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A party of Eladrin arrive and are received by Induriel. They consist of two relatives from House Antalanon, Vanya and Nasan, with Eren Brescia and Fairë Roanne as potential suitors for May. After the suitors are taken to freshen up, Induriel gets the skinny on them from his nephew and cousin. Further north, a party of Hrieffen led by Korivan make contact with the Kobrakai led by Gaath Kobrakai Jhoni Kreez, facilitated by Montano and Iowa of the Katalal. Meanwhile, the party bound for the wedding in Thantopolis come across some islands that have recently arrived on this plane from the Elemental Chaos, and Eylia agrees to detour the ship to spend a night onshore. Laris invites the leader of the village, Kanalu to Nēšu Abamātu to trade.


Session date: 2018-11-04
In Game date:

A Suite of Suitors

<YOAW_Narrator> Anywho, Induriel, about on the same day that folks set sail for Thantopolis, a servant will find you in the mid-morning to inform you you have visitors waiting in the courtyard.
* Induriel looks up from the scroll he is reading
<Induriel> (Could this be one of the suitors I've been awaiting? :D )
* NPC1 is now known as Servant
* Induriel puts it down, and proceeds out to the courtyard to greet the new arrival(s).
<YOAW_Narrator> As you exit the keep proper into the courtyard, you'll see four eladrin talking amongst themselves. Two of them are wearing the colors of House Antalanon, the third of House Roanne, and the fourth the royal colors of House Brescia.
* Servant is now known as Nasan
<Nasan> Uncle!
* Induriel turns to his (nephew?)
<YOAW_Narrator> The four of them will come to some semblance of order, all bowing, though the one in royal colors less so.
<Induriel> Nasan! What an unexpected pleasure.
<Induriel> My lords. Welcome!
<Nasan> We apologize for the lack of notice, uncle. I hope our arrival is not unwelcome.
<Induriel> Of course not! Quite the opposite. I am delighted to see you all.
<Induriel> Please, do come in.
<Nasan> Allow me to present to you his lordship, Eren of House Brescia.
* NPC2 is now known as Eren
* Eren nods.
* Induriel faces the noble lord, and bows
<Nasan> Fairë of House Roanne.
* NPC3 is now known as Faire
* Faire bows again, somewhat awkwardly.
* Induriel bows in return
<Nasan> And cousin Vanya of our House, whom I'm not sure you've met.
* Faire is now known as Vanya
<Induriel> Welcome, kinsman.
* Vanya bows.
<Vanya> Thank you, cousin. We appreciate your hospitality.
<Induriel> You are all most welcome. I hope you have had a pleasant journey. Please, come in and accept some refreshment.
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll follow you inside.
* Induriel gestures to the servants to deal with their luggage appropriately...
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll see to that.
* Induriel brings them to his apartments, where they are made comfortable in the sitting room
<Vanya> I hope we're not imposing, my lord Antalanon.
<Nasan> Mother thought you might enjoy a visit from family, and I asked my companions to join me.
<Induriel> Of course! And how is she?
<YOAW_Narrator> (Whoops, Vanya's last line was supposed to be from Faire)
* Nasan ( Quit (Quit:
<Induriel> (Remind me: are any of these people the suitors I've been waiting for?)
* Nasan ( has joined #gnomeland
<Induriel> (Not Nasan or Vanya, I think; but the other two?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Faire Roanne and Eren Brescia are)
<Nasan> She's well, and recently named warden of one of the eastern castles. A great honor.
<Nasan> And you? How is your post here treating you?
<Induriel> Wonderful!
<Eren> Seeing this far bastion of the Empire is certainly...interesting.
<Induriel> Well, thank you. Though of course I miss Aethrennar - no other city could even begin to compare.
<Induriel> Still, this place does seem to be a centre of much activity.
<Eren> Oh?
* Eren looks idly interested.
* Vanya7 ( has joined #gnomeland
* Vanya7 is now known as Faire
<Induriel> Yes, my lord. Heri Mamitu has recently received a dragon as a guest... the dragon Gladius, who even now remains here with his daughter and retinue.
<Induriel> When I first came here, I by no means expected the town to attract such attentions.
<Induriel> There have also been envoys from distant lands - the lady Eyllia of the Houses of Elemental Order.
<Faire> The Houses of Elemental Order?
<Eren> A dragon? Here?
<Induriel> Yes. Fortunately, this dragon does not pursue the emnities of the past. His presence has been peaceful.
* Induriel answers the Royal scion first
<Induriel> And yes, the Houses of Elemental Order. We have had some trade with them in the distant past, I believe.
* Eren gives a contemptuous sniff.
<Vanya> It sounds as though your posting has been quite interesting.
<Induriel> Yes There is also the lady Wahala from the Kingdom of a Thousand Winds, though I have not had much occasion to speak with her recently.
<Induriel> And of course...
* Induriel frowns
<Induriel> The rebels are also present here. A most unfortunate state of affairs... but one I am forced to deal with.
* Nasan grimaces.
<Nasan> We'd heard.
<Nasan> Heri Lalu has granted them ambassadorial status, no?
<Eren> Ridiculous.
<Induriel> I am afraid so.
<Faire> She's not elduar, Eren. It's not her fight.
<Eren> The hells it isn't.
