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May and Korivan are reunited at long last. Merula presides over GLadius's funeral, at which everyone says a few words. Afterwards, Meghan and Eyllia decide to try and complete his quest to find Terus. Laris helps May prepare for her wedding to Fairë Roanne. Her friends act as canopy bearers for the ceremony. Afterwards, May says farewell to Induriel before he returns to join Lady Morelos. Laris speaks to Korivan about his hand, and learns that Calkas is planning to open a temple to Sehanine. As the evening wears on, he retreats to a quiet Balcony to enjoy the wine that Saḫḫiru gave him, and ends the evening the session, and the campaign, with a sweet moment between the two.


Session date: 2020-09-13

May and Korivan finally meet again after the ballet and a long time apart

<Korivan> I assume it will be a bit of time before K makes it to the city, just because there's a lot of stuff to deal with
* May will probably be very busy for a while anyway, dealing with recovery efforts and such
* Korivan willcome to the keep to deal with sone more offcial stu,,, and look in to the library to see if May is there, maybe...
* May is surprisingly, not in the library for once, but can probably be found easily enough around the library meeting with various aides and representatives and such.
* May will brighten noticibly when she sees you.
<May> Korivan! You're back!
<Korivan> May - it is....good to see you
<Korivan> it has been....some time.
* May will excuse herself from whoever she is talking to and run over to hug you.
<May> I'm so glad to see you safe.
* Korivan accepts the hug
<Korivan> yes. And you.
<Korivan> There si still...much to do.
<May> So much. I haven't had a moment's rest since... I can't even remember.
* Korivan nods - hes probably sill recovering from efforts with the river and also to cleanse the area of Orcus's desecration
<May> Have you heard about everything that happened?
<Korivan> Mm.... everything? I have heard... much, that I was not present for @_@
<May> The victory... it cost us dearly.
<Korivan> Mmm. You mean... your uncle.
* May nods.
<May> And gladius...
<May> And a good part of the city.
* Korivan nods
<May> I'm glad it didn't cost me you as well.
<Korivan> The city will recover @_@
* Korivan nods and will rest his head on her horns
<Korivan> I am glad.... you are safe.
<Korivan> I have heard you will marry Roane Faire.
* May nods.
<Korivan> I like him.
* Korivan says frowning a bit though
<May> I do too. He's a good person. And think it's good for the city as well. I know you don't think much of marriage, but... I think it's good.
<Korivan> I hope the alliance.... serves you as you wish @_@
* Korivan grins a bit
<Korivan> he is not the type.... to keep you all to himself.
<May> No, he's not.
<May> So... what about our alliance?
<Korivan> ...Our alliance?
<May> You and me. Are you still... interested?
<Korivan> Why would that change?
* May laughs.
<May> I figured as much.
<May> But it's good to make sure.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Well.... if you would like to be sure... >:}
<May> Gods... please. I need to get out of here for a few minutes.
* Korivan will go with you... wherever, really its your castle ;)
<Korivan> Next time.... you can bring your new mate ;)
* May laughs.
<May> I'll ask him. It' really cute when he blushes.
* Korivan grins
* Meghan (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland

