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Induriel consults with his advisers regarding Lady Morrow. Meanwhile, the Nesu Abamatu forces pursue the Osoro to a ruined fort along the river that they have fortified with magic. Laris consults with Eyllia and May aboard the Iron Drake. While the attackers settle in for a siege, Montano relays that he knows a secret way inside to where some catacombs are located. Laris puts together a small force including Montano, Eyllia, Rufus and Harbinger, to infiltrate this way, hoping to used the undead to overrun the fort form the inside. They find some eerie ghosts who seem to be connected to Laris and use their aid to take over. Korivan lets Kraaz know where things stand, and tries to convert the Hramuun with little success.


Session date: 2019-03-17
In Game date: The day following the previous session

Induriel consults his entourage

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so, if I'm remembering correctly, the idea was for Laris and his troops to push on, the Hreiffen to move out essentially once Korivan is out of the river (no pun intended), and the ships to move upriver as well?
<Laris> Yeah, the Hrieffen would follow us at a day or two behind, once they get rested/recuperated.
<Laris> I did ask for a few of their scouts to go with us, though
<Malqatar> (How much of the enemy force was still intact?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Good question. Rufus's folks will obviously be going over the dead over the night, and their count is 743 enemy dead, 87 enemy captured, with 124 allied dead, 132 allied wounded.
<YOAW_Narrator> That's just over half the enemy force dead of in custody, though your previous intelligence suggests they have other units and possible reinforcements waiting.
<YOAW_Narrator> While they're doing that, Charles, any decision as to what Induriel's doing about his directive from Morelos?
* Malqatar is now known as May
<Induriel> Well, can I find out more about this book? What's it about, exactly?
<Induriel> Also anything more about Lady Morelos herself, and her court...
<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, let me get two separate Knowledge rolls.
<Induriel>  !roll 4d6
<YOAW_Narrator> Are we missing a dice bot?
<YOAW_Narrator> I can grab mine if necessary
<Xandhil> oh huh
<Xandhil> sec
* Remote is on (Ctcps,Events,Raw)
<Xandhil> try now
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* Xandhil rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 2 3 2 5 ] for a total of [ 12 ].
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 2 3 2 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ].
<Xandhil> oh
<Xandhil> there ws an extra sapce the first time
* Remote is off
* Xandhil turns home me off
<Induriel> Oops. Sorry for the false alarm. :P
<Xandhil> np :)
<Induriel> Anyway, I guess the first roll is 12...
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 4 1 2 6 ] for a total of [ 13 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> Hey now, it already rolled twice. :p
<Induriel> Oh, okay. :P
<Induriel> Last time I had a 16, so I doubt this will improve on the book.
<Induriel> So I could go to the library and actually read it for myself. :/
<Induriel> ...and try not to fall asleep and bring it to the Dreamlands accidentally. :P
<YOAW_Narrator> If you do so, you find it much as you remember: a book of somewhat esoteric Turathi magic, with no real connection to the fey. You've no idea why Morelos would be interested in it specifically.
<YOAW_Narrator> Heh. You're elduar. I don't think you drift off lightly. ;)
<Induriel> Oh, I think it's more of a test than anything else. :s
<Induriel> Anyway, my planned course of action is to have a chat with May and Sahhiru when they return.
<YOAW_Narrator> As to Lady Morelos, you don't know anything more specific about her. Are you talking to anyone else about this in your search for information?
<Induriel> Not yet, i don't think.
<Induriel> Who else would know more about her?
<YOAW_Narrator> She's a member of a Court, so Valtheriel might know more about her, or possibly Mifflepon.
<Induriel> Okay, I might ask either of them. Or both.
* NPC1 is now known as Valtheriel
* Valtheriel is essentially always available to consult at your convenience.
* NPC2 is now known as Mifflepon
* Mifflepon is likewise.
* Induriel talks to them both in his apartments
<Valtheriel> Ambassador.
* Valtheriel sits primly.
* Mifflepon waits patiently.
<Induriel> Valtheriel, Mifflepon: I wish to ask you both about something that is a bit outside of our normal topics of discussion.
<Induriel> What can either of you tell me about Lady Morelos?
* Valtheriel gets a distant look on her face for a moment, as though she were reading a non-existent book.
<Valtheriel> Morelos, hag, peer of the Gloaming Court.
<Valtheriel> That Lady Morelos?
<Induriel> Yes.
<Mifflepon> I can't imagine there's many of them, miss.
<Induriel> (Though she's never appeared to me as a hag, right? :O )
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, I mean, she always appears to you as a wizened old lady, so...
<YOAW_Narrator> Valtheriel is remarking upon her species, not her appearance, though. ;)
<Induriel> (She does? Ah. Then never mind. :P )
<YOAW_Narrator> ("She looks somewhat like a drow or shadar-kai, if elduar actually showed age. She seems fit, but impossibly wizened and gnarled. ")
<YOAW_Narrator> (From her first appearance.)
<Induriel> (Ew! She isn't *pretty*? :O )
<Induriel> (Ah, yes. "the lady you're pretty sure is a hag of some sort")
<Induriel> (Anyway: yes, that's her!)
<Induriel> (For some reason I'd just been picturing her as Maleficent in less voluminous robes. :P )
<YOAW_Narrator> (That's not a bad comparison, though she's a little more genial and, obviously, old-looking. :))
<Valtheriel> What information were you seeking, Ambassador?
<Induriel> Everything, really. Why don't you start with the basics, and go from there?
<Induriel> (Any reaction from Mifflepon?)
* Mifflepon seems like he knows of her, at least. He's surprisingly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Fey Court politics for a man of his position.
<Valtheriel> Vassal to the Prince of Hearts. She has sided with Winter, Autumn, and the Wild Courts on occasion, though only the last is somewhat unusual, given the Gloaming Court's, if you'll pardon the pun, dim view of lycanthropes.
<Induriel> Has she acquired any lycanthrope allies, then?
* Induriel says, thinking of Big_Feral_Dude
<Valtheriel> Not according to any record I know of, but it's not impossible.
<Induriel> Very well. Please, go on...
<Mifflepon> She deals with primal spirits more than any wolf-blood or anything, sir.
<Mifflepon> When I served Lady Auremvel, at least.
<Induriel> (Who's Lady Auremvel - another Eladrin noble, I take it?)
<Valtheriel> Auremvel? Ah, yes. Special Sub-Envoy to Autumn during the last Court of Stars, yes?
<Mifflepon> Among other things, miss.
<YOAW_Narrator> (You can roll Knowledge or Status, if you want)
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 6 1 5 6 ] for a total of [ 18 ].
<Induriel> (Knowledge 18)
<Induriel> (Or Status 18, if that's better! :P )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh)
<Induriel> (Seriously! I just checked, and my Status score is 4 too!)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Auremvel Limoges is a noble of one of the minor branches of a major House in Aethrennar. You've met her at court, but she didn't make any special impression. You seem to recall there being rumors she did some form of diplomatic skullduggery for the throne.)
<Induriel> (Limoges? Related to one of the candidates we were considering, then? I recall the name somehow...)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, there are five major eladrin Houses. Limoges is one of them.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (They're all pretty sprawling, geneology-wise)
<Induriel> Did you have any occasion to see Lady Morelos yourself then, Mifflepon?
* Mifflepon nods.
<Induriel> What can you tell me about her?
<Mifflepon> Personally, just the once, sir. She struck me as typical of her Court. Polite and deadly.
<Induriel> What about her motivations, her goals?
<Mifflepon> They're not as powerful as Court, sir, but the Prince of Hearts is an acknowledged and favored consort of the Moonbow. They have friends in the highest places.
<Mifflepon> The same as any, sir. Play the game, accumulate power.
<Valtheriel> That's a passable assessment.
<Induriel> Would they have any particular interest in Nesu Abamatu?
<Induriel> Related to the Amanya Hatal, perhaps?
<Valtheriel> I'm unaware of any connection between the Amanya Hatal and the Gloaming Court. They've always been staunch supporters of the Spring Court.
<Induriel> Any other particular interest, then?
<Valtheriel> As for Nesu Abamatu, it might represent a power base with fewer ties to one of the more powerful courts.
<Valtheriel> An inroad to the mortal plane.
<Induriel> Her powers on the mortal plane are currently limited, then?
* Xandhil is now known as Korivan
<Valtheriel> There's a record of a warlock sworn to her some 50 years ago, but they haven't been seen on this plane in decades.
* Mifflepon nods.
<Induriel> So, for example, would she be able to scry on our discussion here?
<Mifflepon> Sounds about right, miss. I remember some commoner eladrin. Weedy little man.
<Valtheriel> Not without a connection of some sort.
* Valtheriel 's tone conveys the silent "Obviously."
* Valtheriel can be snippy on occasion. :p
<Induriel> (So would *I
* count as such a connection? Since I've met her in dreams, and ostensibly agreed to act in her service?)
* Induriel raises an eyebrow at Valtheriel's tone
<Induriel> (And yes, I've noticed her teasing Malliel on other occasions... :P )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yes, you could conceivably act as a connection point for her.)
<Induriel> (Ugh.)
<Induriel> (Can I counter that with anti-scrying magic, if necessary?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (There are precautions you can take, yes.)
<Induriel> (Unobtrusive ones?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Uh, with some effort, yes.)
<Induriel> Back to her motivations: what might her interest be in Turathi magic?
<Valtheriel> Another avenue to power, perhaps. Turath's recent...troubles have put many off that path, but, the Empress notwithstanding, it's a lucrative skill.
<Induriel> Does she have any particular weaknesses?
<Valtheriel> None known, but we could look into it further.
<Valtheriel> It's possible something in her history or associations leaves her vulnerable.
<Induriel> Yes. Do so.
* Valtheriel nods.
<Induriel> As I'm sure you've gathered by now, I am concerned that she is taking an interest in our affairs.
<Valtheriel> Yes sir.
<Valtheriel> May I ask how you came by this knowledge?
<Induriel> Does it matter?
<Valtheriel> Conceivably. If she contacted you, she might have special interest in you, specifically. And the method of contact may speak to what powers she can bring to bear. Allies, magic, etc.
<Induriel> She has, in dreams.
* Valtheriel nods.
<Induriel> During the recent battle, I attracted her attention. Unfortunately.
<Valtheriel> That's...concerning. The Gloaming Court are known for their facility with oneiromancy.
<Induriel> I am concerned. What could she do to me?
<Valtheriel> Influence your emotional state, access your memories, inflict all manner of nightmares.
<Valtheriel> It's a poorly-understood branch of the Art, but they are acknowledged masters of it.
<Valtheriel> We should make sure to ward you when you rest, if she continues to contact you.
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Induriel> If necessary. She has asked - demanded - that I acquire a book for her, the Kirku Ilūtu.
<Induriel> Have you heard of it?
<Valtheriel> "The Scroll of the Gods"? Heri Lalu has a copy here in the library.
<Valtheriel> I familiarized myself with her collection when we arrived.
<Induriel> Why would this work be of particular interest to her?
<Valtheriel> I'm not sure. Tiabu Apis was considered a minor philosopher, and the book does not, to my knowledge, deal with any information she couldn't access elsewhere.
* Valtheriel does the distant look thing again.
<Valtheriel> Point of interest: Apis was among the expedition that originally took this area for Turath. Perhaps that is the relevant connection?
<Induriel> Perhaps. We must look into this further.
* Valtheriel nods.
<Induriel> This may simply be a test, to see whether I will do as she asks.
<Valtheriel> Common practice in espionage.
<Induriel> But I am concerned that there may be a deeper motive than just playing with me.
<Valtheriel> Of course.
<Induriel> (With this new information, does anything about the book seem more important in retrospect?)
<YOAW_Narrator> The only thing that will immediately spring out to you is it specifically mentions the demon Eraklyosh, the Maazikai's former patron.
<YOAW_Narrator> Apis lists some of the spiritual denizens of the area, though Morelos isn't on it.
<Induriel> It mentions Eraklyosh. That might have some significance.
<Valtheriel> The Maazikai patron? I wouldn't think it would be relevant anymore, but it's something to think on.
<Induriel> In any case, please have a look at it yourself, and let me know what you think.
* Valtheriel nods.
<Valtheriel> At once, Ambassador.
* Valtheriel will go and do that.

