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Laris has a dinner conversation with the commander of his personal guard, Varinia Severina, about the possibility of going home. May (with Laris for support) is called on to sort out a disagreement between Kraaz, the war chief of the Hrieffen and Kadanu, the commander of her infantry, over the fate and ownership of certain prisoners. Kraaz brings Korivan to assist him in the "negotiations".


  • House Maamitu:
  • House Corvis:
  • Hrieffen:


Session date: 2017-12-17
In Game date:

Laris dines with Severina

<Narrator> All right, then later in the week, with the patrols still out looking for the Hriffen, you're in your corner table/booth/whatevs, entertaining the captain of you personal guards, Varinia Severina.
<Laris> (okay)
<Severina> I know you're hoping we can go home, Dominus, but I worry at the state we're leaving the city in.
<Laris> I too am concerned.
<Severina> The gobbos have started three fights within the city walls this week alone. What happens when we're not here to keep the peace?
<Severina> The new ruler, the Turathi, she doesn't seem too interested in actually, well, ruling.
<Laris> If the remaining leadership is not strong enough to maintain order, then the goblinoids may take control...
*Laris seems not thrilled at that thought.
<Laris> I hope that the young Domina will come into her position with some time and encouragement.
<Severina> Encouragement from who? Hopefully we'll be gone in a few months, right?
<Laris> Well, she has her uncle. He seems somewhat more ... authoritative.
*Severina nods.
<Severina> That he does. He also, ah, he doesn't seem...right.
<Laris> how do you mean?
<Severina> Something odd about that one.
<Laris> (have I noticed anything odd about him?)
<Severina> I don't have a lot of experience with the Imperials...ex-Imperials, I guess, now. But there's just something about him.
<Severina> (He's particularly tiefling-y, if that makes sense, but that can be chalked up to a 'purer' bloodline)
<Severina> (ww)
<Severina> You get a sense of folks, doing guard work like we have this last while. Like he's planning something, and it's not good.
<Severina> Maybe I'm just paranoid. That also comes with guard work.
<Laris> (do I know enough about May's family to know whether a) he's supposed to be her father's or mother's brother, or a spouse of one of them, or what? and b) whether they would have a 'purer' bloodline in that sense?)
*Severina smiles and takes a drink.
<Narrator> (Roll me a 3-die test)
<Laris> A useful habit for survival, yes.
<Laris> !roll 3d6
*Korivan rolls for Laris: [ 3d6 ] getting [ 6 4 2 ] for a total of [ 12 ].
<Narrator> (They are supposed to have a pretty 'pure' bloodline. Tuck, I leave it to you what his relation is ostensibly supposed to be.)
<May> (I think if anyone asked she would say he's a close friend of the family)
<May> (Not actually blood related)
<May> (And her legal guardian until recently)
<Laris> (okay - so I really have no idea what his family/lineage might be?)
<Narrator> (Well, then, Laris would know he's not blood related, and he's never heard of whatever family he claims.)
<Laris> (okay)
*Laris files that away to consider at length later
<Laris> Are there other concerns you have about our defenses, that may be more readily addressed?
<Severina> We're about as secure as can be hoped for, I think. The Imperials' troops are pretty organized, and the labor we conscripted is making the building go faster. Putting the tribals on our southern flank makes for a good buffer, and we'll know if the Maazikai come for another go.
<Severina> I have some concerns about the demons that survived the siege, but regular patrols should help with that. They're unlikely to mass again.
*Laris nods
<Severina> Word should spread of our reinforcements, which will make the place more secure. The new Domina might consider sending out envoys, if she ever takes her head out of a book.
<Laris> Are the new Imperial troops learning the ways of this place quickly?
*Severina glances at Laris to make sure she hasn't overstepped.
*Laris seems fine with that
<Severina> They're good folk, I think. More organized that I remember them being, but I guess surviving the last 10 years they'd have had to develop some good habits.
<Severina> They're archers aren't up to our standard, but they're not bad.
<Laris> do you think the fights you mentioned are due to the new arrivals? or unrelated?
<Severina> (Their, rather)
*Severina shrugs.
<Severina> I think it's just tribals being tribals. They don't necessarily get along with us 'city folk', and they're more used to settling an argument with arms than words.
<Laris> I wasn't sure if they might be
<Laris> (oops, hit enter too soon)
<Laris> might be stirring up resentment, perhaps
<Severina> There is that. Our people, by which I mean the merchants, craftsfolk, respectable types; they're not overly fond of them. They've been the danger beyond the walls for a while.
<Severina> Now they're on our side, more or less, but that doesn't make them like us.
*Laris nods
<Laris> well...until such time as we are relieved of our duties here, we'll continue to carry them out. We are responsible as much as we ever were for the safety and security of the town.
<Severina> As you say, Dominus.
<Severina> It will be nice to get back to the Eternal City, though.
<Laris> (what is she, btw? SK also?)
<Severina> (Yeah, she's a Thantopolitan SK like you, though not a noble)
<Laris> (okay)
<Severina> (Maybe a little older than you, not that that's visible on most SK. She's fairly scarred and somewhat tattooed, short, with a legionnaire's buzzed hair.)
<Laris> Yes... but do not allow thoughts of home to distract you from your current tasks. This is a dangerous period, and others will surely seek to take advantage of any sign of weakness.
*Severina frowns and nods again.
<Severina> Of course, Dominus.
<Laris> Thank you for providing your insights, and your continued service.
<Severina> My family has served House Corvus for generations. Your will is my action.
* Severina holds up her mug and offers House Corvus's motto as both toast and salute.
<Severina> (Whatever that motto might be :p)
<Laris> (heh... I should make one up)
* Laris returns her gesture, then