Gladius's funeral

<Kennesaw> It's difficult to move Gladius, especially with any dignity, so the decision has been made just to move him respectfully off the crumbled bit of wall and hold the funeral and ritual at the site.
<Kennesaw> Merula and her acolytes took care of much of the preparations.
* Meghan has maintained her usual stoicism leading up to it, but tears stream silently down her face as she leads the funeral procession from the keep to the site.
* Merula (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Kennesaw> A significant crowd has gathered. Gladius was well-liked by townsfolk and tribesfolk alike, and many have come to pay their respects.
* Merula waits for people to gather.
* Meghan will have asked Eyllia to walk with her for moral support.
* Eyllia is glad she can be thier to help her
<Merula> We gather here today to say goodbye to Lord Gladius, called to his destiny in defense of our home and our people.
* Korivan is gathered and wearing his best regalia as a sign of respect
* May will attend with Faire at her side, and is also probably crying silently.
* Laris will even get a proper toga on, to pay his respects.
<Merula> He was a staunch defender of his people, a loving father, a scholar and warrior. The world is lesser for his passing, but many here are alive today from his sacrifice. So life and death weave together in the grand tapestry of Fate.
<Merula> Would any care to speak of his journey?
* Meghan will reach over to squeeze Eyllia's hand, then step forward.
* Meghan is crying still, but her voice is clear.
<Meghan> I do not cry for my father today.
<Meghan> He taught me there is no greater good than to sacrifice for what you believe in.
<Meghan> And no greater sacrifice than one's self.
* Meghan takes a breath.
* Korivan nods at that
<Meghan> He believed in Nesu Abamatu. We spoke but little in the time leading up to this fight, but he looked upon what we're doing here with glad eyes. The promise of this city and its peoples. Its people.
<Meghan> So I cry today for myself.
<Meghan> For the father taken from me, for the protector and guide taken from all of us.
<Meghan> But I do not cry for him.
<Meghan> He is, I'm sure, watching over us, in peace and love.
<Meghan> Do not cry for him. Live for him, for yourselves, for your dream he came to share.
* Meghan nods as if to herself, and returns to the crowd.
<Merula> Would anyone else care to speak?
* Eyllia hugs Meghan
* Meghan hugs back.
* Laris will step up to speak.
<Laris> I am honoured to have had the chance to know Gladius, even for a relatively short time. He was brave and wise, and we are all the better for having known him.
<Laris> He didn't wish to be a soldier, or a weapon, but when it came to defending his people, he was willing to use his strength, to sacrifice his very life, for that cause.
<Laris> His example of service, of responsibility, and of care for his companions is one I will always remember, as we move forward and rebuild on the foundations he helped to lay.
* Laris will step down, then.
* May will dry her eyes and step up next.
<May> When I first met Gladius... I was terrified of him. He was quiet and powerful and somewhat mysterious. And he projected an aura of wisdom and strength.
<May> He described himself as a pilgrim. A wanderer.
<May> As I came to know him, I realized he was all that and more. He was kind and honorable and looking for somewhere to belong.
<May> Having only just arrived in our city he very nearly gave his life to protect it once. And in our time of greatest need he stood by us again.
<May> I am glad to say I called him a friend and ally. I hope that... in the end... he found what he was looking for.
* May will pause for a moment to collect herself and then step down.
* Korivan will step up next
<Korivan> Gladius was a great warrior and a wise ally - he had much to teach us... of strength, and power. Not of body and spirit, but strength of convictions, where your greatest challenge is your own dedication. @_@ He was dedicated.... to his quest for knowledge, and to serving.... as a protector of these lands. His sacrifice... will long be honoured.
* Korivan will step down and make soace for others
* Induriel steps forward
<Induriel> I too knew Gladius for only a short time; but brief though it was, it was enough to leave me in awe of his kindness, his breadth of knowledge, and his wisdom.
<Induriel> This is a great loss for us all; but his sacrifice was made nobly, in a noble cause.
<Induriel> We will remember him always.
* Induriel steps back.
* Merula is now known as Iosh
* Iosh steps forward, helped by one of the other kobolds.
<Iosh> Gladius saved my life. My people's lives.
<Iosh> He was our lord.
<Iosh> He was my friend.
<Iosh> I hope we are worth his sacrifices. We will try to be.
* Iosh steps down.
* Korivan nods at that
* Eyllia slips from Meghan's embrace and steps forward
<Eyllia> I am blessed to have met and spoke with Gladius.
<Eyllia> I am still blessed as I see his legacy
<Eyllia> Remember his choices... for of all of us.
* Eyllia eyes fill with tears
<Eyllia> Let the winds bring hope, the earth bring shelter, the fire bring warmth, and the water bring life... in this world and the next.
* Eyllia steps down
<Kennesaw> A string of mourners will step up one by one, all speaking to Gladius's conviction, kindness, and wisdom.
* Iosh is now known as Merula
<Kennesaw> After the last one speaks, Merula leads the ritual to disperse Gladius's draconic aura. His body fades, its power flowing into the walls of the city, lending them Gladius's strength. Even in death, he accomplishes one last protective act.

Meghan and Eyllia makes plans for a quest!

