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A planning session to coordinate efforts to go after the Maazikai. It is decided that Laris and Sahhiru will go to the Osoro to see if they will lend any troops while Kraaz leads some of the Hrieffen troops to scout. Meanwhile, May prepares to summon demonic aid to cover the approach of the rest of their forces, andKorivan consults the Booyagh about trying to manifest direct aid from the Ancestors.


Session date: 2018-01-28
In Game date: Immediately following previous session

Planning Meeting

<YOAW_Narrator> I believe the plan was to gather and plan our possible military excursions?
<Laris> yeah. see whether they still feel so confident when they're hungover ;)
<Laris> So, who all is at this meeting where we make our plans? Laris, Kraaz, Korivan...Sahhiru and May maybe?
<YOAW_Narrator> Who all else do you want to have there?
* May will show up under even more duress than usual and sit very quietly and awkwardly, not making eye contact with Korivan.
<Laris> Varinia maybe?
<YOAW_Narrator> Because this could be extended out to commanders, yeah.
* @Korivan would have hd the other Shamans go do some auguries if we're getting ready to do more fighting :p
<Laris> I'm fine with having commanders there, if you guys want to bring some of yours.
<May> (Josh, what was our commander's name? I need to write it down.)
<Laris> (Kadanu - it's on the wiki)
<May> (Just saw it. Thanks! :D )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah. He's the commander of your infantry, and probably also your overarching military commander.)
* @Korivan seems as distracted as usual, and maybe a little tired/hungover still
<YOAW_Narrator> (I mean, you have at least 6 officers, all told. A little short-staffed, but workable.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The Hrieffen can probably get by with just Kraaz and Korivan, but you can bring an entourage if you want.)
* @Laris has, as promised, made sure there is food - maybe we're meeting around lunch time
<YOAW_Narrator> Where did y'all want to meet?
* @Korivan will let Kraaz worry about that - this is really more his schtick and I'm here for support and advice more than anything
<May> (Do we have like a war room?)
<Laris> (gentlemen we can't fight in here, this is the war room!)
<Korivan> (depends on where we're meeting - at the keep?)
<Laris> (at the keep would be preferable for Laris I'm sure)
<YOAW_Narrator> (hee)
<Korivan> 9our war room is Kraaz's tent, I assume)
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm sure you have a meeting place for these types of things in the keep, yes.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, pretty much)
<May> (Cool)
<May> (No more meeting in the library. Too much yelling.)
<Laris> Good day. I trust you are all recovered from last night's festivities.
* Kraaz smiles at that.
* Kraaz is probably also scarfing down the provided food.
<Laris> Please partake of the refreshments.
* @Laris says, eyeing you already doing so
* Kraaz is not at all fazed.
* @Korivan will also eat becuse someone reminded him, thanks Laris
<Kraaz> So, we're here to plan how to finish Valax and the Maazikai, yeah?
* Kraaz says between mouthfulls.
<Laris> It was proposed that we pursue them and strike while they are still in disarray from the previous battle, yes.
<Laris> However, our own troops may also need time to recover - if we press them while they are weary, we may face other problems.
* Sahirru (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Laris> It was proposed that we might supplement them with fresher forces - such as my archers.
<Sahirru> This is my concern
<Sahirru> They are reeling, yes, but do we have the troops to finish them?
<Sahirru> Dominus Corvis, is the idea then that we would leave some of the recently blooded troops here as the garrison?
<Laris> That would be one option, yes.
* @Laris glances to Varinia to see if she has thoughts on that.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Can I get you to roll me a Warfare test?)
<Laris> (yes, do I get the 1d for Strategy?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yes)
<Laris> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for Laris: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 2 1 5 2 4 ] for a total of [ 14 ].
<Laris> (so 13 I guess)
* @Korivan is trying to stay focused, frowning slightly at Sahhiru as he speaks
* May glances at Korivan.
* Chorus is now known as Varinia
* Varinia steps forward and places a map on the table.
<Varinia> Apologies to our Hrieffen friends, I'm sure you know the geographical situation.
* @Korivan glances back briefly before looking down at the map
<Varinia> The Maazikai hold the plains south of the Hrieffen lands, up into the hills beyond.
<Varinia> The lake in those hills is their home base, as it were.
* @Laris nods
<Varinia> Dominus, we estimate that the Maazikai can field about 700 troops, roughly equal parts blooded warriors and green troops. They lack cavalry, but by all accounts they're effective on their home ground.
<Laris> In the hills cavalry would be less effective in any case.
<Varinia> Their allies along the coast, the Ankai bugbears, can add an additional 200 troops, veteran raiders.
<Laris> If we could station archers on higher ground above them, we might gain an advantage that way.
<Varinia> We're not entirely sure what Valax has managed to cobble together, but we estimate another three to four hundred troops, even after the recent loss.
* @Korivan scowls at that
<Kraaz> That can't be right.
<Kraaz> Two hundred at the most.
<Varinia> *shrugs*
<Korivan> (do they have a necromancer?)
<Varinia> We like to plan for the worst.
<YOAW_Narrator> (The Hrieffen?)
<Korivan> (well, the ones with Valex >.>)
<Korivan> (Like, coudl he have zombies ;)
* May looks down at the map, studying the geography.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, he probably has a few.)
<Korivan> Two hundred living....
