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Induriel speaks to Minyë Tulca about trade and the elves. Retroactively, he introduces himself to Gladius at the debrief. Laris has Rufus, Dianthea, and Merula summon a spirit to deliver a message to his father, and they wind up summoning his mother's ghost. Later he invites Gladius and Meghan to visit him at his villa, and they discuss the future. Eyllia and Dianthea go for a walk and wind up spending the evening together. Korivan learns about the history of his dragonmark from older members of the Hrieffen. Dianthea tells Laris about her evening with Eyllia, and they wind up sleeping together in her room.


Session date: 2018-10-07
In Game date: Over the following month

Induriel speaks to Minyë about trade

* Induriel goes to visit Minyë Tulca
* Minye will be happy to receive you in her home.
<Induriel> Guildmistress Minyë, such a pleasure to see you again.
<Induriel> I trust there has been some improvement in the issue of Hrieffen raids, since last we spoke?
<Minye> Ambassador Antalanon, a pleasure to have you here. Please, sit. May we offer you some refreshment?
<Induriel> Thank you.
<Minye> Yes, they've curtailed their raids for the most part. Flock losses are certainly down these last months.
<Minye> I, and the guild, thank you.
<Induriel> I am glad. I shall certainly do my best to ensure that this continues, and improves.
<Minye> Heri Lalu is well, I hope? That business with the dragon was quite terrifying.
<Induriel> Yes, thank you. It was unsettling indeed, but it seems the danger is now past.
<Minye> Thank the gods for that.
<Induriel> Yes. I hope there was not too much disruption to commerce?
<Minye> Well, we could do with a few less crises, certainly.
<Minye> But things will settle.
<Minye> The lion-folk, the kimbari, I think will open up more trade opportunities.
<Minye> Though inland trade should be a priority. The Osoro gouge river traffic on 'protection' tribute.
<Induriel> Excellent. I've established something of a relationship with their ambassador, I think; I'd be happy to help matter proceed smoothly, if I can.
<Induriel> Ah, the Osoro. They continue to be unaccommodating, then.
<Minye> Oh, they're perfectly accommodating, so long as you pay.
<Minye> Each tribe that owes them allegiance exacts a toll, which we know passes up, so they get an even larger share.
<Minye> Juramento, Lontra, then Osoro.
<Induriel> An unfortunate but necessary price of doing business, then.
* Minye nods.
<Induriel> Hmmm.
<Induriel> There is, of course, another recent change to the economy. I was hoping we could discuss that as well...
<Minye> Oh?
<Induriel> As I'm sure you know, Heri Mamitu has recently accepted the presence of envoys from Vanilorra in the city.
<Induriel> They are - ostensibly - here to pursue trade, among other things.
* Minye purses her lips.
<Minye> Yes. -_-
<Minye> Their spices are popular with the Turathi.
* Induriel sighs
* Minye manages to convey the impression of rolling her eyes without actually doing so.
<Induriel> I am afraid I have not yet been able to persuade Heri Mamitu of how inadvisable it is to allow their presence here.
<Minye> She is young. I'm sure they'll show their true colors soon enough and appropriate action will be taken.
<Induriel> I hope so, indeed. Since they are here at the moment, however, I was hoping you could give me more insight into their activities.
<Minye> How can I be of assistance?
<Induriel> I think you are in a good position to monitor the expansion of their trade - and perhaps come up with ways to keep it at a minimum.
<Induriel> Within the bounds of the law, of course.
<Minye> Of course.
<Minye> I can certainly maintain a watchful eye.
<Induriel> Do you have a sense of how much they have been able to accomplish so far?
<Induriel> As far as I know, this is the only port to which they have access.
<Minye> Their initial delegation offered just a taste of their goods, and the first of their trade caravans only recently arrived. They have to go through locals, thanks be, but that hasn't slowed them much. I know they've sent shipments north and south so far, Litus and Iter-Was respectively.
<Induriel> Is there any way to undermine their markets?
<Minye> Hmm. I'd have to think on it. They have a product people want, and they're the best source right now. I don't know enough about their cultivation to undermine it, but I could make discreet inquiries.
<Minye> Encouraging trade from Aethrennar could help. They have competing products, at least.
<Minye> But that's an even longer supply chain.
<Induriel> Perhaps the kimbari can help shorten it, if we establish a good relationship with them?
<Minye> It's still overland travel, which is both arduous and dangerous. If a path through the Feywild could be found that shortened the journey, it could be feasible.
<Induriel> That would take a great deal of effort... but toward a good cause. I shall see what, if anything, can be done.
<Induriel> What of these spices... can they be grown in our own lands?
<Induriel> As a longer-term project. br><Minye> I honestly don't know. As I said, I can try to find out.
<Induriel> I would be most grateful if you could, Guildmistress.
* Minye nods graciously.
<Minye> Of course, Ambassador.
* Induriel thanks Minye, and takes his leave
* Induriel returns to the keep

Induriel speaks with Gladius (Dragon debrief retroactive)

