Shul Grol

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Player: Longpig

Classes: Battle Master

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appears in: Legacy of the Ancients


Shul's parents were killed during the course of the Righteous War, and he was raised largely within the Church of the Warrior. His foster father is a retired militiaman, and his foster mother and sister are both clerics of the Warrior. Shul began training to become a Battle Master at the age of fifteen, and received the Divine Epiphany four years later, under the guidance of his mentor, Willow Garrell. He continues to live and work within the church, but also takes on extra work from time to time as an elite bodyguard.


Shul is a very tall, well-built young man: powerfully muscled with broad, strong shoulders. He has brown eyes, and fine, mostly-straight light brown hair, which falls to roughly chin length. His face is mostly rather plain, with the only really distinguishing features being a strong jawline and a somewhat crooked nose – healed poorly after a nasty break. Everyone says that he is the spitting image of his father.

Shul doesn’t really have any understanding of fashion, so he tends to wear rather simple clothing.