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Korivan discusses magic and religion with Montano on the ride back to Nēšu Abamātu. The following day, Laris and Saḫḫiru prepare to host a victory party. Saḫḫiru learns form May that Induriel is visiting and calls on his ex-(?)lover, who expresses interest in renewing the liason. Following the victory parade and speeches, Laris and Kraaz discuss leadership and tactics. After the Hrieffen Hraal joins the rest of the party, Saḫḫiru talks to Laris again, noting that May and Korivan have left the party together (hopefully discretely!). Later, Induriel corners Laris as well, making him no doubt the most popular introvert at the party. Induriel also speaks to Korivan who introduces him to Kraaz.


Session date: 2018-03-11
In Game date: two days after the battle?

Calkas and Laris work on the celebration plans; Sahhiru interrupts

<YOAW_Narrator> Did anyone have any specific stuff they wanted to do in preparation?
* @Korivan bets they taste like shrimp ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> Mmm, shrimp-birds
* May will prepare an even bigger fireworks display this time :3
<May> Possibly with help from Temu and Induriel if he wants
<YOAW_Narrator> You could work with Temu to put a big group thing...yeah
<Induriel> :D
* @Korivan probably has Gaath hings to occupy him, seeing to the dead and their spirits and all that. Sleeping.
<YOAW_Narrator> Legit
* @Laris will go over whatever plans Calkas has made up for the party and make any tweaks he feels appropriate ;)
* Calkas (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Sahirru (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<YOAW_Narrator> Let's start there, then. :)
<Laris> (okay)
* Calkas will go over preparations with you.
<Calkas> Given the Hrieffen's preferences, I thought perhaps a courtyard setting might be more...welcoming to our guests.
<Calkas> And less injurious to the keep as a whole. >.>
* @Laris nods
<Laris> That seems sensible.
<Calkas> And it will allow us to expand the celebration without the social hassle of who to seat in the hall and who to serve outside.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> We can put couches out for those guests who wish them
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll hear a polite knock on the door.
* @Laris will gesture for Calkas to answer it
* Calkas will go to answer the door to find Sahhiru waiting.
<Sahirru> If I might have a moment of your master's time.
* Calkas will look to you.
* @Laris nods after a moment's consideration
* Calkas will let him in.
<Sahirru> Thank you.
<Sahirru> I see preparations are well underway.
<Laris> Yes. Did you have contributions to the celebration you wished to make?
<Sahirru> I assume you have it well in hand. I understand May would like to do another magical demonstration, though, and I thought perhaps a parade in your people's style would be appropriate.
<Laris> Certainly, that could be arranged.
<Sahirru> Certainly Kraaz would enjoy the adoring masses. At least, he seems to enjoy the goblinoid ones.
* @Laris gives a slight smile at that.
<Sahirru> I actually came with a request, though one I doubt I truly have to make.
<Laris> Oh?
<Sahirru> May. As before, we'll need to keep an eye on her. She'll be emboldened by victory, and it's more difficult to ferry away the lady of the keep from her own celebration.
<Sahirru> But I have concerns about, ah, decorum.
<Sahirru> You've seen she struggles to maintain the proper distance.
<Laris> I have noted that, yes....
<Sahirru> You have a knack for such.
<Sahirru> I thought you could assist.
<Laris> I would be glad to keep an eye on her if that is your wish.
<Sahirru> Thank you. I appreciate it.
* Sahirru seems like he's about to leave, but hesitates.
<Laris> ... is there something else?
<Sahirru> I would...appreciate it if my role in the battle were downplayed.
<Sahirru> Or even not mentioned.
<Laris> I can refrain from mentioning it, but may I inquire why?
<Sahirru> A few reasons. Not least of which, I'm not sure how often I can provide such assistance.
* @Laris nods
<Sahirru> But also, I have no station here, and the less I seem a true player, the better. I'm here to assist May in her rule, and I do that best the less attention drawn my way.
<Laris> I understand. I think that those who recognize the situation here will nevertheless view you as a... player. But there is no need to draw further attention to your power.
<Laris> You know that you have my gratitude for your aid.
<Sahirru> As you have mine. I was not, ah, particularly aware of the physical plane while I did that working. Thank you for keeping me safe.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> It was my honour to do so.
* Sahirru gives a small smile at that.
<Sahirru> Well, I shall leave you to you preparations, and go to aid May in hers.
<Laris> Yes. I will see you this evening, then.
* Sahirru will turn and leave
* Calkas will wait until he's gone to speak.
<Calkas> Well, that wasn't so bad.
<Laris> no... well, he didn't press me on our earlier conversation. Perhaps he has reconsidered it. A momentary lapse after a stressful experience, perhaps.
* @Laris says, not entirely believing it but kind of hoping, maybe.
* Calkas looks skeptical
<Calkas> I was here as chaperone, as it were. Perhaps he didn't feel comfortable bringing it up.
<Calkas> Or perhaps he is giving you space to consider.
<Calkas> But, yes, he might have reconsidered.
<Laris> mm...
<Calkas> I suppose you won't know unless you speak to him further about it.
<Laris> well, I suppose so. Or if he brings it up later. but he clearly intends to spend this evening keeping an eye on his ward, so probably he'll be distracted by that.
<Laris> Now I suppose we have a parade to organize as well... I doubt we can keep the Hrieffen in any kind of regimented order, but at least we can persuade them to walk into the keep as a group...
<Calkas> We can deploy those troops stations here as crowd control, meaning both our people and the paraders as well.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> Order may be a concern... I believe our contingent may proceed first, as hosts, then the Hrieffen, and then our other allies?
<Laris> (actually that's a good question, are some of the halflings and co. coming to this party?)
<Calkas> Yes, precedence may be an issue.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I had assumed that was the plan. Certainly it's theirs if they hear of it.)
<Laris> (yes, Laris would include them assuming they haven't just gone home)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, they're likely sticking around at least for a little bit to figure out disposition of spoils, lands, etc.)
<Laris> (cool)
* @Laris will proceed with those plans, then
<Calkas> We'll need smaller delegations from everyone, as we cannot seat everyone within the keep, even in the courtyard. But I believe an order, roughly, of you, the Hrieffen luminaries, Domina Mamitu and her captains, the Osoro and the Katalal, and then the troops in a similar order, should suffice.
* @Laris nods
<Calkas> I will inform the appropriate parties.
<Laris> Thank you, Calkas.
* Calkas bows and exits.

