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Korivan and Kraaz induct Laris into the Hrieffen with the assistance of Orakyaahg Hrieffen Orak Raar. Laris is visited by Orak and his mother in a vision as part of the ceremony. May is visited in her dreams by Lanwa of the Rucina and takes her on a dream tour of Nēšu Abamātu. Induriel is also visited in his dreams, by Lady Morelos, who hs been asked to broker a meeting with Damasuhu of the Green Steel Legion, who pressures him to provide more support for the fledgeling empire, in the name of old alliances with Aethrennar. Meanwhile, Eyllia returns home and meets with her mother Eyricia to get updates regarding he Quom. Her mother asks her to lead a borading action during the upcoming battle.


Session date: 2020-03-15
In Game date: ???

Session Start: Sun Mar 15 13:48:05 2020 Session Ident: #gnomeland

Induction Logistics

<Korivan> lets do Laris first. That's probably more straightforward. Sprits might be more involved
<YOAW_Narrator> Okie doke
<YOAW_Narrator> How big a deal do you want to make of this ceremony?
<YOAW_Narrator> Gather folks, or do just the principals for now and do a big celebration thing later?
<Korivan> I am going to gather the principals and let word of mouth handle anyone else who wants in on celebrating, I think
<Korivan> Hrieffen can self-organize for that, and if the want to come out and watch that's cool
<Korivan> I asume word has already gotten around
<Korivan> but I don't think we have the time rn to formally gather folks
<Korivan> but this will involve more booyagh ppl, I assume, esp from Kraaz's clan if they're the ones specifically adopting him
<YOAW_Narrator> I imagine a fair bit of the folks at the camp would gather for it. Laris is pretty well-known and popular with the Hrieffen by now.
<Laris> I'd want Rufus and Varinia to be there, out of the folks around (I mean if we were home, I'd want others too, but given we're not, those are the ones he would particularly care about having there ;)
<Laris> I was also going to make sure to bring Harbinger when we go back to the pass, if he isn't already planning to follow me secretly ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Heh, I would imagine he's with y'all.
<Laris> *nod*
* Rufus_Metilius (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland

Laris is inducted into the Hrieffen

* Korivan will gather with Kraaz and whoever o the different leineage heads are around
* Kraaz (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Rufus_Metilius is now known as Raar
<Raar> Hrieffen Orak Raar, the Orakyaahg, accompanies Kraaz.
* Korivan nods to both of them, and will have someone from the booyagh pick out a good horse for Laris ;)
* Raar is an older hobgoblin, in his 40s, but still hale. He's missing his left arm below the elbow, and his torso is covered in scars both ritual and battle.
<Korivan> (a spirited horse, for sacrifice)
* Kraaz will have made sure a quality horse was available.
<Kraaz> A fitting mount for the ancestors.
* Raar nods approvingly.
* Korivan also, but trusts Kraaz's discretion here
<Korivan> I have told him what is expected... he should be ready @_@
* Raar nods.
* Kraaz grins.
* Korivan makes sure his knives are prepared @_@
<YOAW_Narrator> Halgalaz and Faasha will have made sure of it.
* Korivan will make any final preparations to the ritual space, and then send Kraaz to bring in Laris
<YOAW_Narrator> (Does that mean bringing the horse to him?)
<Korivan> (yeah, probably)
<Korivan> (Kraaz might have a role to play in this too... like formally present him to us or something)
* Kraaz will bring the horse to Laris.
<Kraaz> (Can do)
<Kraaz> Ready?
<Laris> I think so.
* Laris has been trying to prepare for this as best as he can
<Kraaz> Not reconsidering, are you? ;)
<Laris> No.
<Laris> You're right that this is a good time to do it.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> Just in case.
* Laris nods
<Kraaz> You need help up? ;)
* Laris considers which is less dignified - taking the help or trying to climb up and failing, and nods to accept Kraaz's offer.
