Legacy of the Ancients session 17

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Edris and Carline discuss training, guild politics, and Dorel. Elorim returns home and discusses Arben's revelation and the happenings in Human lands with his father. Shul speaks to his sister about his near death experience and the messages he received in the Halls of the Warrior. Corwin visits Anyaveh to hear about her latest adventures and tell her how his life is going. Edris has a training session with Iason Loktz, who asks her to aid him in convincing her aunt to take the title of High Wizard so that she can be more influential in the current mess of Guild politics. Elorim visits his mentor, Armo Whitelock who asks him about his adventures and particularly the creature who could cause the stilling. Shul seeks out Trent Eddard and the True Defenders and meets Fran, a Paladin of the Phoenix, who offers to set up a meeting. Anyaveh meets with the High Priest of the Maker, learns that her order already understand the nature of the Spires, and travels on the Shining Path to the City of the Ancients to meed Zavia Oberswan. The two are assigned to work on a secret project. Elorim visist Anyaveh at her shop to talk about what all has happened since they last saw each other.