* Meghan will certainly be leaning on Eyllia emotionally for the rest of the day, with the funeral feast happening that evening.
<Meghan> I want to thank you for being with me through all this.
* Meghan says later that evening, as the feast is winding down.
<Eyllia> Where else would I be?
* Meghan smiles sadly at that.
<Meghan> I didn't think you'd be somewhere else, but it's still worth saying thank you.
<Meghan> It's still so surreal.
<Meghan> He was supposed to outlive me. He's a dragon. That's how things go.
<Meghan> He was this constant, like...the sun.
<Meghan> And now...
* Meghan tears up a little.
<Eyllia> You have the gift of knowing your father well. Traveling with him, living with him, seeing things he hoped for come true.
<Meghan> Some of them.
<Eyllia> Treasure that. Hold it tight to you. It will make the loss feel harder, I know, but it will also help you move on.
* Meghan nods.
<Meghan> Iosh and his people have a home here. My father would be happy about that.
<Meghan> And I think it is mine, too, but...
<Eyllia> I was only twelve when I lost my father. I wish he could see what's been accomplished here.
* Meghan reaches out for Eyllia's hand.
<Meghan> I'm sure he would be proud.
<Meghan> I'm sure he is, wherever he has gone on to, looking back at you and your people.
<Meghan> I've been thinking...
* Eyllia takes Meghan's hand
<Meghan> I know there's much to do here, and I want to help.
<Meghan> But I think I'd also like to continue my father's work.
<Meghan> His search for Terus.
<Meghan> And I was wondering, when the time comes...whether you'd come with me.
<Eyllia> a grand adventure like that? How could I say no.
* Eyllia smiles
* Meghan smiles.
<Eyllia> The Houses will help rebuild. It's one of the things they are great at. We've done it several times now.
* Meghan nods.
<Meghan> They can build together with Nesu Abamatu.
<Meghan> A new land. A home for all.
* Eyllia leans into Meghan
* Meghan will adjust so she can put an arm around Eyllia.
<Eyllia> I look forward to it

Laris helps May prepare for her wedding

* May will be getting ready for the wedding ceremony in her apartments early on the day of the wedding.
* Laris will knock on the door
* May will have Sar-Ili answer it and smile when she sees Laris there.
<Laris> I hope I'm not interrupting important preparations.
<May> Sar... could you give us a few moments, please? Maybe check and see if Faire is ready.
<May> I was just about finished...
* Laris nods
* Laris will step inside, then.
* May is dressed in a long, flowing gown of a light peach color, fading into red as it hits the floor
<May> (On the right) image.png
<Laris> You look very lovely.
* May has her hair pulled up into a braided crown around her horns
<May> Thank you.
* May smiles.
<Laris> Do you feel ... adequately prepared for today?
<May> Does anyone ever?
<Laris> No, probably not completely.
<May> I feel... content. Satisfied.
<May> This is a new beginning. For everyone.
<Laris> Somehow, things happen whether we're prepared for them or not.
<May> That's... very true.
* May looks at herself in the mirror for a moment and a tear forms in her eye.
<May> I... I wish he were here.
<Laris> So do I. I know he wanted me to guide you as he would have, but I'm not him, and I don't know if I can do that.
<May> I know. But you've been like a father to me too. I know he loved you. He would be happy that you're here for me.
<Laris> All I can do is try to guide you the way I would, and hope it's what he would have wanted.
<Laris> He would be proud of you. He is proud of you. As I am.
* May smiles and wipes her eyes.
* May will hug Laris.
<May> Thank you. For everything.
* Laris hugs back
<Laris> I will be waiting, for when you're ready to proceed.
* May nods.
* May takes a deep breathe and checks herself in the mirror one last time.
<May> Ok... let's do this.
* Laris will give May his arm so he can escort her to the wedding ceremony.
* May will take it.

The wedding!