* Kraaz will help Laris up onto the horse, wait for him to get settled, then walk with him back to the ritual space.
* Korivan is waiting with Raar, with some other Booyagh and a fair crowd gathered around.
* Korivan has on his big Gaath headdress, some body paint, and nothing else but a belt holding his bone-handled knife
* Laris is naked and on a horse.
<Korivan> Hraal Hrieffen Orak Kraaz.... Who do you bring to us @_@
<Kraaz> Laris Valerius Corvis.
<Korivan> Why do you bring us this stranger, mounted on the best of our animal-kin, the weath and blood of our tribe @_@
<Kraaz> To join his strength to ours, kin to kin, blood to blood.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Laris Valerius Corvis. Why have you come to us?
<Laris> To offer you my strength, my skill, and my blood.
* Korivan directs you to dismount and stand before him, while Kraaz and Raar take hold of the horse
* Laris dismounts and will approach you.
<Korivan> Speak and tell us of your deeds, that the ancestors may judge your worth as our brother @_@
<Laris> I have lead soldiers into battle, fought at their side and shared their pain in defeat as well as their joy in victory. With the strength of my bow I saved the life of Hraal Hrieffen Orak Kraaz when he fought against the elemental dragon. I am a builder of walls and of cities, and I offer all of that knowledge and skill to the Hrieffen.
* Korivan pauses to actaully listen to the ancestors for a moment (who I assume are pretty on board with Laris at this point ;), and then nods
<YOAW_Narrator> (They are. :) )
<Korivan> Your deeds please the ancestors! You have fought with the Hrieffen, and your strength and valor are renown. JOin us, and become blood of our blood, flesh of our flesh.
* Korivan will slice open this horse's throat so that you are absolutely drenched in blood
<Korivan> Stand in the place of our kin, life for life!
* Laris stands there and takes the shower (of blood)
* Kraaz nods approvingly.
<Korivan> (while holding the horse in its ddeath throes.... I assume part of this is also not getting kicked to death by flailing hooves :x)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh, yes, I would imagine)
* Korivan will approach once the flailing slows to cut out its heart and present it to Laris
<Korivan> Blood of our Blood, flesh of our flesh @_@
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity�)
* Laris accepts it and will drink from the still-pulsing heart, then cut off a piece to eat.
* Korivan will pass off the rest of the heart to Halgalaz, who will do... somethign with it to give Laris later ;)
<Laris> !roll 3d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Laris: [ 3d6 ] getting [ 5 4 3 ] for a total of [ 12 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> (Laris succeeds with aplomb)
* Korivan nods approvingly, then will approach, running his fingers through the blood spattering Laris to draw out the Hrieffen tribal markings on his face and torso.
* Korivan will put his hand on your jaw to indicate you shoudl open it
* Laris opens his mouth
<Korivan> Blood of our Blood, flesh of our flesh.... joined to the body of the ancestors.... as Hrieffen!
* Korivan will feed you a small piece of very dried and dessicated....flesh
<YOAW_Narrator> The assembled Hrieffen (and Rufus, Severina, and some of Laris's soldiers) cheer.
* Laris swallows.
* Korivan will step back
<Korivan> Hraal Hrieffen Orak Kraaz - you speak for this one as your kin?
<Kraaz> I do. I would call him my brother, my blood and kin.
<Kraaz> First Hrieffen, now Orak.
* Raar steps forward holding his own ritual knife.
* Kraaz presents his forearm.
* Raar takes the blade and makes cut on the inside of Kraaz's forearm, then turns to Laris.
* Laris holds out his arm as well.
* Raar makes a similar cut on Laris's forearm, watching him intently.
* Laris maintains a stoic expression in the face of pain
* Kraaz steps forward and reaches out to clasp hands with Laris.
<Kraaz> Blood of my blood.
<Laris> blood of my blood.
<YOAW_Narrator> (well, clasp forearms)
* Laris repeats.