Kadaanu comes to see May

<Narrator> Anywho, about a week and a half after they left, the troops return from their 'patrol'.
<Narrator> Kraaz will send a runner to ask Korivan to meet him at the keep, and May will receive a messenger from the commander of her infantry, Kadanu, that he wishes to speak with you.
<Laris> (ftr I will be keeping more of an eye on Sahhiru since Severina thinks there's something dubious about him, and also try to do a bit more research/reading into who he might actually be - like maybe he's just from a family I've never heard of?)
<Narrator> Laris, I imagine you're often in the keep, so you can be around if you wish.
<Laris> (sure)
<Laris> (I clearly have no real social life, so work it is ;)
*May will call Kadanu up to her library to eet her, then.
<May> meet
<May> to meet her.
<May> Not to eat her.
<Laris> (I was going to say, maybe I shouldn't be there for that...)
*Severina is now known as Kadanu
<Korivan> (Have I ever been here before @_@)
<May> (Not yet, but if you play your cards right...)
<May> (:V)
*Korivan grumbles about being summond and not told what this is about
<Kadanu> Siru (a noble title), thank you for seeing me.
*Kadanu kneels and salutes.
*May nods. "Of course. What did you find?"
*May still looks a little uneasy at all the kneeling and saluting.
<Kadanu> A sizeable enemy force, cavalry and infantry, plus some of their civilians.
<May> Where?
<Kadanu> South of the city, along the coast. A small valley. It would have been easily defensible, but the auxiliary scouts eliminated their sentries.
<May> So they're undefended?
<Kadanu> They were.
*Laris will give it a minute to see what May suggests, rather than jumping in and telling her what to do ;p
<May> Were? What happened?
<Korivan> (Just lemme know when we get there ;)
<Kadanu> I had thought we were to parlay with them, but it seems the Hriffen chief had other plans.