Sahhiru counsels May on her duties. Again. Maybe this time it will stick

<YOAW_Narrator> May, what are you doing the morning after the battle?
<May> Probably sleeping, but once up I'll be preparing the fireworks and talking to the chefs and getting things ready.
* Sahirru will find you, let's say in the kitchens.
<Sahirru> You know, you have people for this.
<May> Yeah, but... they don't always do it right.
* Sahirru shakes his head and gives a weary smile.
<Sahirru> At least you're interested.
<May> Well, we won! Did you see the battle? It was awesome!
<May> My plan totally worked!
<Sahirru> You did well,
<little gift> (I've used it before, but I forget the Akkadian just now)
<Sahirru> I saw it far more firsthand than I would have preferred. Awesome is perhaps not the word I would use, but it is won, and we are safer for it.
* May frowns slightly at that.
<May> Were you there? Like in the actual fighting? I didn't see you.
<YOAW_Narrator> For a bit, yes. Their casters's not important. We won.
<YOAW_Narrator> (ww)
<Sahirru> For a bit, yes. Their casters's not important. We won.
* May nods, though she seems a bit... worried, maybe.
* Sahirru does seem a little worn out.
<Sahirru> I take it preparations proceed apace?
<May> Maybe you should get some sleep. You must be exhausted after all the travelling.
<May> Yeah, everything should be ready.
<Sahirru> I am rested enough.
<May> This party is going to be even more awesome than the last one!
<Sahirru> Of course it is. We're throwing it.
<Sahirru> I understand you're to give another magical demonstration?
<May> Yeah. Last time was just a few sparkles. This time we're going all out!
<May> Temu and Induriel and I are gonna make a whole show of it.
* Sahirru freezes for a second.
<Sahirru> Temu and who?
<May> Oh! Induriel's here! hHe came with his posse while you were away. He helped with the summoning... maybe I should have told you that...
<Sahirru> Oh, hmm, that's...interesting.
<Sahirru> Don't say 'posse'.
<Sahirru> I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet our new guests.
<May> I had Sar-ili make them up some quarters in the east wing.
<Sahirru> That's good. I'm happy Induriel was able to help with the summoning, though I would have thought you were able to handle on your own.
<Sahirru> Did something go awry?
<May> I could have.
* May says indignantly.
<May> No. Nothing. Why? Did someone say something?
<Sahirru> Well, you certainly did now. What happened?
<May> Nothing. Well nothing major. I may have... hesitated. A bit. But it was fine.
<Sahirru> -_-
* Retrieving #gnomeland modes...
<Sahirru> Clearly.
<May> It worked, didn't it?
<Sahirru> Just so. Hence, the triumph.
<May> Exactly :P
<Sahirru> I'll leave you to your preparations. Try to remember, you are the host tonight, and we need to impress.
<May> Oh my gods, ok. We will impress. We will dazzle. We will charm their pants off.
<Sahirru> Let's try to avoid that last part.
<Sahirru> It may be inevitable, but I'd prefer to have neither the credit nor blame.
* May rolls her eyes.
<May> I'm 18, you know.
<Sahirru> You're a noble, you know.
<May> Whatever.
<May> Let me do my thing here.
<May> I'll see you tonight.
* Sahirru smiles, nods, and turns to leave.
<w> I'll say posse if I damn well want to say posse...

Korivan talks to Montano about magic and religion during the ride back

<YOAW_Narrator> I'mma break up the Sahhiru scenes a bit here :p
<YOAW_Narrator> We'll skip back a little to the ride to the city for this one.
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, as the troops are riding back to Nesu Abamatu, the halfling commander from the Katalal will maneuver his drake (raptor) up alongside you.
* Calkas is now known as Montano
* @Korivan will probably take a moment to actually notice, between his various distractions
* @Korivan will look over/down
<Montano> So, you're the chamán, huh?
<Korivan> I am Gaath.
<Korivan> And you are Hraal for your people.
<Korivan> ...You fought well.
* @Korivan says, vaguely recalling something Kraaz said, probably
<Sahirru> As you people speak it, yes, Hraal.
* @Korivan certiany doens't remember it himself
<Sahirru> As did you and your people.
<Sahirru> (ww)
<Korivan> (hah)
<Montano> That was some working you did.
* @Korivan nods
<Montano> That spear throw...I won't be the only one making a song of it, I'm sure.
<Korivan> The ancestors are strong. They do not take lightly the betrayal of the tribe.
<Montano> So I see.
* Montano will ride in silence for a moment.
<Montano> So, you said ancestors, and that's what I thought was in the battle with us. I though you all worshiped some big high battle demon thing. Bang, or something?
<Korivan> Bane.
<Korivan> Yes...
* Sahirru nods.
<Korivan> Bane the conquorer.
<Sahirru> (grr)
<Montano> (closing the Sahhiru window for now)
<Korivan> The spirits of the dead form his legions on the fields of Avalas
<Korivan> But we carry them and their wisdom within us
* Montano nods at that.
<Montano> So Bane is the Hraal of your ancestors?
<Korivan> He is the Hraal of Hraals
<Montano> You might say we favor the Gaath of Gaaths, then, but I can respect that.
<Korivan> All those who seek strength through trial and combat should serve him alone.
* Sahirru (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<Montano> Well, from what you say, we all serve him in the end anyway, no?
<Korivan> In death as in life - conquor or be conquored. OUr warriors stand with him always.
<Montano> Warriors to the end.
* @Korivan nods
* @Korivan frowns
<Korivan> The legions of Bane protect our plane from demons...
<Montano> My thanks to your ancestors, then, though we believe the Moonbow hides our realm from their attentions.
<Montano> Maybe a bit of both, eh?
<Korivan> (have I ever heard of it?)
<Korivan> There are... many demons.
<Montano> That's no lie.
<Montano> Though less now, with the Maazikai defeated.
* Montano smiles.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, sorry, heard of the Moonbow? It's another name for Sehanine.)
<Korivan> (ahh)
<Korivan> (okay. Well I think my answer was fair regardless :V)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's like an honorific for her)
* @Korivan nods again
<Korivan> yes
<Korivan> It is good to see them broken
* Lan-phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Montano> Indeed.
<Montano> May this be the first of many victories, then. La diosa de la luna te protege, Gaath.
* Montano will tap his fist to his chest in salute and rein his drake back around towards his troops.
<Korivan> Strength be with you, Hraal.

