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The expedition stops in the village of Hedarsburg for a day to give a break to some members who aren't used to back country travel, and stay with some family connections of Gillis's. Welumque visits with her friend Wëlànte of the Kukhus. Skalla, Mina, Svald, Lucas, and Pierre head to the local tavern, where they make some friends and enemies - some angry veterans try to ambush Lucas when he leaves with Mina and Svald, but Mina helps him hide, and violence is avoided. The party makes it to the fort a few days later, and both Svald and Lucas sense a dormant, malevolent, spiritual presence. They locate the cave where the cannons were stashed, and Lucas convinces a snake guardian to let them pass. Svald is distressed by the shimmering rock art, but before they can decide whether to leave or get what they are after, they hear shooting from outside.


Session date: 2022-01-09
In Game date: (over the 12 days since the expedition left)

Scene Setting: arrival at Hedarsburg

<Narrator> (What kind of pace were folks thinking to maintain for this? You push and make it to the fort in like 8 days, but the more usual pace would be closer to two weeks.)
<Svald> (Svald likes to take their time but it's not up to me)
<Mina> (If it isn't a high pressure sitch, I saw the usual pace)
<Welumque> (I believe we have some folks who won't have travelled in the country much - if we push they may not be up for it.)
<Mina> (Mina is not a physical beast.)
* Welumque will use the time to tell stories to her dwarven companions (and others who may not know) about the land and its peoples.
<Lucas> (I have stubby little legs)
<Skalla> (Skalla woul try and aim for soemthign between those - the weather *is* a concern - with the understanding that this meas it will probably take the usual 2 weeks with the cmpleent of unexperienced folks ;)
<Welumque> (no no, Lucas, never say that! Our legs are the perfect length)
<Narrator> (hee)
<Narrator> (Can I get folks to make Physique rolls for me, please?)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 3 ]
<Mina> !roll 4d3-8
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-8
* Skalla rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 1 3 1 2 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ -1 ].
<Svald> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 2 1 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-8
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 1 3 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Narrator> (How long has it been since Welumque's been out of the city, Steve?)
<Welumque> (uh, not too long, I wouldn't imagine. Maybe a year since her last significant travel?)
<Narrator> (kk)
<Narrator> Age may finally be catching up with Welumque, who seems to be having a bit rougher go of it than the last time she came out this way. You've made good progress to Hedarsburg, where Gillis has some family connections who can put you up for a bit. Do y'all want to try to press on, or maybe rest a day or two in may be a bit generous? Village?
<Welumque> (what do I know about this village? is there some potential to do some good here with the colonists? if so, we could take a day)
<Narrator> It's the furthest inland of the Vinmark settlements, probably a mix of Vinmarkers and Päsakun'a'mon (midland, mostly integrated) Lèxkweyok, but it's also on the border of the Koowäho’ke's lands.
<Welumque> (ok, sounds ideal)
<Welumque> We can take a day here, friends. This sort of place, this must be the future of this land, if it is to have a future at all.
<Narrator> Hedarburg looks to be a thriving farming community, and you've arrived just at the beginning of the harvest. The fields are full of workers, dwarf, halfling, and human alike.
<Skalla> We can take a day
<Narrator> Gillis's family contact, Anna Lenasdottir, is happy to provide lodging for as many as she can manage, but it's likely just room to camp for a good number of the group.
* Skalla can camp
<Skalla> (Are these people that I know at all?
* Svald doesn't mind camping either.
<Narrator> (You can roll Contacts)
* Mina is not much of a camper, but will make her novice camp.
<Narrator> Probably some good sketching/painting opportunities, for Svald, come to think of it.
<Narrator> Very pastoral. :)
<Welumque> (I'd like to stay with someone I know, or in my broader network of contacts. Make friends, don't be a stranger. )
<Narrator> (Why don't you also roll Contacts, then)
<Mina> (I'd like to see if I know anyone here, somehow. I shall also roll contacts)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-4
* Skalla rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Mina> !roll 4d3-6
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 1 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ -2 ].
<Mina> (HAH, no)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 2 1 3 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ]
<Narrator> (Huh, why'd it roll twice?)
<Skalla> (Omre for mina, one for me)
<Narrator> Welumque, an old friend from your early trading days, Wëlànte of the Kukhus, lives here with her extended family.
<Narrator> Sadly, Mina, Hedarsburg doesn't have much opportunity for the types of folks that make up most of your contacts.
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-8
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 3 2 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Narrator> There *is* a tavern, though.
<Mina> (That just means there's room for growth!)
<Mina> (which I will be headed to...for growth!)