Laris speaks with Drakka

<YOAW_Narrator> Anywho, Laris, your troops will be ready to move out that morning by the time you get back from the boats.
<YOAW_Narrator> Rufus is exhausted, but can manage some rest in the wagons with the Lalu support unit.
<YOAW_Narrator> He'll be good to go when there's fighting again.
* Laris will try to make sure he's not disturbed for a few hours at least.
<YOAW_Narrator> Draaka is leading the scout unit, and will meet you in the late afternoon as your troops are a little more than halfway to the ruins.
* Valtheriel is now known as Draaka
* Draaka rides up and stops alongside Laris.
<Draaka> Hraal Laris.
<Laris> Yes?
<Draaka> Bad news. The Osoro have built up the ruins. It's not as good as Nesu Abamatu, but the cowards can keep our riders out.
* Laris frowns
<Laris> What sort of fortifications?
<Draaka> It growth. Not just logs, but living plants.
<Draaka> Elf-magic, I think.
<Draaka> They have troops already in place, and we spotted more moving in from over the river.
<Draaka> Your boats can stop that, I think, but the halflings are tricky on the river.
<Draaka> Though she's our ally, now.
* Draaka grins at that.
* Laris nods, still sort of bemused at that.
<Laris> All right. Thank you for the report.
* Draaka nods.
* Draaka will ride back out, barring any other orders.
<Laris> Can you send word back to the rest of the Hrieffen?
<Draaka> (heh)
* Draaka nods again.
<Draaka> I'll send a rider.
<Laris> Thank you.
<Draaka> Hraal Kraaz won't be happy.
<Draaka> We're not made for this sitting around castles business.
* Laris smiles faintly at that.
* Mifflepon is now known as Varinia
<Varinia> Luckily, we are.
* Laris nods
<Varinia> We have this, Draaka.
* Draaka grins.
* Varinia returns the grin.
<Draaka> We'll keep them contained until your troops arrive. I don't think they want a fight just yet.
<Laris> (Can we get word to our mages to start planning on how to counter living plant fortifications?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You can send word with the rider. It'll have to filter through a bit, because they'll have to then get word to the boats, but it's doable.)
<Laris> (okay)
* Malqphone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
* Draaka will leave to do that.
<Varinia> Ugh, siege. At least we get to be on the other side of it this time.
* Laris nods
<Laris> And I don't think it will be all sitting - they'll still make use of the river as much as they can.
* Varinia nods.
<Laris> Who knows, maybe Domina Lalu will decide this is too boring and go home >.>
* Varinia raises an eyebrow.
<Varinia> She's young, but she's not stupid, right?
<Varinia> I mean, you're her warlord now. We're finishing this?
<Laris> Oh - I meant just go home herself. I'm finishing this here. But it would be nice if I wasn't also having to worry about her safety.
* Varinia nods.
<Varinia> Right.
<Varinia> Well, I mean, I get it. She has to been out here, for morale.
<Varinia> At least to start.
<Laris> Yes, and I think it's good for her, as a leader, to see the ramifications of warfare. It's ... educational.
<Varinia> Especially with the Hrieffen. They get that she's different from Korivan, but, like, he still fights with their troops.
<Varinia> Educational. That's one word for it.
* Varinia smiles.
<Varinia> Time for us to teach the Osoro a thing or two, eh?
<Laris> One hopes so.
<Varinia> We don't exactly have a lot to work with for engines, though.
* Varinia looks around and the mostly flat plain, with few trees in sight.
<Laris> Yes... there are ballistas on the ships, but that isn't much to work with.
<Laris> What do you think we could put together?
<Varinia> It's something.
<Varinia> Well, we could probably put together some testudos, get our people close to sap.
<Varinia> It's not like they have a lot of defensive engines, either.
* Laris nods
<Varinia> Tedious, dangerous work, but it'd do what it needs to.
<Laris> I worry that their magical defenses will be more difficult to contend with, but your point is a good one. Let's start preparing for that as soon as we get close enough.
* Varinia nods.
<Varinia> Temu's lads should be able to help out, too, I think. They can probably summon up something to break down what they've got, one way or another.
<Laris> Very well.
<Varinia> I'll pass the word along about engines. We'll spread some folks out to grab what timber we can.
* Varinia salutes.
<Varinia> Legatus.
* Laris nods to dismiss her

Laris speaks with Eyllia and May, who gossip and catch some rest together after he leaves