* Raar catches a bit of the dripping blood in a small skull bowl.
* Raar holds it out to an apprentice, who adds several herbs and powders to the blood, stirring it before handing it back to Raar.
* Raar offers the skull to Laris.
* Laris takes it and drinks (but not all, since I assume I'm supposed to leave some for Kraaz)
* Raar will take the skull from Laris, then hand it over to Kraaz.
* Kraaz takes the skull and drinks, then passes it back to Raar.
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris's vision will darken, and his ears ring with the echoes of battle.
* Laris closes his eyes, staggering a little
<YOAW_Narrator> He finds himself sitting at a campfire across from Kraaz and another hobgoblin.
* Raar is now known as Orak
* Orak looks at Laris skeptically.
* Laris blinks, looking back curiously
<Orak> He doesn't look like much.
<Kraaz> You haven't seen him fight.
<Orak> What makes you think that, [descendant]?
<Orak> I know his worth. I'm just saying he's...scrawny.
<Laris> I make a smaller target that way.
* Laris says dryly.
* Orak laughs.
<Orak> Wit. That's good in a commander, if it can be applied correctly.
<Orak> You're one of mine now, hmm?
<Laris> Yes, if you'll have me. I imagine you still get some say in it.
<Orak> Hmph.
<Orak> Bane's already claimed you.
* Kraaz is now known as Voice
<Voice> No, Bane favors him. There is a different, honored ally.
* Voice says behind Laris.
<Voice> (difference*)
* Laris looks to see who this is.
* Voice is now known as Avidia
* Avidia smiles down at Laris, putting a hand on his shoulder.
* Laris smiles back, genuinely happy
<Orak> Fine. He is the Raven Queen's, but he is also Bane's, now.
<Orak> He is a warrior.
<Avidia> The Queen has many warriors. That is why your lord sought her aid.
<Orak> Ah, we're all family now, eh? This is just squabbling.
* Avidia smiles and nods.
<Avidia> As you say [goblin term for generic relative].
<Laris> I believe that's how families usually work.
* Orak smiles.
* Avidia looks down at Laris.
<Avidia> Hrieffen Orak Laris Valerius Corvis. Quite the mouthful.
<Laris> I hope I can bring honour to all my ancestors.
* Avidia and Orak both smile at that.
<Avidia> I'm so proud of you.
* Laris will stand up to hug her, if he can.
* Avidia will hug Laris.
<Orak> Best the imperials. Then I'll be proud.
* Orak says, mostly teasingly.
<Orak> You too, boy.
* Orak smacks Kraaz a little.
thank you.
Be safe. I can wait to be reunited.
* Laris nods
<YOAW_Narrator> With that, Laris's vision blurs and refocuses in the mortal world.
* Laris 's tears are leaving trails in the blood on his face, but he seems content.
* Orak is now known as Raar
* Raar slaps Laris, then pulls him down to kiss his forehead.
<Raar> Hrieffen Orak Laris!
* Avidia is now known as Kraaz
* Kraaz and the others echo him, cheering.
* Korivan grins widely at that and will take up the echo as well
<Korivan> (the rest of the booyagh will work on slaughtering the horse and distribute it to everyone present)
<Laris> (then party times? :D)
<Korivan> (yes!)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Party timez indeed)

May is visited by Lanwa of the Rucina

<YOAW_Narrator> (Okay, Tuck, what is May up to at the moment?)
<May> (I imagine making preparations for the coming of envoys as well as the city defenses, overseeing magical intelligence gathering, conscripting forces, etc, etc. Pretty busy.)
<May> (All the rulery stuff)
<YOAW_Narrator> With all the preparations, May is grateful for what sleep she manages to get. A few days after Laris and Korivan left, and after some of the new allies have started to arrive, May sinks into a weary slumber.
* Kraaz is now known as Lanwa
<YOAW_Narrator> She's awakened by a voice in her chamber.
