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Laris, Korivan, Eyllia and the others return to Ankai territory, where Gaath Kryx informs them that he had a dream during his death from the Ancestors and a servant of the Raven Queen warning of a dead beast that is rising... and a personal message for Laris. After arriving back in Nēšu Abamātu everyone gets caught up on all the news, and the mercenaries from the Green Steel Legion (and House Allatu) are presented to May and the court. Afterwards, Induriel consults with his advisors. Dianthea stops by to see Eyllia and Vana, who is still recovering. Korivan talks to Malak about his options for the future.


Session date: 2019-10-27
In Game date: Soon after the last session.

Korivan and Laris speak with Gaath Kryx, who has returned from the dead

<YOAW_Narrator> You make your way safely back into friendly territory with minimal incident, which I'm sure you're all pretty relieved by. Tukte, true to Damasuhu's word, proves to be a skilled healer, and can, if not completely heal your wounds, at least ease your pain and get you on your way. The Turathi prove to be companionable travelling company, though they represent a significant concern, of course.
<Korivan> (Are they bothered by the demon?)
<YOAW_Narrator> At length, you'll return to the Ankai encampment and be greeted by Gaath Kryx.
* NPC1 is now known as Kryx
<Korivan> (wait I thught he ded? :o)
* Kryx does look pretty rough, but is walking and, so far as you can tell, breathing.
<Kryx> Gaath Korivan. Hraal Laris.
<Laris> Gaath Kryx, how are you doing?
<Kryx> It seems Bane's army didn't need me just yet.
<Kryx> We must speak, later.
<Laris> Well, we are glad to have you with us until then.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Yes
<Kryx> For the moment, do we have prisoners?
* Kryx looks at Malak and Gurluk.
<Korivan> :|
<Korivan> No.
<Laris> We have... resolved the situation.
<Laris> But they are not our prisoners.
* Kryx narrows his eyes at the pair.
<Kryx> Then they are...?
* NPC2 is now known as Malak
<Korivan> They will not.... stay on your lands
<Laris> Under my protection.
* Malak , for his part, hides behind Gurluk and peeks around.
* Kryx sighs heavily.
<Kryx> As you say. You are, of course, welcome here. You must be tired.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> has there been word.... from Hraal Kraaz.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hold on, I need to do some geographical math ;) )
<Kryx> None that I know of.
<Kryx> Though I would imagine he has been informed by now, from what your warriors tell me.
<Kryx> Please, come and rest. I will have food and drink brought for you.
<Laris> Thank you.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> YOur hospitality... is welcome
* Kryx will lead you into the camp, though he'll ask that Gurluk and Malak stay with your people rather than his.
<Laris> (that's fine)
<Korivan> (Yeah, they know what they've done ;p I'll check in on Malak later though)
* Kryx will, true to his word, have food and drink brought for you.
<Kryx> Tell me how this was resolved. Was the booyashag killed?
* Laris will let Korivan handle that one ;p
<Korivan> It was not... necessary.
* Korivan says, frowning though because it isn't liek he's really had time to think this through
<Korivan> The demon's power was.... subverted. Bane acccepted it as... an offering.
* Kryx frowns, but nods.
<Kryx> And the boy and the demon?
<Korivan> (Josh would ainr be the right prefex here to indicate that the maazikai are gone and thus the kid is tribeless, or is there some other way to talk about it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Anir' seems appropriate, yes.)
<Korivan> It was.... the child. Malak anir'Magga anir'Maazikai... alone, vulnerable to their patron's lies. He wanted.... freedom.
<Laris> The boy was under the control of a malicious power, but Gaath Korivan was able to break its hold. The demon... we thought would likely become feral at that point, but it seems to remain under his control. We aren't sure how, but it has travelled with us safely, fighting to protect us when need be, and does not seem to currently pose a threat.
* Kryx again frowns, but nods.
<Korivan> The demon... protects him. I have not had time to....investigate their link. But it has wills and desires and....obedience.
<Kryx> It cannot stay here.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Yes.
<Kryx> And I cannot entirely guarantee the boy's safety among my people.
* Korivan nods again
<Korivan> I will speak to... the Kobrakai.... or the Hramuun. Maybe they will... adopt him.
* Kryx sighs wearily.
<Kryx> It would be good if the boy can be...raised well.
<Korivan> If he wishes to stay with the Hrieffen... that will take work
* Korivan says frowning, but also doesn't really think Malak will
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Yes.
<Kryx> I do not envy you this burden, Gaath Korivan.
<Kryx> Bane has given you a difficult battle.
<Korivan> Challeges... bring growth.
<Kryx> Just so.
<Kryx> More ahead, I fear.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Always @_@
<Korivan> Tell me.... we hard heard you died.
<Kryx> When I was...gone, I spoke to the ancestors and...another.
<Kryx> They said my work was not yet done here, and that this was the front upon which Bane and his allies needed me to fight for now.
* Korivan nods
<Kryx> One of your people, Hraal Laris, a servant of your Queen.
<Laris> oh?
<Kryx> She said a dead beast rises, and we are called upon to stop it.
<Laris> That sounds troubling.
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> What... beast?
* Korivan says thinking about the Turathi and the empire they are trying to proclaim
<Kryx> I...cannot remember. It is...difficult. An ancient thing, come from the south and west.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I will... seek advice form the ancestors for insight @_@
<Korivan> (though if they have anything to offer now I'd listen ;)\
<Laris> We are glad that they chose to return you to this world, as we will have need of your strength and wisdom in the days to come.
* Korivan nods in agreement
<Laris> Particularly if a battle lies before us.
* Kryx nods.
<Laris> What will your people do now? Remain here, or travel elsewhere?
<YOAW_Narrator> The ancestors are oddly quiet for now, seemingly as drained as you are, or perhaps distracted elsewhere.
<Korivan> (still? Hmmm.)
<Kryx> We will return to the lake to rest and heal, I think.
* Laris nods
<Kryx> Though it will be a little time before all are ready to move.
<Laris> If there is any aid we can provide, please let us know.
<Kryx> Thank you for your help.
* Kryx will let you go back to your own encampment, though he'll stop Laris on his way out.
<Kryx> Hraal Laris...
* Laris pauses
<Laris> Yes?
<Kryx> I have a further message from your Queen's servant.
<Kryx> It is meant for you specifically.
<Laris> Tell me.
* Kryx 's eyes cloud over, a trance state you've seen among the goblins before. He begins singing, surprisingly in Thantopolitan, his voice oddly inflected. The song is an old Thantopolitan lullaby. It speaks of the weave of fate, and an individual's role within the greater tapestry, offering solace that all things are part of the Raven Queen's p
* Kryx lan.
* Kryx looks a bit awkward after he comes back to himself.
* Laris is surprised, but listens carefully
<Laris> Thank you. I ... will think on this message.
<Kryx> I was not sure of the content. Did that mean anything to you?
<Laris> It is a song for children among my people. It tells of how we are all part of a greater plan, and our fates are guided by the Raven Queen.
* Kryx nods.
<Laris> It was a woman, who gave you this message?
* Kryx nods.
* Laris describes his mother a bit.
<Laris> Does that sound like her?
<Kryx> It is...cloudy, but that sounds correct, yes. An ancestor?
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> Thank you for bringing me this message.
* Kryx nods.
<Kryx> Thank you again for your aid.
* Laris will take his leave, then.
<Kryx> The Ankai owe you a debt.
* Kryx will let you go then.
<Laris> We are allies - it is our responsibility. We will trust that you will aid us likewise if the need comes.
* Kryx nods.
<Kryx> Our strength is yours.
* Laris will salute him and go, then.