Kraaz regails Korivan with tales of battle

<Kraaz> Gaath Korivan! Great, they found you in time.
*Kraaz smiles broadly.
<Kraaz> *This* fight is more for you than I.
*Korivan frowns trying to concentrate on the conversation
<Korivan> What fight do you bring.
<Kraaz> Words. We won a great victory over our turncoat brethren, sullied now by Imperial treachery.
*Korivan scowls more deeply
<Korivan> Tell me.
<Kraaz> I rode out to meet with our brothers, but what should I find but Maazikai among them.
<Kraaz> Already they sought to consort with our enemies.
*Korivan does not seem surprised to hear that they vare hanging out with their new allies.
<Korivan> So you attacked.
<Kraaz> I am not a fool. I challenged their champion, to prove the strength of our cause.
*Korivan nods
<Korivan> And when you prevailed?
<Kraaz> A glorious brawl, to be recounted in depth later. Needless to slay, I slew the demon-goblin and threw his banner in the dirt.
*Korivan smiles at that
<Kraaz> Still, Fyan Ranx refused to return to the family.
<Kraaz> (Say, not slay. derp)
<Kraaz> *That* is when I ordered the attack.
<Kraaz> True to their cowardly nature, the Maazikai abandoned their new 'allies'.
<Kraaz> In their flight, they ran into the Imperials, camped on the other side of the valley.
*Korivan listens
<Kraaz> And now, the Imperials refuse to hand them over to us!
<Kraaz> They are rightfully ours, to thrall or kill as we deem fit.
*Korivan nods
<Korivan> Yes
<Kraaz> I've no need to best our new allies as well. As I said, this is your fight, of words and wisdom.
<Korivan> They will relinquish them.
*Kraaz nods his head towards you in respect.
<Narrator> (Okay, back to May et al)

