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May reviews improvements to the city with Lucia Jiksidur. Laris and Rufus talk about their relationship. Ettelëa Camellia approaches Induriel with a potential solution to his blindness. Eyllia receives some correspondence from home and learns of some raiders that have been harassing ships. Meghan offers to help. Korivan mediates between the two contenders for Askrultyaag.


Session date: 2019-05-26
In Game date: A few weeks on from the last session

May reviews improvements to the city

<YOAW_Narrator> Renovations/improvements to the keep are almost complete, and Lucia Jiksidur, the shadar-kai noble who oversees construction for the city (basically like a city planner) will take May on a tour of the new construction.
<May> :3
* May is excited to see the new additions and improvements.
* Lucia is a tall woman, broadly built for a shadar-kai, with close-cropped black hair and a raven tattoo along the shaved side of her head.
* Lucia will take you to the top of the new tower first.
* May will look out over the ramparts and take in the view of the city.
<Lucia> ...Furnishings for all the new additions are still being constructed, but Lord Sahhiru has other people managing that.
<Lucia> This tower is meant to be a final fallback in case of assault, as well as a vantage point for coordinating defensive actions.
<May> It's got a heckuva view!
<May> It's breathtaking...
<Lucia> Yes, it has maximum visibility for Legatus Corvis when commanding city forces.
* Vess ( has joined #gnomeland
<Lucia> Likewise, it is laid out to function as a ritual space at need.
* Lucia will nod towards runes at specific places in the stonework marking the cardinal points, among other things.
<May> Very impressive. Did you plan all this yourself?
<Lucia> I coordinated with several of your officers, as well as Legatus Corvis and Magus Auspex.]
* May nods.
<Lucia> But the design was ultimately mine, yes.
<May> Good work.
* Lucia nods without smiling.
<Lucia> It will endure.
<May> That's the hope...
* May says a bit wistfully.
* Lucia raises an eyebrow.
* May shakes her head.
<May> Nothing. What's next?
* Lucia will take you through the rest of the tower, through barracks that are not entirely set up yet, to an adjacent wing of guest rooms.
<May> Excellent. We were beginning to run out of space for the ambassadors!
<Lucia> Given how many visitors we've had, it seemed prudent to provide more permanent and dedicated space for them, yes.
<May> How many guests will we be able to accoodate at a time?
<Lucia> There are ten rooms designed to accommodate visitors of high station.
<Lucia> At need, of course, they can house more at lower levels of privacy and comfort.
* May nods.
<May> Excellent.
<May> If we ever find ourselves needing more than that it'll be someone else's problem because I'll probably hang myself.
<Lucia> Additionally, the expansion to the original keep offers housing closer to your own quarters, for your future family. These could accommodate visitors in the mean time.
<May> ....ah. Um. Very good.
* Lucia nods.
* Lucia will take you through the expanded temple area, itself also a ritual space.
* May will look around and make sure everything is in order for worship and rituals.
<Lucia> Lord Sahhiru seemed to think it a good idea to provide more space within the keep for religious ceremony. I understand there is an important gathering of resonance in seating an Asmodean temple within an edifice of rule.
* Lucia seems to be quoting a little with that last bit.
<May> Yes, very much so. There's a symbolic resonance between political and magical power that can be manifested with correctly placed loci. Asmodeus loves power of all types.
<May> This should do nicely in that regard.
* Lucia nods, frowning slightly.
<Lucia> Shall we?
<May> Good ideas. You say you've brought them up with my uncle already?
<Lucia> He's seen my proposals. The keep expansion was prioritized.
<Lucia> We were also able to proceed with construction of additional granaries.
<Lucia> Which, of course, themselves have a defensive purpose as well.
<May> Yes, it's important that the city be able to be self reliant for a short time at least.
<May> I'm make sure to look over your plans. If you can bring the same kind of skill to those projects that you did here then I'll make it a priority for you to have the funding and workers necessary as they become available.
* Lucia nods.
* May smiles.
<Lucia> If that is all, Domina?
* May 's smile falters a bit.
<May> Um... yes, thank you. Are you...
<Lucia> Hmm?
<May> ...nevermind. That's all. Thank you very much for the tour.
* Lucia nods.
* Lucia will turn and go.
* May will stare after her for a bit but soon be distracted by other things that need doing.
* Lucia is now known as Rufus_Metillius
* Rufus_Metillius has been running himself a bit ragged overseeing work on the new old fort.
* Laris_ is probably doing the same, but will try to make sure Rufus gets things he needs, like apparently sleep and food.

Rufus and Laris talk about the life their building :3

* Rufus_Metillius will find Laris in his temporary office in the fort sometime in the very late evening/very early morning.
* Rufus_Metillius should probably still be asleep, having gone to bed only like four hours before.
<Rufus_Metillius> Damn your elduar sleep schedule.
<Laris_> good evening.. you're up early. or late.
* Rufus_Metillius smiles.
* Laris_ smiles back
<Rufus_Metillius> Early. We should be getting the last of the palisades down today. That makes us provisionally secure.
<Laris_> glad to hear it.
<Rufus_Metillius> Fighting platforms will still need to be constructed but that's not immediately as important.
* Laris_ nods
* Rufus_Metillius blinks, clearly trying to wake up.
<Laris_> Excellent work. I know you've been pushing yourself to get this project completed.
* Rufus_Metillius smiles and sighs.
<Rufus_Metillius> I do my best to contribute.
<Laris_> You are.
<Rufus_Metillius> We all are.
<Laris_> But I need you to rest too, so you don't run yourself ragged.
