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Rocks fall! Everybody dies!


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We originally started this as a wiki to supplement our now-defunct Rocksfall LiveJournal community. It was named after a humourous issue of the webcomic Something Positive. It has become a repository and reference site for various roleplaying campaigns played online since c. 2005

Dedicated with love to the memory of Matthew Sherrard. We miss you, Cat!


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  • Fiction - Fiction written by editors, primarily about characters from games.
  • Quotes - IRC (and other) quotes
  • Fun Things - Links to other fun things!

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  • Recovered pages: Pages still in this list were recovered from webcrawler caches, but need to be re-wikified. Please remove the page from this list once it is retidied, wikified and recategorised with templates. (See List of templates)
  • Lost pages: These pages need to be recreated from scratch, wikified and categorised with templates. Please remove them when this is completed.

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