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The day arrives for the division of spoils from the fight against the Maazikai. In attendance are May, Laris, Kraaz, Korivan, Serena of the Osoro and Montano of the Katalal. The Osoro and the Katalal are pleased to take their shares from the material goods and mounts. The Hrieffen claim the Ankai.... and all of the captured lands. This causes some discontent, but the matter is more or less settled when they conceded some of their own riverlands in return. May, however, is still upset by a perceived betrayal, and is consoled by Sar-ili. Nakhtmin advises Laris that there are sufficient....resources to raise another unit of undead troops. Kraaz and Korivan discuss what to do with the Ankai and the sacred lake that is now in their control, and what to do about May.


Session date: 2018-03-25
In Game date: the day following the party/Session 7

Calkas consults briefly with Laris before everyone else arrives

<YOAW_Narrator> Presumably you have a solar for this sort of thing.
<May> (Did anything burn down?)
<Laris> heh
<YOAW_Narrator> Shall we say late morning, so people have some time to sleep things off.
<Laris> it better not have >:(
<May> :V
<YOAW_Narrator> No, the town is in roughly the same shape today as it was at the same time yesterday.
* @Laris will wake earlier to have time to get ready for the others to arrive
* May will... not.
* Calkas (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Calkas moves swiftly around the room, arranging documents, organizing maps, directing other servants putting out food.
<YOAW_Narrator> What's Laris' mood like this morning?
<Laris> (I guess that depends on whether he knows about Sahhiru and Induriel going off together the night before. Would he have noticed or heard about that, or no?)
<Laris> (I know they were trying to be fairly subtle so I'm thinking unless someone told him, he might not know?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, I don't think he knows yet.
* @Laris is in a reasonably good mood, then - things seemed to go well last night, he went to bed at a semi-reasonable hour and got some sleep despite the continued party noise.
* Calkas is happy to see Laris looking more rested, despite the festivities.
<Calkas> I believe everything is in order, Dominus.
* @Laris nods, surveying the scene.
<Calkas> Presumably, our allies will arrive presently.
<Laris> It looks very orderly - good work.
* Calkas nods.
<Calkas> I worry much of the difficult work will fall to you, maintaining the balance here.
<Calkas> House Corvus' interest is not so...pressing, as Lalu and Hrieffen.
<Laris> Yes... my own interests are of lesser import, so long as the routes for trade remain open.
* Calkas nods.
<Calkas> Do you think the Hraal will push to take the entirety of the Maazikai lands? That would more than double their claimed lands at a single stroke.
<Laris> I don't know if they have the ability to hold such a large territory. If they are wise, they'll take only what they can defend. But ... I don't know if the Hraal will see it that way.
<Calkas> He's ambitious, at the least.
* @Laris nods
<Calkas> And Domina Lalu? The city is more secure, now, but I'm not sure how much she can press for here, in terms of material gain. A larger share of the captives, perhaps?
<Calkas> Or perhaps it will be her 'uncle' pressing their claim. >.>
<Laris> I am less certain of what her faction might demand.
* @Laris agrees.
<Calkas> And our new allied factions, the Queen only knows what they will ask.
<Calkas> Perhaps you can -
* Lan-phone is now known as Korivan
* @Laris glances over at Calkas at that
<YOAW_Narrator> A servant enters to announce/show in the first arrival.
* @Laris rises to greet them

