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A social time of visits, mostly good. Hildegarde goes riding with Jerk. Pierre talks to his employer about his plans and prospects. Skalla discusses her upcoming expedition with her mother. Lucas has another session with prelate Beaufort, who acknowledges that she knows his past associations. Svald gets hassled about her heritage by some soldiers, and Welumque hosts the child of an old friend, who talks about the political future. Later on, Lucas plays a game with his friend Chemames, and Skalla meets a potential suitor.


Session date: 2021-10-31
In Game date: first week of Enatamenas

Hildegard goes riding with Jerk

<Narrator> It is now the first week of Enatamenas and the season is just beginning to change. The humidity of late summer is fading and the evenings are becoming quite cool. Unfortunately, tempers haven't followed suit as the 'discussions' of the Mark Act continue unabated. There's been no further violence, but is it only a matter of time?
* Jerk (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> Hildegard, one morning, just after breakfast, you happen to see a familiar face, somewhat out of place in the Stormsvallvåg grand hall.
<Hildegard> Well hello there.
<Jerk> Ah, Mamsel Maelstrom. Good morning to you.
* Hildegard says brightly
* Jerk smiles.
<Jerk> How are you?
<Hildegard> Oh, getting by. Yourself?
<Jerk> Much the same, I'd imagine.
<Hildegard> I'm... sorry about last time we spoke. It was a bad day. I didn't mean to bring you down.
<Jerk> Far from it. I hope I wasn't to forward in my attempt at advice.
<Hildegard> Not at all. I value honesty and forthrightness. It can be hard to come by sometimes.
<Jerk> Too true.
<Jerk> In that vein, actually, I was hoping to run into you while I was here.
<Hildegard> Oh?
* Hildegard smirks.
<Hildegard> What can I do for you?
<Jerk> I was paying a courtesy visit to your aunt, as I need to check the hedgerows between our properties and it seemed only polite. I thought perhaps I might interest you in a morning ride?
<Hildegard> Well... I think I can spare an hour or two, and I suppose protecting the borders of the property falls under my purview. And it IS a beautiful day for once.
* Jerk smiles.
<Jerk> I'll await you at the stables.
<Hildegard> I'll be there shortly.
* Hildegard smiles
* Hildegard will meet him there then.
<Narrator> Presumably a groom will have gotten your horse ready for you.
* Jerk will be waiting astride his horse, while a stablehand holds the reins of yours.
* Hildegard will mount up a bit awkwardly and then trot over to him.
<Jerk> Cavalry wasn't an aspiration then?
* Jerk says lightly.
* Hildegard laughs.
<Hildegard> I was always better on foot than on hooves. Until recently anyway. Now I'm paying for that neglect.
<Hildegard> I assure you, I shoot better than I ride.
<Hildegard> You seem very comfortable in the saddle, Mr. Skepskapten.
<Jerk> So I'm given to understand. I was at Hokkule House when you and your cousin took that griffon.
<Jerk> Well, more call for it here in the colonies.
<Jerk> Nowhere in the home country is too far a walk to the ocean.
<Hildegard> Very true. I'm glad at least that we're on the sea here. It's comforting sometimes.
<Hildegard> Though the sky is never quite the same.
<Jerk> I suppose that's true, though I like to think it's the same sky, just a different perspective.
* Hildegard smiles.
<Hildegard> I suppose so.
<Hildegard> Shall we?
* Jerk nods and sets an easy pace out to some of the distant fields.
* Hildegard will trot along beside him then.
<Jerk> How are you finding the colonies, overall? You've only been here a few years, yes?
* Jerk (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
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<Hildegard> It's... different. But I suppose it has its charms. The coffee is nice! What about you? Have you been here long?
<Jerk> Oh, I was born here.
<Jerk> I went back to Stordam for about a decade when I was a young man, and off and on since, but most of my life has been spent here in the colony.
<Hildegard> Oh! That must give it a very different perspective, I suppose.
* Jerk nods.
<Jerk> I'm as much Vinmarker as Stordammer, I suppose.
<Jerk> Well, let's say more Callidoran than Charinisian.
<Jerk> The other might give some a wrong impression.
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
<Hildegard> No, I understand the sentiment. One's birthplace always holds a special place.
* Jerk nods.
<Jerk> An advantage we have over the humans or orcs, really.
<Jerk> Plenty of our people have been here for decades, but were still born in Stordam.
<Hildegard> Yes, we tend to remember our roots more than some of the others, I think.
<Hildegard> I know it's not polite, but... may I ask how old you are, Mr. Skepskapten?
* Jerk laughs.
<Jerk> An old man to you, I'm sure. I'm 101. Born the year we settled in Fastning Irena.
* Hildegard laughs.
<Hildegard> Not so old as all that. I'm sure you're still in the prime of your life.
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<Hildegard> And there's a lot to be said for having some years of experience behind you.
* Jerk chuckles.
<Jerk> More behind me than ahead, I fear.
* Hildegard reaches over and whacks him gently on the arm with her crop.
<Hildegard> Don't say that. Why, you're barely old enough to be my grandfather.
* Jerk laughs.
<Jerk> Respect your elders, Mamsel Maelstrom.
<Jerk> They've earned the right to grouse.
<Hildegard> I respect my superiors, Mr. Skepskapten. Being old doesn't make one wise.
<Hildegard> Nor does being young make one a fool.
<Jerk> Now that I can agree with. Plenty of old fools out there.
<Hildegard> Something tells me you're not among their number, though.
* Daifan is now known as Skalla
<Jerk> Oh, I don't know. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Pierre chats with Charlotta

