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Induriel expresses his new concerns over the elves to May and Saḫḫiru. At the debrief and reception, there is much socializing, flirting, planning, and plotting. Afterwards, Laris discovers a likely plot regarding is correspondence with home.


Session date: 2018-09-16
In Game date:

Induriel tells Sahhiru and May about his suspicions regarding the elves

<Induriel> I was going to say, I need to tell Sahhiru and May about the elves... :D
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, we can certainly do that, if you like. :)
<May> I'm back
<Induriel> Just in time! :)
<May> :D
<Induriel> I think I'd do it as soon as possible.
<YOAW_Narrator> Okie doke
<YOAW_Narrator> It's probably not too hard to find the two of them together.
* Sahhiru ( has joined #gnomeland
<May> Maybe at lunch or something?
* Induriel will seek out May and Sahhiru
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sure, let's say lunch)
<Sahhiru> Induriel, a pleasant surprise. Join us?
* May waves
* Induriel smiles
* Sahhiru will gesture towards a seat.
<Induriel> Thank you, I'd be delighted.
<Induriel> It's been a busy few days for all of us!
<May> Hey Induriel. Want some soup?
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm assuming they're eating indoors instead of the atrium, as usual, what with the recent rains and all.)
* Xandhil is now known as Korivan
<May> (And the giant mouldering dragon corpse...)
<Induriel> Thank you.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Well, that's on the other side of town. Also, it's not especially corpse-like. More a pile of elemental material - rocks, some metal, maybe a few gems, random stuff.)
<May> (Ahh)
<Induriel> So, how is the aftermath proceeding? I'm glad we were able to help the kobold, but I'm sure there's much more to be dealt with.
* Sahhiru nods.
<May> Clean up is going well. There wasn't as much structural damage as we feared.
<Induriel> Good. I'm glad to hear it.
<Sahhiru> We'll be helping the citizenry with reconstruction efforts. Repairs should be finished within the month, with luck.
<May> If the rain would stop it would go faster, but we're doing what we can.
<Induriel> What about Kepeskmiiriv's corpse?
<Sahhiru> Temu and her people are removing it, though it may take some time.
<Sahhiru> The material, as I understand, is as volatile as it is valuable.
<Sahhiru> In a mystical sense.
* May nods
<Induriel> Yes, it is. It must be handled carefully.
<May> Temu knows what she's doing. And I'll be there to help too.
<Sahhiru> Just so.
<Induriel> Good. That dragon's power...
<Induriel> We were fortunate that the ritual was as effective as it was.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Significant, and uncontrolled. A pity, really.
<Sahhiru> Well, the battle is over, and we'll do what we can.
<Induriel> Yes. But there may be other battles. Which reminds me, there were a few items of business I need to discuss with you both. If now is alright?
* Sahhiru looks at May.
<Sahhiru> I don't see why not?
* May sighs and puts down her spoon.
<Induriel> I'm sorry.
<May> No, it's fine. What's up?
<YOAW_Narrator> (sorry, brb)
<Induriel> Well, as we were just discussing, the ritual was key in defeating Kepeskmiiriv.
<Induriel> Without it, I'm not sure that your ground forces, or even Gladius, would have been able to take her down.
* Induriel explains a few technical aspects of the ritual, knowing that May will appreciate them
* May will nod along, perhaps a bit suspiciously.
<Induriel> I was able to channel much of her power into the Feywild, where it was safely dispersed.
<YOAW_Narrator> (back)
<Sahhiru> To the best of your knowledge.
<Induriel> But without Eyllia as a focus and Korivan helping, it would not have worked.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Induriel> I feat that Nesu Abamatu may be faced with many similar challenges in the near future. And more magical power may be needed to meet them.
<May> You foresee a lot of chaos dragons attacking, do you?
* Sahhiru manages to keep his reaction to a small smile.
<Induriel> Who knows what the future holds? We weren't expecting this one.
<Induriel> Anyway, I wanted to discuss invoking the provision of our treaty for bringing magical reinforcements here.
<Sahhiru> What sort of reinforcements were you imagining?
<Induriel> A small cadre of defensive spellcasters. We did discuss it, but decided to table it.
<Induriel> Perhaps now, in view of the new contacts you are forming and new threats you are facing, it is time to revisit it.
<Sahhiru> Define small.
<Sahhiru> We've seen what a few talented spellworkers can accomplish already.
<Induriel> Well, what would you feel comfortable with?
<Induriel> As you say, it only takes a few. I was thinking of, perhaps, fewer than five, plus attendants.
<May> Why do you think we need more spellcasters? We already have a very capable turathi contingent, as well as assistance from the Hrieffen and of course the two of us.
<May> If anything I think this last battle proves we are more than capable in that regard.
* Sahhiru nods towards May.
<Induriel> Mamitu, we were fortunate to have a *dragon* on our side this time.
<Induriel> However, I believe Gladius intends to move on? Or is he staying?
<May> He is staying for the time being. It's still an open question.
<Sahhiru> He's unlikely to move on soon, at the very least.
<May> So for now we continue to have a dragon on our side.
<Induriel> Well, that's good.
<Sahhiru> If a wounded and weakened one, for the moment.
<May> But a loyal one, by all accounts.
<Sahhiru> We have no way of knowing, really, but he's willing to clean up his own mess, as it were.
<Sahhiru> Better than most of their kind, then.
<Induriel> Will he help in matters that are *not
* of his making, though?
<May> Is there something in particular you're worried about?
<Induriel> There is another matter that I must mention, yes. It is part of why I worry about this issue now.
* Induriel sighs
<Induriel> I'm afraid it won't be welcome coming from me, but I *must
* mention it.
* Sahhiru gives Induriel an expectant look.
<Induriel> As you may know, my bodyguard Malliel took part in the battle, at the side of the Hrieffen.
<Induriel> While doing so, he had occasion to observe the elves as they participated in the battle. And he tells me that the "personal guard" of the Camellia sisters fought well. Very well. Far, far better than even an elite bodyguard would.
<Induriel> They were a tightly coordinated unit - a commando squad, as it were.
* May stares at Induriel.
<May> God's damn it...
<May> I knew it.
<May> I knew this was about the elves.
* Induriel sighs
<Induriel> I knew you would not want to hear it. But I must mention it all the same.
<Induriel> If you doubt me, I suggest you confirm it independently. Surely the Hrieffen observed them
<Induriel> You can also look at the damage to the dragon's corpse, so long as it is still here, and judge for yourselves.
<Sahhiru> In fairness, Hraal Kraaz doesn't have your man's expertise in this area.
<Induriel> I don't know what else to suggest.
<Sahhiru> If what you say is correct, what of it?
<May> Induriel... the elven contingent was twelve people. Twleve. It's not an army. Oh, and I say "Was" because three of them died defending this city. Did you know that?
<Sahhiru> Most of the elven nobility are warriors of one sort or another. Iomelinde would be hard-pressed to have sent a contingent that *wasn't
* composed of skilled fighters.
<Induriel> Yes, but they appear to be much more than skilled fighters. They appear to be one of Iomelinde's top teams.
<Induriel> I am aware you may think I am exaggerating. I can only tell you that I have confidence in Malliel's assessments - he is a soldier through and through.
<May> Even if it's true, so what?
<May> You think they're going to take over the city with nine people?
<May> After a quarter of their number just died defending it?
<Induriel> I think it indicates they have *something
* in mind.
<Induriel> Perhaps they intend only to take and hold a key area for a short period until reinforcements arrive.
<Induriel> Perhaps they simply want to have a strike team in place in case you decide something against them at some point in the future.
<Induriel> There is no *need
* for them to have such military experts in Nesu Abamatu if their motives are pure - so why are they here?
<Induriel> Sahhiru, what do *you
* think?
<May> Rrrrrrrrrr! I am so sick of this! Induriel, why are you here? You can cast rituals that can summon demons! Do you think they're any more dangerous than what Aethrennar sent?!
<Sahhiru> Mamitu, please. There's no call to be rude.
* May stands up in frustration.
<May> Uncle, this has been constant! Ever since the elves arriveed!
<Sahhiru> Ambassador, I apologize. If I may have a moment alone with my ward?
<Sahhiru> I will speak to you shortly, I assure you.
* Induriel stands and bows
* May realizes she's in trouble and the color drains from her face slightly.
<Induriel> Certainly. I will leave you to discuss these matters, and you can let me know of any decisions you make.
* Induriel bows again, and takes his leave.

