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May tells Saḫḫiru about her decision to marry Fairë. May meets with Laris to exchange updates. Eyllia takes the Drake to look into the enemy's fleet. Induriel has a first meeting with his new patron. Kraaz and Korivan promise each other not to die. Laris spends some time with Dianthea and learns she is pregnant. Laris steals a moment with Saḫḫiru.


Session date: 2020-06-07
In Game date:

May tells Sahhiru about her engagement

* May will go try to find her uncle in his apartments.
* Sahhiru3 is now known as Sahhiru
* Sahhiru is in his apartments, going over the various projects for the defense of Nesu Abamatu.
<May> Uncle?
<Sahhiru> Mamitu. Come in. I take it your discussion with Lady Morelos went well?
<Sahhiru> Or at least not catastrophically?
<May> No, things went better than I had thought. She's agreed to help us...
* Sahhiru smiles.
<May> ...on the condition that Induriel become her... envoy? Representative? I'm not sure the right word.
* Sahhiru frowns.
<Sahhiru> Ah.
<Sahhiru> I take it Induriel has acquiesced?
<May> He has, but it's... complicated. In return for him relinquishing his service to his queen I've made a concession on our part.
<May> I'm going to marry Faire.
* Sahhiru pauses a moment.
<May> Please don't be mad...
* Sahhiru frowns.
<Sahhiru> Why would I be mad?
<May> ...I know I should have consulted you first...
* Sahhiru stands to walk over to May. He puts his arms on her shoulders.
<Sahhiru> Mamitu, *you
* are the ruler here.
* May nods.
<Sahhiru> I offer advice, but your decision is the final one.
<Sahhiru> I am not angry; I am proud.
* May smiles.
* Sahhiru pulls May in for a hug.
<May> Thank you, Uncle.
* May hugs him back
<May> I think... it was the right decision.
<May> For lots of reasons.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> He is a good match for you, politically as well as personally, I think.
* May nods.
<May> And perhaps it will mean less meddling from Alcarinel as well.
<May> And more support
<Sahhiru> We can hope.
<Sahhiru> Though presumably there will be a new ambassador.
<May> Yeah, we'll have to figure that out.
<May> Or they will.
<May> But having Lady Morelos on our side is important. Not just now, but if we survive this.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Quite the diplomatic coup you've achieved, esibaru.
* Sahhiru smiles proudly.
<May> ...really?
<Sahhiru> She's the most important player in our region we hadn't secured as an ally.
* May nods.
<Sahhiru> As it were, she seemed to have been leaning towards our enemies, and now she will aid us.
<May> Maybe she'll even stop sending us gifts.
* May grins.
* Sahhiru chuckles.
<May> Thank you, Uncle. I guess some of your lessons stuck after all.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> You are happy with your choice?
<May> I am.
<Sahhiru> I'm glad.
<Sahhiru> I know this choice had been weighing on you.
* May nods.
<May> It's funny. I've spent my whole life trying to avoid responsibilities. Now I have more than I ever imagined but... somehow I'm ok with that.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> You were born for this, Mamitu.
<May> No. I wasn't. I was trained for it. Everything I have; everything I am is because of you. Because you never gave up on me. I won't forget that.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Nor will I ever give up on you.
* May will hug him again.
* Sahhiru hugs back.