<May> Could we... draw them out? Somehow?
<Korivan> (Also I assume that Holgalaz or someone will come find us if they get anything useful from the auguries and if I need to roll anything for that, lemme know)
<Kraaz> Right. He took Garunn and her apprentices with him.
<YOAW_Narrator> (okie doke)
<Laris> So they may have undead troops?
<Varinia> That puts it at eleven hundred to our full thirteen hundred, plus the warships and House Lalu's sorcerers.
<Varinia> That was our estimation, yes, Dominus.
<Varinia> There's also the possibility of the Maazikai summoning in demonic reinforcements, but our best estimate is that their, ah, favor is spent.
* @Laris nods
* @Korivan glances at Sahhiru again, but says nothing
<Laris> What sort of defences would we be leaving here?
* @Laris asks Varinia
<Varinia> Thirteen hundred is the entirety of our forces.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> How many of ours are wounded?
<May> So we'd be defenseless here?
<Varinia> The walls are still being rebuilt, but we could still defend well with just one hundred men.
<Varinia> It's possible we could bring the warships to bear, if we struck at the Ankai first.
<Varinia> Hit their flank, catch them between our force and the city.
<Varinia> So long as we hold a connection to the coast, we maintain greater mobility.
<Sahirru> What of our neighbors? Surely they have little love for the Maazikai as well?
<Korivan> The Osoro....are friendly
<Laris> The Amany Hatal are, if not friendly, at least also not overly belligerent - they are unlikely to attack us while our backs are turned.
<Korivan> They halflings hate the Maazikai
<Sahirru> Could we convince the Osoro to aid us? The Maazikai have some numbers, but they're also disorganized and vulnerable.
* May tries to keep all these tribe names straight in her head.
<Laris> We could attempt to do so.
* @Korivan listens to the voices for a moment
<Kraaz> Do we truly need the smallfolk and their ilk? It's only the Maazikai.
<Korivan> they could not ride today
<Laris> (how long would it take to reach the Maazikai 'base'? and how much extra time would it add to go talk to the Osoro first? I'm not sure of distances here)
* @Korivan looks at Kraaz
<YOAW_Narrator> The distances are actually pretty short.
<Korivan> And the Ankai.... and Valex.
<YOAW_Narrator> It'd take a day, maybe two to go and meet with the Osoro.
<YOAW_Narrator> The Maazikai lake is maybe 50 miles from Nesu Abamatu.
<Laris> What if we send scouts to ascertain the positioning and strength of the Maazikai, while another delegation pays a visit to the Osoro? Then we rejoin ... here, say, with whatever forces we have been able to gather, and prepare to attack.
* @Laris points to a spot on the map just above the lake.
<Laris> That way someone gets to ride today.
* @Laris says dryly.
* @Korivan nods
<Kraaz> I like it. We can ride out to scout this afternoon.
<Laris> Above all else, however, do not attack early.
* @Laris knows what you lot are like ;p
* Kraaz grins.
<Kraaz> We'll stay our hand from glory until it can be shared.
<Korivan> The ancestors approve... we will see what the auguries say @_@
<May> Wait...
<May> Maybe they should attack early.
<May> But... not too early.
* Sahirru looks up with interest, impressed that May has an opinion.
<Sahirru> Oh?
* Kraaz smiles at May.
* @Korivan watches her
<Kraaz> If you wish it so.
* @Laris looks over, crossing his arms.
<May> Well... the hills are their territory, right? Can't we lure them out? Fake a charge with the hrieffen troops and pull them away from their camp?
* Varinia is now known as Kadanu
<May> If they're anything like you guys they'll follow
* @Korivan frowns at that assessment
<Kadanu> We could try, Siru, though they know our strength as well as we know theirs. It may be difficult to draw them out.
<Korivan> Valex....will know better
<May> Oh...
<Laris> As well, it's a risk to attack prior to our full forces being present. It's a tactic I would not prefer to employ before the rest of our troops are in waiting.
<Kraaz> But the Ankai and the Maazikai might fall for it. They're more vulture than drake.
* @Laris says, but not tooo harshly - because he's also at least impressed that May had an opinion
* @Korivan nods to Kraaz
<Laris> The strategy itself is not bad, but we need to be able to back it up with strength.
<Kraaz> There's not a lot of room to hide troops on those plains.
* @Korivan considers whether there is some magic that can help with that, on a big enough scale
<May> We can hide troops.
<May> With enough magic.
<Korivan> mmm.
* @Korivan agrees, still considering
<May> Maybe supplement the charge with some illusory troops also.
<May> Once we're all in place.
<Sahirru> That's a significant working...
<Korivan> two...
* @Korivan considers whether we could supplement with other troops though - whether the ancestors could be incited to fight for us to some extent
<May> It's... just an idea...
* May says a bit meekly.
<Korivan> Perhaps.... we could summon other aid of our own
<Korivan> Spirits @_@
* @Laris turns to May, considering her plan
<Laris> It is not a bad idea. It is only that it is not one we've employed before, as we had not previously had someone of your skill.
* May looks around to make sure he's talking to her.
<Kraaz> Truly summoned, Gaath?
<Kraaz> Not simply watching over us, but fighting alongside?
<Korivan> Yes. But that too would be a great working...
<Kraaz> Well, we do have some offerings...
<Laris> The strategy you speak of is one that has been used previously by the Nalta Yaru, who are vassals of the Amanya Hatal. It might be possible to convince them to aid us in such a matter - although it risks angering their allies.
* Kraaz says contemplatively.
* Kraaz spits.
<Kraaz> Bah! To the hells with the ghost gnomes.
<Laris> If the Domina wishes to make an approach to them for aid in this effort, I would not object. But to undertake so many such large magical workings on our own is a greater risk.