<Mina> (She did. Got a 0)
<Skalla> (yeah. Maybe I've been through here but mae no lasting connections ;p)
<Narrator> (Well, you and Lucas could both spend a Fate point to invoke one of your aspects to get a positive number on your roll)
<Narrator> (rolls*)
<Narrator> (Steve, let's head to #thirteen02 for a Welante scene :) )
<Skalla> (enh, that's okay)
<Lucas> (ok, I'll invoke my 'wanted by both sides' aspect I guess? not sure how I apply that exactly, but sure.)
<Welumque> (sure)
<Narrator> (I think, in this instance, I would apply it, so you'll actually *get* a Fate point :P)

Welunque visits with her friend Wëlànte

* Welumque will take time to reacquaint herself with Wëlànte, meet any newcomers to her kin, share information from the south, etc.
* Welante will be surprised and delighted to see Welumque.
* Svald ( has joined #thirteen02
* Welumque ( has joined #thirteen02
<Welante> Welumque! Chalice and blade, where did you come from?
<Welumque> Oh, you know me, I travel far, but always end up where I need to be.
* Mina (kiwiirc@ has joined #thirteen02
<Welumque> Fastning Irena, for a while.
<Welante> Well, I don't know about needed, but you're certainly welcome. Come in, come in.
* Welumque comes in, trying not to show that she's hurting.
<Welumque> And you, how are you and yours?
<Narrator> Welante's home is a nice, sizeable building in the colonial style, but there are certainly aspects of traditional Lèxkweyok practice, with a firepit and hood built into the large central gathering area.
<Welante> Good, we're good. Most of them are still out in the fields, which I would be, but one of my nephews told me he saw folks on the road and I might need to be available.
<Welante> And I'm glad I was.
<Welante> Sit, sit, please. Something to drink? Water, or a nice hot tea?
<Welumque> Tea, please.
* Welumque sits.
* Welante will set about putting a kettle on.
<Welante> What brings you out this way?
<Welumque> Many changes are afoot, among the colonials. Changes in government, but also changes in perspective. Some fear another war.
<Welante> With whom?
<Welumque> Themselves, unfortunately.
<Welumque> Those wanting more autonomy here, against the old empires of the east.
* Welante frowns.
<Welumque> Gillis of the Säteri, who is with us, is a reasonable sort, or appears to be so so far. She has sought my aid to make trade with the Koowäho’ke.
* Welante nods.
<Welumque> But I see every step here, it is part of a bigger action.
<Welante> The Säteri are a decent sort, at least in my experience. What do they want with the Koowäho’ke?
<Welumque> Allies in trade, far as I can tell. Not so much that they have any particular goal other than to establish friendly ties. But of course that leads one to ask, why they would need such ties, at such a time.
<Welante> So they're preparing for war. Or preparing to prepare, or somesuch.
<Welante> Do you think it's likely?
<Welumque> Once I suppose I would have been more optimistic. But the last war has taken that from me, among other things.
* Welante frowns sympathetically and puts a comforting hand on Welumque's shoulder.
* Welante sighs.
<Welante> We're going to be involved whether we want to be or not, I suppose.
<Welumque> You will.
<Welante> And you?
<Welumque> I will survive, as I always do. I have friends in many places, as I am often reminded.
* Welumque smiles.
<Welumque> Things seem quiet in Hedarsburg, for now.
* Welante nods.
<Welante> Pleasantly so, at least. We're well away from the problems of the coast, but we have our own problems from time to time.
<Welumque> Nothing too bad, I hope.
<Welante> About a week ago, we had groups of Atenrosera and Karagwasischijro at the same time. Thought they were going to come to blows in the streets.
<Welumque> Hmm. Well that's not good.
<Welante> It's something I worry about with your news of war among the colonials. Both the Confederation and the Karagwasischijro are peaceful *for now*, but I think they just don't want throw the first punch.
<Welante> Everyone's getting along for the moment because no one wants to look like the aggressor, but plenty are just looking for an excuse.
<Welumque> It's an angry peace, to be sure.
<Welante> Exactly.
<Welante> And if Vinmark's attention will be on their people towards the coast, that leaves places like Hedarsburg in a precarious position.
<Welumque> Until thousands come flocking inland in flight of the battle.
* Welante nods.
<Welante> I suppose I should be laying supplies aside, just in case.
<Welumque> Likely so.
* Welante gives a brace smile.
<Welante> I suppose all we can do is prepare and pray.
<Welumque> And spread the word to those who may need to do the same.
* Welante nods.
<Welante> For now, on to happier topics. How are you daughters doing?
* Welante will happily talk family stuff for a good while.
* Welumque will keep her up to date on the latest.