* Gladius is mingling.
* Induriel approaches him at a suitable juncture
* Induriel pauses, unsure of how one properly addresses a dragon!
* Gladius ( Quit (Quit:
* Gladius ( has joined #gnomeland
<YOAW_Narrator> (I don't think he has an official title or anything :))
<Induriel> ...Master Gladius?
* Induriel bows slightly
<Gladius> Hmm? Ah, hello. Gladius is fine. And you are?
<Induriel> I am Induriel of House Antalanon, the Ambassador from Aethrennar.
<Gladius> <in Aethrennari elduar> Blessings of the gods upon you and your House, Ambassador, and may the light of Summer ever shine upon our meeting.
<YOAW_Narrator> (He speaks with the barest hint of an accent, but his elduar is otherwise flawless)
<Induriel> <in Aethrennari elduar> I thank you. May the light of Summer ever shine upon our meeting.
<Gladius> You are far from home, Ambassador. What brings an agent of the Summer Throne so far east?
<Induriel> We seem to be entering a new era.
<Gladius> Oh?
<Induriel> That so many of us worked together to defeat this threat, I mean.
<Induriel> As for my presence here, the Queen is eager to establish peaceful and fruitful relations with Nesu Abamatu.
<Induriel> In any case, I wished to introduce myself and pay my respects.
<Gladius> Of course. A pleasure to meet you.
<Gladius> I hope I didn't offend you. I was merely curious what about this place merited an Ambassador from Queen Alcarinel.
<Gladius> It's quite remote, though lovely, of course.
<Induriel> By no means!
<Induriel> Yes, it is rather distant. However, Heri Mamitu spent some time in Aethrennar before coming to claim her position here; so she has a special claim to friendship.
<Induriel> I myself had the honour of being her tutor in some of the magical arts.
<Gladius> Well, you should be proud, then. I understand she's quite skilled.
<Gladius> And you yourself took part in the ritual binding Kepeskmiiriv, no?
<Induriel> Yes, I did. Along with the lady Eyllia and the Hrieffen Gaath Korivan.
* Gladius nods.
<Induriel> I am glad we were able to contribute.
<Gladius> As you said, quite the era of cooperation.
<Gladius> It speaks well of this place.
<Gladius> And her people.
<Induriel> I am glad that we have made such a good impression on you.
<Gladius> I think it will be good to rest a while in a spark of civilization.
<Induriel> I'm sure are all be glad to have you here.
<Induriel> I thought you were on a quest, however?
<Gladius> My kind can afford to take a long view, and I believe I owe these people a debt. I did, after all, bring danger and near disaster down upon them.
<Induriel> I see. And of course, news travels here.
<Gladius> There is that, though that's something of a double-edged blade.
<Induriel> How do you mean?
<Gladius> News travels from here, as well, and I had hoped to keep a low profile.
<Induriel> Ah, yes, of course.
<Gladius> The remnants of the Turathi have no love for my kind, and Arkhosia made me plenty of enemies.
<Induriel> Alas, I must admit that there is some truth to that. When we first determined that it was you who was approaching, we feared the worst.
<Induriel> However, those fears happily proved to be unfounded.
<Gladius> That's not unreasonable. Many of my people are...less courteous than I.
<Gladius> Kepeskmiiriv, for instance, though she was no longer of my kind at the end.
<Gladius> Not truly.
* Gladius looks sad at that thought.
<Induriel> Alas.
<Induriel> I'm afraid that the past conflicts have caused much grief in both nations.
* Gladius nods.
<Induriel> I only hope that nobody is eager to renew them.
<Induriel> Are there, ah, any other old enemies of yours that we should keep an eye out for in particular?
<Gladius> We can only hope those enmities stay as dead as the empires that spawned them.
<Gladius> None so single-minded as Kepeskmiiriv. It's unlikely any would hunt me down so far.
<Induriel> That is good to know. And I think we have made a good start here.
<Induriel> Though it may be difficult to escape the past...
<Induriel> But today, we have much to celebrate!
<Gladius> All one can do is try.
<Gladius> Indeed.
* Gladius smiles.
<Induriel> Well, I am glad to have spoken with you, Gladius. I hope we will have many more conversations in the future.
<Gladius> Likewise, Ambassador. <Elduar> Until next we meet.
<Induriel> <Elduar> Until next we meet!
* Induriel bows and respectfully takes his leave.
<Induriel> (Thanks!)