<Rufus_Metillius> I'll rest when things are stable.
* Laris_ nods
<Laris_> I understand.
<Laris_> Is there anything I can do to help?
* Rufus_Metillius pauses and thinks about it.
<Rufus_Metillius> Come here and hold me?
* Laris_ comes over and wraps his arms around Rufus.
* Rufus_Metillius smiles.
<Rufus_Metillius> How long have you been here, love?
<Laris_> in my office? since after dinner.
<Laris_> that was... a while ago, I suppose.
<Rufus_Metillius> Here, down south.
<Rufus_Metillius> Twelve years, something like that?
<Laris_> oh. yes, I guess getting close to that.
* Vess is now known as Eyllia
<Laris_> why?
* Rufus_Metillius shakes his head and smiles sadly.
<Rufus_Metillius> It's funny. I don't really miss home. I never spent much time in Thantopolis, being a soldier and all, but I just...I don't know. It's hitting me that we're building a life here.
<Laris_> we're together, that's what matters to me. Not where we are, as long as we don't have to be apart for that long again.
<Rufus_Metillius> With you as Legatus, and Lugal, and Dianthea here, and now the Kai Do Arat...I guess, I hadn't actually figured on putting down roots, but here we are.
<Laris_> When things are more stable, we can go home too. It's a bit of a trek, but not too terrible.
<Rufus_Metillius> It's not that. Like I said, it's not Thantopolis.
<Rufus_Metillius> Just, that was, in theory, home.
<Rufus_Metillius> Now this is.
* Laris_ nods
* Rufus_Metillius leans his head on Laris, clearly meaning both Nesu Abamatu and Laris are his home.
<Laris_> I guess I've had longer to get used to it than you.
* Rufus_Metillius chuckles.
<Laris_> being here... at least, in this area.
<Rufus_Metillius> And longer to make it your own.
<Laris_> yes, that too
<Laris_> I want to make it yours too. If there is something we could add that would make it more comfortable for you, you only need to name it.
* Rufus_Metillius smiles.
<Rufus_Metillius> I know you'd give me the world.
<Rufus_Metillius> Dianthea, too.
<Laris_> Yes. but a nicer workshop or a better library or a bigger bedroom would also be within our grasp :)
* Rufus_Metillius smiles again.
<Rufus_Metillius> Well, all of those might be nice, but I think it'll be a while on a lot of it.
<Rufus_Metillius> I hear Dianthea wants a shrine?
<Laris_> Yes, she thought it would be fitting.
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
<Rufus_Metillius> Makes sense. She knows more about these sorts of things.
* Rufus_Metillius chuckles a little.
<Rufus_Metillius> A warrior, a cleric, a mage. We make a pretty classic team.
* Laris_ smiles
<Laris_> I'm glad to have such a good .. team.
* Rufus_Metillius smiles.
<Rufus_Metillius> I love you both. Differently, of course; Dianthea is like a sister to me, but I want you both to be happy.
* Laris_ nods
<Laris_> I think we are entitled to some happiness. Duty is important, but we can fit in some time for ourselves alongside it too.
<Rufus_Metillius> That's quite a thing to say, for you.
* Rufus_Metillius will maneuver to kiss Laris.
<Laris_> Yes, give me a taste of happiness and comfort and who knows what becomes of me?
* Laris_ kisses back
<Laris_> I've gone mad with power :3
<Rufus_Metillius> Dianthea and I will just plot to overthrow you.
<Rufus_Metillius> If we're not already. >.>
* Laris_ chuckles
<Laris_> I suppose there are worse outcomes.
<Laris_> Now, can I make sure you get some breakfast at least, if I can't convince you to go back to bed?
* Rufus_Metillius sighs theatrically.
<Rufus_Metillius> I suppose, if I must.
* Laris_ gives him another kiss before getting on with that, then

<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel's last couple weeks have been spent largely convalescing. While his eyes are no longer bleeding, and only somewhat painful, they remain blackened and non-functional. Mifflepon and Valtheriel have been tending to him, as has Temu, and Sahhiru when his schedule allows for it.
* Rufus_Metillius is now known as Mifflepon
* Mifflepon will come to Induriel early one morning.
<Mifflepon> Lord Antalanon, you have a...visitor.
* Induriel looks up without seeing
<Induriel> Yes?
<Mifflepon> Ah, it is one of the, ah, elven ambassadors.
* Induriel suppresses a frown
<Mifflepon> She wishes to speak with you.
<Mifflepon> I can send her away...
<Induriel> No, I will receive her. Which one is it - Ettelëa, or Lócë?
<Mifflepon> Ettelëa, lord.
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> Very well. If you would conduct me to the study?
* Mifflepon will lead Induriel to his study and get him situated before showing the ambassador in.
* Mifflepon is now known as Ettelea
* Induriel listens keenly for her entry.
<Ettelea> Lord Ambassador, thank you for receiving me.
* Induriel nods
<Ettelea> I was sorry to hear of your recent injuries.
<Induriel> Thank you. Please, have a seat.
* Ettelea will do so, which you should be able to hear easily enough.
<Induriel> It is kind of you to offer your sympathies.
<Ettelea> It is the least I could do.
<Induriel> I trust you and your sister are well?
<Ettelea> Well enough. It is kind of you to ask.
<Ettelea> My sister would have preferred to have assisted Domina Mamitu's recent military campaign, but our mandate does not allow for such offensive actions.
<Induriel> No. Thankfully it was concluded successfully by her own forces, however.
<Ettelea> The battle with Kepeskmiiriv was sufficiently defensive in nature.