<Kennesaw> Laris can lead May down to the great hall, which has been decorated with copious amounts of flowers for the ceremony, along with various banners and the like.
<Kennesaw> Eyllia, Korivan, and Induriel would be waiting.
<Kennesaw> (So, for the moment, it's just the five of you in the hall.)
* May will smile to see everyone there.
* Induriel smiles back
<May> Thank you all for being here. It... really means a lot to me.
* Korivan nods to her, taking in how pretty she is today :x
<Eyllia> I wouldnt miss this for the world
* Laris will give her arm a squeeze before letting go so that he can go take his corner of the canopy
<Laris> We're going to each have to hold this at a different height, I think...
* Laris is considering the logistics
* May laughs
<May> There's poles ;)
* Korivan nods
* May will make sure everyone is set up and knows what to do.
<Kennesaw> Once you're prepared, the priests will enter. They set out a large cloth on the ground in front of the dais where May will be seated on a small bench. They place a mirror facing May, with two small braziers on either side of it.
<Kennesaw> Guests file in, placing gifts on the cloth. Gold for prosperity, sweets for joy, fruit and nuts for fertility...
<Kennesaw> Eventually, the guests will have all placed their gifts and taken their places.
* Merula is now known as Faire
* Faire makes his entrance. While normally Faire dresses in black and muted earth tones, today his in bright red robes with gold embroidery of vines, trees, and flowers.
* Faire smiles at May from across the great hall.
* May smiles back
* Faire walks slowly to the dais, then kneels before May (as is tradition).
<Kennesaw> (I believe it will fall to Laris to ask "Who is this man?")
<Laris> Who is this man?
* Laris will ask, then, as appropriate.
<Faire> Faire, of House Roane. I seek to join with Mamitu and the House of Lalu, if she will have me.
<Kennesaw> (Hold on)
<Kennesaw> (May, by tradition, you're supposed to make him sweat a little. Don't answer right away. Look like you're really considering it. ;) )
* May will smile but shrug at him.
* Meghan is now known as Vanya
* Korivan looks at him a bit dubiosly just to contribute to the atmosphere ;)
<Vanya> Do it for love!
* Vanya calls from the crowd.
* Vanya is now known as Nassan
<Nassan> For your people!
* Nassan is now known as Eren
<Eren> For the wedding night!
<Kennesaw> That gets laughs from the crowd.
* May alughs as well
<Kennesaw> More cheers of encouragement and reasons for the marriage are offered from the crowd, some sweet, some bawdy.
* Faire laughs good-naturedly.
* May will laugh and raise a hand to the crowd.
<May> Alright... you talked me into it.
<Kennesaw> More cheers.
* Faire stands, and will take your hand as he takes his seat next to you on the bench.
* May will take his hand and help him up.
<Kennesaw> The priests come and bind a ceremonial sash around you both.
* Eren is now known as Priest
<Priest> Mamitu of the House of Lalu, do you take this man as your husband?
<May> Yes. I do.
<Priest> And you, Faire of the House Roane. Do you wish to become this woman's husband?
* Faire smiles.
<Faire> I very much do.
<Kennesaw> A pair of acolytes will bring over a clay tablet bearing the marriage contract, offering May a stylus.
* May with carefully mark her name on the contract.
* Faire does the same when his turn comes.
<Kennesaw> The acolytes take the tablet away to be fired and returned to you.
<Priest> I present Mamitu and Faire of the House of Lalu!
<Kennesaw> More cheers from the crowd. You can clearly hear Eren shout, "Kiss her, you fool!"
* Faire does so happily.
* May will happily oblige
<Kennesaw> Servants will clear away the gifts and bring in tables for the feast.
<Kennesaw> The guests will file by to pay their respects, and the canopy-holders are relieved of their duty.

May says farewell to Induriel before he embarks f further Feywild adventures with Lady Morelos

* May will be thanking and greeting guests for a long while but will try to find a moment to talk to Induriel during the festivities.
* Induriel is exchanging pleasantries with various attendants, but excuses himself when May catches his eye, and goes over to her.
* May will hug him as soon as he comes near.
* Induriel hugs back, perhaps less awkwardly than would normally be the case
<May> Thank you so much...
<May> ...for everything.
* Induriel smiles
<Induriel> You're welcome. For everything.
<May> I know that you had to give up a lot for this to be possible. I want you to know that this is your home, whenever you want it to be.
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> Thank you, Winyamo.
<Induriel> I hope you will be very happy.
<May> I plan to be. I imagine you'll be having lots of amazing adventures for your new mistress soon.
<May> I hope she knows what an amazing subject she has.
* Induriel shrugs
<Induriel> Well, I hope so. You may remember that she did indicate that I would be valued when we discussed the proposal.
* May nods.
<Induriel> And I'm sure the tasks she has for me will be challenging, but more interesting than what I would otherwise have to deal with here...
* Induriel glances in the general direction when he last saw Lord Eren
* May grins.
<May> If you ever need anything Istyar... just ask.
* Induriel smiles
<Induriel> Thank you, Mamitu. For now, I ask that you enjoy your wedding celebration. ;)
* May smiles and kisses him on the cheek.
<May> As you wish!
* Induriel hugs her one last time, then lets her go