<Welumque> (you have more, or end here?)
<Narrator> (I think that's it :) )

The others head to the tavern!

<Narrator> (Anyone interested in that local tavern?)
<Lucas> (ok)
<Mina> (Mina is!
<Skalla> (sure)
* Skalla slaps her on the (lower) back. "We're only here for a day, so don't drink to regret" ;)
<Narrator> The tavern is a traditional Stordammer beerhall, full of field workers looking to relax after a long day's work.
<Narrator> It might be scaled a little small for the humans among you, as the area is populated much more by dwarfs and halflings than any of the tallfolk.
<Narrator> (Svald, Pierre, Lucas, any of y'all accompanying to the tavern? It's fine either way, just checking)
<Lucas> (I guess I will, if Welumque is busy catching up with her friend)
<Pierre> (Sure, why not?)
<Skalla> (Hazwl i seaig with groceries)
* Random_Dwarf (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Other_Dwarf (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> kk
* Skalla ca order for whoever is in our party ;)
* Pierre will restrain himself from getting up to get it, remembering that he isn't the waiter here. :P
* Random_Dwarf approaches your table with drinks.
<Random_Dwarf> Welcome to Hedarsburg, and the Hose and Midden.
<Random_Dwarf> You folks coming in from the coast?
<Skalla> up from the island
<Random_Dwarf> Oh, big city folks. What's your business up here? Trapping, trading?
<Skalla> trading, mostly, and making riends ;)
<Random_Dwarf> Well then, Axel Lucasson, at your service. Meals for everyone? Squash and sausage soup with plenty of bread.
* Random_Dwarf is now known as Axel
<Skalla> sounds good!
<Mina> I do love a good soup.
* Lucas nods
<Pierre> Yes please!
* Axel smiles and nods and goes to retrieve said meals.
<Skalla> thank you Axel
<Narrator> Conversation is pretty free-flowing around you. You can hear snippets of discussion of the riot , and the new mark law. Nearby, a group of apparent veterans are rehashing the Serpent War.
<Other_Dwarf> "...Should've pressed on and wiped them all out. And the 'marked, for that matter. They don't belong with regular folk no more."
* Lucas keeps his eyes lowered and tries to make himself smaller.
* Skalla will keep an eye on them
* Mina will also watch and absorb
* Pierre will simply listen
<Skalla> (what are peopel sayng about the mar law all the way out here?)
<Narrator> (That they don't like it in principle. Plenty of folks are pointing out it's not really going to affect them much, but the general sentiment is it's an overreach, much like in the city.)
<Skalla> (yeah, that's what I figured)
<Skalla> of course, anything that makes it harder for supplies to circulate is going to hit smaller communities harder. Anyhting you can make for yourselves, fine - anything you need imported, that's harder
<Skalla> and they don't care about that, they just want to squeeze as much money out of us as they can
<Narrator> (Is that directed at other patrons?)
<Skalla> (more or less, yeah)
<Skalla> (If a conversaion is gonna take off and spread I'd rather it me that one ;)
<Narrator> That'll certainly get some noise of assent from the general crowd.
* Svald slurps up soup from their spoon and looks around with wide, curious eyes
* Other_Dwarf seems to paying particular attention to Lucas, having settled into a surly silence as his buddies seem to find more interest in the political discussion breaking out.
<Pierre> (Does anyone appear to disagree with Skalla's statement? Frowning into their soup and sausage, etc.?)
<Narrator> (Roll me Notice)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ -3 ].
<Pierre> (Never mind. :P )
* Skalla is happy to chat politics with the locals, and whatever else, really ;)
<Mina> Sort of makes you wonder what they
<Narrator> It's very loud, and not always easy to discern what everyone is saying.
<Mina> ...are spending that extra money on.
<Narrator> Lucas, you notice the surly, racist dwarf nudge one of his companions and nod in your direction.
* Lucas will slide over closer to Skalla so he can talk to her quietly.
<w> I'm sorry but I think there might be trouble.
don't worry, I'll take care of you
<w> maybe I should just leave?
not alone.
That would just give them an opportunity.
* Skalla nods
Mina, think you could get him out of here without a scene?
if I do t - it will for sure be one ;)
Can I steal a giant carved bear from Duchess Fornette during a grand ball?
Yes, yes I can. I just need a diversion.
* Skalla chuckles
* Lucas looks concerned
We need someone to make a rousing speech, sing a tavern song, something.
