Adventure World - Regency Romance

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Facilitator: Josh

System: Good Society

First session: January 18, 2023 Last session:


An Adventure World game primarily set in Highmark and exploring the social season of the elites of Nerath.


Map of Character Connections

Major Characters

  • Lavinia Francisca Whitbottom Orsino, Hersir of Feigrsteinn (Player: Tuck)
  • Lamont Vincent Allard Machel, Marquess of Stillmarch (Player: Elanya)
  • Nikession Amathalis (Player: Curtana)
  • Ms. Victorina Allement (Player: Kate)
  • Gueiris Kyrnon Maranue (Player: Vess)
  • Leonora Palatine (Player: Forthright)
  • Chitara Kituss (Player: Gale)
  • Rosalie Antionette Doumens (Player: Alicia)
  • Otorn Coifárë Morinehtar Nónayúyo Brescia, Colmacil of Vilyawén (Player: Josh)


  • Maria Theresa Oglethorpe Orsino - Lavinia's mother (Player: Forthright)
  • Katherina Sophia Whitbottom Orsino - Lavinia's sister (Player: Elanya)
  • Thurston Allard - Lamont's uncle/Guardian (Player: Gale)
  • Alcina Vern Machel, Baroness of Sarrare - Lamont's military mentor
  • Agatha Grimsby - Nikession's tutor and chaperone (Player: Alicia)
  • Callisto Vallée - Nikession's editor/publisher (Player: Kate)
  • Baron kan Vappoheimer - Victorina's host (Player: Vess)
  • Eudora kan Vappoheimer - Victorina's chaperone
  • Alexeria Kyrnon - Gueiris' Aunt and adoptive family head
  • Jazlyne Kyrnon - Gueiris's older cousin/adopted sister (Player: Forthright)
  • Grugalen Wengal Magga - Leonara's husband (Player: Curtana)
  • Nenea Spargo - Leonora's assistant
  • Vaze - Chitara's Uncle/chaperone (Player: Curtana)
  • Adelaide Druimann - Chitara's cousin and host
  • Sebastien Frederic Alexandre Doumens - Rosalie's older brother (Player: Elanya)
  • Adrian Marchant - Rosalie's family lawyer (Player: Gale)
  • Alta Lalatelda - Coifárë's head of household (Player: Tuck)
  • Calar Brescia - Coifárë's cousin


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