Legacy of the Ancients session 27

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Following on the previous session's group discussion, everyone disperses to tend to their own matters. Edris speaks with her aunt, who seems to be suffering effects similar to the stilling after her battle with Ansem Dorian. Anyaveh gains permission from High Priest Ophelia Gerard for the group to travel to Roan via the Shining Path. Grand High Priest Ander asks Shul to seek his contacts in the Church of the Phoenix. He speaks to Fran Truan. Elorim and Siranah speak with Rillia and Anamil about the situation, and Rillia gives Elorim her token so that he may speak on behalf of the Frey-ohani. Ro speaks to his brother, who agrees to ry and support their expedition, and also reveals what other measures are being taken to deal with the situation. the group meets back at Anyaveh's house to report their progress and chat about other matters, including Caer Silverwood.