May and Saḫḫiru meet with Laris on his return

<YOAW_Narrator> Well then, the trip will be managed with little trouble. May, you'll receive word that folks are returned from dealing with the threat to the Ankai. (I imagine you get informed when the guards spot the Drake.)
* May will arrange to have the wounded taken to the temple when the ship comes in.
* Laris will come to make his report to May, when he has a chance
* Kryx is now known as Sahhiru
<Laris> (and/or Sahhiru, of course :)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Library, meeting room, or great hall?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Up to y'all)
<May> (Laris is a friend, he gets to meet me in the library :3 )
<Laris> (aww)
* Korivan would also like to see May but I don't report to you so nyeh ;)
* Sahhiru smiles when he sees Laris.
<Sahhiru> It's good to see you returned safely, Lugal.
<May> Laris! I'm so glad you're back!
* Laris nods, returning the smile.
<Laris> It was a more difficult journey than we anticipated, and there is much to discuss.
<Sahhiru> Please, sit.
* Laris sits
<May> Yeah. We have some things to tell you too. But please, go ahead.
* Sahhiru will take a seat himself. His tail will surreptitiously touch Laris's leg reassuringly under the table.
* Laris will summarize as best as he can - the fight against the demons to defend the Ankai, pursuing the 'thread' of control until we located the boy, and how Korivan was able to sever the tie between him and the patron. Then how the demon somehow remained under his control (?) and we agreed to bring them back here as the boy wouldn't agree any other way.
* Sahhiru scowls.
<May> Where is the boy now?
<Laris> (great question? did we leave them outside the city, or what?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I feel like he'd want to stay with Korivan, if possible, so maybe on the Drake for now?)
<Laris> (okay)
<Laris> They are on the Drake presently.
* Laris then describes the orcs we encountered, the couple of fights against them and the injuries incurred, and how the mercenaries (?) of the Green Steel company came to our aid and have returned with us.
<May> I wonder how he still has control of the demon. Or maybe he doesn't and the demon just... likes him. Is that even possible?
* May looks at Sahirru
<Sahhiru> It shouldn't be.
<Sahhiru> Though one demon concerns me less than these Green Steel mercenaries.
<May> Yes. That is worrying.
<Laris> They describe themselves as servants of Dananu of House Allatu, Voice of the Dragon, Emperor of Turath. Does this mean anything to you? I know the house is an old and prominent one, but not one I thought had any remaining strength.
<Laris> Certainly not enough to claim the title of Emperor.
<Sahhiru> Well, not and keep it, I would imagine. Seems like they haven't tried to press the point too far for the moment, or we'd have heard.
<May> Yes, but if they didn't know we existed until now...
<Sahhiru> Dananu...he's well-bred, I'll give him that. The Allatu are, as you say, an old House, and favored.
<Sahhiru> Much of the House would have to have been wiped out for him to be their head, though.
<Sahhiru> He's young yet.
<May> Well... you could say the same of me.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Laris> You aren't claiming to be Empress, however.
<Sahhiru> But there should have been more of House Allatu with the Green Steel Company. His parents, for instance.
<May> Gods no. This city is enough of a headache.
<Sahhiru> Though I suppose years have passed.
<Laris> We have met only these few, although I understand their numbers are greater.
<May> Is it possible they were in... that they were in the city when it fell?
* Laris will describe the ones who came with us, and their apparent skills that we've observed (e.g. Damasuhu is a magic-user, Tukte is a healer, etc.)
<Sahhiru> It's certainly possible.
<Sahhiru> Damasuhu?
* Laris nods
<Laris> Does that name mean something to you?
<Sahhiru> Gnome, tattoos, large mustache?
<Laris> That's the one.
<Sahhiru> Dananu has powerful friends indeed.
<May> You know him?
<Sahhiru> Damasuhu is...was a favorite of the Empress. Lord Hunter, most called him.
<May> Should I ask what he hunted?
<Sahhiru> For the Empress? Traitors and malcontents. On his own time? Much the same, once they'd been condemned.
<May> Sounds pleasant.
<Sahhiru> He's dangerous. A powerful warlock, and likely still empowered by his patron. His lies in Faerie, rather than the divine realms.
<Sahhiru> The others I don't recognize, but Tukte is an...unfortunate name.
<Laris> They are certainly powerful. They managed to drive off the orcs that had threatened to overpower us, and seemed barely winded by the effort.
<Sahhiru> Well, they caught them by surprise, it sounds like, and likely weren't coming off two battles and no sleep.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<May> I'm sure you softened them up first.
* Laris gives a slight smile at that.
<Laris> Well... you said you had news to discuss with me, as well?
<May> Yes...
<Sahhiru> I believe it to be related, actually.
<Laris> oh?
<May> We had a visitor from the Amanya Hatal. Sort of. She's here on her own accord. Yula. Roimë's daughter.
* Malak is now known as Meghan
<May> She came to warn us about a vision that she had. About a beast rising up in the south. A dead beast that wants to devour us. Induriel and I performed a ritual to share her vision. It's very real.
* Laris frowns.
<Sahhiru> You see the correlation.
<Laris> I think I have also heard something about this. During the fight against the demons, the Ankai Gaath Kryx was slain, but by the time we returned to them, he had been restored to life. He brought with him messages from Bane and the Raven Queen, speaking of a dead beast that rises from the south-west and a coming threat.
<Sahhiru> Well, at least the gods are leaving us blind.
* Sahhiru sighs.
<May> If I wasn't so terrified I'd be happy that we have so many other worldly benefactors apparently looking out for us.
* Sahhiru smiles slightly at that.
<May> The question is... what do we do next?
<Laris> Why did the Amanya Hatal wish to warn us of this? do they seek alliance to better defend against the threat?
<May> They didn't.
<May> Yula came on her own. Against her mother's wishes.
<Laris> Ah.
<May> I like her. She's got guts.
<Sahhiru> Though she believes it is in their best interest to ally with us.
<Sahhiru> Or at least coordinate.
<Sahhiru> Roime didn't believe her vision, however.
* Laris nods
<May> She's going back to try to talk her mother into taking the warning more seriously.
<May> (Has she left yet?)
<Laris> Still, it is a starting point, if we can build on it to further an alliance.
<YOAW_Narrator> (She hasn't left yet, no.)
<May> I believe she's still here if you wanted to talk to her yourself.
<Laris> At some point, yes, if she is willing.
<Sahhiru> It appears we have much to do.
* Laris nods
<May> Indeed. Dead monsters aside, how were our losses at the battle?
<Laris> Vana was perhaps the most badly injured, at Captain Eyllia's hand when she was ...possessed for a time being. But Gaath Korivan and Meghan also incurred considerable injuries. I understand they will all recover, however.
* May sits forward a bit at the mention of Korivan being injured.
<May> I see.
* Laris can also speak a bit on the losses that the Ankai incurred, number-wise.
<May> At least you got there in time...
* Laris nods
<May> Ok. We will talk more tomorrow, but if there's nothing else for now then go get some rest in your own bed. You deserve it.
<Laris> Thank you.
* Sahhiru will follow Laris out into the hallway.
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
* May will stay in the library to think.
<Sahhiru> How are you? Truly?
<Laris> Exhausted.
<Laris> Worried.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> I'm very glad you're safe.
<Laris> Glad to be back.
* Sahhiru will make sure no one is around, then lean in to kiss Laris.
* Laris leans against him for a moment
<Laris> It was close.
<Sahhiru> And it sounds like Rufus is all right as well? That was a lot of taxing spellwork,
<Laris> Yes. He probably needs rest even more than I do.
<Laris> and I should get word to Dianthea that we're back. She will want to know we're all right.
<Sahhiru> Well, I hope you have enough for a bit more before you retire. Dianthea's been...well, she's maintained her composure, but she was very worried.
<Sahhiru> Oh, you can tell her yourself. She's in your quarters.
<Laris> oh :o
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> Go comfort your wife and be comforted in return. I have much work to do.
* Sahhiru will lean forward and kiss Laris on the cheek before taking his leave.
<Laris> I... I should go to her, then, you're right. Thank you.
* Laris returns the kiss and will head off to find Dianthea, then.

