Legacy of the Ancients session 19

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Shul and Fran attend a meeting between Trent Eddard, leader of the True Defenders and the leader of the Ashmen. The meeting is attacked by a group of halfbloods led by a powerful magic user. Eddard is killed (and with a name like that, who was surprised? :V), and the mage escapes after summoning a demon to chase down Shul and Fran. They kick its ass. Rillia tries to comfort Siranah. Elorim seeks out Anyaveh to consult her about the poison he found in Armo Whitlock's blood. Conveniently Harmon is around as well, and identifies it as modified Lich Dust. A message from Edris arrves, asking everyone to meet at her place to hear news from Ro. At the meeting, Fayne solicits support for a plan to catch some of the halfblood cultists at a meeting she has set up.