<Lanwa> Greetings, Mamitu of House Lalu.
<May> Mmmmm... wussuh?
<May> Oh...
* May will blink blearily and then open her eyes wide.
<May> What the fuck!
* Lanwa is mid-air, beside May's bed.
<Lanwa> Sorry to disturb you. You do not seem to sleep much. Elven blood?
<May> Ahem... um... no, devil mostly.... sorry I wasn't expecting... floating visitors.
<YOAW_Narrator> May can sit up, then realize as she does so that her body remains sleeping peacefully on the bed.
<May> Oh.
<May> Huh.
<Lanwa> Dreamwalking is not an art among your people?
<May> (Is it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Not especially, no.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I imagine Turath would consider it kind of frivolous, but May might have a little understanding of it from Aethrennar.)
<May> Well... we know about the astral realm but... not particularly. And I've certainly never had someone else put me into it.
<Lanwa> Well, I merely came to find your spirit before is rose to the dream realms.
<Lanwa> I wanted to see your city, and speak with you more.
<May> Of course. I guess this makes us even in terms of magical intrusion then.
* Lanwa smiles and nods.
* May will get up from the bed then and try to concentrate on conjuring up some more fitting clothes than her nightshirt.
<YOAW_Narrator> May can clothe herself how she likes with a little effort of will.
<May> Shall we?
* Lanwa nods, and will stand, though she doesn't really change position much.
* May will drift out the window towards the main city, then.
<May> Is there any news from your homelands?
<YOAW_Narrator> (How would May view the city? Would it be grander in her eyes? Poorer? Does she see its possible future prosperity?)
<Lanwa> My people gather, as do our neighbors.
<Lanwa> We have friends to the north, and we have sent runners to ask for aid, but I don't think it likely.
<May> (I think it would be very... functional. Everything orderly and in its place, but also teeming with life. Everything working together like pieces in a machine, and everything greater than the sum of its parts)
<May> (And all sorts of people and things... and things that might be people)
* May nods.
* Lanwa looks out over May's city.
<Lanwa> How have I never been here before? It's beautiful.
<May> it... it is...
* May stops to admire it from up here.
<May> This is Nesu Abamatu as it should be.
<Lanwa> There are more people...more kinds of people, than I had thought.
<Lanwa> You truly do want to bring this land together.
<May> We all have strengths. Together we can accomplish so much more. For so many more.
<May> That's what I keep trying to tell people, anyway...
<Lanwa> How many listen?
<May> Hopefully enough.
* May sighs.
<May> This land has so much potential. And most people would see it wasted on feuds and petty squabbles.
<Lanwa> They're not petty to the people who hold those grudges.
<Lanwa> It's easier for an outsider to dismiss a blood feud over whose grandparent killed whose.
<Lanwa> But are your people much different. I've heard stories of the machinations of Turath.
<May> I suppose so. But does that mean that both descendants should suffer for it? How long do we allow ourselves to suffer for the sins of our parents?
* Lanwa nods.
<Lanwa> I agree with you. I'm just...presenting the other side.
* May nods.
<May> You're not wrong.
<Lanwa> They'll need to know you respect their history.
<Lanwa> Even as you seek to change their future.
<May> I'm trying.
<May> This is not... what I ever really expected to do.
<Lanwa> Oh?
* May shrugs.
<May> Before I came here I studied magic and ritual. I assumed that was going to be my life. Privilege and leisure. But now that I'm here I can see how great this place could be and... I feel like doing less than my best to try to make it that way would be... I don't know... sacreligious.
* Lanwa smiles.
<Lanwa> That sounds like a good attitude for a leader to have.
* May smiles back.
<May> Thanks.

Induriel has a dream meeting with Damasuhu, hosted by Lady Morelos

<YOAW_Narrator> May is not the only one visited in dreams this night. Induriel finds himself back in a familiar garden, facing a similarly familiar insectile countenance.