<Laris> We might instead focus on one, such as to hide our troops until the attack.
<Laris> Yes, you.
<Sahirru> You have the least baggage to bring to such a negotiation.
<Sahirru> You're ideally suited...siru.
<Korivan> Mmph. That's two new allies and great magics. Too much time.
* May looks like a deer in a light spell.
<Laris> I agree that it is many complications to add to what ought to be a straightforward plan. Let us decide which is most likely to succeed, and not cause other problems for us.
<Korivan> We should wait for the auguries then.
<Laris> Recruiting the Nalta Yaru is uncertain and also could lead to future complications.
<Kraaz> Scouting is a good idea regardless of the auguries, no?
<Laris> Recruiting the Osoro is more likely to be successful, although they are not as powerful - but we should not discount the strength of the small folk.
* @Korivan nods to Kraaz
<Sahirru> How quickly do we mean to strike? The Osoro also have many allies.
<Laris> In two days, I believe was the goal.
<Laris> Before they can successfully rebuild their strength.
* Sahirru nods.
* @Laris turns to May, since she's looking mildly trapped ;)
<Laris> Domina, would you work with the magic users on an illusion to hide our troops as we prepare to attack? If you find you are able to do more, then very well, but focus on that first.
<May> Yes. Yes, of course.
<May> I can do that...
<Laris> Very well, thank you.
<Kadanu> And our troop deployment? The sorcerers stay, of course. Anyone else on defense?
* May smiles for just a moment.
<Kadanu> Are we to commit all our troops to a recon in force?
* @Korivan looks to Kraaz
<Laris> I believe it was proposed to leave the injured behind to guard the walls.
<Kraaz> I will take our scouts and cavalry for the initial scouting. The rest can move with the Imperials under cover.
<Kadanu> We can shift some around, leave the second talon of archers here. They're not the Corvis elite, but they'll hold.
* Lan-phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Laris> Very well.
* Kadanu is now known as Varinia
<Varinia> Dominus.
* Varinia salutes and goes to leave before catching herself.
<Varinia> Domina.
* Varinia salutes May as well before leaving.
* Varinia is now known as Kadanu
* May awkwardly salutes back.
* Kadanu looks a little grumpy at that.
<Kadanu> By your leave, siru.
<May> Of course. Thank you.
* Kadanu bows and retreats.
* May seems to let out a breath she's been holding for a long time as people file out.
<Kraaz> Well, I should go and gather the troops. I promise not to win the war before yours arrive.
* @Korivan chuckles at that
<Kraaz> Gaath, a moment?
* @Korivan nods
* @Korivan will rise to leave with him
<YOAW_Narrator> (Okay, Kraaz is going to have some words with Korivan, but also Sahirru is going to talk to the two left in the room first)
* @Korivan will glance at everyong left briefly (maybe a little less briefly at May) before we go, and no
<Korivan> (go)
* Sahirru will wait for them to head out
* May will glance at Korivan as well.
<Sahirru> (To Laris) What do you think? Is it feasible?
* @Laris ponders for a moment
<Laris> I have concerns that we are overextending ourselves.
<Laris> But if it is a chance to eliminate this threat for good, it is a chance we may have to take.
<Laris> Especially to preserve our alliance with the Hrieffen.
<Sahirru> The Hraal is effective, certainly, and Gaath Korivan is clearly talented, but...I worry.
<Sahirru> We're committing a lot of strength on this one chance.
<May> You always worry.
<Sahirru> Someone has to, niece.
* Sahirru smiles to take the sting from his words.
<Sahirru> I don't want to see this endeavor smothered in its infancy.
<Laris> To gain the alliance of the Osoro would be a great benefit.
<Sahirru> Indeed. I found them to be reasonable folk. I think they could be made to see the benefits of alliance.
<Laris> You have had dealings with them before?
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sahirru and May would have traveled through Osoro lands to get to Nesy Abamatu)
<Sahirru> Briefly, on our journey here.
* May grins slightly.
<Laris> I have mainly met with their traders who visit here. Their leaderships are less well known to me.
<Sahirru> We negotiated passage, with our troops, which would indicate to me that they at least weren't against the idea of our taking up residence.
<Sahirru> They knew of our purpose.
<May> Well, between the two of you it sounds like you would have a good shot...
* Sahirru narrows his eyes at May but nods.
<Laris> If you were willing to accompany me, it would be appreciated.
* May looks innocent.
* @Laris says to Sahhiru
<Sahirru> Of course, Dominus. I am the city's humble servant.
* Sahirru says with a wry smile.
<May> Well, sounds like you two have your hands full. I should go see Temu.
* May heads for the door
<Sahirru> I'll need to speak to her as well, niece. Allow me to accompany you.
* May sighs and waits for him to catch up.
<Sahirru> (to Laris) I'll be ready to leave forthwith.
<Laris> Very well.
* @Laris picks a stray olive off the remains of the meal and eats it, absent-mindedly.
<May> <w> it's never that easy, is it...
<Sahirru> (Once they are out of the room) This is a mighty undertaking, May. Possibly dangerous.
<May> I know...
<Sahirru> Are you sure you're ready?
<May> Uncle, I've been studying magic for ten years. I can handle some illusion spells.
<Sahirru> On this scale? I believe in you, May, I do, but there is a lot counting on this.
<Sahirru> We'll have troops whose lives depend on it.
<Sahirru> ...Allies lives as well.
* Sahirru says a little pointedly.
* May looks a bit disturbed at that.
<May> I can do this.
<Sahirru> All right. Make me proud.
* May smiles.
<May> I will, uncle.
* Sahirru smiles back and nods.
* May leans up and kisses him on the cheek.
<Sahirru> I believe I don't need to speak to Temu after all. You have this handled.
<Sahirru> And I need to pack.
<May> Good luck.
<Sahirru> And you.
* Sahirru will head off to gather his things.
<May> :3