<Laris> (well, probably the morning after the battle, since Laris is supposed to be leaving that day)
<Malqatar> (Ok)
<Eyllia ( has joined #YOAW
<Malqatar is now known as May
<Laris> (so idk if that means I catch her while she's walk of shaming away from Marcus's room or what ;)
<May> (lol, well, Laris is a military guy, so he'd probably get there early, right? It's entirely conceivable then :3 )
<Laris> (probably early, yeah)
<May> You'll probably come across her wandering the ship blearily looking for her cabin)
<May is dressed in the same clothes she wore in the battle, albeit they look as though they were thrown on half-heartedly and her hair is in total disarray.
<Laris> Domina, ah, good, I hoped I would find you.
<YOAW_Narrator> (In fairness, not only is he a military guy, but he only 'sleeps' four hours a night.)
<May> Whu... uh... oh. Laris.
<May looks at you groggily.
<Laris> I trust you're well? The stress of battle may be difficult for one unaccustomed to it.
<May smiles.
<May> No, I'm... good. Just resting.
<May> Long day yesterday.
<Laris nods
<May> Are we ready to move on?
<Laris> My troops will be moving out today, along with the ships - the Hrieffen will follow tomorrow or the day after. But that was what I wanted to speak to you about.
<Induriel (~Mibbit@ has joined #YOAW
<May> Yeah?
<Laris> The Osoro are weakened, but not defeated. They will draw on all their resources to fend us off as we pursue them. I think it would be prudent if you return to Nesu Abamatu at this juncture.
<May> The ships? You don't think they'll be helpful?
<May seems confused.
<Laris> I do - but you could take one and return home.
<May> Oh. You think *I
<should go back.
<May> You sound like my uncle.
<Laris> I promised him that I would look out for you. And this confrontation will likely be more dangerous than the first.
<May> I think I proved that I can keep cool in battle. Besides, I'm being well protected here.
<Laris> Very well. I will defer to your wishes in this matter.
<May> How are the land forces?
<Laris> They sustained relatively light casualties. Some losses, but not nearly as many as our adversaries.
<May nods.
<May> Good. Keep me informed. I promise I'll try to stay safe and stay out of the fighting if it will ease your mind. Marcus is a very able bodyguard. And I doubt our enemy can manage two such surprises as yesterday for us.
<Laris> Certainly. I heard that Lord Zorika sustained an injury - is he well?
<May> He's resting, but I think he should be fine. It wasn't as serious as we first thought.
<Laris> Good. Hopefully he will be recovered and able to serve you at his full capacity soon.
<May blushes slightly and nods.
<May> Yes... let's hope so.
<Laris> I'll let you go - I have other matters to attend to before I depart, and I'm sure you also need to see to your affairs. Good fortune, Domina, and I trust we'll see one another again soon.
<May> Stay safe, Lugal Corvis. I need you back in one piece.
<Laris nods.
<Laris> I will endeavour to remain so.
<Eyllia comes stepping over to the pair, holding a small covered basket. Her hair is tied up high in a spilling top-knot
<Laris> Ah, Captain D'Azzure, I hoped to have a word with you before I departed.
<May> Morning Captain
<May grins widely
<Eyllia> Morning Domina, Lugal... I heard you had dropped by
<Eyllia> all well?
<Laris> Yes, things are well. How did your side of the battle go yesterday?
<Eyllia> It has some dramatics, but worked out well in the end
<Laris> Very good.
<May> That's one word for it
<Eyllia> Stupid croc left some teeth marks in the Drake, been up most of the night getting things patched
<Laris> I...see. I hope you are recovered?
<Eyllia taps her foot on the hull
<Eyllia> She'll right as rain
<Laris> I'm glad to hear it.
<Laris> I wanted to propose stationing more archers on board the ships. In case matters continue as they have done, with strong attacks coming from the water side.
<Eyllia> the deck has the room, and would be appriciated
<Laris> Very well. I'll send you whatever we can spare.
<Eyllia> Good. Just signal when you're ready for us to move on
<Laris> I will. Good fortune, Captain, and we'll meet again soon.
<Eyllia> and you
<May> Bye Laris. Good luck.
<Laris will depart and send some archers to the ships before setting off.
<May waves after you tiredly.
<May> I need coffee.
<Eyllia> I may or may not have something like that in this basket... if you're interested
<Eyllia swings the basket temptingly
<May> You are amazing.
<Eyllia> we can find one of the few quiet corners and enjoy, if you want
<May> Please. You have no idea how much effort standing is taking right now.
<Eyllia will lead you into her quarters, which are empty and has a real table and seats
<May will collapse into a chair and make grabby hands at the basket.
<Eyllia plops the basket on the table, pulling the cloth off, revealing a covered caraf, a pair of cups, and some hand pies
<Eyllia> you want a pillow? Didn't sleep well?
<Eyllia smiles slyly
<May> Oh I slept like the dead. For like... two hours.
<Eyllia> did the hammering and banging keep you up for the rest?
<May> ...
<Eyllia> the repairs silly
<May> Oh.
<May> Heh.
<May> Right. Repairs.
<Eyllia> eat up, you need it more than me
<May takes a decideddly unladylike bite of pie and pours herslef some coffee with lots of honey.
<May> What about you? Did you sleep at all?
<Eyllia shakes her head no as she goes over to her wardrobe, pulling out a hair brush.
<Eyllia> Lysa is mad at me... I just kept checking on everything, making sure the aftermath was well handled.
<Eyllia will walk behind May with the brush.
<May> I'm... sorry your ship got damaged. I'll make sure you'r compensated for any costs of repairs.
<Eyllia> May I? I know I'm just being all mother hen, but I have to show the crew that their well being maters
<Eyllia> and so does yours
<May will twist her head around and notice the brush in your hand.
<May> Oh, uh... Sure. I suppose. Are you sure?
<Xandhil is now known as Korivan
<Eyllia> I don't typically get someone to do this for me, just thought it would be nice
<Eyllia will start taking the brush to her hair
<May> Do I look that much of a mess?
<Eyllia> of course not... you do look like you had some fun though
<Eyllia> how is Markus?
<May sighs.
<May> Pretty amazing, actually. I guess it's pretty obvious.
<Eyllia> I'm a little jealous... he does look so nice without his shirt on
<May> And those fangs...
<May says a bit dreamily
<Eyllia> I can imagin... actually not really
<May> I just... went in to see how he was doing and things just kind of... happened.
<Eyllia> It was all good right? Nothing you didn't want.
<May> Oh, nine hells, no. I had every chance to walk away.
<Eyllia> Going back for a second chance some time then?
<May> I don't know. I need to talk to him about it. Make sure he's ok with everything. And I still need to be weighing my options. It's all so... complicated.
<Eyllia> and that other boy? what will they think?
<May> ...the other boy?
<May> Oh.
<May> Right.
<May> I don't think he'll mind.
<May> He's not the jealous type.
<Eyllia shakes her head and stops brushing
<Eyllia> I wish I knew how to do that, just be and enjoy
<May looks up at her.
<May> Are you okay? I know it's not easy...
<Eyllia gives her a hug
<Eyllia> I'll be ok.
<Eyllia> I think I just need to live a little more.
<Eyllia> whatever that means
<May laughs.
<May> From what I've seen, you live enough for ten normal people already.
<Eyllia chuckles
<May> You were incredible yesterday.
<May> I could barely even see you, you were moving so fast.
<Eyllia sets the brush down on the table and takes a seat
<Eyllia> I feel so alive when I'm in the thick of it like that.
<May> It suits you.
<May smiles.
<Eyllia unties her hair, having it fall in a mess around her head
<May reaches for the brush and stands up.
<May> May I?
<Eyllia> I may have been a little to eager to show you, everyone, just what I can do.
<Eyllia nods
<May will stand behind Eyllia and begin brushing slowly.
<Eyllia> (she has soo much hair)
<May> I admit, I'm not the best at this. Normally Sar does it for me.
<May> I'll try not to tug.
<Eyllia> maybe I like having my hair pulled
<May laughs
<Eyllia winks
<May> Well, you wouldn't be the only one.
<May> Marcus has a very strong grip. Comes from holding that shield I bet.
<Eyllia mumbles in agreement
<Eyllia> I'm gonna need to get a couple hours sleep soon
<Eyllia> or else Lysa will make me sleep
<May> Sleep... or just privacy?
<Eyllia> which is a whole lot less comfortable
<Eyllia> privacy with company would be welcome, but I do need sleep.
<May> Yes, you do. Even you can't do everything.
<Eyllia nods
<May> Get some rest. It'll be a while before you're needed on deck. I'm sure your crew can handle things until then.
<Eyllia> I'm gonna lie down. If you want to catch a few undisturbed minutes as well, there is plenty of space.
<Eyllia> otherwise, enjoy the food and I'll see you on deck later.
<May considers for a moment.
<May> Ok, but juyst for a little while.
<Eyllia> ok
<Eyllia will go crash then
<Eyllia appreciates the company
<May will crawl in next to her and pass out almost immediately.

