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Induriel presents his Eladrin guests to May, and then hosts them at a party and introduces them to other notables, including Korivan. May hits it off with Fairë, but possibly not as well as Korivan hits off with Vanya. Meanwhile, the Iron Drake arrives in Thantopolis. Dianthea brings Eyllia to meet her family, and Laris goes home to hear news from his own.


Session date: 2018-11-18
In Game date: the day or so following the previous session

Induriel presents his stealth suitors to May

* Induriel requests a formal audience with May, and dresses for the occasion
* Malqatar will schedule him into her planner ;)
* Malqatar is now known as May
* May will also
* Induriel arrives in the Great Hall with his assorted guests, and advances toward the throne. He bows.
<May> Hello Induriel. What can I do for you?
* Nasan is now known as Sahhiru
* May eyes the new people curiously
* Sahhiru will also be present.
<YOAW_Narrator> (As they're not here in an official capacity, I believe it will be up to Induriel to introduce them.)
<Induriel> Heri Mamitu, thank you for this audience. I am here to present distinguished guests from Aethrennar, who have arrived recently.
<Induriel> First, may I present the most noble Lord Eren of House Brescia, who has come to convey the compliments of his cousin, our most glorious and cherished Queen Alcarinel.
* Induriel bows and indicates one of the figures in the group.
* Eren will step forward and bow shallowly, but with a flourish.
<May> Greetings Lord Eren. Welcome to Nēšu Abamātu.
<Eren> Heri Lalu, I am most grateful and humbled to make your acquaintance, and I thank you for your welcome.
* May smiles.
<Eren> My cousin, the Queen, sends her greetings.
* Induriel waits patiently until their conversation is done
* Eren smiles as well.
<Eren> I hope to have the chance to see more of your beautiful city.
<Eren> A true jewel of Turath.
* Eren says with a subtle emphatic look.
<May> I appreciate you relaying the queen's greetings. Her family and friends are always welcome here. I know our town may not be as large or impressive as Aethrenar, but hopefully you can find some charms in it.
<Eren> I'm sure I will find its charms many and...inviting.
<Eren> Heri Lalu.
* May raises an eyebrow
* Eren will step aside.
* Induriel continues with the presentations
<Induriel> The noble Ohtar Eren is accompanied by another distinguished member of the Queen's court, the Lord Faire of House Roanne.
* Induriel again indicates a member of the entourage
* Faire will step forward and bow, more deeply and somewhat more awkwardly than Eren.
<May> Greetings Lord Faire. Welcome to our city. Are you here on behalf of the queen as well?
<Faire> I am honored to make your acquaintance, Siru Lalu. I come as companion to his Lordship, Eren of House Brescia.
* May nods.
<Faire> I have heard you are a collector of magical writings. Is that correct, Siru?
* May smiles.
<May> Why... yes. I do have something of a collection.
<Faire> I should like the opportunity to examine it, Siru, if you will permit. And, if it pleases you, perhaps add to it?
* Faire will make a complicated gesture and whisper in Elduar, producing a set of bound scrolls.
<May> Oh! Are you also a... oh...
* May will accept the scrolls carefully.
<May> (What are they?)
<Faire> A copy of On The Moon's Path, written by Entare in her self-exile, and Many Are The Ways, a new work.
<May> (Have I heard of them?)
<Faire> Entare's knowledge of lunar cycles as they impact summoning is unparalleled.
<YOAW_Narrator> (You've heard of the first. It's a famous book on divination and the roads through Faerie)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The other, you don't recognize)
<May> Asmodeus' beard... Is this... an original?
<Faire> I must apologize, no. It is a copy by her first apprentice, my great-aunt.