Sahhiru calls on Induriel and they engage to liase

<YOAW_Narrator> Back to As Arth Turns, starring Sahhiru
<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel, think your folks said they were going to take in the city during the day before the celebration, so I'm guessing you're in your quarters, unless you want to be elsewhere.
<Induriel> (That sounds fine)
* Sahhiru will knock politely on your door.
* Induriel is in his apartments, sipping some watered wine and reading something
* Induriel waits a second for Mifflepon to open the door, then remembers he isn't there, and answers himself.
* Sahhiru smiles as you answer the door.
<Sahhiru> Hello, Ambassador.
* Induriel smiles back, looking him up and down.
<Induriel> Hello, my Lord Sahhiru. Please... *do
* come in.
* Induriel gestures for him to enter.
* Sahhiru seems well enough, though perhaps a bit tired.
* Sahhiru steps past you.
<Sahhiru> Thank you. I hope the accommodations are acceptable.
* Induriel closes the door behind him
<Induriel> Oh, yes.
<Induriel> Though I must confess, the bed could be... warmer.
* Sahhiru laughs at that.
<Sahhiru> We'll have to do something about that, I'm sure.
* Induriel smiles wider
<Induriel> I hope you will.
<Induriel> And we have much to celebrate!
<Sahhiru> So, to what do we owe this unexpected pleasure...of your visit?
<Sahhiru> Indeed. And I believe some thanks are in order. May tells me you assisted with her ritual.
<Induriel> Yes. And a good thing, too.
* Induriel sighs
<Induriel> It was a bit much for her to try on her own.
<Induriel> She misplaced two serifs on a rune in the upper right-hand arc of one of the protective circles. That could have been... awkward.
* Sahhiru sighs.
<Induriel> And she seemed unprepared for the offering.
<Sahhiru> She and Temu have a tendency towards...impetuousness.
<Induriel> Fortunately I was able to improvise.
<Sahhiru> My thanks for your expertise.
<Induriel> It seems to me that you need me here...
<Sahhiru> It is good to see a friendly and familiar face.
* Induriel smiles again
<Sahhiru> There is so much to do here, and so few qualified aids.
<Induriel> More than friendly...
<Induriel> Please feel free to use me as you will.
* Sahhiru raises an eyebrow.
* Sahhiru laughs again at that.
<Sahhiru> How I miss Aethrennar. Some of you eladrin are practically Turathi.
<Induriel> In some ways, perhaps.
<Induriel> Anyway, to answer your first question: Her Majesty wishes to establish a permanent embassy in Nēšu Abamātu.
<Sahhiru> Really?
* Sahhiru looks a little surprised at that.
<Sahhiru> She truly is taking a long-term view.
<Induriel> Of course.
<Sahhiru> We've barely begun to organize our rule here. You must have set out not long after we left.
<Sahhiru> Granted, much of the organization has been taken care of. The Thantopolitan steward has been quite thorough. It's largely a matter of switching over to our people.
<Sahhiru> And, of course, integrating our new allies.
<Induriel> I'm glad to see it went smoothly.
<Induriel> Though your new allies... well, as needs must, I suppose.
<Induriel> I expect I'll get to meet them soon?
<Sahhiru> We're hosting them tonight. I think you'll find them...interesting.
* Induriel rolls his eyes
<Sahhiru> I imagine Gaath Korivan may prove professionally intriguing, and Hraal Kraaz...perhaps more personally so. ;)
* Induriel raises his eyebrows
<Induriel> Oh my.
<Sahhiru> I'm sure you'll find things to appreciate about the Hrieffen.
<Sahhiru> And, as I said, our Thantopolitan counterpart, Dominus Corvus, has proven quite capable.
<Induriel> Well, that sounds... intriguing.
<Sahhiru> Well, we'll see.
<Induriel> And Dominus Corvus has been accommodating, then?
<Sahhiru> A consumate professional.
* Sahhiru says, a little flatly.
<Induriel> Oh, good.
<Induriel> I'm still surprised that he would stand aside so easily.
<Induriel> (Do I detect the subtext behind that "consumate professional"?)
<Sahhiru> I get the impression this was supposed to be a more temporary post for him.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Let's say yes? Unless you'd prefer to roll to see)
<Induriel> (No, that's fine! :D )
<Induriel> So he's eager to return home, I take it?
<Induriel> May said something to that effect, I believe.
<Sahhiru> I can sympathize.
<Induriel> Ah, but you *are
* home now, no?
<Sahhiru> We can hope to make it such, certainly.
<Induriel> Now that your enemies have been so thoroughly defeated, yes.
<Sahhiru> Our most immediate one, certainly.
<Induriel> What others remain?
<Sahhiru> Next most immediate would be our northwestern neighbors, the Amanya Hatal and their sworn. Elves, gnomes...even dwarves and ogres, somehow. I gather there's a story there, but I'm not entirely sure of it.
<Induriel> Are they an active threat?
<Sahhiru> Not yet, but Nesu Abamatu stands on lands they once held, and they're not known for forgetting a slight.
<Induriel> Perhaps your victory will dissuade them from remembering it too soon.
<Induriel> Ah, there is so much for me to learn!
<Sahhiru> I'll be happy to catch you up.
<Sahhiru> Though I fear I have little time at the moment. There's much to arrange before tonight.
<Induriel> Oh, good. As you know, I'm not much for politics.
<Induriel> I'm very much NOT a consumate professional...
<Sahhiru> And yet, here you stand, envoy of the High Queen.
<Sahhiru> I'll have to hear later how you snagged that honor.
<Sahhiru> Well I remember.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Induriel> Shall we discuss it later tonight, after the banquet?
* Induriel approaches and gently puts his hand on Sahhiru's chest
<Sahhiru> Barring other duties, I should be happy to do so.
<Induriel> I look forward to it, then.
<Sahhiru> (I think that's where Sahhiru leans in for a kiss and then has to dart out)
<Induriel> (OK!)
<Sahhiru> I'll see you this evening.
<Induriel> I'll hold you to that. My Lord Sahhiru. ;)
<Induriel> . o O (This job isn't so bad after all...)

