Elorim Amanodel

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Player: BalthCat

Classes: Druid (1), Focist (2)

Race: Frey-ohani

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appears in: Legacy of the Ancients


Elorim is on the short side, even for a Frey-ohani, just a few inches above five feet tall, with a thin frame. His skin is pale with a blue tinge, a colour that might lead a human to think him chilled. His hair is fairly short, light blue, and a little wild. His eyes are a deep royal blue. He tends to wear loose comfortable clothing when not travelling, such as a shirt wrapped loose around him, and fisherman's pants, both forest green. He always wears boots though, usually soft leather.

He may also be accompanied by an animal companion, or his familiar. His current animal companion is a little saw-whet owl, who he has casually named Avandia. His previous companion, a wolf, was not well suited for Menthras, and he released her. His familiar is a well behaved ermine, who he spent more time naming Lúfar.



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