<May> Apologize? Gods, this is... Thank you so much.
* Faire smiles nervously at that.
<May> I mean... I appreciate you generous gift.
<May> You are, of course, welcome in my library any time, Lord Faire.
<Faire> I and my House thank you for your welcome, Siru Mamitu Lalu.
* Faire will bow again and step aside.
* Sahhiru will take the scrolls from you for the moment to give to a servant.
* May has to strain really hard not to unroll the scrolls right now.
* May looks at them longingly as they are taken away.
* Eren is now known as Nasan
* Induriel again steps forward to introduce the others in the party
* Faire is now known as Vanya
<Induriel> Next, Heri Mamitu, may I introduce - or perhaps re-introduce - my cherished nephew Nasan. I'm afraid I cannot remember whether you ever met him, though I think you did meet his mother, my sister Lanaelle.
* Nasan will step forward and bow.
<May> It's a pleasure to meet you. Or to remeet you as the case may be. Welcome to the our city.
<May> I believe we may have met as children, but I hope you don't hold it against me if the details are hazy.
<Nasan> The pleasure is mine, Siru. I thank you for your welcome, and cherish the comity of our Houses.
<Nasan> Of course not, Heri Lalu. You were much younger when we met, and I doubt I made much impression. I hope for the sake of my House I can change that.
* May smiles.
<May> How is your mother? I remember her as a good woman.
<Nasan> She is well, and you have my thanks for asking. She would be heartened to hear of it. She is an attendant of the Queen, a friend and confidant.
* May nods.
<May> I'm glad to hear it.
* Nasan will bow and step aside as well.
* Induriel makes the final introduction
<Induriel> Finally, may I present my dear cousin Vanya, who rounds out the Lord Eren's entourage.
<May> Welcome, Vanya. I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting as children, have we?
* Vanya will step forward and bow.
<Vanya> I don't believe so, Heri Mamitu. I'm sure I would have remembered you.
* May smiles but blushes slightly at that.
<Vanya> We thank you for welcoming us to your city.
<May> Of course. Nēšu Abamātu is open to all who are friendly to her. I hope you'll find your stay here fulfilling.
<Vanya> I share that hope, Heri Mamitu.
* Vanya smiles and will step aside.
* Induriel once again steps forward
<Induriel> Thank you again for this audience, Heri Mamitu, and for the gracious welcome you have shown us.
* Sahhiru ( Quit (Quit:
<May> Of course. Friends of the queen are friends of ours.
* Nasan ( Quit (Quit:
<Induriel> I intend to hold a banquet to celebrate the arrival of Lord Eren in the near future. I hope you will be able to attend; we would all be most honoured by your presence.
<May> Of course, I'd be honored. I'm sure you can make the arrangements with my uncle.
<May> If there's anything our guests need, let me know and I'll do what I can to make them comfortable.
<Induriel> Thank you again, Heri Mamitu. We are most grateful for your kindness.
* May smiles
* Induriel bows again, and ushers the group out of the hall
* May keeps smiling as Induriel and the guests leave.
* May wiats until she and her uncle are alone.
<May> He's up to something, isn't he?
* Sahhiru ( has joined #gnomeland
<Sahhiru> As Aethrennar's ambassador, he will rarely not have multiple motives.
<Sahhiru> Something concerning?
<May> Well, at the very least, I don't believe the queen would send four ambassadors just to deliver her "Regards".
<May> No, they seem nice enough.
<May> I just don't know what he's planning.
<Sahhiru> A party, it would seem.
<May> Well, at least that's something I can get behind.
<Sahhiru> I thought you might.
* May grins at her uncle.
* Sahhiru smiles indulgently.
<May> Now where the hell is that scroll?
<Sahhiru> I had it taken up to the library.
* May hops up and heads for the library.
<May> Thanks uncle!