Kraaz and Korivan arrive, followed by the other delegates

<YOAW_Narrator> (Shall we say Kor and Kraaz?)
<Korivan> (sure)
<Kraaz> Laris Dominus.
* Kraaz says by way of greeting.
<Laris> Good morning, Hraal. Gaath.
* @Laris says, nodding politely to each
<Kraaz> A glorious good morning to you as well.
* Kraaz will glance at the maps, then move to get himself food.
<Laris> I trust you had a good evening last night?
* Korivan nods
<Kraaz> Enjoyable for all, I think.
* Kraaz gives Kor a sly look.
<Laris> Mm.
<Kraaz> Yourself?
<Laris> It was a fine celebration. Very ... festive.
* Kraaz smiles.
<Kraaz> And now we get down to the other good part, eh?
* @Laris nods
* May will emerge, looking tired, but happy.
<May> Good morning...
<Laris> Good morning, Domina.
* Calkas will see himself out, assuring Laris he will remain within earshot as needed.
* Calkas is now known as Sahhiru
<May> Dominus.
<Korivan> Yes...
<Korivan> Yes...
<Kraaz> Mamitu Siru, good morning.
<Kraaz> Have a good time last night?
<Korivan> Dominant.
<Korivan> (lol)
<Korivan> (Domina)
<May> Good morning Hraal. Good morning Kor... Gaath.
* Kraaz fails to suppress a smile at that.
<May> It was... a fun party.
<Kraaz> The proper reward for warriors.
<Korivan> Mmm...
<Kraaz> Though now we'll get to the proper rewards for our peoples.
<Laris> Please help yourselves to some refreshments.
* @Laris offers, though Kraaz already has ;)
* Korivan nods at that, gen realizes there is food, and will take some
* Sahhiru will walk in, bringing with him Montano and the leader of the Osoro troops, whom you will recall is named Serena.
* May will also grab a plate of food
* Kraaz will pour some wine for Korivan and May.
* May will look up as Sahirru comes in and her smile falters just a little, but then returns.
<Sahhiru> It seems all luminaries are present. I apologize if we are late, Siru, Dominus.
* @Laris tries to studiously keep his attention on the matters at hand and not just gaze wistfully
* Sahhiru he says, nodding to May and Laris.
<Laris> It is no trouble - we are having some refreshments before we begin.
* Montano will make his greetings and then head towards food.
* Serena moves over to the table, surveying the maps.
* Korivan tries not to get too distracted either, and remember who all these people are
<Laris> Please make yourselves comfortable.
* May eats while shifting her eyes between Sahirru and Korivan.
<Laris> (I'm imagining I have a series of lounging couches for people, around the central table area?)
<YOAW_Narrator> That makes sense.
* Sahhiru will make his way over to May.
<Sahhiru> I hope you slept well. This meeting is important.
* May smiles.
<May> "Olive?"
* May offers him one.
* Sahhiru gives May a wry look and takes the olive.
* Korivan looks at May when he notices her glancing at him, but tries to redirect his attention to making sense of the map
<Sahhiru> [q] Don't think we won't be discussing last night. You're not in trouble, but do try to focus on the task at hand.
* May 's smile fades at that.
<Montano> I could get used to the spread you folks put out.
* Montano says, piling a plate with food.
* Serena gives him a quelling look from where she stands at the table.
<Laris> Please enjoy - there is plenty to go around.
<YOAW_Narrator> Y'all can munch and mingle for a little bit at folks get situated.

Let's get down to business to distribute the spoils!

<YOAW_Narrator> Eventually, things will roughly come to order, with everyone scattered around the central table.
* Sahhiru will have figures prepared, ready to assist others in leading this meeting.
<May> (out of curiosity, what were the allied casualties like?)
<Laris> Thank you all for coming. I hope that we can work productively today in order to fairly and equitably divide the spoils of battle, and to strengthen our alliances.
<YOAW_Narrator> (We'll get to that :))
