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Induriel greets May and the Iron Drake when they return to Nēšu Abamātu. He tells her and Saḫḫiru about Lady Morelos, and about Queen Alcarinal's request that they welcome and host the Ola Sornë. Meanwhile, Dianthea arrives at the ruined fort and catches up with Laris. She consultes with Korivan about his impressions of the site's mystical significance and its ghostly inhabitants. She, Laris, and Rufus go to the crypts to learn more about Laris's duties, and his blood connection to the Kai Do Arat. The Ankai and Kibrakai Gaaths propose rededicating the Lake Ankai ritual site as a place for all Gaburrim to honour Bane.


Session date: 2019-04-28
In Game date: Approximately one day after the previous session

May returns home and is immediately drawn into intrigues by Induriel

<Induriel> Well, as I said, the first issue is fallout from the battle with Kepeskmiiriv...
* Induriel summarizes his visits from Lady Morelos and the "boon" she requires of him
* Sahhiru will make sure to signal the guards to give a wide berth.
<May> Huh.
<May> Well... I'll be honest, it's not what I expected to hear first thing off the boat.
<May> Why does she want this book in particular?
<Induriel> I don't know. As far as we can tell, it doesn't have any particular importance.
<Induriel> I think she may have been expecting me to steal it, and intends to use that to blackmail me into further actions on her behalf.
<Induriel> But that's just speculation.
<May> Hmmm...
<May> If that's the case we may be able to use that against her. Let her think she has you under her sway.
<Induriel> Yes, that's what I was thinking too. It could be informative to see what else she wants.
<May> First let me try a few rituals. I want to make sure there's nothing supernatural or otherwise unique about that book. I could use your help with that, actually. But assuming it really is just an ordinary book I say we let you give it to her and go from there.
<Induriel> Thank you.
<May> In fact...
<May> I wonder if we can use it as a focus to scry on *her*...
* Induriel smiles
* Sahhiru smiles at that.
<Induriel> Now that is an idea!
<May> We'd have to be careful not to make it detectable.
<Induriel> Yes. It would be a challenge... but could be well worth the effort. Well thought, Winyamo!
* May smiles.
<Sahhiru> Scrying across the border to Faerie can be quite difficult, but, yes, well done.
* May blushes, obvously proud.
<May> We'll find a way. If it can be done, Induriel and I can do it.
* Induriel beams at her
<May> Now... what was the second issue?
* Sahhiru smiles at May's pride.
<Induriel> Ah.
* Induriel smile slowly fades back into a neutral (not unhappy!) expression.
<Induriel> Have you heard of the Ola Sornë ?
* Sahhiru nods.
* May shakes her head.
* Induriel looks to Sahhiru to explain
<Sahhiru> Laito Voronwië's troop.
<Sahhiru> I'm passingly familiar.
<Sahhiru> A free company. Mercenaries, more or less, with an impeccable reputation.
<Sahhiru> On the battlefield, at least.
<May> What of them?
<Induriel> They have business here, and seek your permission to use Nesu Abamatu as a base for that business.
* May narrows her eyes slightly, certain that it can't possibly be that simple.
<May> How many are they?
<Induriel> (Do I have an idea?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Valtheriel told you that, at last count, the Ola Sorne comprised some 500 troops)
<Sahhiru> Induriel, that could be potentially destabilizing.
<Induriel> How so, Sahhiru?
<Induriel> From what I understand, they number roughly 500.
<Sahhiru> Which would make them one of the strongest individual forces in the area.
<Sahhiru> House Lalu controls barely more than that.
<May> What is their purpose here?
<Sahhiru> Perhaps roughly equal, after the recent battle.
<Induriel> I'm afraid I have not been told. I have simply been asked to secure permission for their presence.
<Sahhiru> Asked by your queen?
<Induriel> Yes.
<May> I see.
<Induriel> They do not answer to her, however. They are a mercenary company.
<May> They answer to her if she pays them, I imagine.
<Sahhiru> Queen Alcarinel wants us to allow into our territory a company of troops the equal to any in our local alliance with no indication of their purpose?
<Sahhiru> Is she merely out of practice in dealing with foreign powers, or being deliberately provocative?
<Induriel> She says only that they wish to use Nesu Abamatu as a base for an upcoming campaign.