Induriel introduces Eren to Korivan

<Induriel> Anyway, I shall make all sorts of introductions of various people to Lord Eren.
<YOAW_Narrator> Valtheriel will make sure you are all treated to a delicious feast of Aethrennari specialties.
* Eren is making mostly polite dinner talk.
<May> (Yes, let's! :V )
* Induriel approaches with Korivan in tow, and waits for Eren to acknowledge him
* Korivan is distracted as usual, plus trying to figure out what exactly is the point of us being here and who these people are and why he should care ;p
<Induriel> (Important question - would I have already introduced Kraaz? Assuming he's here - he is higher ranking?)
<Eren> Ah, Ambassador. Who do we have here?
<Eren> (No, they're basically the same rank)
<Korivan> (he;s not, we're equal)
<Induriel> Lord Eren, may I present a most skilled and brave warrior, and a leader among his people: Gaath Korivan of the Hrieffen.
* Eren will give Korivan a considering look.
<Induriel> Gaath Korivan, this is the noble Lord Eren of House Brescia, in whose honour this banquet is being held.
<Korivan> Greetings.... Lord Eren.
<Eren> A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Gaath Korivan.
<Korivan> (dragonmarked?)
<Eren> (Yeah, though it's not visible. You can tell from his aura, though. Also, the ancestors probably whispering about it.)
<Eren> You're one of Heri Lalu's tribal allies, no?
<Korivan> The Hrieffen, yes...
<Korivan> And you? @_@
<Eren> Mine is the royal House of Aethrennar. My cousin Alcarinel sits on the throne of Summer.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> And what brings you here?
<Eren> I accompanied my friends Nasan and Vanya. They came to see their uncle, the ambassador.
<Eren> What brings you to the city? Your people live south of the river, if I recall.
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> We keep... close ties, with our allies. And the city has its own draws
<Eren> Indeed it does.
* Eren says, scanning the crowd.
<Eren> I could do with a bit of sport.
* Induriel wonders which type of sport Eren means...
<Korivan> Sport?
<Eren> Think nothing of it. If you'll excuse me.
<Korivan> Hmm.
* Induriel attempts to keep a careful eye on Eren, and/or to get Nasan and Vanya to do the same...
* Eren will go chat up the nearest attractive sentient.

