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May tells Marcus that she is marrying Fairë and asks him to be her bodyguard. Final plans are made to deal with the demon-possessed dead. The pre-battle parlay takes place between the armies of Nēšu Abamātu and its allies and the Green Steel Legion. The battle occurs - the demons are driven out by the Ancestral Hrieffen forces, then rallied against the Legion's troops as the dead as marshalled under Laris's control, and the Legion is given its first defeat. Meanwhile, Lysa convinces Eyllia to take a closer look at what the Legions ships are up to, and discover that they have soe large sea monster under their control.


Session date: 2020-07-21

May and Marcus renegotiate their relationship

* Marcus will try to find May sometime after her return from speaking to Lady Morelos, when news of her engagement has filtered out through the keep somewhat.
* May can be tracked down in the war room looking at maps and figures.
<Marcus> Siru Mamitu.
* May looks up.
* Marcus calls from the doorway.
<May> Oh... Lord Zorika...
* May smiles.
<May> Come in. Please.
* Marcus returns the smile.
<Marcus> I hear congratulations are in order.
<May> heard. I'm sorry. I should have told you in person.
<Marcus> I don't think that's your responsibility.
<May> Of course it is. You're my friend.
<Marcus> And you're mine. You have enough to worry about right now.
* May nods.
<May> Thank you.
<Marcus> Faire is a good man.
<Marcus> And a lucky one. ;)
<May> I agree. On both points.
<May> And you are a good man too. And I owe you a lot. Including my life.
<May> I... hope you're not too upset...
* Marcus smiles wistfully.
<Marcus> Not at all.
<Marcus> Sad, maybe, but that's to be expected.
* May nods.
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<May> I understand.
<May> It was not an easy decision.
<Marcus> You made the decision that was right for Nesu Abamatu.
<Marcus> The decision a ruler must make.
* May nods.
<May> I know you said that you would like to stay no matter what choice I made. Do you still feel that way?
* Marcus nods.
<Marcus> If you'll have me.
* Marcus coughs awkwardly.
<Marcus> So to speak.
* May laughs.
<May> Then I would like to offer you the position of Head of Security to my court, responsible for my protection and that of my keep. I understand if you don't want to answer right away.
* Marcus blinks, stunned for a moment.
<Marcus> It would be my honor, Siru Mamitu.
* May smiles.
<May> You've certainly shown yourself capable of guarding my body.
* Marcus lets out a snicker at that, then composes himself.
<Marcus> I will be happy to ensure your safety going forward.
<Marcus> As to any other service, I believe I've made my beliefs on such clear.
* Marcus says, though uncertainly.
<May> I know. And I respect them.
<Marcus> Thank you.
<Marcus> Though I will say that upholding my ideals is more difficult in this instance.
* Marcus smiles.
* May laughs.
<May> Your ideals are your own and they are important to you. And as such they are important to me. If you're going to be the one standing between me and an assassin's arrow then I should try to keep you happy.
<Marcus> I am happy. Concerned, given our current circumstances, but otherwise content.
<Marcus> Tell me, what have you been working on?
* Marcus will lean down to look at the maps with May.
* May 's smile fades a bit.
<May> Yes... I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