<Narrator> Pierre, during a lull in business one afternoon at the coffee house, you find your employer reading a newspaper at a corner table. She signals for another cup of coffee.
* Pierre comes over with the coffee at once, along with her preferred amounts of sugar and cream, if any.
<Charlotta> Thank you, Pierre.
* Pierre smiles
<Pierre> Madame.
<Charlotta> Why don't you have a seat? Not much to do at the moment.
<Pierre> Oh! Ah, thank you, Madame.
* Charlotta gestures at the chair across from her.
* Pierre sits as directed.
* Charlotta folds her paper and sets it down, takes a sip of her coffee, and sighs contentedly.
<Charlotta> How're you liking the job?
<Pierre> Very well, thank you, madame! The place is always busy, and I enjoy working around people.
<Charlotta> Well, this certainly is a good place for that.
<Charlotta> Tell me, Pierre, what brought you to the colonies?
* Pierre shrugs
<Pierre> It seemed like a good place for opportunities. At home.. well, my family was not the wealthiest, madame, nor the best connected.
<Pierre> Here, people are able to start out on their own.
<Pierre> I do miss my family.. but other than them, there was little for me back in Gaulle.
<Charlotta> May I ask what your family does back home?
<Pierre> Carpenters, madame. It's a good trade, but I have many siblings already in the business, now.
* Charlotta nods.
<Charlotta> Is that what you're hoping to do here, ultimately? In Fastning Irena, I mean. Obviously we have little call for carpentry in the cafe.
<Pierre> Perhaps! There's certainly more call for it here, with the colony growing so much.
<Pierre> I enjoy tinkering, too... I've picked up some knowledge of that as well.
<Pierre> But what of you, madame? How did you get established here?
* Charlotta chuckles.
<Charlotta> My boy, I didn't *get
* established here. I *established
* here.
<Charlotta> Came here in '07, on the first colonial voyage.
<Charlotta> Sorry, 1607 for a youngster like you.
<Charlotta> Though I was more a child myself, then, too.
<Pierre> There must have been nothing here at the time, though!
<Charlotta> Not really, no. Some of the Takoong’oto Lèxkweyok, the ruins of St. Anna's.
<Pierre> The ruins of St Anna's?
<Charlotta> St. Anna's abbey. The new one is on the mainland. The first one was the first Charinisian settlement on Sisawinak, but they ran out of supplies and left. Your people, Gaulois.
<Pierre> Oh, I see.
<Charlotta> They haven't had the greatest luck settling here, really. Took three tries for a permanent settlement to stick, poor things.
<Pierre> I'm afraid I know little of the history of it, madame.
* Pierre says apologetically
* Charlotta smiles.
<Charlotta> You're young. History isn't real to you yet.
<Pierre> I suppose we're living it right now... it's just difficult to realize it.
<Pierre> You had a hand in building up all of this, then!
<Pierre> The coffeehouse, the town...
<Charlotta> Some, I must admit. More my mother and grandmothers' doing, really.
<Charlotta> At the time I was just a strong arm, a sharp mind, and too much enthusiasm for my own good.
<Charlotta> Soon it'll be my daughters' turn, them and their cousins and so on.
<Charlotta> And, who knows, maybe yours. It's a new world, after all.
<Charlotta> Though you'll have more of a chance here than on the south end, I'm sure.
<Pierre> Yes. I hope I can help to build something worthwhile!
<Charlotta> What did you have in mind?
<Pierre> I don't know, yet. Maybe a carpentry shop, as you said, madame.
<Pierre> Or maybe something else. I'm not formally apprenticed to be a tinker, but I seem to have a knack for it sometimes.
<Pierre> And who knows? Maybe I'll meet someone and set up a partnership.
<Pierre> In printing, or something.
* Pierre blushes slightly
<Charlotta> Yes, I heard you helped Eva Säteri's shop some problems.
<Pierre> You did?
* Charlotta smiles.
<Charlotta> She's an old friend. All of us old family folk know each other, Pierre. ;)
<Pierre> Oh! Well, I'm glad I was able to help.
<Charlotta> And so you did.
<Charlotta> Pierre, would you like help finding more opportunities for that sort of work? I can ask around.
<Pierre> Oh - yes, madame! Thank you very much!
* Charlotta nods.
<Charlotta> Talent should be cultivated. In the meantime, why don't you get me another cup of coffee while I can still order you around?
* Pierre smiles
<Pierre> Of course, madame.
* Pierre gets up and gets another cup of coffee for her