<Sahhiru> -_-
<May> I'm afraid it's out of the question. Even if we wanted to we woould be hard pressed to find lodgings and provide supplies for that large of a force without significant notice. And no sovereign territory would risk having a mercenary force the size of its own army in its midst.
<May> Now is an especially bad time with many of our allies still on campaign.
<Sahhiru> It will take weeks, at the least, for the Hrieffen and Katalal to pacify our new subjects.
<Sahhiru> To an acceptable degree, at least.
<Sahhiru> It will be *years
* before we can leave them completely unsupervised.
<May> I'm sorry, Istyar, the answer will ahve to be no. If your queen wishes she can correspond with me directly on the matter.
* Induriel sighs
<Induriel> Well, perhaps we should phrase is as "inconvenient for the time being" and ask for more details?
<May> I'll draft a formal response if you wish.
<Induriel> I think that would be best. I would not have this become an issue of contention - on either side.
<May> f course. I wouldn't want that either.
* Sahhiru sighs.
<Sahhiru> I'm sure Mamitu can have the response for you by tomorrow.
* May sighs tiredly but nods.
* Sahhiru gives May a small apologetic smile.
<Induriel> I am sorry to provide another diplomatic quandary so soon after your return.
* May smirks.
<May> It's fine. It's how I know I'm home.
* Sahhiru will try to keep the conversation to happier, less sensitive topics for the rest of the trip to the keep.
<Induriel> Well, that is something for all of us to celebrate.
<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, I think Sahhiru will try to talk to Induriel alone once everyone is back at the keep.
<Induriel> (Cool!)
* Sahhiru will presumably have Induriel into his office.
<Sahhiru> Please sit.
* Induriel does so
* Sahhiru takes his chair on the the other side of his desk.
<Sahhiru> Induriel, what was that?
* Induriel spreads his hands
<Induriel> A request from the Queen?
<Induriel> I am sorry, I did not mean to ambush you or Mamitu with it.
<Sahhiru> The manner in which it was delivered concerns me significantly less than the message's contents.
<Sahhiru> A mercenary force that size, here? Now?
<Sahhiru> What is Alcarinel thinking?
<Induriel> I do not know.
<Induriel> There was no indication of why they wish to be based here; only a vague mention of "an upcoming campaign".
<Induriel> I have no idea what that means. The Amanya Hatal? Somebody else?
<Sahhiru> I understand we are a lesser power here, but we are well-situated. Alcarinel seems to wish to treat Nesu Abamatu as a vassal state, and that sort of behavior is only going to push us towards other interests.
<Sahhiru> Further towards Thantopolis, or the Serpent Kingdoms...
* Sahhiru leaves Vanilorra unsaid but understood.
<Induriel> I assure you, Her Majesty did not do this at my suggestion. Nor did she consult me beforehand.
* Sahhiru sighs and gives a short, mirthless chuckle.
<Sahhiru> No, I wouldn't imagine so.
<Sahhiru> You're better at this than that.
* Induriel sighs
<Induriel> I'm no professional, I'm afraid.
<Sahhiru> Alcarinel used to be better at this, too.
<Sahhiru> Current supremacy aside, I'm not sure the Fall of Bael Turath did your people any favors.
<Sahhiru> Mine, either, truly, but my lord's wrath is...inevitable.
* Induriel reaches across the desk and takes Sahhiru's hand.
* Sahhiru 's posture slackens, the closest equivalent for him to slumping in his chair.
* Sahhiru straightens and reaches out to respond.
* Induriel squeezes his hand in sympathy
<Induriel> Alas. If only we did not have to answer to anyone...
* Sahhiru smiles and chuckles bitterly.
<Sahhiru> We all answer to someone,.
<Induriel> Yes. Well, as for this... we can try to find out the Queen's motivations. Perhaps a temporizing answer rather than a flat refusal? Expressing concerns and asking for more details before making a final decision?
<Sahhiru> Given your swift dispatch to a post here, so soon after we ourselves had left to make an uncertain journey, do you think Alcarinel's letter long preceded the Ola Sornë?
<Induriel> I do not know.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> We must do our best to put it off, without offering offense.
<Induriel> Yes.
* Induriel shakes his head
<Sahhiru> That said, the answer *will
* be "no" if no other information or explanation is forthcoming.
<Induriel> I do not know what the Queen's motivations are.
<Sahhiru> It *must
* be. You, at least, see that, yes?