* Ettelea nods, then remembers to speak.
<Ettelea> Yes.
<Ettelea> We would have offered little enough assistance in the grand scheme of things.
* Forthright ( has joined #gnomeland
<Ettelea> I was, however, hoping to be of assistance to you, if I may.
<Induriel> Oh?
<Ettelea> I know something of your condition.
<Ettelea> And certain accommodations for it.
<Ettelea> My nephew, Vorima, was born without his sight.
<Induriel> Ah. I'm sorry.
<Induriel> But I take it you've been able to do something for him?
<Ettelea> I helped with his training, yes.
<Ettelea> It's a technique that I believe I can teach you.
<Ettelea> And you are already well-suited to it, being a willworker yourself.
<Induriel> So it is a method that uses the Arts in some way?
<Ettelea> Yes. Are you familiar with the fanatir?
<YOAW_Narrator> (You can roll Knowledge)
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 3 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 10 ].
<Induriel> (10)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You've heard of their tradition, some kind of magical craftsfolk among the elduar. You don't think you've ever personally met one, and you don't think they count a lot of eladrin among their number.)
<Induriel> Not *familiar*, no. I have heard something about them, but not a great deal.
<Ettelea> They're makers of magical items, channeling Corellon's gift into permanent works of art.
<Ettelea> They are also, to a one, completely blind.
<Ettelea> In the physical sense, at least.
<Induriel> But they have a way to mitigate that disability?
<Ettelea> They don't see it as a disability, but yes.
<Ettelea> They learn to see through magic.
<Ettelea> Well, to see magic.
<Induriel> And your helped your nephew learn their techniques for doing so?
<Ettelea> Yes.
<Ettelea> I learned a good deal of their technique myself, though they consider me incapable of fully grasping it, being cursed with sight myself.
* Ettelea smiles, though Induriel can't see that.
<Induriel> It is not a cure, but it is a method that lets your nephew function in the world as though he were sighted?
<Ettelea> More or less. It has it's advantages and drawbacks.
<Ettelea> (its)
<Induriel> The advantages being that it allows a person to navigate the world more or less as normal... and the disadvantages?
<Ettelea> Well, that's not the only advantage, but the'll have to maintain are low-level manifestation of the Art, which can be discerned by other willworkers. Distance sight is difficult with the technique, but will improve over time. Gaining the discernment to read using the technique is likewise difficult.
<Ettelea> Overall, it does make will-working easier, being able to see the threads of magic.
<Induriel> Ah. I se... I understand.
<Ettelea> I'm sorry I don't have a cure, but I thought this might be worth your consideration.
<Ettelea> And, when a cure is at hand, the technique is still useful.
<Induriel> Thank you, I appreciate it. It is most kind of you to bring this to my attention.
<Induriel> And you are offering to aid me personally? As a demonstration of goodwill?
<Ettelea> Yes.
<Ettelea> I have the capability, so I thought I should offer.
<Induriel> Again, that is most kind of you. Thank you.
* Induriel pauses.
<Induriel> Were this a purely personal matter, I would be happy to accept at once. As it is, I'm afraid I must consider the political ramifications as well.
* Ettelea frowns.
<Ettelea> Political ramifications?
<Induriel> (I can't see it. :P )
<Ettelea> (I know that, just thought you, the player, should know)
<Induriel> This would put me in your debt, of course.
* Induriel raises a hand to forestall any objections.
<Induriel> I am sure you do this out of decency and kindness, and would not seek any advantage because of it. But still, I'm afraid it is something I must consider.
<Induriel> You have already done me a kindness in even mentioning the possibility, and I am grateful.
<Induriel> But... will you give me some time to consider it?
* Forthright ( Quit
* YOAW_Narrator sighs.
<Ettelea> (ww)
* Ettelea sighs.
<Ettelea> Of course.
<Ettelea> Let me know when you make a decision.
* Ettelea pauses.
<Ettelea> If I may...
<Induriel> Yes?
<Ettelea> You want our people returned to the fold, yes?
<Induriel> Of course.
<Ettelea> And we want our independence recognized without ongoing conflict. At least, my generation does.
<Ettelea> I know those are mutually exclusive, but *neither
* of those things will come to pass unless our people learn to trust one another again.
<Ettelea> I'll leave you to your consideration, Lord Antalanon.
<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel will hear her rise and leave.
<Induriel> It is not a question of trust, Ettelëa. I have faith in your personal honour and sincerity.
* Ettelea will pause on her way out.
<Induriel> My hesitation is in spite of my personal regard for you. I'm afraid our people's situation is a difficult one.
<Induriel> But I appreciate the steps you are taking.
<Induriel> Thank you again. Please convey my regards to your sister as well... I will consider everything you have said most carefully.
<Ettelea> I am glad to be of any help I can.
* Induriel nods

Eyliia learns of a new mission for the Iron Drake - checking out some raiders!

* Grahm will have been staying in town while you were assisting the NA forces against the Osoro.
* Grahm knocks on the door of Eyllia's cabin a few days after you've returned.
<Eyllia> Come
<Grahm> (Ugh, I'm screwing up my own convention)
* Grahm will enter.
* Eyllia is peering over a list to resupply the Drake
<Eyllia> Ah Graham, good timing
<Grahm> Oh?
<Eyllia> (Grahm)
<Grahm> Provisioning lists?
* Grahm looks genuinely interested.
* Eyllia smiles
<Eyllia> exactly... need to get the Drake back up to shape after its river journey
* Grahm nods.
<Grahm> Resupply will be easy enough. It's fantastic to have such ready supply.