* Mina scouts out all of the exits and looks for a clear path
<Narrator> (Roll Notice)
<Mina> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 3 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
* Pierre looks uncomfortable
* Skalla will try and pick up the general sense of the conversation again
<Narrator> (Basically just front door, or through the back)
<Narrator> (The back being kitchen and storeroom, as far as you can tell)
<Narrator> (Roll Rapport, Heather)
<Mina> (Can I tell which would be the best?)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ]
If they try to follow, can we just intercept them on some pretext until you get away? Asking for directions, or something?
Either that, or "accidentally" bump a platter into them.
<Narrator> (Front is quicker and less conspicuous, back is further from them, but more like to be noted)
I've got it, don't worry
<Narrator> (The political discussion still has a good head of steam, Heather)
We'll go out the front. Be casual, but quick. Project "nothing to see here".
<Skalla> (great)
* Skalla will delved back ito that
If you leave something here, they may think you're coming back. We can bring it to you later.
<Skalla> They just don't understand what it's like to live here - the way we live, the peoples here
Good. Leaving light is better.
<Skalla> I say - a toast to those here who fought in the Great serpent war- a round for all our Verterals here - eh?
<Skalla> (veterans)
<Narrator> (Who all is leaving atm?)
<Narrator> That'll get plent of cheers, Skalla, and Axel will start pouring beers for folks.
<Lucas> (me I guess, with Mina? not sure if anyone else)
<Mina> (Just us two would be less inconspicuous.)
* Skalla hopes the attention will provide a distration to the people in question as well
<Pierre> (We'll, like, prop up Lucas' walking stick on his chair, or whatever, to make it look like they're just stepping out for a smoke or something. :P)
Someone spill the beer on them, we'll go.
<Narrator> (Mina and Lucas, roll Stealth)
* Skalla will continue on a 'those of us who live here need to stick together' kinf of track for a bit ;)
<Mina> !roll 4d3-4
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 1 3 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Narrator> You are both easily able to slip out amidst the excitement of booze bought by someone else.
<Narrator> Lucas, you can spot the angry dwarf looking around as you slip out the door, but he doesn't seem to actually spot you.
<to Lucas> You were easier than the bear.
<Lucas> um... thanks
<Narrator> Skalla, you're obviously very popular in the tavern this evening.
<Skalla> (excellent ^-^ )
<Narrator> Svald, that's probably going to mean your table gets pretty crowded, pretty quick.
* Svald makes themself small and edges away from the noisy crowd
* Axel brings another round of drinks.
<Axel> (to Skalla) You a veteran, then?
* Svald is gonna slip out as well, not feeling being surrounded by loud drunks
<Narrator> (Are you trying to be stealthy, or just leaving?)
<Skalla> I'm not - My cousin is
<Svald> (inobtrusive but not like, deliberately sneaking I guess)
<Skalla> I spend most of the war with the elves
<Svald> (I guess stealthy in that I don't want to draw attention to myself)
<Narrator> (kk)
<Axel> Which ones?
<Skalla> [Band name] Karagwasischiro from aroud [area]
* Axel 's eyes go a little wide.
<Axel> They're, uh, pretty wild, aren't they?
<Skalla> I was on a trading expedition back in 1710 and our caravan was ambushed
<Skalla> They found us and took us in
* Skalla just grins at that
<Axel> Huh. How long were you with them?
<Skalla> about 6 years before we were able to meet up with any of my family's people
<Skalla> I learned a lot
* Axel whistles appreciatively.
<Axel> Oh?
* Axel smirks.
<Skalla> well, lots about living from the land, but other things too
* Axel gives Skalla an appraising look, then turns to Pierre.
<Axel> And you, big guy? Did you fight in the war?
* Pierre shakes his head
<Pierre> No, Monsieur. I only arrived relatively recently, so I missed all of it.
<Pierre> I keep hearing about it all the time, though.
<Skalla> I thikn this is his first time out of the city, isn't it Pierre
<Skalla> ?
* Pierre nods
<Axel> So you're just now seeing the real Callidora. How's it treating you?
* Pierre smiles and raises his mug
<Pierre> Very well so far, I'd say!
<Axel> Good to hear. Let me know if you need anything.
<Skalla> it's all about the company ;)
* Axel heads back to serve other patrons, but his last bit seemed particularly directed towards Skalla.
* Skalla is happy to keep firting with him throughout the night ;)
<Narrator> (Can I get you two to roll Notice, please?)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 1 3 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ]
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 3 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Pierre> (Can I add anything to that? Any relevant aspects?)
<Pierre> (Like, I Was On A Boat, so I'm good at noticing things in closed areas? :P )
<Narrator> (Yeah, heh, not so much on that one. I don't *think
* any of your aspect would really apply, unless you have an argument for one)
* Other_Dwarf is now known as Angry_Dwarf
<Skalla> (could I apply 'looks out for my poeple'? to get a positive result?)
