Mercy Olivier

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Mercy Olivier is the twin sister of Justen Olivier, born to Kavreshar and his human partner, Thea Vermillion, who died in childbirth with them. They were adopted by Ysabeau and Martan Olivier, who raised them alongside their other children. Mercy and her brother demonstrate a variety of unusual abilities because of their father's heritage, including teleportation, shapeshifting, fire resistance, and unusual strength.

A Legend Lore cast on her and her brother as children, by Alma, went as follows: Twinned vessels, separate but inseparable, where bloods are reunited and reborn, a father's wishes are inherited and dashed, and destiny is created, not bestowed.

Mercy is a teacher in the free schools. She has a daughter with Xandhìl Órecalo, a little girl named Solange Olivier.