<Grahm> And to have it now so close to home.
<Grahm> Repairs take a little longer, of course. Actual in-port repairs, rather than the field ones, obviously.
<Eyllia> So Hearthspire has made arrangements?
* Grahm nods.
<Grahm> Lord Sahhiru and I have worked out some provisional trade agreements.
<Eyllia> I'm sure that will make the Council and my mother very happy
<Grahm> Food will be less of a problem, and there are resources here not yet exploited that could be of use to us and Nesu Abamatu.
<Grahm> Yes, she seemed happy about it in her recent missive.
<Grahm> I have a letter for you, as well.
<Grahm> Well, several, actually, but one from your.
<Grahm> The rest are Council dispatches.
<Grahm> That's actually what I came to speak to you about.
<Eyllia> oh?
<Eyllia> well out with it then.
<Grahm> Well, the long and the short of it is some ships have gone missing.
* Eyllia frowns
<Eyllia> the sea is unforgiving, so its not unheard of, but I take it this is more than that?
<Grahm> Some of the Kahewai rafts, too, apparently.
* Grahm nods.
<Grahm> It would be one thing if there'd been storms or the like, but it's been relatively calm.
<Eyllia> so they don't believe its raiders or that ilk either... calm means easy to spot
<Grahm> This has been three ships in the last two months, that we know of, plus at least two fishing boats and four of the Kahewai boat-raft-things.
* Grahm nods.
<Grahm> That's part of their concern, yes.
<Eyllia> so something else, other than the land, appeared with the Kahewai... or something awoke by the appearance
<Grahm> They've mobilized as many of the water- and causticsoul soldiers as they can on patrols, but there's only so much they can do.
* Grahm nods.
<Eyllia> Then we need to do something about it.
* Grahm smiles resignedly.
<Grahm> I had a feeling you'd say something like that.
<Grahm> Check your correspondence. The council is directing the Drake to aid with patrol operations.
* Grahm will hand over a sheaf of letters.
<Eyllia> I am loath to send the Drake against an unknown foe still carrying battle damage.
<Grahm> Well, you're well within your authority to delay until repairs are completed.
<Grahm> I could also inquire about hiring extra workers to speed repairs.
<Eyllia> Its my fault, going on this diplomatic mission.
<Grahm> I don't think that was a fault.
<Eyllia> I'll speak with the Domina, see if we can tap some extra resources to speed the repairs
<Eyllia> and resupply
* Grahm nods.
<Grahm> I'll do what I can on my end.
<Eyllia> I'll use the opportunity to see if they have any stories or history of beasts off the coast, or raiders with unique abilities to conceal their ships... anything that might be helpful
<Eyllia> which may make our delay even more worthwhile
<Grahm> Sounds good. I'll go get on all that.
* Grahm rises and heads to the door.
<Grahm> Also, if I didn't say so before, I'm glad you're back safe.
<Grahm> I heard you had a hell of a fight.
<Grahm> A few times.
<Eyllia> No need to worry. Its what I'm good at.
<Grahm> Well, I'm good at shuffling papers and requisitioning things, so, once more into the breach for me.
* Grahm smiles and will leave.
* Eyllia will pick up the personal letter and read it
* Grahm is now known as Letter
<Letter> Dear Eyllia,
<Letter> I hope this letter finds you and your crew safe and well. I admit I was upset upon hearing you accompanied the westerner military endeavor, but I trust your judgement and your abilities. I hope you were in little danger, but, as I know you, I hope at least you were in as much danger as was absolutely necessary.
<Letter> Failing that, I trust in your skill and training (and your cousin) to see you through.
<Letter> You'll find, along with this message, a directive from the Council that will bring you and the Drake back to home waters for the time being. I hope you are able to visit; your brothers miss you terribly.
<Letter> Love,
<Letter> Your worried and proud mother
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll hear another knock on your cabin door.
* Eyllia smiles and puts the letter down
<Eyllia> yes?
* Letter is now known as Lysa
<Lysa> It's me.
<Lysa> And Meghan.
* Meghan ( has joined #gnomeland
<Eyllia> At least you knocked... come in.
* Lysa will open the door and enter with Meghan in tow.
<Lysa> Hey, I'm learning.
<Lysa> Saw Grahm leaving. Word from home?
* Eyllia nods
* Meghan stands politely and awkwardly near the door while Lysa grabs a chair.
<Eyllia> some good, but not all. having some issues with ships vanishing.
<Eyllia> the Drake is needed
<Meghan> Ships vanishing?
<Eyllia> ours and the Kahewai
<Eyllia> there are patrols but they need our help
<Lysa> No idea what it is?
* Eyllia shakes her head no
<Eyllia> could be something that came through with the islands, or something awoke when the islands arrived, or some very magically adept raiders. Not much to go on.
* Eyllia frowns
<Eyllia> I intend to talk to May to get some help on repairs and to see if they have any history of such things locally
<Lysa> If it were raiders, I imagine they'd have been a problem before we got here.
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> Makes sense.
<Eyllia> my hope is it will only be a few days before we are off
<Lysa> Right. Grahm had his business face on.
<Eyllia> not the break we were hoping for.
<Eyllia> might be a good idea to give the crew at least tonight to let loose... may be a bit before we get another chance
<Eyllia> I know they will want to move on this as quickly as I do
* Lysa grins.
<Lysa> I think I can go deliver that news.
* Lysa rises to go.
<Lysa> You should take a night, too, cousin.
<Eyllia> I'll think about it, but we both know it doesn't always work that way.