* Induriel shrugs
* Sahhiru nods.
<Induriel> I am no military man. If you say it is not possible, I am in no position to argue on those grounds.
<Induriel> I only hope the Queen has not taken greater offense at the elves' presence than she seemed to at the time.
<Sahhiru> I know how you intend that, but a suspicious man might take that for a threat.
<Induriel> Of course I don't!
<Sahhiru> I know that.
<Sahhiru> But imagine, say, if one of the elven ambassadors had said the same thing.
<Induriel> Said what?
<Sahhiru> That, hmm, they hoped Iomenlinde had not taken greater offense at the denial of contact with the Amanya Hatal than he seemed to at the time.
<Sahhiru> Wording similar to yours, just now.
* Induriel throws up his hands
<Induriel> I wish you would not keep speaking of them as though they have your equal regard.
<Sahhiru> They have my equal consideration. Your queen has my regard, and you greater still.
<Induriel> Well, I'm glad of that, at least.
<Induriel> We will both have to work hard to keep this under control, I fear.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Sahhiru> I'll assist May in drafting her response.
<Induriel> I especially hope that Mamitu will not take offense at the request. I'm bothered by your feeling that this looks like treating Nesu Abamatu as a vassal state; Mamitu seems particularly sensitive to that.
<Induriel> I trust you to keep any emotional reaction from influencing the response.
<Sahhiru> I should think that would go without saying.
<Sahhiru> But, yes, I shall endeavor to rein in Mamitu's...zeal.
* Induriel sighs
<Induriel> For my part, I shall seek more information from Aethrennar as to what this is all about, really.
<Sahhiru> I'd appreciate any information you can find.
<Induriel> Well, I have little leverage, I fear. But I'll see what I can do.
* Sahhiru nods.
<Induriel> Perhaps it's just... another test. I don't know...
<Sahhiru> I should see to our returning heroes.
<Induriel> Yes.
* Induriel stands
<Sahhiru> If you'll excuse me.
* Sahhiru stands and crossed to open the door.
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> Until this evening, then.
<Sahhiru> Until this evening.
* Induriel leaves, troubled

Dianthea arrives at the keep

* Dianthea will arrive at the camp/fort late the second day after the letter was sent (on day of it getting to NA, then one day of her riding out).
<YOAW_Narrator> A soldier will inform Laris of her arrival.
* Laris will hurry to go out to meet her
* Dianthea looks pretty tired, having ridden hard to arrive as soon as she did.
<Dianthea> Laris!
* Dianthea will go to hug and kiss Laris.
* Laris embraces her
<Laris> You got here quickly...
<Dianthea> Your letter seemed like the situation needed attention.
<Dianthea> And, of course, I was worried.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I'm sorry to have worried you.
<Dianthea> You couldn't have stopped me.
* Dianthea smiles wearily.
<Laris> You must be tired - let's get you some refreshments.
<Dianthea> I won't say no.
* Dianthea will follow along.
* Laris will bring her to his tent.
* Laris will find something for her to eat and drink, or at least get someone to go find some refreshments for her.
<YOAW_Narrator> Calkas can bring some.
* Laris thanks him
* Dianthea will eat and drink voraciously as much as she can (she is a tiny wee woman).
<Laris> how are things at home?
* Laris asks once she's had a chance to eat and drink
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Things are fine. You've only been out here a week. I'm sure it feels longer.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> I know waiting back home it certainly did.
* Laris smiles a little at that
<Dianthea> I know you said everyone is fine, but that can't be completely true.
<Laris> of course there have been some casualties in battle
<Dianthea> I'm assuming you meant you and Rufus were fine, and obviously Calkas is.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> Varinia? Harbinger?
<Laris> (have I actually seen Harbinger since the battle?)
<YOAW_Narrator> You've seen him around, glimpses here and there.
<Laris> (I guess he was going to go with Kraaz? I forget)
<Laris> They are both well. And Gaath Korivan and Hraal Kraaz, and I presume you know that Captain d'Azzure returned with Mamitu...
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> Yes, though I...missed seeing them.
<Laris> I'm sorry.
* Dianthea shakes her head.
<Dianthea> It can wait.
<Dianthea> I believe we have important matters to discuss.
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> The fort here is a powerful site for our people, for the Lady. When I first approached it, I had the sense that it was familiar to me. I knew details of its structure and layout before I had even been inside.