May thanks Fairë for his thoughtful gift

* Faire will seek out May when he has a chance.
* May is hanging out near the edge of the party, nodding courteously at people.
<Faire> Siru Mamitu. Thank you again for welcoming us into your home. You've been very gracious.
* May smiles when she sees Faire approaching.
<May> Oh! Lord Faire! You're very welcome. Thank you again so much for the gift. I... may have read it twice already.
<May> Both of them.
<Faire> Already?
<Faire> Wow, that's...I'm glad you liked them.
* May blushes slightly.
<Faire> I mean, I hope you liked them.
<May> I love them. You have some very interesting insights on the nature of ritual dismissals.
<Faire> Oh, thank you. I find it's best to work the abjuration into the initial ritual. So many treat it as different workings.
<Faire> Is conjuration an interest of yours?
<May> A passion, really. You could say it's in my blood.
* May holds up the mark on the back of her hand
<Faire> Oh, right, of course.
* Faire looks apologetic.
<Faire> I should have realized.
<May> Oh, no... it's.. you're fine.
<May> I'm happy to meet someone who shares my interest.
<Faire> It's been a passion of mine, too. Hence the treatise.
<May> Summoning is an interesting choice of passions for an elduar. I assume you learned under your uncle?
<May> (Gah, ignore that)
<Faire> Though my expertise is more in Faerie. Would I be correct in assuming your work tends towards baatezu and their like.
<Faire> My manifestation of our Mark isn't particularly powerful, but it has very useful applications in ritual work.
<Faire> So my interest and my talent happily coincided.
<May> I mostly tend towards devilish summoning, yes, although I try to incorporate many different schools of thought into my work. I'm only just beginning to understand my mark as well. It takes practice and patience. I'm not always good at the latter.
<Faire> I'm eladrin. It's kind of drilled into us.
* Faire shrugs and smiles.
<May> Can I ask... if it's not rude... what your mark does?
<Faire> It keeps time.
<May> Like a sun dial?
<Faire> I can calculate times down to...well, very small units.
<Faire> Like I said, not powerful, but useful in ritual applications.
<May> That's... interesting. Certainly unique. I can't say I've ever heard of that kind of power before.
<May> I can see it would be quite useful
<Faire> Well, maybe we could work on something sometime. I'd love to hear more about your interpretation of Turathi summoning methods, maybe get your take on ours?
<May> That would be great! I've already had some thoughts on how to incorporate some of the methods in your treatise into Turathi workings. I think you'd really enjoy my library as well.
<Faire> That sounds great.
* Faire smiles.
<Faire> I'll, uh, let you get back to the party.
<Faire> I should probably check on Eren, give Nasan and Vanya some time off.
<May> Oh.. ummm... ok. I'll see you soon then.

Vanya introduces herself to Korivan

* Vanya will approach Korivan.
<Vanya> Hi. You're one of the...Hrieffen, right?
<Vanya> I hope I said that right. I'm still getting my bearings.
* Korivan nods after her comment reisters
<Korivan> Yes...
<Korivan> I am Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan
<Korivan> YOu are...with the Ambasador Antalanon
<Faire> Technically, I'm with my cousin and the royal pain in the ass, but, yes, I'm of Ambassador Induriel's House.
<Faire> Gaath is a title?
<Faire> If I remember correctly.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Faire> Oh, sorry, Vanya, by the way.
<Induriel> (ww)
<Induriel> (?)
<Faire> (yes it is
<Vanya> (Whoops)
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> He said.... you were here to visit the Ambassador.
<Vanya> Uh, more or less.
* Vanya gives Korivan a considering look.
<Vanya> They're here to court Heri Lalu.
<Vanya> Which, I mean, they could do much worse.
<Vanya> She seems nice.
<Korivan> Court...
<Korivan> She won't like that @_@
<Vanya> Oh?
<Vanya> What makes you say that?
* Faire ( Quit (Quit:
* Sahhiru ( Quit (Quit:
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> She does not liek to be... manipulated
<Vanya> Manipulated?
<Vanya> Two eligible bachelors from an allied's kind of obvious.
<Vanya> I wouldn't really call it being manipulated.
* Korivan shrugs
<Vanya> Besides, Faire at least isn't a bad guy.
<Vanya> How well do you know Heri Mamitu?
* Korivan looks down at her closely
<Korivan> ....well enough.
<Vanya> You said that thing about her not liking being manipulated like you had some insight.
<Vanya> I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
<Vanya> I mean, some people find me offensive, and usually that has its charms, but, you know, I come in peace.
<Korivan> I am not... offended
<Korivan> Why are you asking?
<Vanya> Because I'm interested? She seems...lonely. And I don't know her from Corellon, but it seems like she could use people on her side. Gods know "my side" has enough people on it.
<Korivan> are you on... different sides?
<Vanya> Are you?
<Vanya> Certainly your people's interests and the city's aren't always perfectly aligned.
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> We are talking about.m... Sirru May.
<Vanya> Fair enough.
<Vanya> I wouldn't say we're on different sides.
<Vanya> But Queen Alcarinel wants to see her married to a member of her court.
<Vanya> Heri Mamitu might not want that.
<Vanya> It's not like we're fighting a war, but...
* Vanya shrugs.
<Korivan> Hmm, I see
<Korivan> She still.. won't like it
* Korivan shrugs
<Vanya> What about you? You said Gaath is a title. Are you matched?
* Korivan sets mode: +o May
<Korivan> My people don't.... 'match'
<Korivan> We have relations with who we want
* Korivan sets mode: +o Eyllia
* Korivan sets mode: +o Induriel
* Korivan sets mode: +o Laris
<Vanya> Oh really?
* Korivan sets mode: +o YOAW_Narrator
* Korivan looks at her more consideringly
<Korivan> yes.
<Korivan> ...Are you interested?
<Vanya> ...
<Vanya> Would you care to go for a walk, Gaath Korivan?
* Korivan grins
<Korivan> Yes. Let us...Vanya.
* Vanya returns the grin.

