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Skalla gathers everyone to work out the details of the expedition, and they decide to join theirs with Gillis of the Säteri. They get underway together.


Session date: 2021-12-12
In Game date: oon after the previous session

Skalla gets everyone together to discuss the plans

* Skalla will gather folks in an afternoon for a late lunch planning meeting
* Skalla can have some nice charcuteries on offer, plus beer
* Lucas appreciates free food
* Svald nibbles
* Pierre seems a bit ill at ease, unaccustomed to being a guest rather than serving
* Welumque will have brought some soup, because you always bring food to a thing like this.
<Skalla> ahh, wonderful, thank you, Welumque
* Skalla can have some bowls/mugs brought
* Grazer ( has joined #thirteen
<Skalla> thanks everyone for coming! I know some of you have more details than others
<Skalla> I'm hopng you'll all agree to come along - everyone here has something valuabe to offer, as far as I'm concerned
<Skalla> I hope you will understand also, this is buisness as much as anything else, and I hope that you will respect my and my family
* Svald sits on the edge of the group
<Skalla> (bah)
<Skalla> family's interest and show some discretion what ever you choose
* Skalla will look around and see if there is any apparent discomfort at that
* Svald knows their role...
* Skalla grins and will continue if not
<Welumque> You can rely on our discretion.
<Skalla> That you - I do appreciate it
<Skalla> (tank you, bah)
<Skalla> (I give up)
<Skalla> While I do plan for us to do some trading along the way, the objective of our expedition is Fort Lacawana, or its remains, anyway
<Skalla> We are going there to recover the fort's guns, that were hidden before the fort was taken towards the end of the war
* Skalla waits again, because that ight generate more of a reaction
<Lucas> What for?
<Welumque> Recover them ... for whom?
<Skalla> For resale - its a commission, essentially, for a Karagwasischijro community
* Svald is idly sketching profiles in their journal
<Welumque> So for resale to the Karagwasischijro? Just not the local ones up there?
<Skalla> (I assume no? I'm not sure how the geography all works out here)
* Skalla shrugs. "They share some other resources, I think."
<@Narrator> (They're further north and east, usually.
<Skalla> But theyre usually a bit further north and east
<Welumque> Now, when you say guns, do you mean artillery?
<Skalla> Yes. Long guns.
* Katenzhi is now known as Hildegard
<Skalla> I know where they were stashed, but it will take some doing to getthem out
<Skalla> Some help from Svald and Pierre, I think, should do the trick
<Welumque> You have reason to know that they're still there? That they haven't been moved or pilfered already?
* Pierre sits up at the mention of his name
<Skalla> Its possible, but I think unlikely.
<Skalla> I'm willing to chance it. It's too late in the year to just go and scout and come back..
* Skalla waves a hand
<Skalla> so, even if it does fall throug, trasing aling the way shodl still make it a good use of our time
<Skalla> and it'll be nice to get out of the city for a bit before winter
<Welumque> How many are you planning on taking with you for this expedition?
* Svald looks around the room
<Skalla> I don't want too large a group, in case we do get caught up in weather. So the ones you are looking at and possibly a few more of our people to help with the hauling, and general protections versus the usual concerns. That may be more up to my aunt and mother, though - they're less confident ;)
<Welumque> Reason I'm asking, is that I have my own northward business. Gillis Säteri is heading up to Óhchuwike to do some trading, wants some help from me and my mem.
<Skalla> oh eh?
<Welumque> That's not near as far as Lacawana, but it's in the same direction.
<Welumque> (as near as I can figure)
<@Narrator> (That would be the Lèxkweyok tribe whose usual lands abut Lacawana.)
<Skalla> well, maybe we can combine our interests - head up that far together at least
<@Narrator> (Yeah, the fort is on the far eastern edge of their lands, where it meets Karagwasischijro and Vinmark lands)
<Skalla> that could work out for us - of course I woudln't want to tell him exactly where we're headed but what do you think?
<Welumque> I don't know Gillis well enough to speak to her trustworthiness or motives. But she's given me no reason for distrust, at least.
<Welumque> I think the problem might be on the way back - if we are carrying back a load of long guns, she'll want to know what those are for.
<Hildegard> I'll conscript a few of our guards for protection and hauling. How many guns are we looking at?