* Lanwa is now known as Huinemait
<Huinemait> Lord Ambassador Antalanon.
<Huinemait> Lady Morelos cordially invites you to speak with her. If you'll follow me?
* Induriel looks around himself
<Induriel> Ah... of course.
* Induriel follows the Lady's servitor, trying not to show any sign of trepidation
* Huinemait will lead Induriel to the center of the garden, where Lady Morelos sits.
* Induriel enters and bows to the hag
<Induriel> Lady Morelos.
<YOAW_Narrator> She is not alone as usual, though. A gnome, the Turathi one you met previously when he came to court a little while ago, sits across from her.
* Raar is now known as Morelos
* Morelos nods graciously to Induriel.
<Morelos> Lord Antalanon, please, have a seat.
<Induriel> My lady.
* Induriel sits, also nodding to the gnome in passing
<Morelos> I believe you are acquainted with Lord Damasuhu?
<Induriel> We have met, yes. How are you, Lord Damashu?
* Damasuhu (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Damasuhu> Troubled, my lord Antalanon,
<Induriel> I am sorry to hear that.
<Damasuhu> I am hearing concerning rumors Nesu Abamatu does not plan to recognize Imperial authority.
<Induriel> Ah. I see.
<Induriel> Is that why I am here? You believe I can help you in some way?
<Damasuhu> You are in Nesu Abamatu, but not *of
* Nesu Abamatu.
<Damasuhu> And I had hoped to learn your Queen's disposition as to the governance of the city.
<Induriel> I see. And you, Lady Morelos? You have an interest in this?
<Morelos> The city abuts my domain, and I am...acquainted with Lord Damasuhu's liege.
<Induriel> Forgive me... 'abuts' your domain? I'm afraid I do not understand...
<Morelos> And I thought you a scholar.
<Morelos> They are aligned, in a planar sense.
<Morelos> Not coterminous, but synecdochely related.
<Induriel> (Do I understand what she's talking about? :/ )
<YOAW_Narrator> (What happens in NA affects her domain and vice versa.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Magically/on a planar level)
<Induriel> Ah, of course.
<Induriel> So you have an interest... but do not consider yourself directly involved?
<Morelos> Not as yet.
<Induriel> But that is a possibility
<Morelos> It is always a possibility.
<Morelos> It depends upon the manner in which events unfold.
<Induriel> I see.
<Induriel> Well, Lord Damashu, to answer your question: Aethrennar and Nesu Abamatu did conclude an alliance shortly after I arrived to take my place as Ambassador.
<Induriel> (Damasuhu)
<Damasuhu> Aethrennar and Nesu Abamatu, or Queen Alcarinel and Heri Mamitu?
<Induriel> (I think it was the former, is that right?)
<Damasuhu> (I believe so, yes)
<Induriel> Aethrennar and Nesu Abamatu. Though there is of course regard and respect between the two rulers as well.
* Induriel tries to gauge the gnome's response.
* Damasuhu nods.
<Damasuhu> (Roll Awareness, I suppose?)
<Induriel> (I suppose. Not my strongest suit. :P )
<Damasuhu> Aethrennar and Bael Turath have long been allies.
<Induriel> !roll 2d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 2d6 ] getting [ 2 2 ] for a total of [ 4 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> (He's pretty hard to read.)
<Induriel> (Has it been as long as that? The Schism was only 100 years ago, right? Wasn't it precipitated by our decision to ally actively with them?)
<Damasuhu> (You were allies off and on before then.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I mean, sometimes also enemies, but he's not exactly presenting that part. ;) )
<Induriel> Indeed. And I am sure we would be happy to continue to have good relations with Bael Turath's successors.
<Induriel> However... circumstances have changed a great deal.
<Damasuhu> Indeed. Alcarinel enjoys unprecedented power.
<Damasuhu> Bael Turath came to Aethrennar's aid when your queen was betrayed.
<Damasuhu> We seek the same assistance now.