Skalla talks with her mom and business and personal things

<Narrator> Skalla, you and your mother find yourselves the first two at breakfast one day.
* Berit has an account book next to her.
<Skalla> Mmm, good morning, mother
<Skalla> working already?
<Berit> Best to get started early, which you seem to have taken to heart as well. What do you have planned for the day?
* Berit may be teasing a little.
<Skalla> Oh something very productive and useful, I assure you
* Skalla says, piling hr plate full
<Skalla> Actually, maybe I'll go for a ride
<Berit> And that's productive and useful?
<Skalla> for my health, of course... But you never know
<Skalla> I suppose I should be finalizing supply lists for the expedition
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
<Narrator> (How much have you told your family about the expedition?)
<Skalla> (I dn't thikn it's a secret from them, but other than the basics [going to salvage some guns from an old fort to sell to the Karagwasischijro] it probably depends o what they woud have asked)
<Berit> Yes, I've been looking at your budget. It looks in order, though we may need to be, hmm, creative with the ledger.
<Berit> Much as with your recent paper goods adventure.
* Skalla nods around a bite of breakfast
<Skalla> shouldn't be too tricky. once we're away from the settlements, who knows what we're doing really?
<Berit> Someday you'll have to settle down to a respectable sort of trade, but I can't deny you've found us...unique opportunities.
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Skalla> doesn't seem like there's much settling down happening here these days.
<Berit> Nonsense. Your cousin had a gentleman caller just the other day.
<Skalla> oh?
<Skalla> bold of him
<Skalla> who was it?
<Berit> Jerk Skepskapten.
* Skalla shrugs
<Berit> A bit old for her, but he's a good man.
<Berit> Unlucky, perhaps.
* Skalla manages not to ask her mother what exactly he's good for >.>
<Berit> And you? Any prospects?
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
* Skalla gives her mother a wry look
* Berit is the picture of matronly innocence.
<Skalla> I'm not most gentlemen's type. Or their parents'.
<Berit> Certainly your inheritance will be.
<Berit> Unless you mean to remain a maid your whole life.
<Skalla> yes, my favourite type of men - the desperate money grubbng ones... >.>
<Skalla> I'm happy enough with the batchelorette life
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Berit> As opposed to the merely grubby? ;)
* Skalla bites backy about 7 different inappropriate replies
<Skalla> Grubby I can work with >:)
<Berit> That is what concerns me.
* Skalla laughs
<Skalla> Surely Im allowed to live a littlw while I'm young?
* Berit chuckles and sighs.
<Berit> Yes, I suppose you must, just so long as you live. I worry at the risks you take sometimes. Do you know when you'll be back from your expedition?
<Skalla> depends on how the weather holds.
* Skalla can give her a rough sense of he travel time and plans, presumably
<Berit> And if the weather turns? I suppose you'll spend the season with your Karagwasischijro friends?
<Berit> I've no doubt you could make your way back regardless, but less so with wagons in tow.
<Skalla> That woud be the best option, no doubt but I don't forsee getting thathung up. Even if thee's snow its not likely to stick for a few months
* Berit nods.
<Berit> Well, I suppose your ride this morning with be preparatory, then.
* Skalla grins
<Skalla> exactly
* Berit huffs and chuckles, turning back to her account book.