Eyllia, Lysa and Meghan plan some scouting

* Lysa and Meghan will meet you in your cabin, presumably?
<Eyllia> nod
<Lysa> Well, first blood to us.
<Lysa> I don't know what they were thinking.
* Eyllia shrugs
<Eyllia> Didn't expect such a fast naval response?
<Eyllia> hard to say
<Meghan> And they may not have experienced naval commanders.
<Meghan> The Legion were, are, mostly infantry.
<Eyllia> If this is thier weakness, we need to press it, at least until we hear back on other orders
<Lysa> What did you have in mind?
<Eyllia> raiding thier costal supply lines should hinder thier ground forces
* Eyllia unrolls the chart onto the tables
<Meghan> That means pushing further south.
* Meghan traces along the coast.
<Eyllia> we can leave the heavy ship to clog any path back north for them, while out three ships tack hard south into thier territory
* Lysa nods.
<Eyllia> if we find more transports, we send them fleeing agian.
<Lysa> We can move south, leave the heavier Corvis ships on station here, and still have the ile Nyara Oorun merchant marines defending the city.
* Eyllia nods
* Eyllia looks at the chart for any larger rivers leading inland once south past the mountains
<YOAW_Narrator> (hmm)
<YOAW_Narrator> (High or low?)
<Eyllia> (just looking for where we could swing inland and disrupt more supplies)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sorry, yeah, I got you. I'm saying, pick high or low. I hadn't actually determined this, so I'll roll for it ;) )
<Eyllia> (high)
<YOAW_Narrator> There is a significant river that runs from further west past the southern fort to the coast. Gladius' scouting indicate the major Turathi encampment lies along it, and they have been using it to move supplies from the coast.
* Eyllia points to the spot
<Eyllia> here
<Eyllia> we can hurt them here
<Eyllia> destroy as much supply as we can and be out of there
<Eyllia> if they bring in heavy ships, we lead them on a merry chase into ours
<Eyllia> if not we blockade and continue to raid
<Eyllia> force them to garrison to stop us
* Lysa nods.
<Eyllia> and if they just let us have our way, we call up our ships and attack thier rear
<Meghan> We'll need to be careful. Even if their ships aren't a match for us, they can summon reinforcements that could be a problem.
<Eyllia> If things turn on us, we break for open water
<Eyllia> I'm not saying this won't have risk
<Eyllia> The way I see it, if they're forced to use thier summons to stop us, its less they have to siege with.
<Eyllia> rituals need materials
* Meghan nods.
<Meghan> Which accomplishes our goals, too.
<Meghan> That makes sense.
<Lysa> So, we signal the rest of the fleet and make sail?
* Eyllia nods
<Lysa> Aye, Captain. ;)
* Lysa heads out to relay that order.
* Meghan looks at the map pensively.
<Eyllia> something eating you?
<Meghan> Hmm?
<Meghan> No, not really...
<Meghan> Just thinking.
<Meghan> It's just odd.
<Meghan> I was a baby when Aethrennar fell.
<Meghan> But here I am, fighting Turath.
<Meghan> mother was Turathi.
<Meghan>'s strange.
<Meghan> Sorry, I'm babbling.
<Eyllia> Its ok
* Meghan smiles.
<Eyllia> I sailing to defend a city and friends I never knew existed just a couple of years ago
* Meghan nods.
<Eyllia> My mother would scold me for such a bold strategy
<Meghan> It feels nice, having a place. A home.
* Eyllia nods
<Meghan> My father and I were wanderers for my whole life before this.
<Meghan> I matter what he does after this, I'm going to stay in Nesu Abamatu.
<Eyllia> Our actions will help make sure it survives
* Meghan nods.
<Eyllia> I'm glad you agreed to join me on the Drake
* Meghan smiles again.
<Meghan> No place I'd rather be.
<Eyllia> feels good to be facing the unknown with you
<Meghan> You've been a good friend, Eyllia.
<Eyllia> who else are you going to slay demons and giant water lizards with?
<Meghan> Lysa. ;)
<Eyllia> who else, and looks this good doing it?
* Meghan laughs.
<Eyllia> and don't you dare say Lysa!
* Lysa is now known as Dianthea