Party times! Parade, speeches, and fireworks

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so, folks will wrangle together a parade and party
<YOAW_Narrator> The cityfolk seem pretty genuinely into it, as the Maazikai were damn close to taking the city before, just with numbers (and demons)
<YOAW_Narrator> I believe Laris is leading this procession
<Laris> (that was my plan :)
<YOAW_Narrator> Probably from one of the city gates to the keep?
* @Laris will wear his dress armor for this occasion
<Laris> (and yes, that works)
* @Korivan can dress for his station but without anything too ceremonially significant because party :V
<YOAW_Narrator> The procession snakes through the city streets, various drums and trumpets accompanying your march, largely adoring crowds cheering you.
<YOAW_Narrator> You arrive at the keep, well-decorated for the occasion, with more music, lots of braziers and torches for light as the evening wears on, and table and tables of food laid out.
* @Laris will have arranged for a change of clothes into something more casual, because lounging around in armor is not much fun
* May is wearing a high-collared black, sleeveless robe with gold filigree and her hair is (For once) done up in a bun.
<YOAW_Narrator> Kraaz is...painted up real nice.
* Induriel is in formal robes, blue silks with gold trim
<YOAW_Narrator> I guess probably also wearing a lot of jewelry and such, but his clothes are likely not especially fancy by 'civilized' standards.
<Korivan> (I would assume he has jewerlry he coudl wer if he wanted.... but the body paint shows off more who has had their hands all over you ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (hee)
<Korivan> (yeah, same, it's all in the accessories ;)
* @Laris will wear his short skirt and vest combo, maybe with a different set of jewelry this time.
<YOAW_Narrator> I imagine it's to Laris to kick off the festivities.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I need to go find what Sahhiru is wearing)
* @Laris will say a few words, then.
<Laris> Honoured allies and guests... we bid you welcome. We come together tonight to celebrate a great victory over the Maazikai, who have been vanquished at last. All of you fought honourably, or lent your skills with magic, to aid in this battle, and you have our thanks. Please partake in this feast in celebration, and enjoy yourselves.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I think Sahhiru is wearing one of the short skirt-type garments, with a wrap sash that leaves like half his chest bare, and then probably gold choker-type thing and a few arm bands)
* Sahhiru will lead applause at that.
* Kraaz (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Kraaz will be much louder.
* May will applaud as well, but not cheer, for her uncle's benefit.
* Kraaz will stand to toast/make a speech.
* @Laris ( Quit
* @Korivan can also cheer asmore or less appropriate
* Induriel can make a speech expressing Aethrennar's support for the new regime and hope for eternal friendship
<Kraaz> My thanks to our hosts and allies for this fine feast, and the finer victory that begat it. As the Dominus said, the Maazikai are broken, and all our peoples are safer for it. With Bane's blessing, we have healed the Hreiffen, and may our strength never falter. May this victory yet be just one of many. To Hrieffen, to Nesu Abamatu!
* @Korivan can cheer that for sure!
* May claps loudly!
* Sahhiru will encourage May to say something.
<May> Oh... ummm...
* @Korivan probably just stares at Induriel when he talks @_@
<YOAW_Narrator> (heh)
<May> I ummm... I think the actions of all our brave warriors and mages speak much more eloquently than words can. To a strong and prosperous alliance and to The Hrieffen and Nesu Abamatu!
* Kraaz cheers
<Kraaz> (and drinks, etc.)
* @Korivan also!
* May smiles but gives Sahirru a "You-could-have-warned-me" side eye.
* Ander ( has joined #gnomeland
* Sahhiru smiles and gives a look like "What did you expect?"
* Ander is now known as Laris
<YOAW_Narrator> The party will probably get fairly rowdy fairly quickly, what with the Hrieffen and all. The Katalal and Osoro seem to have largely similar senses of decorum as well.

May and Korivan..."Mingle".

* May will be eager to go mingle.
* @Korivan is mingle-available :V
* Induriel (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Laris> (you could go mingle with him, May - I'll give it a bit before breaking you up ;)
* Laris is a bit distracted and can't supervise you ALL the time ;)
* May casually manages to "accidentally" mingle her way over to Korivan.
<May> Hello there...
* @Korivan tends to withdraw to smaller groups and the edges of these sorts of things, so he doens't get completely overwhelmed, and is probably fairly easy to isolate ;p
<Korivan> Domina... May
<May> Gaath Korivan. I was watching the battle. You were amazing!
<YOAW_Narrator> (Back, please continue :))
* @Korivan nods
<Korivan> It was the work of the ancestors.
<May> They do good work, then.
<Korivan> They are strong, yes
<Korivan> I felt the sirits stirred by your working
<Korivan> YOu did well
* May blushes slightly.
<May> THanks
<May> I did my best.
<May> I'm glad it was enough
<Korivan> how was it done?
<May> Oh, it was... complicated. We also had help from a spirit, of sorts.
<Korivan> All such workings are...
<May> To some extent, yes. Though the planar oscillations are different in each case.
<Korivan> Hmm.
<May> But the energies can be harnessed through such a variety of means. It's amazing how different raditions handle the same workings.
* May catches herself.
<May> Sorry. I'm rambling.
* @Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> Magic is part of you
<Korivan> I understand that
<May> Yeah, I guess it is. It's part of you too.
<May> I just want to understand it, you know? All of it.
* @Korivan chuckles
<Korivan> and put it in your...books
<May> Of course. So that others can understand it, too.
<May> That's the whole point of learning, right?
<Korivan> Some workings are not meant for...others
* May thinks about that for a moment.
<May> You mean like what you did at the battle?
<Korivan> yes.... that is one.
<May> Maybe so.
* May shrugs.
<May> I doubt anyone but you could have done that anyway, even with your knowledge.
<Korivan> Hmm.. perhaps not.
* @Korivan considers that seriously, touching his dragonmark
<May> You're something special.
* @Korivan considers that seriously as well
<Korivan> There are other ways to seek the guidance of the ancestors... It is all for the good of the tribe.
<May> Of course. Spells are just tools, really. It's what you do with them that matters, I guess.
<Korivan> hmm.
<Korivan> A tool can be...more that what you use to achieve your end.
<May> How so?
<Korivan> It can be...a commitment.
<May> I suppose.
<Korivan> YOur choice
* May considers that.
<May> I'm not a big fan of commitments.
* @Korivan considers that, looking at you
* May feels suddenly self-conscious
<Korivan> they have their place...
* May shrugs. "I just like to keep my options open."
* @Korivan raises his eyebrows
<Korivan> OPtions...for what?
* @Korivan looks back out at the party
<May> I don't know, just in general. You never know when an opportunity will present itself, right?
<Korivan> hmmm....
<Korivan> and when they do present?
<May> Heh... if I knew that I'd be a lot more confident about ruling.
* @Korivan steps a little closer
<Korivan> mmph.
<May> But I think sometimes I can manage to catch them.
* May steps closer as well.
<Korivan> And then?
<Korivan> Can you...commit?
* @Korivan will cup your chin if you'll let him
* May lets him and puts a hand on his arm.
<May> I... ummm... yes.
* @Korivan will hella kiss you then.... let's see how attempt #2 goes :V
* May will kiss you back but when you stop she will glance around quickly.
<May> Can we... go somewhere more private?
<Korivan> Yes.
* May is kind of light headed but will take your hand and lead you out of the courtyard into the keep.
* @Korivan will go wherever!
* May will sneak you up to her room and throw the bar on it.
* @Korivan is pretty focused on you and less on where we are
* May will turn back and kiss you again.
* @Korivan will kiss back eagerly, and will take this as far as you are willing
<May> Can I ask something of you?
<Korivan> hmm?
<May> Just... don't tell anyone about this...
* @Korivan frowns slightly, puzzled
<Korivan> why?
* @Korivan will ask, possibly whille doing something somewhat distracting >.>
<May> Just promise me... please?
<May> I guess I do have commitments after all.
* @Korivan nods, though he still seems a little confused
* May will let go of her reserves as soon as he nods.
<May> (Fade to black?)
<Korivan> (yeah ^-^)