May officially recieves the Turathi mercenaries at court

<YOAW_Narrator> (May, you want to receive the Turathi?)
<May> (No, but I will.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh)
<YOAW_Narrator> (This being a more public type meeting, anyone else want to be there? I imagine this is a great hall situation.)
<Laris> (in principle Laris might want to be there, but in practice I feel like he might be otherwise occupied)
<Korivan> (I actually would liek to see this iof I'm not too busy ;p)
<Laris> (Laris, muffled, from inside his room: it's okay, you go ahead without mgmhhhhhrgdf)
<May> (lol)
<Induriel> I would, surely! :D
<Induriel> (ww, but right idea. :P )
* Meghan is now known as Damasuhu
* May will smile at Korivan when she sees him, although perhaps her smile might fade a bit when she sees his bandages.
* Korivan gives her a bit of aleer/smile in addition to his usual nod
* Damasuhu will be brought in accompanied by a guard, who will announce him.
* Induriel lets himself be guided in to the audience room for this meeting...
* Eyllia will be there as well with her little brother
<Damasuhu> Greetings, Siru Mamitu of House Lalu, from his highness Dananu of House Allatu, Voice of the Dragon, Emperor of Turath, long may he reign.
* Damasuhu bows deeply.
<YOAW_Narrator> His companions do the same.
<May> Greetings. Welcome to Nesu Abamatu. I hear we owe your group thanks for assisting our forces.
<YOAW_Narrator> As described, Damasuhu is a wiry gnome dressed in the manner of a Turathi lord, tattooed and mustachioed. Sumaktar is broadly built, with close-cropped hair and dark red skin. Her teeth and nails shine like brass. Tukte is not hooded today, but she keeps her eyes downcast. She appears more human that her compatriot, with olive skin, delicate horn, and a thin tail snaking behind her.
* Induriel listens as Valtheriel quietly whispers these descriptions into his ear
<Damasuhu> Our pleasure, both in giving our assistance and in finding another sittu of the Empire.
<Damasuhu> I regret only that I have nothing to offer for your hospitality. I make a poor ambassador for his majesty.
* Dianthea ( has joined #gnomeland
<YOAW_Narrator> (horns*)
<May> We are very glad of your assistance and I take that as more than enough of a gift, but I'm afraid that I must disappoint you slightly. Nesu Abamatu is not a sittu of the empire any longer. We are an independent city.
<Damasuhu> Of course, Siru Lalu. I merely referred to our shared heritage. I apologize if I have given offense.
<May> Not at all. I just want to make sure we are on the same terms.
* May smiles.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sittu just means "remnant." It's not like a political division or anything.)
<May> (Oh, I thought maybe it was like a Satrap)
<Damasuhu> You and your people seem to have done quite well for themselves. You must be quite proud.
<May> (Either way, I stand by it)
<May> Thank you. I am. They are good people. We're trying to build a place here for ourselves in the empire's absence.
<May> We welcome all who enter the city with good intentions.
<Damasuhu> The Empire's quiescence, shall we say. I assure you, it lives on.
* Damasuhu nods.
<May> Does it.
<Damasuhu> In land, little enough, I'll grant. In strength and conviction, very much so.
<Damasuhu> Much as your own corner of the world has done, I'd wager.
<May> I'm glad to hear that. It's comforting to know that not all of my homeland was lost.
* May does not seem conforted.
* Damasuhu nods graciously.
<Damasuhu> I am glad to have brought good tidings.
<May> Will you be staying long in the city? I'm sure you have much news for us from the south.
<Damasuhu> I should think we can't stay for long, but we are happy to share news. Perhaps we can send a more formal delegation in the future?
<May> Of course. We would be more than happy to open lines of communication and diplomacy with your people. It may be a great benefit to us both.
<Damasuhu> I very much hope so, Siru Lalu.
<YOAW_Narrator> (That seems good for that scene, unless you have more to add?)
<May> Until then I will have rooms prepared for you and your companions in the castle. Please, if there's anything you require let me know.
<YOAW_Narrator> ( :) )
<May> (No, I think we're good there. We at least have a measure of each other now)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Okay, who wants to talk to whom and where?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Lot of catching up to do :) )
<Laris> (Korivan and May should catch up ;)
<Korivan> (May :x)
* May will send a message to Korivan after the gathering to meet her when he can.

Induriel consults his advisors concerning this new development, and then visits their leader

