Legacy of the Ancients session 16

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Dorel, Siranah and Elorim talk to an innkeeper on the way to the Elm Conclave, and learn of the assassination of Rois Eurogan and the implication of the Church of the Phoenix . Anyaveh, Edris, Shul and Harmon return to investigate the Spire, and they manage to open all the remaining doors. They discover the purpose of the Spire, though Edris is almost lost to a strange magical vortex. The Frey and Dorel arrive in Limberly, where Dorel is arrested. Siranah is given a gift from the Lord in recognition of her part in rescuing Randal the Black. Siranah and Elorim discuss their situation and Siranah comes clean to Briony. The others recive a letter from Randal, telling of the recent turbulent events and Dorel's subsequent imprisonment. They decide to return to Methras immediately. Siranah is reunited with her lost love, Kelgarath, though he has been horribly tortured and maimed. Elorim agres to marry the two once they reach the Conclave.