<Narrator> (That'll work)
* Guest7 (kiwiirc@ has joined #thirteen
<Skalla> (I assume this is to notice that the surly guy and his buddies have also slipped out;)
<Narrator> (Yes)

Lucas explains what the deal is to Mina. They're joined by Svald, and then some less savoury characters

<to Lucas> Well, you have legs. I had to carry the bear myself.
<Lucas> I guess that would make it easier...
<Lucas> thank you
<Mina> No problem. You get that problem a lot?
<Lucas> Well... in the city it's less of a problem because there are a lot of people who were marked. I think it makes people more used to seeing them... here, it's probably less of a common sight.
<Mina> Mmm. Makes sense. This is a very different place from my old circle.
<Lucas> The one that involves stealing bears?
<Mina> Well...
* Mina shrugs
<Mina> I didn't always steal bears.
<Mina> Early days were less stealing during balls, more dancing.
<Lucas> Why did you come here?
* Mina chuckles and looks sheepish
<Mina> I got on the wrong boat, apparently.
<Lucas> Oh... but you decided to stay anyway?
<Mina> There's not really much at home for me. And travel costs money, anyway
* Lucas nods
<Mina> Besides, this place is...interesting. Something in the air here.
<Lucas> Sometimes it's necessary to start over.
* Mina chuckles again
<Mina> I'm pretty sure I burned some pretty big bridges on my way out.
* Lucas is unsure whether to take that literally or not, but nods.
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen02
<Mina> What about you? Why are you here?
<Lucas> well, I'm here because of Welumque, mainly. She has helped me out since the war, and I wanted to help her.
* Mina nods
<Mina> I can understand that.
* Svald has slipped out of the tavern.
* Mina waves to Svald
* Lucas glances over in case it's one of the assholes following us out, but relaxes when it's just Svald.
<Mina> Not your scene?
<Lucas> are things settling down in there?
<Svald> No.
<Svald> Just differently loud
<Lucas> well... that's good, I guess.
<Svald> Mm hm.
<Lucas> I'm sorry I pulled you away from your meals. You could go back if you wanted...
<Svald> I don't really want to sit with those kind of people even if they are in a good mood
* Svald shrugs
<Mina> And I'm not sure there's much back there for me anyway.
* Svald flips the hood of their coat up.
* Mina pulls a flask out of one of her many pockets
<Mina> Besides, I brought my own alcohol.
<Narrator> (Can I get y'all to roll Notice, please?)
<Mina> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 3 1 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 3 1 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Svald> !roll 4d3-5
* Skalla rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 2 3 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> You all get the feeling you're being followed...
* Svald glances back over their shoulder
<Svald> :|
* Mina adjusts weapons to be more handy and looks for alternate routes.
* Lucas will try to get a look at who it might be
* Angry_Dwarf (webchat@ has joined #thirteen02
* Angry_Dwarf and two buddies are a couple dozen yards behind you
<Svald> (what's the weather like rn?)
* Guest7 (kiwiirc@ has joined #thirteen02
<Narrator> (Clear skies, a little bit of chill in the air)
* Guest7 (kiwiirc@ Quit (Client Quit)
* Mina (kiwiirc@ Quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds)
* Guest7 (kiwiirc@ has joined #thirteen02
* Guest7 is now known as Mina
* Angry_Dwarf is getting closer.
* Svald turns around.
* Mina will call out, feigning awe
<Mina> Oh wow, look!
* Mina points off in the distance
* Svald just stares at the dwarves
<Mina> (gonna be looking for a place to stash Lucas)
<Narrator> (Roll Deceive, Alicia)
<Mina> !roll 4d3-5
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 1 2 3 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 2 ].
* Angry_Dwarf will momentarily look in that direction
<Mina> (Is there a place to yeet Lucas?)
<Narrator> (Roll Notice)
<Mina> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Narrator> It's not a small town, but we'll say you're near the fields so you might be able to have him duck into a sheaf of hay.
<Mina> (yeets)
<Narrator> (What exactly are you doing to Lucas in this moment?)
<Mina> (shoving into the hay?)
<Mina> (and then sorta stepping in front of it?)
<Narrator> (You know, I was gonna say it's a little further away, but this is funnier)
<Narrator> (Roll Stealth)
<Mina> !roll 4d3-4
* Skalla rolls for Mina: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 2 1 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
* Angry_Dwarf turns back.
<Angry_Dwarf> Hey! You! Where'd the snakebait halfling go?
<Svald> What's a snake bait?
<Svald> I don't understand.
* Mina looks confused
<Mina> I'm sorry?