Lucas has another session with Prelate Beaufort

<Narrator> Lucas, it's been roughly a week since your first session with Prelate Beaufort, and Alienor Beaulieu will have scheduled another one whenever Lucas is available.
<Narrator> (whenever you
* are, rather)
* Lucas will get his things together for another visit, then, and assume his disguise.
* Berit is now known as Alienor
* Alienor will take you through much of the same routine, through town, into the church grounds, up to Agnes's room.
* Olpekat (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Olpekat is now known as Agnes
* Agnes looks up from the book held in her too-thin hands and smiles to see you both.
<Agnes> Alienor, Lucas, good afternoon. How are you both?
<Lucas> Good day, Prelate. I'm well enough - how are you feeling?
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
<Agnes> Better than some, worse than most, I would assume.
* Agnes sets down her book.
* Alienor frowns.
<Agnes> It's no worse than can be expected, child, don't fret.
<Lucas> About the same as before?
<Agnes> Perhaps a bit better, honestly. I'm sitting up more, at the least. I've been able to do my own reading, rather than occupying some acolyte to read to me.
* Lucas nods
<Agnes> Though my eyes are a bit tired just now. Alienor, I wonder if I could trouble you to return this to the library and bring me some tea?
* Alienor hesitates a moment, but nods and takes the book.
<Alienor> I'll return shortly.
<Agnes> Take your time. I'm sure I'm safe in Lucas's care.
* Alienor nods and walks out, closing the door quietly.
<Lucas> She worries about you a great deal.
* Lucas says once she's left the room.
<Agnes> Poor child. I worry for her when this is all over.
<Agnes> Her parents died when she was very young, and I'm afraid this is echoing a bit in her soul.
* Lucas nods
<Agnes> A different circumstance, to be sure, but the heart doesn't always listen well.
<Agnes> She tells me you've done wonders for Hippolyte, so that's a comfort.
<Lucas> I do what I can. Speaking of which, may I examine you today?
<Agnes> Of course.
* Lucas will come to the bedside to make his examination.
<Narrator> (I believe we did Notice before)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 3 3 2 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 4 ].
* Agnes does appear to be a bit better. The affliction still hangs over her, though, and you get a sense of tectonic pressure, the movement of masses difficult to comprehend.
<Lucas> I see some slight improvement, but the threat is still lingering.
* Agnes , being less tired and more alert this time, regards Lucas with a pleasant but evaluating look.
* Agnes nods.
<Lucas> With your permission, I'll try once again to examine this illness more carefully.
<Agnes> May I ask you a question, Lucas?
<Lucas> Certainly.
<Agnes> I will understand if you don't wish to answer, but I am curious.
<Agnes> How does a servant of Missie Monnittokie come to be a healer here on Sisawinak?
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
* Lucas is a bit surprised, but acknowledges with a nod.
<Agnes> Though I suppose that is the Monitokeh name for him, likely not your own.
<Lucas> It's a long story, but perhaps it's easiest to say that I wanted to... perhaps you would say, atone? If that is the correct word. I have done things in my life that I regret, and I hope that by helping to heal people, I can bring about some justice in the world.
* Agnes nods.
<Agnes> That's a noble goal.
<Agnes> And I certainly understand the sentiment.
<Lucas> It is a selfish goal as well. So that I can sleep at night in peace.
* Lucas says with a shrug.
<Lucas> And I don't always succeed.
* Agnes smiles sadly.
<Agnes> That I can understand as well.
<Agnes> You're...Saawaki, I assume?
<Lucas> Yes.
<Lucas> How do you know?
<Agnes> Well, you're not Monitokeh, and the only other of Missie Monnittokie's servants I know of are Saawaki.
* Lucas nods
<Agnes> I'm sorry for your people. I know they suffered perhaps more than any other in the war.
<Lucas> There was too much suffering on every side. I don't claim ours was greater than any other.
<Agnes> That's very diplomatic of you.
<Agnes> You must forgive me. I'm just naturally curious, but if you'd prefer not to talk about, please, continue with your examination.
<Lucas> I don't speak of it much... most people either don't know, or don't ask.
<Agnes> Age, illness, and authority allow me to be more direct than most, I'm afraid.
<Agnes> I won't mention it, though, I promise. I know there's still a great deal of ill-feeling.
<Lucas> I appreciate that.
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
* Agnes nods.
<Agnes> I hope I haven't upset you. It wasn't my intent.
<Lucas> I can't fully hide what I am but I try not to draw attention to it.
<Agnes> True of many of us, I think.
<Lucas> I'm not upset. It's in the past now, and the past can't be changed. All I can do is move onward and hope that I can continue to do better.
<Lucas> I was a different person then.
* Lucas says quite honestly.
* Agnes smiles.
<Agnes> You continue to impress, Lucas. I'm glad Alienor found you.
<Lucas> Most people wouldn't be so understanding, so I appreciate your kind words.
<Agnes> Well, it's partially self-interest, I'm sure.
* Agnes teases.
* Lucas gives a slight smile at that.
<Agnes> Are you very familiar with my faith?
<Lucas> Only a little, I suppose. What anyone might know from living here.
<Agnes> I ask only because I find my coreligionists' ire...short-sighted. We believe all spirits are children of our creators, just as we are, and all are as capable of good and evil.
<Agnes> Clearly, you demonstrate your patron's power can be used to heal as well as harm.
<Lucas> It's as much about the intent of the person who channels it, I think.
* Agnes nods.
<Agnes> Much as with our patrons.
* Lucas nods
* Agnes will lay back and close her eyes, looking a little tired, and let you get back to your examination.
* Lucas will do what he can to analyze and (hopefully) alleviate her suffering.

