Five Kingdoms

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GM: Joel

System: D&D e3.5

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Approximately 900 years ago, a man by the name of Speir Tans, captain of the Red Legion, built a city which he named Freistadt at a strategic location which connected trade and invasion routes. Through various means, both military and political, Speir was able to unite the five greatest powers into a league with common laws and open trade with Freistadt as the capital.

Each kingdom is autonomous when it comes to which type of government that it chooses and the running of its own internal affairs. If a particular kingdom’s politics becomes too unstable and threatens surrounding kingdoms then it is not unknown for the Army of Freistadt to interfere directly and restore under. This effectively makes the league an hegemony with Freistadt in control.

Skirmishing among the Five Kingdoms is not uncommon and is usually tolerated by Freistadt as long as it does not interfere with trade and it is confined to two of the kingdoms. Freistadt also uses this to stop one kingdom from becoming too powerful and unbalancing what is in place.

This world is one of low-magic. Magic exists but it is not a normal part of everyday life. Arcane magic is tightly controlled and its practitioners are viewed with suspicion. Divine magic exists but only clerics of a few gods are able to cast it. Divine spells like “Resurrection” are rare and special so death is a major reality of this world.

The five nations that make up the Kingdom

Other Peoples

There are several other cultural groups that exist around the finges of the five kingdoms. These include:


Each of these gods has a major temple in Freistadt. While they have major centres of worship temples to them can be found through out the Five Kingdoms. There are more gods than those listed below but these are the only ones who have the power to grant their clerics divine spells. Gods that do not grant spells are commonly called small gods. There is belief in an afterlife but it is pictured as being bleak and dreary, a land of fog and shadow that is commonly referred to as the Mist.

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