* Mina looks at Svald with confusion, too.
<Angry_Dwarf> Your snake-eyed companion.
<Angry_Dwarf> Where'd he go?
<Svald> He's not bait though. I don't get it
<Narrator> (I'll say Skalla and Pierre can hear him yell)
<Svald> Can you explain what that means?
<Mina> I have no idea what you're talking about, it's just me and Svald?
<Angry_Dwarf> The marked ones. The great serpent can control them.
<Angry_Dwarf> Don't you know that? They're dangerous.
* Skalla will hurry over that way
<Svald> Why?
<Svald> He's so small.
* Angry_Dwarf will be looking around.
* Angry_Dwarf turns and gets into Svald's face.
* Pierre jogs over as well.
<Angry_Dwarf> The things that he'll bring aren't small!
<Svald> Oh! No need to yell
<Mina> Someone is very aggressive.
<Skalla> Hey there - you got some kind of problem with my poeple?
<Svald> Maybe you should go back to your drink...
* Angry_Dwarf turns towards Skalla, scowling.
<Angry_Dwarf> And you! What're you doing with all these headknockers and that marked pointy?
* Skalla looks annoyed
<Svald> Are those even words that go together
<Skalla> headknockers?
<Skalla> that's a new one
<Svald> Pointy what?
* Mina doesn't have to feign confusion
<Mina> What is a "headknocker"?
<Skalla> You are, Dear, don't worry about it
<Skalla> SOmoene missed that part in the tavern about sticking together, I think
Is it because we hit our heads in the small buildings?
<Svald> I don't know, I didn't hit my head on anything
* Mina shrugs
* Svald is pretty small in stature :v
* Angry_Dwarf looks around for Lucas, but also realizes he and his buddies are now outnumbered.
<Mina> (It was a royal we, referring to me and other humans)
* Angry_Dwarf glowers.
<Skalla> Does anyone here need a firmer lesson in community building?
<Angry_Dwarf> Just...just get moving.
<Mina> I mean, we were until you stopped us.
* Angry_Dwarf has had the wind knocked out his sails a bit.
<Angry_Dwarf> Whatever.
<Svald> (to Mina) he seems confused
<Mina> Very.
* Angry_Dwarf gives you all another glare, a loud "Hmph," and turns back to the tavern, muttering to his buddies.
* Mina will wait until he's a good distance away to retrieve Lucas.
* Skalla will watch him go
* Svald watches them leave to make sure they don't make a bad choice
Where *is
* Lucas?
<Mina> Sorry, friend. I was trained to avoid conflict when possible. This seemed easiest.
* Mina says, pulling Lucas out of the hay
* Svald shrugs
* Svald points
* Skalla will pass him his stick
<Lucas> Um... thank you.
* Lucas dusts hay off himself
<Skalla> Glad you're all fine
<Mina> Strangely, very close to what I did with the bear statue.
* Mina grins
* Lucas gives a nervous smile.
<Skalla> Right - lets get back to came. Lucas, maybe see if you can find Welemque and stick with her?
<Pierre> I hope they don't try to follow us, or get friends to help them. :/
<Skalla> I dn't thnk they have that many friends
* Lucas nods
<Mina> And seem short on brains.
<Skalla> (back to camp, ugh)
* Skalla will see these guys back, but does still plan on going back to the tavern later >.>
* Svald is happy to stay at camp sketching anyway
* Pierre is coming too, obviously
<Narrator> You can all get a good night's sleep (maybe less sleep for Skalla, it sounds like) and be on your way the next morning. You've got about 4 days to the fort.

Skalla talks to Gellis about the goal of her expedition

<Narrator> (I'm forgetting, what does Gellis know about your mission, Skalla? Was your plan to split up before you got there?)
<Skalla> (The plan was to talk to Gellis along the way, actally, so now's as good a time as any >.>)
<Narrator> (How do you want to approach this, then?)
<Skalla> (Catch her in the morning as were getting prepped I guess. I probably should have done this earlier but its fine :V)
* Axel is now known as Gellis
* Gellis is probably not as used to camping as Skalla, but seems to be doing all right with a nice oatmeal and beer breakfast.
<Skalla> Morning Gelis! ready to ehad ot?
<Skalla> (head out)
* Gellis nods.
<Gellis> We're getting pretty close to the border, I hear?
* Skalla nods
* Mina (kiwiirc@ Quit (Quit: Connection closed)
<Skalla> I've been meaning to talk to you about that
<Gellis> Oh?
<Skalla> We've got some business up that way, at Fort Lacawana
<Skalla> not the sort of thing I wanted spread around in town - But I've got a commission for some salvage
* Gellis looks confused.