Sahhiru helps May gain some perspecting on the enduringness of ancient conflicts

<May> Uncle...
<Sahhiru> That was ill done, Mamitu.
<Sahhiru> Induriel is an ally and friend.
* May sits down.
<May> I'm sorry...
<May> It's just...
<Sahhiru> In understand your frustration, but you must have a care when and where you direct your anger.
<Sahhiru> It is a resource, and one you can ill-afford to expend carelessly.
<May> So what do I do? He won't be happy unless we have the whole elven party impaled on spikes.
<Sahhiru> It's his job, to some extent. Admittedly, he pursues it with a zeal I wouldn't have imagined from Induriel, but, alas, what is, is.
* May sighs.
<Sahhiru> You are young, and you largely have lived in a world without the Imperial and sectarian conflicts that have reigned these last centuries.
<Sahhiru> That's valuable, in it's way, but you must respect that others have the burden of history, however much you may wish they didn't.
<May> ...yes, uncle.
<Sahhiru> Tell me, how would you feel if Sar-ili betrayed you? Or Kadanu, or Temu?
<Sahhiru> Remember how angry you were when you thought Korivan had taken advantage of your, ah, relationship?
<May> What? They... would never...
* May is silent at that.
<Sahhiru> Iomelinde served Queen Alcarinel as her general and closest advisor for *two hundred years.*
<Sahhiru> Both of them feels the other betrayed them, and their respective people share those views.
<Sahhiru> And they have spent over a century fighting former friends and family over that.
<Sahhiru> You'll have to be patient with Induriel.
* May nods.
* Sahhiru sighs and smiles.
<May> I'm sorry.
<Sahhiru> Sometimes I forget how very young you are.
<Sahhiru> It's all right, May. I just know you can do better.
<Sahhiru> You're still learning, and will forever. I can attest to that.
<May> I'll try, uncle...
* May smiles a little.
<May> I hope so.
<Sahhiru> But, for the moment, let's try and not blow up at our friends, hmm?
<May> Ok.
* Sahhiru smiles to make sure she knows he's not actually very upset.
<Sahhiru> Now, I should try to smooth that over. Why don't you have them bring you a horse, and you can go oversee the work with Kepeskmiiriv's remains?
* May nods.
<May> I think I'll walk. I need to do some thinking.
<Sahhiru> As you wish, though I'd ask you take someone with you in that case.
<Sahhiru> Just to be safe.
<Sahhiru> There are, after all, elven commandos loose here in our very city.
* May can't help but laugh a little at that.
<May> Very well.
<May> Tell Induriel... I'm sorry.
<Sahhiru> I will convey your utmost regrets for any offense.
* Sahhiru smiles, stands, and will take his leave.

Sahhiru smooths things over with Induriel

* Sahhiru will then go find Induriel, wherever he is.
* Induriel has gone back to his apartments
* Sahhiru will knock politely.
* Induriel stands
<Induriel> Come in.
* Sahhiru will enter.
<Induriel> Sahhiru, welcome.
<Sahhiru> Ambassador...Induriel, let me start by saying I apologize for May's outburst.
<Sahhiru> It has been a long few days, but, really, there is no excuse.
<Induriel> Not at all. I am grieved to have offended Heri Mamitu.
* Induriel says, rather formally
* Sahhiru sighs.
<Sahhiru> There's no need for that.
* Induriel smiles slightly
<Sahhiru> You didn't offend her, she's just...young.
<Sahhiru> And she doesn't understand your concerns.
<Induriel> Good. I hope you do, though?
<Induriel> I realize I've been pressing her on this point, and she's heartily sick of it.
<Sahhiru> I do, though I must admit I have some of my own regarding your assessment.
* Induriel spreads his hands, conceding the point
<Sahhiru> That's not a rebuke, merely my own assessment, friend to friend.
<Induriel> Of course. But please, assess it for yourself!
<Induriel> I just don't want my warning to be completely ignored.
<Induriel> Iomelinde has been very clever in his choice of ambassadors...
<Sahhiru> It won't be. Your warning is received, and will be acted upon, though not overtly.
* Induriel nods
<Sahhiru> I'll be keeping it under advisement.
<Induriel> Good.
<Sahhiru> You're not wrong there.
<Sahhiru> Though, I'd hazard to say, Queen Alcarinel was quite canny in her choice as well.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> But I think you look at the elves and expect treachery when there might be simpler answers.
<Induriel> Yes. Well, if she had any idea that Mamitu would be inclined to defer to me, I certainly did my best to dissuade her of that.
* Sahhiru gives a small laugh at that.
<Induriel> What do you think those simpler answers might be, then?
<Sahhiru> For instance, your trip here, it was relatively short, for all the distance traveled, yes? I believe you came through Faerie, along paths controlled by your Queen?
<Induriel> Yes?
<Sahhiru> The elves don't have that. From Vanilorra to here is several hundred miles of often hostile wilderness, to an uncertain welcome.
<Sahhiru> Sending their best may have been simple expedience.
<Induriel> But they could have sent a larger squad to escort the ambassadors right up to your borders, after which they would have been under your protection.
<Sahhiru> Yes, but how much more suspicious would we have been of a large group?
<Sahhiru> And a smaller, skilled group, can move faster and quieter than the army that would have been needed to deliver them here.
<Sahhiru> I don't say this is the case, merely a theory that fits the facts.
<Induriel> Hmmm. Well, now that they *are
* here, I hope you will consider other theories as well. Just in case.
<Sahhiru> Of course. I value your opinion, and, if you trust your man's, so will I.
<Induriel> What of the proposal to bring in more mages for defense? Unless you say otherwise, I must assume that is still tabled for the time being.
<Sahhiru> I'll speak with May, but I must ask. How much of this is genuine concern about future threats on the level of Kepeskmiiriv and how much is wanting a military presence to match the elves?
<Sahhiru> Not that these are mutually exclusive issues.
<Induriel> It's a bit of both, of course. Obviously I worry about the elves... but my concern for the future in general is sincere.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Induriel> Already, one of your visitors has brought an old enemy with him.
<Sahhiru> And I'm sure more will come. You're not wrong to worry.
<Induriel> Who knows what may happen as a consequence of Eyllia's presence here, for example, or Wahala's?
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Don't think that hasn't crossed my mind.
<Sahhiru> As I said, I'll speak with May about it. For the moment, much as I counseled her, I ask you to be patient.
<Induriel> Very well. And if you could convey one thing to her... if you think it advisable...
<Sahhiru> Hmm?
<Induriel> Please assure her that I am not indifferent to the death of those three elves. Our Queen's fondest hope has always been not that they would be completely destroyed; but that they would repent and return to the fold. Their death is thus a loss to all Elduar, even if I believe they were wrong to follow Iomelinde.
* Sahhiru nods.
* Sahhiru will step forward and, if allowed, give Induriel a kiss on the cheek.
<Sahhiru> You're a good man, Induriel. I'll make sure she knows.
* Induriel accepts
<Induriel> Thank you.

Post-dragon debrief: set up

<YOAW_Narrator> (Should we do the big post-dragon debrief, then?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I think we have everyone.)
<Laris> (sure)
<Korivan> (yes, finally :x)
<YOAW_Narrator> (heh)
<YOAW_Narrator> I think the great hall is probably the best place for this as, all told, it will be quite a few people.
<May> (When will this take place?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Let's say the afternoon after the talk with Induriel. I think we're at about 2 days after the battle?)
<Korivan> (cool. Is Kraaz 'home' yet?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, he would be back at camp, but also mobile, so he can come to this.)
<Korivan> (cool)
* Korivan will certainly head back up to the keep for this as well
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'mma run down the list just to make sure in my head. This should be all the PCs, Gladius, Meghan, Kraaz, Rufus, Dianthea, Kadanu, Temu, Severina, Ettelea, Loce, Malliel, Valtheriel...)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Many folks.)
<May> (Everybody who's anybody!)
<Korivan> (sahihru :V)
<May> (He's basically a PC ;) )
<Justen> (Merula maybe?)
* Justen is now known as Laris
<May> (Wahala?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, I'd imagine she's there.)
<Sahhiru> Quite the gathering of notables. Friends, if we could come to some form of order?
* May will stand as the crowd comes to a reasonable silence.
* Korivan lounges with Kraaz probably ;p
<May> So... I just want to start by saying thank you, to all of you. Everyone here had a part in our recent victory. Some of you here faced the danger head on. Others offered support through ritual, coordination, healing... I can't even begin to thank you all individually.
<May> This city owes all of you a debt. We won't forget that. *I
* won't forget it.
* Kraaz ( has joined #gnomeland
<May> I hope this incident serves to bring us closer together as friends, both new and old, and to reinforce the mortar that holds this city together.
<May> Both metaphorically... and also in a physical sense, because, you know, we lost a whole big section of the wall.
* May smiles.
<YOAW_Narrator> That'll get a little bit of a laugh from folks.
<May> Anyway, thank you again. And if any of you need help with recovery efforts, please come see myself or my uncle. We will do everything we can for any who stood with us.
* May will then gesture back to Sahirru to continue.
<Sahhiru> Allow me to add my personal thanks to each and every one of you, and I share Siru Mamitu's hope that our communal triumph over this enemy will strengthen the ties between our various peoples.
<Sahhiru> We will have a larger celebration of this victory, but, for now, please enjoy food and drink offered in recognition of your skill, bravery, and friendship.
* Kraaz will happily avail himself of food and drink.
<Korivan> (Yes, food, probably I should eat more of that)
* Ettelea ( has joined #gnomeland
* Korivan will eat, drink, and chat
* Sahhiru is now known as Dianthea
<Korivan> (well, as much as he chats. Chat distractedly ;)