Kraaz and Korivan discuss their plan

<Kraaz> So, is that what it's like in your head all the time?
<Korivan> Hmp.
<Kraaz> Eighty different opinions and each one arguing?
<Korivan> sometimes.
* Kraaz nods.
<Korivan> some voices are louder
<Kraaz> Well, I can shout pretty loud. :)
* @Korivan grins at that
<Kraaz> I was hoping we could get a blessing before we ride out.
* @Korivan nods
<Korivan> Of course
<Kraaz> This seems like something the ancestors would want, but I want to make sure.
<Kraaz> And Bane knows, the Maazikai need defeating.
<Korivan> They like this plan, yess... Some disdain the Osoro.
* @Korivan nods to that.
<Kraaz> The Osoro...they're not warriors, but they speak well. Maybe that's something we could use.
<Korivan> Mmm, somethign the Turathi can use.
<Korivan> we'll see
<Korivan> I will see what other aid we can summon
<Kraaz> And I'll lead the charge. We all have our tasks ahead.
* @Korivan nods
<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, preparations can begin apace, with Kraaz riding out in the afternoon, and Laris and Sahirru doing the same?
<Laris> yup
* May will spend the day talking to Temu and the mages and seeing how feasible her plan is and working out the logistics.
<YOAW_Narrator> Can I get Korivan to make a magical Awareness test?
<Korivan> (sure!)
* Lan-phone ( has joined #gnomeland
<Lan-phone> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for Lan-phone: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 6 2 1 5 2 ] for a total of [ 16 ].
<Korivan> (13)
* Laris changes topic to 'there are actually several things wrong with me lovin' you, let me enumerate them. I have a spreadsheet.'
<YOAW_Narrator> (hee)
<YOAW_Narrator> The ancestors support this endeavor, and Bane's favor shines upon your undertaking.
* @Korivan can include that in the blessing if that comes in before Kraaz leaves.... I men I'll probably say it anyway, but I can sy it with more authority >.>
<YOAW_Narrator> (hee)
* @Korivan will consult with the others about the summoning too

Laris delegates command

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, those consultations both seem like the could be interesting scenes. Julie, did you have anyone you wanted Laris to talk to before heading out, or anything to do beforehand?
<Laris> Just probably to check in with Varinia to make sure things are okay before he goes. we don't need to play that out unless she has some major objections or anything.
<YOAW_Narrator> I think she's fine with it. Especially so to get her troops out into the field and show these newcomers how it's done. ;)
<Laris> And to tell Calkas that even if the Harbourmaster (or whoever) thinks he's in charge, he knows what to do if things go awry ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> Calkas: Slap 'em around in your name. Got it.

May consults with Temu about how to turn an entire invisible

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so, Tuck, May is going to see Temu.
<YOAW_Narrator> For ease sake, we'll say she's in May's library.
* Kraaz is now known as Temu
<May> (I assume they've known each other a long time)
* Temu is a middle-aged human with some clear diabolic blood, but not enough to make her a tiefling. Reddish skin and gold eyes, but no horns or tail.
<Temu> (Yeah, that would make sense.)
* Temu is sitting going over some scrolls.
* May comes into the library at a jog and spots the mage.
<May> Temu! Good, you're here!
<Temu> Siru May. How may I serve?
* Temu smiles when she looks up.
<May> You can help me make an army disappear.
* May smiles wide.
* Temu laughs.
<Temu> I'm sorry?
<May> Ok, so, we're going after the Maazikai, and we want to lure them into a trap. I need to see how many of our forces we could conceivably hide with an invisibility spell.
<Sahirru> Genuine invisibility?
<Sahirru> (ww)
<Temu> Genuine invisibility?
<Temu> I'm not sure.
<May> Genuine enough to fool the enemy for long enough to get them into the trap. There may be some shortcuts we can take.
<Temu> Absolutely.
<Temu> We could summon fog, or make it more of a camouflaging effect...
<May> We'll need to scry the terrain first. See what we have to work with.
<Temu> Build a different illusion around them, Herd animals or something?
<Temu> There's always summoning to do the work for us.
* May grins
<Sahirru> How many do we need to hide? Do they need to be able to move?
<Temu> For the duration of the illusion, I mean.
<May> About a thousand...
* Temu blinks.
<Temu> May, that's a job for...
<May> Us!
<May> It's a job for us!
* Temu pauses and nods.
<Temu> Yes, I suppose we are the Imperial sorcerers now, as much as any.
<May> C'mon, I know we can do this. How many sorcerors do we have?
<Temu> A full unit, 20 sorcerers, plus apprentices. 60 in all, for ritual purposes.
<May> Ok, so we'll need a circle... I can design that myself. It'll need to be enormous...
* May 's mind is racing with possibilities.
<Temu> We should have the space. The great hall, or possible the temple of Asmodeus in the city?
<Temu> How long do we have to prepare?
<May> The temple. I'll talk to Kalu. Maybe some of the priests can help.
* May grimaces slightly.
<May> ...two days?
<Temu> Two d...okay
<Temu> Then I suggest we go for summoning. We don't have time for an extended casting, nor the strength for a brute force working.
<Temu> Luckily, the library here has a good selection of names.
* May nods.
<May> I'll start looking for a candidate you gather the rest of the troops and get started on the dimensional anchors.
* Temu grins.
<Temu> Yes ma'am!
* May cracks herknuckles and looks at the shelves of books.
<May> Let's get to work.
<YOAW_Narrator> Tuck, can I get you to roll me a Knowledge Test
<YOAW_Narrator> ?
<May> (research helps?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Sure
<May> !roll 7d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 7d6 ] getting [ 3 4 4 2 2 4 1 ] for a total of [ 20 ].
<May> 17
<Korivan> (That can't be right how many dice do you keep?)
<May> (5)
<Korivan> (nm I can't count)
<YOAW_Narrator> You come across the name of Pazaru, the Princess of Hidden Things, which should work nicely for this ritual.
<May> Excellent :3
<YOAW_Narrator> May can begin working out the specifics of the ritual.