Svald gets hassled by some soldiers

<Narrator> Svald, one day as you're taking advantage of the nice weather to paint outside on the grounds, a pair of house guards is walking down from the main house and passes you.
* Soldier tips his cap to you politely.
* Other_Soldier stops to take a look.
<Other_Soldier> What're you working on there, then, miss?
<Svald> uh...
* Svald is caught off guard, and stammers a bit
<Svald> It's a, a painting. Of the gryphon hunt.
<Svald> I came out to look at the colours
<Other_Soldier> The colors?
<Svald> Of the trees, the sky,,,
* Svald gestures around themself
<Other_Soldier> You were at the hunt, then?
* Svald nods
<Other_Soldier> Did you hunt with them?
<Svald> What do you mean?
<Other_Soldier> You're painting the hunt, yeah? So you were along for it? Took a shot and such?
<Svald> No, I was just there for the ... to get out of the town.
<Soldier> Adan, I think we better...
* Svald clutches their palette tightly
<Other_Soldier> Get out of the town, huh? Don't like all the buildings and whatnot?
* Other_Soldier is now known as Adan
<Svald> W... what?
<Svald> Buildings are.. are fine...
* Svald looks from one to the other soldier
<Adan> Just not ours?
* Soldier puts a hand on his companion's arm.
<Soldier> Adan, what are you...
* Daifan is now known as Skalla
* Daifan is now known as Skalla
<Adan> You're Zemejas, right?
<Svald> My *name
* is Svald
<Soldier> Let me apologize for my friend here, Mamsel Svald, he's...
<Adan> The young miss's galdr, yeah. I know who you are.
<Adan> I heard you used to be a soldier.
* Adan says with an accusatory tone.
* Svald stares back at him blankly
<Soldier> Adan, let's just go.
<Adan> I'm just talking, Jan. One soldier to another, yeah?
<Adan> Isn't that right?
<Svald> You certainly are talking
* Soldier is trying to move his friend away.
* Soldier is now known as Janson
<Adan> So this is what you do now, huh? Get to sit around and play with your paints?
<Janson> You're going to get us in trouble. Mamsel, I really am sorry...
* Svald will just stiffen the breeze a little bit
<Adan> Don't apologize to her! She's a deserter! Just a stupid savage who ran when the snakes showed up, from what I hear!
<Svald> WHere did you hear that
* Janson is physically trying to drag his friend and simultaneously shooting Svald a desperately apologetic look.
<Adan> Does it matter? Is it untrue?
<Svald> I asked you first.
<Janson> I think...some of the house guards mentioned it...
* Adan turns to stare daggers at Jan.
<Svald> Thanks.
<Adan> Why did you tell her that?!
<Janson> Adan, let's just go.
<Adan> No, I want to hear what the bitch has to say fo-
* Janson punches Adan in the face.
* Svald blinks.
* Svald blinks again, surprised
<Svald> Oh my.
* Svald pulls their scarf up over their chin.
* Adan stares at Jan, at Svald, scowling. He looks like he's about to return the punch, then thinks better of it and turns to walk quickly away.
* Janson looks a little shell-shocked.
<Janson> I'm really sorry, miss.
<Janson> I don't know why he...I'm really sorry.
* Svald shrugs, nervous again.
<Svald> I know my worth...
* Janson nods.
<Janson> Of course.
<Janson> I'll just...I'll just go. I really am sorry.
<Svald> Oh... Well. Yes. Sorry you had to punch your... guy.
<Svald> Bye now.
* Janson nods absently and nervously walks away.
* Svald will gather up their things and move back to the studio for the day >.>

Welumque hosts Tëtun of the Takoong’oto

<Narrator> Welumque, as you are receiving visitors one day, your next petitioner turns out to be Tëtun of the Takoong’oto, son of your friend Olpekat.
* Adan is now known as Tetun
* Tetun enters and nods respectfully.
<Welumque> (ok, who is Olpekat? man or woman? living or dead? lives here in the colony or more back home? what connection do I have?)
<Welumque> (never mind then)
<Narrator> (Olpekat is a Lèxkweyok woman, younger sister of the clan mother of the Mpiàxkw clan mother of the Takoon'oto. She lives here in the colony. You spoke with her the night of the riot.)
* Welumque will greet Tetun and offer him some tea.
<Welumque> Come in, come in. You are welcome here.
<Welumque> Sit and drink with me. Tell me your tale.
<Tetun> Thank you.
<Tetun> I have little to tell, elder, but I bring an invitation from my mother. She hopes you will be able to dine with her this evening.
<Welumque> That is most generous. I would be happy to dine with my sister.
<Tetun> She will be most pleased.
* Tetun will have tea with you and chat, then take his leave.
* Welumque is intrigued, of course, and will make arrangements to head down over to the Takoong'oto
<Narrator> The evening is a bit brisk for the season, but it's a welcome change. You know well where Olpekat's home is, and can make your way there easily.
