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The Enskrai (known as the Umnar or Herders to the Ombesh) are a group of seminomadic sheep pastoralists headed by powerful patrilineal clans. They are expert animal handlers and their great horses, used in work and in war, are prized possessions among many nations. The northern city of Jinto (Jinu) is a major trading center; most of its inhabitants are sedentary and are bilingual in Ombesh. Most of the rest of the territory of Umnaka proper was nominally settled by Omba in the waning days of empire, but there are few signs of this today other than a few ruined forts. To the east, in the great plains, the Enskrai travel and tend their herds unchecked. The clans of the Enskrai gather yearly for a major conclave to decide major affairs, make alliances, and conduct major marriages, but otherwise are fiercely independent. They trade in sheep and horses to the Omban cities, but also are known to raid the territories immediately adjacent to them, especially Malfan. They are monotheistic, worshipping a god whose power is expressed through lightning, but is also concerned with chance / fate.