<Eyllia> I'll be fine.
* Lysa rolls her eyes and shrugs as she leaves.

Meghan offers to stick around and help

* Meghan coughs awkwardly.
<Eyllia> Meghan, its good to see you. I hope you can tolerate my rudeness.
<Meghan> Oh, no, you weren't being rude. If anything, I was barging in with Lysa. We were sparring and she saw your associate and said we should come see if there was news.
<Meghan> I, ah, if you'd care for another hand in your patrols, I have no duties here in town for the time being.
* Eyllia smiles
<Eyllia> your help and company would be very appreciated
* Meghan smiles.
<Meghan> Well, I like to be of service.
<Eyllia> I do wish there was more time at port.
* Eyllia sighs
<Eyllia> Care for a drink?
<Meghan> Oh, uh, sure.
* Meghan will come over and take a seat.
* Eyllia will pull some rum and cups from her sea chest
* Eyllia will move the paperwork off the table and fill the cups
<Eyllia> Its a good opportunity for me to get away from that paper for a few minutes before I head to the keep.
* Eyllia will take a sip
* Meghan will take a sip as well.
<Eyllia> besides, I need to give Grahm a chance to send a runner up to let them know I'm coming.
<Meghan> Ah, nice. From Morro? I always think of rum as a dwarven drink.
* Meghan nods.
<Meghan> Or do they make rum on your islands?
<Eyllia> they make it at Hearthspire... good for long sea journeys
* Meghan nods.
<Eyllia> the fire genasi have a skills on other areas outside of the forge
<Meghan> I miss mead. They don't make it as much, or as well, down here.
<Meghan> And the water genasi?
<Eyllia> I'd think the Elves would be able to import some if you asked.
<Eyllia> sailing, fighting, and looking amazing isnt enough?
<Meghan> Well, you do seem to excel at that.
* Eyllia winks
<Meghan> Uh, I mean, sailing and fighting, and...
* Meghan blushes.
* Meghan quickly takes a drink to cover.
<Eyllia> diplomacy is another comon skill... and cooking... but have no fear, I wouldn't subject anyone I care about to my attempts at boiling anything.
* Meghan smiles.
<Meghan> No offense, I have a hard time imagining you cooking.
<Meghan> I make a mean camp stew, but that' s about it.
<Eyllia> I'm great at the chopping part
* Meghan laughs
<Eyllia> and the eating
<Eyllia> anything in between... best not talk about
<Eyllia> but you never know what will happen at sea, or on land even, so you need to know the basics
* Meghan nods.
<Meghan> I learned what little I know over the years travelling with my father.
<Meghan> He doesn't need to cook his food for the most part.
<Meghan> So he was hopeless in preparing things for me.
<Eyllia> too well done I imagine
* Eyllia giggles
* Meghan smiles.
<Meghan> Well, better that than raw.
<Meghan> Actually, I guess I've eaten some stuff raw.
* Induriel ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Eyllia> some shellfish are best raw
<Meghan> Up north, they do this thing with fish and rice...
* Meghan nods.
<Eyllia> you and Lysa having a good time sparring?
<Meghan> Oh, yeah, she's quite good.
<Meghan> And very different from a lot of styles I've encountered.
<Meghan> Similar to some elven techniques, but still unique.
<Meghan> She taught you, right?
* Eyllia nods
<Eyllia> although I needed to adapt the techniques to my capabilities
<Meghan> Oh?
* Eyllia will stand up
<Eyllia> me...
* Induriel ( has joined #gnomeland
* Eyllia lifts her hand about a foot above her head
<Eyllia> Lysa
* Meghan smiles.
<Meghan> Right.
<Meghan> You have to be quicker, get inside an opponent's guard.
<Eyllia> So she sweeps more, I keep things tighter to take advantage of my size and speed.
<Eyllia> exactly
* Meghan nod.
<Meghan> You seem to manage fine. :)
<Eyllia> I do love the dance.
* Meghan smiles.
* Eyllia spins, keeping her cup perfectly steady, not spilling a drop
<Meghan> Very impressive.
<Eyllia> hate to spill the rum... its excellent incentive
* Eyllia takes a sip
<Meghan> I'm less of a dancer and more of a...battering ram.
<Meghan> Then again, I'm stronger than most opponents, so it works out. Or has so far.
<Eyllia> play to ones strengths, ive seen them work well for you.
<Meghan> I do what I can.
<Eyllia> So what do you do to let loose?
* Meghan smiles kind of sadly.
<Meghan> I don't?
<Eyllia> Oh girl! Why not?
* Meghan shrugs.
* Induriel ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Meghan> We're usually on our own, and in hostile territory.
<Meghan> Can't afford it.
<Eyllia> now I am obligated to give you an opportunity
<Eyllia> when I'm back from the keep, we're going dancing
<Eyllia> and don't say you don't dance... I'm an excellent teacher
* Eyllia smiles and winks
* Meghan visibly stops herself from saying that very thing.
* Meghan nods.
<Meghan> I should let you get to that, then.
* Meghan rises to go.
<Eyllia> talk to Lysa, I'm sure she has something that will fit you
<Eyllia> or at least be close enough a needle will fix it quick
* Eyllia gives her a hug
<Eyllia> this will be so much fun
* Meghan freezes for a second then hugs back.
<Eyllia> I'll return as soon as I am able
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* Meghan smiles.
<Meghan> I'll see you then.

Korivan helps arbitrate the selection of a new Askrultyaahg

<YOAW_Narrator> It's been a few weeks since the Osoro lost the big two battles, and Kraaz has been off with most of the warriors taking care of things in the west. Korivan has been overseeing ritual honoring of the ancestors and Bane, more training of apprentices and the like.