<Gellis> What could possibly be left there that's still of value?
<Skalla> The fort's guns were hidden away when it was abandoned
<Gellis> Really? That's...quite a find, if it's true.
<Gellis> What are you planning to do with them?
<Skalla> Like I said, this is a comission, so I already have a native buyer
<Gellis> May I ask who?
<Skalla> Some Karagwasischjiro friends
* Gellis looks like she's considering that.
<Gellis> Do you know why they want them?
<Skalla> Defense
<Skalla> They can see how the wind is blowing
* Gellis nods.
<Skalla> I'm sure you can too - youre not out here making friends for nothing
<Gellis> Yes...
<Gellis> Can I ask you something?
<Skalla> go aheead
* Skalla says, taking a swig of her own breakfast beer
<Gellis> Would you be willing to introduce me to your friends? As you said, I'm out here making friends, too, and we can all use all the 'friends' we can get.
<Skalla> if you'll stick with us on the return trip, then I think that's more than fair
<Gellis> With the...way the winds are blowing, the less fronts on which we have to prepare, the better.
* Gellis nods.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> I agreee
<Skalla> I'm glad here are ther who see things the same
<Gellis> I still need to meet with the Koowäho’ke, but I imagine that could be worth your while as well.
* Skalla nods
* Gellis smiles sadly.
<Gellis> Not all of us old folks are so beholden to the home country.
<Gellis> Gods save the queen, but her government just doesn't understand Callidora any more, if they ever did.
<Skalla> no. here's many in my family who feel the same - the perspectives just different on this side of the ocean
* Gellis nods.
<Gellis> Well, I'm glad to hear we're similarly inclined.
<Gellis> I'll admit, I have some reservations about further arming the Karagwasischijro, but trust is inherently risky, I suppose.
<Gellis> I certainly wouldn't hate to have them on our side when worse comes to worst.
<Skalla> They're like family to me - I trust them
<Gellis> Then I'll just have to trust you.
* Skalla grins
* Gellis smiles and raises her breakast beer in your direction.
<Skalla> to partnership then
* Skalla does the same
<Gellis> To partnership.

The group arrives at Fort Lacawana and fins it permeated by an unsettling presence - and maybe something else!

<Narrator> You can get going and we'll say reach the fort early on the 12th day since you left Sisawinak.
<Narrator> There's still bits of the fort present, burnt palisade, the outline of a building, etc.
<Narrator> Lucas and Svald, you both have a very uneasy feeling about the area.
<Lucas> Something feels off here.
* Lucas says to Welumque, and whoever else is nearby.
<Welumque> Hmm, how so?
<Svald> hmmm
<Narrator> Lucas, you especially can feel a familiar presence, though it's not terribly active.
<Svald> Yes, I feel it too
<Skalla> oh?
<Lucas> The spirits here... I'm not sure. I can try to get a better sense of it...
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
<Welumque> Yes, do that.
<Skalla> please
<Lucas> (can I try to detect what is going on here, spirit-wise?)
<Narrator> (You can both roll Notice)
<Narrator> (Yeah)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 1 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Svald> !roll 4d3-5
* Skalla rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 3 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 5 ].
<Narrator> Lucas, you get a sense of waiting, like a brumating serpent. You feel a strong but inactive presence.
<Lucas> Something is waiting here - like sleeping. It's powerful, but dormant for the moment.
<Narrator> Svald, you feel as though most of the natural spirits of this place are not present. There's an unfamiliar and difficult to parse presence instead, but you can't get a handle on it entirely.
<Svald> There's something... alien
<Svald> displacing the natural spirits.
<Skalla> can you.... keep it sleeping?
* Svald says uneasily
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Lucas> I don't know.
<Lucas> (Do I have a sense of where or what this presence might be, like is it likely to be disturbed as soon as we set foot in the fort's grounds or is there anything else I can tell about it?)
<Narrator> It seems to permeate the area, but you don't feel as though it's taken notice of you.
<Lucas> It seems to be all around here. It hasn't really noticed us yet. I guess if it does, I can try to with it.
<Skalla> mmm.
* Svald sort of hugs their coat around them
<Skalla> well we knew this place was abandoned, so I guess we'll be cautious
<Welumque> Mmm-hmm.
<Svald> Probably why nobody has come here before.