br><Induriel> (Well, I'll want to find out what's been going on, and get a briefing from my peeps on what the heck the new arrivals portend. If anything.)
<Induriel> (And of course, visit them to pay my respects after that.
<Induriel> )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Okie doke. I think the Laris/Dianthea scene is about to wrap up. Y'all want to do May and Korivan there, and Induriel can talk to his peeps and then the Turathi in here?)
<May> (sure)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Or y'all can grab another channel, of course)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I don't want to cut anyone off)
<Induriel> (Sounds good! I still have my be-somewhere-at-5 deadline, so I appreciate being able to go next...)
* Sahhiru is now known as Valtheriel
* Induriel consults with his entourage after the audience
<Valtheriel> Back to your apartments, Lord Antalanon?
<Induriel> Indeed. I would like to discuss these developments...
* Induriel is led back to his apartments. As soon as the door closes, he turns to Valtheriel.
* Valtheriel will guide you there.
<Valtheriel> Quite the turn of events.
<Induriel> Yes. Their arrival here is most unexpected.
<Induriel> Fortunate, from what I hear... the Nesu Abamatu force was in some trouble when they came to the rescue.
<Induriel> However, this insistence that the Empire still exists...
<Valtheriel> A concerning development, to be sure.
<Induriel> Well, perhaps it is merely bravado. But who is - or was - His Highness, Damasuhu?
<Valtheriel> There are more remnants in Aethrennar, but they've never tried to claim continuance.
* Valtheriel pauses a moment.
<Valtheriel> Firstborn son of Akanna and Persu of House Allatu. A boy when Turath fell.
<Induriel> He does seem very much the Turathi lord. But you say he is a gnome.
<Valtheriel> (Oh, sorry, Dananu is the Emperor, Damasuhu is the gnome. She was answering about Dananu.)
<Induriel> (My mistake - I got the names confused too, and thought Damasuhu was referring to himself as a Highness. :P )
<Induriel> And he represents the rightful heir of the house? Or claims to...
<Valtheriel> Damasuhu, called Lord Hunter, or simply "the Huntsman" was an unblooded member of the Haiatu. (The intelligence network of Turath.)
<Valtheriel> So he claims, yes.
<Valtheriel> Dananu would have been...sixth in line for his House, I believe. And Turath had no formal line of succession for the Imperial throne.
<Induriel> No, indeed. The idea of there being any *need
* for succession was treasonable - Ratha was to rule forever.
<Induriel> (What does 'unblooded member' imply, here?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Not dragonmarked.)
<Valtheriel> Indeed.
<Induriel> So this Prince Dananu, if he is indeed alive, would be the rightful heir?
<Induriel> To... well, to all formerly Turathi lands? And alliances?
<Valtheriel> Formally? Unlikely. I would imagine it's a grandiose claim for legitimacy.
<Valtheriel> For instance, Queen Alcarinel's fealty was to Ratha.
<Induriel> It would definitely be, shall we say, *difficult
* to assert any such claims. Still, it is a delicate point to keep in mind when dealing with them.
<Valtheriel> Yes, my lord.
<Induriel> So we can safely claim that alliance has been fulfilled, and that we are free to negotiate new terms. Should we choose to enter another.
<Induriel> And any attempts to claim our allegiance may be politely but legitimately rebuffed by pointing that out.
<Valtheriel> Yes.
<Induriel> However, perhaps we will be best served by ignoring the issue. For now.
<Induriel> What does this Damasuhu's appearance mean for us?
<Valtheriel> It is difficult to say for now. At the least, it is another faction to navigate.
<Induriel> They may be considerably less sympathetic to Vanilorra, however. That at least is a positive.
<Valtheriel> Something to consider in dealing with them and Siru Lalu.
<Induriel> What of their military strength?
<Valtheriel> Difficult to assess. The Green Steel Legion numbered some 5,000 before the Fall, but that number could have fluctuated wildly in the intervening years.
<Induriel> I seem to remember we thought they might be near a while ago...
<Valtheriel> Off to the south, over the mountains. Not quite near, but somewhat within the sphere of concern of Nesu Abamatu.
<Induriel> (Is that where we'd expect them to be? I thought the main lands of the Empire were more to the east of us or something.)
<Valtheriel> They are under contract with Iter-Was, much as the Ola Sorne are.
<Valtheriel> (Turath was south and west of here, significantly so)
<Induriel> (Goes to show what I know. :P )
<Induriel> Well, we must make sure that we are among the first to pay our respects. Let us go and see them, as soon as they are settled in.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh, it happens. There's a lot to keep track of)
<Valtheriel> Yes, my lord.
<Valtheriel> (And we can head on to that?)
<Induriel> (sure!)
* Damasuhu will have been given a room in the newly expanded portion of the keep.
* Valtheriel can guide Induriel there.
* Induriel reaches out for Valtheriel's arm so she can guide him to Damasuhu & company's new quarters
* Induriel waits to be announced and permitted entrance
* Valtheriel will handle that formality.
<Damasuhu> Please, come in, Lord Antalanon.
<Damasuhu> You are quite welcome in my...these quarters.
* Valtheriel will lead you in and to a chair.
<Induriel> Thank you, Daialu Damasuhu. You are most welcome in Nesu Abamatu! Your arrival here is a cause for great happiness.
<Damasuhu> For some, I'm sure. It is a wonderful surprise to find the city, and moreso to find it doing so well.
<Damasuhu> Well enough that Queen Alcarinel has seen fit to dispatch an ambassador, even.
<Damasuhu> A blessed land indeed.
<Induriel> Indeed. In her wisdom, Her Majesty perceived that this place had great potential. I believe it is only beginning to fulfill it.
<Induriel> I am sure that Siru Lalu appreciates the help you gave the city's forces.
<Damasuhu> We could of course act no differently.
<Damasuhu> But I am happy we were of assistance.
<Induriel> Yes. Now that contact has been established, I hope we will have a long and happy association.
<Damasuhu> I hope for the same. Perhaps you could tell me how Aethrennar fairs? We've had little news from the north, with the demon lands blocking much trade. I trust your homeland is well?
<Induriel> Yes, thank you. Aethrennar still stands, and is still guided by the wisdom of Queen Alcarinel.
* Induriel frowns
<Induriel> Unfortunately, her territory is... somewhat reduced.
<Damasuhu> And unfortunately common turn of events.
<Induriel> The rebellious Traitor lómelindë remains unrepentant, and maintains a war camp far away, in Vanilorra.
* Damasuhu nods.
<Induriel> I am sorry to say that he has even managed to insinuate some representatives into this very court.
<Damasuhu> A shame, really. Your Queen could use his counsel and his people in these trying times, had they remained loyal.
<Induriel> Indeed.
<Damasuhu> That's not surprising. These dark times make for strange alliances.
<Induriel> An unfortunate necessity, as you say.
* Damasuhu nods.
<Induriel> I understand that you and your company are yourselves associated with Iter-Was, to some extent?
* Damasuhu nods to that, as well.
<Damasuhu> They offered shelter to our people, much as it seems Aethrennar did to House Lalu. We're currently helping them secure an area for a northern settlement.
<Damasuhu> Well, southern from your perspective.
<Induriel> . o O (More loyal to your patrons than Mamitu was to hers.) :/
<Induriel> Indeed. I take it they hope to be neighbours to Nesu Abamatu soon, then?
<Damasuhu> It would seem so, though I did not know it at the time.
<Induriel> Did they not realize the town survived, then?
<Damasuhu> I should say that I did not, or at least not to this extent.
<Damasuhu> I believe they've maintained some trade, but that is not my area of expertise.
<Induriel> Ah. Well, I'm sure the two polities will be able to come to an arrangement. How far north was Iter-Was planning to expand?
<Damasuhu> I'm not entirely sure, but presumably they'd prefer to use the mountains as a northern border.
<Induriel> (That's still well south of us, right?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (They're just south of the Ankai lands. Basically the Ankai lands are up into the foothills, but then it's orcs past that.)
<Induriel> That should cause no conflicts then, I hope.
<Induriel> And you are engaged to help clear the lands up to that point, I suppose. And afterward?
* Dianthea is now known as Merula
<Damasuhu> Time will tell. I imagine it will take a few years to truly secure.
<Induriel> I am sure you are correct. I am ill equipped to evaluate military matters myself, I fear.
<Induriel> However, now that you have been re-united with us, I hope you will give some thought to perhaps pursuing that association after your current duties have been duly discharged.
<Damasuhu> It is not for me to say, Ambassador, but I will relay the thought to his majesty when next I see him.
<Induriel> Simply something to consider among the possibilities for the future.
<Induriel> In any case, I am most glad you are here.
<Damasuhu> I thank you for your kind welcome, Lord Antalanon.
<Induriel> It is my pleasure, Daialu Damasuh.
<Induriel> I will leave you to rest - and go write a letter to inform my Queen of the happy news of your arrival.