* Dianthea furrows her brow in thought.
<Laris> When we breached its walls, we entered in via the crypt in the lower part of the fort. I was... drawn there. There were spirits present, who called themselves the Kai do Arat, and their leader spoke to me.
<Laris> She is a guardian of this place, named Ulkash. She called me 'Champion'. She said that they would fight for us, to drive out the intruders. I could... command them, after a fashion.
<Dianthea> ...
<Dianthea> "Children of the Blade"?
<Dianthea> What kind of spirits were these? Shadar-kai?
<Laris> Yes, very old ones.
<Laris> After the battle was over and we were victorious, she spoke further with me. This place is also very old, and was made to guard something.
<Dianthea> To guard something?
<Laris> She called me the Guardian of the Blade.
<Dianthea> Is "the Blade" what you're meant to guard?
<Laris> A weapon of great power. One not to be wielded except at the command of our Lady.
* Laris nods
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> That's...a heavy responsibility.
<Laris> I... I don't know what this all means, not really. It is clear that there is a great responsibility for me to bear, but I don't know why or how I might be called upon to exercise it.
* Dianthea gives Laris a sad, sympathetic face.
<Dianthea> You already have so much on your shoulders.
<Laris> I...
* Dianthea will go to embrace him.
* Laris pauses, embracing her back
<Dianthea> How can I help?
* Dianthea says, pulling back a little so you're looking at each other.
<Laris> I need to know more about the nature of this place, and what my responsibility is to these spirits, and to our Lady. I have tried to seek answers but haven't managed so far - I think because I need a priest of the Raven Queen to help.
<Laris> But... it may be dangerous.
<Dianthea> Well, conveniently, you are married to one.
* Dianthea waves that off.
<Dianthea> So was your battle here.
<Dianthea> I can't fight, but if it's a priest you need...
* Dianthea smiles.
<Laris> I would not put this burden on you without first being sure you are ready to accept it. Or what might follow from it. If this is a responsibility borne in my bloodline, it may also impact our children... if we should have them.
* Laris says seriously
* Dianthea nods, her face serious, as she considers.
<Dianthea> How would I know whether I am ready?
<Laris> Gaath Korivan said the necessary rites would involve blood, but then... I think most of his types of rituals do.
<Dianthea> And, as to our children, Fate bless us so, I should think their father would well prepare them in the ways of duty and responsibility.
<Dianthea> And, if you don't, I know I will.
<Dianthea> Probably Calkas and Rufus and Varinia, too.
<Laris> I think he is still here, if you wished to consult him on his view of the matter. I know it isn't his place to help here, but he may have insight.
* Laris smiles at that
<Laris> I hope so...
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> I don't take responsibility lightly, much less to our Queen.
<Dianthea> But I don't shirk it, either.
<Laris> I know it isn't what you signed up for... I... appreciate your willingness to help.
<Dianthea> I signed up for you, Laris Valerius Corvis.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> Or, my parents did, and then I did later.
* Dianthea kisses Laris again.
* Laris nods
* Laris kisses her back
<Laris> Are you very tired?
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Dianthea> I am, but I can do this now. I'm sure Gaath Korivan is eager to return home.
<Laris> All right.
<Laris> Rufus will assist too, I'm sure.
* Dianthea smiles at that.
<Dianthea> Should be perfectly simple, then.
<Laris> I am at your bidding - tell me what needs to happen, and I'll ensure it does.
<Dianthea> In other contexts...
* Dianthea grins.
<Dianthea> Later. Serious business now.
* Laris is fortunate that mostly his complexion doesn't show blushing very much.
<Dianthea> Show me where Korivan is, and have Rufus brought.
<Laris> Very well.
* Laris will direct her to Korivan, and go to locate Rufus.

Dianthea consults with Korivan

* Dianthea will wait outside Korivan's tent while Halgalaz will inform him she's there.
* Korivan will have her shown in then
<Dianthea> Gaath Korivan. It is good to see you are well.
<Korivan> Fata Dianthea... I did not expect to see you @_@
<Dianthea> My hus...Lugal Laris summoned me, for my assistance with the fort's spiritual occupants.
<Dianthea> I gather he consulted you for your similar expertise.
<Korivan> yes.... He asked for...insight. @)@
<Dianthea> Were you able to provide any?
<Korivan> The power here is... not my kind
* Dianthea nods.
