Eyllia D’Azzure

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Name: Eyllia D’Azzure
Player: Vess
Race: Watersoul Genasi
Nationality: The Houses of Elemental Order
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eyes: Deep Green
Hair: Long Purple, typically worn up and big
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lbs


Eyllia stands 5’ 4” with pale blue skin, deep striking green eyes and purple hair, typically worn up and big so it frames her heart shaped face. She has a slim athletic build and moves with a fluid grace and confident strength. Genasi energy lines (tattoos) run up her upper arms, across her back and down her spine, spitting again to run along her thighs, ending at her knees. She can make them glow if desired with a blue-white light.

Her preferred attire is her ships attire, a short sleeved white toga, length just above the knee, with a colored sash, commonly crimson, over her left shoulder, white finned, elbow length gloves and her face is more than often painted, with thick lines around her eyes that curl at the outside edge and her small yet full lips painted dark as well. On land she wears sandals on her feet.


House of D'Azzure - The Cresting Wave
Houses of Elemental Order - diamond with the four elements represented at each point, starting at the top going clockwise water, air, fire, earth


The Emerald Drake