Lysa checks in with Eyllia

* Lysa will come wake Eyllia several hours later.
<YOAW_Narrator> (May is still there, I'm assuming?)
<May> (Unless someone else came to get her)
* Eyllia will slip out of bed leaving May there
* Eyllia will open the door
<Eyllia> Lysa
<Eyllia> how long have I slept?
6 hours, give or take. We're nearing the fort, so I thought you'd want to be up.
* Eyllia nods
<Lysa> Sorry, I let you two sleep as long as I could.
<Eyllia> I understand and appreciate it.
<Eyllia> I'll be on deck soon
<Lysa> All right.
* Lysa will and wait.
<Lysa> (Go and wait, rather)
* Eyllia will quickly check and see if May still sleeps... if she is ill quickly get changed and cleaned up
* May will roll over and open her groan sleepily.
<May> -open her
* Eyllia will shake her lightly once changed
<May> Mmm....
<May> What time is it?
<YOAW_Narrator> (Mid-afternoon)
<Eyllia> mid afternoon
<May> fuuuuuck...
<YOAW_Narrator> (Well, late-ish, but whatevs. My bad)
<Eyllia> we're approaching the fort. I'm heading up.
* May will yawn and get up
<May> Ok. thanks. I should go change and I'll join you.
* Eyllia is dressed with her weapon belt on
<May> I feel a bit better now.
* Eyllia nods
<Eyllia> see you soon
* May smiles.
* Eyllia will then head out and meet Lysa
<Eyllia> how's it look?
* NPC3 (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* May will make her way to her own quarters and change before heading up.
* Lysa grimaces a little.
<Lysa> Worse than I thought, not as bad as I feared.
<Lysa> The bones of the structure are intact, and they've reinforced with some kind of plant growth.
<Lysa> It won't burn well, but we might be able to punch a hole with enough concentrated fire.
<Eyllia> will we be able to blockade the river?
<Lysa> I'm not sure. Meghan flew out a little while ago to get a look, and she said they've got hundreds of their canoes going back and forth.
<Lysa> That's a lot to try to stop.
* Eyllia nods
<Lysa> The archers Corvis stationed with us will help.
<Eyllia> we may run out of arrows before they run out of canoes
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> It's a possibility.
<Lysa> That said, if it comes to it, we're faster going downriver.
<Lysa> If we need to scarper with May, we can.
* Eyllia nods
<Lysa> It does seem their most likely move for a counterattack.
* Lysa sighs.
<Eyllia> I wasn't planning on lingering for a long seige and if we can't control the river.
* Eyllia shakes her
<Lysa> Right.
* Eyllia shakes her head
<Lysa> So, what's the plan?
* Eyllia considers
<Eyllia> Is the Lugalus setting up to seige? Any word from them?
<Lysa> Meghan was going to head over in a minute, after she catches her breath. They're just getting set up over there, but, yeah, it looks like they're settling in.
<Eyllia> this is what I'm thinking... we'll swing the Drake in range for a broadside of arrows until we get thier attention, then pull them down down river, just keeping ahead
<Lysa> Okay...
<Eyllia> should string them out enough to let the other ships hurt them... if the don't follow, we rinse, repeat until our ammo is spent, and then call it a day
<Eyllia> unless Meghan comes back with something different
<Lysa> That's workable. We out-range their bows a bit.
<Lysa> If they don't fall for it, we just pepper them and keep their forces split.
* Lysa will relay orders to that effect.
<Eyllia> its not all we can do, but its the safest.
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> So, uh, idle question.
<Eyllia> shoot
You and May...?
<Eyllia> friends
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> Fair enough.
<Lysa> Just thought it was worth asking.
<Eyllia> I wouldnt keep something like that from you
<Lysa> I figured, but it might have just happened.
<Lysa> I mean, I'd be happy for you, sure, but if...
* Lysa looks around.
<Eyllia> if she was interested, I'm sure we could have a little fun
* Eyllia winks
you know who is unavailable, May is about the same.
* Lysa laughs.
<Lysa> Oh, I'm sure.
<Lysa> She's plenty cute and all, if that's your thing.
* Eyllia rolls her eys
<Lysa> Just, you know, she's got a lot of guys sniffing around her.
<Eyllia> I'm not sailing down that river again if I can avoid it
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> Good. You just need to find the right port, as it were.
<Eyllia> who knows, maybe the guys could be fun too?
<Lysa> Well, plenty of them around, too, though most have a similar, related problem.
<Lysa> But, hey, if the little gnome guy that works for Corvis can manage it, why not you?
* Lysa winks.
* Eyllia chuckles
<Lysa> I have to say, cousin, it might be the one part of the sailor life you're not as cut out for.
<Eyllia> the real problem is that guys tend to go soft once they realize you can kick their ass without breaking a sweat
<Lysa> You need to spend more time with the shadar-kai.
* Lysa grins.
<Lysa> Or the Hrieffen, for that matter.
<Eyllia> one I've had my fill for a while, the other... maybe if they learn some respect
* Lysa shrugs.
<Lysa> I'm fine with the level of respect I get from them.
<Eyllia> they respect that you can put your ankles behind your ears
<Lysa> Yeah, or a sword through their eye.
<Lysa> They seem to value both pretty equally.
<Lysa> And they show their respect accordingly.
<Eyllia> so says the girl with legs longer than I am tall
<Lysa> I can't help it the gods didn't see fit to bless you like they did me.
<Lysa> Maybe we can find you a nice halfling.
<Lysa> Make you feel like a giant.
<Eyllia> so funny, at least you think you are
* Lysa grins.
<Lysa> You know you love me.
<Eyllia> always
* Eyllia smiles
* Lysa will nod over your shoulder.
* Varinia is now known as Meghan
<Meghan> Captain D'Azzure.
* Eyllia turns
<Meghan> I hope you slept well.
<Eyllia> enough to keep me sharp for what's to come. And what do our landbound allies plan?
<Meghan> I'm just about to head over. I just wanted to, ah, come thank you. For pulling me out of the river, earlier.
<Meghan> Anything I can do, just ask.
<Eyllia> I was glad to help you after that impressive killing blow. We make a good team.
* Meghan smiles and blushes, as much as he complexion shows.
<Meghan> Agreed. I wouldn't have had the shot if you hadn't forced it.
<Eyllia> We should spar after this is all over and truely see how well we mesh.
* Meghan nods playfully.
<Meghan> I think that would be quite educational.
<Meghan> I won't take up anymore of your time. Captain.
<Eyllia> when you talk to the Lugal, let him know we won't be able to blockade the river, and I wont risk the Drake for an extended seige
* Meghan nods.
* Meghan will take a few quick steps past you, leaping over the edge of the Drake. Her wings unfurl as she does so, and she flies off towards the allied encampment.

Montano reveals that there is a secret way in!

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, Laris, your troops are setting up to besiege the fortification, such as it is. The Lalu support unit is putting together some testudos, as mentioned, as well as digging in positions for your troops.
<YOAW_Narrator> There's something oddly...familiar, perhaps, about the fort. You can't quite place it, but you have a strange feeling about the place.
* Lysa is now known as Rufus
* Rufus is now known as Rufus_Metillius
<Rufus_Metillius> Cheerful place, eh?
<Laris> It seems strangely familiar...
<Rufus_Metillius> Familiar?
* Laris shrugs
<Laris> I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it reminds me of somewhere else?
<Rufus_Metillius> Looks a little like that fort at, oh, what was the place? Luno? If you squint...
<Rufus_Metillius> Anyway...
<Laris> How are the preparations going?
* Rufus_Metillius is interrupted by the arrival of Meghan.
<Meghan> Lugal, Magus.
* Meghan nods in greeting.
<Laris> Greetings.
<Rufus_Metillius> Hey Meghan. How's the river side of things?
<Meghan> Crowded.
<Meghan> The Osoro and their allies are ferrying troops and supplies across.
<Laris> What sort of troops?
<Meghan> Halflings, some goblins...nothing we weren't expecting, so far.
* Laris nods
<Meghan> Ey - Captain D'Azzure wanted me to tell you she doesn't think they can blockade the river, and she can't risk the Drake in a long siege.
* Laris frowns
<Laris> What do they propose, then?
<Meghan> For the moment, I believe her plan is to at least prevent further crossings for the time being, but their arrow stores will only last so long.
* NPC3 is now known as Montano
* Montano will enter without fanfare.
* Laris nods a greeting to him
* Montano returns the nod.
<Laris> What do the magic-workers have to say about the fortifications? Maybe there is a faster way we can take them down.
<Meghan> Ugh, I believe they said something about 'ice devils' to overcome their new additional defenses.
<Meghan> (Uh, not ugh)
<Laris> hm, all right.
* Montano looks up from where he was helping himself to refreshments Calkas would have set out.
<Montano> Oh, I had a thought about all that.
<Laris> oh?
<Montano> Well, I'm a little familiar with these ruins.
<Montano> When I was younger, it was kind of a dare we used to make, sneaking in, staying until we got spooked.
* Laris nods, listening
<Montano> There's an entrance, near the waterline, not always easily accessible, but with the recent rains, you could probably swim right in.
<Laris> I could? ;p
<Montano> Comes out into the bottom of the fort. It's hard to see. They might not know about it.
* Laris smiles faintly at that.
<Montano> A person could, anyway.
<Laris> It might be something Captain D'Azzure or her crew would like to know about, certainly.
* Montano shrugs.
<Montano> Seems like it might get you past the walls, hit 'em up from the inside.
<Montano> It links up to a...crypt, or whatever you call it.
<Montano> Lot of old bones down there.
<Laris> oh?
* Laris is slightly more intrigued at that
<Rufus_Metillius> Huh, no, that might be something to work with.
<Rufus_Metillius> (Huh, now, rather)
<Laris> Would we have to get you in there?
* Laris asks Rufus
<Rufus_Metillius> Yeah, probably...
* Rufus_Metillius looks thoughtful.
<Rufus_Metillius> I'm a bit spent. I don't know how much I could do from any distance.
* Laris nods
<Laris> All right. We can work on this, I think. Other plans should proceed according to our previous intentions, so nothing seems amiss - and to provide the necessary distractions for getting a small team inside the crypt.
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
<Laris> We can also wait until the Hrieffen arrive tomorrow, if you think it's better - it would give you more time to rest, too.
<Rufus_Metillius> Well, I'd love to rest, but I think now would be the best time, if we're going to do this at all.
<Rufus_Metillius> If they don't know about it, that's not going to last long.
<Laris> all right.
<Rufus_Metillius> Now, while they're setting up, their focus is's the best time for something like this.
<Laris> A small team is best - let's put together a group to make the attempt.
<Meghan> I'll go.
<Meghan> I mean, I can carry a message to the Drake and be back.
* Laris nods
<Montano> I can show you where it is, so I guess I'm in.
<Laris> I'll go - I can lend my efforts where they're needed. I trust Varinia to keep things under control here while I'm absent.
* Rufus_Metillius looks both concerned and relieved at that.
<Laris> And perhaps if Captain D'Azzure has one or two people she can spare, that would be a sufficient team?
* Laris ponders, not for the first time, where Harbinger is.
<Meghan> Anything else?
<Laris> Montano, where should we gather to make our approach to this entrance?
<Meghan> It's on the southwest side. There were plenty of reeds to cover an approach, back in the day. It's getting dark anyway.
<Laris> Very well. Let's assemble as soon as it's fully dark.
* Meghan will return and convey all this to the folks on the Drake
<Eyllia> Bold, but it will end things quickly.
<Eyllia> I'm in
* Montano is now known as Lysa
* Lysa seems skeptical, but you're pretty sure it's because she wants to go.
<Eyllia> you know the plan for the Drake. Stay with it, even if it means leaving me behind. I'll catch up when I can.
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> Good tides, smooth sailing, cousin.
<Eyllia> May the currents carry you true, cousin.
* Eyllia gives her a quick hug
* Lysa gives a quick, fierce hug back.
<Eyllia> (is Meghan carrying me, or am I swiming?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Either, really. Meghan can carry you for the short distance to shore.
<Eyllia> (probably faster, and I'm not that big)
<YOAW_Narrator> Being so wee and all. ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Heh
* Meghan will carry Eyllia across, where they can meet up with the other assailants.
<YOAW_Narrator> Leaving Varinira in charge, you'll also get a few more volunteers, namely Caelius and Eren.
<YOAW_Narrator> Up to you whether you want to allow them. ;)
<Laris> (okay. I mean... sure, I'll take it. I'll just have to try to not get them killed.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Heh, yes)
<Laris> Everyone stays with the group. No rushing off on your own, even if you think it's heroic.
* Laris says, giving them particularly firm stares.
<Laris> If we need to retreat, we do it together. If we need to go in further, we do that together too. Nobody separates from the group.
<YOAW_Narrator> You'll get a nod from Caelius and a more casual wave of the hand from Eren.
* Eyllia nods as if she's heard this kinda speach before
* Lysa is now known as Montano
* Rufus_Metillius evinces his usual pre-combat steadiness.
* Meghan seems cautiously nervous, but manages a grin to Eyllia.
* Montano is now known as Harbinger
* Harbinger is suddenly there with the group from one moment to the next.
<Harbinger> Apologies if my arrival is ill-timed.
<Laris> No, it's perfect.
* Laris smiles to see him there.
<Harbinger> I move as the Queen wills.
<Laris> Are you coming with us?
* Harbinger nods.
<Laris> Very well.
<Harbinger> Her hand is played in this. I fight for myself, for the moment.
<Laris> May good fortune favour us this night, and let us bring a swift end to this engagement.
<Rufus_Metillius> Queen and ancestors willing.
<YOAW_Narrator> The team in general echoes with their own variations.