<May> (k :) )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Actually, come to think of it, this might not be the time and place to mention it. Allied casualties were something around 20-30%, almost all wounded. It wasn't an easy fight, but you guys did get the upper hand. All units remain intact and, with a little time, will be back up to full strength.)
<May> (cool)
<Korivan> (keen)
<Sahhiru> To whit, we have some five hundred twenty-one prisoners of which to dispose, as well as what material goods were recovered. Arms, armor, and mounts totalling some (4 Wealth) worth of goods.
<Sahhiru> And, of course, the Maazikai lands, while still somewhat occupied, are ours for the taking.
<May> Sweet
<Korivan> Hmm.
* @Laris nods, but gives May a bit of a o_O at that
<Sahhiru> A decision needs must be reached for the disposition of any Maazikai non-combatants recovered.
<Sahhiru> As well.
<Serena> No such thing.
* Montano gives her the side-eye at that.
<Montano> We Katalal have no love for the Maazikai, it's true, but, if nothing else, those could be valuable slaves.
<Kraaz> They'll run, anyway. They're broken.
<Laris> If any further are captured, they can be taken with the other prisoners.
<Kraaz> Does your captive number include our tribesfolk? What about the Ankai?
* Korivan turns his full attention on Sahhiru
<Sahhiru> It includes the Ankai. I was not precisely sure of the status of our rebel Hrieffen, and did not include them. They constitute another one hundred sixty-seven captives, which I assumed would be subject to special consideration.
* Korivan nods
* Korivan frowns as he processes the 'our' part though
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, that's a typo. That actually was supposed to be 'your'.)
<Korivan> (good :V)
<Kraaz> Good. We'll deal with our brethren as before. I also want the Ankai captives.
* Sahhiru will lean over to May to whisper "two-hundred and six"
<YOAW_Narrator> (Let's say Laris has that information already committed to memory)
<Laris> (heh)
* Korivan nods
<Laris> Your wishes are noted, Hraal. Are there any others who would lay claim on the Ankai captives?
<Serena> We will take our share of captives, or their equivalent in city goods. Fifteen percent, say?
<Montano> I don't care about the buggers. But, yeah, we'd rather goods than captives.
<Montano> I'd happily take those mounts and armor off your hands.
<Montano> Well, weapons, too, obviously.
* @Laris looks over to the Hrieffen and Lalu factions to see how they feel about that.
<Kraaz> Kraaz gives the halflings a considering look, but eventually gives a slight nod.
<May> We don't need the Ankai per se, but I expect that they will come out of the Hrieffen's share of the rest of the spoils. So far you have almost four hundred prisoners just going into the bargaining.
* Korivan leans over to Kraaz
<Korivan> [q] Hrieffen mounts...
<Kraaz> Two hundred. The Hrieffen are not captives. Just...misled.
<q, to Korivan> Many of those will be Maazikai mounts, unsuited to us,and we can reconstitute the loss of the mounts. There's more important things here to bargain for.
* Korivan nods
* May will glance at Sahirru.
<Sahhiru> [q] to May> It's a bargain if we can pay the Osoro and Katalal out of the captured goods.
* May nods.
<Sahhiru> [q] If not, we're getting robbed.
<May> I don't object to the Osoro and Katalal claims of goods and captives at fifteen percent each. You can haggle with each other over who gets which.
<YOAW_Narrator> Montano and Serena trade glances, but seem to assent.
* @Laris nods
<Sahhiru> And the rest? An even split between Houses Corvus and Lalu?
<May> Aside from those claimed by the Hrieffen.
<Sahhiru> Of course.
* Sahhiru will look to Laris for confirmation.
<Laris> I would agree with that.
<Sahhiru> Excellent.
* May smiles, happy not to have to deal with people screaming so far.