<Induriel> At my urging Heri Mamitu did insist on concessions from them... but I am afraid I was not able to dissuade her from permitting some form of their presence. Not entirely.
<Eren> I'm sure you did your duty, Ambassador.
<Induriel> I do however hope that in time, she can be persuaded to put further limits on them. However, I fear it will take a delicate touch.
<Vanya> If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
<Induriel> Thank you. I believe Heri Mamitu is naturally drawn to Aethrennar; but I fear I have pressed her greatly on this matter, to the point that she is not presently inclined to hear more of it. So I would ask all of you to tread lightly on the issue for now, offensive though the presence of the Traitor's minions may be.
<Induriel> We would do best to remind her of her happy times in Aethrennar than to condemn the elves.
<Nasan> Of course, Uncle. For the moment, perhaps we should go make ourselves presentable. I would hate to make a poor impression on her ladyship.
<Induriel> Certainly. And I am sure that your lordships will make a most favourable impression on her.
* Faire gives a weak smile at that as they all take their leave.
<Eren> Of course, Ambassador Antalanon.
<Induriel> Do you have any questions for me? I am pleased to help in any way I can.
* Faire pauses on his way out.
<Faire> What's she like?
* Induriel considers for a moment
<Induriel> As your lordship knows, she was my student.
<Induriel> She is most intelligent. However, she is not yet experienced in the ways of rulership.
* Faire nods.
<Faire> Well, she's only been here a few months.
<Induriel> She depends greatly upon the counsel of her adoptive uncle, Sahirru - who was with her in Aethrennar as well.
<Induriel> And she is wise to do so; he gives her good advice.
<Induriel> She is scholarly by nature.
* Faire smiles at that.
<Faire> That's good to know.
<Induriel> She is eager to do a good job her as ruler of Nesu Abamatu, and anxious to be seen as strong and independent.
<Induriel> And I think... she is in a lonely position.
<Faire> That's...understandable.
<Induriel> I should warn you all that the Traitor chose his envoys well.
<Faire> How do you mean?
<Induriel> The Camellia sisters Loce and Ettelea are young - approximately of an age with Heri Mamitu. And most importantly, young enough that they were not part of the rebellion.
<Induriel> It can thus seem churlish to hold them accountable for it. And I am certain this was part of the Traitor's calculations in sending them.
<Faire> Well, Nasan is the oldest of us and he was born after the rebellion as well.
<Faire> Perhaps we can provide a counterpoint.
<Induriel> Yes, I think that would be a good development.
<Induriel> I have made an effort to be... civil to them, recently. I believe this pleases Mamitu.
<Induriel> However, I never forget whom they represent.
<Faire> I'm sure we can manage civility.
<Faire> Well, most of us.
<Faire> As they said, I should go clean up. I appreciate the information, Ambassador.
* Faire will bow and take his leave.
<Induriel> I am at your service, my lords.
* Induriel bows

Induriel gets the low down on the new visitors

<Induriel> (Can I corner Nasan and Vanya and get "family news" from them? Meaning the real story as to why they're here....)
<Induriel> (Or if not, we can do that another time. ^_^ )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sure)
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll return to your chambers later.
* Induriel greets them both
<Nasan> (Once the door is closed) Apologies again for the lack of warning, Uncle.
* Induriel waves this away
<Nasan> Haste was...somewhat necessary.
<Induriel> No matter, Nasan. I am sure there is a good reason for your sudden arrival here.
<Vanya> There is reason, at least.
<Induriel> And I am genuinely delighted to see you.
* Nasan gives Vanya a look.
<Induriel> However, I sense there is more for you to tell me?
* Induriel looks at them both expectantly?
<Nasan> We were asked to give Eren Brescia...a moment away from the capital.
<Nasan> Quickly and quietly.
* Induriel frowns and sighs
<Induriel> Dare I ask why?
<Vanya> So that Duke Nahta wouldn't kill him in a duel.
* Nasan gives Vanya another look.
<Nasan> It's more complicated than that, but...
* Nasan sighs.
<Nasan> That's the crux of the issue, yes.
<Nasan> Eren has a fondness for...
<Vanya> Anything that moves? Especially if it's married?
<Nasan> -_-
<Induriel> I see.
<Induriel> :(
<Nasan> He's still quite the favorite of his cousin, Queen Alcarinel.
<Nasan> And a respected warrior.
<Vanya> Please, he's a tourney knight.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Tournaments don't quite exist yet, but this is a rough equivalent)
<Induriel> That's all very well... but what is he like as a person? Will Mamitu find him appealing?
<Vanya> He's charming enough, and handsome, as you saw.
<Vanya> He's well aware of it, too.
<Induriel> Hmmm.
<Nasan> He's not a bad person, honestly. Just...impetuous.
<Vanya> Privileged.
<Nasan> Passionate.
<Vanya> Vain.
<Nasan> Brave.
<Vanya> Bit of an asshole.
* Nasan sighs.
* Vanya shrugs.
<Induriel> Huh. Well, he is undoubtedly well-connected. I am sure Mamitu will treat him well for the Queen's sake. However, I was hoping for more of a connection.
<Induriel> What of Lord Faire?
<Nasan> Faire is a bit odd, but companionable for all that.
<Vanya> He's a good guy, and dutiful. Bit of a bookworm, but I hear that's maybe not bad in a match for Heri Lalu?