<Korivan> Not...what he was looking for.
<Dianthea> What were your impressions?
<Korivan> Your Lady's servants are strong in her power..... and have been here for many ages @_@
<Korivan> Also...guardianship for something...strong, and evil @_@
<Dianthea> Evil?
<Korivan> yes.
<Dianthea> Destructive, you mean?
* Korivan thinks
<Korivan> It.... bears an ill hunger, and it...waits. And tests. @_@
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> So it felt active, to some extent?
<Korivan> a patient scout, holding for an ambush.
<Korivan> (does that seem legit, Josh?)
<Korivan> But caged.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, that all tracks)
<Korivan> (keen)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I just had Dianthea clarify because Bane and the RQ have less use for distinctions like "good and evil" ;))
<Korivan> (yeah, that's fair, but.... it's a good approximate term I think)
<YOAW_Narrator> (They're more order vs. chaos gods, or strong vs. weak)
<YOAW_Narrator> (No, yeah, it makes sense, as Bane would consider, say, demonic stuff evil)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Just with a slightly different emphasis than other deities)
<Dianthea> Caged by these ghosts, and the Lady's power?
<Korivan> It is....the same. Yes.
<Dianthea> All right.
<Dianthea> Thank you for assisting Laris.
* Korivan nods
<Dianthea> What was your sense of the Kai Do Arat themselves, if any?
<Korivan> he is concerned.... with the perosnal
<Dianthea> The personal?
* Dianthea raises an eyebrow.
<Korivan> HIs connections.
* Dianthea sighs and has the ghost of a smile.
<Dianthea> He's worried about losing me.
<Dianthea> Or others.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Dianthea> He talked to you about this?
* Korivan shrugs.
<Korivan> I told him.... strength comes from challenging your fears @_@
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> You're not wrong.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> But stil...
<Korivan> I have something
<Dianthea> You do?
<Korivan> I mean to leave it ....with magus Auspex
* Korivan shrugs and will grab the charm off one of the piles of mostly packed up stuff
* Korivan will give it to her - it is probably skull based, raven if I coudl find one
* Dianthea takes it and examines it.
<Dianthea> Some sort of protection charm?
<Korivan> Protection.... and control. yes.
<Dianthea> Control?
<Korivan> of.... ritual energies @_@
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> A focus.
* Korivan nods
<Dianthea> Thank you.
<Dianthea> You've been a good friend to my husband.
* Korivan shrugs at that
<Dianthea> A good ally, if you prefer.
<Korivan> It is.... same enough
<Dianthea> I'm not sure that's true. Thank you, all the same.
* Korivan nods
<YOAW_Narrator> (We'll say Laris and Rufus arrive then.)
<Korivan> strength be with you, Fata.
<Dianthea> Fate bless you and yours, Gaath.
* Laris clears his throat slightly
* Rufus_Metilius (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Rufus_Metilius> Who's being blessed now?
* Dianthea turns and smiles.
<Dianthea> I was just thanking Gaath Korivan for his view on the situation with the fort.
* Korivan looks up

Laris gathers his lovers and speaks to Ulkash about his duties

* Dianthea goes to hug Rufus.
I'm glad you're safe.
* Rufus_Metilius hugs back.
So am I.
* Dianthea laughs quietly and turns to regard Laris and Korivan as well.
<Korivan> Lugal.... Magus.
<Rufus_Metilius> Gaath.
* Laris nods politely like he didn't just have a breakdown in front of Korivan yesterday.
<Dianthea> We've taken up enough of your evening, Gaath Korivan. Please, don't let us keep you.
<Laris> Thank you for your assistance.
* Dianthea will lead the other two from the tent.
<Dianthea> Rufus, I assume you have your field kit for ritual work with you?
<Rufus_Metilius> It's a little sparse from the last few days, but, yeah.
<Dianthea> Good. That should suffice for our needs.
<Korivan> Do you require....additional supplies?
<Dianthea> I think what we have shall be sufficient, but thank you.
* Korivan nods
* Korivan will go pack to packing
<Dianthea> Now, show me to this crypt?
* Laris will lead the way there
* Ulkash (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Ulkash will appear when you arrive.
<Dianthea> Oh my.
<Ulkash> Champion, Magus.
<Ulkash> Who is this?
* Ulkash does not have her spear leveled, or even manifested.
* Ulkash looks mostly politely curious.