Post-dragon debrief: Dianthea and Eyllia

* Dianthea will approach Eyllia.
* May will make her way over to Induriel to apologize >.>
<Dianthea> Captain D'Azzure?
* Eyllia smiles and answers
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, yeah, feel free to use other channels to chat :))
<Eyllia> Yes, that is me... you are Dianthea Lucillia Pertinax... wasn't it?
<Dianthea> Yes, sorry, we didn't get a chance to meet formally.
<Dianthea> I'm told you played a significant part in grounding Kepeskmiiriv.
<Eyllia> appologize for what? Who had time with all the going's on!
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> That's quite true.
<Dianthea> It's been quite the introduction to the city.
<Eyllia> I agree
<Dianthea> I hope it hasn't soured you on our lands. I understand your people are looking to settle somewhere.
<Dianthea> I think we'd be the poorer for it if you moved on.
<Eyllia> On the contrary I enjoy the excitement
<Dianthea> Excitement is one word for it, certainly.
<Eyllia> although I'm sure there are some amongst the houses who would prefer less drama
<Eyllia> but where is the fun in that
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Is that why you chose to be a...scout? Explorer?
<Dianthea> I'm not sure what to call your position. Exploratory ambassador? ;)
<Eyllia> I guess you could call it that... my talents are best put to use out in the world. My mother saw the truth of it.
<Eyllia> and hence I am here
<Dianthea> Much to our benefit.
<Dianthea> Now, is it hyperbole, or were you really in control of the storm during the battle?
* Eyllia closes her eyes and beams at the memory
<Eyllia> It was more like I was the storm.
<Eyllia> Wind was my fingers, thunder my voice, the rain my touch
<Eyllia> the clouds my hair
* Eyllia giggls
<Dianthea> That sounds...liberating.
<Eyllia> but now I'm just me
<Eyllia> that's a good way of putting it, yes
<Eyllia> but you can't be the rain every day
* Dianthea laughs at that.
<Dianthea> I suppose not, no.
<Dianthea> I wonder what it would be like to be snowfall.
* Dianthea waves her hand, making a small flurry.
* Dianthea watches the flakes fall thoughtfully.
* Eyllia holds out her cupped hands letting some of the flakes fall into them
<Eyllia> a soft cold blanket over the land
<Eyllia> I doubt you mind the cold
<Dianthea> It's never really bothered me. ;)
<Dianthea> Though I fear a cold blanket is a bit of a contradiction.
<Eyllia> although even blankets can be cold alone
<Eyllia> so might not be such a contradition
<Dianthea> Well, I do prefer a warm blanket myself. However it is achieved.
<Eyllia> but I'm used to the sea, where the water is cold... so...
* Eyllia shrugs
<YOAW_Narrator> Is cold your preference, then?
<Eyllia> It just means a little chill wont shy me away, thats all
* Dianthea blushes slightly and smiles.
<Dianthea> Well, I'm given to understand that the weather here is overwhelmingly warm.
<Dianthea> Though I hear the nights can be cold.
<Dianthea> I should probably continue to mingle. I hope we have a chance to speak again, Captain, and allow me to add my thanks to that of the city and its people.
<Eyllia> your thanks is appreciated, and who knows, we can go for a walk on a cold night some time, since neither of us appear to mind
* Dianthea smiles and nods, taking her leave.

Post-dragon debrief: Rufus and Korivan

* Dianthea is now known as Rufus_Metillius
* Rufus_Metillius will at some point be next to Korivan at the refreshment table.
<Rufus_Metillius> Hmm? I'm sorry, did you say something?
* Korivan absently crunches on something, apparently watching the crowd, but not actually doing that
* Korivan looks over
<Korivan> Hmm?
<Rufus_Metillius> Did you...sorry, I thought you said something.
* Rufus_Metillius kind of stares in Korivan's direction.
<Korivan> No...
* Korivan stares back
<Rufus_Metillius> Ah, it was your...
* Rufus_Metillius waves his hand around in Korivan's general direction.
<Korivan> You hear them?
<Rufus_Metillius> [Says something in a language Korivan doesn't understand.]
<YOAW_Narrator> For the first time in months, the ancestors fall silent.
<Rufus_Metillius> Yes, sorry. They're a bit...chatty, no?
<Korivan> What did you do!?
<Rufus_Metillius> I asked them to be quiet? Have you never tried that?
<YOAW_Narrator> A few voices will assure you they remain with you.
* Korivan relaxes slightly
<Korivan> Sometimes.
<Rufus_Metillius> Hmm. Maybe they feel it's less of an issue to ignore you. You're family.
* Korivan frowns
<Rufus_Metillius> They may just be being polite to a stranger.
<Korivan> And who are you, to command the ancestors?
<Rufus_Metillius> I didn't command, I asked.
<Rufus_Metillius> And I am Rufus Metillius Auspex, Magus of the Sixth, detached on assignment.
<Rufus_Metillius> You must be Gaath Korivan.
<Korivan> I am, yes
<YOAW_Narrator> Well met. I hope I haven't given offense.
* Korivan shakes his head after a moment.
<Korivan> No... Their words aren't for you anyway.
* Rufus_Metillius nods respectfully.
<Rufus_Metillius> Of course.
<Rufus_Metillius> Your ancients, your wisdom.
<Rufus_Metillius> Gods know Thantopolis has enough of its own.
<Korivan> Yes - Is it your Mark that lets you hear them?
<Rufus_Metillius> Ancients, anyway. Wisdom...that's debatable.
<Rufus_Metillius> Hmm? Yes, it's my 'mark.
* Rufus_Metillius gestures to his mark, where his hair is shaved to reveal it.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> (I mean, I assume he'd noticed that if nothing else)
<Rufus_Metillius> I hear things. Sometimes see them. Hidden things, like spirits and the like.
<Rufus_Metillius> Sometimes useful, sometimes annoying. I'm sure you can relate.
<Korivan> yes...
<Korivan> Interesting
<Korivan> What else do you see here?
<Korivan> (ALso josh I would like to, uh, magically appraise him)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Okay, roll Awareness)
<Korivan> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 1 3 4 6 3 ] for a total of [ 17 ].
<Korivan> (13, enh)
<YOAW_Narrator> (He's clearly a practitioner, and a skilled one at that. He has a reasonably powerful aura, clearly marked with death magic.)
<Korivan> (cool)
<Rufus_Metillius> A gathering of local luminaries, but I assume that's not what you meant.
<Rufus_Metillius> A fair amount of casters around, though I knew that without resorting to supernatural senses.
* Korivan nods
<Rufus_Metillius> Is there something I should be looking for?
<Korivan> what about them?
* Korivan nods with his chin toward Gladius and Meghan
<Rufus_Metillius> Powerful, though she's no caster in my sense. Divinely attuned, as it were.
<Rufus_Metillius> They've got some strange sort of fuzziness to their auras. The bond with the kobold?
<Korivan> I think so, yes.
<Korivan> It does muddle things
<Rufus_Metillius> Strange sort of 'mark, then.
<Korivan> (I assume Iosh isn't here, but let me know if I'm wrong)
<Korivan> Yes - have you met him?
<YOAW_Narrator> (He's not. He's still recovering.)
<Rufus_Metillius> I haven't had the pleasure, no.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I haven't seen anything like it before - I doubt anyone else here has either
<Rufus_Metillius> Well, they're a pretty insular people, in general.
<Rufus_Metillius> And, to be honest, I'm not sure many back home knew your people had a 'mark.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> They are... researching the origins
* Korivan says, nodding to the dragonfolk again
<Rufus_Metillius> Hmm, interesting.
<Rufus_Metillius> How much do you know about where your marks came from?
<Korivan> Less than I'd like, for now.
<Rufus_Metillius> Perhaps you can assist one another.
<Korivan> Mmmm, yes, I think that is their hope too.
<Korivan> And you - what is your assignment here, Magus?
<Rufus_Metillius> Serve the interests of the city and mine. Protection and labor, mostly.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> You work.. for? Dominus Laris?
<Rufus_Metillius> Yes, though for some reason those official orders declaring him the Thantopolitan representative here haven't arrived.
<Rufus_Metillius> Eh, paperwork.
<Korivan> Hmmm.
<Korivan> He is a good ally.
<Rufus_Metillius> He'd be happy to know you thought so, and I'm sure he feels the same.
<Rufus_Metillius> Your alliance here seems to be working out well for everyone thus far.
* Korivan considers his answer there for a minute, because maybe Rufus just doesn't know exactly what this alliance did to his tribe
<Korivan> It's proven its worth.
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
* Korivan nods as well
<Korivan> It was good to speak you, Magus Rufus.
<Rufus_Metillius> And you, Gaath Korivan. If I may be of any service, please don't hesitate to ask.
* Rufus_Metillius will take his leave.

