Legacy of the Ancients session 26

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Rois is relaxing at the Temple of the Traveler when his mentor, Sergas comes to see him, talking drunkenly about politics and Avatars, and tells Ro of a ritual that will allow him to identify an Avatar of the Traveler (at least). While he researches the ritual, Anyaveh runs to Elorim to tell of the Frey-ohani attack on Roan. He tells her of the Frey from Caer Thornwood, who are likely responsible. Elorim then meets with his father and Rillia to appraise them of the situation, and they make a plan to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Anya seeks out Ro at the temple to enlist his aid in helping to manage the politics of the situation, telling him about the other Frey as well. Shul is summoned to act as Ander's protector and wait outside while he attends the meeting of high officials. Shul encounters Ro, who tells him Anya's news, and they force a conference with Ro's brother [[Zentar] to let him know. Edris is summoned by Captain Martin to help publicly arrest Lord Jerku. Later the group all meets, with Harmon and Enrica as well, to discuss what happened.