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Medeira is one of the Five Kingdoms and lies immediately to the north of Freistadt. Occupying most of the center of the northern continent, Medeira is bordered to the west by Jorlund, and to the east by mountainous Lycadros. The capital, Villiras, is in the southwest of the kingdom.

Made up mostly of plains and foothills Medeira is known for its grain and the quality of its horses.

The people are friendly and colourful but are also known for taking insult easily and being quick to anger. The typical Medeiran has dark hair, dark skin, and blue eyes. Many bards and paladins come from Medeira.




The Queen of Medeira is Majera d’Aguira. She is known as the Iron Lady because she is usually seen wearing a breastplate and a longsword in public. Her parents died when she was young and her uncle became regent to rule in her place until she turned 18. When she came of age, her uncle refused to hand over power to her. Challenging him to a duel, she won, losing her eye in the process. She is tall and proud with her black hair starting to turn grey.

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The major influence for Medeira comes from Spain and southern France.