Post-dragon debrief: Kraaz and Laris

* Kraaz will approach Laris.
<Kraaz> Dominus Laris!
* Kraaz smiles and gives Laris a slap on the back.
<Laris> Ah, Hraal Kraaz. Good to see you are up and about again.
<Kraaz> Quite the shot, saving me from that counter. I'd be dead were it not for you.
<Kraaz> Though not for lack of trying on my part.
<Kraaz> Perhaps I shouldn't make it so easy for Bane to call me, eh?
<Laris> Your performance was commendable.
<Laris> I'm glad you have not been, ah, summoned for more direct service to your god yet, however.
<Kraaz> And the rest, as well. Those elves can fight. Malliel, too.
<Kraaz> Then again, I suppose I've seen what you elduar can do in battle before.
* Laris nods
<Laris> It was a great accomplishment for everyone who fought, but you should take credit for delivering the killing blow.
<Kraaz> Oh, I do, ask anyone who will listen. :)
<Kraaz> It was a fine battle, on all fronts.
* Laris smiles slightly at that
<Kraaz> I wonder if we should ever see it's like again.
<Kraaz> But I will settle for more...mundane opponents.
<Laris> Did you have anyone in mind?
<Kraaz> A few.
<Kraaz> You have more troops now.
<Kraaz> And my people are well-recovered.
* Laris nods
<Kraaz> The Ankai, as well.
<Laris> Who do you feel pose the greatest threat currently?
<Kraaz> Greatest, or most immediate?
<Laris> Either, I suppose.
<Kraaz> Most immediately, something will need to be done about Iaga. The Osoro are honorable, but she is her father's child, and it does us ill to have her control so much of the river.
<Laris> Montano would not object, I believe.
<Kraaz> Our greatest threat is the Amanya Hatal, at least in the general area. They can call many soldiers, from many tribes, and they like us not.
* Laris nods
<Laris> If the Katalal are able to be drawn to our side, it would aid us considerably.
<Kraaz> It's possible we could get more than that. The Kobrakai might be persuaded of the rightness of our cause.
<Kraaz> Others, too, perhaps.
* Laris considers that
<Laris> Perhaps.
<Kraaz> Much as I'd like to press, the coming rain season will make it difficult to move for some time.
<Kraaz> We can lay the groundwork now, and be prepared for the next raiding...ah, campaign season, I think you'd say.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Rain will not unduly harm the ships, at least - we can use the time to have them scout and keep watch. As well as to work at rebuilding and increasing our own defenses.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> So, this course is not unfavorable to you?
<Laris> It is not my place to make the final decision, but I agree with your assessment, and will present the options to Domina Mamitu.
<Kraaz> You have my thanks, Dominus Laris.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Good day, Hraal Kraaz - enjoy the stuffed figs, they are excellent.
<Kraaz> I'll be sure to stuff myself. Good day. :)

Post-dragon debrief: GLadius and Eyllia

* Gladius will approach Eyllia.
<Gladius> (In your native language) Greetings, child of the sea. (A somewhat formal greeting, a bit out of date, but still used in 'polite society'.)
<Eyllia> ~Greetings! I was hoping to meet you! I never expected you to seek me out~
* Eyllia surprised and happy
<Gladius> It has been...gods, a century or more, since I've seen one of the elemental folk. I couldn't resist.
<Gladius> What brings you so far west?
<Eyllia> Well quite a bit has changed for us over the past century... I guess we are somewhat like yourself... we've had to flee our homeland
<Eyllia> So here I am, looking for new friends and allies
<Eyllia> I hope we can consider eachother the former if not both
<Gladius> I'm sorry to hear that. Your folks were honored citizens when last I set foot on eastern soil.
<Gladius> I'm happy to offer what assistance I can. As you say, I know what it is to be gone from my home.
<Gladius> And, of course, our people share something of a common origin.
* Eyllia nods
<Gladius> Distant cousins, from a certain perspective.
<Eyllia> I'm flattered by the comparison, but I don't think we measure up to your grandure
<Gladius> Well, my people have the benefit of divine origins to complement our elemental one. Not all can be so blessed.
* Gladius smiles to make sure you know he doesn't mean offense by that.
<Gladius> You are newly arrived here as well, I hear?
<Eyllia> Just days before yourself... still meeting new people every day.
<Eyllia> So what do you think of this place? Quite a melange of different people
<Gladius> Yes, it's fascinating. Less stratified than your homeland, unless even more has changed than I thought. Less so even than cosmopolitan Arkhosia, though that wasn't as much as they thought they were.
<Gladius> And you? How do you find these shores and their people?
<Eyllia> there is a crudeness to the order of things..... less structured may be a more polite term... that I find refreshing
<Eyllia> Although I am impressed how things seem to have come together.
<Eyllia> I suspect my tolerence and desire for such may be why I was picked to explore and meet new people
<Eyllia> and the fact its good fun
<Gladius> That speaks well of your superiors, matching personality to task.
* Gladius smiles.
<Gladius> It is good to enjoy one's work.
<Eyllia> isn't it
<Gladius> Will you be staying long, or must you move on to continue exploring?
<Eyllia> I'm still working that out... I mean this place still has intrests to dance with... and I do need to cement a lasting agreement with the city
<Eyllia> so I'm not bored yet
<Eyllia> If that happens
<Eyllia> well the sea is big
<Gladius> I envy you that freedom.
<Eyllia> and you? Going to enjoy the respite for long?
<Gladius> I suspect we will be here for some time yet, not least for me to heal.
<Gladius> I'm also interested in some of the traits of the population. More dragonmarks, from Terus.
<Gladius> An intriguing puzzle.
<Eyllia> I'm not that familar with them, honestly, but there does seem to be quite a few around
<Gladius> That's true enough, here.
<Gladius> It's unusual, this far outside of the empires' control.
<Gladius> Not that such exists any longer, thank the gods.
<Eyllia> I wont keep you. Its an honor to meet you!
<Gladius> And you as well.
* Gladius nods and takes his leave.

Post-dragon debrief: Laris adn Sahhiru

<YOAW_Narrator> (To get my timing down, I think this would be the same day Laris and co. went out to the villa, Julie?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (And then came back that evening for this?)
<Laris> (sure, that works)
* Sahhiru will walk over to Laris at some point when he is unoccupied.
<Sahhiru> Everyone seems to be getting along well enough.
* Laris nods
<Laris> At least, they have better sense than to start a dispute at this event.
<Sahhiru> You think someone is nursing a grudge? Other than Induriel? ;)
<Laris> I wonder if some blame Gladius for bringing danger upon us, and for not being completely truthful when we first met them. But perhaps his contributions to the battle, and the generally favourable outcome, go some way to smoothing those issues over.
<Sahhiru> One can hope.
<Laris> And yes, Induriel does have an inclination towards resentment. But that is nothing new.
<Sahhiru> And you? How upset do you think we should be towards our new 'guest?'
<Laris> I would like to know their reasons for lying to us. If they simply wished to be cautious and evaluate us before revealing themselves, then I can understand such measures. But it does make me more reluctant to rely upon what they might say now.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> It does lay a weak foundation for future partnership.
<Sahhiru> But I suppose only time will tell.
<Laris> But, we shouldn't dismiss too lightly the potential aid from such an ally.
<Sahhiru> Of course. He's far to valuable a possible ally to dismiss due to what maybe a simple misunderstanding.
<Laris> And if they intend to remain in the area in any event, then it serves us well to be on favourable terms with them.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> Dianthea and Rufus seem to be getting along well with...May's court, I suppose you could call it.
* Sahhiru says as neutrally as possible.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I hope they will... since they are remaining, I would like for them to be happy here.
<Laris> I would like for you to get to know them as well... if you are willing.
* Laris says hopefully
<Sahhiru> Of course. They are important to you, and, thus, important to me.
<Sahhiru> So, you've spoken with Dianthea about your retaining a position here?
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> She is amenable to the idea, although she has a few concerns.
<Sahhiru> Oh?
<Laris> She would like to find something to do here, for her own interests as well as to aid the city.
<Laris> As the temple is already well in Merula's hands, she doesn't wish to intrude there, I think, but is considering other possibilities.
<Sahhiru> I can understand that. Did you or she have anything in mind?
<Laris> Well, I suggested a few options. She could do work as a healer, although working with the living isn't what she has done so far with her skills. I offered to introduce her to Nakhtmin if she wanted to participate in those activities. Or perhaps she would be a good companion for May, as another young woman... If you have suggestions, however, I could pass them along to her.
<Sahhiru> Hmm. I'll have to think on it. At the very least, I think May could do with another companion. One more, ah, duty-minded.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Regardless of what she chooses, I hope she will make friends.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> We've few enough young women of her station at present, but I imagine she'll have no trouble making friends.
<Sahhiru> She seems a nice sort.
* Laris nods
* Sahhiru pauses a moment.
<Sahhiru> I heard you took her and Rufus out to your villa this afternoon.
<Laris> Yes. I wanted to let them see it as they make up their minds about what they want to do here.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> That makes sense.
<Laris> I can't keep them at a distance, even as I ask them to remain.
<Sahhiru> Of course.
<Laris> But I don't want you to be unwelcome there either. It is still my home. I will ensure that they understand that too.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> I know you dislike complications.
<Laris> I can't control their feelings, I acknowledge that. But they both know of my relationship with you. I am trying to be honest with all concerned, in the hopes of avoiding creating more complications by deception.
<Sahhiru> But I will do my best not to disrupt things. They seem like lovely people, and it is my fervent hope we can maintain an at least amiable relationship.
<Sahhiru> They must care for you a great deal.
<Laris> I think Dianthea feels a little more uncertain - but she said she would try to get to know you better, in hopes of allaying her worries.
<Sahhiru> I will endeavor to put her fears to rest, then.
<Laris> And... I told her that, if she prefers to look elsewhere for companionship as well, that I won't object >.> we can take time to develop our bonds.
* Laris says a bit awkwardly
<Sahhiru> You must care deeply for her as well.
* Laris nods
<Sahhiru> I don't think you a jealous man, per se, but certainly protective. That must have been difficult to say to her.
<Laris> She came all this way and has uprooted her life for me. The least I can do is try to make her happy. And I know that ... I am not necessarily the correct person to do that for her. Perhaps one day I can be - or a partner, or... I don't know what we can be to one another. But I would also be a hypocrite if I tried to deny her the right to pursue her own desires as well.
<Laris> Whether in terms of her work, or in other avenues >.>
<Sahhiru> I hope you'll pardon if this is out of turn, but, I think, for whatever reason, with your past decade here at least as evidence, you see yourself as a somewhat unfeeling person. I, however, believe that to be far from the case and, in fact, that you care a great deal for the people around you. You are doing your best with an awkward situation, Laris, and no one can ask more from you. I know I am not, and I doubt they are, either.
* Laris looks a little surprised, but nods
<Laris> I just still don't entirely believe that people would come here for me, or stay here for me. Maybe I can come to understand it eventually.
<Sahhiru> Well, they say wisdom comes with age. Give it time. :)
* Laris smiles slightly at that
<Laris> I suppose I am still very young, all things considered.
<Sahhiru> Well, it is, of course, a temporary condition.
<Laris> One hopes...
* Eyllia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 183 seconds)
<Sahhiru> Are you happy at the moment?
<Laris> I am hopeful.
<Sahhiru> That seems like a good place to start.
* Sahhiru smiles.
* Laris smiles back