Xyrin and Dianthea come to check in on Eyllia and Vana

<YOAW_Narrator> While you're sitting with Vana, you hear a soft knock on the door.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Presumably in Vana's cabin, but wherever she happens to be)
* Eyllia will quietly go to the door and crack it open
<Eyllia> yes?
<YOAW_Narrator> You find Xyrin and, incongruously, Dianthea standing there.
<Xyrin> I wanted to come see Vana.
* Xyrin says quietly.
* Eyllia gives a muted smile
* Dianthea tries a careful smile.
<Eyllia> of course
* Eyllia will open the door and let the pair of them in
* Eyllia will give her brother a quick hug
<Eyllia> I'm sure she appreciates your concern
* Xyrin hugs Eyllia quickly and goes in to sit with Vana.
<Dianthea> He's a good kid.
* Dianthea says quietly.
<Eyllia> thank you for escorting him down
<Dianthea> It didn't seem like a good idea to let him wander the city alone.
<Dianthea> I hope I'm not intruding.
<Dianthea> I just wanted to see how you and Vana were doing.
<Eyllia> its fine
* Eyllia will close the door once everyone is in the room (which for a boat means its a little cosy with all of them in it)
<Xyrin> She's going to be all right, right?
<Xyrin> (Says in Primordial)
<Eyllia> everyone tells me she should recover... I just don't know how long it will take
<Eyllia> (the first part was in primordial)
<Dianthea> (Quietly, in Primordial) I'm sorry.
* Eyllia looks at Dianthea, trying to hold back some tears.
* Eyllia looks away
(In Turathi) I've been talking with Xyrin. I picked up a little.
<Eyllia> nothing you did... but thank you
* Dianthea makes to grab for Eyllia's hand while she looked away, but stops herself.
<Dianthea> I can sit with them for a while, if you need to rest. I'll pray for her.
<Eyllia> I'm sure he's been getting into everyones hair while I was gone
* Dianthea gives a small smile.
<Dianthea> He's just excited to be away from home, I think.
* Eyllia nods
<Xyrin> (In Primordial) You know I can hear you, right?
<Eyllia> Oh I know
* Eyllia gives him a smile
<Eyllia> for just a few minutes... I'll be in my cabin
<Eyllia> (in response to Dianthea's question)
* Dianthea nods and smiles hesitantly.
* Eyllia will turn to go, but spins and gives Dianthea a quick hug before slipping out of the room

Korivan shows Malak around the city and talks to him about his future

* Korivan will offer them an escorted trip off the ship
* Malak will come along, riding on Gurluk's back.
* Malak stares openly at the sights of the city.
<YOAW_Narrator> The city, or its citizens, just as openly stare back at Gurluk.
<Korivan> (I'm not sure we can go into the city.... not far, or for long anyway)
* Korivan will ride because that's still easier than walking.
* Korivan will let them get out and get some air and take in a few sighs before finding somewhere more solitary for a break to talk more seriously
<YOAW_Narrator> (There's areas of beach nearby. You could take him along the river, maybe.)
<Korivan> (that works)
* Korivan will dismount carefully and find a nice rock he can sit against
<Malak> I'm...sorry he hurt you.
* Malak says, seeing Korivan's discomfort.
<Korivan> He was protecting you.
<Korivan> he still is
* Malak nods.
<Korivan> why is that? @_@
* Gurluk grunts approval of that assertion.
<Korivan> Demons... are not kow to form such bonds naturally
<Korivan> (known)
* Korivan says, watchingn him when he grunts
<Malak> My tribe had many demons.
<Korivan> Did you... summon them? Breed them? @_@
* Korivan frowns, realizing you're a kid and might not know
* Malak shrugs.
<Malak> I don't know.
<Malak> Gorluk has always been with me.
<Korivan> Did they all behave like Gurluk?
<Malak> Since I was a baby.
* Malak stops and thinks on that.
<Malak> Sometimes, some of them would be violent, and the warriors and the booyahg would have to stop them.
<Malak> But never Gurluk.
* Malak smiles proudly.
* Gurluk grunts and nods.
* Korivan looks at the demon
<Korivan> Do you speak? Do you know anything of this?
* Korivan doens't speak any primorial but worth a shot?
* Gurluk snorts and shakes his head.
* Korivan considers
<Korivan> YOu are still a child.... but were you being guided, but youelders? Towards some path? @_@
* Korivan asks Malak again
<Malak> They said I have the blood of the gods.
<Malak> I'm meant for things.
<Malak> I...don't know what that means anymore.
<Korivan> did they say.... which gods? @_@
<Malak> Eraklyor, Hazinet, Goravun...
<YOAW_Narrator> (These are all demon patron names you at least nominally recognize)
* Korivan nods, frowning
<Korivan> What do you want, now?
* Malak frowns.
<Malak> I don't know.
<Malak> It's been nice to be around people.
<Malak> People who weren't trying to make me do things for them.
<Malak> Or hitting me.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> like the orcs?
<Malak> ...Yeah.
* Gurluk gives a low growl.
<Korivan> here you have Lugal Laris's protection, but he cannot control all of the city.
<Korivan> There are Gabburim tribes that may take you... and Gurluk
<Korivan> With the Hrieffen.... it weould be difficult @_@
<Korivan> But not... impossible, perhaps
<Malak> The Hreiffen hate us.
<Malak> I wouldn't be safe there. Would I?
* Merula is now known as Harbinger
<Korivan> Maybe. Gurluk would be.... less safe.
<Korivan> I can only offer what protection... I can enforce @_@
<Malak> Where do you think I should go?
<Korivan> The Hramun... have no love of Bane.
<Korivan> there may be.... less contention. but I don't knwo them well @_@
* Induriel ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Korivan> There is also... the Kobrakai
<Korivan> Both are strong tribes
<Malak> The Kobrakai served the Osoro?
<Korivan> yes
<Malak> And the Hramunn...the northern elves. Haatal?
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> rthough they fought for the mercenaries.\
<Korivan> the are good warriors
<Korivan> (they)
<Malak> They wouldn't try to hurt Gurluk?
<Korivan> I think.... it coudl be managed
<Korivan> we would have to talk to them
<Korivan> I might need to... know more.
<Malak> What would I be there?
<Malak> I have no kin among them.
I have no kin anywhere, other than Gurluk.
<Korivan> if they take you..... you will be one of them
* Malak nods, frowning in thought.
<Korivan> They would bring you into one of their clans.
<Korivan> there are....rites for it
<Korivan> I would... speak to their Gaath
<Korivan> but I have....fewer ties there
* Korivan also thinks
<Korivan> there may be... other options
<Malak> What options?
<Korivan> mmm....
* Korivan says, mulling over the idea
<Korivan> We coudl send you to them as... a foster. perhaps
<Malak> So what clan would I belong to?
<Korivan> Tehyb would care for you.... differenlty, but you would maintain ties.... to one of our clans @_@
<Malak> A Hrieffen clan?
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Mine.... if any.
<Korivan> YOu do not have to decide.... now
<Korivan> but soon @_@
<Malak> O...okay.
<Korivan> There are other things I would like to kow about you... if you...and Gurluk....will allow it
<Malak> Like what?
<Korivan> prophecies of your birth... the nature of your ties
<Malak> How will you find that out?
<Malak> My people are gone.
<Korivan> you know....where the answers dwell @_@
<Malak> Well, I mean, the orcs have some of them, but they're not really Maazikai any more.
<Malak> Oh.
<Malak> My blood?
* Korivan nods
* Malak sighs like a child having to go to bed.
<Malak> I guess.
<Korivan> Good... I will make preparations.