Induriel meets with Lady Morelos

* Meghan is now known as Morelos
<YOAW_Narrator> I suppose Induriel will need to sleep again.
* Induriel does so!
<YOAW_Narrator> (Twice in one month? Indolent for an elduar. ;) )
<Induriel> (Hey, I expect to do it a lot more now! Almost as much as a regular person...)
<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel finds himself beside the brook in Morelos's garden, a table set with food and drink next to it.
* Morelos sits at the table in her drow maiden guise.
* Induriel bows deeply to her.
<Induriel> My Lady.
<Morelos> Lord Antalanon.
* Morelos gestures to the chair opposite her.
<Morelos> Please, join me.
<Induriel> Thank you, my lady.
* Induriel sits in the place indicated.
<Morelos> I take it you have discharged your duties to your Queen?
<Induriel> As well as I could, yes, my lady. I have explained the situation to my staff - my *former
* staff - appointed a successor to the Embassy of Aethrennar, tendered my resignation.
<Morelos> And how are you feeling about that?
<Induriel> Somewhat conflicted. I do believe I have served the Queen well by agreeing to this arrangement, and I look forward to serving you. And yet... I must confess to a measure of regret, and I cannot fully explain why. Perhaps it is simply because it means renouncing Aethrennar.
* Morelos nods.
<Morelos> What does Aethrennar mean to you?
<Induriel> It is... Aethrennar. It is my home, or has been for all of my life so far. And of course, I have been raised to believe it is the center of the universe, more or less.
<Induriel> Intellectually I understand that is not so.
<Induriel> But emotionally... that is not such an easy thing to let go of.
* Morelos nods.
<Morelos> It is...a bright jewel.
<Morelos> But there is more to the worlds than that.
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> Indeed. And I dare hope that in your service, I will learn much of the other wonders that exist.
* Morelos smiles.
<Morelos> I can show you such.
<Morelos> What is it you want, Induriel of House Antalanon?
<Induriel> Your favour, my lady, for myself and for my current home on the mortal plane. Such powers as I may need to defend Nesu Abamatu against the peril that now threatens it. And after... to learn. To learn more about my own heritage, about the multiverse, about all that you in your wisdom see fit to teach me.
<Induriel> It is for these things that I come to you as a supplicant.
<Induriel> For protection, of myself and of those people I care about.
<Induriel> In return, I offer my loyal service, and hope and trust it will be pleasing to you.
* Morelos gives a strange smile.
<Morelos> Well said, Lord Induriel.
<Morelos> I offer wisdom and power. I think you are one who recognizes the former *is
* the latter.
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> I like to think so, my lady.
<Morelos> There are certain rituals to be observed, of course.
<Induriel> Indeed.
<Induriel> (Do I know what those are, at all? :/ )
<YOAW_Narrator> (It varies by patron, really)
<Induriel> I look to your wisdom to instruct me, my lady. What must I do?
<Morelos> I suppose I can offer more than solely wisdom and power...
<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel blinks, and, rather than a female drow, a handsome male tiefling with purple skin sits across from him.
<Morelos> Perhaps this is more to your liking?
* Induriel gives her (him?) a sharp look
<Induriel> Your... ladyship? Knows me better than I had anticipated.
* Induriel lets a slow smile dawn upon his lips
<Morelos> I *am* privy to your dreams, my lord.
<Induriel> Of course, I should have realized. Already you teach me wisdom.
<Induriel> And now... other things?
* Morelos smiles.
<Morelos> Yes, I can teach you many things.
* Morelos stands and holds out her hand.
<Induriel> I am yours to instruct as you will.
* Induriel reaches out and takes her hand.

Kraaz and Korivan spend a night together

* Kraaz will have returned from his latest raid beyond the wall.
* Kraaz seeks out Korivan at his tent, wineskins at hand.
* Korivan looks up after a moment and grins
<Korivan> Offerings for your gaath?
* Kraaz grins back.
<Kraaz> Drink for a friend.
* Kraaz hands one to Korivan.
* Korivan will take it
<Korivan> HOw was the raiding?
<Kraaz> Good enough. Like the old timers' stories of fighting the Imperials before we allied Nesu Abamatu.
<Kraaz> Baggage trains and all that.
<Kraaz> It''s a wave of soldiers, when you get far enough south of here.
<Kraaz> Less as the days go by.
<Kraaz> They'll be here in a few days.
* Korivan nods
<Kraaz> Bane's glory.
* Kraaz says as he lifts the skin and takes a long drink.
<Korivan> Yes... and ours @_@
<Kraaz> I'll drink to that, too.
* Kraaz takes another pull.
<Korivan> We will show the other Gaburrim what we can accompish.... what we can lern from this.... how we can become stronger, as a people @_@
* Korivan will also drink
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> I think they're already learning that.
<Korivan> Yes. But the true test.... is coming @_@
<Kraaz> Yes.
<Kraaz> I'm not the gaath, not even of the booyahg, but even I can feel it coming.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> A few days..... we wil be ready.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> Kor...
<Kraaz> I need you to do something for me.
<Kraaz> As gaath and hraal, but also for me.
* Korivan focuses on him
<Korivan> What?
<Kraaz> With this fighting, and much of it being new to our people...
<Kraaz> If I die, I ride into Avelas and into Bane's service there, and someone here takes up my sword for our people.
* Korivan nods
<Kraaz> But one has the connection you have to Bane and the ancestors.
<Kraaz> You need to be here for our people.
<Kraaz> *I
* need you to be here for our people.
<Korivan> I know this work.... will continue beyond me.
<Kraaz> Maybe, but not as well.
<Korivan> I know I will not live to see it through. Bane... has shown me that.
<Kraaz> None of us can live to see his full strategy realized.
<Korivan> But I do not plan.... to join him in Avelas just yet @_@
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> Good.
<Kraaz> I'm the one that gets to take the battlefield risks.
* Kraaz grins.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I know you must.... but this.... would not be the same...with another Hraal.
<Korivan> You, too, have led our people on... a new path.
<Korivan> All these new ways of fighting. Not everyone... could embrace them.
<Korivan> Or work so well... with such different allies @_@
* Kraaz shrugs.
<Kraaz> Laris is Hrieffen now.
<Kraaz> And Montano practically is.
<Korivan> They're... not you.
<Kraaz> I'm not planning on marching to Avelas, either.
<Korivan> Good.
<Korivan> I.. am not ready for that.
<Kraaz> Well, likewise.
<Kraaz> And I wasn't really planning on going anywhere at all, tonight.
<Korivan> Good.
* Korivan will sling an arm around Kraaz then, and take another drink before we also fade to black, it seems :3