When it comes to land distribution, things go a bit south

<Sahhiru> And now, if we could turn our attention to the maps and the Maazikai lands...
<Kraaz> Hrieffen lands.
* @Laris rolls out the maps
<May> Ummmm...
<Kraaz> Changing plains with little to no river access, nor are they contiguous to your holdings.
<Kraaz> Tell me, Domina Lalu, what use your people have for such?
<May> That's not the issue. We paid for them with as much blood as you guys did.
<Kraaz> I do not dispute that. Your warriors did you proud.
<Kraaz> But this land is useless to you, and life to my people.
<May> Then you can trade us for land that *is
* contiguous to us.
<May> There's plenty of land for us to both gain from this conquest.
<Korivan> No.
* May freezes and looks at Korivan
* Kraaz doesn't freeze but does look at Korivan.
* Debbie (~Debbie@ has joined #gnomeland
<Korivan> (ugh chaos here)
<YOAW_Narrator> (s'all good)
<Korivan> The lands to the east... They are not for you, or their boreders... You would trade this...
* Korivan gestures to that one hex to the west
<Korivan> For what...
<May> Ummm...
<Korivan> You need pasture?
<Korivan> Why.
* Kraaz is content to let Korivan Korivan for a minute.
<May> We need space. Resources. Just like your people. You are not going to just keep everything and call that fair.
* Sahhiru gives May a look that might almost be a smile at that.
* Serena is just watching the interplay with interest.
* Montano looks a little uncomfortable.
* @Laris guesses the sex wasn't that good.
<Korivan> There is nothing for you... here. Somewhere else... Maybe
<Kraaz> How much would you want?
<May> Somewhere else? What does that mean?
<Kraaz> We could trade land along the river, perhaps, next to the city. Not the coast. That is sacred and sacrosanct.
<Kraaz> Between the tributaries, perhaps? That would allow you more land to farm, and let you control river access.
* May looks at Korivan.
* Kraaz surreptitiously looks at Korivan out of the side of his eye to gauge his reaction.
<Korivan> (I'm not clear where that is on the map)
<Korivan> (Tuck?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (He's positing trading the middle hex of the current Hrieffen lands)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The hex immediately southwest of Nesu Abamatu)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The river runs along the southern border of the city)
<May> (Who owns the light blue?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (West of the Hrieffen lands? Those are the Osoro lands)
<May> (ok)
<Korivan> (hrm... Not super happy, but it really is Kraaz's call)
* May will glance uncertainly at Sahirru.
* Sahhiru isn't scowling, per se, but doesn't look super happy.
<May> So you want to trade us that small territory for the entirety of the Mazakai lands?
<Kraaz> We would cease occupying naturally-irrigated plains near the city in exchange for expanding our protective coverage of your southern border. Domina.
<May> Right. Protective coverage.
<May> -_-
<Kraaz> You get a secure border and useful land.
<Laris> The plains are good land for farming.
* @Laris agrees
<Kraaz> It allows you to build, and focus on...other concerns.
* Kraaz casually gestures to the north of Nesu Abamatu, and the Amanya Hatal lands.
* Korivan nods
* Sahhiru raises and eyebrow, but gives a slight nod.
<Sahhiru> (an, rather)
* May stares at Korivan.
* Korivan stares back when he notices
<Laris> Let us also remember that there may be other opportunities for growth in the future. We will remember who has gained most from this arrangement, and can take that into account in future negotiations.
* Kraaz smiles at that.
<Kraaz> Yes, this may be the first of many such meetings.
* Serena looks a little concerned at that concept.
* Montano nods along, clearly kind of excited about that idea.
* May seems about to say something then stops.
<May> Fine.
<May> Are we done?
* @Laris glances over to Sahhiru
<Kraaz> As you will, Siru Mamitu.
<Sahhiru> I believe that concludes the necessary discussions.
<Laris> Very well. I can have my scribe draw up the appropriate treaties to formalize the agreements made here today.
* May will turn to leave.
<Sahhiru> I will coordinate with your staff. Esteemed allies, it has been a pleasure.
* Sahhiru will go to follow May.
* Korivan frows slightly, confused
* Kraaz will drain his glass, then rise to go.
* Korivan will rise as well
<YOAW_Narrator> Montano and Serena will thank Laris for his hospitality and go as well.
<Kraaz> I appreciate your voice in these matters, Laris Dominus.
<Kraaz> This will be best for everyone, I'm sure.
<Laris> It's in my interest to maintain peace and stability - I hope that these discussions and arrangements will further that peace.
* @Laris says in a 'don't fuck this up' kind of tone.
* Kraaz smiles and makes a conciliatory gesture, and will then maneuver Korivan to the door.
<Korivan> This will be...well, Dominus.
* Korivan can be maneuvred