Korivan consults with the Booyahg about invoking the Ancestors

<YOAW_Narrator> I believe Korivan wanted to consult with his shamans?
<Korivan> (yup)
<YOAW_Narrator> Luckily, they're already gathered, what with the auguries and the blessing.
<YOAW_Narrator> Kraaz is off a-scouting, and the rest of the camp is abuzz with troops making ready.
<YOAW_Narrator> The shamans are probably gathered in front of your tent (yurt, I think we said?).
<YOAW_Narrator> Or possibly inside. It's pretty big.
<Korivan> (sec, phone)
<YOAW_Narrator> (kk)
<Korivan> (Yeah, we miht spill oout too, unless the weather is bad. ~liminal boundaries~)
<Korivan> (How many are there?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Probably a bit less than May's contingent. 30-40, say)
<Korivan> There is something I would liek to try, to aid the battle...
* Temu is now known as Valrek
<Korivan> The ancestors want to fight beside us, and wreak their wn revenge on the traitors @_@
<Korivan> If we can bring them forth
* Valrek is one of the older shamans that was kind of passed up in your favor for Gaath
<Korivan> (keen)
<Valrek> Bring them forth? Call them into our world from the plains of the Conqueror?
<YOAW_Narrator> There are general mumbles from the gathered.
<Korivan> some form
<Valrek> It sounds like you might have a more specific idea than just 'some form'.
<Korivan> TO manifest their spirits, and embue them with power over the living
<YOAW_Narrator> More mumbling, a little worried this time.
<Valrek> That is an...ambitious idea, Eryvet Gaath.
<Korivan> The not beyond us
<Valrek> It will require sacrifice, and a vessel.
<Korivan> yes.
<Korivan> We have...some options
* @Korivan listens
* Sahirru is now known as Voices
<Voices> *whispers*like to like.a warrior.a spear.a mount.*whispers*
<Korivan> They want a warrior
<Korivan> (did Kraaz take all our cavalry already?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, but you still have horses around)
<Korivan> (well clearly)
<Korivan> Mounted.... a spear...
<Korivan> Like for like. We give; they give.
<Valrek> You traded all our ready sacrifices to the imperials.
<Korivan> Mmm...
* @Korivan looks out over the readying camps
<Korivan> We will find.... a willing sacrifice.
<Korivan> it will be more pleasing.
<Valrek> Certainly someone will be brave enough to join the ancestors.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Valrek> Will we sacrifice before the march? Or in the field?
<Korivan> In the field.
* Valrek nods.
<Valrek> You heard the Gaath. Find us a sacrifice!
<YOAW_Narrator> The booyahg will file out, unless you had more to tell them.
<Korivan> (I think that's probaby good. I presume we'l have some people stay back at the ritual site, as that seems SOP, but we can assume they've already been picked)
* @Korivan will go about figuring out what all we will need for this, and have someone pick out a good horse as well)
<YOAW_Narrator> Can I have you roll Persuasion and Animal Handling?
<Korivan> WHELP
<YOAW_Narrator> heh
<YOAW_Narrator> It's not reliant just on you, I'm just curious.
<Lan-phone> !roll 3d6
* @Korivan rolls for Lan-phone: [ 3d6 ] getting [ 1 2 1 ] for a total of [ 4 ].
<Korivan> (lol, so that's persuasion)
<Korivan> (I mean I have the Authority trait which reduces my difficulty but that's a
* shitty roll)
<Korivan> (and I guess that's "during an intrigue' whatever that means)
<Lan-phone> !roll 2d6
* @Korivan rolls for Lan-phone: [ 2d6 ] getting [ 1 1 ] for a total of [ 2 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> An intrique is like social combat in this system.
<Korivan> (wow. yeah. Animal handling)
<YOAW_Narrator> I haven't had us do much with it yet.
<Korivan> (I could barely have rolled worse for that, WOW)
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan: We'll use that horse. Halgalaz: Gaath, that's a goat.
<Korivan> (I am just goign to assume he's SUPER DISTRSCTED, liek, the voices are all excited and he's trying to figure out what all is goign to be needed for the ritual and not wanting to fuck up and unleash a hoarde of angry ghosts on our own troops and such)
<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so, the booyahg will not be relying on Korivan's expertise in selecting a warrior and a mount.
<Korivan> (GOOD CALL)
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll eventually bring you one of your much older cousins and a perfectly cromulent horse.
<YOAW_Narrator> But we'll get to the sacrifice later.
<Korivan> (keen)
<Korivan> (As long as the ancestors seem happy)