* Remote is on (Ctcps,Events,Raw)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 2 2 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ]
<Skalla> I think we can work with Gelis, when it comes to that
<Welumque> I don't think she'll be particularly surprised that Karagwasischijro are seeking to get hold of these guns, at this moment in time.
<Skalla> no, not at all
<Pierre> Pardon, Mademoiselle... how many guns do you expect to find there? And what size and weight, exactly?
<Skalla> It should be the fort's full complement
<@Narrator> (Okay, I did do some research on this, but let me double-check)
<Skalla> it was the end of the war though - so between 4-8
<Pierre> That sounds like a lot. :O
<Hildegard> The hardest part will be digging them up and getting them onto the carts. But with a few good horses and a block and tackle it should be doable.
<Welumque> Is it just the guns alone?
<Skalla> or magic
<Skalla> Well - that's what I'm after but you know, if there's anything else there worth bringing back...
<@Narrator> (Around 3,400 lbs per cannon, doable with roughly two teams of two draft horses, but more would be better/easier on the horses, obviously)
<Skalla> we'll see what ww cn manage, right?
<Skalla> (what we can)
* Pierre nods
<@Narrator> (Welumque, presumably Gellis's expedition is a couple wagons as well)
<Welumque> This does not sound like a light and nimble mission, speaking frankly.
<Welumque> Once we have these guns, we'll be at risk.
<Skalla> yes
<Hildegard> We will have security. If something happens I and our guards will handle it. And we're not expecting any trouble. As long as we keep everything covered we should be fine.
<Skalla> but there is safety in numbers too, again if Gellis is amenable
<Skalla> which she might be
<Welumque> Well I'm not sure. I agreed I would take her to Óhchuwike and help her with her dealings. But I agree, she's reasonable.
<Skalla> sympathetic at least
<Welumque> Right. She is well aware that things are changing, and is trying to position herself and her people for whatever change emerges.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> we cna make arrangeents to head up together - and I'll brach the return trip once we're on the road
<Skalla> (broach)
<Hildegard> We should do the actual removal at night. Safer that way. But we can scout out the area beforehand.
<Skalla> We'll see if its necessary when we getup there, but it's pretty remote
<Skalla> any other questions? Concerns? Anyone want to bck out?
<Pierre> Practical ones, Mademoiselle, if we could talk after this. I should find out what equipment we need.
<Skalla> of course.
* Skalla can pull Pierre aside afterwards
* Welumque will talk to Lucas on the way back, after the meeting at Skalla's.
<Welumque> You were quiet in there.
<Lucas> Oh... well, I don't really know very much about what this is all about. I'm willing to go and help out if anyone gets hurt, I suppose, but I don't know what I'm really any use for.
<Welumque> Well, don't be so down on yourself. You know as much about the hill country as any of them.
<Welumque> I was more thinking - well, I know you might not have good memories.
<Welumque> Going and stealing some guns, maybe not your thing, heya?
<Lucas> well, I wouldn't go and do it on my own.
<Lucas> but I can help other people at least not get into trouble, maybe.
<Welumque> You foresee trouble then?
<Lucas> Mm.... well. I don't really foresee it, not that way. I just feel a bit uneasy.
<Welumque> These are uneasy times. They're getting the guns because they expect another war. And Gillis is going to trade arms with my people for a similar reason.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> If I do see anything more clear, I'll let you know, of course.
<Welumque> I know you will.
<Welumque> How you doing, though? I mean, in general. It feels like an age since I've had you to just talk.
<Lucas> I'm all right. Busy, plenty of patients to tend do. I'll need to make sure they have everything they need before I go out of town.
<Welumque> Of course. Always thinking of others. Just don't forget to remember yourself in all that thinking.
<Lucas> I went to play pëliteyo the other day... that was interesting.
<Welumque> Oh?
<Lucas> well, a boy invited me, and I said yes. I'm not very good at it, but it was fun.
<Welumque> Had you played before?
<Lucas> No. I had seen people play when I was younger.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> Well, while guessing isn't knowing, I don't expect we'll need your skills too much on this trip. But it will be good to get you out of this place for a while, at least.
<Lucas> I hope so.