Post-dragon debrief: Laris and Korivan

* Laris will wind up standing near Korivan at some point, and figures he might as well talk to him.
<Laris> Gaath Korivan, how are you doing?
* Korivan glances over at you, with his usual distracted dleay, like you're pulling him away from another conversation even though, you don't actually appear to be
<Korivan> Well enough...
<Korivan> And you?
<Laris> I am also well. It's good to see that Hraal Kraaz is recovering from his injuries.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> We're resilient...him especially
<Korivan> He told me... that you saved his life
* Laris makes a sort of shrug
<Korivan> He was impressed.
<Laris> I hope that my aid was useful, but there were many who contributed their efforts.
<Korivan> Mmm, yes.
* Induriel (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Korivan> The kobold, Iosh, is still... recovering.
* Laris nods
<Laris> It is good that you were able to aid him. I trust that our new guests will be similarly grateful.
<Laris> Have you had an opportunity yet to speak further with Gladius and his party? I know that their interest here seems largely focused on you and your people.
<Korivan> Not...yet
* Korivan frowns, looking around the room
<Laris> Perhaps later, then.
<Korivan> There's time enough @_@
<Laris> I don't believe they will be departing in the immediate future - he is still recovering from his wounds.
* Korivan nods, frowning slightly
<Korivan> WHat do you think of them?
<Laris> I am not yet certain.
<Korivan> hmm.
<Laris> I appreciate their aid in the battle, yet also the battle only came here in the first place because of them. And they were not completely honest with us in our early meeting. But I can understand their desire to be cautious with unfamiliar people.
<Laris> I feel they could be valuable allies, but I would appreciate greater candor in future.
<Korivan> We will see what more there is to their quest
* Laris nods
* Korivan says, thinking about his conversation with Hrieffen Eryvet Galra
<Laris> Indeed - perhaps they have other motives we do not yet know.
<Korivan> There may not be enough here to keep their interest, if they seek this Terus...
<Laris> Perhaps. But there may be other good reasons to remain here for a while, especially if they have been wandering for a long time.
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> What is ten years, or twenty, to a creature like that?
<Laris> Yes... but to his followers, perhaps somewhat more of a commitment.
<Laris> Still, if he commands their loyalty, they may remain to follow his wishes.
<Korivan> They can't have been with him...very long
* Korivan says, considering
<Laris> Perhaps not.
* Korivan shrugs again
<Laris> There is much we don't yet know about them.
<Korivan> What do I know of dragons or their kind...
<Laris> I imagine soon a great deal more than before.
<Korivan> Hmm... yes
* Laris sips his drink
* Korivan seems to have fallen back into his thoughts for the moment
<Laris> I saw you have made the acquaintance of Rufus Metilius Auspex?
<Korivan> Hmmm? Ahh... Yes.
<Korivan> YOur...Magus
<Laris> Yes, I suppose that's correct.
* Laris says with maybe a bit of a ... blush? not that Korivan would probably notice ;)
<Korivan> (totally not)
<Korivan> What of him?
<Laris> Ah.. well, it seems he will be remaining here for now. I simply hoped to ensure he settles in well - becomes acquainted with the local notables, such as yourself :)
<Korivan> Welll... we are...acquainted @_@
<Laris> Is there some trouble?
* Laris asks, uncertain about your pauses
* Korivan considers and then looks at you.
<Korivan> No.
<Laris> Very well.
<Laris> If there is any way he - or I - can assist you or your people, of course you need only ask.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> So he said...
* Laris smiles at that
* Korivan crosses his arms, looking down at you thoughtfully
<Korivan> You have proven yourself a friend of the Hrieffen
<Korivan> no longer speak....for the city
<Korivan> Who do you speak for now....Dominus?
<Laris> I may not speak for the city, but I speak in the interests of the city. I am not departing - Domina Mamitu has asked me to remain as a formal leader of the city's combined military forces.
<Korivan> Good.... that is good.
<Korivan> Kraaz will like that...
<Laris> I hope that it will allow me the necessary authority to ensure Nesu Abamatu's continued safety.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> The official announcement has not yet been made, so I would ask you to refrain from discussing it too widely until then.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> What of....your people?
<Korivan> ...Thantopolis.
<Laris> I believe they will support this measure, as it continues to serve their interests here for the city and its trade routes to remain secure.
<Laris> But I need to communicate with them... I believe some messages may be going astray.
<Korivan> Yes.... orders... 'paperwork'
* Laris nods
* Korivan repeats the word though he has only a conceptual grasp of what that all entails
<Laris> We know that pirates and storms may interfere with ships and the contents they convey - Dianthea and Rufus's recent experiences make that plain.
<Laris> I hope that some of our new associates can provide assistance in securing the sea lanes.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Our strength is...less helpful there
<Korivan> but there is always...magic
* Laris nods
<Laris> Magic that would help secure our trade lanes, or magic that would allow me to communicate with .. my people?
* Korivan considers
<Korivan> The first, yes.... Spirits, elements
<Korivan> The other.... perhaps. I will ...think on it
* Laris nods
<Laris> Very well, I appreciate it.
* Vess ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<Korivan> I will speak with.... Sirru Mamitu
* Laris nods
<Korivan> She enjoys these challenges
<Laris> True enough, she does.
<Laris> Well, I'll leave you to it.
<Laris> Enjoy the refreshments.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> Good evening, Gaath Korivan.
<Korivan> ..You as well, Dominus
* Laris inclines his head slightly and will stroll away.


May apologizes to Induriel

* May will make her way over to Induriel
* Induriel bows as May approaches
<May> Istyar... do you have a moment?
<Induriel> Of course, Winyamo.
* Induriel relaxes a bit at this use of the words for their familiar old relationship
<May> I... wanted to say I'm sorry. I was frustrated and I got angry. It was inexcusable. I know you have your concerns. I didn't mean to trivialize them.
<Induriel> Thank you, Mamitu. I'm sorry that I have been the cause of such frustration.
<Induriel> I know you feel I am too fervent in my views on the elves.
<Induriel> I do not mean to aggravate you by bringing them up. But... I thought it important in this case.
<May> It's ok. I just... sometimes I forget that how much history there is here. I want everyone to get along but I can't just sweep centuries of mistrust under the rug.
<Induriel> No. I'm afraid there is a great deal there, indeed.
<Induriel> Did Sahhiru convey my message to you?
<May> He did. Thank you.
<Induriel> I was thinking that I should say something to Ettelëa as well.
<May> That's up to you. It would be admirable.
* Induriel smiles
<May> I want this place to be something new. A crossroads. A place where different people come together.
<May> I hope you can understand that.
<May> Maybe I want it too much sometimes.
<May> Maybe it's not really feasible.
<May> But I hope it is.
<Induriel> I think it is an admirable goal - as long as you are aware of how difficult it may be.
* May nods.
<May> I know. It won't be easy.
<May> It certainly hasn't been so far.
* May smiles.
<Induriel> Nothing worthwhile ever is, I believe.
<May> Anyway... I hope that you know I respect you very much. I wouldn't be here without your instruction and guidance.
<Induriel> Thank you, Mamitu. I hope I may always deserve your good regard. And I take pride in having taught so skilled a student.
* May smiles
<Induriel> Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.
<May> Of course. Thank you for being so graceful about everything. I'll go ahead and leave you to the party then.
* Induriel smiles, and bows
<May> Oh! Try the peppers. Marti's trying out a new recipe before the feast. They're amazing!
<Induriel> If you recommend them!