Laris exchanges updates with May

<May> La... Lugal Corvis. I'm glad to see you back safe.
<Laris> Domina Mamitu, it's good to see you. I will only be here for a day or two, as our reconaissance indicates that the legion are less than a week off from our defenses at this point.
* May nods.
* May gestures to the maps on the war room table.
<May> Tell me everything you can.
* Laris can summarize the information he has - that Korivan has successfully made alliances with the orc tribes and their spirits, that some of the troops on the other side are perhaps persuadable (as we've had some success in convincing a few of them to switch sides), the info we have about the demon-bound undead.
<Laris> (and anything else I might be forgetting at the moment ;)
<May> Demons... they must be either desperate, confident, or stupid.
* May sighs.
<Laris> I understand that Korivan and Rufus have been working on devising a means of separating the demons from their host bodies. It remains to be seen how effective it will be, and what can be done after that to deal with them.
<May> Mmmm... that puts the fox in the henhouse, but it means we have to get rid of the fox after it feasts.
* Laris nods
<May> Still, it's a weakness we can hit. That's good news. Hopefully Eyllia is hitting another right now.
<Laris> I believe the hope is that, if they are out of control, they may turn back on those who summoned them. And that we in turn might be able to seize control of the dead bodies to direct them.
<May> Good. We turn their own forces against them, then hit them with our own.
<May> And if they make it through our forces pull back and do it again. We make them pay for every step they take away from those mountains.
<Laris> That is the hope.
* May will inform Laris of the expedition that Eyllia went on with the naval forces.
* Laris listens attentively
<May> That was a few days ago. Hopefully ew'll have word soon.
* Laris nods
<May> So yeah... it's been busy.
<Laris> I can see you've been hard at work.
<May> Oh, also Induriel is going to be working for Morelos now and retiring as ambassador. Also I'm getting married.
* Laris pauses for a moment at that, taking a second to absorb the information.
<Laris> Who are you marrying?
<May> Faire.
* May smiles.
<May> It was... a win-win situation, I think.
<Laris> I wish you both the best, of course - I hope you will be happy together.
<May> I'm... sorry. I know you were probably hoping it would be someone from Thantopolis...
<Laris> I was, but I trust that you considered all your options carefully before making your choice, and that you had good reasons to do so.
<Laris> You don't need to apologize.
* May nods.
<May> Thank you.
<Laris> Has it been publicly announced yet?
<May> Not yet. Probably soon.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I won't say anything until it's more widely known, then.
<May> Thank you again. We haven't decided exactly when the wedding will be. I think probably when this is all over. I was hoping... you'd be part of the ceremony.
<Laris> Of course. I would be honoured.
* May smiles.
<May> Have you seen Dianthea yet?
<Laris> Not yet. I came to see you right away.
<May> Then I won't keep you. Go and get a night's rest. You're going to need it.
<Laris> Thank you. I'll speak with you again soon I'm sure.
* May nods.
<May> Thank you.
* Laris will take his leave, then.