Pre-battle planning

<Kennesaw> As mentioned last time, the vanguard of the Green Steel Legion is already within sight of your fortifications. A roiling front rolls in as they close, but, curiously, when the rain begins to fall, it seems only to do so on the Legion's side of the wall. ;)
<Korivan> (:)
<Kennesaw> They begin the lengthy task of investing your position, laying out their camp some distance away.
<Kennesaw> Laris, you'll return to your fortifications the next day, as their troops are still arriving and before any combat has begun.
* Laris will get updates about what has been happening
* Severina (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Severina salutes.
<Laris> Salve, centurion. I see there have been some developments?
* Severina nods.
<Severina> Salve, legatus. A few.
<Severina> They're still arriving, but they're having a hell of a time of it over there, it seems.
* Severina smiles.
* Laris nods, with a thin smile in return.
<Severina> We stand ready, but there's been no offensive movement as yet, and they're still digging in. They haven't even begun deploying engines yet.
<Severina> I suspect the gaath's spirit allies are wreaking havoc on their siege capability.
<Laris> Have your scouts been able to get some sense of their preparations?
* Severina nods.
<Severina> They've deployed their false risen as a screen at the forward edge of their camp, and we believe those will be their first wave when it comes.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I will need to hear from Magus Auspex and Gaath Korivan how close they think they need to get to them for their plans to be effective, I suppose.
* Severina nods.
* Kennesaw is now known as YOAW_Narrator
* Severina can take you to them, presumably.
* Korivan seems relatively relaxed all things considered
* Rufus_Metilius (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Rufus_Metilius looks a bit tired, but otherwise fine.
* Rufus_Metilius salutes.
<Rufus_Metilius> Salve, legatus.
* Rufus_Metilius says with a smile.
* Laris returns the salute, suppressing the urge to go over to him at once.
<Laris> Greetings, magus. Gaath Korivan. I trust you are well?
<Korivan> Yes.... We have been ...observing the enemy @_@
* Laris nods
* Rufus_Metilius scowls.
<Laris> Is there anything I can do to assist in your preparations? do you need to be able to get closer to them for your ritual to affect them, or will it be able to do so from this distance?
<Rufus_Metilius> We'll need to be closer, but, from what Severina tells me, that shouldn't be a problem.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Do you have other concerns?
* Laris asks, seeing his frown.
<Korivan> (do I?)
<Severina> No, I just...I knew what they had done, and yet...I wasn't really prepared for it.
* Laris nods
<Severina> It's just wrong.
<Korivan> (I assume that was Rufus?)
<Severina> (Ack)
<Severina> (yes)
<Korivan> Demons.
* Rufus_Metilius nods.
* Korivan says, in general agreeement
<Rufus_Metilius> It's like a horrible inversion of Turathi summoning practices.
<Korivan> we will bring them.... to regret it.
* Laris nods
* Rufus_Metilius nods.


<YOAW_Narrator> One of your soldiers will approach to inform you there are riders leaving the Legion camp towards your position.
<Laris> How many?
<YOAW_Narrator> "Five, sir."
* Laris will go to the fortifications to see them.
<YOAW_Narrator> As she said, a group of five riders has ridden out from the enemy camp, flying a Legion banner under the gold dragon of Turath.