<Skalla> maybe
<Skalla> let's see if we can find where hose gs were stashed, but keep an eye out fr anyhing... unnatural >.>
* Lucas will try to keep an eye out for anything
<Skalla> (those guns)
<Narrator> Skalla's contact gave directions for where the guns are supposed to be, but it'll still take some looking. Can I get folks to roll Investigation
* Svald is going to set up their portable easel to paint sketches of the creepy fort
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 3 2 1 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ -1 ]
<Svald> !roll 4d3-8
* Skalla rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 2 2 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Narrator> (Are y'all wanting to camp at the fort or nearby?)
* Svald is against camping here
<Skalla> (I think the ORIGINAL plan was at the fort but we may changethat)
<Welumque> We should perhaps keep a distance.
<Skalla> seems like it
<Skalla> we can set up a work camp in there but I don't thikn anyone is going to want to sleep there
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 3 3 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> As you all scout around the area, Lucas managed to find a cave that matches the description given by your contact, Skalla.
<Skalla> alright - let's check it out
<Narrator> It's maybe two hundred yards from the fort, at the base of a ridge that leads up into the surrounding mountains.
<Svald> Oh yes, there's a good view from here.
* Skalla will arm herself, as you have he feeing uneasy
<Lucas> (do I feel the same type of energy from the cave?)
<Narrator> (It's definitely present, yes, and perhaps a bit stronger)
<Svald> (do I also feel that)
<Lucas> I think the spirits are even stronger here. Please be careful...
<Narrator> The cave is hidden by brush, but easy enough to access once you know where it is. Anyone who wants to make their way inside can do so.
<Narrator> (Yeah, Svald, you can sense it as well.)
* Skalla will take point
<Svald> This is a bad idea.
<Lucas> I should go first.
<Svald> I don't think anyone should...
* Lucas will be up with Skalla, if she insists on going in first.
<Skalla> Spirits can be dealt with... right?
<Pierre> ...spirits? :O
* Skalla will accept Lucas coming with her
<Lucas> Maybe.
<Svald> It's not natural.
<Skalla> Welcome of Calidora >.>
<Skalla> (to)
<Narrator> Lucas, right as you step in front of Skalla, you notice a rattlesnake coiled nearby, strangely not making any noise. If Skalla had taken another step, she would have been in striking range. The serpent regards you coolly, but not with hostility, you think.
<Welumque> If there are spirits, then we should deal with them, who may actually be able to take action, lest some innocent encounter this place and be far more unfortunate.
* Lucas holds a hand up to signal to Skalla to stop.
<Lucas> (I'll try to ... reassure it we are harmless, and ask it to let us pass)
<Narrator> (Roll Rapport)
* Skalla will stop, tryign to see why hebis stopping her
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 2 1 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> It stares at you for a moment longer, then slithers away from your group into a nearby crevice.
<Lucas> Thank you.
<Lucas> We can go in now... but I'll stay vigilant.
<Skalla> ...okay
* Grazer ( has joined #thirteen
* Skalla will proceed cautiously
* Welumque stays close to Lucas.
* Svald keeps their senses sharp
<Narrator> A little ways into the cave, you find the spot your contact mentioned, marked with a wooden x.
<Narrator> (Roll me Notice, folks)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ]
<Svald> does this count as wilderness
<Svald> ()
<Skalla> (Oh good question)
<Narrator> (Sure)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 1 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ -2 ].
<Svald> !roll 4d3-3
* Skalla rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-3 ] getting [ 1 3 2 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -3 ] totals [ 6 ].
<Skalla> (then that should be a 2for me)
<Lucas> (can I use a Fate point to apply my Visionary Seer to this?)
<Narrator> (It'd only bring you to 2, but this is actually just a visual roll, so I'm not sure it would apply anyway)
<Lucas> (or if you want to use it in a bad way and, like, idk, say I can't notice stuff in the real world because I'm distracted by visions that's cool too ;)
<Narrator> (Ack, bring you to 0, rather)
<Lucas> (ok, then it's ok, I won't worry about it. I'll just assume Lucas is so focused on spiritual alertness that regular 'looking at real things' is low ;)
<Narrator> Svald, you notice markings on the cave wall, swirling patterns that are painful and confusing to look at for too long. They seem to lead further into the cavern.
* Svald flinches
<Svald> The walls...
<Skalla> hmm?
<Svald> We shouldn't go any further
<Skalla> we don't need to
<Svald> It hurts to look at!
* Svald holds their head in their hands
<Skalla> this shoudl be where they are buried
* Lucas will go over to check on Svald
<Svald> (q) Do you see them?
<Lucas> I'm used to it >.>
<Svald> ... oh
<Skalla> Let's just see if they're here.
<Skalla> then we can plan
<Narrator> You all hear a gunshot in the distance outside the cave, followed by several more a moment later.
<Skalla> fuck
* Svald startles.
<Narrator> (And we'll stop right there for now :) )