<YOAW_Narrator> You can set out, Montano guiding you along the riverbank.
<YOAW_Narrator> The water is pretty high, as he mentioned, and it's difficult going at points, but you make your way into the shadow of the ruins-turned-fort.
<YOAW_Narrator> He is able to point out the spot, a small opening maybe three feet wide, and maybe two high, almost entirely obscured by vines.
* Harbinger is now known as Montano
<Montano> Good thing none of you are too big of folk.
<YOAW_Narrator> The hole is just at the water's edge, the river lapping into it slightly.
<Eyllia> I guess this is where I scout it out
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris, once you get there, you get a strange sense of the place. You know that the opening is a tube, slanted up, that will continue for 15 feet before coming up to a level opening.
<w> It's going to slant up for about fifteen feet when you get inside, and then level off.
* Laris says, without really knowing how he knows that
<YOAW_Narrator> Most of the group, other than Harbinger, gives Laris a weird look.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Also, Eyllia, who I do not control. ;))
<Eyllia> (no wierd look from her too)
<Eyllia> (guess I head in, make sure, then come back to lead people in - as per plan?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Sure.
<YOAW_Narrator> Roll me Stealth.
<Eyllia> !roll 3d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Eyllia: [ 3d6 ] getting [ 4 3 6 ] for a total of [ 13 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia makes her way near-soundlessly to the chute and up. There seems to be no one around where it comes out, though there are some supplies piled up nearby.
<YOAW_Narrator> (brb)
* Eyllia heads back to bring people in (will mention the supplies so there may be people who show up)
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<YOAW_Narrator> Laris, you continue to have your weird sense of deju vu.
<YOAW_Narrator> You're familiar with the layout of the fort, and know you're in the upper crypts. The lower ones are off to your left from where you are now, and it seems like you can hear something coming from down that way. Whispers, or something like it.
* Laris has a look around, and will draw his swords to be ready in case of an attack.
* Laris gestures that way.
* Montano motions up.
* Montano gives a questioning look.
* Laris indicates that we should go to the left. It might be good to be further away from the supplies in case someone comes to get them.
* Montano nods and follows, along with the rest.
* Eyllia will follow the lead, blades out, alert for danger
<w> That's...that's some strong resonance.
* Laris nods
<w> Be careful, folks.
* Laris will reach out with his dragonmark and try to get a sense of ... what is going on here? if he can, anyway.
<YOAW_Narrator> The group will see a rush of dimly glowing mist streak towards Laris.
<whisper yell> Laris!
* Laris holds up his hand in an 'it's okay' gesture
<Laris> (or his sword, rather, I suppose, since he's holding one in each hand ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sorry, this si for errybody)
<YOAW_Narrator> Suddenly, your party is surrounded'd mark them as shadar-kai, but you don't recognize the symbols. Few of them wear armor, and some of them wear nothing at all. They're scarred and tattooed, visible on their translucent skin.
<YOAW_Narrator> Eren draws his bow and sights down on one, Montano raises his shield, Meghan raises her sword...
* Eyllia readies herself
<w> don't attack - they're on our side. I think.
<YOAW_Narrator> A figure steps to the front of them, directly facing Laris. She is more scarred and tattooed than any of them, raven figures prominent across her torso and face. She nods.
<Laris> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Laris: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 6 1 2 4 2 ] for a total of [ 15 ].
<Laris> (14)
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris falters a moment, his dragonmark blazing, and the figures all seem more substantial.
* Laris steadies himself as much as he can and will try to convey his appreciation to them
<YOAW_Narrator> The lead figure fixes Laris with an inquisitive stare, her manner eerily similar to a bird of prey.
<YOAW_Narrator> The figures stalk impatiently as Rufus moves to work his ritual.
<YOAW_Narrator> They spread out, some through walls, floors, or ceiling; forming a perimeter.
<w> they want to cleanse this place of the invaders as much as we do. I'm trying to get them to ... wait a little.
<w> And we don't count as invaders, too, right?
* Rufus_Metillius goes about his ritual business.
<w> I think not...
* Laris tries to lend what support he can to Rufus, while still keeping tabs on his new ghost friends.
<w> Somebody put these on the skeleton's heads while I get this set up.
* Rufus_Metillius will hand whoever a bag of obsidian triangles.
<w> Apologies, friends, gotta do this the quick and dirty way. No offense meant.
* Rufus_Metillius will complete his ritual forthwith, the skeletons in the lower crypts around you lurching to unlife.
* Rufus_Metillius almost collapses and barely manages to stay upright.
<w> Ready as we'll ever be, sir.
* Laris smiles at that
<w> let's go
<YOAW_Narrator> The ghostly sk flash predatory grins and rush out with your people.
* Laris will lend what strength he has left to try to guide the skeletons, who are, after all, very new at this ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> Just for the heck of it, can I get Fighting tests from you two? You both get a bonus die from ghostly aid.
<Laris> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Laris: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 6 5 3 2 ] for a total of [ 16 ].
<Eyllia> !roll 9d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Eyllia: [ 9d6 ] getting [ 2 1 5 6 1 2 1 4 2 ] for a total of [ 24 ].
<Laris> (so 14 I guess?)
<Laris> (unless I also add my short blades)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, you can add that)
<Laris> !roll 1d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Laris: [ 1d6 ] getting [ 2 ].
<Eyllia> (bad roll 20 for me)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, wow, that is a lot of ones, yeah)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Still fantastic by normal standards. :))
<YOAW_Narrator> Maybe Eyllia's just weirded out by the ghosts.
<YOAW_Narrator> As you reach the surface, you hear a (possibly literal) banshee scream from the ghosts, as the fort's defenders are taken completely by surprise.
<YOAW_Narrator> Once the fighting beings in earnest, your troops outside the walls are alerted and join the fight, being let in by your people inside the walls.
<YOAW_Narrator> It's a bloody fight, but the halflings were already in disarray, and they are not used to static defense.
* Laris will grab Rufus' hand to get us out of there, since I imagine he's about as drained as I am, if not more.
<YOAW_Narrator> Some of them retreat to the river, though many of those are shot down by the Drake and the Corvis fleet.
<YOAW_Narrator> The ghostly sk seem to be able to distinguish friendlies, but seem more iffy about things like "surrender," so it is an effort of will for Laris to call them off if he plans to.
<Laris> (are the halflings trying to surrender?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Some of them will, yes.)
<Laris> (okay, then I'll try to call off the ghosts from those ones, if I can)
<YOAW_Narrator> Roll Will?
<Laris> (plus Dedication?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Uh, I don't think so on this one?)
<Laris> (ok)
<Laris> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Laris: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 4 6 6 5 ] for a total of [ 21 ].
<Laris> (that's pretty good, though)
* Eyllia is now known as Eyllia_AFK
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris's will pulses through the spectral soldiers, who all freeze, some in mid-swing.
<Laris> Now is your chance to surrender.
* Laris informs the surviving Osoro.
<YOAW_Narrator> They turn, as one, moving towards where Laris is, likely surveying what is now the aftermath.
<YOAW_Narrator> They move into ranks in front of him, eyeing the remaining Osoro allies who, wisely, throw down their weapons.
<YOAW_Narrator> Laris, for his part, is having a little trouble distinguishing the living and the dead at the moment, his vision cloudy.
* Laris blinks a little, trying to clear his head.
* Montano is now known as Lead_Ghost
* Lead_Ghost approaches Laris, looking completely substantial to his eyes right now.
<Lead_Ghost> The fort is yours, champion.
<Laris> Ancestor... thank you for your aid.
* Lead_Ghost nods.
<Lead_Ghost> Thank you for the conduit through which to provide it.
<Laris> What can I do for you now? Do you need...further help that I can provide?
* Lead_Ghost smiles wistfully.
<Lead_Ghost> You are providing it by being here.
<Lead_Ghost> Our existence is to serve.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I will need to leave - will that be a problem? Can you come too, or do you need to stay here?
<Lead_Ghost> The Kai Do Arat await your command. We are strongest here, but we can manifest wherever you may walk.
<Laris> (do I know what that means?)
<Lead_Ghost> (It's more ancient SK, but, roughly, Children of the Black Blade)
* Laris nods
<Laris> What can I call you?
<Lead_Ghost> I am called Ulkash.
* Lead_Ghost is now known as Ulkash
<Ulkash> I am and was the leader of my people.
<Laris> Thank you, Ulkash. I am Laris Valerius Corvis. I hope we can ... confer further when there is more time.
<Ulkash> I believe I can wait.
* Ulkash smirks slightly.
<Laris> Yes...
<Laris> Thank you again for your strength today. We'll clean things up here. Was this fortress your... home?
* Ulkash nods.
<Ulkash> Yes.
<Ulkash> Home, temple, prison...
<Ulkash> You will learn.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I look forward to it.
* Ulkash grins.
<Laris> For now, if you'll forgive me, I have a physical body and it's alarmingly close to collapsing.
* Ulkash nods graciously.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your sight clears, and the Kai Do Arat seem to fade, though not completely.
<YOAW_Narrator> Ulkash herself seems to be the most substantial of them.
* Laris will make sure things are under control with the rest of the battlefield, and then, if possible, retire and have a moment to quietly freak out in private.