<Narrator> One of Olpekat's many granddaughters will greet you at the door and bring you into the dining room.
* Tetun is now known as Olpekat
* Olpekat is seated at one end of a long oval table in a colonial style, and her granddaughter will lead you to a seat next to her.
* Welumque sits down.
<Olpekat> Welumque, I'm honored and glad you were able to join us.
<Olpekat> How are you?
<Welumque> I'm well enough. But how are things here? The last time we spoke, it was a troubled evening for Takoong'oto.
<Olpekat> For all of us in Fastning Irena, truly, but at least the embers are currently banked, hmm.
<Welumque> Hmm. For now.
* Olpekat (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
* Olpekat (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Olpekat nods.
<Olpekat> I wonder if my family will be safe here.
<Welumque> I think ... I think for now, yes, you are safe. Lexkweyok are not part of these squabbles, not directly. But we should always be prepared to leave - just as we have left so many places over the years.
<Olpekat> As it happens, I know I myself shall be safe.
<Welumque> Oh?
<Olpekat> I will actually be leaving Sisawinak quite soon.
* Olpekat looks sad.
<Welumque> You will?
<Olpekat> My niece arrived a few days ago. It seems my sister Wèlsit is quite ill.
<Narrator> (This would be her elder sister, the clan mother of the Mpiàxkw)
<Welumque> Oh ... ohh, I see.
<Welumque> Are you called to take her place, then?
<Olpekat> If the spirits are good, she will live, seems likely I will be called upon, yes.
<Welumque> I am very sorry to hear of this.
* Olpekat nods.
<Olpekat> Such is the sad way of things.
<Welumque> Your family, they are staying, though?
<Olpekat> Yes. My daughter Lëpwèxkwe will lead them now. We have old ties to Sisawinak.
<Olpekat> I've heard a rumor you may be leaving soon as well?
<Welumque> Hmm? I may be taking a trip. But leaving forever? No. Not now.
<Welumque> What have you heard?
<Olpekat> One of the old families asked for your help in dealing with the Koowäho’ke.
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
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<Welumque> Yes, that is so.
<Welumque> The Sateri, among many others, know that for their ambitions here to be realized, they will need trading partners they can count on.
<Olpekat> Partners only in trade?
<Welumque> For my part, my involvement, yes, that is all.
<Olpekat> But not all they wish for.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> I am not naive in this, Olpekat.
<Olpekat> I would never have thought such a thing.
<Welumque> We have lost too many lands to Vinmark, to Mariannas, to think that that is all.
* Olpekat nods.
<Olpekat> What do you think of them, the Sateri and their ambitions?
<Welumque> I think they are very serious, and many of them, and the other old families, have been planning for a long time.
<Welumque> I think they do not desire war, but see it as perhaps inevitable.
<Olpekat> And our part in such?
<Welumque> There are some, both among us and among them, who see a place for Lexkweyok in their new nation. And that may hold, for a time.
<Welumque> More than that, I cannot say.
<Olpekat> Do you see such a place?
<Welumque> I think that in time, there will be so many who come here, that we will have to fight for every scrap of land. But for now, yes, I see a place.
<Welumque> Would you recommend against my involvement in all this?
<Olpekat> Not at all. I'm only seeking your council.
<Olpekat> You...see more than the rest of us, in a way. You have a broader experience of the colonies, both your own and through your mem.
<Welumque> I think we have a role to play.
<Welumque> Your daughter, she will need good counsel, if she is to succeed here, as you have done.
<Olpekat> I hope I can rely upon you to provide such.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> Of course.
<Olpekat> And to me as well, should I be called upon to take up my sister's role.
<Welumque> But more than that.
<Welumque> As always I serve the clans.
<Olpekat> Have you considered serving them in a greater capacity?
<Welumque> What do you mean?
<Olpekat> Your mother's mother was a clan elder, was she not?
<Welumque> Yes, that is so.
<Olpekat> Mahchaxawësh of the Chëmamës is by far the oldest of the clan mothers. The Chëmamës are your clan, as I recall.
<Welumque> Yes, that is also true. But there are many who could serve, not only me.
* Olpekat nods.
<Olpekat> I suppose that's true.
<Welumque> I hear what you are saying.
<Olpekat> Something to consider, at least.
<Welumque> For now, my place is here - there are many who need me.