<Induriel> That is certainly a point of view.
<Induriel> The fact that Her Majesty was betrayed for supporting Bael Turath does, perhaps, permit other interpretations.
<Damasuhu> Are you blaming Bael Turath for your own rebels?
<Induriel> I do not suggest that Bael Turath backed or directly instigated their actions, no.
<Damasuhu> My understanding was that your queen has always blamed lómelindë's ambition for his people's perfidy.
<Damasuhu> Did Bael Turath dismiss the elven rebellion as a mere internal matter for your people?
<Induriel> There is certainly no excuse for his treason.
<Damasuhu> We spent gold and blood to aid your people in their time of trouble.
<Damasuhu> Are we to be so poorly repaid?
<Induriel> Considering that the Traitor went over to support Bael Turath's enemies, I think we can agree it could be seen as a matter of mutual interest.
<Damasuhu> As is this conflict here.
<Damasuhu> Would the Queen prefer an upstart of unproven leadership, or the man who has reforged the strength of Bael Turath in fire and blood? The rightful heir to Ratha's glory.
<Damasuhu> Perhaps, indeed, a suitable match for your Queen?
<Induriel> Conflict? Between you and Nesu Abamatu? I should hope that any... disagreements... between you and Nesu Abamatu have not yet raised to that standard.
<Damasuhu> We are not fools, Lord Antalanon. Preparations for a defense have already begun.
<Damasuhu> Preparations that would be unnecessary if they planned upon bending the knee.
<Induriel> Perhaps. However, surely there may be ways to persuade them without wasting your mutual strength on each other?
<Damasuhu> Much as Alcarinel has pursued peace with lómelindë?
* Induriel grimaces
<Induriel> The Queen has of course not made peace with the Traitor. However... neither has she sought to exterminate his followers. Many of whom are, after all, merely... misguided.
<Damasuhu> Nor do we seek to raze Nesu Abamatu. Merely to bring it back into the fold of the empire.
<Induriel> Instead, she exercises patience, and seeks to win over those who may yet be redeemed. Rather than wasting her existing strengths on fratricidal wars.
<Induriel> If we agree on that strategy, then, why not follow that example?
<Damasuhu> If Heir Mamitu will swear her fealty, Emperor Dananu would welcome her with open arms.
<Damasuhu> Does she plan to follow that course?
<YOAW_Narrator> (I mean, Alcarinel has fought plenty of wars with Vanilorra)
<YOAW_Narrator> (So I'm not sure Induriel's statement is entirely accurate.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (But it could be regarded as spin.)
<Induriel> I do not know. I do know that she is intelligent, and will seek to do what is best for her people.
<Damasuhu> Will she listen to you?
<Induriel> She will hear me out.
<Induriel> I am not her only advisor, however.
<Damasuhu> Advise her it would be in her, and her city's, best interests to bow, rather than break.
* Damasuhu will stand.
<Damasuhu> Lady Morelos, I thank you for your hospitality.
* Morelos nods graciously.
* Induriel also stands, and bows to Lord Damasuhu
<Morelos> Of course, Lord Damasuhu. Please give my regards to the Huntsman.
<Induriel> I will convey your words, Lord Damasuhu.
* Damasuhu turns to bow to Induriel.
<Damasuhu> Thank you, Lord Antalanon.
* Damasuhu will take his leave.
* Induriel watches him go, then turns to Lady Morelos
<Induriel> Dare I ask what *you
* think of all this, my lady?
<Morelos> I think you're all fools fighting over the scraps of history, but you mortals cannot be other than you are.
* Morelos pauses.
<Morelos> Perhaps Alcarinel could aspire to more...
* Morelos sighs.
<Induriel> Well. I thank you for arranging this meeting, my lady.
* Morelos nods.
<Morelos> Sleep well, Lord Antalanon.
<Induriel> Thank you, my lady.
* Induriel bows, and takes his leave of her.