Laris asks the ghost of his mother to deliver a message to his father

<Laris> well, I guess that depends a bit on what form the message will take. if I can write something to be delivered by a summoned messenger, I can make it a bit longer, but if it has to be an oral message (like a proto-Sending or whatever) then I might have to be more concise :)
<Laris> but essentially I want to let him know that I think messages are being intercepted between home and here, sometimes altered to make things seem worse, and possibly totally going missing - that I haven't had anything official from the Senate in [however many months - 6 months? not sure how long it's been now].
* Korivan has some interesting ideas abouy blood connections :V
<YOAW_Narrator> May could probably summon you up something physical to take a letter. Rufus and Dianthea would be summoning up a ghost to deliver an oral message, but they could remember one of any length.
<Laris> hmm
<Laris> probably an oral message is safer from interception and possible alteration. idk who's behind this or what they might be capable of, but if they're altering written messages, an oral one is probably safer.
* Lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<YOAW_Narrator> Makes sense.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'mm try just typing in here for now)
<Laris> (ok)
<Rufus> We can certainly do it, though we might need a little help.
<Dianthea> He means it's easier with three people, and you're...not exactly a will-worker.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Would Korivan or May be able to help? I don't know what type of skill you require.
<Dianthea> Would Merula be acceptable? She'd be familiar with this sort of thing.
<Laris> Yes, I think that would be fine, if she's willing to help.
<Dianthea> All right, I'll check with her.
<YOAW_Narrator> Merula will agree, and offers you use of the temple for the ritual at your convenience.
* Laris will thank her gratefully.
<Merula> You are welcome as always, Dominus. We are all servants of the Queen.
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll get the ritual components ready: Merula's athame, a chalice, several ravens, incense, the usual.
<Rufus> We'll need a bit of your blood before the end of the ritual, Laris. Certainly you don't mind shedding a little blood to get results.
<Laris> of course
<YOAW_Narrator> Rufus, Dianthea, and Merula will gather around Merula's ritual altar, offering prayers to the Raven Queen, beseeching her to send forth a servant to act as messenger.
<YOAW_Narrator> In turn, they each sacrifice a raven, their blood pooling in the chalice.
<YOAW_Narrator> At length, Dianthea nods to you to pick up the dagger and offer some of your blood as well.
* Laris will follow her instructions
* Laris cuts his arm, because why cut your hand, you use your hand all the dang time, arms are easier to bandage ;)
* Induriel (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<YOAW_Narrator> As your blood drips into the chalice, the ritual space fades away.
<YOAW_Narrator> Standing before you is a shadar-kai, her forms fading into wisps of vapor at the edges.
<Ghost> Laris Valerius Corvis.
* Laris bows his head respectfully to the spirit.
<Ghost> You bid a servant of the Raven Queen bear a message for you.
<Laris> Yes, honoured one. I seek to deliver a message to Lucius Ferox Corvis.
<Ghost> Lucius...
<Ghost> Speak your message.
<Laris> Father, I have reason to believe some adversary is meddling in communications between myself and home. Some messages that should have been delivered have not arrived, while others have arrived that were altered to convey a different meaning, one casting my work here in a more negative light. I have had no communication from the Senate in many months, but word from those who have travelled
<Laris> here suggests I should have. I humbly ask you to investigate this matter, in case it may be some of your political opponents working to undermine our family. Your son, Laris.
<Ghost> Laris...
* Laris looks again at the insubstantial figure
<YOAW_Narrator> The ghost reaches towards Laris, her voice familiar.
<Laris> ...
<Laris> ... Mother?
* Laris reaches out his hand to try and touch her
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris's hand will pass through her like smoke.
<Laris> no!
<Ghost> What a handsome man you've become, my little boy.
* Laris looks distraught
<Laris> Mother, why...
<Avidia> And sad, too.
<Laris> why did you leave?
<Avidia> I'm sorry I wasn't there, my brave and beloved treasure.
<Avidia> I was...I must go.
* Laris asks, knowing there is probably no answer, or not one he should hear
<Avidia> My time is not my own, and my Lady calls.
<Avidia> I will deliver your message, my child.
<Laris> will you come back?
<Avidia> I cannot say.
<Avidia> Know that I watch over your, still, and I am proud of you.
<YOAW_Narrator> Avidia fades, and, as she does so, your vision fades back to the temple and the physical world.
<Dianthea> Laris, are you all right?
* Laris shakes his head slightly, looking pale, and tries to turn away before he breaks down crying.
<YOAW_Narrator> Rufus will come over to put his arm around your shoulder.
<Dianthea> Thank you for your aid, Merula. May we have a moment?
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea says hurriedly.
<Merula> Of course. I'll be in my rooms.
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea will make her way over, taking Laris's hand if he'll let her.
<Rufus> What happened? I know the dead can be difficult to deal with.
* Laris is in no shape to object, just shaken and sobbing
<Laris> mother...
* Laris manages to get out after a bit
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea and Rufus exchange a worried look.
<Rufus> What did she say?
<Laris> that she was s-sorry. and that she had to go, but she would take the message to my father. and she ... she was proud of me.
* Laris holds onto them close
* Laris is trying and failing to compose himself
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll both just hold Laris for as long as he needs.
* Laris can hopefully eventually get it together enough to thank Merula for her help and get out of there.
<Laris> (with assistance ;)

Laris invites Gladius and Meghan to visit his Villa, and they talk politics and the future