Chemames takes Lucas to play in a friendly local game of pëliteyo

* Chemames will show up at your boarding house the morning of the appointed day.
* Lucas will go along, a bit wary of these 'friends' you speak of, but willing to give it a cautious try.
<Lucas> good morning
<Chemames> Good morning.
* Chemames smiles.
<Lucas> where do you go to play? is there somewhere in the town, or is it further off?
* Chemames is holding a pair of sticks about three feet long, with netting on one end. They are both lovingly painted and carved.
<Chemames> There's a clear space over near the Takoong’oto, just on the outskirts of town that way.
<Chemames> Really, we could play over the whole island, but that'd probably bother people.
* Lucas smiles slightly at that
<Chemames> And this is just a local game anyway, just for fun.
<Chemames> Anyway...
* Chemames holds out one of the sticks to Lucas.
* Lucas takes it
<Lucas> This is nice... did you carve it yourself?
* Chemames nods.
<Chemames> A pëlitay just for you.
<Lucas> oh... you made it for me? I thought maybe it was just an extra one.
<Chemames> Well, technically it's not a *real
* pëlitay until it's been used in a match, but...we'll see.
<Lucas> I'll see what I can do... hopefully not too badly.
<Chemames> Oh, well, I just thought this would be...welcoming.
* Chemames looks a bit awkward.
<Narrator> (I'm assuming y'all are talking while walking.)
<Lucas> (yeah, that's cool)
<Lucas> It's very nice! I just haven't really played before, so I don't want to mess it up.
<Chemames> I'm sure you'll be fine. They're pretty sturdy.
<Chemames> Have you ever seen it played?
<Lucas> (have I? is it something that people played in my home area?)
<Narrator> (I'll leave it up to you? It's possible, but not necessary/given.)
<Narrator> (I'm sure you have your own games and sports)
<Lucas> Well, something like it. Maybe not exactly the same? But I was pretty young, so I wasn't really included in playing.
* Chemames nods.
<Chemames> It's pretty simple. Big field, stakes at either end. We try to get a ball through the stakes, but you can only touch the ball with your pëlitay. Your hands aren't supposed to leave the pëlitay, and they can't touch, either. Keeps people from whacking each other too hard.
* Chemames demonstrates a baseball-like swing.
<Lucas> And I guess from punching each other or whatever :)
* Chemames laughs.
<Chemames> Yeah, that too.
<Chemames> It can get a little spirited. That okay?
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> Is there anything I can do if it gets to be too much, though? Maybe ... have a signal if I need to stop?
* Lucas asks a bit shyly
<Chemames> Oh, sure, you can stop any time.
<Chemames> We try to keep the teams roughly equal, but folks will be dropping in and out all day.
* Lucas nods, relieved
<Chemames> And there'll be food and drink and stuff.
<Lucas> That sounds good.
* Chemames will lead you through town over to the field for the day's game, and you can hear and see the crowd a bit before you get there. Some 200 or more halflings have gathered, with maybe half bearing pëliteyo like you and Chemames.
<Chemames> Ooh-ay! Pretty good turnout. :)
* Lucas 's eyes widen at the crowd.
<Lucas> Is this usual for a match?
<Chemames> Eh, for a real match there'd be more.
* Lucas nods
<Chemames> But the roundears get worried when there's too many of us running around with sticks.
<Chemames> ;/
<Lucas> I guess... but it's just for fun.
* Chemames nods.
<Chemames> Today is, certainly.
<Chemames> Oh, hey, there's Mahëlës. Come on!
* Lucas will follow him
* Chemames waves to someone, and a halfling a bit taller than either of you emerges from the crowd to grin and greet Chemames.
* Maheles (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Maheles> Hey cousin!
<Chemames> Hey! Looks like we got a good bunch today.
<Maheles> Yeah, it's all right.
<Chemames> This is my friend I was telling you about. Mahëlës, this is Lucas. He saved my life the night of the riot.
* Maheles smiles and extends a hand to Lucas.
<Lucas> Hello.
* Lucas shifts the pëlitay to his other hand so he can shake.
<Maheles> You save his life, that makes you like family, too. Welcome.
<Maheles> You guys hungry?
<Lucas> Thank you...
<Chemames> I could eat. :)
<Lucas> That sounds great.
* Maheles will take you to get some lenahpon (cornbread with berries baked in).
* Chemames introduces various friends, family, and acquaintences as you go.
* Lucas will try to keep track of their names as much as he can, anyway
* Grazer ( has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> Once you have a belly full of bread, you can join the folks warming up for the game.
* Lucas will stick close to Chemames, since he seems to know what he's doing more than I do ;)
* Chemames will practice throwing the the ball with the sticks with Lucas.
<Narrator> (Roll me Athletics)
<Lucas> (oh no rolling, lol)
<Narrator> (heh)
<Lucas> (if I have a 1 in it, what do I roll? 4d3-... )
<Narrator> (7)
<Lucas> (right right)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Lucas> (could be worse I guess)
<Narrator> You acquit yourself pretty well, all things considered.
* Chemames grins.
<Chemames> Looking good!
<Chemames> You ready?
<Lucas> As ready as I'll ever be :)
* Chemames grins again and nods.
<Narrator> People are lining up at what seems to be the halfway point of the field. You can follow Chemames and his cousin to one side. A young woman is waiting with the ball at the edge of the field.
<Lucas> (oh that's a good question - is it all men? or mixed?)
<Lucas> (I mean among the players)
<Narrator> (It's all men as far as you can tell.)
<Lucas> (ok)
<Chemames> Like I said, we just gotta get it through those stakes.
* Chemames points.
<Chemames> If someone starts taking it the other way, they're on the other team. ;)
* Lucas nods
<Narrator> With little fanfare or ceremony, the woman throws the ball into the middle of the crowd of players, and all hell breaks loose.
* Lucas will just try to keep up and not get trampled
<Narrator> (How does Lucas want to handle it? Really get in there, or try to keep to the edges for now?)
<Lucas> (I think try to stick close to Chemames and see if he can follow or help out? like probably not dive in full-on but if Chemames is going into the middle, he'll try to keep up with him)
* Chemames is absolutely diving into the fray.
<Narrator> (Roll me Athletics again)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 1 1 2 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ -1 ].
<Lucas> (I guess I can try to use a Fate point?)
<Narrator> (Up to you whether you want to.)
<Narrator> (The stakes are solely what you make them ;) )
<Lucas> (I'll use one. If I can exploit my 'low profile' one to maybe sneak/avoid being noticed until I can do something, that would be good.)
<Narrator> (Okie doke)
<Lucas> (what do I get to do with that? add another die? I forget)
<Lucas> (oh and if I can maybe I can try to ... give moral support to my team/Chemames? I think I have a power for doing that ;)
<Narrator> (Okay. One of your stunts?)
<Lucas> (inspiring, +2 to Rapport when giving someone a positive aspect. if that's applicable?)
<Narrator> (Yeah, i think so.)
<Narrator> (Go ahead and roll Rapport)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 1 2 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 5 ].
<Narrator> You manage to evade notice, giving you an opportunity to trip up an opposing player. Chemames scoops up the ball and, with you cheering him on, manages to make it a good ways before getting surrounded by the other team. There's the standard scrum, and the crowd disperses with the ball headed the other way, but significantly closer to your goal, still.
* Chemames looks a little worse for wear, and you see him limping gingerly to the sidelines.
* Lucas will follow along behind him.
<Lucas> Are you okay?
* Chemames waves nonchalantly, but is clearly bruised and scraped.
<Lucas> Anything I can help with?
<Chemames> Eh, nothing major. I'm just going to get some water. Hey, nice job dropping Màxkw back there.
<Lucas> Oh... thanks.
<Lucas> So it goes like this all day? or until people get tired, anyway?
<Chemames> Or one side gets the ball through, yeah.
* Lucas nods
<Chemames> You doing okay?
<Lucas> I'm all right.
* Lucas will get some water too, though, while there's a chance
<Chemames> It's good you came. I know you said you don't know a lot of people.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> It's nice... being with so many people again. I wasn't sure how I would feel, but it's good :)
* Chemames smiles.
<Chemames> I'm glad.