Induriel talks to Ettlea

* Now talking in #YOAW
<Induriel> Ettelëa?
* Vess is now known as Eyllia
<Ettelea> Aiya, Ambassador Antalanon.
<Ettelea> ("Aiya" being a greeting.)
<Induriel> I understand that you suffered casualties at the battle.
<Induriel> I wished to express my regret.
<Ettelea> I...appreciate your saying so.
<Ettelea> They were good soldiers, and good people.
<Induriel> I am sure. I expect you worked with them for some time - it must be hard for you personally. I am sorry.
* Ettelea nods.
<Ettelea> They were like family to me. I am glad the city is safe, but I fear I am not in the mood for these celebrations.
<Induriel> I hope it is of some comfort to you that they fought bravely, and well.
<Ettelea> I thank you for you kind words.
<Ettelea> It is. I will have to write home to their families, and I will tell them of their heroics.
<Induriel> I hope their families will find comfort in their bravery as well.
* Ettelea nods in thanks.
<Induriel> Well, that is all I wished to say.
* Induriel nods in return
<Ettelea> I appreciate it, ambassador.
<Ettelea> My thanks for your aid in the ritual that brought down the dragon, as well.
<Ettelea> A communal effort to the benefit of us all.
<Induriel> I am glad I was able to contribute. Indeed, it took all of everyone's strength to deal with this threat.
<Induriel> I hope there will be no more such dangers in the city's future.
<Ettelea> One can only hope.
<Ettelea> I suppose that's not actually true.
* Induriel nods
<Ettelea> One can train and plan, to be ready in the event.
<Induriel> I suppose so.
<Induriel> But then, we can never be sure of the exact nature of what is to come next.
<Induriel> This city seems particularly... unpredictable.
* Ettelea almost smiles at that.
<Ettelea> You're not wrong.
<Ettelea> It is an...interesting assignment.
<Induriel> Indeed. May I ask how you came to receive it?
<Ettelea> Volunteering, more or less.
<Ettelea> It seemed like a good idea, establishing a relationship here, but there was some...opposition.
<Ettelea> My sister and I are young. We wouldn't be considered too great a loss if things did not go well here.
<Induriel> It seems to me you are undervalued, then.
<Ettelea> You're kind to say so.
<Ettelea> How did you come by your post here, if I may ask?
<Induriel> I know Heri Mamitu well from her time in Aethrennar.
<Induriel> Her Majesty decided that outweighed my lack of experience in diplomacy.
<Ettelea> You seem to be doing fine.
* Ettelea gives a small smile at that.
* Induriel smiles
<Induriel> You are kind to say so.
* Induriel jokes
<Ettelea> Well, I think you have a better head for these things than I do. I'm not as much solely a warrior as Loce, but being a scholar and being a diplomat are not the same thing.
<Ettelea> But this is an important undertaking.
<Induriel> How so?
<Ettelea> This is a new place, a new beginning.
<Ettelea> An opportunity to build something different.
<Induriel> Not bound by the conflicts of the past, you mean?
* Ettelea nods.
<Ettelea> That is my hope.
<Induriel> But is this hope shared by your government in Vanilorra?
<Ettelea> It is shared by some portions of it. We're somewhat known for our contentiousness.
* Induriel raises an eyebrow
<Ettelea> One can be an idealist and a realist.
* Ettelea shrugs.
<Induriel> That is difficult balance, however.
<Ettelea> I try my best.
<Ettelea> I have Loce to keep me grounded.
<Induriel> Well, that's good. I am sure that if anyone can manage it, it's you.
<Ettelea> You're being all kinds of nice today. I'm sorry it took this latest catastrophe to get us to amiable.
* Ettelea gives another small smile.
<Induriel> Well, as I said at our last conversation, any opposition to you on my part is certainly not personal.
<Ettelea> Of course, and likewise.
<Induriel> Is your sister here? I should like to offer my condolences to her as well.
<Ettelea> I'm sure she's around...there.
* Ettelea nods towards her sister across the great hall.
<Induriel> I should speak with her, then.
<Ettelea> Of course.
<Induriel> If you would excuse me... unless you wish to speak with her as well?
<Ettelea> I'll leave you to it. We see plenty of each other as is.
<Induriel> Very well then. Again, my sympathies on your loss.
<Ettelea> My thanks.
* Induriel nods to Ettelëa and takes his leave
* Loce ( has joined #YOAW
* Induriel crosses the hall to approach Lócë at a convenient juncture
* Loce will turn and give Induriel a curt nod.
* Induriel nods in return
<Induriel> I wished to express my regret at your losses in the recent battle.
<Loce> That is...kind of you to say.
<Induriel> I have already expressed this to Ettelëa, but I wished to say it directly to you as well. I know it is difficult for both of you; but I expect you worked very closely with them, so it affects you all the more deeply. I am sorry.
* Loce will take a deep breath and let it out.
<Loce> Thank you for your condolences, ambassador.
* Loce gives you a level stare that's just shy of a glare.
* Induriel meets her gaze calmly
<Loce> If you'll excuse me, ambassador.
* Loce will go to leave. <
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> Of course.
<Induriel> . o O (Well, that didn't go so well.)

Korivan and May Make Plans

* Korivan will seek out May at the party sometime while she isn't super busy seeming
* May will probably be hanging around at the periphery somewhere, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible with two foot tall horns.
<Korivan> (as inconspicuous as the head of state can ever be at her own party ;p)
<May> (indeed ;) )
<Korivan> Sirru.... May.
* May 'e smile brightens when she sees you approach.
<May> Gaath Korivan. Fancy meeting you here.
<Korivan> yes...
* Korivan smiles as well
<May> How are you feeling?
* Korivan considers for a moment then shrugs
<Korivan> I have ...many things on my mind
* Korivan grins slightly
* May smiles.
<May> I bet I know one of them at least.
<Korivan> Probably... maybe more than one.
<Korivan> What is on your mind?
<May> Mostly politics... unfortunately.
<May> That and getting things around here back to normal again.
<Korivan> And what is normal, here?
<May> That... is a very good question.
* May laughs.
<May> When I find out, I'll let you know.
* Korivan accept that
<Korivan> For now I can offer.... distraction.
<May> That would be... very welcome tonight.
* Korivan leers slightly
<Korivan> But...later tonight?
* Korivan checks because that how you always go
* May looks around quickly to make sure no one is eavesdropping.
<May> I can meet you by the stable a few hours after everyone leaves.
<Korivan> okay
* May grins
<Korivan> For now then.... a different distraction
<May> Oh?
<Korivan> Domnius Laris...
<Korivan> He needs to speak with his peopls... in Thantopolis
<May> About what?
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> Politics.
<May> I'm not sure I follow.
<Korivan> Papers...letters... aren't getting through, somewhere
* May looks a bit surprised at that.
<May> That's very strange.
<Korivan> He asked about magic...
<Korivan> We've never needed...that kind of magic
<Korivan> But the Hrieffen have never had an empire.... yet @_@
<May> That kind of... oh! You mean like a ritual for transferring information?
<Korivan> maybe?
<May> Well, there are mentions of that sort of thing in some of my books. From what I understand it was expensive and somewhat cumbersome. Usually it involved summoning minor devils to deliver important messages and relying on riders for the rest.
<Korivan> Hmm
<May> But...
<May> We know that transportation of matter over distances is feasible. I can do that with my dragonmark. Maybe we can send information the same way.
* Korivan listens (at least partly to you ;)
* Korivan nods
<May> I'd have to think about how that would work.
<May> I can only summon objects, not send them. I'll need to do some reading.
<Korivan> A message need not be... an object
<Korivan> but... it can be
<May> It could be just a voice. Or a thought. That would be much less taxing metaphysically.
<Korivan> I'll think on it as well
* May nods.
* May seems kind of lost in thought now.
<May> Huh...
<May> I wish I knew more about my mark. It could be useful here.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> We can....explore that
<Korivan> If you like
<May> I would appreciate that. It's something that I've always wondered about.
* Korivan nods
<May> And I'll give some more thought to the message problem. It's actually kind of fascinating.
<May> You can check with your sources and I'll check with mine.
* May grins
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I though you might...enjoy it
<May> Thank you for thinking of me ;)
<Korivan> It happens... from time to time
* May laughs.
<May> Until tonight then?
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Until tonight
<May> ( :3 )
* May will touch the back of Korivan's hand lightly and discretely and smile as she turns to head off.