Korivan check on Eyllia

* Korivan will comne back to the encampment and come and find where Eyllia si with the wounded
* Eyllia is next to Vana holding her hand
<Korivan> She is recovering....well.
<Eyllia> I would have killed her... I would have killed all of you
* Eyllia turns her face away to hide the tears
<Korivan> YOu didn't.
<Korivan> YOur spirit....was supplanted
<Eyllia> It was my hands... my blades... if you hadn't...
<Korivan> But... I did.
* Eyllia hands her head low
<Eyllia> thank you
* Korivan shrugs
<Eyllia> If I you didn't stop me... it would have destroyed me
* Korivan gestures at his leg
<Korivan> We all have.... weaknesses. A tribe is stronger... together.
<Eyllia> your leg! How is your leg?
<Korivan> Better.
* Eyllia voice trembles with concern
* Korivan shrugs, though it is still bangaged and he does have an obvious limp
* Eyllia lays Vana's hand down gently and stands to face Korivan
<Eyllia> injured and you still managed to save me
* Eyllia moves closer to Korivan
* Korivan isn't going anywhere
<Eyllia> I wont forget what you did for me
<Korivan> We are... allies. YOu have lent us your strength and skill... many times.
* Korivan puts a hand on your shoulder
<Korivan> and you will... again.
<Korivan> And Vana
* Eyllia looks down at Vana
<Eyllia> I need to take care of her. Make sure she is safe.
<Korivan> We'll go back you... your ship soon.
* Eyllia nods
<Eyllia> There will be plenty of room for everyone
* Korivan also nods
<Korivan> Eyllia... don'
<Korivan> t let this break you nerve
<Korivan> Her spirit is stonger than your swords @_@
<Eyllia> I do hope you are right
<Eyllia> was there something you needed?
* Eyllia looks back to Korivan
<Korivan> No. Just lookin in on you and...the others
* Eyllia nods
<Korivan> We will let you know when we are making ready to leave, but for now.... rest.
<Korivan> Relax. We here.
<Eyllia> when we do get back to the Drake... I can help you with your leg. I have no talent for bandages, but I can take your mind away from it... if you want.
* Eyllia will ever so lightly run her fingers up the bandages, just grazing them
* Korivan grins
<Korivan> Yes, that woudl be good
<Eyllia> until then
* Eyllia will slip out of Korivan's hand and kneel next to Vana
* Korivan will let you go back and sit with your injured friend and think about later

Meghan also check on Eyllia and Vana

* Meghan will likely pass Korivan on her way to check on Eyllia and Vana.
<Meghan> How is she?
* Meghan asks quietly.
<Eyllia> they tell me she will recover
<Meghan> Thank the gods.
* Meghan is herself still bandaged where the demon injured her wing.
<Meghan> How are you?
* Meghan will come sit by Eyllia.
<Eyllia> I hurt... I'm not injured but I hurt
* Meghan will hesitantly reach out to place her hand on Eyllia's shoulder and try to give her a (at least initially awkward) hug.
* Eyllia will hug her back
<Eyllia> Are you going to be ok?
<Meghan> I'll survive. I've recovered from worse.
* Meghan turns her head to show her burn scars a bit more prominently for a moment.
<Meghan> Are you going to be okay? What can I do?
<Eyllia> I just need to make sure Vana is going to be ok, make ammends for what happened.
<Meghan> It wasn't your fault.
<Eyllia> So I've been told
* Eyllia frowns
<Eyllia> which doesn't make me feel much better
<Meghan> I'm sorry.
<Eyllia> this is the second time magic has rendered me more than useless.
* Meghan frowns.
<Eyllia> I didn't even see who did it to me
<Eyllia> how do I fight that?
<Eyllia> how do I stop being such a liability
<Meghan> It's a different sort of skill.
<Meghan> You're *not
* a liability.
* Eyllia has tears in her eyes again
* Meghan will hug Eyllia again (or more tightly, if they hadn't completely stopped).
<Meghan> You've saved so many people. You saved my life just days ago.
* Eyllia accepts the comfort
<Meghan> You're swift and strong and loyal and...
* Meghan sighs.
<Meghan> And good. And my friend.
* Meghan finishes a little awkwardly.
<Eyllia> and if you were a little swifter, you might not have been hit
* Eyllia weakly teases
* Meghan laughs despite herself.
<Meghan> Not all of us are blessed with a river's swiftness, you ass.
<Meghan> I just have to make due with a dragon's hide.
<Eyllia> just be more careful... its not easy for someone my size to carry you around.
<Eyllia> you can be such a pain for such a good friend
<Meghan> I can't imagine it's easy for someone your size to do a lot of things. Reach high shelves, for instance.
* Meghan grins.
* Eyllia giggles
<Eyllia> Stop it. Cant you see I'm trying to be sad.
* Meghan puts on an exaggerated frown.
<Meghan> Then I'll stay and be sad with you.
<Meghan> Lighten the load. Gods know you can't lift much.
<Eyllia> thats all I ask
* Eyllia will hold Vana's hand and lean on Meghan