<YOAW_Narrator> They stop roughly halfway between their camp and your position.
* Korivan will follow after Laris and watch these guys, partly to see i they're about to do any weird magic nonsense
<YOAW_Narrator> (This would be standard procedure for parley before battle.)
<Korivan> 9Yeah I figured but I don't trust them ;)
* Laris will get a small group together to go out and speak with them, then, if they're requesting a parley.
<YOAW_Narrator> Who are you taking with you?
<Laris> (I guess Rufus, Varinia, Kraaz and Korivan? if they want, anyway. I figure I don't want to bring more or less than they did ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Cool cool)
<Korivan> (sure)
<YOAW_Narrator> You can ride out to meet the Legion group. You'll recognize Lord Damasuhu, but the rest are strangers. Still, the handsome young tiefling at their center, in his finery, can only be Dananu of House Allatu.
* Dananu (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Severina is now known as Damasuhu
<Laris> Salve, lords and ladies.
* Laris says politely
<Damasuhu> Salve, Legatus. May I present his highness Dananu of House Allatu, Voice of the Dragon, Emperor of Turath, long may he reign.
* Dananu smiles thinly at that and acknowledges Laris with a small nod.
<Laris> Greetings.
<Dananu> There's no need for all of that, Lord Damasuhu.
<Dananu> Greetings, Laris of House Corvis.
<Dananu> Rufus of House Auspex.
<Dananu> Centurion Severina.
<Dananu> Hraal Hrieffen Orak Kraaz.
<Dananu> Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan.
<Dananu> Well met.
<Dananu> I believe it is still possible our paths need not lead to bloodshed.
<Laris> Indeed, we have heard much about you, Dananu of House Allatu.
<Dananu> And I, you.
<Laris> What do you come here to propose?
<Dananu> I respect what you have done here, and would wish to see you all prosper.
<Dananu> Under the banner of Turath.
<Laris> We cannot submit to your rule. If you wish to approach us as equals and potential allies, we can discuss that.
<Dananu> You know I cannot.
<Dananu> But I will offer one last recourse.
* Laris listens
<Dananu> House Lalu is an old and storied house, and I will need heirs to secure the succession of the Empire. If Mamitu consents to be my bride, her children will sit upon the throne of Turath, and she will sit by my side as Empress.
<Laris> I regret to inform you that she is already promised to another. Such arrangements are not my place to make or break, but I do not think she will go back on her promise.
* Dananu sighs and looks genuinely disappointed.
<Dananu> I am sorry to hear that.
<Dananu> I suppose we will need to resolve this upon the field.
<Laris> Either that, or you return from whence you came, and seek the remnants of your empire elsewhere.
<Dananu> I will do my best to see your remains give their proper honors.
* Dananu gives one last nod and turns his horse to go.
* Laris will likewise nod and depart.
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<Laris> That could have gone better, I suppose.
* Laris says as we return,
<Rufus_Metilius> Could it have?
<Laris> well, probably not. given the circumstances. but there was always the vague hope that they might decide to retreat.
* Korivan snorts
<Rufus_Metilius> Laris Valerius Corvis. Ever the optimist. ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Kraaz and Severina both laugh at that.
* Laris gives a slight smile.
<YOAW_Narrator> You return to camp with your party in an oddly jovial mood, though it's almost guaranteed the first assault will come within the day.