<Laris> This is Fata Dianthea - my wife. She is a priestess of the Lady.
<Ulkash> A pleasure and honor to meet you, Dianthea. I am Ulkash of the Kai Do Arat.
* Ulkash smiles and bows her head for a moment.
<Dianthea> Likewise, Ulkash of the Kai Do Arat.
<Dianthea> We seek greater knowledge of your people and purpose.
* Ulkash 's eyes flit towards Laris.
* Laris nods
<Ulkash> I have counseled that such knowledge could be dangerous.
<Ulkash> No, almost certainly would be.
<Dianthea> Be that as it may.
<Dianthea> It is difficult to serve the Lady properly without knowing the parameters of such service.
<Ulkash> And you, grave-walker? They are shadar-kai, elshadarin. You have no connection to this.
<Rufus_Metilius> I have a connection to them. And I serve the Lady as well, in my way.
* Ulkash looks again to Laris.
<Laris> I tried to warn them...
* Laris says with a slight shrug
* Ulkash raises an eyebrow, but nods.
<Laris> What you can tell me, I trust them with as well.
<Ulkash> What do you wish to know?
* Laris considers for a moment, but decides to start with the most pressing question
<Laris> Why me? Was I brought here for this purpose?
<Ulkash> I could not say with certainty, but I believe so.
<Laris> You said that this knowledge is dangerous. What would be the source of the danger?
* Ulkash thinks for a second.
<Ulkash> Most basically, those seeking this power, but that is a danger you already face without the knowledge.
<Ulkash> But the weapon laid here, its owner's servants are a danger.
<Ulkash> And knowledge of the weapon's owner can empower them.
<Ulkash> The servants, and the owner.
<Laris> Is the danger primarily to those who know the information, or to the safety of this place and the weapon?
<Ulkash> Primarily? I would say to those who know the information, but it depends on the person.
* Laris nods
<Ulkash> The knowledge can be...a disease, a cancer, in the mind and spirit of those so enlightened.
* Laris looks to Dianthea and Rufus
<Laris> You can still leave. I would bear this alone to keep you safe.
<YOAW_Narrator> They both give you the -_- face.
<Laris> All right.
<Laris> Who is the owner, and who or what are their servants?
<Ulkash> Before our Queen took her throne, she bested the old god of the dead.
<Ulkash> Nerull.
* Dianthea takes a steadying breath.
* Rufus_Metilius just frowns heavily.
<Ulkash> She won his power, and locked away the remnants of the old god, a being so terrible he attempted to cloak the planes in death as his own domain,
<Ulkash> His name was erased from memory, lost to legend, to forestall his return.
<Ulkash> We are tasked with guarding his weapon, a terrible scythe that has killed gods and primordials alike.
<Ulkash> Some of his servants, those who would not bend the knee, remain.
<Ulkash> Biding their time in the dark corners of creation.
<Ulkash> The sorrowsworn search even now for this weapon, that it might be used to bring back their lord.
* Laris nods slowly, taking that in
<Rufus_Metilius> And here we thought we were just defending Thantopolitan interests.
<Dianthea> The Lady's interests *are
* Thantopolis's interests.
* Rufus_Metilius nods concession.
<Laris> What do I need to do?
<Ulkash> Be on guard.
<Ulkash> As we have been.
* Laris nods
* Laris looks to Dianthea
<Laris> is there more you want to ask?
<Dianthea> How long have you been here?
<Ulkash> Time can be...difficult, but many centuries. This fort was built in the Dawn War.
<Dianthea> That's...thousands of years. How are you still here?
<Ulkash> Our duty is everlasting.
* Dianthea looks sad at that.
<Laris> Is this where I... we will go if we die?
<Ulkash> If the lady wills it.
<Ulkash> Those of us here chose this duty.
<Ulkash> Not all of us did.
* Ulkash looks a little sad herself.
<Laris> What about children? Does that duty pass to them?
<Ulkash> Yes.
* Ulkash says quickly, then pauses a moment.
<Ulkash> If they so choose.
* Laris nods
<Ulkash> We are a people, and a blood, but neither is a requirement.
* Ulkash sighs.
<Ulkash> When I yet lived, it was an honor.
<Ulkash> One offered and accepted by all our blood.
<Ulkash> But time is an unbeatable enemy.
<Laris> ... what is my connection to your people? where is the link?