<YOAW_Narrator> There is, however, an ongoing issue that is becoming more and more of a problem as it continues. The Askrult lineage lost the Askrultyaahg (sort of the lineage-specific version of a gaath) in the first battle against the Osoro, and they have yet to name a new one.
* Korivan pokes them with a stick Korivan> (I mean not literally. yet)
<YOAW_Narrator> Tradition is such that all booyahg members of the lineage are allowed to speak in the choosing, and no clear winner has arisen. Older members support Hrieffen Askrult Zukath, a respected healer in his late 40s. Younger members are pushing for Hrieffen Askrult Hraav, an already skilled battle shaman who acquitted herself well in the battles.
<YOAW_Narrator> Several members of the lineage on both sides have come to you asking to speak of one or the other of the two.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Speak for, rather) Korivan> (I'm sure the Askrult ancestors also have Opinions)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll me Awareness)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Specifically magic-related;))
<YOAW_Narrator> (Plus, presumably, your die from your mark) Korivan> !roll 6d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 6d6 ] getting [ 6 6 6 6 6 1 ] for a total of [ 31 ]. Korivan> (sadly I only get to keep 3 of those @_@) Korivan> (so 18)
<YOAW_Narrator> The Askrult ancestors seem to favor Hraav, though they are somewhat divided. Those against her seem to think either she isn't ready, or are counseling you to beware the tensions speaking for her might cause. Korivan> (Is anyone else in the running or is it really just those two?)
<YOAW_Narrator> There's an older booyahg member, Hrieffen Askrult Meer, that a few have suggested, but it seems mostly to be punting the issue down the road. She's even older than Zukath, and would likely only occupy the position for a few years. Korivan> (Meh)
* Korivan will have Hraav and Zukath both brought to see me :p
<YOAW_Narrator> (Same time, or separate?) Korivan> (same time)
* NPC1 is now known as Zukath
* NPC2 is now known as Hraav
<YOAW_Narrator> They will arrive together and are ushered into your tent.
* Zukath seems calm, perhaps a little distant, but polite as he nods to Korivan. Korivan> Hrieffen Askrult Zukath, Hrieffen Askrult Hraav...
* Hraav looks restless, even still, her eyes darting around the gaath's tent.
<Zukath> Gaath Korivan.
<Hraav> Gaath Korivan. Korivan> The askrult need to choose their Askrultyaahg
* Zukath nods.
<Hraav> Yes, we should.
* Hraav glances at Zukath but doesn't continue. Korivan> YOur people....want me to speak on this.
* Zukath sighs.
<Zukath> I have heard.
<Hraav> You *are
* Bane's voice.
<Zukath> Bane's will is ours, but this is not the Conqueror's choice.
<Zukath> It is a poor soldier who cannot think for themselves.
<Zukath> Unless Bane *has
* indicated a favorite...?
* Zukath looks to Korivan. Korivan> Bane expect us to find....our own strength.
* Zukath nods.
<Hraav> Some of us have more strength than others.
* Zukath smiles sadly and shakes his head.
<Zukath> Strength of arms is not the only kind.
<Hraav> But it is necessary.
* Zukath nods noncommittally. Korivan> All strngths.... serve their purpose. But the purpose of the to serve your ancestors.... and the living...of your lineage.
* Hraav sighs but nods.
<Hraav> I would lend strength to our warriors, that they might bring many offerings to our ancestors.
* Korivan look at Zukath Korivan> And your...strengths?
* Zukath smiles.
<Zukath> Few enough. I tend our people, Askrult and all Hrieffen. I hear the ancestors, not my own desires. I walk with spirits of the land.
<Zukath> No army only fights.
* Hraav huffs. Korivan> Mmmmm.... and what... do the ancestors say to you.... about your being Askrultyaahg
<Zukath> Most of them want Hraav to do it, and she does shine in Bane's favor more fully than I. But you are the voice of Bane, and Hraav is unlikely to ever be gaath, given your ages. The Askrultyaahg is the balm of our people; I can be that. Hraav may continue to fight alongside our warriors, but I will tend their bodies and spirits.
<Hraav> I will stoke their spirits, uncle. I am favored of Bane.
<Zukath> I have no doubt you will. But you do not need to be Askrultyaahg to do that.
<Zukath> You do not want to train apprentices, sit teaching the young, tending the ill.
<Hraav> I will do my duty.
* Korivan looks at her Korivan> for all the Askrult?
<Hraav> O-of course. Korivan> There is much to manage.... beyond the battles.
<Hraav> I know that!
<Hraav> Bane will guide me. Korivan> No... He won't.
<Hraav> W-what? Korivan> @_@
* Zukath gives Hraav a somewhat pitying look. Korivan> Bane is not... a guide. Korivan> He has given us.... a goal... a destiny @_@ Korivan> But it is on us.... to find the way. Korivan> We serve him. He lends our warriors..... but what eh values... is *our
* strength.\ Korivan> That is why... we are his chosen.
<Hraav> Right... Korivan> But we do... require strength.
* Korivan says, looking at Zukath again
<Zukath> As always.
<Zukath> Hraav will make a great Askrultyaahg...someday.
* Korivan frowns slightly Korivan> This needs.... resolution Korivan> Why do you want this?
<Hraav> Because I am the right choice. I have Bane's favor, and our tribe is changing. You and Hraal Kraaz lead us well, and I will follow your example.