First Blood

<YOAW_Narrator> Any last minute preparations?
<Laris> (well, if I have a few min I'd like to give rufus the good news ... but that's not really a military necessity ;)
<Korivan> (riual prep stuff, pep talk for the apprentices for their role, and to be clear on the limits of their involvement, offering/promises of booty for the ancestors for their role)
<YOAW_Narrator> (What is the limit of their involvement, then?)
* Dananu is now known as Marcus
<YOAW_Narrator> (Like, just to check)
<Korivan> (I mean, I do want to see if Maak can help redirect the demons to attack the turathi once they are evicted, but I don't want to put them more in harms way than they can manage, basically, and to have some reasonable guidelines on what that means/when they shoudl withdraw and how)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Okay)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Julie, roll me a Warfare test, please)
<Laris> (sure)
<Laris> (with any bonus dice?)
<Laris> (I have 2 in each of the available things ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (sure :) )
<Laris> !roll 8d6
* Korivan rolls for Laris: [ 8d6 ] getting [ 1 5 4 4 4 3 2 3 ] for a total of [ 26 ].
<Laris> (23 total)
<YOAW_Narrator> Your scouts prove their value, and you have ample warning of the demon-undead's advance to your position. From the battlements, you see them emerge from the gloom of the storm, screeching in Abyssal.
* Laris will have the archers ready to go, and hope the ritual casters are successful at their efforts.
<YOAW_Narrator> They charge the wall, bearing ladders. Some claw their way up bare-handed.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heather, make me a rituals roll?)
* Korivan rolls [ 8d6 ] getting [ 5 3 3 5 4 5 2 3 ] for a total of [ 30 ]
<Korivan> (25)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Correct me if this feels incorrect at all)
<YOAW_Narrator> Deep in his trance, Korivan's spirit rallies the ancestors, an ethereal war host. Their shouts and battlecries drown out the demon-undead's cacophony, at least for the booyahg. Though Korivan is at best a middling rider in the mortal world, the spirit horse beneath him feels sure and steady as he leads the ancestors into the enemy.
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<YOAW_Narrator> The demons howl louder as the ancestral riders assault them, forcing them out of their vessels. Some simply fade back into the Abyss, while more are able to retain some hold in the mortal plane and materialize.
<YOAW_Narrator> From atop the battlements, Gurluk howls his dominance, and beside him Malak does the same.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Is Laris assisting Rufus with this? I feel like there was a plan to use Laris's dragonmark to help with this.)
<Laris> (yeah, I think the idea was that once the 'bodies' were free I would try to seize control of them. so I'll be waiting for the signal to attempt that.)
<Laris> (if I can assist earlier of course I will, but I wasn't sure if it was time for me yet)
<YOAW_Narrator> Rufus, in a ritual circle upon the battlements, takes a deep breath and exhales a ghostly vapor. His spirit, freed from his body, seeks out Laris where he stands firing down upon the enemy and flows into him, bolstering his connection to the Queen and his dragonmark.
<Rufus_Metilius> Now.
* Rufus_Metilius says, the words like a whisper, but audible over the din of battle.
* Laris will try to extend his dragonmark's power to take control over the now-vacant bodies.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll Will, please)
<Laris> (plus Dedication or Courage? or just straight will?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hmm. Heck, I'll say Courage applies)
<Laris> !roll 5d6
* Korivan rolls for Laris: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 3 3 5 5 5 ] for a total of [ 21 ].
<Laris> (18)
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris feels the familiar grasp upon the undead, now freed of their demonic riders.
<YOAW_Narrator> They turn and join the fray against their tormentors, corporeal undead and ancestral spirits falling upon the demons.
<Laris> (would they count as a 'disorganized unit'? and if so can I use Leader of Men to organize them automatically? ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sure :) )
* Laris organizes the heck out of those dead bodies.
<YOAW_Narrator> After a moment, the bloodshed slackens, as demons fall under Malak and Gurluk's sway, agitated but no longer hostile.
<YOAW_Narrator> For their part, the undead fall into line with the discipline of a Thantopolitan legion awaiting orders.
<Laris> (do I feel like my control is strong now? or like I might not be able to hold it for long? just wondering if I should just get them to attack now, while I still have command, or if I can have them hang back for a bit)
<Rufus_Metilius> The demons won't hold long.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Your hold is pretty good at the moment, but you don't think it's permanent.)
<Laris> Send the demons forward first. I'll hold the undead back while I can, for a second wave.
* Laris orders.
<YOAW_Narrator> Malak and Gurluk howl again, and the demons surge back towards the Turathi camp.
<YOAW_Narrator> The undead will march behind them, organized through Laris's will into a coherent fighting force.
<YOAW_Narrator> Over the course of the evening, you'll see flashes from the Turathi camp, from various spells and such. By morning, they seem to have put down the little demon/undead rebellion/assault, but their camp looks to be in even more disarray than before.
<YOAW_Narrator> The siege has just begun, but the first blood is yours.
<Laris> (yay!)