Laris steals some time with Sahirru

<Laris> I guess just to try and talk to him at some point before I leave. if that's the next day or so? I could look for him in his office or thereabouts.
<YOAW_Narrator> *nod*
<YOAW_Narrator> We'll say he's in his office.
<Laris> okay
* Laris will stop by Sahhiru's office to see if he can catch a few moments with him before returning to the front.
* Sahhiru smiles wearily when he sees Laris enter.
<Laris> I won't bother to ask if you're busy... I'm sure I'm interrupting.
* Laris says with a faint smile.
<Sahhiru> I always have time for you.
<Sahhiru> I'd heard you'd managed some time home before everything begins in ernest.
<Sahhiru> I hope it was time well-spent. ;)
<Laris> Yes, definitely. I'm glad I got a chance to be here, even for a short time.
<Sahhiru> What brings you by?
<Sahhiru> Is this an official meeting, or a social one?
<Laris> Partly to ask, how are you feeling about the preparations here? I hope it won't be needed, but in case it is, do you feel the defenses are satisfactory?
* Sahhiru considers.
<Sahhiru> The keep here in Nesu Abamatu is the single strongest defensive point we have, though of course it has its vulnerabilities.
<Sahhiru> I am as confident as I can be that it will hold.
* Laris nods
<Sahhiru> I believe we have everything necessary to make conquest untenable for the Legion's forces.
<Laris> I trust that if they do make it this far, they'll be weakened considerably by our other efforts.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> I have concerns that it may be a pyrrhic victory, regardless.
* Sahhiru frowns.
<Laris> For us?
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Life in the valley *will
* change, regardless.
<Sahhiru> That many will change the face of things here, even when they lose.
* Laris nods
<Sahhiru> The Hrieffen, the Katalal...our allies will have to rely on us more.
<Sahhiru> Which is beneficial to our hold, but it will be lean times.
<Sahhiru> And some will not care for it.
* Sahhiru gives a wistful smile.
<Laris> Some already don't, I'm sure.
<Sahhiru> I blame you for this concerning me. You and Mamitu.
* Laris gives a rueful smile at that.
<Sahhiru> Before I came here, I would have solely seen this as a benefit. We would consolidate our hold on our allies, and weed out the weak among them.
<Sahhiru> But I recognize the people are our strength and our strength is for the people.
<Sahhiru> I suppose there is good reason I do not return home.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I don't get home much either... although I suppose it's not quite the same.
* Sahhiru smiles at that.
<Sahhiru> Not precisely, no.
* Laris steps closer, coming around to put his arms around Sahhiru.
* Sahhiru does the same.
<Sahhiru> It feels as though it's been ages since I held you in my arms.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I try to be strong, but realistic about the fight to come... I think I have done everything I can to prepare. I just worry... what if it's not enough?
<Laris> What if I did everything I could, and I still fail?
<Sahhiru> I would think your people would say it was not meant to be, in such a case.
<Sahhiru> But I believe we will prevail.
* Laris rest his head against Sahhiru's shoulder.
<Sahhiru> Trust in yourself, in the gods, in the men and women beside you.
* Sahhiru holds Laris gently.
<Sahhiru> (Maybe "in the soldiers beside you?")
<Laris> It's going to cost us. I've led soldiers before, I know what it can entail, but... it's never easy.
<Sahhiru> I would imagine not.
<Sahhiru> I'm sorry it falls to you.
<Laris> it's my responsibility. I don't mean to complain about it. I just... wish this might have gone differently.
* Sahhiru sighs and nods.
<Sahhiru> We could have been so much stronger if we were able to join forces, rather than pit them against one another.
<Sahhiru> Had the Legion not strayed so far...
* Sahhiru shakes his head.
<Laris> I'd much rather be here with you, working on plans for new irrigation ditches or something.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> When this is all over.
* Sahhiru frowns slightly.
<Sahhiru> I...would like to say a few things, but I worry, for once, my words will fail me.
<Laris> you can probably do better than me. I just said something about irrigation.
* Laris says, trying to be gentle.
* Sahhiru nods, still looking serious.
<Sahhiru> I would not blame you if you left.
<Sahhiru> By which, I mean I know you have a family to think of. A wife, and a husband in all but name. People you love, and are responsible for.
<Sahhiru> I do not think you would leave, but I would not think less of you if you did.
<Laris> You mean leave after this is done?
<Sahhiru> Before or after, really.
<Laris> I wouldn't. Before or after.
<Sahhiru> As I said, I do not believe you would, would be a calculation I...the old me would have made.
* Laris nods
* Sahhiru clears his throat.
<Sahhiru> And, if something were to happen to you in the coming battle, I want you to know that Dianthea and Rufus have a place here as long as they want one.
<Sahhiru> All of House Corvis, truly, but they especially.
<Laris> Thank you.
<Laris> .... Rufus said to me once, when he was just arrived here - we had been separated for ten years, and I think I had said something about wishing I had joined him, or gone after him, or something. He said, yes, but if I had, I wouldn't have been me. I stayed here without ... without support, without the people I loved, for ten years. Now that I have all of this... why would I leave when
<Laris> it's become my home?
* Sahhiru smiles, and will lean in to kiss Laris.
* Laris kisses him back.
<Sahhiru> ...I love you, Laris Valerius Corvis.
<Laris> oh. I love you too, Sahhiru.
<Laris> And I know if something did happen to me, you and the others would go on without me, and that will be good enough. I will know I did everything I could.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> And I the same.
<Sahhiru> Should I fall, I need not fear for Mamitu, as she will have you and others by her side.
* Laris nods
<Laris> ... I don't have a great deal of time before I need to leave, and other things I still need to do... but... I want to stay with you a little longer.
<Laris> I will be selfish for just a few moments :)
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> I will always have time for you.
* Laris will make the most of the time he has, then :)