May and Eyllia flirt and dance

* May will wander around for a bit, mostly just watching the crowd and thinking.
* Eyllia will glide over to May as she wanders
<Eyllia> Sirru Mamitu Lalu! I'm so luckly to finally catch you.
<May> Captain D’Azzure! It's nice to see you again!
<Eyllia> Eyllia, please, is fine with me. Its been quite a whirlwind of a few days.
* May laughs.
<May> So I hear. I hear you had quite an experience at the ritual.
<Eyllia> Oh my yes. Soaring through the sky... an experience is a subtle way of describing it
<Eyllia> I thought you were going to be at the ship, but I guess you had other priorities.
* May frowns.
<May> I uh... I'm sorry about that.
<May> I wanted to be there.
<May> There were some... reprecussions from an earlier ritual.
<Eyllia> You have the whole city to worry about. I wasn't trying to say you were shirking doing your part.
* May nods.
<May> Still... I wish I had been there.
<Eyllia> next time a dragon attacks, we'll plan better so you can be
* May grins.
<Eyllia> this reprecussions... all better now?
<Eyllia> (those)
<May> Oh, yes, it was very temporary. Just some minor side effects. It was... kind of strange actually. I'd never had that happen before. Just an off day, I guess.
<Eyllia> Probably. Everything was so tense for so long.
<May> How are you coping with not being a weather system anymore?
<Eyllia> It's easier to sit down
* May laughs
<May> I imagine
<Eyllia> but honestly I do feel small.
<Eyllia> and I hate feeling small
<Eyllia> Makes me want to jump on a table and scream
<May> Well, my uncle would probably look at you strangely, but I don't mind.
* Eyllia giggles
<Eyllia> oh don't tempt me
<Eyllia> if I was not the highest ranking member of the Houses here, I would take you up on it... but alas I must find more subtle ways to erase my frustrations... or at least ways that are not so obvious
<May> Oh? What sort of ways are those?
<Eyllia> At home I'd probably try and get in a fight... I guess that's not exactly not obvious... well if you don't do it in the middle of a formal gathering it is
<May> Well, you could always try the Hrieffen camp. I'm sure they'd love a good sparring match.
<Eyllia> so I've been told, but they might have egoes and I don't want to cause a diplomatic incident
<May> I recommend you stay away from tavern brawls, though. Laris owns only decent tavern and he likes it when the walls are intact.
* Eyllia laughs
<Eyllia> so there goes those options of physical release... what's a girl to do?
* Eyllia fake pouts
<May> Well, I always find reading helps me relax, but I doubt that would do much for you.
<Eyllia> Lysa has a book of naughty poetry... just seems like a tease to me
* Eyllia muses
* May cocks her head for a moment.
<May> Oh!
* May blushes.
* Eyllia giggles
<May> I uhh... imagine you can find that sort of distraction easily, no? I mean... as charming as you are...
<Eyllia> Oh my! I didn't mean to fluster you.
<May> Oh, no! I mean... I didn't... I'm just not... Sorry, I'm not really very good at this.
<Eyllia> but your appraisal may be correct... but honestly it's not something I'm used to. At home... I'm considered somewhat intimidating.
<May> Well, that's the nice thing about being somewhere new. You can start over. Reinvent yourself. That's kind of what I'm trying to do. Perhaps not entirely successfully.
<Eyllia> You're handling yourself well. I'm not sure where the lack of success lies.
* May smiles.
<May> Thank you. I guess Im pretty good at pretending like I know what I'm doing then.
* Eyllia looks her up and down
<Eyllia> Much of leading is an act. Deep down you have doubts and worries like everyone else... you just have to not show it.
* May blushes again at her appraising look, but then nods.
<May> I'm starting to learn that, I think
<Eyllia> you are putting yourself out there... I mean out here... even if you would rather read a nice book
<Eyllia> Look at me... I'm still waiting for the ground to list now and then, although I know it wont
<Eyllia> but if neither of us stepped out from what we're used to, we wouldnt be here, getting to know eachother
<Eyllia> and that sound like success to me
<May> Well... getting to know my guests is part of my job now...
<Eyllia> that doesn't me we can't be friends
<Eyllia> and I'm seriously thinking I started to channel my mother.... what is in this wine?
* May laughs.
<May> Mostly grapes, I think.
* Eyllia pokes her finger into the cup
<Eyllia> I'm worried there are sticks in it, cause I'm acting like I have one
<May> I think you're being absolutely charming.
<May> And yes, I do hope we can be friends.
* May smiles.
* Eyllia downs the cup
<Eyllia> so no sticks.... yet....
<Eyllia> I don't suppose you have time to do something fun? Dancing?
<May> I could certainly try. I'm not really the most nimble of partners.
<May> It's the tail, really. Throws off my balance.
<Eyllia> I am an expert dancer, taught by the best in the Houses... I'm sure I can give you a few pointers while still having a swinging time
* Eyllia smiles
<May> Well... if you think there's hope for me I'm certainly willing to give it a chance.
<May> I'm sure the right partner helps immensely...
<Eyllia> you are in good hands
* Lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
* May will laugh and offer you her hand.
* Eyllia giggles and leads the way
* May will try very hard (and probably fail) to not step on your toes.

May and Dianthea speak about finding Dianthea a place

<May> *Time warp to the next afternoon!*
* Dianthea will make her way to the library at the appointed time and knock.
* May will open the door and greet her.
<May> Dianthea! It's good to see you. Thank you for coming!
<Dianthea> It's good to see you as well, Siru Mamitu. I was happy to receive your invitation.
<May> Come in and have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?
<Dianthea> I actually brought some wine from home, if you'd like. From my family's vineyards in the Vallis Letheum.
<Dianthea> (Forgive my terrible declension)
<May> Oh! That sounds great!
* May will ring a servant for glasses.
* Dianthea will take a seat.
<May> So I'm glad to hear from Laris that you're open to the idea of staying here for a while.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> I like it here. It's...simpler, I think.
* May laughs.
<Dianthea> Oh, I hope that didn't sound like a complaint or insult.
<May> No, that's definitely a word for it. At least when dragons aren't attacking.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> I'm used to the Senate and the eternal city. This is a refreshing change of pace.
<Dianthea> Is it possible to seem both less hectic and less static at the same time?
<May> I think I know what you mean.
<May> But wow, I would love to see Thantopolis. I've heard it's amazing.
<Dianthea> It is that. Beautiful, and ancient.
<Dianthea> But you spent quite some time in Aehtrennar, didn't you? I imagine the faerie capital is likewise impressive.
<May> Oh, it's beautiful. Everything is just so teeming with life and magic there.
<May> Even the city itself seems alive.
<Dianthea> I can't quite say that about Thantopolis.
<Dianthea> The magic part is true, at least.
* Dianthea smiles.
<May> It's a different kind of life, perhaps ;)
<Dianthea> Well said.
<May> Anyway, I know that we can't compete with anything like that here, but I hope I can help make your life here at least not boring.
<Dianthea> If the past few days are any indication, I doubt 'boring' will be an issue.
* May laughs
<May> Let's hope they're not an indication.
<Dianthea> It would be a...stressful existence if they were.
<Dianthea> I'd prefer something a bit quieter, I think. :)
<May> Well, then you're in the right place.
<Dianthea> Did you bring all of this from Aethrennar? It's quite the collection.
<May> Yes. Money wasn't really much of a problem when we were there so I spent lots of time at the market looking for books and scrolls.
<May> It was... comforting... I guess.
<Dianthea> Did you not care for it there?
<May> It was fine. The city itself was great. Some of the people... less so.
<Dianthea> Oh?
* Dianthea seems both interested and unsure as to whether she should continue to ask about this.
* May smiles a bit forcedly.
<May> Ancient history. It's nothing.
<May> What about you? What did you do for fun back in Thantopolis?
<Dianthea> Read, often. Go to the theater, attend parties, dinners, the usual.
<Dianthea> I don't suppose much of our theater made it out to Aethrennar.
<May> Not that I remember, but I didn't really go to the theater much, to be honest.
<May> Maybe we should open one here. It might be good for morale :)
<Dianthea> It would be interesting. I know a few playwrights back home. I might be able to persuade some players to consider a tour, as it were.
* May smiles.
<May> And, it may be more... ritually oriented... than what you're used to, but you're welcome to use the library whenever you want to.
<Dianthea> I appreciate that. I must admit, I'm more used to the histories, or poetry, but I'd be interested to see what your collection holds.
<Dianthea> Perhaps I can call upon you to help me through the more esoteric portions?
* Justen ( has joined #gnomeland
<May> Of course! In fact, I was hoping that the library might become one of your... duties? Maybe occupations is a better word. I don't have as much time to care for it as I'd like to anymore and I could use a research assistant and archivist.
* Laris ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
* Justen is now known as Laris
* Dianthea raises an eyebrow.
<Dianthea> Research assistant?
<May> Well... someone who can help me locate things when I need them. Maybe act as a scribe or gather materials.
<May> And I understand you're a healer. It would be very useful to have that around the keep as well.
<Dianthea> Well, my experience is more with, ah, what you would call undead.
<Dianthea> But I'm a fair hand with a bandage and a bit of prayer.
* May grins.
<May> Well, think it over. I know it's not really what you're used to.
<May> To be completely honest... I think I'd like having the company.
<Dianthea> If we're being honest, being a glorified clerk doesn't exactly appeal, but I'm happy to spend more time with you.
* May nods.
<Dianthea> This is Laris's city right now, and I need to make my own place here if it is to be mine as well. That includes forging my own relationships.
<Dianthea> And where better to start than the lady in charge. ;)
* May smiles.
<Dianthea> Who's nice and smart, to boot.
<May> Oh... well... thank you.
<May> I'm sorry if I offended you...
<Dianthea> You'll need to get used to compliments if you're going to be a leader here.
<Dianthea> Not all of them will be honestly intended.
<Dianthea> You haven't offended me at all.
* May nods.
<Dianthea> I hope I haven't done so, as well.
<May> No! Not at all...
<May> I mean...
<May> No, you haven't offended me at all. I think you're very nice as well. And I'd be glad to have you around more.
<May> It would be nice to have someone who I can count on being honest with me.
<Dianthea> If you don't mind me saying so, it does seem as thought you're a bit isolated here.
<Dianthea> Or at least in want of companions who don't answer to you in some way.
* May nods.
<May> But I also don't want you to feel like you have to be my friend just because I'm the ruler of this place.
<Dianthea> Can't I just want to be your friend?
* Dianthea smiles.
* May smiles back.
<May> On one condition.
<Dianthea> Oh?
<May> Promise me you'll tell me when I'm being stupid.
<Dianthea> On one condition.
<May> Oh?
<Dianthea> Promise me you'll listen.
* May laughs
<May> I promise.
* Dianthea laughs with May.
<Dianthea> That sounds like a good start, then.