Dianthea brings Eyllia home

<YOAW_Narrator> You will arrive in Thantopolis as scheduled, after spending a lovely, if rustic, evening with the Kahewai.
<YOAW_Narrator> Ostensibly, you will be splitting up for the preparations.
* Laris is nervous, but also looking forward to having a proper bath ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris to his father's house, Dianthea to her's.
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia, Dianthea will ask you to accompany her, if you would like.
* Eyllia will do so
<Eyllia> (but leave word at the ship to see if they can find another one of ours in the area to send word back as to what weve been up to)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm assuming Rufus will go to his family's house, and Merula will stay with the Corvis's?)
<Laris> (sure, that makes sense)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I imagine the Houses have some representatives still here, so you should be able to at least leave word with them.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (All things considered, might be a relative, really.)
* Vanya is now known as Dianthea
<Dianthea> I'm glad you agreed to come with me.
<Dianthea> My family is nice, but they can be a bit much.
<Eyllia> I've come this far, whats a few more steps
<Eyllia> and family is family, arnt they all like that?
* Dianthea will grab Eyllia's arm and give her a quick peck on the cheek.
<Dianthea> I...get the feeling Laris might have different issues with his family.
<Dianthea> You've got two brothers, right?
<Eyllia> I do, both younger
<Dianthea> My brother is younger than me, too. He's a bit of wild child.
<Dianthea> Kind of like you. ;)
<Eyllia> I probably took all the room for the wildness amongst my siblings
<Eyllia> poor them
<Eyllia> Xyrin can be so serious
<Dianthea> How old is he again?
<Eyllia> 13, almost 14 by now
<Eyllia> Thinking of them makes me miss them
<Dianthea> I'm sorry.
<Dianthea> Maybe you could go visit them after we get back.
<Dianthea> ...Maybe we could go visit them?
<Dianthea> You do have some possibly good news for them. You're looking for lands, we just found literally new lands...
<Eyllia> I could show you the Grand Hall of the Primordial Concord... you could be so underwhelmed
<Eyllia> I do. And I have thought about the implications
* Eyllia frowns for a second
<Eyllia> but this is supposed to be a happy event for you, right?
* Induriel (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Dianthea> Are you...sad about the islands?
<Eyllia> oh no.
<Eyllia> its an amazing discovery
<Eyllia> so who am I about to meet and is there anyone I should watch out for?
<Dianthea> It should be my mom, my dad, and my older sister Caelia, for right now, unless Crispus is actually home.
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll arrive at the entrance to the Pertinax villa.
<Dianthea> Last chance...
* Dianthea will smile and enter.
<Eyllia> ...
<w> too late
* Eyllia smiles back
* Caelia ( has joined #gnomeland
* Dianthea spots her sister just beyond the entryway.
<Dianthea> Caelia!
<Caelia> Thea!
* Caelia will come hug her sister.
<Caelia> You're back so soon. Something we should be concerned about?
* Caelia asks playfully.
* Dianthea rolls her eyes and laughs.
<Dianthea> Just...not putting off tomorrow, you know.
<Dianthea> Allow me to introduce my companion, Eyllia D'Azzure of the Houses of Elemental Order.
<Dianthea> Eyllia, my older sister Caelia.
<Caelia> It's nice to meet you, Eyllia. Any friend of Dianthea's is welcome here.
<Eyllia> Thank you, nice to meet you as well
* Camilla ( has joined #gnomeland
<Camilla> Is that Dianthea I hear?!
* Dianthea rushes into the entryway.
<Dianthea> (ww)
* Camilla rushes into the entryway.
<Camilla> Dianthea Lucilla, come hug your mother right this instant.
* Dianthea rolls her eyes again but complies.
* Induriel (Mibbit@ has joined #gnomeland
<Camilla> Look at you, rough from the road. You'll need to get cleaned up.
<Camilla> Oh, and you should have some food. You don't want to seem peaked for our guests tomorrow.
<Camilla> Oh, who's your friend?
* Dianthea gives Eyllia an apologetic look.
* Eyllia smiles
<Dianthea> Mother, this is Eyllia D'Azzure of the Houses of Elemental Order.
<Dianthea> Eyllia, my mother Camilla.
<Eyllia> a pleasure to meet you
<Camilla> Come in, come in, no need to stand in the entryway like a plebe.
<Camilla> Oh, look at you, dear, a lovely slip of a thing.
* Induriel (Mibbit@ Quit (Client Quit)
<Camilla> Are you sure you want your friend at your wedding, dear? You want all the attention on you, you know.
<Dianthea> Mother...
<Camilla> Yes, we received word, and none too soon.
<Camilla> Your father is in fits trying to arrange it all.
<Camilla> We're lucky to know all the right people.
<Camilla> Eyllia, dear, would you like something to eat?
<Camilla> Or would you prefer to wash off the dust of the road, first?
<Camilla> Our house is yours, of course.
<Eyllia> Thank you for the hospitality :) Cleaning up first would be nice
<Eyllia> and I would never turn down a meal
* Camilla ( Quit (Quit:
<Dianthea> I'll show her to the bath, mother.
* Camilla ( has joined #gnomeland
<Camilla> Of course, dear. I'll tell Pluvia to lay out a meal.
<Caelia> And I'm off to the magistrate's...well, you know what I mean.
<Caelia> See you for dinner, sis. Nice to meet you, Eyllia.
<Eyllia> and you
* Dianthea will lead the way to the family's bath.
<Dianthea> Okay, so, I hope that wasn't too bad.
<Eyllia> it was fine. They were very friendly
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> I really appreciate you coming.
<Dianthea> I know it's awkward and strange and not what you're used to...
<Dianthea> But I'm really happy you're here.
<Eyllia> Yeah.... and I'm trying my best to not fly in a jealous rage over whats going to happen tomorrow.
<Dianthea> That's...quite restrained of you.
<Eyllia> isnt it
* Eyllia winks
* Dianthea smiles.
<Eyllia> although I may spend today trying to make sure you don't forget me
<Dianthea> Well, there's a lot to do before tomorrow, but we do have a little time to ourselves right now...
<Eyllia> oh, I am aware
* Eyllia gives an evil grin
<Dianthea> I definitely wouldn't mind this being something I never forget.