<Induriel> From a first impression, he does seem like a possible match.
<Induriel> It's a good sign that he at least thought to *ask
* about her.
* Nasan nods.
<Induriel> Who knows what will appeal to her, though? Time will tell.

Korivan is greeted by Montano on entry to the Katalal lands, and taken to the host village where he meets Iowa

<YOAW_Narrator> All right, that's a little bit of a trip. Who all do you want to take with you?
<YOAW_Narrator> The Katalal would be happy to host you both on their lands for a meetup.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Like a shaman playdate ;))
<Korivan> cool. Definitely Faasha, and Halgalaz
<YOAW_Narrator> *nod*
<YOAW_Narrator> That works.
<Korivan> is there anyone in the Booyagh who knows them at all?
<YOAW_Narrator> hmm
<Korivan> I don't want a huuuuge group, but I do want to be suitably impressive.
<Korivan> I'm considering Valrek to balance out the kids, since he seems more inclined to play nice :p
<YOAW_Narrator> I was just about to say.
<YOAW_Narrator> Valrek seems like a good idea, and is old enough he might have had some contact with them.
<Korivan> yeah
<Korivan> he can come then
<Korivan> Maybe one more Booyagh... I'll say Luggan because she hasn' been in play yet
<YOAW_Narrator> Works for me.
<YOAW_Narrator> I was also looking at her, but she seems too young to really know them at all.
<YOAW_Narrator> But that should be a good group.
<Korivan> and maybe a handful of more explicitly warrior tyoes?
<YOAW_Narrator> Sure. How many, do you think?
<Korivan> I dunno, just like... two maybe?
<Korivan> we're in friendly territory, but still
<YOAW_Narrator> In that case, how about Maair and Erret? ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Just bring all your npcs. :)
<Korivan> okay ^-^
<Korivan> almost all anyway :x
<Korivan> sory Gaman, I have enough kids :x
<Korivan> Erret is a good coice, if we talked aboutb them being a pseudo Paladin >.>
<YOAW_Narrator> Montano will bring a small contingent to greet you on the north shore of Lake Ankai, where Hrieffen lands abut Katalal territory.
<YOAW_Narrator> He'll ride with you into their territory, to where they're currently encamped at the falls in the center of their land.
<Korivan> Hail, Hraal Montano
<Korivan> (keen)
* Nasan is now known as Montano
<Korivan> (I forget what his acual title is... just Chief?)
<Montano> Hail, Gaath Korivan, and welcome. It's nice to finally host you folks for a change.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Adalid)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Basically the halfling equivalent of Hraal, really. It means "warlord," more or less)
<Korivan> (cool)
<Montano> My wife will do the formal greeting and all, but the Katalal welcome you as sisters and brothers of the tribe.
* Montano will keep up small talk and such, asking about the tribe and the city, as you make your way.
* Korivan will answer in his usual distracted way
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll eventually come to the halfling camp, spread out around a series of falls and rapids as the river runs from the hills down into the plains.
* Montano will lead you to the rough center of the camp, where a large tent (almost as big as yours, but shorter ;)) sits, with a group of halflings seemingly waiting for you.
* Korivan will get his people in order for the formalities
* Montano will dismount and approach them. A woman in the middle of the group steps forward.
<Montano> Revered Speaker for the Lady of the Rivers, I bring your friends and allies that they might be blessed in your sight.
* Vanya is now known as Halfling_Woman
* Halfling_Woman nods and steps past him. You see her hand grasp his for a momentary squeeze.
<Halfling_Woman> Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan, I bid you welcome to the camp of the Katalal.
* Montano over her shoulder, Montano gestures for you to dismount.
* Korivan will do so
<Montano> (That came out weird, whoops)
<Korivan> (I got what you mean :)
<Korivan> We accept your hospitality....and thank you for it.
<YOAW_Narrator> Another halfling will walk forward and present the woman with bowl of water.
<Halfling_Woman> Blessed are the waters of the lady, and blessed is the blood shed by the lord her consort.
* Halfling_Woman will drink from the bowl, then offer it to Korivan.
* Korivan looks at it @_@
<YOAW_Narrator> It does appear to just be water.
<Korivan> (I mean I assume the Lady of the Waters is Sehanine but who are they talking about here as her 'consort'?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Given what Montano has said, you think she might mean Bane?)
<Korivan> (Okay, cool)
<Korivan> (I am not sure if I amn meant to drink this of bleed in it but hey)
<Korivan> (why not.... both?)
* Montano will mime drinking it behind the woman's back.
* Korivan will take his knife and cut his hand to blled in the bowl..... and then take it and drink it >.>
* Halfling_Woman looks a little surprised, but nods.
* Halfling_Woman will take the bowl back from you and look at the contents for a moment.
<Halfling_Woman> Montano...
* Montano will step forward, a slight look of concern on his face.
<Halfling_Woman> Your knife, please.
* Montano looks confused for a second, then produces it.
* Halfling_Woman will have him nick her hand and repeat your performance.
<Halfling_Woman> Gaath Korivan, if you would, hmm, kneel for just a moment?
* Halfling_Woman says, hoping you don't take that as an insult.
* Korivan looks down at the tiny woman, and will do so, making us a little more eye to eye
* Halfling_Woman places her hands on either side of Korivan's head, stands on her tiptoes, and kisses his forehead.