Laris speaks with Dianthea and Rufus about missing and altered correspondence

* Dianthea will be puttering around doing villa things.
<Dianthea> (Maybe reading something borrowed from May)
* Laris approaches her a bit uncertainly - he's been trying to allow her plenty of space to get settled, while still being around if she needs anything or has any problems.
<Laris> Ah, good morning - found something to read?
<Dianthea> Yes, I found this "Gyde to the Wayes of Feyrie" in May's collection that has a fair bit about the courts, in an around the travelogue stuff.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> Join me?
<Laris> The library she brought is very extensive - I'm sure there is much to be found there.
* Laris will come have a seat.
<Dianthea> It's nice to have some quiet time.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> Though I imagine you're keeping yourself busy.
<Laris> Well, there is always work to be done. But I am enjoying the lack of immediate crises, yes.
<Dianthea> Hopefully, it's a trend that continues.
<Laris> I hope so.
<Laris> I don't wish to interrupt your reading, but I did have a question that perhaps you can help with.
<Dianthea> Oh, it's nothing important, obviously.
* Dianthea will set her reading aside.
<Dianthea> What do you need?
<Laris> I was hoping you might be able to ascertain about how many of your letters to me might have gone missing, if any. I am trying to discern the scale of the problem - whether it is a few isolated items being misplaced or lost in transit, or whether it is more widespread.
<Dianthea> Ah. Of course, I'd be glad to help.
<Laris> Thank you.
* Laris will bring her to his study, then, where he keeps his correspondence. He has, I imagine, every letter she's ever sent him since she was 7, all neatly organized by date.
<Dianthea> This is both endearing and not entirely unsurprising.
* Dianthea will look through the letters.
<Laris> well... the problem will only be evident in the newer ones, presumably - I don't imagine you need to look through the ones from twenty years ago >.>
<Laris> although certainly if you want to, it's fine - they are yours, after all.
<Dianthea> I shouldn't think so, though it might be fun at some point.
<Dianthea> Hmm, I think there are...two, maybe, that aren't here. Possibly another from earlier, but definitely two in the last year.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Is there anything you can think of that they might have had in common? Were they sent close in time to one another, or dealt with similar topics, perhaps?
<Dianthea> They're a bit apart, but let me think.
<Dianthea> The first would have been right after you sent word back about Sahhiru approaching you about May coming here, and the other would have been after we received word the siege had been lifted.
* Laris nods
<Laris> do you recall what your replies might have said?
<Dianthea> Encouragement, mostly. In the former, that the Senate supported the transition, and, in the latter, that they supported your alliance.
<Dianthea> More or less.
* Laris nods
<Laris> It would also be good to know if all my letters to you arrived - I keep copies, so perhaps you can see if any of them are unfamiliar to you.
* Laris has another file of those ;)
* Dianthea smiles at that and takes a look.
<YOAW_Narrator> (How many would he have written her in the last year?)
<Laris> (I tend to imagine he writes about once a month or so, maybe more if there is something major to update about? so maybe total over the past year of like 14 or something?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Does Laris just send his letters via whatever ship is in harbor and heading towards Thantopolitan ports?)
<Laris> (yeah, I imagine so - I'm not sure what other options there would be?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Well, theoretically, he has ships of his own, but they have better uses than correspondence.)
<Laris> (yeah, he wouldn't use his own ships for that, unless he had to send one home for another reason anyway)
<Dianthea> Hmm.
<Dianthea> They all seem to be here, but...
* Eyllia ( Quit
<Dianthea> I think someone may have tampered with the letters I received.
* Laris frowns
<Laris> Tampered how?
<Dianthea> Re-wrote them, maybe? It's minor, but I have a pretty good memory, and some of these seem off.
<Laris> what do you think has been changed?
<Dianthea> Not hugely so, but the letters I received made it seem like things were worse here than I these letters.
<Dianthea> Or reality, being here now myself.
<Laris> hm.
* Laris will call in Calkas to check his recollection as well.
* Calkas ( has joined #gnomeland
<Calkas> Domina, Dominus. You called?
<Laris> Yes, there is something I hoped you might be able to shed some light on. As you know, some of my correspondence has been going astray for at least the past year - Domina Dianthea notes that at least two letters she sent did not make their way to me. But more troubling is that she also feels that some of the letters I sent her may have been altered by the time they reached her.
* Laris can indicate which ones she thought were off.
* Calkas will look them over.
<Calkas> They seem as I wrote them to me.
<Laris> I know that in making copies, some things could inadvertently be altered from the originals, but do you think, to the best of your recollection, that these are faithful copies of what I sent to her?
<Calkas> I write solely what I am tasked to write, no alterations.
<Laris> Of course. I mean no slight to your reliability.
<Laris> So any change must have happened later.
<Laris> thank you, Calkas.
<Calkas> Of course, Dominus.
* Calkas will slip out unobtrusively.
<Laris> If it is more than just items going missing, that is troubling.
<Laris> It suggests a greater conspiracy, rather than some ill fortune.
<Dianthea> What do we do?
<Laris> I wonder as well what orders from the Senate might be absent, or even altered.
<Laris> (have I had any official orders in the past year?)
* Dianthea frowns.
<YOAW_Narrator> (One set, the recognition of May's taking the seat of power. None since.)
<Laris> (okay)
<Laris> perhaps Rufus has some additional insight.
<Laris> He seemed to indicate he thought I would have received other orders from them by now.
<Laris> (what about letters from my other family members? any of those getting through?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You've had a few, though much of that scarcity might be chalked up to them being in the field.)
<Laris> (okay)
<Laris> (my father?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Probably one or two. "Good job surviving that siege," that sort of thing.)
<Laris> (heh)
* Laris will go try to find where Rufus has gotten himself to.
* Rufus_Metillius can be found shortly.
<Laris> Are you busy? I have some matters that are causing me concern.
<Rufus_Metillius> Not especially. What seems to be the problem?
<Laris> Well, it's about correspondence. Dianthea says that at least two of her letters in the past year haven't reached me, but also - more worryingly - that some of the ones she received from me seemed altered from what I actually sent.
<Laris> And given you seemed to think I should have received some other word from the Senate as well, I hoped you might know more - what you think they were going to be sending, and why you had that impression? Because the last letter I received from them was acknowledging when May took power.
<Laris> It seems like less of an accident of long distance correspondence and more like a deliberate attempt to mislead or confuse the situation.
<Rufus_Metillius> Yeah, that's not right.
<Laris> She thought that the ones that were altered were changed in order to make the situation here seem worse than it was.
<Rufus_Metillius> I'm not a senator, but I was fairly certain they'd named you Orator of the S-P-Q-T to Nesu Abamatu.
<Rufus_Metillius> I was a bit surprised you weren't using the title when we got here, and, to be honest, it had slipped my mind to speak to you about it what with everything that's been going on.
* Laris frowns (more)
<Laris> I will need to find a way to ensure that messages reach home securely.
<Rufus_Metillius> Dianthea and I could try a summons.
<Rufus_Metillius> Use spiritual messengers.
* Laris nods
<Laris> It would be appreciated. I am greatly concerned about this... the more I learn, the more it sounds like a deliberate attempt to undermine my position here. But I don't know who would be likely to go to such lengths to do that.
<Rufus_Metillius> Well, your father does have enemies in the Senate.
<Rufus_Metillius> And, while this isn't exactly a military endeavor, your success here reflects well on him and the rest of the Tubae.
<Laris> Would they bother to change my letters to my betrothed, as well as official correspondence, though? It sounds more.. personal. I don't know, it's just a feeling.
<Rufus_Metillius> The Aratores, the Fidelii...they don't like this "foreign interventionism."
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
<Rufus_Metillius> Do you have enemies back home?
<Laris> Someone I offended when I was 15 perhaps? I have no idea.
<Rufus_Metillius> Or someone you pissed off on campaign who's back home now.
<Rufus_Metillius> Not that that's a helpful observation.
<Laris> (I mean... there could be many >.>)
<Rufus_Metillius> What do you want to do?
* Laris rubs his forehead
<Laris> I want to get a message to my father. One that I can be sure isn't going to be intercepted or altered.
<Laris> I wouldn't normally bother him with something like this, but if it could be related to some opponent of his in the Senate, he needs to know.
<Laris> I idly asked Gaath Korivan about the prospects of magical communication - if you think such a thing would be the best option, we can pursue that with his and May's aid if necessary.
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
<Rufus_Metillius> It could take some doing, but we'll manage it.
<Rufus_Metillius> Maybe I should talk to Nakhtmin, get some help.
<Laris> Thank you.
<Laris> Lunch ought to be ready by now - if you would like to accompany me?
* Laris offers both of them
<Rufus_Metillius> Of course. :)
* Dianthea smiles and takes Laris's arm.
* Laris smiles and will try to not worry about this for a little while and just enjoy having a nice meal with them.