Legacy of the Ancients session 18

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The results of the investigation into the assassination of Rois Eurogan are announced - It was Dark Cultists! Shul meets Trent Eddard through Fran Truan. Anyaveh and Zavia start work on their new project, after a late start due to Zavia's daughter. Edris is visited by her brother Ebrel. Elorim arrives home to find Ceron Averona, a tracker for the Woodsmen, waiting in his house and prying for information about Caer Thornwood. Rillia visits Siranah at her home. Harmon visits Anyaveh seeking her insight into a dream. Fayne Tulin, Ro's halfboold half sister, visits Edris with information about a group who are trying to recruit her and other halfbloods. Kreed Orlain tells Elorim that someone has assassinated his mentor, Armo Whitlock and asks him to investigate. Siranah has a terrible dream and wakes to wfind she is paralyzed and surrounded by dark figures. They steal her unborn child, and her love, Kel, kills himself before her helpless eyes.