Martan Olivier

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Martan Olivier is the current Lord Grey, and has been since 2248. This typically non-inherited title is given to the nominal head of the Imperial spy network upon appointment by the Emperor. Martan is the fourth Lord Grey. He was trained by Maze Olivier (no biological relation; Martan was 'adopted' by Maze), who was trained by Falke Sathin, who was trained by Martan Kizer.

Martan is married to Ysabeau Olivier and has six biological children with her (Jess, Rémi, Hester, Gabriela, Theo, and Ysabel). The half-demon twins, Mercy and Justen, were adopted by Martan and Ysabeau while they were still expecting Jess.


Martan is 28 years old. He is short and slender, with wavy brown hair and striking green eyes. He has apparently been taken under Maze Olivier's wing, and is pretending to be Maze's 25-year-old bastard son who grew up in Greywatch.

He was raised by Nyeri and Cleon Desrosiers in Diablotin, but as a young adult, went to Greywatch on his own.

He is actually the illegitimate child of Butler Belden and Theonée Deverara. Born a girl, he was changed to a boy shortly after birth by Loch du Champe, to protect him. A prophecy about his mother is known in some circles:

"She was conceived by one reborn, carried by one failed, raised by one chosen. Before her very birth, I spoke to her. Her womb is barren, except for he of whom she dreams, but she bears the light of the stars within her."

What role he has to play and why his life is in danger is still unclear. Legend Lore spells cast on him shortly after his birth and again in 2248 resulted in this cryptic message:

"When a woman fathers a child, and her daughter to Greywatch is kin, when the starlight returns to its first form, as the serpent at last sheds its skin, then the mother of mercy seeks vengeance, and the wheel shall soon cease to spin."

Martan is engaged to marry Ysabeau Chanuier.