Sar-ili consoles May

* Sahhiru will follow May as she leaves.
* May will head up to her room to pout.
* Sahhiru will watch her stomp off and decide to give her a little time to cool off.
* Kraaz is now known as Sar-ili
* Sar-ili will start a bit as you storm in.
<Sar-ili> Siru, May, what's wrong?
* May will throw herself dramatically on the bed.
<May> I'm an idiot. Everyone is horrible.
<Sar-ili> Problems with our allies? Or one in particular?
* Sar-ili says with a raised eyebrow.
* May sighs and looks up from her blankets.
<May> Yeah...
* Sar-ili is giving you a look somewhere between "Pobrecita" and "What did you expect?"
<May> Both really.
<Sar-ili> What happened?
<May> I mean everything was great until the meeting. Then all of a sudden it was like he expected me to give up everything, all of our territory claims. Like he didn't even think I would object.
<Sar-ili> Korivan, you mean?
<May> Yeah.
<Sar-ili> And did you?
<May> I'm not sure... I don't think so. I'm horrible at this. All of it. I wish we'd never left Aethrennar....
<Sar-ili> It can't be that bad.
<May> Fuck's sake, my uncle was right. Do you have any idea how embarassing that is?
<Sar-ili> You have the keep. And the city. And a whole library to yourself.
<Sar-ili> That is...not ideal, no.
* Sar-ili will go grab a hairbrush and come over to start brushing your hair to try to calm you down.
<Sar-ili> What did Korivan say?
<May> Very little. Just like always.
<May> He said... There is nothing for me here.
<May> Maybe he's right.
<Sar-ili> He just said to give them all the territory from the Maazik. Maazy? What is it again?
<May> Mazakai...
<Sar-ili> Korivan said there's nothing for you here?
* Sar-ili sounds pretty surprised and upset at that.
<May> Well... I don't know if he meant me specifically...
<May> But it felt like he did.
<Sar-ili> Hmph.
<May> I don't know.
<Sar-ili> Asshole.
* May leans against Sar-ili
* Sar-ili will give you a hug.
<Sar-ili> You could curse him.
<Sar-ili> I bet Temu would even help.
<May> No...
<May> But thanks.
<May> I mean, I'm not an idiot. I didn't think we were... in love or anything. I knew it was just fun. I just feel... used.
<Sar-ili> I'm sorry, May.
<May> Thanks... I'm glad I have you here, at least, Sar.
<Sar-ili> He seemed...well, he seemed kind of distant to me, but I'm still sorry he was a jerk.
<May> Maybe it's for the best.
<Sar-ili> You have lots of people here for you. I mean, you own some of them, but still.
* May frowns at that.
<Sar-ili> They're not going to be around as much now, anyway. Right? The Maaz people are gone, so the goblins can go back to...whatever it is they do.
<May> I guess so.
<Sar-ili> Induriel is here. You always liked him.
<Sar-ili> And his bodyguard can guard my body any time he wants.
* May laughs through her tears.
<May> I didn't know you were interested!
<Sar-ili> I think he might be noble somehow. I'll take my time.
<Sar-ili> For that matter, Induriel's secretary isn't bad, either.
* May seems to be cheering up a bit.
<Sar-ili> Maybe I just have a thing for elduar.
<May> Well, let me know if you ever need me to cast hold portal if you get one of them in a closet.
<Sar-ili> Duly noted.
<May> Sar... thanks. For listening.
<Sar-ili> Always.
* Sar-ili hugs you again.
* May hugs her back.
<Sar-ili> Hey, all the important affairs of state are taken care of, right? Why don't we go do something fun?
<May> Like reading?
<Sar-ili> Of course you would say that.
* May grins
<May> What did you have in mind?
<Sar-ili> We could go to the market. Or go riding down on the beach?
<May> Anything that gets me away from here. I can't deal with another "I told you so" from uncle right now.
<May> Let's go to the market. I'll but us some of the salt-water candy they make here and we can eat it until we get sick.
<Sar-ili> You're on!
* Sar-ili will rise to get your going-out clothes together.