Kraaz and Laris talk shop

* Laris is presumably seated next to Kraaz at the 'leaders' couch ;)
* Kraaz is drinking and eating, probably with no 'companions' at the moment
<Kraaz> As I said, fine feast, Dominus.
<Laris> is all to your liking, Hraal Kraaz?
* Kraaz raises his glass and indicates a plate of stripped bones.
<Kraaz> It's excellent.
<Laris> Good, good.
<Kraaz> You seem less satisfied. Not to your liking?
<Laris> no, it is fine. I am simply not ... at ease with so many strangers present.
* Laris does not look at Induriel but leaves it vague who exactly he's uneasy about ;p
<Kraaz> You are far from home, with only so many of your tribe to back you. I can understand.
<Kraaz> And yet, you host us in your home, and we have fought a battle together. We are hardly strangers now.
<Laris> This has been my home for these ten years... as much as it can be, at any rate. But I do miss the rest of my... tribe.
* Kraaz nods.
<Laris> But I hope we can forge stronger bonds so that soon we are not strangers.
<Kraaz> I cannot imagine being that far from my people.
<Kraaz> Some bonds are easier to forge than others, eh?
<Laris> Yes, very true.
* Kraaz will look pointedly to some nearby goblins at least making out.
<Kraaz> Blood spilled or a bed shared, simple enough.
<Laris> The value of such bonds is ... ah.. tenuous.
<Kraaz> But fun enough in itself.
<Laris> Easily made and easily broken.
<Kraaz> At times, certainly.
<Kraaz> Well, I am happy to call you brother, at least in blood spilled, then.
* Laris nods, faintly relieved
<Kraaz> It was a mighty charge you made, disrupting their summoners like that.
* Laris nods in acknowledgement
<Laris> You fought bravely as well. Your troops follow you without hesitation.
<Kraaz> They know my strength, and that of our god.
* Laris nods
<Kraaz> Your troops as well. Archery is...not our strong suit, but I can respect their skill.
<Laris> Leadership is more than simple strength, though - you have a commanding presence.
<Kraaz> Hobbarra.
* Kraaz takes a long drink of his wine.
* Laris tilts his head slightly at that
<Kraaz> That's what you're talking about.
<Laris> What does that mean?
<Kraaz> Hobbarra. In your tongue, it means "leader-strength". Not just strength of arm, but of spirit.
<Laris> Ah, yes. I see.
<Kraaz> You have it too, Dominus. Though you're in your head more in battle than I am.
<Kraaz> That's maybe something I'll need to learn.
<Laris> I know my own strengths... I am not a great master of men, that they would follow me for myself alone. I lead them with proven skill and successes - they have followed me for many years.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> I envy that. I'm young. I don't have the history you have. That why these battles, these celebrations, are important.
<Laris> I was very young when I had my first command as well... I needed to demonstrate my authority. It has probably affected my leadership style.
<Kraaz> What was your first command?
<Laris> I led my family's troops to fight against the Khalaren, a band of elves who were to the south-east of our lands. It was challenging terrain, and they were raiders more than warriors.
<Laris> It took time to pin them down.
<Kraaz> I can imagine.
<Kraaz> How did you force engagement?
<Kraaz> The elves can be slippery. The Amanya Hatal, they attack and slip away into their woods. I assume it was a similar problem.
<Laris> Eventually we located their ... village, I suppose you would call it. We surrounded it and they came to defend their families and homes.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I should have like to have met you in the field. Whatever the outcome, Bane's army would be the stronger for it.
* Kraaz will raise his cup in salute.
* Laris gives a slight smile at that, and will toast him in return
* Kraaz is perfectly content to sit and trade war stories for a while, though, being younger, he doesn't have quite so many. You do get the feeling that he's also judging your strategy while he's at it.
* Laris is okay with that - he's pretty confident in his strategy, at least ;)
<Kraaz> (As in studying it to learn from it, not like disparaging it)
* Laris isn't used to that, but is fine with talking about battles and tactics - very safe ground :)
<Kraaz> Well, I'm full of food, wine, and war, but I think it's perhaps time to sample what else is on offer. A very good evening to you, Dominus.
* Kraaz will offer his hand.
<Kraaz> Hraal Laris.
<Laris> Good evening as well to you, Hraal. Enjoy the rest of the party.
* Laris will shake his hand, a bit surprised but not offended or anything
* Kraaz nods and only slightly crushes your hand.
* Kraaz will then wander off to find other entertainment.