Korivan checks in with Kraaz and tries to convert the Hramuun

<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, you do get the sense, from the ancestors, and from a fading connection to the river, that the battle is largely won that evening.
* Korivan will let Kraaz know if he can
<YOAW_Narrator> Though there is some hubbub among the ancestors about some strange spiritual goings on.
* Meghan is now known as Kraaz
* Korivan will pay attention to what they have to say about that as much as he can
<Korivan> Kraaz
<Kraaz> Hmm?
* Korivan is still pretty wrecked but recovering after taking strength from the tribe
<Korivan> The Osoro are taken.
<Kraaz> What?
<Korivan> They are defeated
<Kraaz> Already?
<Korivan> yes
<Kraaz> But we haven't even...
* Kraaz sighs.
<Kraaz> And here I wanted a challenge.
<Korivan> there is still...the elves
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* Kraaz nods concession.
<Kraaz> Yeah, but I think Laris plans to wait for that.
<Korivan> some
<Kraaz> Ancestors told you this?
<Korivan> Yes... and the river... though that fades
<Kraaz> Well, I guess we'll still have to root them out.
<Kraaz> That'll be something.
<Korivan> yes
<Korivan> There is...something else happeing but I dont kow what....yet
<Kraaz> I guess we'll see.
* Kraaz says kind of grumpily.
<Korivan> There will be more to the season.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> I hope you're right.
<Korivan> Bane and the ancestors demand it @_@
* Kraaz grins.
<Kraaz> Well all right then.
<Kraaz> I'd hate to disappoint them.
<Korivan> For now.... there are other ways to focus you energies...
* Kraaz raises an eyebrow.
<Korivan> Go find someone to fuck
* Kraaz laughs.
<Kraaz> I'll probably go find someone to hit first.
<Kraaz> Then that.
* Korivan nods
<Kraaz> I've got a lot of energy to work off.
<Kraaz> Get some rest, so next time I don't have to go looking.
<Korivan> you won't be the only one
* Korivan nods, leaning heavily on his staff still
<Korivan> Yes.... though I still have other duties @_@
<Kraaz> Well, don't work yourself to death. I'll try not to do the same.
<Korivan> Not yet...
* Korivan nods
* Kraaz laughs, claps Korivan on the shoulder, and will walk off to take his advice.
<YOAW_Narrator> The Hrieffen forces can make their way to the fort the next day, Korivan having managed at least some rest.
* Korivan will go back to catchin up his heart eating and see what the ancestors can tell him about these new shennanigans
<YOAW_Narrator> Basically, *awakened.dead.risen.ancient.cold*
* Korivan will see what more he can find out once we're closer, I guess
* Korivan probably does sleep like the dead when he has a chance to though, ancestrs allowing ;p
<Laris> (I'll tell you all about it when you get here... maybe a solo? ;)
<Korivan> (cool)
<YOAW_Narrator> I figured that would be the case.
<YOAW_Narrator> There is a somewhat outstanding issue awaiting you, if you're interested.
<Korivan> (sure!)
<YOAW_Narrator> There are goblinoid captives from the battle, Hramunn warriors who were assisting the Osoro.
<YOAW_Narrator> Your allies thought you might have an interest in them.
<Korivan> (oh ho!)
<Korivan> (what do I know about the Hramunn?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll Knowledge?)
<Korivan> (does education help?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hmm. Sure?)
<Korivan> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 4 5 2 1 5 ] for a total of [ 17 ].
<Korivan> (16)
<YOAW_Narrator> From what you know, which is a surprising amount, they used to be thralls in the southern mountains, captives of one of the orc tribes down that way. They made their way north, eventually aiding the Amanya Hatal in some battle and winning the right to settle there.
<YOAW_Narrator> That was, oh, three or four generations ago. 60 years, maybe? Before the Fall, after Turath was here.
* Korivan has probably been studying up on local goblinoids ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> Legit :)
* Korivan will go see them for sure
<Korivan> (how many are we talking?)
<YOAW_Narrator> About 100, maybe a little less.
<YOAW_Narrator> They weren't in the worst of the fighting at the fort.
<Korivan> (were they in the other fight/)
* Korivan will bring Faasha when he goes
<YOAW_Narrator> (They were not)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Halgalaz will certainly want to tag along, then.)
<Korivan> (okay that's fine)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Joined at the hip, those two. :))
<Korivan> (I am okay with this 100% ^-^)
<YOAW_Narrator> The Hramunn and their wolves are being kept under guard.
<Korivan> (ooh wolves, nice)
* Rufus_Metillius is now known as Hramunn_Leader
* Hramunn_Leader will rise to meet you when you come, her wolf echoing her.
<Korivan> (Hraal or Gaath?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hraal, you would assume)
<Korivan> (cool)
<Hramunn_Leader> Gaath Hrieffen?
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I am gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Kroivan. And you... Hraal Hramunn?
<Hramunn_Leader> Hraal Hramunn Inyet Tenyx.
<Hramunn_Leader> We've heard of you.
* Hramunn_Leader is now known as Tenyx
<Korivan> Good.... what have you heard?
<Tenyx> Chosen of Bane, marked by the dragon, Imperial-friend.
<Korivan> There Empire.
* Tenyx nods to the pair of Kadanu's tiefling troops guarding them.
<Korivan> Do you know....what an empire is @_@
<Tenyx> A bunch of them, far away, telling people here what to do.
<Korivan> We make... our own decisions.
<Korivan> What are you to the Amanya Hatal?
<YOAW_Narrator> Allies. They gave us a place for our own. We won it when we rescued their leader's son in battle against ones like them.
* YOAW_Narrator gestures at the tieflings again.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Grr, that was her, sorry)
<Tenyx> That was in my grandfather's day.
<Tenyx> They are good enough neighbors. We leave each other alone.
<Korivan> mmm.... and what brought this.
<Tenyx> Osoro gold spends like any other. And they had weapons, steel ones. I'd show you, but your friends took my new blade.
<Korivan> (do I have any sense of whether she is lying about working for coin?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll Awareness?)
<Korivan> (ah ha ha ha)
<Korivan> (I'll use my ancestor die :p)
<Korivan> !roll 2d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 2d6 ] getting [ 2 2 ] for a total of [ 4 ].
<Korivan> (lol)
<YOAW_Narrator> Seems on the up and up so far as you know! :D
<Korivan> (ancestors still focused on the ghosts :p)
<Korivan> Yess.... perhaps we will take a close look
<Korivan> (closer)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Closer look at what?)
<Korivan> (those siezed weapons :V)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, the...yeah, gotcha)
<Korivan> But...I am more interested... in you.
<Tenyx> Your lot going to thrall us, too?
<Korivan> We have no interest in Gaburrim... thralls.
* Korivan looks to Faasha
* Kraaz is now known as Faasha
<Faasha> Our people have a greater purpose.
* Tenyx gives Faasha a skeptical look.
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Korivan> Our people....are chose of Bane @_@
<Tenyx> So I've heard.
<Tenyx> Didn't seem to do much for my people, all told.
<Korivan> (what flavour of goblinoids are they?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Faashburrim. Goblin-goblins. :)
<Korivan> If Bane has not served you... perhaps you lacked dedication @_@
<Korivan> Where is your Gaath, Hraal Tenyx?
<Tenyx> Why?
<Korivan> A Hraal can only commit her people to so much....especially in defeat.
<Tenyx> What is it you want us to commit to?
<Tenyx> Bane?
* Tenyx says derisively.
<Faasha> Watch it!
<YOAW_Narrator> Or what, too-tall? You gonna capture us again?
<YOAW_Narrator> (Dang it, that was her, not the narrator ;))
<Korivan> It is a shame your defeat here came too quickly to see what His wariors are capable of.
<Tenyx> Well, that ghosty bit your friends pulled was something, I'll give them that.
<Tenyx> We should never have agreed to Iaga's 'fort' idea. And we definitely shouldn't have seen it through after she died.
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<Korivan> (Josh have had a chance to get a sense of what went own here with the spirits and such?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Did you take time to look into it before you talked to Tenyx?)
<Korivan> (I had planned to once we got there, but I don't know how far I'd have gotten with that before smeone was like 'hey we have these goblins!')
<YOAW_Narrator> (They probably let you know pretty quick.)
<Korivan> (So maybe just a general assesment of what lingering energies there are and if there's anything dangerous to us still here)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll Awareness?)
<Korivan> (I am assuming my bonus dice count ;p)
<Korivan> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 6 6 2 6 1 ] for a total of [ 21 ].
<Korivan> (18)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You know there is a powerful spiritual presence in the area, strongest towards the fort, and over wherever Laris' tent is. It doesn't seem hostile, but you also wouldn't categorize it as friendly. You'll get occasional glimpses of ghostly figures moving here and there, and the ancestors are more or less like "Hey, get off our lawn.")
<Korivan> (gotcha)
* Korivan will just nod in agreement with her assessment, then
<Korivan> And what do now, Hraal?
<Tenyx> What should I do?
<Tenyx> Wait for your troops there to get bored this evening, strangle them, and get as many of my people out before you kill me.
<Tenyx> Or keep quiet, play along, and murder you in your sleep.
<Tenyx> But I think I played my hand there.
* Tenyx shrugs.
<Tenyx> You're going to do what you're going to do. No use barking at me about it.
<Korivan> I could give you...other choices.
<Tenyx> Those being?
* Korivan says ostensibly to her, but his gaze takes in the ther Hramuun
<Korivan> You have had little opportunity to see the true strength of Bane. I could give you that chance.
* Tenyx sniffs derisively.
<Korivan> (nothign else?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sorry, I assumed you had more to say. She was gonna let you have your spiel.)
<Korivan> (I was waiting for her reaction to decide how to go with it ;)
<Korivan> (But I can work with a derisive snort ;)
<Tenyx> (kk)
<Korivan> If you have such faith in your progenitors... then test their strength against Bane... and fight our Hraal @_@
* Tenyx barks out a laugh.
<Tenyx> I know of your Hraal. Him murdering me doesn't prove your god's strength, just his.
<Tenyx> And you misunderstand. My people know full well the might of Bane. We also know his faithlessness.
<Tenyx> But, sure, if it'll make you feel better, go fetch your Hraal. I'll make him bleed a little before he sends me to my ancestors.
<Korivan> If you offer so little challenge.. He'd be annoyed at the waste of time.
<Korivan> Perhaps it was.... your worthiness that was lacking, after all
* Korivan says, sounding disappointed
<Tenyx> Whatever makes you feel better.
<Tenyx> Bane knows his cowardice.
<Tenyx> Hramunn remember.
<YOAW_Narrator> Her statement is echoed by several of her tribemates.
<Korivan> (Do i have any idea what she is talking about)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll Knowledge?)
<Korivan> (education?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hmm, sure, I guess?)
<Korivan> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 1 5 3 3 2 ] for a total of [ 14 ].
<Korivan> (13, meh)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You don't know anything else about the Hramunn. You know the Hrieffen are not the only tribe to hear Bane's call, though.)
<Korivan> It doens't matter.... what you remember. The Gabburim will unite under Bane.
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<Korivan> (what was the last think you saw?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The Narrator tab still works fine. I'm still seing everything)
* Ulkash (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
<Tenyx> Maybe.
<Tenyx> Doesn't mean he's worth it.
* Korivan 's eyes narrow further.
<Korivan> You will serve as thralls... for the "imperials'. Or fodder for their sacrifices. Perhaps your decendants...will have better sense.
<Tenyx> I can only pray the same holds true for yours, as well.
* Korivan will leave
* Korivan will make sure the guards keep a close eye on them unless they want theor throats slit :p
<YOAW_Narrator> (Telling them that will probably motivate them. :))
<Korivan> (good!)