<Ulkash> Over time, some of our people no longer felt the call of this particular devotion to the Queen, or felt the danger was past.
<Ulkash> Some of them left the task to us, the Blade's eternal defenders.
<Ulkash> You must be of our blood, however far back.
<Ulkash> But I do not believe that to be the reason you were chosen as Champion.
<Laris> no?
<Ulkash> Not solely.
<Ulkash> I believe the Lady laid your path to this point.
<Ulkash> For her own reasons, in her way.
<Laris> I will endeavour to live up to her expectations.
* Laris looks over to Dianthea and Rufus
<Dianthea> As will I.
<Laris> would it be possible to determine the nature of the connection? I know that the blood link is perhaps not the most important factor, but... it is important for me.
<Rufus_Metilius> ...And I as well.
<Ulkash> There are magics...
<Ulkash> What is the answer you seek?
<Laris> Is the tie through my mother? or my father?
<Ulkash> I can attempt to find to the answer for you.
<Laris> very well
<Ulkash> Servant of the Queen, have you an athame?
* Dianthea will produce her ritual knife.
<Ulkash> I will need blood.
* Laris extends his arm.
* Dianthea nods.
* Dianthea will chant under her breath in old Elduar, taking Laris's arm gently in her hand.
* Rufus_Metilius will step over to place his hand on Laris's shoulder reassuringly.
* Laris takes a breath to ready himself
* Dianthea will look up at Laris one last time for confirmation, still chanting.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I'm ready
* Ulkash has taken up the chant.
<YOAW_Narrator> You can hear additional voices, but no other presences manifest visibly.
* Dianthea will cut a line along Laris's forearm, blood welling quickly.
* Laris tries not to wince
* Ulkash glides forward, lowering her lips to the cut. She does not feel insubstantial as she drinks.
* Ulkash straightens after a moment, looking more solid, with Laris's blood on her lips.
* Ulkash 's hands go to the sides of Laris's head, her eyes locked with his.
* Ulkash exhales, a bloody vapor seeming to pass between her lips and Laris's.
* Laris sucks in the vapor
<YOAW_Narrator> For a moment, you just see Ulkash as she is, then she solidifies, and you gets the sense you are seeing her as she was in life.
<YOAW_Narrator> That passes quickly, her features shifting to those of another shadar-kai, a severe-looking man missing an eye.
<YOAW_Narrator> The same thing happens, again and again, generation after generation, until Laris is staring into his mother's face. There is a sadness and a pride in her eyes, a small smile on her lips.
<YOAW_Narrator> In the space of a moment, it is Ulkash standing again before you.
* Ulkash releases Laris, floating back a few paces.
* Laris knows it's just an image, but it still shakes him a bit
* Induriel ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Laris> ... thank you
<Ulkash> I hope you found the answers you seek.
* Dianthea will chant over the wound, pulling out a bandage to wrap it in.
<Laris> I did.
* Rufus_Metilius puts both hands on Laris's shoulders, touching his head to Laris's.
* Laris closes his eyes
Are you all right?
<Laris> I'm... it's a lot of information to process.
* Dianthea nods.
<Rufus_Metilius> Well, you have some time, I think.
* Laris nods
<Laris> ... is there more we need to know? or that you want to ask?
* Laris asks Ulkash, and Dianthea and Rufus
<Dianthea> Libraries worth, but it can wait.
<Rufus_Metilius> The friendly ghosts will be here tomorrow.
<Rufus_Metilius> Let's get you to bed.
<Rufus_Metilius> Dianthea, too. You've had a long journey today.
<Laris> ...all right...
* Ulkash nods.
<Ulkash> Champion. Sister, Brother.
* Ulkash disappears.
<Rufus_Metilius> ...Wait, what did that mean?
<Dianthea> Come on, Rufus.
<Dianthea> A bed sounds pretty good right now. Even a camp cot.
* Rufus_Metilius sighs and tries to maneuver Laris towards the stairs.
* Laris lets himself be led
<Laris> find a camp cot that can fit all of us. or we'll sleep on the ground. I'm not having either of you out of arm's reach right now.


The Ankai and Kobrakai Gaaths come to Korivan with a proposal

<YOAW_Narrator> An apprentice (we'll say not Halgalaz this time) will inform you the gaaths of the Ankai and Kobrakai are there and would like to speak to you.