Nakhtmin advises Laris that there is the potential of raising another unit of undead troops

<YOAW_Narrator> So, I'm thinking Nakhtmin will be working outside the city walls, south of the river for this, overseeing the transportation of bodies. They would have sent a messenger that the wanted to speak to you at your convenience, but would prefer to stay and continue supervising. So, up to you where you want to meet.
* @Laris can go out to meet them.
* Sar-ili is now known as Nakhtmin
* Nakhtmin is overseeing the organization of bodies for the moment, a few apprentices and mostly other undead places the bodies in neat rows by species, size, wholeness, etc.
* Nakhtmin will come to greet you, visibly shifting to a more humanoid form.
* @Laris surveys the scene
<Nakhtmin> Dominus Corvus, an honor. Thank you for coming out to meet me.
<Laris> I see you have accumulated considerable new supplies.
<Nakhtmin> And congratulations on your victory. A windfall for the city and your House.
<Laris> Thank you.
* Nakhtmin nods.
<Nakhtmin> Yes, indeed, your soldiers have provided us the materials for a host of new servants.
<Nakhtmin> That is, in fact, what I had hoped to speak to you about.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> What can I assist you with?
<Nakhtmin> I am, of course, content to proceed with our usual arrangement, preparing the Risen for servitude and overseeing their sale or lease to your citizens.
<Nakhtmin> But I wonder, having such a multitude available, if there might not be an alternative.
* Nakhtmin will gesture for you to follow them.
* @Laris will accompany the necromancer
* Nakhtmin will lead you over to the nearest row, which seems to be largely intact presumably Ankai bugbears.
<Nakhtmin> Just three days dead, remarkably fresh even in this climate, though we've done the usual ritual maintenance, of course.
* @Laris nods
<Nakhtmin> Fantastic specimens, lovely bones, literally, and they died in battle, as warriors.
<Nakhtmin> They are, ah, primed, as it were, for different service.
<Laris> You have some plan in mind for them?
<Nakhtmin> Besides the crews of your warships and your personal guard, House Corvus controls no other troops in the region, yes?
<Laris> Yes, that's correct.
<Nakhtmin> With your permission, and, of course, patronage, I am in a position to change that, Dominus.
<Laris> You would suggest remaking them as warriors?
<Nakhtmin> If you wish it, yes.
<Nakhtmin> There are so many to choose from. The force we could raise would not be insignificant.
<Laris> What would you ask for in return?
<Laris> I can imagine the rituals involved are more complex - I assume there is some recompense that you would desire.
<Nakhtmin> An increase to my share of sales, perhaps, though I will confess the opportunity alone is reason enough for me.
<Laris> What will their capabilities be? Will they merely follow simple commands, or have greater capacity for action?
<Nakhtmin> I believe I can make them the equal of any other soldier. Less...innovative, perhaps, but fearless and untiring.
* @Laris nods
<Nakhtmin> You will need to set living commanders over them, unless you had, ah, volunteers for a different kind of turning.
<Laris> Then yes, I would agree to this plan. They can help to alleviate the pressure on the city guards.
<Nakhtmin> Excellent. I will begin preparations immediately. With luck, you'll have your new troops before the moon turns.
<Laris> Very good. Thank you. And I will see about recruiting commanders for their leadership.
* Nakhtmin sort of half-nod/half-bows
<Nakhtmin> Dominus.
* @Laris nods politely in return and will take his leave.
* Nakhtmin turns back to their work, and you think you can hear them chanting or singing to their 'charges' as you walk away.