Laris consults with Rufus about his new 'allies'

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, what's the scene set up?
<Laris> hmm
<Laris> I guess if I can get a chance to talk to rufus after things are calmed down a bit?
<YOAW_Narrator> Okie doke
<YOAW_Narrator> Things'll be a little crazy, but most of it can be delegated to subordinates.
<YOAW_Narrator> I imagine Rufus and Laris will be sleeping for a good while.
<Laris> would we be in a tent or something?
<YOAW_Narrator> Your tent is probably set up, but they could also set up space for you in the fort/ruins if you prefer.
<Laris> I am curious to look around there more, but maybe after talking to Rufus
<YOAW_Narrator> Okie doke, then your (reasonably large) tent.
<YOAW_Narrator> I figure Laris needs a large one for strategy meetings and the like, but he himself probably doesn't need a lot of space.
<Laris> the following day?
<YOAW_Narrator> Sure
* Rufus_Metilius (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
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* Laris will get up the next day and look around, not quite sure what to expect this morning.
<YOAW_Narrator> You have the sense of some presences nearby, likely just outside your tent.
* Rufus_Metilius (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm assuming Rufus is in the tent here?)
<Laris> (sure)
<Laris> (I mean, Laris has no objection :)
* Rufus_Metilius is still slightly snoring, then. :)
* Laris will wash off a bit, and look around for some kind of food.
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm sure Calkas has some put out.
* Laris is glad of that
* Laris will let Rufus rest, anyway, as he has some breakfast.
* Rufus_Metilius will wake up after a little longer.
<Rufus_Metilius> Huh, I woke up on my own.
<Laris> good morning... feeling a little better?
<Rufus_Metilius> Did we lose, and this is Elysium?
* Laris smiles at that
<Laris> We did not, and probably we shouldn't get used to sleeping in.
* Rufus_Metilius sighs.
<Rufus_Metilius> Knew it was too good to be true.
<Laris> I did leave you some breakfast, though.
* Rufus_Metilius cocks his head as if listening to something.
<Rufus_Metilius> Your new friends are still around, huh?
<Laris> Yes but I think they're at least polite enough to wait outside...
<Rufus_Metilius> Oh, breakfast!
<Rufus_Metilius> That's nice of them. A lot of the Risen tend to discount such mortal concerns as physical privacy.
* Rufus_Metilius rises and goes to procure breakfast.
<Laris> well, who knows what they did while we were sleeping, I suppose.
* Rufus_Metilius will pile his plate pretty high.
<Rufus_Metilius> There's a concerning thought.
<Rufus_Metilius> Should be interesting having them around.
<Laris> Yes.. I'm not sure what to expect.
<Laris> What do you make of all this?
<Rufus_Metilius> I'm not really sure, to be honest.
* Rufus_Metilius says around a mouthful of food.
<Rufus_Metilius> They're old.
<Rufus_Metilius> And coherent, which Dianthea will be interested in.
<Rufus_Metilius> Not unheard of, but exceedingly rare.
* Laris nods
<Rufus_Metilius> I'd say they predate Turathi occupation, at the least.
<Laris> You said there was a lot of .. resonance? What does that mean?
<Rufus_Metilius> Likely they go much further back.
<Rufus_Metilius> Hmm? Resonance, the echoes of power.
<Rufus_Metilius> Ripples in the weave, to mix my metaphors.
<Rufus_Metilius> *Lot
* of death energy in that place.
<Rufus_Metilius> Likely why they're around, and why it was never reoccupied until Iaga got desperate.
<Rufus_Metilius> It wouldn't be...comfortable for the living.
<Laris> Their leader said something about it being a home, temple, and prison.
<Rufus_Metilius> Huh, that's interesting.
<Rufus_Metilius> None of it screamed temple to me, but I wasn't exactly a tourist there last night.
* Laris nods
<Rufus_Metilius> Prison, now, hmm. Were they the wardens or the prisoners?
<Laris> Temple to who, I have no idea... Maybe the Queen? But if they're as old as you say, I don't know...
<Rufus_Metilius> Wardens would be my guess, but you never know.
<Laris> Yes, I'm not sure. She said I would see, which is a bit ominous. but maybe if I have a look around today, more will become clear.
* Rufus_Metilius nods.
<Rufus_Metilius> Want me to come with you?
<Laris> Yes, that'd be nice.
<Laris> But I'll let you finish your breakfast first :)
<Laris> Even before we found the spirits, I had a sense like I knew this place. I don't know if that was their influence, or something else.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles.
<Rufus_Metilius> Something to do with your dragonmark, maybe?
<Laris> possibly. I do think that was how I was able to communicate with them, or at least that it drew them to me.
<Rufus_Metilius> Or, hmm, sorry about this, but I'm not super well-versed in the history of House Corvis. Any chance your ancestors came from here?
<Laris> (do I know if they might have?)
<Rufus_Metilius> (Roll Knowledge?)
<Rufus_Metilius> I mean, we're all immigrants to the Eternal City, one way or another.
<Rufus_Metilius> We vryloka are practically upstarts, coming in just seven centuries ago.
* Rufus_Metilius smiles again.
<Laris> !roll 3d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Laris: [ 3d6 ] getting [ 3 3 5 ] for a total of [ 11 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> You're familiar with the basic narrative, the SK coming to Thantopolis after the Dawn War, sometime between 1500 and 2000 years ago, but you couldn't place where the founders of House Corvis come from.
<Laris> I'm not sure. It's not something I remember learning about, but I suppose it might be possible?
<Rufus_Metilius> It could explain your strong connection to the place.
<Rufus_Metilius> The fact that it's unChanged for so long...
<Rufus_Metilius> There's something to the place.
* Laris nods slowly
<Laris> They ... ah... they said that I can summon them wherever I am.
<Laris> They aren't bound to just stay here.
* Rufus_Metilius nods.
<Rufus_Metilius> I'd almost guarantee that it's a blood connection of some kind, then.
<Laris> I suppose I will have to find out more.
<Laris> ...Do you think it poses a danger? If they are somehow linked to me, or drawing on my dragonmark for power, is that something I should be worried about?
<Rufus_Metilius> I wouldn't think so?
<Rufus_Metilius> My troops draw on me as an anchor, but it doesn't have any negative effects.
<Rufus_Metilius> Well, improperly managed, it can.
<Rufus_Metilius> Maybe let me take a look at your connection in detail later.
<Laris> All right.
<Rufus_Metilius> I promise, that's not a come on. ;)
* Laris smiles
<Laris> Are you sure? :)
<Rufus_Metilius> Okay, we'll, it's not only one.
<Rufus_Metilius> I imagine we have work to do, though.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Yes... I expect I'll need to meet with the other commanders to see what they want to do at this juncture, and placate Kraaz a bit since he missed the fighting.
<Laris> And then, as mentioned, I'm interested to have a look at this fort in more detail, in the daylight, and without people trying to kill me.
<Rufus_Metilius> So demanding...
* Rufus_Metilius grins.
<Rufus_Metilius> All right, I guess we should get to it.
* Laris will come over to give him a hug, before we have to go.
<Laris> Thank you for everything you did yesterday, you were amazing.
<Laris> Really not just yesterday... I don't say that enough.
* Rufus_Metilius hugs back.
<Rufus_Metilius> not great at returning that kind of sentiment. Thank you, and likewise.
<Rufus_Metilius> I was going to say I'm here to help, but, I mean...I'd do anything for you, you know that.
* Laris nods.
<Rufus_Metilius> I'd still do a good job even if it wasn't you, but, still...
<Laris> I know.
<Laris> I'm glad I went with you... I think that might have gone differently otherwise. I'm sure you could have handled it, but it would have been more awkward dealing with ghosts and raising the skeletons.
<Rufus_Metilius> Yeah...I prefer the corporeal risen, thank you very much.
<Rufus_Metilius> Easier to punch if something goes wrong.
* Laris smiles
* Laris gives him a kiss, too, since we have privacy (assuming the ghosts aren't watching)
<YOAW_Narrator> (They're always watching...@.@)
<Laris> (heh)
<Laris> (well then they're going to have to get used to seeing Some Stuff)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Eh, not to stereotype, but they're ghost *shadat-kai*. I'm sure they're inured.)