* Laris is a bit nervous at having guests over but figures just a couple won't be so bad and it will be like a warmup for having others for a dinner party at some point ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Gladius and Meghan will happily accept your invitation.
* Laris will greet them when they arrive
<Laris> Good afternoon - I hope you were able to find your way without too much trouble?
<Gladius> We were surprised and delighted to receive your invitation, Dominus Corvis.
<Gladius> No, no trouble at all. It's lovely country around here.
<Laris> When it's not raining, it can be...
<Meghan> Do you hunt much, Dominus? We saw deer on the way, and signs of boar.
<Laris> On occasion, yes, when I have time.
<Meghan> Of course. I'm sure you're quite busy.
<Laris> Is hunting something you enjoy as well?
<Meghan> I've come to, yes. It has been something of a necessity at times, and it can be quite fun.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Perhaps sometime we can gather a group together to make a day of it, when the weather is acceptable.
<Meghan> I look forward to it.
<Laris> Please come in - there are some refreshments prepared.
<Laris> (brb)
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll follow you inside.
<YOAW_Narrator> (kk)
<Laris> (back)
* Laris will give them the basic tour around, ending up at wherever Calkas has the food and drinks laid out
<Gladius> You have a lovely home, Dominus.
<Laris> Thank you.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your vines...a family varietal?
<Laris> I brought cuttings from a few sources when I came here, including my family's vineyards. I wasn't sure what would do best in this area, being quite different in climate.
<Laris> Fortunately some of them survived, and by now are doing quite well.
<Gladius> Well,
<Thantopolitan> health to your vines.
* Laris smiles slightly at that
<YOAW_Narrator> (Which I think is sort of a general good health sort of toast.)
<Laris> I appreciate it, thank you.
<Laris> Have you been to Thantopolis?
<Meghan> Thank you again for your hospitality, yours and the city's. Its been nice, when it hasn't been harrowing.
* Laris asks curiously, having little idea of just how old he might be or how much he might have travelled around incognito
<Gladius> Once, in my youth. I spent a year or so in the eternal city, learning from scholars who had forgotten more than most will ever know.
* Laris nods
<Gladius> It's a wondrous place. Sad that we ended up on opposite sides of the imperial question.
<Laris> Yes... although that is in the past now. At least, I trust it is - I know old loyalties die hard, but here we try to look towards the future.
<YOAW_Narrator> I was loyal to Arkhosia because I gave them my word, though they didn't uphold theirs.
<YOAW_Narrator> I've no lasting loyalty to Arkhos' people.
* Laris nods
<YOAW_Narrator> Nor enmity for Ratha's. They hated me, not the other way around.
<YOAW_Narrator> *shrug*
<YOAW_Narrator> Too many lives were lost to call their downfall a blessing, but I believe the world to be better off.
<Laris> I am relieved to hear you bear no grudges, then. I hope that we can forge a productive relationship for whatever length of time you choose to remain here, and beyond.
<Gladius> This place shows promise. Even once we leave, I should hope not to see the last of it.
<YOAW_Narrator> Tell, what plans do you have for its future?
<Laris> I admit that I had not expected to remain here, even a few months ago. Once Domina Mamitu was in place and her grasp secure, I had anticipated departing. But fate had other plans.
<Laris> As such, while it is of course up to Domina Mamitu what course she wishes to pursue, I intend to help assure that we remain open to trade and travelers from many lands, and to continue to develop our port and defenses as I am able.
<Laris> Aside from that... it would be nice to add some touches of home, perhaps. Some voices advocate for an arena, others would like to see an amphitheater... perhaps we can do both, with time :)
<Meghan> An arena? Races and fights, that sort of thing?
<Laris> Yes, that sort of thing. While I feel like the Hrieffen might not have the same enjoyment of watching matches as the populace do at home, I feel confident they would enjoy participating in them. I will explain it to Kraaz and Korivan and we'll see what they make of it.
<Gladius> I think your concern won't be their support, but the young Hraal's desire to take part.
* Laris chuckles
<Laris> Korivan might prefer that he direct his energies towards more ... productive efforts. But we can see.
<Gladius> What productive efforts would you have him put his energies towards?
<Laris> Far be it from me to think that I can direct the Hrieffen, any more than I can the numerous other factions that make up our alliance, but it seems likely they will go on campaign again before too long. For one thing, Kraaz won't tolerate too long a period of peace and quiet.
<Laris> His injuries have set him back somewhat but his recovery seems well underway and once he is fully healed, no doubt they will find a target to aim for.
<Gladius> I hope he hasn't got a taste for dragons now. :)
<Meghan> Well, she certainly got a taste of him.
<Meghan> He seemed to take it in stride though, for such a grievous wound.
<Laris> While I imagine he will be telling that tale for as long as he lives, I think it might be one that is best left in the past - hopefully some less dangerous opponents next time.
<Gladius> Halflings, say? Or elves?
<YOAW_Narrator> Gladius says shrewdly.
<Laris> That is a distinct possibility.
* YOAW_Narrator nods.
<YOAW_Narrator> I owe your people, but I feel I must tell you, I will not be a weapon.
<YOAW_Narrator> I've lived that life enough.
<Laris> I understand that.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Obvs that was Gladius. Forgot to preface.)
* Induriel (Mibbit@ has joined #gnomeland
<Laris> I would only ask that, while you remain here, you assist in defense of the city, if such action becomes necessary. As I would ask of any visitor who remains here.
<Gladius> In that, you have my full support.
<Laris> I would not expect you to join in an offensive action in which you bear no part.
<Meghan> I might be able to provide some assistance as well.
<YOAW_Narrator> Gladius will give her a look.
<Laris> Oh?
<Meghan> Just because you don't want to, doesn't mean I can't.
<YOAW_Narrator> Gladius sighs.
<Gladius> My daughter is a skilled warrior, and blessed by the gods. She would be an asset to any martial endeavor.
<Laris> Your assistance would be welcome, of course.
* Laris says to Meghan.
<YOAW_Narrator> Meghan will smile at that.
<Gladius> What will you do in the case of the Hrieffen moving to the offensive?
<Laris> I will provide what support I can - they are our allies, and have been a valuable asset in the past, and we owe them our aid as long as we can provide it.
<Laris> However, we need to keep some defences in Nesu Abamatu - so as long as my support is not causing the city to be left vulnerable, I will assist them in their efforts.
<YOAW_Narrator> Gladius nods.
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, for the time being, I hope I can ease your concern for the city's defense.
* Laris nods
<Laris> My primary loyalty is to the city, but the Hrieffen are an integral part of our alliance, and so aiding them is, in a way, aiding Nesu Abamatu as well.
<Gladius> And weakened neighbors should certainly help with border security, I'm sure.
<Laris> Yes, and possibly with facilitating the flow of trade.
<Laris> Gaining greater control over the river will help with transport and travel.
<Meghan> And bring greater stability to the region in the long term.
<Meghan> A noble goal.
<Laris> One can hope...
<YOAW_Narrator> She says somewhat pointedly towards her father.
<Laris> Mm.. here, let me refill your drinks.
* Laris offers them some more refreshments and gets onto less controversial topics ;)