* Induriel wakes up
<Induriel> . o O (Well, crap. >_
< )
* Induriel immediately goes to warn May and Sahhiru of this nocturnal meeting...

Eyllia reports to her mother

<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia can head back to the Emerald Drake and launch post haste.
<YOAW_Narrator> It's a short trip out to Hearthspire, and, true to Grahm's word, it looks as though the entirety of the Houses' small fleet is waiting at port.
* Eyllia simles to herself at the conviction of the Houses
* Eyllia directs the Drake into port
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia can see that the banner of House D'Azzure flies just below the Houses' banner on the fleet's flagship, the Wyrm's Suspire.
* Eyllia will bring the Drake to that ship
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia knows most of the crew by name, and they'll shout over greetings.
* Eyllia will shout back greetings as well
* Eyricia (webchat@ has joined #YOAW
* Eyricia steps out on deck a moment later.
* Eyllia smiles seeing her mother and calls a greeting
<Eyricia> Greetings, Captain!
<Eyllia> Greeting,Wavemistress!
<Eyricia> Permission to board?
<Eyllia> Granted!
* Eyricia will swing over skillfully, landing lightly on the Drake's deck.
* Eyricia smiles at Eyllia.
<Eyricia> It's good to see you, despite the circumstances.
<Eyllia> You too Mother
<Eyricia> How are things on the mainland?
<Eyllia> they are very nervous
<Eyricia> This force to the south?
<Eyllia> the efforts to find allies against the Legion will help
* Eyllia nods
* Eyricia nods.
<Eyricia> This is a troubled land, it seems, but a good one, I think.
<Eyllia> Its no good timing... we need thier help yet they are threatened greater than ever before.
<Eyllia> If they can hold off an attack until the rains, they'll have more time to build up thier forces
<Eyllia> If that holds true, I've secured us lumber for ships, if we have time to build as well
<Eyricia> Thank the gods.
<Eyricia> We've little enough, they know.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm imagining you brought the ships Laris said could help?)
<Eyllia> (I hope so)
<Eyllia> they have spared what ships they could to aid us, despite their situation.
<Eyricia> We hope to resolve this quickly.
<Eyricia> Then we can repay the aid our allies have offered.
* Eyllia nods
<Eyllia> lets teach the Quom that thier efforts are too costly
<Eyllia> how is Vana?
* Eyllia changes the subject
<Eyricia> Recovering nicely.
<Eyricia> Happy to have some time with her family, I think, but she's a sailor at heart.
<Eyricia> Longs to be back, I'm sure.
<Eyllia> im glad to hear that
<Eyllia> how soon do we head out? Is there a meeting of the captains to discuss strategy? Do we have a plan for those void-cursed portals of thiers?
<Eyricia> Our will-workers have been laboring upon that question. They believe they can disrupt the veil between our world and the Astral Sea, at least for the duration of a battle. A short one, hence the overwhelming force here.
<Eyricia> We'll meet tonight, then sail in the morning.
* Eyllia nods
<Eyricia> I...would like you to lead a boarding action, if possible.
<Eyricia> You and the Drake's crew are some of our best fighters, and I would like to have more captives to question, if possible.
<Eyllia> I would be honored to lead
* Eyricia smiles, though it's a little fragile.
<Eyricia> I had a feeling you'd say that.
<Eyllia> You need not worry.
<Eyricia> It is a mother's duty.
<Eyllia> I've faced the Quom before, and demons, and orcs.
<Eyllia> My blades are well tested and my skills sharp
<Eyricia> I have no reservations about your skills.
<Eyricia> If I did, I wouldn't ask this of you.
<Eyricia> But I will still worry.
* Eyllia gives her a quick hug
<Eyllia> You stay safe too
<Eyllia> the eddies of battle are unpredictable
* Eyricia chuckles and nods.
<Eyricia> I have faith in the Suspire and her crew.
<Eyricia> But thank you.