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Zukath> She is right about you and the Hraal, but that is why you need voices of experience in these roles. You are connected to the ancestors, but we are our tribe's history as well. Korivan> Mmmm. I can respect...the voices of our elders....regardless of their position.
* Zukath nods, conceding the point. Korivan> And you know.... the ancestors favour Hraav. So. Why do you...contest?
<Zukath> Have you ever disagreed with the ancestors? Korivan> They.... chose me.
<Zukath> That's not the question I asked. Korivan> ...I am still waiting.... for *your
* answer
<Zukath> Because I think they're wrong.
<Zukath> They are not all-knowing. Korivan> They are not, but they know.... what they want.
<Zukath> And the living Askrult? Korivan> If they could decide.... we would not be here discussing this @_@
* Korivan says with probably badly concealed annoyance
* Zukath nods. Korivan> I had hoped to see some...clarity. For you both to consider.... how best you can server.... your tribe... your lineage. Korivan> Or if there are...other paths for you to walk @_@
* Hraav sighs.
<Hraav> Perhaps Zukath is right.
* Zukath gives Hraav a surprised look.
* Hraav looks up, having been pensively staring at the ground while Korivan questioned Zukath.
* Korivan looks over at her
<Hraav> I am both shaman and warrior. One of those will become more difficult as time goes on.
<Hraav> Perhaps I should serve the tribe in that manner while I can.
* Zukath nods approvingly (and also, obviously, a bit self-servingly)
* Korivan nods as well after a moment. Korivan> YOu have.... time @_@
<Hraav> Yes. Korivan> YOu can inform me when the Askrult... have made their decision.
<Zukath> Yes, Gaath Korivan.
<Hraav> (subdued and thoughtful) Gaath Korivan.
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll both make their exit.
* Korivan is not really sure how that went there, and will try to tremember to check on Hraav later >.>
<YOAW_Narrator> You will be informed later that evening that Zukath has been named the Askrultyahg. Hraav leaves the next day with a few of the younger Askrult booyahg to rejoin Kraaz's troops.


Laris has dinner with Dianthea and she tells him more abuot the Kai Do Arat

<YOAW_Narrator> (How do you want to set this up?)
<Laris> (I guess just sometime they can talk alone. maybe over a meal or something? I'm not sure if we're now living in the fort or still in tents, but either way works)
<YOAW_Narrator> (There's probably enough fort to eat indoors. :))
<Laris> (heh, okay)
* Dianthea will likely be at dinner before Laris. He is presumably a bit busier with fort repair, troop drills, etc.
* Laris will arrive and apologize for being late.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> It's not like we have a set time.
<Dianthea> Sit, get some food in you.
* Dianthea will pour Laris some wine.
<Laris> Thank you.
* Dianthea will have a scroll, ink and pen, writing things down while idly nibbling on some olives.
<Laris> The repairs are proceeding well, although they often need to seek my counsel on various matters.
<Dianthea> Well, good thing the Lalu forces are still available. We don't have an architect or engineer on staff.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> Though I suppose we could send to Thantopolis for someone.
<Laris> Perhaps, although I'm hopeful we can get the majority of the repairs done before the end of the season. But if further changes or expansions are needed, it might be worthwhile.
<Dianthea> Well, I mean, it does seem like it behooves us to reinforce this place.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> I'm no military mind, but...
* Dianthea shrugs.
<Dianthea> We can't rely solely on the Kai Do Arat. Or the rest of the Kai Do Arat, I suppose.
<Laris> Right now I'll be content with blocking the holes in the walls and making sure nothing is going to collapse. Further reinforcements would be desirable after that.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Rufus is jealous of our lack of need for sleep right now, I can tell you that.
* Laris smiles a little at that.
<Dianthea> He trusts his people, but he still hates leaving things to subordinates.
<Laris> We should make sure he gets some rest.
<Dianthea> Already asleep, at my urging. :)
<Laris> Good.
<Laris> How has your day been? I see you're making some notes.
<Dianthea> Just trying to get things down before I forget. There's so much to learn from Ulkash and the others.
<Dianthea> Granted, most of it isn't Arth-shattering like some things she's told us, but still interesting.
<Laris> What sorts of things have you gleaned from them?
<Dianthea> Oh, loads. Bits of language that have fallen out of use, tactics and weapons they used to use, stories about the sorrowsworn...all kind of things.
* Laris looks interested
<Dianthea> I knew the sorrowsworn predated the Queen's reign, but did you know they predate...her predecessor's, too?
<Dianthea> They may in fact be the original inhabitants of the Shadowfell.
<Laris> No, I didn't.
<Dianthea> Like angels to the Astral Sea, or elementals to the Chaos.
<Dianthea> It's fascinating.
<Laris> Hm. Interesting.
<Dianthea> It's all cloaked in Kai Do Arat traditions and such, but Ulkash and her people like sharing them. At least with us, now.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I would like to have more time to talk with them... I suppose things won't always be as busy as this.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> I should hope not.
<Laris> I'm glad that you're here to be able to mediate somewhat, and that they are willing to talk with you.
<Dianthea> This is more your area of expertise anyway.
<Dianthea> The fort, I mean.
<Dianthea> Pacifying new lands, all that.
<Dianthea> And talking to the long dead is something of a specialty of mine. :)
* Laris smiles at that
<Laris> I imagine they are a bit different than your usual... subjects, though.
<Dianthea> Actually, yes.
<Dianthea> Far more cogent than I would have thought.
<Dianthea> I'm not sure they're ghosts, per se.
<Dianthea> Closer to, ah, petitioners.
<Dianthea> The chosen.
