Anyaveh Jarl

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Player: Elanya

Classes: Cleric 2 | Focist 1

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good


Anyaveh loved studying the ancients in school, but was most drawn to the maker. She had her divine epiphany relatively young, committing herself to serving The Maker, the keeper of lore and father of magic, two things that most appealed to her. As she studied more, she was struck with the idea of trying to get out and actually see the places that all this history happened, trying to get an idea about how place is important to events, and also to get a sense of how the world has changed. She saved the money she was making and selling handmade books and doing other work where she could with the church. Once she had small savings, Anyaveh hired someone as a body guard with the intent to travel around as much as she could. That person was Corwin Furrow, an enterprising you man handy with a sword, kind hearted but not the brightest start in the sky.

The duo traveled about parts of Nagumend and Lindal, aiming slowly towards the City of the Ancients and the main temple of the Order of the Maker. Over time their relationship changed from that of employer/employee to close friends, and then casual lovers. They had some minor adventures, and Anya started studying Foci magics. After a year or so of traveling, they came to Menthras. By that time, their relationship had cooled somewhat, and though they remained good friends, they decided that was where it should stay. Corwin met a local girl, and being a little careless, got her knocked up. Convinced that he would be doing the right thing and that he was happy enough, he decided to marry her and stay in town.

Anyaveh told him that he was being stupid and rushing into things, but decided that she may as well stay also, so that she could settle down for a while and digest the things she'd seen, focus on some of her other studies, and make closer ties with the church community. She has remained in Menthras for the past two years. Even though she is in another country, she is still close enough to keep in contact with her family across the lake. She remains friends with Corwin, much to the annoyance of his new wife.

Invested funds from the few little adventures they had while traveling provide her with a small monthly income, which she supplements by selling her handmade books, and by her budding skills as a diviner from a business run fro her home in The Smithy. She doesn't intend to stay forever, but she has friends here now, and it is easier to study when not on the road.

Apart from foci and books, Anyaveh is a very crafty person, and though she doesn't ever intend to pursue her other hobbies on a professional level, she makes a lot of her own clothes, and enjoys other more domestic crafts like knitting. She has a small collection of tiny hats and sweater that she has made of scrap yarn for her long suffering familiar, Captain Nibbles, and her home décor is constantly changing with her whims.

Academically, she is very interested in Ancient history, especially The Maker, and into the personal, more uman side of their lives and relationships, and the early years of the churches. Born in Falstran during the final years of the war, Anya is interested in trying to understand how the different orders came to be how they are now, to better understand what their future may (or should) be, especially in the troubled modern times. She is also fascinated by the nature of Divine and Arcane magic, and the (lack of) intersection of the two, and the development of both schools of Arcane magics. When she becomes sufficiently advanced in the Order, she hopes to be allowed to do her own research in the City of the Gods.


She has a sharp mind and a somewhat off colour sense of humor, but is quite easy going with a strong sense of fun and sillyness. She is also extremely curious, and a bit nosey at times, but kind hearted and well meaning. She obsesses easily over academic interests, and tries to relate all her experiences to questions to develop a broader understanding.


Anyaveh is a small woman of 22 years, standing at 5'4". She has chin length blonde hair with just a hint of red that curls into tight spirals around her face, usually held back with either a scarf or barrettes. She has dark blue eyes, and wears wire framed lenses when she is reading or working on a detailed illumination or other small fine project. She has a somewhat unique sense of style that she is able to express with her home made clothes.

Doll version of Anyaveh


Anya is a fastidious chronicler of her own life experiences, and keeps a journal. These are books that she makes herself, generally of high quality materials so that she can be more certain of their longterm survival. Once full, she tends to sneak them into various official archives with the somewhat whimsical and narcissistic belief that perhaps someday someone might find her history important, and it would be more interesting to make them get out and see the world for themselves a bit while they are tracking things down. She also keeps a master journal where she keeps copies of any entries she considers particularly important or personally significant. Her current journal generally has a record of where the previous book was left.