Laris arrives home and is greeted by his siblings and father

* Dianthea is now known as Calkas
<Calkas> It is nice to see the city again, no?
* Calkas will be walking with you, with your guard escort.
<Laris> Yes... it hasn't changed much.
<Calkas> Part of it's charms, no doubt.
* Laris nods
<quietly> Much likes your father, eh?
<Laris> ... yes. I suppose so.
<Calkas> Are you nervous?
* Laris gives him a "what do you think?" look.
<Laris> I hope that it will all go smoothly.
<Calkas> Dianthea is a lovely girl, and the Pertinaxes are a well-respected family.
<Calkas> I'm sure you have nothing to concern yourself with there.
* Calkas leaves out worrying about your family pointedly.
* Laris nods
<Calkas> Still, it is only a few days.
<Laris> yes.
<YOAW_Narrator> At length, you find yourself at your family villa, which, like the city, seems unchanged.
<YOAW_Narrator> The guards out front are new, though.
* Laris looks around, trying to decide what he's supposed to be feeling
<Calkas> Salve, citizen. Inform the master of the house his son, Laris Valerius arrives.
<YOAW_Narrator> The guards salute, and one of them goes inside. You and your entourage are free to enter.
<quietly>That was...unusual.
the new guards?
* Laris will go inside and see if anyone else is there
* Caelia is now known as Meria
* Camilla is now known as Aulus
<Meria> I thought I heard visitors.
<Meria> Though no more than we.
<Meria> Salve, brother.
<Laris> Sister, it's good to see you.
<Meria> And you. I thank you for the excuse to visit home.
<Meria> I trust your journey wasn't too troubled?
<Laris> I take it our message managed to arrive to say that we were returning?
<Meria> We were near the city, actually. This is more an excuse to stay longer.
<Aulus> Laris?
<Laris> The trip was mostly uneventful, thankfully.
* Laris turns to see his younger brother.
<Aulus> Laris, hi, welcome home.
<Aulus> Calkas, hello as well.
<Laris> Salve, Aulus, I am glad to be here, and that you and our sister were able to be here as well.
<Calkas> And greetings to you as well, Magus Aulus, Numeraria Meria.
<Laris> I know it was short notice.
* Calkas is now known as Lucius
<Lucius> It was that, but not unpleasant news for all that.
* Lucius says as he enters.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your siblings straighten almost to attention as your father enters.
<Laris> Salve, Father.
* Laris does as well, out of habit
<Lucius> Salve, Laris.
<Lucius> Come in. Calkas, see to his things.
* Aulus ( Quit (Quit:
<Laris> I apologize for not providing more warning of our return.
<YOAW_Narrator> Calkas will bow and exit.
<Lucius> Do not trouble yourself overmuch; it is a happy occasion.
<Lucius> Had I known this would be the outcome, I would have pushed for Dianthea to visit sooner.
<Laris> it is for the best, the situation was less stable until fairly recently. Her travel was not without its dangers, as well.
* Lucius ( Quit (Quit:
* Lucius ( has joined #gnomeland
<Lucius> I heard. I trust she is well?
<Laris> Yes, she seems to be.
<Laris> What about here, is all well?
<Lucius> There is some tension in the city, I must admit. The Aratores are pushing for legislation limiting the activity of the legions. Practically treasonous.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Limiting it how?
<Lucius> Limiting each House in the number of legions they can muster, setting limits on how long each year a citizen may be deployed...
<Lucius> Preposterous.
<Laris> Ah.
<Laris> Well, that does seem contentious.
<Meria> It's foolish, is what it is.
<Meria> They say they'll still reinforce the outlying holdings, but who will man them if our soldiers must return home?
* Meria sighs.
<Laris> Do these troubles have any bearing on the complications that have been ongoing in regards to our communication lines?
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<Lucius> I believe it does, yes.
<Lucius> Your work in Nesu Abamatu speaks to what our forces can accomplish abroad, even with limited resources.
<Lucius> There are those who wish you to appear a failure, to make it seem as though it would be too costly to hold what we have.
<Laris> Costly? My work has brought more wealth through trade and alliances than it has cost in troops.
* Meria ( Quit (Quit:
* Laris is mildly offended that they're going to try and attack him over his accounting ;p
<Lucius> As I said, preposterous.
<Laris> Is there something I can do while I'm here? People I could speak to, in order to provide my accounting of events?
<Lucius> Your nuptials will provide you an opportunity to speak to people of consequence on this issue.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Very well, I will of course do what I can to illuminate the truth of the situation in Nesu Abamatu.
<Lucius> Meria, Aulus, you should prepare for dinner. Allow me a moment with your brother.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your siblings will nod and leave, Meria giving you a small but encouraging smile.
* Laris manages a little bit of a nervous smile in return
<Lucius> I understand your old comrade Rufus Metillius Auspex has been stationed in Nesu Abamatu now.
<Laris> Yes, father.
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<Lucius> That must be nice, seeing a former companion again.
<Laris> It was a pleasant surprise.
<Lucius> And I understand he returned with you and Dianthea to the city.
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> I left Varinia Severina in charge of our forces during my absence in Nesu Abamatu.
* Lucius nods.
<Lucius> A good choice for such.
* Lucius pauses a moment.
<Lucius> It is vitally important that House Pertinax remains invested in our House.
<Lucius> A child of both Houses is the sure cement for such an alliance.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I understand, father. Dianthea Lucilla and I have spoken of such matters, at least ... to the extent that it's proper, at any rate. We agreed that we hope to have children whenever the gods see fit to bless us with them.
<Lucius> The gods should see fit to bless you sooner, rather than later.
<Lucius> Go, clean up.
<Lucius> You and your siblings will have dinner soon.
<Laris> Yes, father. I will endeavour to fulfil my duties in this, as in all other matters that concern our house.
* Laris will go and get cleaned up for dinner and be anxious.