Laris and Sahhiru travel to meet with the Osoro leader Iaga

<YOAW_Narrator> Julie, were you thinking Laris and Sahirru would ride out to the Osoro, or try to take a boat upriver?
<YOAW_Narrator> The latter doesn't preclude bringing horses for later.
<Laris> Maybe take a boat and then have horses to go from there to the proposed battle site?
<YOAW_Narrator> Okie doke
<Laris> since speed is of the essence
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm assuming since he owns warships that Laris has a boat that's good for this sort of trip.
<YOAW_Narrator> Possibly one of the smaller warships.
<Laris> okay
<YOAW_Narrator> This isn't really my area of expertise, but I think something like this: (Heather?)
<Korivan> (Yeah somethign like that)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's not a particularly long trip by boat to get to the Osoro territory.
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll reach it by mid-evening if you leave at a reasonable time. While you get the sense that you're being watched, you don't have any contact until the following morning.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Well, no contact with the Osoro :p)
<Laris> (okay - so camp out alongside the river for the night or something?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sure, that makes sense.)
<YOAW_Narrator> In the morning, your sentries will alert you to a group of halflings waiting on the shore nearby.
* @Laris will send someone to let them know we wish to talk.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your envoy returns to nervously report they say you can come to them.
* Voices is now known as Sahirru
* @Sahirru smirks at that.
* @Laris is mildly annoyed but will do so, I SUPPOSE.
<YOAW_Narrator> You can make your way to their landing site. A group of about twenty armed halflings awaits, the one you presume to be their leader from the amount of jewelry she's wearing (bracelets and armbands, some rings and a necklace) standing in the rough center.
* Kadanu is now known as Corada
<Laris> Greetings from the city of Nēšu Abamātu.
<YOAW_Narrator> You recognize Carada, one of the traders you've had some dealings with, standing next to the leader.
<YOAW_Narrator> (What language are you using?)
* Valrek is now known as HalflingLeader
<Laris> (...Turathi maybe? is that sort of commonly used around here?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's become something of a lingua franca, yeah.)
<Laris> (that seems best, then)
* Corada translates that for the halfling leader, who responds in the halfling language
<Corada> Greetings to you, Dominus Corvis, from Iaga of the Osoro. She bids you welcome to our lands if you come in peace.
<Laris> We come in peace, but with a message concerning battle.
* Corada relays your message to Iaga, who frowns.
* HalflingLeader is now known as Iaga
<Iaga> What message?
* Iaga asks in heavily accented Turathi.
<Laris> The Maazikai have been driven back but they still retain some of their strength. We seek to finish them off, and we hope for aid in those efforts.
* Iaga frowns, but waits for Corada's translation.
<Iaga> You want Osoro help against Maazikai?
<Laris> Yes. If you are willing, it will be a boon to both our peoples. The land will be safer, and trade more secure.
* Iaga nods at you and the translation.
* Iaga says something in halfling.
<Corada> She says that, ah, the benefits might not be in balance.
<Corada> But concedes the Maazikai should be dealt with.
* Corada adds quickly.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> What could we offer to ... increase the benefits for your people?
<Iaga> Who gets Maazikai land?
<Laris> The Hrieffen will lay claim to it - but if there is some part you seek, we would of course seek to reward our allies appropriately.
* Iaga answers Corada's translation with a barrage in halfling, the two of them speaking quickly back and forth.
* Corada finally makes a placating gesture towards her chief.
<Corada> She seeks assurances that the Hrieffen will suspend their raids.
<Corada> She does not want to be allies today and enemies tomorrow.
<Laris> I have no representative of the Hrieffen here to speak for them, but I will put my efforts into making sure the raids cease. They will recognize the benefits of having the Osoro as allies.
<Laris> . o O (I hope)
* Iaga doesn't look impressed.
<YOAW_Narrator> Can I get you to roll me Persuasion?
<Laris> (do I include Intimidate, or no?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I wouldn't think so from what you've said so far, but if you want to intimate some intimidation, that's fine by me :p)
<Laris> (maybe I can try to imply that clearly the Hrieffen will listen to me because I'm so intimidating ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh, fair enough)
<Laris> !roll 4d6
* @Korivan rolls for Laris: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 5 4 4 2 ] for a total of [ 15 ].
<Laris> (13)
<Iaga> What do you want from us?
* Iaga says something in halfling.
<Corada> She wants to know what, specifically, you are asking of us.
<Laris> We seek warriors to aid in our attack.
<Iaga> When?
<Laris> Tomorrow.
* Iaga blinks, then laughs.
* @Laris says, realizing that may not go over well.
* Iaga says something in halgling
<Corada> She says you have much confidence in your persuasive ability, but she enjoys risk takers.
<Iaga> Continues in her own language.
* @Laris has no idea how to tell her how extremely wrong she is about me, but will nod because that's safer ;p
<Corada> It would be difficult to gather warriors, and she will not command them, but she will give leave to any who wish join you.
<Laris> Very well. I can ask for no more than that. We will venture out in...
* @Laris glances at Sahhiru
<Corada> She says also that she will send runners to the Katalal, to give you leave to pass through their lands, and to assist you if they will.
<Corada> Their hatred of the Maazikai is well-known.
<Laris> By noon, let us say, on horseback. Any who care to join us may accompany us then.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> Thank you.
* Iaga nods imperiously.
<Iaga> Good luck, Laris of the Corvis people.
<Laris> Thank you, Iaga of the Osoro. May we meet again.
* Iaga will turn to deliver orders to her people, sending runners as well as two of the five boats they came in.
* @Laris looks over at Sahhiru
shall we ... retreat for the moment?
It seems prudent.
<Sahirru> (after you have some distance) That wasn't so terrible.
<Sahirru> She's...capricious, but that's workable.
<Laris> I am not the most... comfortable person to deal with. I know this about myself. I only hope that I have not gone too far in promising them a cessastion of attacks on behalf of the Hrieffen.
<Sahirru> I think we can see that promise kept, if only by providing Kraaz with other targets.
* @Sahirru smiles.
<Laris> That was my hope. Perhaps they will be sufficiently distracted.
<Sahirru> Even with a victory in this battle, there's a good chance we'll have our hands full chasing the Maazikai for a while yet.
<Laris> And perhaps if we pass through Katalal territory, we can accumulate a few more troops.
<Sahirru> It's slightly out of our way, but with Iaga's runners already bringing word...
<Sahirru> *shrug*
<Sahirru> We can make up the time, and it could garner more troops.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> If we ride on ahead, we can apprise our allies of the situation. It may be beneficial to have fresh warriors arriving later in the fray, too - if we are able to surprise the Maazikai with ambushers as they attempt to retreat, for instance.
* @Laris likes talking about tactics :3
<Sahirru> You have a good head for these things.
<Sahirru> I'm afraid my knowledge of warfare is more...theoretical.
<Laris> Well... it was my training and practice for many years, before I undertook to rule a city.
<Laris> It is good to have the opportunity to use those skills, even if I would prefer that we not need to do so.
<Sahirru> A warrior who does not prefer war. A rare breed, I think.
* @Sahirru smiles.
<Laris> I have seen enough of its effects ... I prefer settling trade disputes. Less loss of life.
<Laris> Usually.
<Sahirru> That depends on the trade and the disputes in question.
<Laris> True.
<Sahirru> It's refreshing, though. Mine are a people on conquest, and, while I believe this land would benefit from order, there are other ways to go about it.
<Sahirru> (of conquest, not on conquest)
<Laris> It's much simpler if everyone realizes they should submit to us.
* @Laris says dryly.
<Sahirru> Your mouth to the gods' ears.
* @Sahirru grins again.
* @Laris manages a slight smile.
<Laris> (so how many folks do we manage to leave with? or do I need to wait til next time to find out? ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> I thought I'd leave it til next time, though I did already figure it out. :p