<Korivan> @_@
<Halfling_Woman> We welcome you, children of Bane, as battle-siblings of the Katalal. Our fire is yours.
* Halfling_Woman lets out a little sigh and smiles.
<Halfling_Woman> Now, lets get you some food, huh?
* Korivan stands again
* Montano gives her a side hug as the Katalal around you start bringing food and drink for everyone.
<Korivan> Very good...
<Montano> Korivan, may I present Iowa, my wife.
* Halfling_Woman is now known as Iowa
* Iowa is having her hand bandaged by an attendant.
<Iowa> It's nice to finally meet you, Gaath Korivan. Sorry for the theatrics, but some rituals must be observed.
<Iowa> My man speaks very highly of you.
<Iowa> Also sorry about the kneeling, but, you're so tall. :)
* Korivan shrugs at that.
<Korivan> It was a good welcome
<Korivan> YOu are...well met
<Iowa> Please, eat. I'm sure you're hungry. My brother killed a boar yesterday just for your coming. It's been roasting all day.
* Iowa will lead you into the tent, which seems to be something of a central gathering place.
* Korivan will hunch down to follow her in
* Korivan assumes his peeps will tag along
<YOAW_Narrator> (There's probably *just enough
* room for you to stand up, if you're careful.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your entourage follows you in.
<Montano> I'll just grab a quick bite; I'll need to head out soon if we're to be back at any decent time tomorrow.
<Korivan> YOur brother has done well.... this is a good feast
<Iowa> He'll be happy to hear that.
* Montano will grab some roast meat on a flatbread, kiss his wife, and give Korivan a friendly slap on the shoulder before heading out.
* Korivan frowns slightly
<Korivan> Whre are you going?
<Montano> Greeting the Kobrakai Gaath, on the other side. Wanted to honor all our guests.
<Korivan> ahh, yesss.....
<Montano> I'll be back tomorrow. You're in good hands here, I promise.
<Korivan> Tomorrow, then. Ride well.
* Montano nods, then walks out, stuffing his face with food.
<Iowa> I hope the ride was nice, Gaath Korivan.
<Iowa> You met at the lake, right?
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> It was fine.
<Iowa> Your battle's been a boon for us all.
<Iowa> That sickness, at the center of this land.
<Iowa> Thank the gods for you.
<Korivan> Hmm... It was not...all me.
<Korivan> Without Gaath Malaga's sacrifice....
* Korivan glances at Faasha
<Iowa> Yes, you and the Ankai. And Gaath Mamitu?
* Eren is now known as Faasha
<Korivan> Yes...
* Faasha is busy talking with Halgalaz and doesn't seem to hear your conversation.
<Korivan> (that's fine >.>)
<YOAW_Narrator> (She's a teen and there are new people)
<YOAW_Narrator> (New, tiny people :p)
<Korivan> She was...helpful. And her teacher.
* Korivan says, but frowns.
<Iowa> Did I say something wrong?
<Iowa> I wasn't sure about her title...
<Korivan> Her title is....
* Korivan frowns trying to remember the right one
<Korivan> Sirru
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> YOu said ...nothing wrong
* Iowa nods.
<Iowa> I'm sorry for all your recent troubles. I know this has been a difficult time for the Hrieffen.
<Korivan> The Turathi...are allies. And their allies... have their place. But perhaps not.... in such places.
<Iowa> They're new here. I'm sure they'll learn our ways...eventually.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> This is a time.... for building new ways. But. We must respect the old.
* Iowa smiles.
<Iowa> My thoughts exactly.
<Iowa> I knew my man liked you for a reason.
<Iowa> He likes your Hraal, too. Says the two of you are a blessing on your tribe, young as you are.
<Iowa> Oh, I don't mean that badly.
<Iowa> It's a...mixed blessing to have capable leaders take the reins so young.
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> but....we are not alone @_@
* Iowa nods.
<Iowa> You speak to your ancestors, I hear.
<Iowa> Well, more importantly, they speak back.
* Korivan nods
<Iowa> That must be something. I can't do that outside of ritual.
<Korivan> Their guidance is...invaluable
<Iowa> Of course.
* Iowa will continue talking to you for a good while, making sure you all eat your fill.
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll have cleared a space near the center of camp for you to put up your tents.
* Korivan can probably manage eating and talking at the same time ;p
<Korivan> (And cool, we can do that after we eat)
<Korivan> (Thouactaully there is a thing I wanted to ask her)
<YOAW_Narrator> (kk)
<Korivan> YOu spoke of Bane.... as your Lady's consort.
<Korivan> Yes?
<Iowa> She has had many, but, yes, Bane is one of them. One we choose to honor.
<Korivan> Hmm.
<Korivan> What does that.... honor mean?
<Iowa> Sehanine will always be our patron, but she doesn't like war overmuch. If we're going to be allies, it seems right to offer at least acknowledgement of your lord. If he sees fit to bless our warriors in battle alongside yours, that's just polite, too.
* Iowa shrugs.
<Iowa> Sehanine's not a jealous god.
<Iowa> Bane conquers, then presses the conquered into service. Our lady has other ways of making allies.
<Iowa> By all accounts, none have complained.
<Korivan> hmm.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Bane welcomes wthose who will fight for him... He will ask more...of our people.
<Iowa> Understandable, you being his chosen and all.