Berit brings Garen Eliasson Gammalvakt to dinner to introduce him to Skalla

<Narrator> Skalla, not too long after your previous scene with her, your mother will require your attendance at dinner say two evenings hence.
<Narrator> "Groomed and dressed for guests," specifically,
* Skalla can... basically do that >.>
<Narrator> (How much effort, if any, is she going to make?)
<Skalla> (Well I have to live up to my wild reputation here, don't I :V)
<Skalla> (So... mimimal)
<Narrator> (Heh, okay)
* NPC1 is now known as Berit
* Berit will come find Skalla before guests arrive.
* Skalla is brushing the dirt off her boots, at least
* Berit sighs.
<Berit> You don't have clean boots?
* Berit says by way of greeting.
<Skalla> Its muddy out
* Skalla says without looking up
<Berit> You should at least have a servant do it so you don't get your sleeves dirty.
<Skalla> YOu know I like to take care of my own gear
<Skalla> anyway, I'm here, I can wash my hands
<Skalla> Who even are these guests?
<Berit> Well, it's important you make a good impression tonight. You remember Maja Gammalvakt, of course.
<Skalla> (Do I?)
<Narrator> (Up to you. She's a childhood friend of your mother's, old world nobility.)
<Skalla> you're old friend?
<Skalla> Is this where you tell me you madde some pact to marry your children?
* Skalla says, mostly teasing
<Berit> I've done nothing of the sort. However, her eldest son Garen will be dining with us tonight, and I would appreciate you making sure he has a pleasant evening.
<Skalla> I'm sure I can show the lad a good time mother.
* Skalla can wash her hands
* Berit purses her mouth.
<Berit> Yes, well, he's new to the colony. Please make him feel welcome.
<Berit> As you said, his mother is an old friend, and he deserves our hospitality.
<Skalla> how old is he?
<Narrator> (How old did we say Skalla is again?)
<Skalla> (43)
<Berit> Fourty-five.
<Berit> And handsome, I'm told.
* Berit smirks.
<Skalla> well - lets go find out, shall we?
* Berit nods, and will lead you downstairs.
* Garen (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> Guests arrive over the course of the next hour, some early, some fashionably late.
* Garen arrives precisely at the time given.
* Berit will be there to greet him, and maneuver him through the guests towards Skalla.
* Skalla is probably talking about the gryphon hunt again, since peope seem to find that exciting
<Skalla> really was magificent, shame to have to kill it, really
<Berit> Ryttmästare Gammalvakt, may I present my daughter, Skalla. Skalla, meet Ryttmästare Garen Eliasson Gammalvakt.
* Garen is tall, clean-shaven, with long blond hair pulled back and deep blue eyes.
<Skalla> (What does that title mean, do I know?)
* Garen smiles and gives a precise military bow.
<Narrator> (It means a cavalry commander, equivalent to captain.)
<Skalla> Evening, Ryttmästare
<Garen> A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Stormsvallvag.
<Garen> If I may ask, what was it a shame to kill?
<Skalla> Oh, a Gryphon that got a taste for livestock.
<Garen> Ah. One of your new world types, yes? I would have liked to have seen that.
<Skalla> Once they start associating people places with easy food its too dangerous to let them stick around. YOu can't just fence them out, either
<Skalla> How long are you here for?
<Garen> My unit has been dispatched to the colony. I'm here...until they tell me otherwise, I suppose.
* Garen smiles.
<Garen> Though I'm the only one here thus far. My troops don't actually arrive for a few weeks, in theory.
<Skalla> well, a little time to get to know the place, then, before you're too troubled by responsibility
* Garen nods.
<Garen> Though I'm not too troubled by it in general. Cavalry work tends towards an independent spirit.
<Garen> I'm told you've spent a good deal of time in the colony's back country yourself.
<Skalla> As much as I can
<Garen> Not enamored of the delights of civilization?
<Skalla> The charm wears quickly - I prefer it in smaller doses
<Garen> Then I shall count myself lucky to have had the chance to meet you. Are you heading out again soon?
<Skalla> Fairly soon, on a little trading expedition with some friends
<Skalla> At least, that's the excuse
* Skalla grins
* Garen smiles.
<Garen> How long are you planning to be gone? I understand the winters here are largely not quite so difficult as back home.
<Skalla> a few weeks? And I really couldn't compare
<Garen> You've never been to Stordam?
<Skalla> Never.
<Skalla> Plenty to keep me occupied here.
<Garen> Oh, I'm sure. It's beautiful country, what little I've seen of it so far.
<Skalla> it really is
<Skalla> Maybe if I'm back before your troops arrive, I can take you out and show you a little slice
<Garen> I'll hold you to that.
* Garen smiles.
* Berit will have a servant call everyone into dinner.
<Garen> Shall we?
* Garen offers his arm.