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Agathos is the smallest of the Five Kingdoms. It is made up of an archipelago and a small peninsula. The capital, a city of the same name, lies at the tip of the peninsula. From its location jutting into the Copper Sea, Agathan ships can cross the waters to the north, to Lycadros, to the north west, to Medeira, and to the west to Freistadt. It shares a small border with Khet at the southernmost edge of Agathan territory, but travel to the Khetan capital, and the Geb delta would be much quicker by ship. To the south and south east lie unknown lands, desert and mountains.

While small, this kingdom is probably the richest and the most intellectual, and its merchants can be found throughout all of the other kingdoms. Agathos is known for the quality of its wine and olive oil.



Agathans are generally known for being talkative and having sharp features and dark curly hair. These people are also the most comfortable with the water. Many bards and sorcerers come from Agathos.


The ruler of Agathos is Archon Menetheus. He is in his late ‘50’s with a portly build and a piercing gaze. He has a bald head with grey hair on the sides and a short grey beard. He is known for being intelligent, perceptive and an elegant orator. He is also the second brother of one of the richest merchants in Agathos and the Five Kingdoms.

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The main inspiration for Agathos comes from the Greek city-states especially Athens.