchy and the king’s eldest daughter, Princess Efres, is poised to take power. Tensions remain high between Sharai and Omba with occasional skirmishes at the border even now, and major disruptions to social and economic activity. In particular, Omba has lost unrestricted access to the sea, and must pay heavy tariffs to Sharai to conduct maritime commerce.