Ysabeau Chanuier

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Player: ladyiolanthe

Race: Human

House: Owl

Class: Bard

Alignment: Neutral Good

Vital Statistics:

Gender: Female

Age: Born the 15th of Seventh-month, 2229, so she is in her early 50s for the beginning of D3

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black & curly - now turning grey.

Skin: Porcelain (white & rose)



Ysabeau is a petite, motherly woman with a merry disposition. Although she can be outrageously flirtatious with her beloved husband, Martan Olivier, and still likes being the center of attention, she also knows when and how to be deadly serious. She has hazel eyes fringed with thick black lashes. Her hair is fine, soft, iron-grey and curly. She wears it in a stylish bob, and is an elegant dresser, often setting the trend for women in her age group.

Bursting into prominence in the performing arts in 2248, but rumoured to have come from murky beginnings, Ysabeau was a celebrated soprano who was sought after for leading roles in opera for many years. When the roles she was offered began to turn towards bit parts as nannies or aging mothers, she gracefully retired from the stage. She continues to teach the next generation of classically-trained vocalists at the Castalia when she is not composing and/or playing for the Imperial Court, or looking after her first grandchild, Solange Olivier.

Ysabeau is the fiercely proud mother of eight children: Mercy, Justen, Jess Jr., Rémi, Hester, Gabriela, Theo, and Ysabel. She is the self-appointed 'den mother' for Martan's spies and henchmen, too - at least the ones she knows about.


Ysabeau is a petite, pretty girl with a merry disposition. Although she can be quite flirtatious and loves attention, she also knows when to buckle down and study. When she smiles, which is often, she has dimples in her cheeks. She has hazel eyes fringed with thick black lashes. Her hair is fine, soft, black and curly. She usually wears it piled up on top of her head, held by pins. She carries a few extra pounds which accentuate her womanliness all the more (think of the 19th C ideal of feminine beauty).

Ysabeau is currently a student. She is studying music, history and classics, and is a card-carrying member of the Antiquarian Society. At school, she dresses in sensible gowns suitable for a student. She has been at the Castalia for less than a year; at 17 she has a lot of catching up to do before she will feel on par with her classmates, some of whom have already attended the school for years. To this end, she often studies in the library where she met and befriended Ilphère deQuessenet. Sanadhìl Órecalo also tutors her in Cozovodë and Middle Aveyronnais. She is a rather cosmopolitan girl, and, though popular, is not snobbish.

Aside from her studies, she plays harp and is a vocalist. She and the other three members of her quartet, The Vallon Consort, are becoming musicians of some reknown. They've played at Antiquarian Society parties and for some noble parties as well. They specialize in Early and Ancient Music, but are also well-versed in the popular music of the day, including dance music. When performing, Ysabeau dresses up for the occasion, choosing gowns carefully to add to her stage presence.

She was once an employee of Altheo Renaud but this is not generally known except by former clients, colleagues and Altheo himself.

Ysabeau is engaged to marry Martan Olivier.

She looks a little like this but more voluptuous (not my drawing). I'll try to draw her myself sometime. Today it didn't work out so well (soooooo out of practice).