Kraaz and Korivan plot their next moves

<Korivan> (set up?)
<Kraaz> (I'm thinking not too long after the meeting. Kraaz will at least wait until y'all are out of the keep before discussing anything important.
* @Korivan will be quiet, though that's not out of character
<Kraaz> So, that got a little heated back there. I don't think Mamitu is happy with you.
<Korivan> mmm...
<Korivan> Did I misspeak?
* @Korivan asks, frowning
<Kraaz> Not by my reckoning, but mine's not the important one there.
<Korivan> no?
* Kraaz laughs.
<Kraaz> Just, maybe watch yourself next time you and she speak.
<Kraaz> That said, you really helped me with that back there. It's not often I get to be the conciliatory one.
* @Korivan huffs and shakes his head
<Korivan> That is good.
<Kraaz> And I wasn't wrong. We get land we can use, and they really can't. I'll give up some river land to make that work, and gladly.
<Kraaz> That lake is sacred, and we'll control it. From what I gather, the Katalal, Maazikai, and Ankai all wanted it, and it's ours now.
<Korivan> Yes.... I want to see it.
<Korivan> To get a sense of its magics
* Kraaz nods.
* Lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Korivan> The ancestors are pleased that it has falled under our control
<Korivan> (fallen)
<Kraaz> Speaking of the Katalal and the Ankai, what is your sense of them? Montano seems like a decent sort, and I had a chance to speak with the Hraal of the Ankai. She seems like a dangerous enemy, or a useful ally.
<Korivan> Montano... Yes, we have spoken. I thought you would like him. His people follow the moon.
<Korivan> The Ankai I do not know.
<Kraaz> The moon? Hmm.
<Korivan> Sehanine.
<Korivan> A strange choice for warriors
* Korisse is now known as Curtana
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> I would like you to speak with Ankai Unlaaz Mygal, the Ankai Hraal. I think we might be able to help each other.
<Kraaz> If you and the ancestors think we can trust her.
* @Korivan considers that, and nods
<Korivan> not Hraal to Hraal?
<Kraaz> I've talked to her. I want your opinion.
<Kraaz> But I think what I have in mind with be more your sort of work.
<Korivan> what is that?
<Kraaz> We've proven our might. I need you to prove our right. :)
<Kraaz> From what I know, and have gathered, they were almost thralls to the Maazikai, but didn't want to be. We just saved them.
<Kraaz> They fought us for honor's sake, which speaks well of them, but they'd be better off fighting *for
* us.
<Kraaz> If the ancestors approve, I want you to take our Ankai captives and return them home, and speak to their Gaath. Bind them to Bane's service, and ours, if they're willing.
* @Korivan nods
* @Korivan listens
<Kraaz> The lands we just took from the Maazikai, some of it used to be theirs. We can return it to them for their oaths. Whatever I just told Siru Mamitu, we can't hold all these lands, not yet. But we could gain valuable allies by disposing of a bit of it.
<Korivan> (any opinions from the ancestors?)
<Kraaz> Montano has shed blood with us, and the Katalal are none too fond of Iaga, whatever their allegiance to Osoro as a whole. With the lake, we can bind the Ankai to us and ally further with the Katalal.
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<Kraaz> (They approve of the concept of alliance, but seem somewhat concerned about the lake thing)
<Kraaz> (Largely, you get the feeling that the lake is a font of power, much like your sacred space, and they're wanting to 'conquer' rather than share it. Might still be workable, though)
<Korivan> We cannot give that up to them
<Korivan> Not without knowing its power
<Kraaz> I'm not talking about giving it up.
<Kraaz> I'm talking about sharing it. Provisionally.
<Kraaz> It will be the bit and bridle with which we can direct them.
<Korivan> Maybe.
<Korivan> I will visit it first...
<Korivan> Perhaps, hmmm
<Korivan> I can bring their Gaath...
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> Believe me, the lake *will
* remain ours.
<Korivan> that will please the ancestors
* @Korivan frowns
<Kraaz> What's wrong?
<Korivan> ...I wondered if that is why May... Sirru? May was so angry.
<Korivan> But I dont think she she knew of it.
<Korivan> It woul not be in her books
* @Korivan says with maybe just a touch of snark
* Kraaz smiles at that.
<Kraaz> I don't think she knew. She would have fought back harder if she had.
<Korivan> yes...
<Korivan> She will be more angry
<Kraaz> She's still getting plenty out of this.
<Kraaz> She'll get over it. Or we'll finish what the Maazikai started. We need the city, not the imperials.
<Korivan> Mmm, yes...
<Kraaz> Dominus Laris is just as good as an ally.
<Korivan> He is...less confusing :p
<Kraaz> He is that.
* Kraaz shrugs.
<Korivan> I will speak with Hraal Mygal
<Kraaz> I shouldn't be hard to placate her. We've got the momentum. A little time to rest and refit, and we can look to the Amanya Hatal.
* @Korivan nods
<Kraaz> Placate Mamitu, I mean. Mygal...I think will be willing to bargain.
<Korivan> Yes. We wil see.
<Korivan> Will you come survey the lands?
<Kraaz> Well, believe me, I've seen to the hills, but, yes, I'll come survey them soon. We need to clear out the rest of the Maazikai anyway.
* @Korivan nods
<Kraaz> We'll stay here for a few days to tend to the wounded, then head south.
<Kraaz> We can plan to meet up at the lake. I'll want you taking a fair bit of our warriors with you.
<Kraaz> Insurance and a show of strength.
<Korivan> yes.
<Korivan> How are your wounds?
<Kraaz> Fine. Thank you for your help.
<Kraaz> ...
<Kraaz> A thought.
* @Korivan nods
* @Korivan listens
<Kraaz> You could wait, continue helping with the wounded,, better not.
<Kraaz> I thought perhaps we could persuade Siru Mamitu to join our delegation to the Ankai. Make her feel important, stress our imperial alliance, that sort of thing.
<Kraaz> But, given her current mood, it seems...ill-timed.
<Kraaz> Then again, if you were the one to ask for her assistance...
<Korivan> her 'uncle' would not let her go alone
* @Korivan considers though
<Kraaz> I wouldn't bring him, but if he's content with her having guards, it only enhances our standing.
* Kraaz shrugs.
<Kraaz> An idle thought, but something to consider.
<Korivan> She, too, will want its power...
<Korivan> But she will know thier demn magics better.
<Korivan> (demon)
<Kraaz> Hmm, I didn't think of that.
<Kraaz> Well, we've her assent that the lake is ours.
<Kraaz> Maybe she can also negotiate for access. ;)
<Kraaz> And let the spirits' wrath be upon her head for pissing them off.
* @Korivan nods
<Korivan> I will see.... if she will speak to me
<Kraaz> I have every faith in you.
<Kraaz> Come on, let's get you some lunch.
<Kraaz> (He said, knowing you have funerals to perform :p)
<Korivan> hmm.