Bad News from the Sea Front

<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia's flotilla is on station to repel any further incursions north by the Legion's sea assets, correct?
<Eyllia> yes
* Lysa (webchat@ has joined #YOAW
* Rufus_Metilius is now known as Sleit
* Lysa will be on deck with Eyllia, clearly a bit restless.
<Lysa> Care to stretch your legs? Do a little sparring?
* Eyllia shrugs
<Eyllia> sure
<Eyllia> I could use the distraction
* Lysa grabs her sword, stretches a little, and assumes a stance.
* Eyllia will limber up, arms stretched overhead, and draw her blades
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll me Fighting, just out of curiosity)
<Eyllia> !roll 10d6
* Korivan rolls for Eyllia: [ 10d6 ] getting [ 6 4 3 2 2 1 3 5 5 4 ] for a total of [ 35 ].
<Eyllia> (27)
* Lysa manages to keep up, barely, but Eyllia clearly has the upper hand.
* Lysa huffs.
<Lysa> Not bad.
<Lysa> So, I've been thinking.
<Eyllia> Same to you...
<Eyllia> oh?
<Lysa> Yeah, there's something bothering me about the Legion's plan.
<Eyllia> which part? Thier ill attempt at naval warfare?
<Lysa> Yes, actually.
<Lysa> Or, well, sort of.
<Lysa> They're sieging at the mountain pass right now.
<Lysa> And we're assuming they'll break through that and push on to Nesu Abamatu, right?
<Eyllia> Yeah, so...
<Eyllia> why bother with the ships at all?
<Lysa> Well, that's the thing.
<Lysa> Say they invest Nesu Abamatu.
<Lysa> It's a siege, but if they can't cut off resupply from the sea, what good is it?
<Eyllia> they figure they can force the city?
<Eyllia> no need to worry about resupply?
<Eyllia> its not like they can just march by it... it would leave their troops vulnerable
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> I guess.
<Lysa> Something just doesn't feel right about it to me.
<Lysa> I don't know what to do about it, though.
<Eyllia> we could sail south and see whats up?
<Eyllia> The Drake would be hard to catch even if they did outnumber us badly
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> That's true.
<Lysa> It's risky, but you have the command.
<Eyllia> I say we move. Its better than waiting
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> I'll relay the order, then.
<Eyllia> Send signal to the other ships to hold and defend.
<Eyllia> Lets go see what we can see
* Lysa grins.
<Lysa> Aye Captain.
* Lysa signals that order to the rest of the flotilla and the crew of the Drake makes ready.
<YOAW_Narrator> The wind favors you, bearing you south swiftly. By midday the next say, you spot the Turathi ships on the horizon, anchored off a small inlet.
<Eyllia> They look like they are unloading? Is thier escort still with them?
<YOAW_Narrator> They still have their escort. They seem to just be holding for the moment, though there's clearly some activity as the Drake is spotted.
* Eyllia will order to tack towards them
<Eyllia> we'll give em a little scare
<YOAW_Narrator> They don't seem eager to engage, unfurling their sails and pulling away as the Drake moves towards them.
* Eyllia turns to Lysa.
<Eyllia> Think they were waiting for re-enforcements?
<Lysa> Maybe?
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll me an Awareness test)
<Eyllia> !roll 4d6+6
* Korivan rolls for Eyllia: [ 4d6+6 ] getting [ 1 1 2 3 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 13 ].
<Eyllia> (so 13)
<YOAW_Narrator> As you watch the Turathi ships flee, there is a terrible crash and the Drake lurches, almost knocking you to your feet.
<Eyllia> another giant fish?
* Eyllia will check the sides
<YOAW_Narrator> The water's difficult to see through here, but there's definitely something along the sides.
<YOAW_Narrator> "Hull breach!" comes the cry from belowdecks.
* Lysa glances at Eyllia.
<Eyllia> Void
<Eyllia> we need to deal with whatever is down there
<Eyllia> drop sail while me and a team goes and looks
<Eyllia> and dont let that warship catch us
* Lysa nods and goes to.
* Lysa (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
* Eyllia points for a couple of marines and grabs a rope to head in the water.
<YOAW_Narrator> The marines spring to and join Eyllia.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sorry, having some weird connection issues)
<Eyllia> (np)
* Lysa (webchat@ has joined #YOAW
* Lysa (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia dives into the water and is greeted by the sight of several misshapen creatures tearing a hole in the Drake's hull.
* Eyllia will make a few holes of her own in the mishapen creatures
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll me Fighting again)
* Sleit (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
<Eyllia> !roll 10d6
* Korivan rolls for Eyllia: [ 10d6 ] getting [ 6 5 2 4 1 2 2 1 6 1 ] for a total of [ 30 ].
<Eyllia> (25)
* Marcus (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia and her marines tear through the demons, their black blood clouding the water.
<YOAW_Narrator> Through the breach, you can see your crew working on patching it.
* Eyllia will swim up and signal its clear
<Eyllia> (easier to put a temp patch from the water side)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll me Awareness again)
<Eyllia> !roll 4d6+6
* Korivan rolls for Eyllia: [ 4d6+6 ] getting [ 4 6 5 2 ] for a total of [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 23 ].
<Eyllia> (so 23)
<YOAW_Narrator> As more crewmen descend to help patch from the outside, you spot several glowing orbs below you in the deep. After a moment, you realize they're eyes. A moment later, you realize they all belong to the same beast, a gargantuan shape easily larger than the Drake.
<Eyllia> (is it coming fast or will we have time to try and move?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You have time to move.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's still a ways away)
* Eyllia will swim up to the surface
<Eyllia> Leviathan coming in... full sail now!
* Eyllia finds a rope to get back up
<YOAW_Narrator> Lysa and the crew will get the Drake under sail as the marines haul themselves aboard. There's a wake under the water behind the Drake for some ways, and a tentacle the size of the mast breaches the surface and just barely misses a swipe at your fleeing ship.
<YOAW_Narrator> You manage to put a little distance between you and your pursuer, who seems content to let you flee.