Laris and Sahhiru talk.... more personal

<Sahhiru> That was an interesting exchange.
<Laris> ah... yes. he is more clever than I would have assumed initially.
<Sahhiru> I think he knows what the prevailing opinion is on goblins, and he's willing to use that to his advantage.
<Laris> He may have a promising future if someone teaches him some strategy and tactics.
<Sahhiru> Admirable.
* Laris nods
<Sahhiru> Well, if he and Kadanu don't kill each other, maybe they can work something out.
<Laris> Perhaps, yes.
<Sahhiru> Assuming he doesn't have other teachers available.
<Laris> Well, I am not leaving at once, so if I can impart any of my knowledge to him before I leave, I will be more confident of this city's future safety.
* Sahhiru smiles at that.
<Sahhiru> Thank you for organizing this. It think it's had the effect we needed.
<Laris> mm. are you enjoying yourself?
<Sahhiru> Though it might have some...unintended consequences.
<Sahhiru> Relatively so. Yourself?
<Laris> it is more enjoyable than I had feared. so far, it has been relatively painless, in fact.
<Laris> which unintended consequences do you mean, though?
<Sahhiru> Tell me, do you see my ward among your guests?
* Laris remembers he's supposed to keep an eye on May, and looks around but doesn't spot her.
<Laris> I ... do not.
* Sahhiru smiles wearily and nods.
<Laris> Has she departed for the evening?
<Sahhiru> She and the young Gaath left a little while ago.
<Laris> oh.
<Sahhiru> Luckily, I'm not sure many noticed.
<Laris> I apologize - I should have paid closer attention.
<Laris> Perhaps it's not too late to prevent any, ah, further untoward behaviour?
<Sahhiru> It is, ultimately, not your concern. I should have been more vigilant.
* Sahhiru sighs.
<Sahhiru> No, I'll let her have her fun, and then have yet another discussion about our goals and the responsibilities of her station.
* Laris nods slowly
<Laris> is that all it is for her? fun?
<Sahhiru> I certainly hope so!
<Sahhiru> Korivan is a fine lad, but not precisely a proper match.
<Laris> I don't think his people understand the concept of 'matching' in any case.
<Sahhiru> Just one reason why he's not suitable.
<Laris> They couple indiscriminately and do not keep to one partner alone.
<Sahhiru> I doubt they would call it indiscriminate, but I take your meaning.
<Laris> Well, I believe as a dragonmarked leader, he is expected to, ah, disemminate his affections widely.
<Sahhiru> And you? Are you not matched for just such a reason?
<Laris> Ah, not *precisely
* that... It would be expected that I would ah... perform my necessary duties as a husband, when such time arrives, but not with every available woman in Thantopolis @_@
<Sahhiru> Of course, but there is the concern of continuing your bloodline.
<Laris> That sounds like a nightmare, in fact @_@
<Sahhiru> Exhausting, at the least.
<Laris> Terrifying >.>
<Sahhiru> Turath has...had a view somewhere between.
* Sahhiru pauses.
<Sahhiru> You really mean that, don't you?
* Laris looks over at you
<Laris> yes @_@ to do that with ... with strangers, or someone you barely know? how do people do that?
<Sahhiru> For some, it is a way to get to know someone. For others, a way to avoid it. We all have our own...predilections.
<Sahhiru> I apologize, then, if I have made you uncomfortable. Yesterday, I was truly offering my bed, not my body, though...My people's ways are not yours. I am sorry for any offense.
<Laris> no, it's not... I am not offended by your offer.
* Laris says quietly, lowering his voice in case anyone is listening
<Laris> my people's ways are not mine either, I'm afraid.
<Sahhiru> That is harder still.
<Laris> if your offer stands, or .. includes more than company alone... I... that is something that I need to approach... more slowly >.>
* Laris says awkwardly
* Sahhiru nods.
* Laris sips his wine to cover any awkward silence
<Sahhiru> Then allow me to say it stands, and stands open, to include whatever you prefer.
<Sahhiru> I find you interesting, Laris Valerius Corvus, which puts you in rare company indeed. I would like to perhaps lighten your burdens, not add to them.
<Laris> you are not a burden
* Laris says quickly
* Sahhiru nods and smiles at that.
<Laris> you are the first thing that has made me want to stay here. truly.
<Sahhiru> Let me say, though, that I am who and what I am, and that does not include idleness nor celibacy. I can offer you many things, but exclusion is not among them.
<Sahhiru> I hope that's true, and, stay or go, that you do not come to regret your decision.
<Laris> I am not practiced at these matters. I don't know what I can offer you that would be ... worthwhile for you.
<Laris> There are others who could give you more ... satisfying evenings, I'm sure.
<Sahhiru> I've found every time I've spent with you satisfying thus far.
<Sahhiru> Different people have different things to offer, and companionship can mean many things.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I have obligations to my family, and my people. I ... at some point I will need to fulfill those obligations.
<Sahhiru> I am not asking you to abandon anything.
<Sahhiru> In fact, I'm not asking you for anything. I'm offering.
* Laris nods
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> And here I reflect that I have been away from my people for a very long time indeed, to have made such a statement.
<Laris> I have had it recommended to me that I accept your offer as what it is... to take what is given without expectations or ... or engaging my heart.
* Kraaz (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<Sahhiru> Wise counsel.
* Sahhiru says with a wry smile.
<Laris> but I seem to do everything backwards in these matters. I am defective :p
<Sahhiru> I highly doubt that.
<Laris> >.>
<Sahhiru> Are you saying you have expectations, or that your heart is engaged?
<Laris> ...yes...
* Laris wishes he could disappear
<Laris> I mean... I do not expect anything from you
<Laris> I expect, actually, that you will decide I am too difficult and find an easier companion.
<Laris> and if you do, that is fine.
<Laris> the last time... which was also the only time... it took me the better part of three years to realize what I felt. at least I have become more efficient :p
* Sahhiru smiles.
* Laris says, babbling a bit with nervousness.
<Sahhiru> I'll choose to be flattered by that.
<Sahhiru> And, as you are aware of House Lalu's fortunes these last few years, you might surmise I like a challenge.
<Sahhiru> I'm very specifically not going anywhere.
<Sahhiru> You can take your time with this, as you like.
<Laris> I think if I've made anything clear tonight, it is that I don't know what I want ;p
* Laris says wryly, at least able to poke fun at himself
<Sahhiru> Some don't even know that.
<Sahhiru> As I said, take your time. Try to enjoy your evening, and know, for the moment, that this, I, am not something you need to worry about.
<Laris> My worry is that... I cannot be as casual as you might prefer. Or as would benefit myself, when the time comes for me to take up my other duties.
<Sahhiru> That is a legitimate concern, though I wonder if fear of what might happen is more dangerous than what will actually come to pass.
<Laris> perhaps
<Sahhiru> Enjoy your night, Dominus. We can speak later.
<Laris> Good evening, Sahhiru.
* Sahhiru will reach over to give your hand a squeeze.
* Laris looks down, slightly surprised at the gesture, but will give him a squeeze back
* Sahhiru smiles and then leaves
<Laris> . o O (I'm an idiot, what is wrong with me.)


