Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan

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Name: Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan
Player: Elanya
Race: Hobgoblin
Tribe: Hrieffen
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair: Dark brown
Skin: Dark orange
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 280 lbs


Korivan is on the tallish side for a Hobgoblin, with dark reddish orange skin and dark brown hair that either spills in wild locks to just above his shoulders, or is restrained into several small tight braids that run along his scalp in different patterns. In either case there are often decorative elements woven in, such as small bones, beads, or feathers. His eyes are a soft golden brown colour, an usually a rather unfocused look, as though he is staring into space and lost in his head.

Typically he wears just a belted fur kilt, with a fur cloak or vest if it's cold or for protection. He has several symbols of his rank to accessorize this, including the golden torque he always wears or the tall carved staff mounted with a hobgoblin skull. Other pieces of regalia, like the demon skull helm and the thin-bladed bon-handled knife, are reserved for specific rites and rituals. His usually bare chest shows the dragonmark over his chest, vicious black lines that mark the pattern the next Gaath will follow to cut out his heart after he is dead.



Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan was born to strong parents, Hrieffen Eryvet Kariman (mother) and Hrieffen Askrult Vaanar (father). His aunt, Hriffen Eryvet Mirku, had fought her way to the position of battle leader for the tribe, and Korivan was close with his cousin Maggar, her eldest daughter.

He was chosen for induction into the shamanic circle fairly young. He was perceptive and intelligent, with a good memory for the teaching of the elders. On top of this, he’d begun to demonstrate aptitude for shaping magical energies beyond ritual applications. Still, he was one of many. The head of the order, Harizet, showed him some favour, but there were others who had greater standing, and it was expected that if he were to come to any real prominence, it would would be after he had more time to develop his talents.

When the Mazakai raised their army of demons to attack, Korivan was part of the group selected to stay and guard the ritual site at the border of the lake. This was technically an honour, though it was somewhat disappointing for someone of his age not to be able to participate more directly.

Still, as the battle began to unfold and troubling news began to trickle back to the tribe, it proved convenient. Korivan was struck by a sudden illness, marked by dizziness, weakness, clouded vision, and sharp pains in his chest. The other Shamanic guards left him in his hut, certain that this was some kind of magical infliction but unable to assist. Either he would hang on until Harizet returned, or he wouldn’t.

Harizet did not return alive - neither did Mirku or Maggar, or many others of the tribe. The bodies of the leaders were recovered only with much difficulty to face the proper rites. When they were brought to the island, they were brought to the hut where Korivan was resting. When he came out to greet the messengers, it was a surprise to the others. By then his dragonmark was beginning to manifest visibly, the sigil mimicking the cut marks made on a body to remove the heart for ritual consumption. His thoughts were scattered and his demeanour distracted but despite this he was able to relate details that even the messengers had not been certain of, regarding the battle and Valex’s betrayal. He claimed variously that he had forseen it, and that he had been told by the spirits of the dead, that he could see them as they waited to be sent to Bane’s realm.

It was clear that he had been marked, and chosen. Those who remained tested him as best they could, and judged that there was truth in his claims - he did see into the realm of the ancestors, almost more clearly that he could see the world that lay before him. They chose Korivan to take Harizet’s place as Gaath, and as Eater of the Dead for the tribe at the funerary rites. This meant that he was the first to partake, to anchor a stronger fragment of the spirit of the deceased to his own, and so draw on their strength and wisdom. He was also the one to consume the brain of Harizet, to consume his knowledge so that it could continue in service of the tribe.