<Dianthea> Choose your nomenclature.
<Laris> They did seem very, hm, aware of current matters? Perhaps a bit out of touch but not completely disconnected from the present day.
<YOAW_Narrator> (brb, sorry)
<Laris> (kk)
<Dianthea> Yes, exactly. They're very, hmm, focused, but not completely out of touch. I had clients in Thantopolis who didn't think we'd joined Turath yet.
* Laris gives a faint laugh at that.
<Dianthea> Ulkash isn't particularly aware of the outside world, but she's not senile or anything.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I don't imagine she gets out much... But she seems completely coherent.
<Dianthea> I'd like to see how far she's tethered, if at all.
<Dianthea> Maybe a trip back to Nesu Abamatu sometime, or maybe the villa first. I don't think the Kai Do Arat have seen a city before.
<Laris> She seemed to indicate that she would be able to manifest where I was. I don't know if that means *anywhere
* I go, but it would be useful to find out.
<Laris> Certainly once matters are under control here, it would be good to go home and see what troubles have arisen there while we've been away.
* Laris says with a slight smile
<Dianthea> Hopefully little enough.
<Dianthea> But, yes.
<Dianthea> Not that this place doesn't have a sort of rustic charm.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Laris> We can make it more ... comfortable.
<Dianthea> Oh?
* Dianthea grins.
<Laris> I know that it isn't quite like the villa, but I do expect we'll need to spend time here, so I'd like it to be ... at least somewhat pleasant for you.
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Dianthea> Well, I was thinking we might put in a proper chapel at some point.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> Maybe with a small sacred grove.
<Dianthea> But that's down the line.
<Dianthea> We can afford to wait.
<Laris> I was thinking more along the lines of more comfortable bedrooms, maybe a library, but you make good points.
<Dianthea> Perhaps a, ahem, recreation room for you?
* Dianthea smugly does not smile at that.
<Laris> mmm... that would be... yes. I would like that >.>
* Laris says, covering his embarassment with a drink of wine.
<Dianthea> This is a more secure point in the long term, however much I love the villa.
<Dianthea> That's a home, this is a castle. Or it will be.
* Laris nods
<Laris> It's good to have both options. The villa is home, as you say, but it isn't easily defensible, if the situation necessitated it.
<Dianthea> Well, it's more defensible than most points around here.
<Dianthea> Didn't Kraaz mention something about wishing he had something like this?
<Laris> Yes. But also that he was content to make use of his allies' fortresses rather than having to go to the work of maintaining them himself.
* Laris says with a slight smile.
<Dianthea> Can't fault him there.
<Dianthea> I doubt the Hrieffen have the resources to build and maintain one of these right now.
<Dianthea> House Corvis, on the other hand...
* Dianthea smiles.
<Laris> We have the resources, yes. We should put them to use.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> On the note of the Hrieffen, I believe I'll need to talk to Gaath Korivan again at some point regarding the Kai Do Arat.
<Laris> Oh?
<Dianthea> There's...something I'd like to try.
<Laris> What is that?
<Dianthea> Possession. I think Korivan would have particular insight.
<Laris> Possession of who?
* Laris asks cautiously.
<Dianthea> Oh, me, of course.
* Laris looks concerned
<Dianthea> It's not an unheard of practice back home, you know.
<Dianthea> I've seen it done, but I've never undergone it myself.
<Laris> No, I know, but it seems ... risky? I don't know. What do you think the benefits would be?
<Dianthea> To me? Mostly experiental. For the Kai Do Arat, it's a good anchor in the present.
<Dianthea> It's not permanent, if that's your concern.
<Laris> Oh... no, I didn't think it would be. I just wasn't sure what it might entail. But I defer to your judgment on matters of this sort, it's certainly something you know more about than I do.
<Dianthea> It might offer some other benefits, as well, regarding the distance they're able to travel and the like.
<Dianthea> But that will need some testing.
<Laris> If you think it would be helpful or informative, then certainly, I'm glad to assist however I can.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> It's a little ways down the road, at the very least. There's still plenty to learn just talking to them.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Gaath Korivan would probably be a good person to talk to, as you say, and he's currently occupied elsewhere.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> I get the impression there will be another gathering in Nesu Abamatu when everything is settled.
<Dianthea> I can talk to him then.
<Laris> Yes, I think that's the aim. We will need to confer about our next steps, and of course there should be some sort of celebration.
<Laris> Who knows, perhaps a betrothal...
* Laris says with a slight shrug
<Dianthea> You think?
<Laris> Ah, I don't know. I might be getting ahead of things.
<Dianthea> It's still a balancing act for May.
<Laris> It would be nice to have that settled, but I don't know if Mamitu has made any decision on that matter. I know there are many factors to be considered.
<Dianthea> If she's not married or betrothed, she can play us factions off each other. If she does get married, she secures a specific alliance.
* Dianthea shrugs.
<Laris> Yes.. it's too bad her parents didn't plan all of this when she was a child ;)
* Laris says with a wry smile.
* Dianthea laughs.
<Dianthea> Well, I feel like it's worked out well enough for us.
* Dianthea smiles.
* Laris reaches over the table to take her hand.
* Dianthea reaches out to reciprocate.
<Laris> I have been very fortunate.
<Dianthea> Fate has blessed us.
* Laris smiles
<Laris> I don't wish to tear you away from your notes, but perhaps if you've had enough to eat, we might retire for a time. To, ah, celebrate those blessings.
* Dianthea grins.
<Dianthea> Oh, I think this can wait.
* Dianthea will stand and lead the way to go do that.