Laris spends time with his wife and finds out she is pregnant

* Laris will go looking for her - trying around the fort first, and if not there, then the temple.
<YOAW_Narrator> (We'll say she's at the temple, unless you sent for her.)
<Laris> (ok)
* Dianthea (webchat@ has joined #YOAW
* Dianthea is helping make/gather supplies for the siege.
* Laris will go up to her, clearing his throat slightly to get her attention.
<Dianthea> Yes, can I help...
<Dianthea> Laris! :D
* Dianthea rushes to Laris to give him a kiss.
* Laris smiles, holding his arms out to embrace her.
* Dianthea does so heartily.
<Laris> I'm only here for a day or two. I had a little time before... before I was needed again, and Rufus convinced me I should make the most of it.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Well, I'll have to thank him when I see him next.
* Dianthea hugs Laris some more.
* Laris hugs her close.
<Dianthea> Should we head back to the keep?
<Laris> well, I don't want to interrupt if you're busy... :3
* Laris teases slightly
<Laris> But we could.
<Dianthea> Keep. Now.
<Dianthea> :)
* Laris smiles, taking her hand to leave with her, then.
<Laris> How have things been here?
* Laris asks as we walk.
* Dianthea sighs.
<Dianthea> People are scared.
* Laris nods regretfully.
<Dianthea> I can't blame them.
<Dianthea> I am, too, though more about you and Rufus at the front.
<Laris> No... it's not so long since we faced opponents who were as much of a threat, with fewer allies and resources to draw on. I know some of them are no doubt thinking of those days.
<Laris> But we are better prepared now than we were in those days. We have more partners to give us support and we're in a stronger position.
* Dianthea squeezes Laris's arm where she's holding him.
<Dianthea> You think we'll be all right?
* Laris pauses for a moment, choosing his words carefully.
<Laris> I think that we have done the best that we can to prepare, and I think we will do our best in the fight to come to keep our people safe. No one can know for sure what will happen - but if we fail at this moment, I have to believe that we did everything within our power.
<Laris> I'm sorry - maybe I should just say that of course everything will be all right. But I want to be honest with you. I don't know what will happen, but I'll use all of my strength to keep us safe.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> I appreciate your honesty.
<Dianthea> It's one of the things I love about you.
<Dianthea> You tell people the truth, not what you think they want to hear.
<Laris> They are a strong force, stronger than any we've faced before. But they have weaknesses too, and we've grown stronger since our efforts to gather more allies has gone well.
<Dianthea> And you've acquired a new family. ;)
<Dianthea> Beyond Rufus and I.
* Laris smiles slightly at that.
<Laris> Yes. I know that whatever happens, the Hrieffen will stand by us.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Fate's thread weaves strange paths.
<Dianthea> Would you have pictured this, a year ago?
<Laris> I don't think I would have. I thought I would have more time to work here, more time to develop the city. But I'm satisfied with how it has gone, and... pleasantly surprised, even.
<Dianthea> More time? You speak as though the city has already fallen. :/
<Laris> Oh... no. I don't mean that. I hope that there will still be much time to come where we can continue to build what's been started here. But ... I knew at some point, that if we continued to grow, we'd face stronger opposition. I just thought we might have longer before that day came.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> And I can't imagine you were thinking that opposition would be Turath, or at least its remnants.
<Laris> No - that wasn't the enemy I thought we would be facing.
<Dianthea> Especially with a lord of Aethrennar fighting alongside you. ;)
* Laris chuckles a little at that.
<Laris> Times have changed - it's our job to let the last vestiges of Turath know that.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> But not right this moment.
