Legacy of the Ancients session 13

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Anyaveh, Edris, Elorim, Ro and Siranah, Harmon and Enrica are met on the road by cavalry troops on their way to Roan, who provide horse transportation to Limberly. There they are reunited with Shul, and meet with Randal the Black and High Wizard Iason Loktz. Ro and Enrica are called away on other business. Loktz offers to teleport the party to Roan ahead of the cavalry and to take care of the rogue Free Mage Nerandu. Randal commends Shul on his actions, and gives him the great axe Shadow Cleaver as a gift. Anya chats with Harmon and others about the Ancients and her travels and theories. Elorim receives news that Siranah has been arrested and detained, and Anyaveh spills what she knows about the young Frey-Ohani girl's situation. Edris and Anyaveh chat a bit before heading to bed, where Edris has her first encounter with the Stilling, and is solicited as an apprentice by Iason Loktz. Anyaveh has a dream conversation about how to open the Spires. The next morning, Shul, Edris, Anyaveh, Elorim and Harmon return to Roan with Loktz, and plan the town's defense with Dorel