The debate at the tower

<Narrator> (Okay, back to May et al)
<Kadanu> ...So we heard their warhorns and battlecry and readied ourselves to join the battle.
<Kadanu> But the battle came to us, at least in part. The full count puts it at sixty-two warriors and eighty-four civilians, all told.
*Laris listens attentively
<Kadanu> Some forty-four warriors and seventy-nine civilians now in our custody.
<May> How were our casualties?
<Kadanu> Minimal. Three dead and six wounded, all moveable.
<Kadanu> They were routed, I'll admit, but I'm not sure they had even met blades with the Hriffen.
<Kadanu> They were caught by our troops, and thus are ours to dispose of, whatever the Hriffen may say.
<May> Why, what are they saying?
<Narrator> (At that you'll hear some yelling from the hall)
<Laris> That.
<Kraaz> I don't care if she is in chambers, I *will* see her!
*May rolls her eyes.
<Narrator> A guard will knock on the door of the library and open it without waiting for an answer. "Chief Kraaz and Shaman Korivan to see you, Siru."
<May> *sigh* show them in...
<May> Let's just make it a party, why don't we.
*Kraaz walks in past the guard before he finishes.
<Korivan> (who all is here?)
<Narrator> For the moment, May, Laris, you, Kraaz, and Kadanu.
<Korivan> (cool)
<Narrator> Also, one awkward guard.
*Korivan 's attention probably focuses more on Laris and May, since they have more magical energy
<Kadanu> See here you upjumped raider...
<Kraaz> Oh, the thief beat me here, I see.
<Kadanu> No man calls me a thief.
<May> Whoa! Hey! Both of you shut up!
*Kraaz seems to forestall a response, in a rare moment of restraint.
*Korivan 's gaze drifts over to Kadanu briefly, but then back to May more sharply.
*Laris gives an "oh dear" sort of sigh
*May gestures around them. "No yelling in the library."
<May> Now what's going on?
<Narrator> They both launch into conflicting accounts.
<Laris> How can we assist you, honored Hraal and Graaf?
<May> Oh for... one at a time.
*Korivan put a hand on Kraaz's shoulder and will tug him back away form Kadanu
*Korivan stares at May.
<Korivan> Who are you.
*May sighs and rubs her temples. "Apparently I'm the Domina. Who are you?"
<Korivan> (Also I assume I can tell she and Laris are dragonmarked, but can I tell anything about their marks)
*Korivan answers after a moment (Assumogn Kraaz has shut up)
<Korivan> I am Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan. Who is your theif who wishes to challenge out Hraal.
*Korivan looks at Kadanu, sort of.
<Narrator> Sorry, brb
<May> Challenge? Nobody is challenging anybody.
<May> Why are you calling my armsman a thief?
<Korivan> Then she does not deny the charge.
<May> What charge?
*Korivan tilts his head and looks back to May.
<m> The charge of being a thief.
<Korivan> Of theivery. Of Taking what is not hers to take.
<May> Are you talking about the prisoners?
<Laris> Let me guess - you lay claim to the prisoners these troops have captured.
*Korivan looks over at Laris
<Korivan> Who are you.
<Laris> I am Laris Valerius Corvis, you may address me as Dominus.
<Korivan> I have heard your name on the voices of the dead.
<Narrator> (Back)
<Laris> Did they have anything interesting to say?
<Narrator> (hee)
<Korivan> So many things @_@
<May> Is everyone here just going to talk gibberish? Because I have better things to do if so.
*Korivan starts to say somethign, then realizes he is being distracted.
<Kraaz> Then I will speak it plainly. You have our prisoners. I want them returned.
<Laris> Let us know how you would have this dispute resolved.
<Korivan> We defeated their forces, they are ours by right of conquest, adn you will reurn them.
<Laris> This soldier reports that they defeated them, not you.
<Laris> How do you reconcile these ... differing reports?
<Kraaz> They were fleeing our battle.
<May> Ok... so then you admit that we defeated them?
<Kraaz> They were already defeated.
<May> If you can run, you're not defeated in my book.
<Korivan> YOu are scavengers, that is all
*Kraaz grunts agreement with Korivan.
<May> Ok, let's all stop for a second.
<Laris> There is something to be said for scavengers...
<Kadanu> They were still under arms. They fought. They lost. To us.
*May looks at Laris. "What do we want with prisoners anyway? Just more slaves?"
<Laris> Yes.
<Narrator> (Slaves are a valuable resource among May's people...)
<May> (Yeah, I'm just making sure that's what they want them for)
<Laris> It appears that both parties played a role in the defeat. It seems therefore that dividing the spoils equally would be most fair.
<Laris> Thirty-one soldiers and forty-two civilians.
<Kraaz> Should the lion share spoils with the vulture? We take our fill and these buzzards make do.
<May> You can even get first pick. Let us know which ones you want and we'll take the rest.
<Korivan> We will take all of the ...civilians.
<Laris> (sorry, I guess those were the numbers initially. It should be twenty-two and thirty... nine? I guess? the other doesn't divide evenly ;)
<Korivan> Do what you wish with your efeated 'warriors'
<Narrator> (Workable, I'm sure)