Laris has dinner with his siblings

* Laris will go to dinner with his siblings, as instructed
<Kennesaw> (I would imagine there's a little awkward silence)
<Laris> (yeah)
<Meria> So, long time since you've been home, little brother.
<Meria> Happy return, I hope.
<Laris> Yes... I didn't expect it would be quite so long. But it's good to be here, even if it's only briefly.
<Aulus> You're returning to Nesu Abamatu right after the wedding, right?
<Laris> Yes. I hope to be back by the start of campaign season.
<Laris> This trip was, ah, quickly arranged.
<Meria> Trouble back in Nesu Abamatu?
<Laris> Mm... no, not precisely. Things are actually doing quite well recently. But I don't want to neglect my responsibilities there.
<Meria> Of course.
<Meria> You're...warlord, now, for this new ruler?
<Laris> Legatus and Preceptor, by the Senate's appointment. The title Domina Mamitu has given me is Lugal, which yes, I suppose is warlord.
<Laris> She is not greatly inclined to military matters, so it suits her well to have me there to handle such issues if they arise.
<Aulus> So she's sticking to Imperial titles? Is she looking to rekindle Turath?
<Laris> No, she's forging a new path. I don't believe she is either looking to make a second Bael Turath, or to follow in its footsteps.
<Meria> What is your campaign season looking like?
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<Laris> Well, there are some issues with some the neighbouring tribes. The Hrieffen are likely to engage with them, if matters go as anticipated.
<Laris> Nothing too serious, though, I hope. Although there are always unexpected developments...
<Laris> Dragons, for instance.
<Aulus> I heard about that!
<Aulus> Not just one, but two dragons.
<Aulus> That's like...before the empires fell.
<Laris> Fortunately, one of them turned out to be helpful.
<Meria> Thank Fate.
* Laris nods
<Meria> It's staying on, too, I heard.
<Laris> Yes... one was bad enough, I think confronting two in quick succession, or at once, would have been difficult indeed.
<Laris> Gladius is remaining in the area for the time being, yes. He is interested in matters of ... hobgoblin genealogy?
* Meria gives you a quizzical look.
<Laris> Something about the descent of dragonmarks and a third offspring of Bahamut and Tiamat.
* Laris says with a slight shrug
<Aulus> What do hobgoblins have to do with dragonmarks?
<Laris> They have them.
<Aulus> Also wh
<Aulus> o's the...what, what?
<Laris> Well, some among them do.
<Aulus> There are hobgoblins with dragonmarks?
* Laris nods
<Meria> Wow, elves really will fuck anything.
<Meria> And this dragon is curious about all this?
<Laris> Yes. it seems to be an area of particular interest for him.
<Meria> We all have our diversions, I guess.
<Aulus> Huh, if hobgoblins can carry dragonmarks, that means they're more elastic than previously thought...
* Aulus looks thoughtful.
<Meria> I doubt they can pass it on, Aulus.
<Aulus> Huh? Oh, right, I'm sure it's nothing.
* Aulus doesn't look convinced.
<Laris> hm? how do you mean?
* Laris asks Aulus
<Aulus> Oh, well, the intermixture of bloodlines is closely studied as it pertains to dragonmarks.
<Aulus> And, while the capacity for expression seems to cross species boundaries, expressions remain particular to said species.
* Laris nods
<Aulus> Sorry, it's something of an academic interest of mine.
<Aulus> These hobgoblins, how do their dragonmarks express?
* Meria rolls her eyes.
<Laris> They seem to relate to matters of divination, I would say.
<Aulus> Divination? But that would be...what, the Mark of Secrets? Sentinel, maybe?
<Laris> to... insight into the past or future? I haven't encountered many of them, not really enough to say for sure, but a few.
<Laris> But I think we're boring our sister. Maybe we can talk more about this at a later point?
<Aulus> Right, right, sorry.
<Meria> As I said, we all have our interests.
* Laris nods
<Meria> How is Dianthea finding Nesu Abamatu?
<Meria> I take it it is to her liking?
<Laris> I think she likes it well enough. It's obviously a big change from home. But I've done what I can to make it comfortable, and I hope that she will find interesting opportunities there.
<Meria> Well, she did concede to pushing up the wedding. I'd take that as a good sign.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I've, ah, starting building her a theater.
* Laris says a bit shyly.
<Meria> Oh really?
<Meria> Are the locals much for plays?
<Laris> I suppose we'll find out.
* Meria nods.
<Meria> I can't imagine opening a theater in one of our border forts.
<Laris> How are things at the border?
<Meria> About as usual, to the extent there is a border.
* Laris nods
<Meria> We claim nominal rulership well past our forts, but the locals...disagree.
<Meria> And the Senate, for some reason, sees fit to limit the reinforcements we receive.
<Laris> That must be difficult.
<Meria> It's everything I can do to keep the 5th supplied.
<Meria> We're here to beg the Senate, per usual. Good timing, though, with the wedding.
<Laris> Forgive me if I'm making unwarranted inferences, but are the locals strongly unified? I've had some success in Nesu Abamatu in bringing some of the more amenable factions into alliance against the more troublesome elements.