* Korivan will have them brought to his tent then
* Kryx will hold the flap for the diminutive Kobrakai gaath.
* Kreez enters, taking in your tent and nodding approvingly.
<Korivan> Gaaths... be welcome @_@
<Kreez> Gaath Hrieffen, thank you.
* Kryx nods.
<Kreez> Battles well-fought, I hear. Congratulations.
* Korivan nods
<Kryx> Bane's might blessed our troops.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> (again)
* Kreez smirks up at the bugbear, but nods.
<Korivan> SOme victories, yes.... and some enemies left to route.
<Kreez> Little match for your hraal and allies, no?
<Korivan> Yes... Enough to keep the warriors occupied.
* Kreez nods.
<Kreez> And now the time comes to offer to the ancestors, and Bane, for our victories.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Kreez> Iaga being dead, and the rest being rote work.
<Kryx> We've been speaking...
* Korivan waits
<Kryx> Bane is the god of all goblins, yes?
<Kryx> We are to fight together under his banner?
<Korivan> Yes.
<Kryx> We thought perhaps we should offer together, then.
<Kreez> We each have our sacred spaces, Gaath Hrieffen, but we should have one together, if we are to be one force.
<Korivan> hmm.
<Korivan> Yes... I can see this.
* Korivan listens to see if the ancestors have anything useful to say on this
<Korivan> But where...
<YOAW_Narrator> (hmm)
<YOAW_Narrator> The ancestors are mostly arguing about whether it should be the Hrieffen space, with most against that idea.
* Korivan doesn't really liek that idea either
<Kryx> Our sacred lake is a pathway to Tuer-Chern, and has been used by many peoples.
<Kryx> You yourself helped cleanse it.
* Korivan looks down at Kreez to see what he thinks of that suggestion
* Kreez nods.
<Kreez> I believe it to be a reasonable compromise.
<Kreez> Unless you have some other idea, Gaath Korivan.
<Korivan> Hmm...
<Korivan> what of your ancestors, Gaath Kryx?
<Kryx> Most of them have passed on, to the greater mysteries, to service, or fell ot Eraklyosh's hunger.
<Kryx> I think this is the best way to honor them.
<Kryx> And affirm our connection to those left, and those who will be.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> The I... agree. It is the right place.
<Korivan> (then)
* Kryx nods.
<Kryx> We must coordinate a grand rite, then. After the war season.
* Korivan nods
<Kreez> I hear we may have more than our three tribes by then?
<Korivan> mmm. We will see.
<Korivan> we will grow in time.
<Kryx> As Bane wills.
* Kreez smirks again, but echoes him.
<Kreez> As Bane wills.
<Korivan> As bane wills @_@
<Korivan> We will confer on this further.
* Kreez nods.
<Kreez> Gaath Hrieffen.
* Kryx nods.
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll both turn and leave.
* Kryx is now known as Halgalaz
* Halgalaz will enter after they leave.
<Halgalaz> What did the gaaths want?
<Korivan> New honours....for Bane
<Korivan> To show our...unity
<Halgalaz> That's good.
<Halgalaz> Gaath Kobrakai had to come all this way for that?
<Korivan> Yes.
* Halgalaz shrugs.
<Halgalaz> All right.
<Korivan> We will....rededicate the shrine at Lake Ankai @_@
* Halgalaz pauses.
<Halgalaz> I'm not sure if Faasha will be concerned, or thrilled.
<Korivan> I will prepare her.
* Halgalaz nods.
<Halgalaz> I'm sure she'll want to participate. She'll be their gaath someday.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> We will foind her a ...suitable role
* Halgalaz nods.
<Halgalaz> This is good, right? Bringing our people together?
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> It is....what Bane wants.
<Korivan> it will bring others to time
* Korivan asys, still thinking about the Hramuun
* Halgalaz nods.
* Halgalaz looks pensive.
<Halgalaz> Did you need anything?
<Halgalaz> We're probably about to pack things up in here.
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> I'll manage
* Halgalaz smiles.
* Korivan makes sure he has his knife and staff though
<Halgalaz> Go get something to eat, then. We'll get things ready to head out.
<Korivan> Mmm. Good.
<Korivan> ....thank you.
* Halgalaz smiles and nods, going to the flap of the tent to hold it open for Korivan.
* Korivan will go find something to eat, giving her a solid clap on the shoulder on the way out :3