Laris is reunited with his wife

* Laris will head to his rooms to find Dianthea.
* Dianthea will rush to embrace Laris once he enters.
* Laris had been somewhat anxious at the prospect of an immediate reunion, but feels some of that worry lift when she is in his arms.
<Laris> I'm sorry I kept you waiting - I didn't know you were here.
<Dianthea> I...understand you have other duties.
<Dianthea> I was so worried.
* Dianthea will rise up to kiss Laris.
* Laris kisses her back.
<Laris> I'm all right. Rufus is as well.
* Laris assures her once he has his mouth free again ;)
<Dianthea> Oh, thank Fate.
<Dianthea> I was just about to ask.
<Laris> although I think he might need to sleep for a few days.
<Dianthea> Should we send for him? I'd hate to think he must recover in some barracks bed.
<Laris> if he's not already resting, certainly we can.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Laris> I wouldn't want to wake him if he's managed to find a spot to rest. but I'm sure he would prefer to be here.
<Dianthea> I know time was of the essence, and it was necessary to leave when you did, but...
<Dianthea> I suppose I will get used to this sort of thing. I know what your position entails.
<Laris> I regret that I wasn't able to tell you in person.. to say goodbye properly.
<Dianthea> Perhaps when you are rested, I can say hello properly.
* Dianthea says with a smirk.
* Laris smiles at that
<Laris> I would like that.
* Dianthea hugs Laris tighter for a moment.
<Dianthea> How did things go in the south?
<Laris> Unexpectedly complicated.
* Laris can give her the summarized version of the events.
<Dianthea> That poor child.
<Laris> Yes. I'm not certain what will become of the boy, or what these Green Steel troops intend.
<Dianthea> And Vana and...Eyllia. They're recovering?
* Laris nods
<Laris> They are nearby, if you wish to see them.
<Dianthea> I should call on Korivan as well, while he is here. I know he has his own healers, but I'm not unskilled.
<Laris> I'm sure it would be appreciated.
<Dianthea> But, of course, I need to get you settled in, first.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> You need rest.
<Laris> I do...
<Laris> have you been here long? how have you fared?
* Laris doesn't quite want to let her go yet.
<Dianthea> Well, there's definitely been some concern. Merula and I consulted the Queen, and got similar impressions to what the Amanya Hatal emissary did.)
* Laris nods
<Laris> I think that Gaath Kryx had a message from my mother... with a slightly different theme.
* Dianthea looks taken aback.
<Dianthea> From your mother?
* Laris nods.
<Laris> I can't be certain, and his memories of what he experienced were clouded.
<Laris> but he said it was a message for me specifically.
* Laris does his best to sing the song. he's probably not a great singer but at least can get his point across.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> I remember that one. My mother used to sing it to me when I was a child.
<Laris> I'm not certain what it means - if it means anything beyond the words, that is.
<Laris> is it simply to try and comfort me? to tell me that all of this is part of the Queen's plans?
<Dianthea> That's sweet, if so.
<Dianthea> Odd, through Gaath Kryx, though.
<Laris> Yes. He also spoke with Bane, or an emissary of Bane, and they seemed to be... both communicating to him together?
<Dianthea> Hmm.
<Laris> I'm not sure - theologically speaking - what that might mean, other than that they are both concerned in this matter.
<Dianthea> The Queen and Bane are...well, allies seems strong. But aligned in interest, at least. Moreso than the base cooperation of the gods, I mean.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Perhaps Gaath Korivan will have some other insights into the meaning of this.
* Dianthea nods.
<Laris> and Fata Merula's advice would indeed also be welcome, as always.
<Dianthea> We can consult with her, once you've rested.
* Laris nods
<Laris> very well... you're right, I should rest.
* Dianthea smiles.
* Laris gives her another kiss first, though.
* Dianthea returns it happily.
<Dianthea> Come. I'll stay with you until you fall asleep, and then go see about Rufus.
* Laris will go lie down with her, and probably fall asleep in about 2 minutes ;)

Laris checks in with Merula about Kryx's message

* Dianthea is now known as Merula
* Merula is presumably at her temple.
* Laris will go to talk with Merula the following day (whenever people let him get out of bed ;p)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh)
<Merula> Legatus Corvis, a pleasure as always. I'm glad to see you home and well.
* Merula smiles brightly when she sees you.
<Laris> It is good to see you as well, Fata Merula.
<Laris> I hoped to speak with you - is this a good time?
<Merula> As good a time as any. How can I help you?
* Laris considers where to start.
<Laris> During the battle against the demons, the Ankai Gaath Kryx was slain, but then returned to the living. He brought with him certain messages from Bane and the Raven Queen.
<Merula> Returned to the living?
<Merula> That's quite unusual.
<Merula> What messages did he bring?
<Laris> I don't know the details of what happened. We were given to understand he perished, but when we were passing back their way, he was once again among them. Perhaps he was only very close to death?
<Laris> He said that Bane did not need him yet.
* Merula nods.
<Laris> He told us that he was still needed here, as a conflict was coming.
<Laris> an ancient dead beast rising to threaten us, and we must stop it.
<Laris> Perhaps this sounds familiar...
* Merula nods.
<Merula> Dianthea and I have seen something similar in the Weave, yes.
<Merula> Did he give any indication what that might mean?
<Laris> And apparently a daughter of the Amanya Hatal leader also came with such a message.
* Merula nods.
<Merula> We had the chance to speak to her, a little.
<Laris> His memory was clouded. There was one part that particularly interested me, however - he drew me aside to tell me it was for me alone, from an emissary of the Queen. I think it may have been my mother.
* Damasuhu is now known as Dianthea
<Merula> Oh?
<Laris> A song. A child's lullaby.
* Laris speaks the first few words of it.
<Laris> do you know it?
* Merula nods.
<Merula> A favorite of mine, actually.
<Merula> That was the message from the Queen?
<Laris> So he said. I don't know what it signifies - if it means anything beyond the surface meaning? and why would this message come to him?
<Merula> Well, if it was meant for you, he was merely the method of its delivery.
<Merula> Does it have any special significance to you?
<Laris> (does it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You remember it from your childhood, and you think your mom liked it, but it doesn't mean anything particularly significant offhand)
<Laris> I can remember it from my childhood, of course. But I don't know of any special meaning to it.
<Merula> Hmm.
<Merula> Perhaps we just don't have all the information.
<Merula> The gods can be tricky like that.
<Merula> They can be just as constrained as we, in their way.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Did you have any other information that might guide us as we try to further determine the meaning of the 'dead beast' visions?
<Merula> I'm continuing my auguries. I'd like to work with Domina Mamitu, if you can get her to find the time.
<Merula> She is the lady of these lands, and I think she is the best conduit for such workings.
<Laris> I'm sure she will be willing to provide what assistance she can, when it's a matter of such gravity.
* Merula nods.
<Merula> Great trials lie ahead, I fear.
* Merula chuckles.
<Merula> That came out perhaps more traditionally than I meant.
<Merula> I have faith in Nesu Abamatu, as well as our Queen.
* Laris nods, smiling slightly.
<Laris> We are all concerned, but at least it seems we have powerful allies who are trying to warn us.
<Laris> even if the warnings are ... as yet obscure.
<Merula> Which is its own kind of concerning, really.
* Laris nods
<Merula> Given my gifts, and my patron, I'm used to seeing things in a broader context. What is so important here that it draws so much divine attention?
<Merula> Perhaps we move towards what Harbinger was sent for.
<Laris> Perhaps, yes.
* Dianthea is now known as Gurluk
<Laris> I appreciate your aid in this matter. I'll see what I can do about encouraging Domina Mamitu to assist you further in your divinations.
<Merula> I appreciate it.
<Merula> And I am always happy to help.
<Merula> If you have a moment, I have something of a more personal matter to discuss.
<Laris> of course
<Merula> This feels...of less consequence at the moment.
<Merula> Though, of course, of immense consequence to myself.
<Merula> I know it's not necessary, him being a free man and all, but I wanted to ask you how you would feel if I were to ask Calkas to marry me.
* Laris looks surprised for a moment, but smiles
<Laris> I would be very glad for you both. I know he cares for you greatly.
* Merula smiles.
<Merula> Neither of us have family to speak of. I was hoping you, Dianthea, and Rufus might be willing to stand with us?
<Laris> Of course. I would be honoured.
<Laris> can I talk to him about it yet, or ... is it a surprise?
<Merula> Well, I haven't asked him yet, but I don't plan to wait.
* Laris nods
<Merula> I just wanted to let you know.
<Merula> He cares about you very much.
<Laris> I will keep my excitement to myself, then. For now.
* Laris pauses, not quite sure what is appropriate to do, but will give her an awkward hug.
<Laris> (awkward but happy ;)
* Merula will give Laris a nice, if somewhat surprised, hug back.
* Merula is now known as Harbinger
* Laris will have a look around for where Harbinger might have gotten to.
* Harbinger will find you as you are leaving the temple. :)
<Laris> ah - I was hoping to see you.
* Harbinger nods.
<Laris> I was going to ask if you felt that your.. purpose here, was drawing closer at hand. if you had any insights that might help us prepare for this threat that all sides seem to be warning us of.
* Harbinger frowns.
<Harbinger> Something is coming.
* Harbinger sighs.
* Laris nods
<Harbinger> I can *feel
* it, but I cannot see it.
* Induriel ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Laris> many different seers speak of a dead beast rising somewhere in the south-west.
* Harbinger pauses.
<Harbinger> Being one myself, that is both comforting and concerning.
* Harbinger says with no inflection.
<Laris> You are not a beast.
<Harbinger> It was humor.
<Harbinger> Or its corpse.
* Laris nods, smiling slightly.
<Laris> If it would help, I can try to secure more detailed descriptions of what they have seen.
<Harbinger> Seer speak in riddles. When I was...before, I thought it was maddening. Now I know it is worse for them.
<Harbinger> (Seers*)
* Laris nods
<Laris> It is mysterious for all concerned, I think.
* Harbinger nods.
<Harbinger> I think...I might return to the south.
<Harbinger> For a time, to see what I may find.
<Laris> Certainly. Is there anything I can provide in the way of aid?
<Harbinger> I require little.
<Laris> Very well.
<Laris> Be safe, and return swiftly.
* Harbinger nods.
* Harbinger gives a rare smile and will turn to go.
* Laris will head back to the fort to probably do 87 other things he needs to take care of ;)