<Meria> Would that we were allowed to. We offer incentive and use foreign auxilliaries where possible, but the Senate disapproves. They think it will "dilute the Thantopolitan identity."
<Laris> Hrm.
<Meria> When we have a real opportunity to civilize these people...
* Laris nods
<Laris> How are Obitus and Sophia?
* Laris asks, feeling like probably he should have asked about that before military issues >.>
<Meria> They're well. Sophia is excelling in her studies, and Obitus was recently made Magnus Brumus of the Domo Maximi Hiemali. (head priest of an important temple north of the city)
<Laris> That's very impressive.
* Meria smiles proudly.
<Meria> In truth, House Nix has held the position for a century, but it's still quite an honor.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I look forward to seeing them at the wedding.
<Meria> It's to be quite the event, I hear.
<Aulus> My fiance will also be there.
* Aulus says a little awkwardly.
<Laris> Oh?
<Aulus> It's fairly recent, actually. I'm betrothed to marry Pruina Bona Krinth.
* Aulus says proudly.
<Laris> (do I know that name, or the family?)
<Kennesaw> (The Krinths are an old Thantopolitan sk family who received dragonmarks when Thantopolis allied with Turath. They're kind of a big deal. ;))
<Laris> Congratulations!
<Aulus> Thanks!
<Laris> do you have an anticipated date for the wedding, or do you expect to take things slowly?
* Laris says with a sligh self-deprecating smile.
<Aulus> Well, ah, we'd like the wedding sooner rather than later, but Father and, uh, her father, are counseling we wait for the time being.
<Meria> There's nothing wrong in taking your time.
<Laris> No, that's true. You sound like you are quite taken with her, though.
* Aulus blushes to the extent your family's complexion allows.
<Laris> Well... I look forward to meeting her. I hope that the time will pass quickly, or our fathers will change their minds about the appropriate pace.
<Laris> Please don't feel obligated to follow my example.
* Meria gives you a look that says "Who are you and what did you do with my brother?"
* Laris says with a bit of a smile.
* Aulus grins.
<Laris> I suppose with my wedding to deal with, there is plenty on Father's agenda at the moment.
<Meria> He's fairly busy to begin with. Senatorial duties and all.
* Laris nods
<Meria> It's been...difficult, this last while.
<Meria> Contentious.
<Laris> Yes, he has me rolling political meetings in with the wedding banquet >.> but I suppose that is to be expected.
<Meria> I believe there was a subcommittee meeting at my nuptials, yes. ;)
<Laris> My memory of the event is hazy at best, but that sounds probable.
<Meria> Well, we're do our best to help you through it.
<Laris> Thank you.
<Laris> I ... I do appreciate that. I don't want to disappoint Father, or Dianthea.
<Meria> All else aside, I do hope you and Dianthea are happy.
<Aulus> Was disappointing father an option? I thought "advancing the family interests" was like a physical constant.
* Meria scowls, but it turns to a smile after a moment.
<Laris> I am. I trust that she is as well... at least, I hope she will be. We have made a good start, I think.
* Meria nods.
<Laris> Ah... I think that in some respects, I could certainly disappoint Father. But I don't know what he could do about it, if I did.
<Meria> You're doing fine, I promise.
<Meria> As are you, despite your best efforts.
* Meria says to Aulus.
* Aulus grins.
<Laris> ...He wants me to have children as quickly as possible. While I can endeavour to do my best, that isn't something I can precisely control.
<Laris> I sincerely hope he won't expect monthly reports >.>
<Meria> He let us taper them off after the first year, I promise.
* Laris smiles a little at that
* Meria holds a straight face for as long as possible before laughing.
<Laris> so he was the same with you and Obitus?
* Meria nods.
<Meria> Nature of the beast, little brother.
<Meria> Not so unpleasant as all that, though.
<Meria> I'm sure you and Dianthea will figure it out.
<Laris> Presumably. There are some instructional materials I've consulted.  :p
<Aulus> Careful of your sources. Not all of them are...advisable.
* Laris will let them decide if he's joking or not.
<Laris> Mm, I'll let her decide what's advisable and what isn't. I think that seems prudent.
<Meria> Ah, see, you've already learned the most important lesson.
<Meria> You'll be fine.
<Laris> I like her very much. I ... I expected to fulfill my duties, but I didn't know if I would actually enjoy her company, or if she would enjoy mine. Letters can only tell you so much about a person.
* Meria shrugs.
<Meria> I was closer in the city when Obitus and I were getting to know each other. I'm sure it's been difficult.
<Laris> It's been unusual. Things have changed so quickly. But I am happy. Nervous, but happy.
<Aulus> That sounds like a pretty good place to be, really. Being nervous means you're hopeful, right?
<Laris> Hopeful, yes. Uncertain what the future will bring. But it includes the unexpected, and it includes her. That's something to hold on to.