Eyllia seduces Dianthea

<YOAW_Narrator> Where and when would you like to have Eyllia talk to Dianthea?
* Vess is now known as Eyllia
<Eyllia> (we could be going for a walk, near the wall or down by the river)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Either works. Let's say by the river?)
<Eyllia> (sure)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's rushing a bit, swollen by the recent rains.
<Eyllia> It's emboldened by the rain, the river. Fighting the battle against the shackles of its banks.
* Eyllia muses watching the water flow
<Eyllia> though it has no idea where it will go if it ever broke free
<Dianthea> You make it sound so sad.
<Eyllia> sad? I would hope not.
<Dianthea> I'd like to think of it like fate. It guides us, but, with effort, we can make our own way. It's likely to be messy, and take time, but it's possible.
<Eyllia> If you know how to ride the flow, I would agree, but just like fate itself, the river can build and burst with fury, sweeping all in its path.
<Eyllia> I like to ride the flow regardless
* Eyllia smiles
* Eyllia will take Dianthea's hand and push close to her
<Eyllia> how is fate making you feel today?
<Dianthea> Oh!
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea blushes, darkening her pale complexion a bit.
<Dianthea> Hopeful, I think. Among other things.
<Dianthea> And you? How does fate call to you today?
<Eyllia> bold. I've been too idle
<Eyllia> You like me don't you?
<Dianthea> Too idle?
<Dianthea> Of course.
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea says quickly.
<Dianthea> I just...
<Eyllia> just?
<Dianthea> I think I'll already miss you when you go, and we're not...we haven't...
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea blushes again.
<Eyllia> oh... this is all new to me... I've never been more than friends with anyone... but here I am
<Dianthea> Oh.
<Dianthea> You haven't, um...
<Dianthea> Gods, listen to me.
<Dianthea> Have you been with someone before?
<Eyllia> you're surprised?
<Dianthea> You're very forward.
<Eyllia> here I am forward and people stay and listen, at home... they run away
<Eyllia> its probably why ive stayed so long
<Eyllia> its not like I don't know how things work.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sorry, lost power for a second)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Its raining pretty hard over here.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I have a small bit to put in retroactively, right after "You're very forward." Dianthea was going to say "I like it," and then give a small, goofy/guilty smile.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (On phone while things boot back up. Sorry for slow typing )
<Dianthea> I didn't think you didn't, I'm just...I had thought otherwise.
<Dianthea> I'd be happy to test your knowledge of the...mechanics.
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea looks both scandalized and proud of herself for saying that.
* Eyllia giggles
<Eyllia> what have I done to you?
<Dianthea> I guess we'll just have to find out.
<YOAW_Narrator> She'll smile and lean in to kiss Eyllia.
* Eyllia kisses her back
<w> shall we go back to my cabin, or is there someplace closer?
<w> Oh, uh, that's probably the best bet at this point.
<w> How far is it again? ;)
* Eyllia giggles
<Eyllia> Its on the boat silly
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea laughs.
<Dianthea> I meant from here to the docks. I'm still not entirely oriented here.
<Eyllia> um... that way...
* Eyllia points in the general direction
<Eyllia> and its starting to rain
<Dianthea> I wouldn't think you'd mind...
<YOAW_Narrator> She smiles
<Eyllia> just means I'll have to get out of these clothes once we arrive
<Eyllia> I might have a robe or something for you
<Dianthea> I'm not concerned. I don't mind the cold.
<Dianthea> I'm sure I can find a way to occupy myself while my clothes dry.
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea will squeeze Eyllia's hand and start strolling through the rain towards the docks.

Korivan speaks to three dragonmarked members of his tribe about the history and origin of the Mark of Prophecy