<Dianthea> You have more pressing matters to attend to for now.
* Dianthea turns to kiss Laris.
<Laris> I'll certainly give them my full attention.
* Laris returns her kiss.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm thinking pick back up after some time in the keep? ;) )
<Laris> (sure :)
* Dianthea snuggles into Laris, resting her head on his chest.
<Dianthea> You better come back to me.
<Laris> I'll do everything I can.
<Laris> Rufus tells me everything will be all right, so I believe him :3
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Good. Listen to him.
<Dianthea> I need you to come home.
<Dianthea> I want our child to know their father.
<Laris> ... oh :o
<Dianthea> I...wasn't sure I should tell you, with everything that's going on.
* Laris tries to sit up, realizes she's still lying on his chest, doesn't want to disrupt her, mostly winds up flailing instead.
* Dianthea will move to accommodate him.
<Laris> I... you're sure? I mean... I don't doubt you, I just...
<Dianthea> Merula and I confirmed it by ritual.
* Laris nods, taking a minute to process the information.
<Dianthea> Should I not have told you?
<Laris> No, I'm glad you told me. I'm just... I didn't expect it. I thought it would take longer, and... I don't know.
* Laris smiles
<Laris> I'm happy. I love you. I should have said those things first, I'm sorry.
* Laris hugs her.
* Dianthea hugs back.
<Dianthea> I love you, too.
<Dianthea> And *I
* thought things would take longer, too.
<Laris> ... did you tell Rufus when he was here? was this why he thought I should go home?
* Laris wonders
<Dianthea> No, of course not.
* Laris nods, smiling.
<Dianthea> The only person I told before you was Merula.
<Dianthea> And that was because I wanted her help with the ritual.
<Laris> I wouldn't have been upset if you had. I just wondered.
<Dianthea> You can tell him when you get back to the front, though. :)
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> I think he'll be happy.
<Laris> Oh, I'm sure he will.
<Dianthea> He's going to be a...uncle? Second dad? I don't know what to call him.
* Laris rests his hand on her stomach gently, a bit uncertainly.
<Laris> We can figure that out...
* Dianthea smiles.
<Laris> I'm looking forward to meeting him, or her, or ... whoever they are. I want to be there for them, and for you.
<Dianthea> I know.
* Dianthea puts her hand on Laris's cheek and kisses him.
* Laris holds her close.
<Laris> Do you feel all right? Is there anything you need?
<Laris> other than, ah, your husband of course :3
<Dianthea> Laris, my heart, I'm pregnant, not sick, and barely that.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I just wanted to make sure. If there was anything I could do...
* Eyllia is now known as Vess_AFK
<Dianthea> Save it for when I'm further along. I remember my mom being *huge
* when she was pregnant with Crispus.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> I'm still floored it happened this early. My parents were married for two *decades
* before Vita was born.
<Laris> Yes... it was ten years between myself and Meria. I... I suppose I was thinking more in those time frames.
<Laris> We're very fortunate.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> The Queen favors our match, to entrust us with a life so soon. ;)
* Laris smiles at that
<Laris> With such a blessing, we are surely favoured.
<Dianthea> See? So I'm sure Rufus is right. Fate is on our side.
<Laris> I'll give the news to Rufus that he's right, then - he likes being right ;)
<Laris> But do you want me to keep it quiet from other people for the time being?
<Dianthea> Maybe for a bit longer.
<Dianthea> I know sieges can drag on, but I'm hoping our child doesn't come into the world in a war.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I hope so too. I want everything to be perfect for them :3
<Dianthea> I'll settle for, well, settled.
* Laris smiles at that
* Dianthea smiles.
* Laris will gladly lie back down with her and just enjoy the moment while he can.