Laris and Sahhiru talk plans after speaking to the Osoro

<Sahirru> (I don't think I'll need a Narrator hat for now)
* Yvie is now known as Laris
<Denise> now thats a transition!
<Sahirru> heh
<Laris> sliiiightly different headspace, yes
<Sahirru> (Though now, from a somewhat narrative standpoint, I'm trying to figure out the scene here. Do we have chairs? Just a blanket? Servants to sit on? :p)
<Sahirru> ("You there. Be a chair.")
<Laris> (hee)
<Laris> (maybe little folding stools and a portable table? I feel like Laris would travel with those on the boat just in case ;)
<Sahirru> (works for me)
<Sahirru> I've never seen these halflings fight, but more troops can't hurt. Yes?
* Sahirru says while snacking.
<Laris> At the very least, they'll be additional targets >.>
<Laris> perhaps small, hard to hit targets.
<Sahirru> Something to be said for that.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> They tend to be ambushers... not ones for a pitched battle. but that has its merits.
<Sahirru> Isn't that the way of warfare out here? Raids, not battles?
<Laris> Yes, it's more common. Why stand and fight when you've already made your point, killed a few enemies, or stolen whatever you came to seize?
<Sahirru> So we have something of an advantage is experience with a stand-up fight. Assuming we can force one, of course.
<Laris> that will depend on many factors, but yes... I think if we can prevent them from fleeing, we have an advantage.
<Sahirru> This with the Osoro, I confess is more to Turathi strengths. Pitting one local group against another.
<Sahirru> Same with the Hrieffen, come to that.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> it may have repercussions down the road... but we'll deal with those when we get to them, I suppose.
<Sahirru> With the Osoro?
<Laris> and the Hrieffen... and the Amanya Hatal... but mostly I'm concerned about how the Hrieffen will react. I suppose it depends on whether we win or not... and how thorough our victory is.
<Sahirru> Well, I think they're willing to take the brunt of the attack. Kraaz will want the glory, and Korivan will want the moral authority.
<Laris> But I've basically promised, on their behalf, that they'll stop raiding against the Osoro. They may not receive that well.
<Sahirru> I'm not entirely sure that's a promise we need to disclose.
<Sahirru> Though, with Osoro aid, perhaps they'll be amenable.
<Laris> No, perhaps not... if there are enough other things to keep them occupied.
<Sahirru> As you said, it depends on the outcome.
<Sahirru> Precisely.
<Sahirru> If and when we defeat the Maazikai, I imagine we'll still be rooting them out of their lands for a while yet.
<Laris> The hills make it difficult to be sure we've got them all - there could always be some hiding away in some valley or other.
<Sahirru> Or cave. Or thicket...
* @Laris nods
<Sahirru> Not unlike your people's western campaigns, from my understanding.
<Sahirru> I understand those gnome tribes are, ah, I'll go with 'wily'.
<Laris> Something like that.
* @Laris agrees
<Laris> The soldiers had more colourful terms.
* Sahirru chuckles.
<Sahirru> I can imagine.
<Laris> There is something intensely frustrating about being attacked - or bested - by people who are knee-high.
<Sahirru> No doubt.
<Laris> Perhaps the Maazikai will feel much the same.
* @Laris says with a shrug.
<Sahirru> Well, being roughly the same height themselves, perhaps they'll think of it as more of a fair fight.
<Sahirru> Hence the demon-summoning, one assumes.
* @Laris chuckles
<Laris> yes, that does make it a bit more ... uneven.
* @Laris remembers he's supposed to be wary of you and stops relaxing quite so much
<Sahirru> What do you think of our chances? The strategy seems complicated, but workable, though I'm perhaps not the most experienced judge of such things.
<Laris> It is perhaps overly complicated. I am glad to see your ward making an effort to contribute her skills, but I admit that having not seen them in action, I am cautious of depending on magics over sound tactics.
<Sahirru> What would you have counseled otherwise?
<Laris> There is much that can go wrong in such a complex plan. I hope that even if one or two points fail, we will have enough troops and the advantage of having our enemies in disarray to prevail.
* Sahirru nods.
* @Laris gives a thin smile at that
<Laris> I would likely have counseled waiting until our own troops were recovered, but I knew the Hrieffen would not wait.
<Sahirru> If we're going to continue working with the Hrieffen, I suppose we'll need to see how well they fight with a hangover.
<Laris> So, making the best of what it is. If we can gather some allies from other tribes, it may benefit us in the future, depending on the outcome.
* @Laris nods at that
<Laris> Either way, there will presumably be another such... "party". Either to celebrate or mourn their dead. I'm not sure there is much difference in the method of such festivities.
<Sahirru> I had a thought for such.
<Sahirru> We might need to present a triumph.
<Laris> oh?
<Sahirru> They've presented their celebration. We'll need to demonstrate our wealth and power as well.
<Laris> ...we?
* @Laris says warily
<Sahirru> You still have responsibilities here, and you are the more known face of rulership in Nesu Abamatu.
<Sahirru> Is it truly so burdensome?
<Sahirru> ;)
<Laris> No, I... I see your point, but... ah.. well...
* @Laris sort of trails off into awkward flustered silence that he tries to hide under icy stoic silence :p
<Sahirru> If you'll pardon an outsider's perspective, I get the sense that you haven't had much opportunity for leisure for the duration of your posting here. Your troops respect you, that's clear, but they must ever be servants, not comrades, however capable.
<Sahirru> You have allies now, and you have succeeded. You've held a difficult posting for a decade in the face of significant opposition. You are allowed to celebrate that accomplishment.
<Laris> I have my outlets for leisure... I suppose the troops find their own ways to relax as well - to judge by some of the complaints I hear from tavern-keepers and so on.
* Sahirru smiles at that.
<Laris> But I take your point.
<Laris> A more visible show of accomplishment may be useful. Should we be so fortunate as to earn it.
<Sahirru> Exactly.
<Laris> . o O (why did I say "we" there's no "we" here)
<Sahirru> And, while I share your concerns about the complexity of our plans, I wouldn't underestimate my ward. She is inexperienced, yes, but she's had an excellent education and has significant talent.
<Sahirru> I have every faith in her.
<Laris> I am glad to hear your confidence in her. I'll be anxious to see her skill demonstrated.
<Sahirru> I think this will be an opportunity for our newborn alliance to truly show its power.
<Laris> yes, well... have you had sufficient food? it will be a long ride this afternoon, with little opportunity for another meal.
<Sahirru> Ah, yes. Trail food, how I've missed you. -_-
<Laris> . o O (why do I care if he gets hungry, he can just deal with it himself if he gets hungry, this isn't my problem...)
<Laris> There is also some.. trail wine. for sustenance.
<Sahirru> So long as it's not that fermented mare's milk, it will taste like nectar.
<Laris> it is ... I believe... made from actual grapes.
<Sahirru> Then yes, I suppose I should drink now while the opportunity exists.
* @Laris will offer you the skin of wine, then.
* Sahirru accepts and takes a pull.
<Sahirru> (Anything fancy here, or just random wine?)
<Laris> (probably something half decent, I think Laris doesn't keep crappy wine for his personal supply :)
<Sahirru> A step above the usual here. Thantopolitan?
<Laris> Yes, from one of my family's holdings.
<Sahirru> I can see why you're anxious to return.
* Sahirru smiles.
<Laris> ... yes. excuse me, I should change into riding clothes.
* @Laris feels like that smile is very dangerous, and will extricate himself quickly and not especially gracefully >.>
* Sahirru will smile, shrug, and go back to his food.
* @Laris will go, idk, behind some trees to change and NOT think about smiles or terrible life choices or upcoming battles or parties which are probably more frightening :p
<Sahirru> (Sahirru: "I hate to see you leave, but I love watching you walk away.")

