Diablotin: Dragonfall

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A one-shot run in March 2015.


The PCs were hired by Xandhil Orecalo to undertake an expedition to the remote village of Vardresk on behalf of a client interested in information about the last dragons in the Empire, which were said to have been located in that area.

During the first centuries of the Aveyrone Empire, there was a substantial population of dragons of various types and temperaments. Some avoided interacting with the humans, retreating further into the wilderness to maintain their privacy and seclusion, while others fought back against the invaders and (for the most part) died. A few, either more benevolent in nature or more willing to bargain, formed alliances and even friendships with certain humans, but ultimately suspicion and mistrust about their motives on the part of the Empire's elite either led to their demises or forced them to withdraw as well.

The last known/verified dragon was an adult female white dragon named Liirdriin who was killed during the reign of Azura vak Andras (c. 750, or 1530 years ago). There have been unverified sightings since then in the far north of the Empire, in the Niveous Mountains, but no known encounters or direct interactions, and the sightings are rare and could be attributed to fanciful imaginations or poor weather conditions in the mountains.

Liirdriin had human allies in a village called Vardresk. After her death, they built a shrine to her memory, in a spot so isolated it was hoped it would remain hidden. This has remained the case, the knowledge of the shrine's location passed down in the family for hundreds of years, until the knowledge died some 450 years ago with an elderly man who had feuded with his children and refused to tell them. Since then the location has remained mysterious.