Laris tells Rufus the Good News

<Laris> yeah. I'm not sure when would make sense time-wise - before or after the first battle? I don't know if there would be time before, depending how busy they were and so on.
<YOAW_Narrator> Hmm. We can say there was some time before the meeting with Dananu.
<Laris> okay
<YOAW_Narrator> Before the battle.
<Laris> *nod*
<YOAW_Narrator> kk
* Rufus_Metilius is still pretty busy with preparations, but he'd certainly have a minute. ;)
* Laris will come see him, ostensibly checking on how things are going.
<Laris> I made it back in time, it appears.
* Laris says with a slight smile, looking around at the general organized chaos.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles at that.
<Rufus_Metilius> Luck is certainly with you, it seems. ;)
<Laris> Do you have a few minutes to spare?
<Rufus_Metilius> Of course.
<Rufus_Metilius> Besides, if I didn't, you could command me to.
<Laris> I suppose that's true.
<Rufus_Metilius> Did something happen back in Nesu Abamatu?
<Laris> But I would feel bad for taking you away from your work for selfish reasons.
<Rufus_Metilius> Oh, so this is a personal issue.
<Rufus_Metilius> Then I'm *sure
* I have a minute.
<Rufus_Metilius> Perhaps a few. :)
* Laris smiles at that.
* Laris will step aside with him to whatever passes for privacy in the encampment - at least a bit out of the way.
* Rufus_Metilius accompanies him.
* Laris will first take the chance to give him a hug and a kiss.
* Rufus_Metilius returns the gestures with gusto.
<Laris> How can I miss you so much after less than a week?
* Laris asks with a smile and a shrug.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles.
<Rufus_Metilius> We're here together now.
<Rufus_Metilius> Is everything all right?
<Laris> Yes, it's all right. It's good news - Dianthea is going to have a baby :)
<Rufus_Metilius> Oh. Oh, wow.
* Rufus_Metilius grins.
<Rufus_Metilius> Congratulations! :)
* Rufus_Metilius hugs and kisses Laris again.
<Rufus_Metilius> That's so soon.
* Laris smiles as well, giving him another hug and kiss.
<Rufus_Metilius> Well done. ;)
<Laris> Yes... I didn't really expect it so quickly. but she said she confirmed it with Merula.
<Laris> It's still early, and she said she was feeling fine.
<Rufus_Metilius> I'm glad.
<Rufus_Metilius> Though, if this siege drags on...
* Rufus_Metilius frowns.
<Rufus_Metilius> Not the most auspicious situation for a birth.
<Laris> I wondered about that... I hope it won't be so long, but I guess we'll see.
<Rufus_Metilius> Then again, [famous Thantopolitan military figure] was born on a battlefield, I suppose. And a fair amount of Hrieffen, from what I hear.
<Laris> If I thought she would have agreed, I might have asked her to go back to Thantopolis, for safety >.> but hopefully that won't be necessary.
<Rufus_Metilius> Well, hopefully it won't come to that.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I want to make sure everything is secure and stable by the time the baby arrives... at least as much as I have any power over that.
* Laris sighs.
<Rufus_Metilius> Well, we do what we can, and gods decide the rest.
* Rufus_Metilius puts his hand on Laris's shoulder.
<Laris> Yes...
<Rufus_Metilius> And they clearly favor you. ;)
* Laris smiles, a bit embarrassed
* Rufus_Metilius moves his hand to cup Laris's cheek.
<Rufus_Metilius> You have every right to be concerned, but we'll make due.
<Laris> I just feel like it's my responsibility to keep her safe - them safe. I know at some level I'm supposed to worry about keeping everyone safe. But... this is different.
* Rufus_Metilius nods.
<Rufus_Metilius> As I understand it, that's how it goes.
<Rufus_Metilius> I aim to keep you and them safe as well.
* Laris rests his head against Rufus's
<Laris> Sahhiru said... if anything was to happen to me, you and Dianthea would always have a place there, if you wanted it. I don't know if you would, but hearing it was reassuring, somehow.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles.
<Rufus_Metilius> That is good of him.
<Laris> And I know you would help her, and the baby, if ... I couldn't.
<Rufus_Metilius> Of course I would.
<Laris> She said, we'll have to figure out what the baby will call you.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles.
* Laris says with a little hint of a smile
<Rufus_Metilius> Uncle? Pater Secundus?
<Rufus_Metilius> ;)
* Laris smiles
<Laris> there's time to think about it. I suppose the child might have its own opinions too ;)
* Rufus_Metilius sighs.
<Rufus_Metilius> I'm going to end up "slabadoo" or something, aren't I?
* Laris chuckles
<Laris> hopefully we can guide it to something a little more dignified than that :)
<Laris> now... when was the last time you had something to eat? or a nap?
* Laris eyes Rufus's general levels of exhaustion
<Rufus_Metilius> Hmm.
<Rufus_Metilius> Sometime today, I think.
<Laris> I could order you to take an hour to have some food with me and then lie down.
* Laris threatens affectionately.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles.
<Rufus_Metilius> That...sounds like a good order.
<Rufus_Metilius> Thank you.
<Laris> Very well, Magus, I so order :)
* Rufus_Metilius salutes.
<Rufus_Metilius> At your command, Legatus.
* Laris salutes in return, then gives him another kiss and then will take him off to have a meal and a break :)