* Halgalaz will meet you as you return to your tent from being elsewhere.
<Halgalaz> Gaath Korivan? You have visitors.
<Korivan> Visitors? Who?
<Halgalaz> Maybe visitors isn't the right word. Some tribe members.
<Korivan> hmm...
<Korivan> who?
* Korivan repeats, frowning slightly
<Halgalaz> Hrieffen Eryvet Ashkra, Hrieffen Eryvet Kranth, Hrieffen Askrult Vaanar. Vaanar Red-Mane, I mean.
<Korivan> (who are these people to me?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Cousins of various derivation. Ashkra is a very old member of the booyahg, Kranth is a respected hunter, Vanaar is a horse-breeder. Vaanar is the youngest of the three, and he's still like 30.)
<Korivan> They came... together?
<Halgalaz> Yes. They arrived about an hour ago.
<Halgalaz> They said they needed to speak with you privately.
<Korivan> all right
* Eyllia_AFK ( has joined #gnomeland
<Korivan> I'll see them. YOu can go.
* Eyllia_AFK is now known as Eyllia
* Halgalaz will nod and leave.
<Halgalaz> (Sorry, was called away for a sec.
<YOAW_Narrator> When you enter your tent, you'll find the three tribe members waiting for you.
<Korivan> (np)
* Halgalaz is now known as Ashkra
* Ashkra is an old, old man, wizened and bent. He sits under both a shawl and a blanket, softly humming to himself.
* NPC2 is now known as Kranth
* Kranth is of medium height, wiry, his eyes never quite resting on one spot for long.
<Kranth> (Sorry, her eyes)
* NPC3 is now known as Vaanar
* Vaanar bears a significant resemblance to your father, a tall, thin man currently handing Ashkra a drink.
<YOAW_Narrator> The three of them pause as you enter, then Kranth comes to take a seat on the other side of Ashkra.
<Vaanar> Sorry to have barged into your tent, Gaath.
<Korivan> Cousins... Elder
<Vaanar> We thought it time we spoke with you.
* Korivan nods
* Ashkra makes a bit of a harumph noise.
<Korivan> A gaath serves the tribe... what did you want to speak of
<Kranth> Well, we thought we couldn't wait longer.
<Kranth> You've been asking about the Mark of Prophecy.
<Korivan> (Is Askra sitting in my spot? >.>)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Ish.)
<Korivan> Yes...
<YOAW_Narrator> (A comfy space facing the front of your tent.)
<Ashkra> What do you know of it?
<Korivan> Some... not enough.
<Korivan> I know... Hrieffen Eryvet Galra was the first Hrieffen to carry it...
<Korivan> I know it came from the dragon Terus @_@
* Ashkra nods.
<Korivan> That it is carried through Galra's lines...
* Induriel (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Korivan> Hraal Mirku had it. I have have it. That's all.
<Ashkra> What would you know of it?
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> When I...communed... with Hrieffen Eryvet Galra.... she spoke of it, and what ties our people had...or will have.... to the dragns, and their
<Korivan> (bah)
<Korivan> ...and their wars.
* Korivan sits, as he speaks
<Korivan> The dragon Gladius came here to learn of Terus
<Korivan> (sec)
<Korivan> I should know more.
* Korivan says, probably more grudgingly than he meant to
<Korivan> What do you know of it @_@
* Ashkra looks up at you, and his eyes are completely white. After a moment, the familiar glow of a dragonmark lights them from within.
<Ashkra> <in a different voice> They came generations ago, after their siblings had already founded their empires.
<Ashkra> <v> They had no desire for the same.
<Ashkra> <v> The dragons' war is ours. It is the world's war, the war against chaos and destruction.
<Ashkra> <v> But where the others sought to create societies to rule the world, and in so doing ensure its survival, Terus looked for another way.
<Ashkra> <v> They did not believe that draconic rule would stave off the Abyss.
* Korivan listens
<Ashkra> <v> They had a quality rarer among dragons than the most precious jewel in their hoards: humility.
<Korivan> (Is this a voice I at all recognize)
<Ashkra> <v> So they wandered, and tried to give mortal creatures the tools to defend and uplift themselves.
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<YOAW_Narrator> (You're not sure precisely, but you have a suspicion it's Galra.)
<Ashkra> <v> When they came to our people, they found warriors already strong, but divided. We warred against one another, as we still do, to keep us strong.
<Ashkra> <v> But Terus offered us their gifts, of unity, of vision.
<Ashkra> <v> The faashbarrim, they asked for the power to heal, and to harm, to find connection in and with all things.
<Ashkra> <v> The buugbarrim, they asked for the strength of one to be the strength of many, that the strongest among them could uplift the weakest.
<Ashkra> <v> We, the wisest of our kin, asked for wisdom, to see what others could not, to know that which others ignored, that we could lead well and true.
* Ashkra coughs, raggedly, for a good while.
* Vaanar reaches over and rubs his back.
<Ashkra> What did they say?
* Ashkra says, after a pause.
<Korivan> They... she... spoke of Terus's gifts
* Ashkra nods.
<Ashkra> How they came to us?
<Korivan> yes... what our peoples asked of them
* Ashkra gives a weary smile.
<Ashkra> She likes that one.
* Korivan nods
* Korivan is still thinking through the words
* Korivan looks as Ashkra, then at the others
<Korivan> Is there more to this?
<Kranth> More to what, cousin?
<Kranth> The story?
<Vaanar> There's always more.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> My experience of the ancestors.... is that they have more than one perspective to offer @_@.
<Kranth> That's true forward or backward.
<Kranth> Ashkra has many stories to tell, when he can get them to do it.
<Vaanar> He had the strongest connection to the ancestors, until you.
<Vaanar> But, well, you can see the toll it takes on him.
<Korivan> yes...
<Kranth> He keeps the past, but that's not what our power is for.
<Kranth> But the future...that's a dangerous thing as well.
<Kranth> Even those of us granted sight of's not static.
<Kranth> We see possibilities, and it's very easy to think of a pleasant possibility as a certainty.
<Kranth> Which can lead to...consequences.
* Kranth will lift up her shirt a little to show a set of long horizontal scars across her abdomen.
<YOAW_Narrator> You're fairly certain their drake claw marks.
<YOAW_Narrator> (They're)
<Korivan> Hmm.
<Korivan> (Has that ever happened to me? Not so dramatically, of course.... at elast not yet)
<YOAW_Narrator> (To clarify, the claw marks aren't like feedback from the mark or anything. She just got overconfident from her future sight and almost got killed.)
<Korivan> (Yeah, I got that)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Nothing quite that dramatic has happened to you yet, and your version is murkier in its forward-facing work.)
<Korivan> I ...understand
<Kranth> We...decided to watch, and see what you would do with your gift.
<Kranth> You've been...wise in its use so far.
* Korivan nods, tamping down on a pang of resentment
<Korivan> And now?
<Vaanar> Now you ask of it of your own accord.
<Vaanar> How could we refuse?
<Kranth> We don't have the same traditions and families and rules for these things as the imperials.
<Kranth> But we'll offer what help we can.
<Kranth> It's much like our people. We stand together, but you must find your own strength as well.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I will. ...but There is somethign to be said for guikdance from the living
<Korivan> So... I thank you for that.
* Ashkra ( Quit (Quit:
<YOAW_Narrator> (I think he just died)
* Vaanar ( Quit (Quit:
* Kranth ( Quit (Quit:
<Korivan> (DAMNIT XD)
<YOAW_Narrator> (hee)
<YOAW_Narrator> (They were ancestors all along...)
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<Vaanar> We all serve the tribe, however we can.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> yes.
<Korivan> So we do...