Laris approaches Korivan to ask about his blackened hand

<Laris> (can I talk to Korivan for a sec at the wedding reception?)
* Laris will approach Korivan, after the ceremony is complete and people are enjoying themselves.
* Korivan is eating while wome Hrieffen argue around him, but looks up as Laris approaches
<Laris> Gaath Korivan...
<Korivan> Lugal.
* Korivan gestures for you to join him
* Laris will come have a seat with you.
<Laris> It's good to see you back here - we haven't had much of a chance to speak.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> There has been... much to do. I have not seen you on my trips to the city @_@
* Laris nods
<Laris> It has been a busy time for all of us, I suppose.
<Laris> Have you been working with the river to continue its healing?
<Korivan> She has been cleansed.
<Laris> Good, I'm glad to hear it.
<Korivan> as has the city... fre of demonic taint...of Orcus
* Laris nods
* Korivan makes a faces and a sign at the name
* Laris looks down at his blackened hand.
<Korivan> I see you bear the mark of your Queen @_@
<Korivan> or the power of her weapon?
<Laris> Yes... I suppose that's what it is. I held a weapon in my hand for a short time, and this is the mark that remains.
<Laris> You have similar markings - I suppose in your role, it's more to be expected that you'll have such ... interactions.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> This is from the touch... of Bane @_@
<Laris> Does it cause any... lingering effects?
<Korivan> effects?
* Laris shrugs
<Laris> On you, or those you're close to. I haven't had anything to compare it to, I suppose. It hardly feels real.
* Korivan takes your hand and looks at it
<Korivan> You have been... a channel. The power lingers, and may last. But effects...
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> It is your hand, and your power, now @_@
<Laris> very well.
* Laris seems a bit relieved by that.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> The weapon is... returned?
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> It remains in safekeeping, but I hope it won't be needed again anytime soon.
<Korivan> I believe the future holds.... other challenges @_@
* Laris nods
<Laris> I know this celebration perhaps isn't the kind you're accustomed to, but I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless. Perhaps we can also hold a Hrieffen celebration, to commemorate this victory.
<Korivan> oh ys.... that is coming as well
<Laris> Good. I'll be there.
* Laris gives Korivan an affectionate pat on the shoulder as he leaves him to his friends.
* Faire is now known as Calkas
* Laris will find Calkas at or after the wedding :)
* Kennesaw will be having a conversation with Iowa and Montano, the latter of whom is still limping a bit after the battle.
<Laris> (ww :)
* Laris is glad to see he's recovering
<Kennesaw> (ww indeed)

Calkas tells Laris that he is planning to open a Temple of Sehanine

* Montano smiles to see Laris
* Calkas turns and smiles as well when he sees Laris.
* Laris will take a seat so he's not towering over everyone else in this conversation ;)
<Laris> Good day - I'm glad you could be here. You seem to be recovering well.
* Laris says to Montano
<Montano> Well enough, yes.
<Montano> Well enough for a dance...and maybe more.
* Montano grins at Iowa.
* Laris smiles.
<Montano> If you'll excuse us.
<Laris> Of course.
* Calkas smiles at them as they go.
* Calkas looks out over the wedding feast and sighs happily.
<Calkas> That such joy can come so soon after such horror...truly, Sehanine blesses us.
<Laris> What about you? your own wedding should be celebrated soon as well, no?
* Calkas smiles and nods.
<Calkas> Soon, I imagine, thought with less pomp.
* Laris nods
<Calkas> (though*)
<Laris> Where will you hold it?
<Calkas> I had hoped, if you are willing, to have it in the gardens at the villa.
<Laris> I'd be delighted.
* Calkas smiles.
* Calkas turns to look at May and Faire.
<Calkas> You must be proud.
<Laris> I am... I don't know how I came into this role, as a... surrogate father, but I'm glad that it happened.
<Calkas> I know the feeling.
* Laris smiles faintly at that.
<Laris> Well... You and Merula have only to name the date, and we'll be glad to provide the venue.
<Calkas> I appreciate that. We've both been so busy with the rebuilding and looking after the wounded.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Thank you for all you've done, truly.
<Calkas> It's the least I could do for my home.
* Calkas pauses a moment.
<Calkas> I've been thinking.
<Laris> Yes?
<Calkas> I'm a free man now.
<Calkas> I will always be here for you, and I am happy to serve.
* Laris nods
<Calkas> But I think...I think it is time I took up my vocation again. I would like to build a shrine to Sehanine.
<Laris> Of course, that seems like a wonderful idea.
<Calkas> Nesu Abamatu has seen it's share of strife. I think we could all use a little more love in our lives.
<Laris> We can make plans for it in the rebuilding - wherever you think it would be best.
* Calkas smiles.
<Calkas> Thank you.
<Calkas> I look forward to building Nesu Abamatu with you.
* Laris gives Calkas a hug.
* Calkas gives Laris a hug back.