Korivan checks in with Laris about spirit shenanigans

* Korivan will show up at Laris's tent then, some time after he's talked ot the Hramuun
* Laris looks up as Korivan arrives, and nods in greeting.
<Korivan> Lugal...
<Laris> Gaath Korivan, good to see you.
<Korivan> you well
<Laris> How are you?
* Korivan stares at you for a moment, then waves a hand dismissively
<Korivan> Busy, always...
* Laris nods
<Korivan> And you as well... I heard of your victory...before we arrived
<Laris> Yes... I understand Hraal Kraaz's disappointment at not getting to join in the attack, but with the Osoro behind fortifications, I suspect it might have been an exercise in frustration in any case.
<Korivan> Perhaps...
<Korivan> but you have... new allies?
<Korivan> Or old ones @_@
<Laris> I appear to, yes. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this.
<Laris> I had hoped to talk about it with you, actually.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> I presume you're able to sense their presence?
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Here, yes, and strongest at the fort
<Korivan> I have seen them...some @_@
* Laris nods
<Korivan> YOur people
<Korivan> What do you know?
<Laris> Yes... possibly more immediately my people. Magus Auspex believes there is likely some blood connection, for the link to be as strong as it is. Even before I made contact with them, I could sense a familiarity about this place, and knew things about the layout of the fort, despite not having been here before.
<Korivan> (What do I know about Laris's dragon mark at this point?)
<Korivan> (and also is there some way to evaluate how/what kind of connection he might have to these people? Would it ake a ritual?)
<Laris> (I dunno. I guess that it has something to do with undead, maybe? I don't know if he's talked to you about it, but you might pick up on some things?)
<Korivan> (I was mostly asking Josh :3)
<Laris> (fair)
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, it'd probably take a ritual.
<YOAW_Narrator> As to his dragonmark, you haven't really seen him use it or anything.
<YOAW_Narrator> So, yeah, you probably just heard it has something to do with undead
<Korivan> (What does it look like though @_@ I'm sure I've looked at ot before, but maybe without much focus.)
<Korivan> YOur connection could be ...determined
* Laris nods
<Korivan> A test of blood
<Laris> Very well... I would agree to that, if you think it would be beneficial.
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, Julie can describe it physically. To your magical senses, its not entirely dissimiliar to yours, but you get the sense it more emanates from Laris rather than moving towards him, if that makes sense.
<Laris> (physically it looks like a spiderweb of silvery lines on his left chest/shoulder area, radiating from his heart)
<Laris> (you've probably seen it at parties when he's dressed up ;)
<Korivan> hmmm
* Korivan says after staring at the general area of your mark for a moment
<Korivan> Winter.... power over... death. The ancestral dead. yes @_@
<Laris> I have been given to understand that ... these particular spirits can come to where I am. They aren't confined to this one location.
<Korivan> to you?
* Laris nods
<Laris> But there is something about this location, as well. Maybe it's allowed them to remain as .... coherent as they are, despite their age.
<Korivan> yes, something . I have not had time to...investigate.
<Laris> Nor have I, but I intend to do so.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Take care
* Laris nods
<Laris> I won't go alone. Magus Auspex offered to accompany me.
<Korivan> mmm... good.
<Laris> Speaking of which... you seem to have returned in one piece from your, ah, bathing trip.
<Korivan> It was agreed @_@
* Laris nods
* Laris does not really understand, but nods anyway
<Korivan> It was...a good alliance
* Korivan says somewhat fondly
<Laris> Does the alliance persist now? Or was it of a temporary duration?
<Korivan> (That was actually something I'd meant to ask josh ;p We'd never really define a duration or condition. so it might just be unclear ;p)
<Korivan> Channels....remain clear. For now.
* Laris nods
<YOAW_Narrator> (You don't have an ongoing alliance currently, but you left on good terms :))
* Retrieving #gnomeland modes...
<Korivan> It would take.... much more.... to secure commiment from such a spirit @_@
<Korivan> More than we can offer
<Laris> I'm glad you returned unharmed. And I appreciate your... efforts on behalf of the alliance.
* Korivan grins
<Korivan> such efforts, yess... >:D
<Laris> Did you... I mean... it is none of my business, really. But ... reports indicate you, ah, engaged in intercourse with the river.
* Laris says carefully
<Korivan> oh yes @_@
<Laris> All right then.
<Korivan> She is.... tireless @_@
<Laris> Have you had sufficient time to... recuperate? Can I offer you a drink? ;p
* Korivan actaully laughs
<Korivan> my strenght returns quicly enough.... and I am...well hydrated
<Laris> Yes, I suppose you would be.... adequately moisturized.
* Laris says with a hint of a smile.
* Korivan grins again
<Korivan> oh yes.....very wet.
<Laris> Although, in my experience, water is not an especially good lubricant...
<Korivan> oh..we made... dew @_@
* Laris actually laughs at that.
* Korivan also, after a moment
<Laris> well, ah... I'm glad you found the experience... worthwhile.
<Korivan> Oh yes.... without her, the battle on the river would have gone.... poorly @_@
* Laris nods
<Korivan> The Verbeeg had a powerful spirit of their own @_@
<Laris> I think Captain D'Azzure mentioned a crocodile.
<Korivan> yes.... so it appeared @_@
<Laris> That was the manifestation of the spirit?
* Korivan nods
<Laris> Well.. it's good that with your efforts to aid the cause, they were able to fend it off.
<Laris> If Mamitu had come to harm, it would have been unfortuate.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> She was there? @_@
<Laris> She was on board the Drake.
<Korivan> Mmm... I see.
<Korivan> And now?
<Laris> She should still be there, unless she's come ashore for some reason.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> When do you want to exmine this....connection to the dead of this place?
* Laris considers
<Laris> How long do you anticipate it might take? This is a busy time for both of us so I don't want to interfere with other duties.
<YOAW_Narrator> (it'd likely take a while. A day at least)
* Korivan makes a cranky face
<Korivan> yes.... it will take most of a day... or longer
* Laris nods
<Laris> Very well. I expect we'll remain here for a few days at least, so perhaps in two or three days, if you can spare the time?
* lan_phone ( has joined #gnomeland
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> If my dusties allow it, then yes @_@
<Korivan> (duties)
<Laris> Indeed. I understand that time may not permit, but if it's possible, I would be eager to know more.
<Korivan> If they come to you....there will always be time @_@
<Laris> True enough - I thought perhaps the location might inform the matter too, but you're right.
<Korivan> it would be better here, yes...
<Laris> Well, hopefully we can make time.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> Did you have any other matters of importance to discuss?
* Korivan considers
<Korivan> Not.... for the moment.
* Korivan will rise
<Laris> Very well. And please... let Hraal Kraaz know that I'll endeavour to wait for him next time :)
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> he will be.... glad to hear it
<Korivan> be well, Lugal.
<Laris> You as well, Gaath Korivan.
* Korivan will totes swipe some of your snax before he heads out though