<Korivan> Yes. @_@

The Hrieffen and Kobrakai discuss the future

<YOAW_Narrator> Montano will arrive in the early afternoon the next day with the Kobrakai in tow. You're witness to a repeat of the previous day's ceremony, perhaps a little more informal (and without the blood part).
* Iowa will usher your people and the Kobrakai into the central tent, just your two parties, her, and Montano.
<Korivan> (I assume without the bane references at all?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (No, she keeps it in for this one, too.)
<Korivan> (Innnteresting)
<Iowa> Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan, meet Gaath Kobrakai Jhoni Kreez.
* Faasha is now known as Kreez
* Kreez is an older goblin woman, still spry and alert. Her hands bear her dragonmark, which you can see extends up her arms.
<Korivan> Greetigs from the Hrieffen... Gaath Kreez
<Korivan> (So, she's pretty powerful?)
<Kreez> And from the Kobrakai as well, Gaath Korivan. I was sorry to hear of your tribe's loss.
<YOAW_Narrator> (She does seem to radiate power, even without you extending your senses.)
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> We grow stronger again.
<Kreez> So it would seem. Congratulations on your victory over the Maazikai.
<Kreez> The world is well quit of them.
<Kreez> Now, if you'll pardon me, why do you call an old woman from her tribe and lands?
<Korivan> yes. Bane and the ancestors were with us.
<Montano> Kreez, we already...
<Kreez> I know what you said, Montano my boy. I want to hear it from him.
<Korivan> Hmm.
<Korivan> There are... a few reasons.
* Kreez watches you expectantly.
<Korivan> We hear that you are....dissatisfied... with Osoro....control.
<Korivan> But that is ... perhaps a matter for our Hraal
* Kreez smiles at that.
<Korivan> (Hraals)
<Kreez> I'm sure my son would be happy to discuss it with him.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> But along with any ....discussions @_@
<Korivan> We offer you Strength.
<Kreez> That's nice and vague. What do you mean?
<Korivan> Alliance.... under a new god.
<Korivan> Bane,
<Korivan> (.)
<Kreez> Ahh, yes, the Conqueror.
<Kreez> And Maglubiyet, father of our kind?
<Korivan> Our Ancestors are strong - they too will serve.
<Kreez> Hmph.
<Korivan> There is space.... to honour them.
<Korivan> Bane will take his generals @_@
<Kreez> And the Katalal? What of their river goddess? Will she be a general, too?
* Faire ( Quit (Quit:
<Korivan> If they fight for Bane.... they can call on his strength. But the Gaaburrim....are his favoured.
<Korivan> Their Lady has.... her own alliance
* Korivan says, looking at Iowa
* Iowa smiles knowingly at that.
<Kreez> Hmph.
<Kreez> So, your Bane wants us to fight your enemies for you?
<Korivan> With us.
<Korivan> Bane favours all those who fight in his bring theselves strength @_@
<Korivan> (themselves)
<Kreez> That sounds...easily self-serving.
<Korivan> Those who join him....join his legions, in Avelas, to fight the demon hoardes who would destroy our world @_@
<Kreez> Hence your striking down of the Maazikai, eh?
<Korivan> For that..... he needs the strongest
<Korivan> Yes.
<Kreez> And your recruitment of the Ankai.
<Korivan> Yes... They have seen.... his strength.
* Korivan looks at Faasha
<Korivan> At Lake Ankai.
* Faasha ( has joined #gnomeland
<Faasha> He is powerful. He freed me and my people.
* Kreez ( Quit (Quit:
* Faasha says, a spark in her eyes.
* Kreez ( has joined #gnomeland
* Kreez waves her hand in front of her face dismissively.
<Kreez> You need a better handle on that power, girl, or else you just gave grave insult.
* Faasha looks like she might argue for a moment, but stops herself.
<Faasha> Apologies, honored one.
* Korivan nods
<Faasha> I am still learning.
<Kreez> Hmph.
* Kreez smiles slightly at that.
<Kreez> She's polite, I'll give her that.
<Kreez> You speak much of strength, Gaath Hrieffen. What does that mean?
<Korivan> Prupose.... Focus. HIs blessing stirs the spirts of our warriors to greatness.
<Korivan> (purpose, even, pleh)
<Kreez>'s true we've had little enough of that for some time.
<Kreez> Please, take a seat so I can rest these old bones, too, and I can hear more of Bane and his...strength.

The Emerald Drake encounters unexpected geography

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so, after relatively quick preparations, the Emerald Drake is ready to make sail.
<YOAW_Narrator> Anything need doing before y'all set off?
<Laris> not on my part, I think - just general last "please don't burn the place down while I'm away" instructions for May ;)
<Eyllia> (just a quick letter to May saying I'll be back in a month, and look forward to another opportunity to go dancing)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh, okay)
<YOAW_Narrator> Assuming you leave mid-morning, it'll be mid-afternoon when Vana will come find you.
* Montano is now known as Vana
<Vana> A word, Captain?
<Eyllia> Of course
* Eyllia will step back closer to the rail to give them some privacy on deck
<Vana> Bit of an irregularity.
<Eyllia> oh?
* Vana will point off to starboard.
* Eyllia is curious
* Eyllia looks
<Vana> I was up in the rigging, wind-working, and...there's land.