Korivan and May make time for their own reunion

* Korivan can meet you.... in the librry? Somewhere else that you decide?)
* May will be there waiting :)
<May> Korivan!
* May will run up and *gently
* hug you when she sees you.
<Korivan> May
<May> I'm so glad you're back. Are you ok?
* Korivan will embrace you right back
<Korivan> I'll be... fine.
<May> You're limping...
<May> Here... sit.
* Korivan says, though you can see the ughly bruising alongb his side, fading but still dark on his orange skin, and the bandage on his thigh
<Korivan> I don't need... to sit
* Korivan says, but will, compromising by pulling you into his lap
* May will allow herself to be pulled but be mindful to not sit on his bad leg.
* May will kiss him.
* Korivan kisses back eagerly
<May> Mmmm... Are you sure everything is ok below the waist? Didn't lose any important bits?
* Korivan grins
<Korivan> Want to take a look?
<May> Always. But I'm afraid it would only increase your recovery time.
<Korivan> There's always...somethign to recover from
* Korivan points out
<May> That's no lie. I was hoping things would be quiet for a bit before all this happened.
* Korivan runs his hands down along your (presumably bare) shoulders
<Korivan> yes.... nothing is quiet.
<Korivan> But it is good to see you again @_@
* May nods.
<May> I'm so happy you're back.
* May runs a hand gently over your bruises.
<Korivan> YOu say that...
* Korivan teases
<May> What? You don't believe me?
* May strays her hand a bit lower.
<Korivan> you could... show me.
<Korivan> I could.... show you >:)
* May will do so.
* Korivan says, hands also drifting lower
<Korivan> (so later then :V)
<May> (Cut to after careful bonings?)
<May> (heh)
<Korivan> (Yeah)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Make an Agility check to avoid worsening his wounds ;) )
<May> (hahahahahahahaha)
<YOAW_Narrator> (j/k)
<Eyllia> (your no match for my 5 dice!)
<May> !roll 2d6
* Lan-werk rolls for May: [ 2d6 ] getting [ 5 2 ] for a total of [ 7 ].
<Korivan> (ow. -_-)\
<YOAW_Narrator> (I was kidding, but that's enough to at least not make things worse, I would think.)
<May> (hee)
* Korivan will just let the endorphins carry him through ;p
* May will have you lean your head against her and stroke your hair when we're finished.
<May> Is that convincing enough?
<Korivan> Yes. I already...feel better.
<May> Good.
* Korivan says, though you can tell he's not *not
* in any pain after all that
<Korivan> It was a...difficult trip @_@
<May> You really should take it easy. At least for a few days.
<May> You need rest.
<Korivan> mm, if I can.
<May> I know. Responsibilities.
<Korivan> These Turathi.....are strong. They concern me. And Gaath Kryx had... concerning tidings from the gods @_@
<May> Yes. So did we. Or from something at least.
<Korivan> tell me?
* Korivan asks, brushing your hair back out of your face
<May> One of the Amanya Hatal, Roimë's daughter, came to us with a vision of a great dead beast rising in the south. I saw it for myself through a ritual. It was terrifying.
* May shivers.
<Korivan> mmm... Yes... an ancient power.... from the south and east. @_@
<Korivan> (west, rather)
<Korivan> there is a fight coming @_@
<May> Korivan... I'm really scared this time.
* Korivan nods
<May> I don't know what I'm doing.
<Korivan> YOu are not... alone, May.
<Korivan> None of us are @_@
* May nods.
<May> I know. But my people... what if I'm leading them to the slaughter?
<Korivan> YOu can only face the challenge.... and do your best
* May nods.
<Korivan> that is how we learn....all we are capable of
<Korivan> Our strengths are untested... hidden. But I see them.
<Korivan> (Your)
* May smiles and leans down to kiss your forehead.
<May> Thank you.
<Korivan> I will see what more I can learn.... of these threats.
<May> Me too. We're sneding out informants to find out what they can and I plan to look through all my works of prophesy. There may be something in there if this is to be a major event for the region.
<May> Forewarned is forearmed.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> perhaps it would be wise also to speak to Gladius @_@
<May> Yes, we should.
<Korivan> I do know think if these mercenaries would be a threat to him.... but even so @)@
<May> He knows a lot about a great many things.
<May> And we are blessed that we can call him an ally.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> YOu shoudl go see.. Eyllia. And Vana, when you can
<Korivan> Meghan was wounded fighting the demonds....
<May> I plan to. Are they ok?
<Korivan> she is healing
* May nods.
<Korivan> Eylli'a was... possessed during a battle with orcs, and struck Vana down @_@
<May> Gods...
<May> She must be beating herself up over it terribly.
<Korivan> Vana is healing, but she has not yet awakened, and this is not Eyllia's... domain of strength @_@
<Korivan> She will heal as Vana does.
<May> I'm sure she'll find a way to comfort herself.
* Korivan grins a bit
<Korivan> yes but it will do her good... to see you, as well
<Korivan> (Maybe more than a bit)
<May> Tomorrow. Everyone deserves at least one good night of sleep upon returning.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I shoudl tell you too, how things went with the Booyashag
<May> Yes. I heard some of it.
<May> Is the boy ok?
* Korivan can fill you in
<Korivan> he is on the Drake for now
<May> Will you take him in?
<Korivan> as is his demon, Gurluk
<Korivan> The dmeon... complicates that. We will see... what he wants. What is possible
<May> Seems to me that having a tame demon on your side could be quite a boon.
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> That's... too simple.
* May grins teasingly.
<May> Not everything has to be complicated. God knows the world could use some more simplicity.
<May> (Gods)
<Korivan> This is of those things.
<Korivan> :/
<Korivan> The Hrieffen are still... healing, also.
* May nods.
<May> So are you.
<May> I mean it when I say to be careful with those wounds.
<May> I want to have you around for a good long while yet.
* Korivan smiles. "I will... try"