The party continues: Induriel introduces himself to Laris

* Induriel spots Laris and approaches him during a moment when he's free
* Laris_ looks up as the unfamiliar eladrin approaches.
* Induriel bows
<Induriel> Heri Corvus?
<Induriel> Allow me to introduce myself. I am Induriel of House Antalanon.
<Laris_> Ah.. Good evening.
<Induriel> Good evening.
<Induriel> I am sorry we did not have a chance to meet earlier... but of course I arrived after you had set out.
<Laris_> I presume you are an emissary from Aethrennar?
<Induriel> Yes, I have the honour of representing our great Queen Alcarinel. She has sent me here to establish a permanent embassy in Nēšu Abamātu.
<Laris_> Ah... Welcome.
<Induriel> I am sure she would want me to present her congratulations on your stunning victory.
<Laris_> Thank you.
<Induriel> That was a good speech, too.
<Laris_> I apologize for not being here to welcome you.
<Induriel> Thank you, but there's no need for an apology! I quite understand that you were busy.
<Induriel> It must be a relief to have everything settled now.
<Induriel> Or the most important problem settled, at least.
<Laris_> I hope that it will remain peaceful for a time now.
<Induriel> As do we all, I'm sure. I understand that that Amanya Hatal present another potential problem.
<Induriel> But I'm sure that can be addressed satisfactorily as well.
* Laris_ nods
<Laris_> I trust so.
<Induriel> Well, I'm sure that Aethrennar will be happy to help smooth the way to peace, if we can.
<Laris_> Mm, I'm sure.
<Laris_> Have you made the acquaintance of Maimitu Lalu yet?
<Induriel> Do you have any thoughts on the best way to accomplish it?
<Laris_> Her leadership will be more important for such plans.
<Induriel> Oh, yes. She was good enough to receive me when I first arrived.
* Laris_ nods
<Induriel> . o O (Does he not realize that I knew her from before? Maybe I shouldn't let on...)
<Induriel> I understand that she has been doing a creditable job so far.
<Laris_> She has much to learn, but she is making much progress.
<Induriel> I hope you feel the city is in good hands, then.
<Laris_> I intend to remain to ensure a smooth transfer of power.
<Induriel> I see. So I'll have the pleasure of seeing you often, I hope?
<Laris_> Ah, I suppose so.
<Laris_> How many people are in your delegation?
* Laris_ asks, looking around.
<Induriel> There are about a dozen of us, I think.
* Laris_ nods
<Induriel> I must introduce you to my personal secretary, Valtheriel, when time permits.
<Laris_> Certainly.
<Induriel> I also have a bodyguard, Malliel, though I expect to have little need of him here.
<Induriel> And various other advisors and aides.
<Laris_> Mmm, hopefully so.
<Induriel> Oh, and Mifflepon I suppose. I always forget him.
<Laris_> Oh?
<Induriel> Yes. As you may be able to tell from his name, he is Gnomish.
<Induriel> My personal valet.
<Laris_> Ahh. I also have a gnomish.. assistant
<Laris_> Calk as.
<Laris_> (minus the space ;p)
<Induriel> Really? What a coincidence. We must introduce them.
* Laris_ nods
<Induriel> Anyway, I'm glad you'll be here to help Mamitu gain her footing, so to speak.
<Laris_> I hope I can provide assistance
<Induriel> What do you think should be done next?
<Induriel> Now that the immediate threat has been addressed, I mean.
<Laris_> The work on the city fortifications needs to be concluded.
<Laris_> And after that, there are a number of further improvements that I had in mind... But it will not be solely my decision.
<Induriel> I understand that there's been considerable progress on that already - I remember noticing them when I first arrived.
<Induriel> How much more needs to be done?
<Laris_> The northwestern tower and gate needs to be completed
<Laris_> As well as some minor repairs.
<Induriel> I hope the cost will not be too great.
<Laris_> With the spoils from our recent victory we should have ample resources.. And labour.
<Induriel> I understand you've done a good job keeping commerce flowing, too.
<Laris_> I have done what I can.
<Laris_> You've been well briefed about this city, I see.
<Induriel> Kind of you to say so, Heri Corvus. I'm afraid I'm not a professional diplomat, so I decided to study as much as I could about your city.
<Induriel> There's a great deal to learn!
<Laris_> Mm, I can imagine.
<Laris_> I felt much the same when I first arrived here
<Induriel> That was... what, ten years ago?
<Laris_> That's correct.
<Induriel> Has it changed greatly in that time?
<Laris_> ... Yes, I would say it has.
<Induriel> Due in no small part to your own efforts, I'm sure.
* Laris_ give a little "if you say so" shrug
<Laris_> Many have made their contributions.
<Induriel> No doubt. But they did so under your leadership, no?
<Laris_> Yes, that's true.
<Induriel> But I suppose all that responsibility can be a burden.
<Laris_> It's only doing my duty.
<Induriel> One that you're happy to be relieved of, perhaps?
* Induriel raises his eyebrows slightly
* Laris_ hesitates slightly
<Laris_> I have obligations at home as well, but I am pleased to remain as long as necessary.
* Laris_ says ambiguously
<Induriel> I see. Well, I'm sure Mamitu Lalu can benefit from your counsel. But if you must eventually leave, I am sure she would not want to stand in your way.
<Laris_> I'm sure.
<Induriel> She will still have Sahhiru, after all.
<Laris_> Yes.. He will be of considerable help.
<Induriel> I suppose you must know him quite well by now?
<Laris_> We have made our acquaintance, and undertaken several tasks together.
* Laris_ says flatly
* Induriel smiles
<Induriel> Such a neutral description!
<Laris_> I do try to remain neutral.
<Induriel> . o O (Are they at odds?)
<Laris_> I would not say I know him well. But I think we both have the best interests of the city in mind, and can work together.
<Induriel> I see. Well, I suppose that is what is most important.
* Laris_ nods
<Laris_> I trust we can also form a productive alliance during my remaining time here.
* Induriel smiles again
<Induriel> I'm sure we can. I'm quite open to... an alliance with you.
* Laris_ nods
<Laris_> Very well. Enjoy the rest of the evening, Heri Induriel.
<Induriel> You too, Heri Corvus. Thank you for taking time to speak with me.
<Induriel> I hope we will speak again soon.
* Laris_ nods and will make his escape.
* Induriel nods politely and lets him get away... for now. :D
<Induriel> . o O (Now then... where did Sahhiru get to?)
<Induriel> . o O (He owes me a... briefing. )
<Induriel> . o O (Maybe more than one, if he isn't too drunk...)