<Vana> Off that way. It's, uh, not supposed to be there.
<Eyllia> could it be one of ours? That doesnt seem likely
* Eyllia ponders
* Vana ( Quit (Quit:
<Iowa> I wouldn't think so.
<Iowa> They were supposed to be more easterly, I think, and shouldn't be anywhere near here.
<Iowa> I don't think it was a mote, either.
<Iowa> Actual land.
<Korivan> (pokes you into proper costume)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Whoops)
* Iowa is now known as Vana
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, my Vana tab closed for some reason)
* Eyllia plots in her head how much off course a swing by would take them
<YOAW_Narrator> (Not especially. You would have been going relatively near on your current course.)
<Eyllia> hmm... it's won't delay us to get a closer look
* Eyllia will go nudge the heading appropriately
<Eyllia> I'll go inform the guests
* Vana nods.
<Vana> I return to the rigging for now.
<Vana> Captain.
* Eyllia nods back
* Vana floats gracefully up to the ropes, then begins climbing higher.
* Eyllia will turn to a crewmen
<Eyllia> post double watch on the bow. I don't want to be caught in some sudden shallows
<YOAW_Narrator> The crew rushes to comply.
* Eyllia will then head down to her guests
<YOAW_Narrator> (Not quite sure where they'd be, honestly.)
<Eyllia> (if its the rainy season they may be sheltering in a cabin)
<Laris> (I don't know if it's big enough for me/us to have a cabin, or if we're basically shoved in the hold ;)
<Laris> (but yeah probably taking shelter if it's rainy out)
* Vana is now known as Dianthea
* Kreez is now known as Rufus_Metillius
<Eyllia> (I figured two cabins... the mates(Lysa) was made available and a second one was made from cloth hung in a clearing in the hold
<YOAW_Narrator> Let's say they're holed up passing the time in Lysa's cabin, then.
<Laris> (okay)
* Eyllia will pull the rain off her and drop it in a convenient bucket once she has cover
* Eyllia will then knock on the cabin door
<Laris> come in
* Eyllia will open the door and step inside
<Dianthea> Eyllia...Captain D'Azzure.
* Dianthea says with a smile.
<Eyllia> Afternoon
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
* Eyllia smiles as well
<Laris> Captain, is everything well?
<Eyllia> It is, yes, but Vana has spotted something unusual
<Laris> oh?
<Eyllia> land, likely an island, just a bit off our current course
<Rufus_Metillius> An island?
<Eyllia> likely so
<Dianthea> There's...not usually one along this route, right?
<Eyllia> not on the charts you provided
<Laris> hm.
<Eyllia> The Drake is angled for a closer look
<Laris> will it cause much delay to go out of our way to examine it?
<Eyllia> nothing we can't make up with a little effort
* Laris nods
<Eyllia> I assume most of you have already been on this route, so this is as much a surprise to you then?
<Laris> (I assume yes?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (yes)
<Laris> Indeed, I'm not aware of an island in this vicinity.
<Laris> let us know once we are closer - I'd like to have a look.
* Rufus_Metillius stands.
<Rufus_Metillius> Shall we?
* Laris nods
<Eyllia> I'll keep you in the know
<Laris> Thank you, Captain.
<Eyllia> Till then
<YOAW_Narrator> The lot of you can file up to the deck.
* Eyllia will take her leave and helm the ship into this unexpected land
<YOAW_Narrator> The landmass comes into view not long after, a few hilly spots rising significantly above sea level in the center of the island. As you close the distance, a few more small islands come into view beyond.
<YOAW_Narrator> Getting closer, you see boats, just around a north-pointing spur of land. Small, multi-hulled, two of which have small sails. At a guess, you'd assume they were fishing boats or similar.
<Laris> Perhaps the change has caused a new land formation here?
<Laris> if so it must be quite recent...
<Eyllia> (any style to the boats that is recongnizable?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll me Knowledge?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I think that's what it's called)
<Eyllia> !roll 3d6
<Laris> !roll 3d6
* Remote is on (Ctcps,Events,Raw)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Weird)
<Eyllia> !roll 3d6
* Korivan rolls for Eyllia: [ 3d6 ] getting [ 2 3 5 ] for a total of [ 10 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> (You've seen something similar in some books your mother has about back home. Not Ahkasic, but Hiskaran, you think?)
<Eyllia> Hiskaran maybe?
<Rufus_Metillius> Hiskaran?
<Eyllia> (next question, what do I know about Hiskaran?)
<Dianthea> Dragon-ruled lands north of where the Houses are from.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hiskaru is a large chain of islands north of where you're from, very close (in planar terms) to the Elemental Chaos.)
<Eyllia> (but that is WAY far away!)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's ruled by dragons and often has to deal with elemental incursions. That said, it has a sizable population of elemental immigrants.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, yeah, half a world away.)
<Rufus_Metillius> Hmm.
<Laris> we could draw closer and try to speak with them.
<Eyllia> Aye... maybe its just coincidence
<Rufus_Metillius> I doubt those boats could be any threat. Should be relatively safe.
<Dianthea> Coincidence?
<Eyllia> the appearance... I've never actually seen one, just going by what I've read
* Eyllia will course to get closer to the other sailing ships
<Laris> well, if there are newcomers within half a day's sail of the city, it's worth finding out who they are and what their intentions are here.