Halgalaz check in on Korivan and reasserts her distrust of the "Imperials"

<Halgalaz> (I'm assuming this is essentially just after the failed rolls?)
<Korivan> (that makes sensde!)
* @Korivan will have retreated to his sort out some thinhgs for the ritual, yesss >.>
* Halgalaz will follow you into your tent, somewhat tentatively.
<Halgalaz> Gaath, is everything all right?
* @Korivan is sitting on one of the chairs, rubbing his head and probably doens't notice you immediately
* Halgalaz will say, after a lengthy silence.
* @Korivan looks up, noticing you are there, and straightens up more
<Korivan> What?
<Halgalaz> You just
* Halgalaz seems very nervous.
* Voices (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* @Korivan huffs
<Korivan> off?
<Korivan> Well.
<Halgalaz> Uh, distracted, perhaps? Have the ancestors been, ah, more persistent than usual?
<Voices> (Don't question us, whippersnapper)
<Voices> **battle.calling.defeat.purpose.triumph.ending**
<Korivan> They're.... agitated
<Korivan> is distracting
* @Korivan admits, somewhat warily
* @Korivan isn't sure how she will take that, or how they will :V
<Halgalaz> Is agitation good or bad at this point?
* @Korivan frowns, trying to pull his own thoughts together for a moemnt and make any sense of what they are saying,
<Voices> (You get the sense that they are eager)
<Korivan> If we can call them...if the ritual succeeds... then good
<Korivan> The are eager, but they cannot create their
<Halgalaz> Right.
<Halgalaz> You are their link to our world.
* Halgalaz looks worried at that concept.
<Korivan> Yes.
* @Korivan huffs again.
<Korivan> I'm that link now... There are other ways to deal wth them.
<Halgalaz> And Valax? Surely the ancestors have abandoned him?
<Korivan> They would not serve him willingly.
<Halgalaz> What of the Maazikai and their magics?
<Halgalaz> Or the Imperials? Their witches prepare their own ceremony even now.
<Halgalaz> There are forces at work that are...
* @Korivan considers the Maazikai
<Halgalaz> *shrugs*
<Korivan> mm.
<Korivan> (Is it fair to say that probably the maazikai blew their demonly load for now and need a bit of a breater and some snuggles before they coudl pull that off again?)
<Halgalaz> (Heh. You have the sense that they wouldn't be able to pull off that direct control on that big a group of demons any time soon, no.)
<Korivan> (yeah)
<Korivan> (But could they like.... summon one that's not so directly controlled and release it to cause chaos, maybe?)
<Halgalaz> (Possibly, yes)
<Halgalaz> (Fighting them likely means fighting some manner of minor demons, at least)
* @Longpig ( has left #gnomeland
<Korivan> The Imperials.... seek to cloak our troops in an illusion. They're Turathi - they will rely on what they know to accomplish the working.
<Korivan> The Maazikai.... might lash out, but they won't be able to control their power
<Korivan> It could turn on them as easily as on us
* Halgalaz nods, though doesn't look particularly reassured.
<Korivan> Our forces are stronger.
<Halgalaz> Of course, Gaath.
<Korivan> With the AAncestors.... all the more so
* Halgalaz is quiet for a moment.
<Halgalaz> What happens when we win, then? Do we take the Maazikai lands as well as their people?
<Korivan> If we want them.... That's for the Hraal to decide
<Halgalaz> These Imperials, that is, ah, I mean...
<Halgalaz> If you had been Gaath, uh, before, would you have allied with them?
<Korivan> YOu don't like them
<Halgalaz> I don't trust them.
* @Korivan nods
<Korivan> That's good
<Korivan> We are...useful to one another
<Korivan> And we must watch for that to change
* Halgalaz nods.
<Korivan> The ancestors will guide us
<Halgalaz> As you say, Gaath Korivan.
* @Korivan listens to see if they have any insights or if they are still all worked up about this battle
<Voices> (They seem mostly still amped up about the coming battle, but you get some sense that they, too, appreciate the usefulness of the Turathi)
<Korivan> (cool)
* @Korivan nods after a moment, and will stand up out of his chair
<Korivan> Now, help me find the things we will need for the working...
* Halgalaz nods and begins to gather things.