*Laris looks to May to see if she accepts that.
<Kraaz> I want one. As a sacrifice.
*Korivan nods.
<Korivan> yes, The ancestors desire this.
*May considers
<Laris> Good, that'll make the numbers divide more easily.
<Korivan> We will take their civilians, and who stands for their leadership
<Kraaz> The civilians can choose to rejoin, or they can be thralls. The warriors forfeit their claim to tribe.
<May> We'll give you the extra civilains and a token sacrifice... on the condition that you keep us informed in the future if you decide to attack. If we're going to work together I don't want any more surprises.
<Korivan> Surprise?
<Korivan> Their champion lost, and they would not surender.
<Korivan> There could be no surprise in the outcome.
*Kraaz nods emphatically.
<May> That may be how it works for you, but our armies like to plan things out a bit before engaging the enemy. It tends to help with winning.
<Laris> . o O (-_-)
<Korivan> That is your weakness to contend, with not ours.
<Kraaz> We prevailed over ready troops. You cut down cowards as they ran.
<May> All I'm asking is for better communcation. Can you at least try to make that work?
<Kraaz> We can keep you better informed. Perhaps you will learn from action.
*Calkas (Mibbit@ has joined #gnomeland
*Calkas will have slipped in quietly.
<May> Ok. Good. Fine.
<Laris> If we are to be allies, then our troops will work together.
<Laris> It appears they already executed an excellent pincer strategy without meaning to ...
<quietly, to Laris> Perhaps we could inquire about the dead? Labor is always in short supply.
*Laris nods to that
*Kadanu nods assent to Laris's point.
<Laris> We would request that any dead who are intact enough to be raised be provided to my people.
*Kraaz looks to Korivan, a little unsure.
<Laris> (I mean really, either side's dead, I don't care who ;)
*Korivan scowls deeply at that
<Korivan> Do what you will with the Mazaakai. The dead of the Hrieffen belong to the Hrieffen, and will be honoured.
<Laris> Very well.
<May> Alright. Everyone happy? Or at least mildly satisfied?
<Kraaz> Acceptable.
<Korivan> Mmm, yes.
<Laris> I am adequately content.
<Kraaz> Now, then, you must celebrate with us tonight. A second victory over the Maazikai!
<May> Wait, what?
<May> Like a party?
<Kraaz> Honor your troops for their...victory.
<Laris> (do I know what this celebration would likely entail? what are goblinoid parties like? ;p)
<Korivan> (AWESOME)
<Narrator> (In this case, a lot of drinking and grisly war stories)
<Narrator> (Maybe some honorable cannibalism :p)
<Laris> (Heather said out loud "eating, drinking, and boning" ;)
<Narrator> (Hee!)
<May> I guess that sounds fine...
*May shrugs
<Narrator> (She's not wrong)
<Korivan> (maybe that sacrifice. But that falls under 'eating' ;)
<Laris> where will this... celebration... be held/
<Laris> ?
*Laris is mostly concerned about whether it's going to wreck up his city ;p
<Kraaz> Our camp, outside the city.
*Laris nods
<Laris> We may attend... briefly, to pay our respects.
*Kraaz sighs and fails to hide rolling his eyes.
*Korivan is looking around the library at the magic things
<Narrator> Why don't we call it there, if y'all want to be able to hit up that craft fair.
<May> Man, now I really want to do this party :3
<Korivan> yassss
<Laris> (can I just have a short word with May after they leave?)
<Korivan> (also Korivan will poke at magic things in the room before someone drags him away)
*May will note Korivan's interest in magic things.
<Narrator> (We can totally do that party next time :))
<Korivan> (I mean, you can probably see his dragonmark, it isn't liek he's wearing a shirt :p)
<May> (sweeeeeeet)
<May> (heh)
*Laris will wait until they go, and then get May aside for a moment.
<May> Well, I think that went well.
<Laris> Mm.
<Korivan> (Probably it is wander over to where there's a bunch fo magic, realize ti is books, and huff in annoyed disinterest after pulling one of the shelf and looking at tghe gibberish. And he probably doens't even resehlve it properly)
<May> (-_-)
<Laris> You need to be cautious about .. mingling. Perhaps you should seek your uncle's company at this event - for your own protection.
*May rolls her eyes.
<May> If I'm going to be a ruler, I should probably mingle with people, shouldn't I? Besides, they're allies. What do I need protection from?
<Laris> Everything in that sentence was wrong.
<Laris> I can see I need to attend simply in order to look out for your safety.
<May> Man, I thought my uncle was stuffy.
<Laris> I'm sure it will be a delightful event. Wear your nicest furs and don't eat anything they give you.
<May> Fine, just try not to have any fun or you might melt.
*Laris will head off.
<May> Hey Laris...
<Laris> yes?
*Laris turns back at the door.
<May> How did you manage to do this job for so long? This is really stressful.
<Laris> You find ways to deal with it. Or you fail, I suppose.
<May> Thanks, that's... really inspirational.
<Laris> I try.
*Laris is totally going to go narc her out to her uncle, btw. In case she was planning to sneak out without telling him :p