<Eyllia> and how they just appeared here
<Laris> let's approach, but keep a wary eye out for any threats.
<YOAW_Narrator> Most of the boats head back towards shore, where you can now see a collection of wood and thatch buildings, but the two with sails tack in towards you.
* Eyllia will course to meet the pair with clear sea to one side of the Drake
<YOAW_Narrator> You can get more of a look at the boats' occupants as you get closer. One might mistake them for dwarves at first glance, were it not for the brilliant blue skin and green hair. Still they're build short and stout, navigating the boats alongside the drake.
* Faasha is now known as Dwarfish_Lady
<Dwarfish_Lady> [Hello, travelers!]
<Laris> (what language is she speaking?)
* Dwarfish_Lady calls out in Primordial, which most of the Drake crew at least speak at least a little.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Eyllia probably should, too. It'd be like...being educated in Latin for her.)
<Eyllia> [Greetings! We would like to have words with you!]
* Eyllia calls out
<Eyllia> they're speaking Primordial.
* Dwarfish_Lady nods.
<Dwarfish_Lady> [Where do you come from?]
<Dianthea> Primordial?
* Dianthea asks, concerned.
* Rufus_Metillius will look at Laris.
<Laris> Can you translate what they're saying for us?
<Eyllia> [I am Captain Eyllia D'Azzure of the Elemental Houses, who are you?]
* Laris asks Eyllia, or anyone who is nearby - maybe one of her crew can translate while Eyllia does the talking)
<Eyllia> I'll do my best... its not common for us to speak it these days
<YOAW_Narrator> (Lets say Lysa will come up beside you to translate)
<Dwarfish_Lady> [Kanalu, of the Kahewai]
<Dwarfish_Lady> [I haven't heard of the Elemental Houses. Genies?]
* Dwarfish_Lady is now known as Kanalu
<Kanalu> [You've a marid look to you, my lady.]
<Kanalu> [Though you travel in a mixed group.]
<Eyllia> [Genasi is the more proper term. Kanalu, I have records of these waters, but your islands were not on them. How is this?]
* Kanalu looks over the crew watching over the side.
* Kanalu looks at Eyllia quizzically.
<Kanalu> [Chaos, Eyllia D'Azzure.]
<Kanalu> [All things change.]
<Rufus_Metillius> Chaos?
* Rufus_Metillius says after the translation.
<Rufus_Metillius> You don't think they're from the Elemental Chaos, do you?
<Dianthea> It's not unheard of, I guess.
<Kanalu> [Can you tell me where we are?]
<Laris> We should let them know of the city - if they've arrived here unexpectedly, they may need supplies or other resources. They don't appear to pose a serious threat.
<Eyllia> (what is this Sea called?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Goooooood question... >.>)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Just a sec)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Eyllia would call it the Algharbian Ocean)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Which basically just translates to "Western")
<Eyllia> [It is the Algharbian Ocean, less than a day's sail south is the city of Nesu Abamatu. If you are in need of supplies they can be procured there]
* Kanalu looks surprised.
<Kanalu> [A city, a day's sail south?]
<Eyllia> [it is true, but you're words may not be well understood there]
<Kanalu> [Algharbian...we are in the Static World then?]
<Eyllia> [it is not the Planes]
<YOAW_Narrator> There's some general chatter among the sailors on their boats.
<Kanalu> [I thought that might be the case, with the great fire.]
* Kanalu points to the sun.
<Kanalu> [We are far from home, then. And you, too, it would seem.]
<Eyllia> [True as well, but I live to explore]
<Kanalu> [And glad we are to be found by such friendly folk.]
<Kanalu> [We have little to offer, Eyllia D'Azzure, but you and yours are welcome in our village.]
* Eyllia looks to her guests
<Eyllia> A short delay may prove a great opportunity, but my obligation is to you first, so the choice is yours
<Laris> What would the delay accomplish?
<Eyllia> who knows what they have carried with them from the planes... what they consider meager may be of great value here, but if that is not your desire, so be it
* Laris considers that for a moment, turning to Dianthea and Rufus
<Rufus_Metillius> Laris...sir, it might behoove us to know more about these people. These islands sit along Nesu Abamatu's trade routes.
* Rufus_Metillius includes the sir to show he's speaking as a soldier. ;)
<Laris> We could stop for the evening and proceed tomorrow, if that is acceptable to you.
<Dianthea> One evening isn't such a delay. They don't know specifically when to expect us.
<Eyllia> with a good wind, we can make up much of the lost time
<Laris> At least to learn more about their numbers, where they come from, and, as the captain said, what they may have to offer for trade or other ameneties.
* Dianthea smiles.
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
<Laris> Very well, we'll stop in their village for the evening.
<Eyllia> [we will accept your hospitality, if just for an evening. It is good to meet new friends]
<Kanalu> [Indeed. Please, follow us to shore.]
<YOAW_Narrator> (Presumably, y'all can anchor offshore and whoever is going ashore can do so in a launch.)


Laris invites Kanalu to Nesu Abamau

<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea can get a Comprehend Languages ritual together once you are all on land.
<Laris> (cool)
<Laris> (what does the land look like, btw? like does the island's terrain/climate/vegetation seem to fit in locally or is it totally different?)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's tropical, though most of the plants you can see are unfamiliar. The island itself seems largely forested, rising in elevation from the beach into the hills not too distant.