Korivan talks to the Ankai Hrall

<Korivan> so, the Ankai are being kept in guarded tents, basically?
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, I think Kraaz has them guarded, but is otherwise leaving them alone for the time being.
<YOAW_Narrator> Making sure they've got food and water, that their wounded are seen to (or at least they have supplies to take care of them themselves), etc.
<Korivan> (cool. And their Gaath is not here? Just their Hraal?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Right. Their Gaath is back home with their non-combatants.
<Korivan> okay
* Korivan is trying to decide of he shoudl go to them or have someone bring her to him
<YOAW_Narrator> Fair question.
<Korivan> (bah!)
* Korivan will have her brought to him at his tent, I think
<Korivan> (I feel like probably Korivan shouldn't be gogn to wander among the captives on his own, anyway :V)
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<YOAW_Narrator> (Legit)
<YOAW_Narrator> One of the warriors currently assigned to guard them will bring Mygal to your tent.
<Korivan> Hraal Ankai Unlaaz Mygal - come and share my hospitality
* Mygal is a middle-aged bugbear (in her early 30s), large even for her people, with dark brown fur streaked here and there with white fur that you're fairly certain represent scars.
* Korivan will say once she is brough up
* Korivan is so so so out of his depth ;p
<Mygal> My thanks, Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan.
<Korivan> (good thing I have some advisors on hand. or in my head, rather)
* Mygal says respectfully.
<YOAW_Narrator> The ancestors seem to appreciate her strength, and several speak well of her despite facing her in the past.
<YOAW_Narrator> 'I almost had her, but then she bashed my face in', that sort of thing.
* Korivan will bring her inside to sit, and probably there is some kind of food and drink there.
<Korivan> (none of us know that she threw the fight to Laris do we?)
* Mygal will sit, but wait until you start to eat before taking any herself.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I don't believe Laris has mentioned it, no.)
<Korivan> (okay)
* Korivan will remember at some pont that he has to show her that he isn't actually poisning her :p
<Korivan> The Hrieffen have have claimed your people, and the territory of the Maazikai and their allies as the right of conquest, from our allies.
* Mygal nods.
<Mygal> Your allies recognize your strength. That is wise of them.
<Korivan> Yes...
<Korivan> As we recognize the strength of the Ankai. We have seen it, in the past...
* Mygal smiles at that.
<Korivan> YOu preserve that strength ranther than die on he field.
<Korivan> WHat is the path that you foresaw, in that choice?
<Mygal> I'm not sure. I saw a chance. I took it.
<Korivan> Mmm. A chance for what?
<Mygal> The Maazikai were defeated, and not by our hand. Our honor and bargain were upheld. If we died, we died honorably. If we lived, we had a chance at redemption.
<Mygal> The Maazikai were never our choice of allies. Necessity and perfidy made it so.
<Korivan> Perfidy?
<Korivan> They took...something from you
<Mygal> You know of Lake Ankai?
<YOAW_Narrator> (That would be the lake you just took control of)
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> (I'm not sure if I now much more about it other than that the ancestors want it and that it has some kind of magic)
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<YOAW_Narrator> (That's about it, yeah. You're fairly certain it's sacred to them the way your place is to you.)
<Mygal> It is the resting place of our progenitor, Ankai, as well as our honored dead.
* Korivan nods
<Mygal> The home of our ancestors here on Arth.
<Mygal> And a pathway to the afterlife.
<Mygal> Maazikai Vannak Ekoth, years ago, brought his demons to the lake, and used them to bind our ancestors.
<Mygal> My people have been their servants ever since, for the sake of our dead.
* Korivan probably can't really hide how disturbing he finds that concept
<Korivan> I see..
* Korivan shakes his head, as if todislodge the notion
<Korivan> This is why.... the legions of Bane fight, to protect our world from such....dessecration
<Mygal> There are...rumors, around the camp.
<Mygal> It's said you are touched by your god, and guided by your ancestors.
<Mygal> I saw you at the forefront of your warriors. It was...not mortal.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> I summoned them forth, to use theor strngth to destroy those who had betrayed us.
<Mygal> Of course. Valax...abar.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Valexabar.
* Mygal nods.
<Korivan> Bane gives us stength, and yes, guidance form the ancestors...
<Korivan> Who do the Ankai follow?
<Mygal> Hruggek, father of our people.
<Korivan> (do I know anything about him?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, he's the bugbear progenitor deity, sibling to Maglubiyet, the progenitor of the goblins and hobgoblins. He's a war god, like most of your peoples' deities.)
<Korivan> Mmmm, yes...
<Korivan> Like all ancestors... The progenitors give wisdom... they begat strong people... but they are of the past
<Korivan> The strenght of the future... lies with the Conquerer
<Mygal> He does seem strong.
<Mygal> What does he want?
<Korivan> Warriors.
<Korivan> To spread his hold on Arth... IN death, to hold back the demon legions on the fields of avalas
<Mygal> So he offers strength here, and a chance to fight demons in the spirit world?
* Korivan nods
<Mygal> What are your plans for my people?
<Korivan> That depends...
<Korivan> on you.
<Korivan> The Hrieffen would not hold your ancestors hostage... we would give them...and you... new urpose. New fights
* Mygal nods.
<Mygal> I...would like that.
<Korivan> (purpose, derp)
<Korivan> I would speak wth your Gaath...about Lake Ankai
<Korivan> If it can be cleansed
<Mygal> That would be most welcome.
<Mygal> We fought for the Maazikai because he had to. Woe to your enemies if you would have us as honorable allies, and moreso with our ancestors beside us.
<Korivan> (does she seem sincere? or at least.... to the ancestors seem to approve?)
<YOAW_Narrator> The ancestors seem like they approve, and she appears sincere.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> It may require...consultation... with the Turathi. They know more of demon magics.
<Mygal> I am not...versed in such things.
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* Korivan nods
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> YOu will speak with our Hraal... And we will go south, to your Gaath, and then to the lake.
* Mygal nods
<Mygal> I think he will be open to hear what you have to say.
<Korivan> yes, good. YOu may return to your people.
* Mygal will rise and give you a respectful nod.
<Mygal> Gaath.
* Korivan will rise as well
<Korivan> Hraal.
* Mygal will go to the door, where she is met by the guard to take her back to her people.
* Korivan will go find Kraaz and tell him that went well, but that he probably is going to need to talk to May >.>