Induriel introduces himself to Korivan, who takes him to meet Kraaz

* @Korivan will reappear at the edge of the party sometime later and try to reorient himself to what's all going on and where his people are
* @Korivan will also find something to drink :V
* Induriel notices the new re-arrival
* Induriel approaches him, somewhat hesitantly
<Induriel> Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan?
* @Korivan doens't really seem to be paying close attention to most of what is happenig around him, but he does look over as he sees you approach
* @Korivan 's eyes narrow slightly, but probably he is more surprised that anything
<Induriel> Allow me to congratulate you on your victory.
<Korivan> I am Gaath Korivan.
<Induriel> Ah. Forgive me, did I address you incorrectly?
<Induriel> I am afraid I am new to my position. I meant no offense.
<Korivan> Who are you?
<Induriel> I am Ambassador Induriel of House Antalanon, representative from Aethrennar.
* Induriel looks at Korivan calmly, sizing him up...
<Korivan> Aethrennar.... hmmm
* @Korivan is dragonmarked, prominently, on his chest
<Induriel> Yes. Our noble Queen is most eager to establish a fruitful relationship with the new ruler of Nēšu Abamātu... and her allies.
<Induriel> And so I thought I should introduce myself.
<Korivan> What does your...queen...want here?
<Induriel> A peaceful and productive relationship. The city is rising in importance, thanks in no small part to your victory.
<Korivan> Aethrennar is very far.
<Korivan> YOu have no closer allies? Or does she feel....her reach so long.
<Induriel> Surely it is good to have friends wherever they can be found?
<Korivan> Strong allies... yes. But what do you bring in...frienship.
<Induriel> Knowledge, for one.
<Korivan> KNowledge of what?
<Induriel> We are practiced in certain magical arts that can be of great use, both in battle and in other ways.
<Induriel> . o O (Did May not mention me? Most likely not.)
<Korivan> I see that you are practiced in workings
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> I do have some skill, yes.
<Korivan> The Turathi have such things. We have our own magics.
<Induriel> I'm sure they complement each other well. Did they not each have their place in the victory we celebrate tonight?
<Korivan> Yes. They did.
<Induriel> And now the city is safe. For the present, at least.
<Korivan> Yes...
<Korivan> So Aethrennar has sent more mages?
<Induriel> My humble self and my aides, for the present.
* @Korivan says, looking around as though he expects tobsee them in the crowd
<Induriel> . o O (Which is more than enough!)
<Induriel> Do you expect there will be need for more reinforcement?
<Korivan> The Hrieffen do not rest idle. Bane is.... rapacious
* Sahhiru (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<Induriel> I see. What comes next, then?
* @Korivan pauses as if considering, but really listening to the voices in his head
<Korivan> That is.... a decision for the Hraal.
<Induriel> The Hraal?
<Korivan> yes.
* @Korivan tries to translate better into Turathi
<Korivan> the "war chief"
<Korivan> Hraal Hrieffen Orak Kraaz
<Induriel> I see.
* @Korivan looks around to see if he is free
<Korivan> (well, free-ish)
<Induriel> Does that mean your people may leave the city for a target elsewhere, then?
<Induriel> . o O (Or will they turn on the city itself? :O )
<Korivan> I'm sure we will discuss it....with our allies.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm sure he's free-ish)
<Korivan> Come and meet the Hraal.
* Kraaz (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Induriel> Thank you.
* @Korivan wil put an arm on your shoulder and steer you towards a shorter but buffer hobgoblin
* Kraaz is, let's say, regaling some Osoro with tales from the first raid on the Maazikai.
* Induriel waits patiently until Kraaz is done
<Korivan> Hraal Kraaz...
<Korivan> This is Antalanon Induriel
<Kraaz> Gaath Korivan! I was just telling them about that demon-goblin from our first fight after lifting the siege.
<Kraaz> Oh?
* Induriel bows
<Korivan> Hmm, yes
* @Korivan nods
<Kraaz> Well met, Antalanon Induriel.
<Korivan> He came all the way from Aethrennar to...make alliances
<Kraaz> Did he now?
<Induriel> Well met, Hraal Kraaz. I am pleased to meet you.
<Kraaz> (cue How you doin'? look)
<Kraaz> I didn't realize the Aethrennari were interested in...allies, this far out.
<Korivan> Mmm.
<Induriel> Oh, Queen Alcarinel has a long-term vision. Nēšu Abamātu is rising quickly - and your victory here can only accelerate that.
<Kraaz> Yes, the city and the Hrieffen rise together. We'll be quite the partnership, I think.
<Induriel> I agree! And it's always good to have friends, however distant.
<Kraaz> Yes, were learning much from our imperial friends. Some more than others.
<Induriel> Oh?
* Kraaz raises an eyebrow at Korivan
<Kraaz> We each have different lessons to learn, and different ones to teach.
<Korivan> Yes...
* @Korivan agrees vaguely
<Kraaz> Dominus Corvus was just telling me about the Thantopolitan campaigns in the north.
<Kraaz> Fascinating.
<Induriel> Really? What did he say about them?
<Kraaz> Ultimately? How legions fight people like us.
* Kraaz smiles.
<Kraaz> Which means he has experience that will be helpful against the other tribes, and we'll know what to avoid.
<Induriel> Your alliance must be solid indeed, then.
<Kraaz> It's ongoing.
<Kraaz> And you, Antalanon Induriel? What can you teach us? What can we teach you?
* Induriel smiles
<Induriel> As I was telling Gaath Korivan, we Eladrin do have some magical skills to offer.
<Induriel> Our realm may be far, but distance is not such a barrier to that kind of aid.
<Induriel> And I'm sure you have much to teach us in return, starting with more about yourselves.
* Kraaz gestures for you to sit.
<Kraaz> Please, sit, drink with us, and let us learn of each other's people.
* Induriel nods thanks and sits gracefully
<Induriel> Thank you, I would be pleased to do so.
* @Korivan will also sit and refresh his drink
* Induriel talks with his new potential allies for a good while