Laris talks to Korivan about his mother's spirit

[Laris] (where should I find you?)
[@Korivan] That's great question! If you were to send a messenger I could meet you at the keep, and if you were to show up at out camp someone would take you to my tend and come find me I'm oretty sure)
* Laris will go out to the camp, maybe partly just as a ride to get away from things at the city for a little bit
* @Korivan can be fetched from whatever he was doing, and will show up at his tent some time after you've been directed there
* Laris is not really sure what he's trying to achieve, but will wait in Korivan's tent.
[@Korivan] (I assume someone will wait with you, possibly Halgalaz)
[@Korivan] Dominus Laris...
* @Korivan says when he comes inWhat brings you here?
[Laris] Ah, Gaath Korivan. I wondered if I might speak with you on a .. personal matter.
* @Korivan nods, and will gesture for you to sit as he does
* Laris sits
[@Korivan] What matter?
* Laris glances over at Halgalaz, in a sort of "can we get some privacy?" way :p
* @Korivan nods to her to go
* @Korivan tells her something in goblinoid
[@Korivan] (and off she goes :3)
[Laris] thank you
[Laris] I wondered if you might have some knowledge on the subject of spirits ...ghosts.
* @Korivan smiles a little wryly
[@Korivan] A few things, yes...
* Laris looks vaguely uncomfortable, but nods
[Laris] As I had mentioned to you, I have been seeking more secure ways to deliver messages to Thantopolis. With the assistance of Fata Dianthea, Fata Merula, and Magus Auspex, they were able to summon a spirit to convey a message to my father.
* @Korivan listens, interested
* Laris is increasingly tense, but forces himself to continue.
[Laris] ... although it was not their aim, so far as I know, the spirit they summoned was that of my mother.
* @Korivan is fairly oblivious of your unease, at least
* @Korivan nods
[Laris] I, ah, I was not expecting it.
* @Korivan looks thoughtful
[@Korivan] What are you asking..... why her?
[Laris] yes, I suppose.... why her, does it have some broader significance, or does it mean she was simply... nearby?
[@Korivan] how was she....called @_@
[Laris] they did a ritual... sacrificed ravens, and used some of my blood... I'm afraid I am not an expert in these matters to be able to tell you more technical details
[@Korivan] hmmm.
[@Korivan] When the ancestors.... its expected that the spirits will be.... your tribe...clan... family
[@Korivan] Especially if there blood...
[@Korivan] But we know...where they are, in Avelas
[@Korivan] We can call from there
[@Korivan] The details..... are important
[Laris] She... she said her time was not her own, and that she served the Lady. That is ... what I suppose I would expect, for one of our faith.
* @Korivan nods
[Laris] but she also had some words for me personally. so she had some... free will, I suppose?
[@Korivan] MOst ancestors do
[@Korivan] they are bound to their realms...mostly, and server their gods...
[@Korivan] (serve)
[@Korivan] The Hrieffen... nurture our connections @_@
[@Korivan] they're stronger
[Laris] ... how could I talk to her again?
[@Korivan] Blood magic.
[@Korivan] there are was to....make the connection stronger
[@Korivan] but that can be dangerous @_@
* Laris nods, sort of subconsciously aware that there's probably a reason he didn't ask Merula or Dianthea about this >.>
[@Korivan] do you commune with your ancestors... in Thantopolis?
* @Korivan asks because he doens't eeally know what you people do ;)
[Laris] ah...many of our ancestors are still ... around. you can commune with them by going to visit.
[Laris] Fata Dianthea, prior to coming here, was involved with helping to maintain some of the more... venerable of that population.
[@Korivan] and those that are not?
[Laris] Normally it would only be for matters of great importance - or perhaps something only they would know. It is not common.
* @Korivan nods
[@Korivan] to summon a specific ancestor.... that is not something we would do lightly @_@
* Laris nods
[Laris] I expected as much...
[Laris] I asked if she could return, but she couldn't say.
[@Korivan] YOur.... fata... would knwo better, where she was called from
* Laris nods
[Laris] I suppose I should ask them >.>
* @Korivan shrugs
[@Korivan] She is tied to you somehow, already.... Be careful how you use that.
* Laris 's hand goes sort of unconsciously to his shoulder, where his mark is, but he nods
[@Korivan] The ancestors don't always have what you want.... or need.
[Laris] Mm.
[Laris] There are questions... but ones where knowing the answers might be worse than never knowing.
[@Korivan] mmm, yes...
[Laris] well... I don't want to take up your time, I'm sure you are very busy.
* @Korivan shrugs
[@Korivan] ...why come here?
[Laris] ....
* Laris considers that answer for a moment, trying to figure out what he can say.
[Laris] It is a very... personal matter, for me. The others who were there... they might try to tell me things that would be easier for me to hear, or that would... protect me.
[Laris] I didn't think you would do that.
[@Korivan] hmm... Did I?
[Laris] I don't know.
* @Korivan nods
[Laris] I think you were truthful, and aware of the risks of what I inquired about. I can't really ask for more than that.
[@Korivan] I don't know enough...about your Lady to give better answers
* Laris nods
[Laris] Thank you for your time. I'll think on what you've said.
* @Korivan nods
[@Korivan] Of course, Dominus...