Laris closes out the campaign with a sweet Sahhiru scene

<Kennesaw> Laris can go find a quiet place to have a drink. Say one of the balconies in the keep?
<Laris> (sure)
* Laris will bring the bottle of wine (or 'wine') that Sahhiru gave him, and a glass.
* Laris will open it and pour himself a small amount, recalling that Sahhiru cautioned against mortals drinking it in large quantities.
<Laris> I don't know if you can hear me...
<Laris> But I think you would have been happy with how things went today. May did wonderfully.
* Laris will raise his glass to the sunset, to the rising moon, to the city below, and take a drink.
<Kennesaw> The golden liquid has a smoky, coppery scent, but tastes sweetly of spices.
* Calkas is now known as Sahhiru
<Sahhiru> Thank you for being there for her today.
* Sahhiru says, suddenly next to Laris, leaning on the railing.
* Sahhiru looks how you are used to seeing him, though he has a more regal air about him somehow. He also looks, ever so slightly, tired.
* Laris is both startled and amazed, turning to look at him.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Laris> Are you... real?
* Laris reaches a hand out to try and touch him.
* Sahhiru can be touched for the moment.
<Sahhiru> Moreso now, really.
<Sahhiru> Though I can't stay for long.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I know you had to go... and I understand why. I just wish it didn't have to be that way.
* Sahhiru smiles sadly.
<Sahhiru> I think you of all people understand being called to duty.
<Laris> Yes. I can still wish it didn't have to happen, though.
<Sahhiru> As do I.
<Sahhiru> I couldn't, before.
<Sahhiru> Before I met you.
* Laris is trying very hard not to break down.
* Sahhiru opens his arms, inviting Laris to embrace if he wants.
<Sahhiru> It's all right.
* Laris will go to him.
* Sahhiru holds Laris tightly.
* Laris cries against his chest.
* Sahhiru is content to hold Laris for a while.
<Laris> I'm sorry. I thought I would have some kind of ... answers, or solutions, and this is something I can't solve.
* Laris says after a little bit, when he manages to calm down.
<Sahhiru> There isn't always a pleasant answer.
<Sahhiru> But I'm not gone.
* Laris nods
<Sahhiru> I'm just...also not here.
<Sahhiru> In the same way.
<Laris> Are you... all right? I don't even know what that means, for you, anymore.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Back on the front lines, as it were.
<Sahhiru> But...I'm fighting for something now.
<Sahhiru> Not the ideal, but the instantiation.
<Sahhiru> You.
* Eyllia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 378 seconds)
<Sahhiru> And May. And Induriel. And Dianthea, and Rufus, and Eyllia, and Korivan, and Kraaz...
* Laris reaches up to touch his cheek for a moment.
<Sahhiru> A world worth preserving.
<Laris> Is it worth the sacrifice, then?
<Sahhiru> I'm not the only one who had to sacrifice.
<Laris> No...
<Laris> Will I see you again?
<Sahhiru> I would say that's up to fate, but I believe she favors you.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> It will take more than the eternal war to keep me from you, Laris Valerius Corvis.
* Laris smiles at that
<Laris> Then I can wait. I'm very good at waiting.
* Sahhiru grins and will lean down to kiss Laris.
* Laris kisses back, holding him close for as long as he can.
* Sahhiru fades away in Laris's arms, his kiss lingering on the shadar-kai's lips.
* Laris will stay on the balcony until it's dark and the stars have come out, and then, finally, head inside to find Dianthea and Rufus and some rest.