Everyone gathers to set out!

<Narrator> You'll all be able to gather for the ferry to the mainland a few days after the meeting. Between supplies and trade goods, you've got a good little wagon train. Teamsters go about their work, keeping the animals in line, which you can help with or leave them to their work as you wish.
* Gillis ( has joined #thirteen
* Welumque will keep an eye on her people and make sure they don't get in the way of Gillis and her folks
* Hildegard will keep an eye on her people as well
* Skalla trusts her family's people to know their work, bu can give a hand where necessary
<Gillis> (to Welumque) Good weather. Seems an auspicious start.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> All of the rituals have been performed.
<Narrator> (Before or after meeting up with the caravan?)
<Narrator> (Out of curiosity)
<Welumque> (oh goodness, that's just a thing we halflings say to reassure the foreigners)
<Welumque> (I'm certainly not a ritual practitioner)
<Narrator> (Hee)
<Gillis> Oh? Everything...good?
<Welumque> Everything is in order.
* Gillis looks unsure whether Welumque is being mysterious or messing with her.
<Gillis> Well, good, then.
* Gillis nods awkwardly and will go look for Skalla.
* Hildegard will nudge her horse over towards Welumque
<Hildegard> You're Welumque, yes? I'm not sure we've been properly introduced. Hildegard Maelstrom.
<Welumque> Yes, that's right.
<Welumque> Have you spent much time up in the north, in the hills?
<Hildegard> No, I don't get out of the city all that much except to accompany Skalla sometimes. Is that where you're from?
<Welumque> Me? No, originally my people are south of here.
* Hildegard nods.
<Welumque> But this is all Lexkweyok land, or most of it.
<Hildegard> I haven't been here for all that long. I'm still learning about the peoples here.
<Hildegard> But I've heard your name said in respect by several people.
<Welumque> That's awful kind of them. I hope to earn yours too, then.
* Hildegard smiles.
<Hildegard> And I yours. If you see any signs of trouble or if you need anything, please let me know.
<Welumque> So where we're travelling is just beyond the Lexkweyok lands, the fort called by some Lacawana although it has more ancient roots. In the territory long claimed and held by Karagwasischijro although Vinmark now counts it as part of theirs.
<Welumque> Though that claim is more ... notional, than a reality.
<Hildegard> All claims are notional. It just depends whether you can enforce it.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> And thus the nature of our task is bound up in all of that, as well.
<Welumque> So tell me, Hildegard, how did you come to join our little group? Through Skalla?
<Hildegard> Yes, she's my cousin. After I... left... the army I was posted here as her head of security. I try to keep her in one piece. No small feat sometimes.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> You were here through the war, then?
<Hildegard> Not here, no. There were some related conflicts back in Charinisia and I served there. Briefly.
<Welumque> Well, this should be an experience then, for you.
<Hildegard> It certainly has been.
<Hildegard> Were you involved in the war here?
<Welumque> Oh yes.
* Hildegard nods.
<Hildegard> I here it was a very dark time for all involved.
<Hildegard> (Hear)
<Welumque> Yes, very much so.
<Hildegard> Then I won't pry further. Lots of people have their own ghosts from that time.
* lan_phone_ ( has joined #thirteen
* Hildegard glances at Lucas
<Hildegard> Anyway... It was good to meet you. Do let me know if you see anything that looks like trouble.
<Welumque> I will, most assuredly.
<Narrator> The first leg of the journey is an easy trek through coastal farmland, the changing leaves and autumnal air making for a pleasant trip. You spend your first evening in Fjälltopp, at the edge of the Lowlands, before making your way up into the Midlands on your way to Hedarstad.
* Pierre takes it all in eagerly - this is the first time he's been inland since arriving