<Laris> (and does their village look like they just put it up in the last little while or does it seem pretty well-established?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It seems like it's been here a little while, though you get the impression it's not a permanent set of structures.)
<Laris> Lady Kanalu, thank you for welcoming us to your village. I hope it is not an imposition, but we are interested to learn more about how you came here.
* Laris says once he can talk to her directly
* Kanalu ( has joined #gnomeland
* Kanalu smiles at that.
<Kanalu> Kanalu is fine. We don't have too much ceremony here.
<Kanalu> I wish I could be more help. We just found ourselves here a short while ago.
<Laris> Very well. I am Laris Valerius Corvis, and... while we do have ceremony, it is likely not of great importance right now.
* Laris nods
<Kanalu> That's quite the name you have. Is it all yours?
<Kanalu> I mean, is that your personal name, or is some of it family or clan?
<Laris> Some of it is shared with my family, yes. You can call me Laris, that part at least is mine.
* Kanalu nods.
<Kanalu> Your people live near here?
<Laris> My people are in Thantopolis, which is about two weeks sailing from here. However I live in Nesu Abamatu, which is but half a day from here.
<Laris> We were on our way to Thantopolis when we saw your island, which was unexpected.
* Kanalu nods.
<Kanalu> A new land is unusual for you, yes?
<Laris> It was unexpected, at any rate. You say you only arrived here a short while ago - can you tell me more about what happened?
<Kanalu> Well, we were here, on the island. We felt the Shift, what we call it when the Chaos changes itself, but, instead of the island moving or the water boiling or was dark, with tiny lights in the sky.
<Kanalu> Later, there was the great fire. That cycle has happened three times now, pretty regularly.
<Laris> That is the cycle of day and night. When the... great fire - what we call the sun - is in the sky, we say it is day, and when it goes down and the sky becomes dark, it is night. It happens regularly, as you say.
<Kanalu> Something to get used to.
<Kanalu> But convenient, in its regularity.
* Laris nods
<Laris> We measure time with its cycle - so ... I realize when I said that Thantopolis was two weeks' journey from here, that probably meant nothing to you. A week is seven of those cycles.
<Kanalu> Ahhhh.
<Kanalu> That is some time, then.
<Laris> Yes, it is a longer trip.
<Laris> So, in your... land where you came from, are your people fishers? you have ships.
* Kanalu nods.
<Kanalu> They're more our homes than the land, really.
<Kanalu> We take advantage of land when it's available, but it's not necessary to our survival.
* Laris nods
<Kanalu> We fish, we trade...whatever comes our way.
<Laris> Nesu Abamatu attracts many traders and travelers - you would fit in well there, I think, if you should choose to venture in that direction.
<Kanalu> I'm sure we will.
<Kanalu> Though we'll need to learn your language, I think.
<Kanalu> Or else bring prepare speaking shells. That's quicker, but doesn't last.
<Kanalu> Well, it's own version of quicker. It works for trading, but not real conversation.
<Laris> There are several tongues spoken there, but there may also be some people who speak your tongue, or something like it, or who can do magic such as this to help with conversation. It should be possible to make yourselves understood until such time as more direct commuication is possible.
<Kanalu> That's good to know.
<Kanalu> Most folk where we come from speak [Primordial].
* Laris nods
<Kanalu> (Which probably translates to "Common" or just, like, "Words")
<Laris> (heh)
<Laris> (how convenient, most of us also speak words)
<Laris> For us it is more of a tongue of scholars, I think - used for reading old works or performing magic, perhaps? I am not a spellcaster myself. But I believe, like with some of the crew here, there may be others who know enough of it to get by.
<Kanalu> Of course it's for magic? What else would you use?
* Laris shrugs a bit
<Kanalu> (Sorry, no ? on the first one.)
* Laris gestures to Dianthea and Rufus.
<Laris> They are spellcasters, they probably can tell you more about that.
* Kanalu nods.
<Kanalu> You're sailing on tomorrow, yes? Back to...Thantopolis?
<Laris> That was our aim, yes.
<Laris> Is there anything that we could do to aid you before we leave? We can likely pass back this way again on our return.
<Kanalu> Oh, hmm. That's quite kind of you.
<Kanalu> Fiber, for rope? Ceramic pots are also good. Leather, for bags and the like.
<Kanalu> We're a simple folk by city standards.
* Laris nods
<Kanalu> We could speak to the other families, perhaps send them the way of this Nesu Abamatu as well.
<Laris> Other families?
<Laris> You mean others in this village, or are there more?
<Kanalu> The second. A few other clans of, hmm, cousins, as it were, live nearby.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Certainly, yes, that would be fine.
<Kanalu> The leaf-folk, the earth-hewn...
<Kanalu> They'll be so jealous we met you all first. :)
<Laris> Your folk are the water folk?
* Kanalu nods.
<Laris> We will see what we can provide for you from the ship's stores to help. Otherwise, if you wish to travel to Nesu Abamatu, I will provide you with a sailing chart to show how to reach it, and a note saying that, with my permission, I authorize you to make use of the port and to trade there.
* Kanalu smiles.
<Kanalu> Ben-Hadar smiles upon our meeting, friend Laris.
<Laris> I hope that, even if this land is strange to you, that we can be good neighbours.
<Kanalu> And we to you.