Laris talks to Sahhiru about May

  • Sahhiru is idly munching on like olives and flatbread while reading through what you're pretty sure are ship manifests from the port.

<Sahhiru> (cool)
<Laris> (yup we good :)

  • Laris approaches him

<Laris> I beg your pardon - may we speak?

  • Sahhiru looks up as you approach.

<Sahhiru> Ah, Lord Corvus, of course.

  • Sahhiru gestures to a seat across from him.
  • Laris takes a seat.
  • Sahhiru straightens the stack of papers he was examining.

<Laris> I hope I'm not interrupting.

  • Laris says, knowing perfectly well he is interrupting.

<Sahhiru> Not at all. Just trying to familiarize myself with the operations here. Allow me to compliment you on you and your people's record-keeping. Very...precise.
<Laris> Thank you. I have tried to be as thorough as possible in our records.
<Laris> You may certainly consult me if you have any questions.
<Sahhiru> I hope much of your apparatus will stay in place. I'd hate to lose that efficiency.
<Sahhiru> In fact, I was hoping to persuade you to stay on for a while. I understand you're eager to return home, but what's a year or two to your people?
<Laris> Ah...
<Laris> The locals are familiar with how I've run things. It will be a smooth transition, I hope.
<Laris> But I will certainly stay as long as is needed to make sure of that.
<Sahhiru> Excellent.

  • Sahhiru gives you a placidly expectant look.

<Laris> I have to say, I have noticed a certain... immaturity... in your ward's behaviour thus far. She seems not ... entirely ready to take on her responsibilities here. I mean no disrespect to your tutelage, of course. But she is quite young.

  • Sahhiru smiles wearily.

<Sahhiru> Tutelage only takes on so far, I suppose.
<Sahhiru> May is a gifted child, but I fear rulership does not come naturally to her.
<Sahhiru> Perhaps that is indeed best ascribed to her upbringing.
<Laris> How do you mean?
<Sahhiru> Allies in Aethrennar were kind enough to shelter us, but she has never truly been in a position of authority until now.

  • Laris nods

<Laris> You have been her guardian since she was very young, then?
<Sahhiru> I've known her nearly since she was born. A friend of the family.
<Laris> I see. She was fortunate to have you, then - her fate could have been much worse.
<Sahhiru> I believe it's been bad enough for one so young. Perhaps that's why I indulged her so.
<Laris> Children are difficult at the best of times.
<Laris> And surely this is not the best of times.
<Sahhiru> It hasn't been easy, no.
<Sahhiru> But it could have been much worse.
<Sahhiru> Much like your recent fortunes, it would seem.
<Sahhiru> A mutually beneficial arrangement for all. :)

  • Laris nods

<Sahhiru> Your defense of the city in the face of demonic assault was quite commendable.
<Sahhiru> I'm glad we were able to contribute.
<Laris> Yes, most fortunate.
<Laris> I feel I ought to mention - our goblinoid allies plan a celebration of the victory, and May is most eager to attend. I tried to caution her, but... I suspect I lack the necessary authority to actually prevent her from going.

  • Laris says as though if he would send her to her room, he totally would.
  • Sahhiru sighs.

<Sahhiru> I'm aware. I have...concerns, but it's also necessary for us to cement that alliance.

  • Laris nods

<Laris> Will you also be attending?
<Sahhiru> As well as assuage any ill-will from this morning's unpleasantness.
<Laris> . o O (please don't make me have to babysit her)
<Sahhiru> I feel I must, if only to chaperone.

  • Laris nods

<Sahhiru> She'll have to manage such affairs on her own someday, but I think a more mature influence is still a necessary moderating factor for the time being.
<Laris> Good, we are in agreement on that.
<Sahhiru> Will you and your officers also be in attendance? I'd hate for a paltry showing from the more civilized side of this alliance.
<Laris> Ah, I will encourage them to make an appearance, certainly. And I will be there in order to keep an eye on things.
<Sahhiru> I'm glad to know I won't be the only one there concerned with my ward's decorum.
<Laris> I must say... it is good to have someone else on hand who understands the value of ... decorum. and good paperwork.