Dianthea tells Laris about her 'adventure' with Eyllia

* Dianthea will return to the keep, probably wet from even more rain.
<Laris> (so this is later in the evening?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (That was my thought.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (This could also be elsewhen.)
<Laris> (ok)
<Laris> (no it's fine, just trying to decide what Laris should be doing)
* Laris is reviewing over some paperwork and having a late snack since he missed dinner.
<YOAW_Narrator> Presumably Dianthea's and Rufus's quarters in the keep are near yours.
<Laris> (makes sense)
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll notice her pass by in the hallway.
* Laris glances up as she goes by
<YOAW_Narrator> She seems to be dripping rain, which would mean she was outside recently in the storm, and that seems unusual.
* Laris is a bit surprised at that, but won't interrupt her if she seems to be headed to her room.
* Dianthea will return after a few minutes, presumably having changed.
<Laris> good evening...
* Dianthea knocks on your door frame, the door itself being open. (Lets say for airflow)
* Laris beckons for her to come in
<Dianthea> I thought I saw you working in here.
<Dianthea> I hope I'm not interrupting.
<Laris> just going over some of the figures from the harbormaster - nothing that can't wait.
<Laris> is everything all right? did you get caught out in the rain?
<Dianthea> Twice, actually.
<Dianthea> I had hoped it would be a short shower.
<Dianthea> But it's really coming on.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> I, ah, went for a walk along the river with Eyllia.
<Laris> oh?
<Laris> well, perhaps you might have chosen a better day for it, but I hope you had a nice time.
<Dianthea> I did at that.
<Dianthea> I'm glad I saw you as soon as I got back.
<Dianthea> I thought I should tell you evening.
<Laris> ah... did you miss dinner as well, or did you have dinner with her? there are some snacks here if you're hungry.
* Laris offers her some of his remaining bread and cheese and a few berries
* Dianthea will take some.
<Dianthea> Thanks, I'm starving.
<Dianthea> So, we've talked about our...situation, and I hope you've been happy with our arrangement.
* Laris nods
<Laris> well, yes... I knew it would take time for both of us to adjust to things, but I trust it's been going well so far.
<Dianthea> I've had no complaints, certainly. You and Rufus seem happy, and that makes me happy.
<Dianthea> I don't see Sahhiru enough to judge.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> Well, a...foreseen development previously stipulated in our arrangement has come up, and I wanted to inform you.
* Dianthea says carefully, fully aware it sounds like she's in court.
* Laris listens carefully
<Dianthea> I mean to say, after our walk was interrupted by the rain, Eyllia and I went to her ship and...
* Dianthea shrugs.
<Laris> ...oh. Oh, I see.
* Laris takes a moment to absorb that.
* Laris isn't sure what the right thing is to say in this situation, never having had to deal with it before.
<Dianthea> Are you mad?
<Laris> Congratulations? I hope? ... is that what you want?
<Dianthea> Oh!
* Laris doesn't seem mad, just surprised/unsure how to react
<Dianthea> Um, congratulations I don't think is what I was assuming you'd say.
<Dianthea> I, uh, just wanted to let you know.
<Dianthea> Er, I thought you'd want to know.
<Dianthea> Both, I think.
<Laris> well... I am new to this situation, so it's something I am trying to .. wrap my head around.
<Laris> Does she make you happy?
* Dianthea blushes.
<Dianthea> Yes, she does.
<Laris> that's good.
<Dianthea> I know she may leave soon, but...I like her.
<Laris> She seems like someone who travels where her mood takes her. I don't know how long she means to stay here, but I hope that while she does, you will be happy.
<Dianthea> Thank you, Laris. I appreciate that.
<Laris> I...
* Dianthea will reach across the table towards Laris's hand.
* Laris takes it, and then decides that isn't quite what he wants, and will get up and come around the table instead, so he can be closer to her.
* Laris is extremely unsure of all of this, but will try to gauge her reaction if he draws her up to embrace her.
* Dianthea will happily embrace Laris, smiling.
<Laris> I am very grateful for you. For who you are, and what you give to me. I don't mind sharing that with someone else, as long as it makes you happy.
<Dianthea> Hey, that's my line.
<Laris> well... it's a good line. and I'm not very good at this, so I appreciate you letting me borrow it :)
* Dianthea will smile and, tentatively, give Laris a kiss.
* Laris kisses her back
* Dianthea will just hug Laris for a little bit if he's down with that.
* Laris is fine with that.
<Laris> .. do you want to move somewhere more comfortable? I mean... I don't object to this, but perhaps standing in my office is not the most relaxing...
* Laris asks uncertainly
<Dianthea> To be completely honest, I'm kind of tired, but I'd like it if you came and slept with me.
<Dianthea> In my bed, I mean!
<Dianthea> Slept with me in my bed.
<Dianthea> You know what I mean.
<Laris> oh. yes. I understand.
* Laris is a bit surprised but not opposed to the idea.
<Laris> I'll just put this away... ah. no, Calkas can tidy things up.
* Dianthea will smile, take his hand again, and bring him to her quarters.
<Dianthea> You *are* getting better at this.
* Laris doesn't want to overthink it during the time it would take him to put his account books away and then get too nervous :p
<Laris> I'm trying.
* Laris will go and cuddle with her to the best of his ability ;)