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Soldiers come to Welumque looking for Kyauta. Lucas has another session with Hyppolyte Beaulieu, and Alienor asks if he would consider treating Prelate Beaufort in secret. Pierre warns Kaarina that the Sateri shop has been closed for "violation of the Mark Act" but they both suspect it is because of the seditious pamphlets. Skalla and Hildegard meet with a contact to arrange the purchase of some guns for the Karagwasischijro and learns where she can recover some larger guns hidden during the war. Svald finds out that Emilie Nannasdottir shares their Zemejas heritage.


Session date: 2021-09-19
In Game date: Last week of Ogdomenas, roughly two weeks after the riot

Soldiers come to Welumque looking for Kyauta

<Kennesaw> It is the last week of Ogdomenas, roughly two weeks after the riot. The frame of the new warehouse stands testament to both the initial damage and how quickly it's being covered over, if not truly healed.
<Kennesaw> Welumque, mid-morning of the day after you helped Kyauta, one of your people informs you there are soldiers at the door, from the fort, who would like to speak with you.
* Welumque sighs.
<Welumque> Very well, tell them I'll be right there.
* Kennesaw is now known as Narrator
<Narrator> They'll nod and go to do that.
* Welumque puts on some tea, pulls out some flatbreads and puts them on the table, and pulls up some pillows and lays them in a circle around the embers of the hearth, and a stool for herself to sit on.
* Welumque goes to the door after an appropriately annoying delay.
* Orc_Woman (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Welumque> Hello, welcome! So nice to have guests. Come in, come in!
* Welumque ushers the soldiers in, as if it was the most expected thing in the world.
<Narrator> Waiting for you is a young, green-skinned orcish woman in uniform, along with a pair of obvious subordinates.
* Orc_Woman nods to her companions.
<Orc_Woman> Wait here.
* Orc_Woman enters.
<Welumque> (the subordinates - also orcs?)
<Welumque> What's your name, dearie?
<Narrator> (We'll say one orc and one human.)
<Welumque> (ok but they're staying outside - only the one woman coming in?)
<Narrator> (Yes)
<Orc_Woman> Mulazim Awwal Hafsat, ma'am. Thank you for seeing me.
* Orc_Woman is now known as Hafsat
<Welumque> (what language is she speaking / are we speaking?)
* Hafsat would have addressed her soldiers in her own tongue, but will address Welumque in Lèxkweyok)
<Welumque> (great, we'll stick with that.)
<Welumque> Come in, come in, Mulazim. You are welcome here. Tea is brewing, flatbreads on the plate.
* Welumque leads her in insistently and points to a pillow where she can sit down.
<Hafsat> You are most gracious.
* Hafsat seems a bit stiff, but otherwise polite.
<Welumque> This bounty is not mine, but the world's - my role is simply to pass it on.
* Hafsat nods.
* Welumque comes in, waits for her to sit on the appointed pillow and then takes a seat on the stool, so they will be eye to eye.
* Hafsat takes her seat.
<Welumque> Now ... how can I help you?
* Welumque says, passing the plate.
<Hafsat> I'm here to ask you about a member of the Jaysh al-Abid with whom you recently met.
* Hafsat will take a piece of flatbread.
<Welumque> (do I know what that is?)
<Narrator> (It's the official name of the military force of Khalijan. It translates literally as "The Slave Army.")
<Hafsat> Katib Kyauta?
<Welumque> Oh, you must mean that poor clerk who went missing.
<Hafsat> So you're already aware if the situation?
<Welumque> I'm sorry, dear, the situation? All I know is that she came to a business transaction I was facilitating, and then she wasn't there at the end of it.
<Welumque> I so hope she wasn't taken. You know, there are a lot of malicious types, here in the big city.
<Hafsat> Well, yes, that is one of our concerns.
<Hafsat> She never returned to the fort.
* Welumque looks crestfallen.
<Welumque> Oh, dear. Oh dear.
<Hafsat> As you were one of the last ones to see her, we thought perhaps you might have some insight.
<Hafsat> Did she seem particularly distressed in your interaction?
<Welumque> No, not at all.
<Hafsat> And that *was
* the last you saw of her?
<Welumque> Yes, of course.
* Hafsat nods.
<Hafsat> Since you've dealt with the fort before, and with Katib Kyauta, perhaps you would be willing to aid us in locating he? You're well-respected throughout the island, and more people may talk to you than me.
<Welumque> Of course, although I'm not sure what I can do exactly.
<Hafsat> Just keep an ear out, perhaps put the word out that she is missing. She could be injured, or otherwise in distress.
<Welumque> Of course!
<Welumque> I don't know her at all, but I can certainly do that.
<Narrator> (Roll me Deceive)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 3 2 3 ] for a total of [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 5 ].
<Welumque> (nice)
* Hafsat smiles.
<Hafsat> We would certainly appreciate it. We've received word our new commander is on her way, and it would look poorly if she arrived to find us having misplaced a soldier.
<Welumque> You shouldn't feel responsible.
<Hafsat> Personally? No, but I have been ordered to find her.
<Welumque> Well, of course.
* Welumque sips her tea.
<Hafsat> She worked closely with the emira, and it presents...certain concerns.
<Welumque> Ah, say no more. I understand.
* Hafsat nods and will also sip her tea.
<Welumque> If there is any more information about this Kyauta that you might share, anything that would help me, please do share.
<Hafsat> Having met her, you know what she looks like. Beyond that...I understand she has some friends among your people and the Inyan. Perhaps you could speak with them?
<Welumque> I can do that - although I assure you that not all halflings know one another! But I do know more than most, I grant you.
<Welumque> Had Kyauta had many prior dealings with Lexkweyok and Inyan people?
<Hafsat> During the war, and some general financial dealings for the fort.
* Welumque nods.
<Hafsat> And I didn't mean to imply all halflings know each other, but...I am aware of your position in the community.
* Welumque chuckles.
<Welumque> You live long enough and it turns out that you come to know many faces and voices.
* Hafsat smiles at that.
<Welumque> Was there anything else?
<Hafsat> No, ma'am, thank you for your time, and your hospitality.
<Welumque> You're most welcome. I hope you find your friend.
* Hafsat stands, nods acknowledgement, and leaves.
* Welumque will make sure Waneni knows about the soldier's visit right away.
<Narrator> (How would you like to go about that?)
<Narrator> (Messenger, note, ?)
<Welumque> (messenger)
<Narrator> (Okay, cool)

Lucas has another session with Hyppolyte Beaulieu, and is offered another more prestigious client

<Narrator> Lucas, you have your second session with Hyppolyte Beaulieu on the southern end of the island.
* Lucas will travel there to see his patient.
<Narrator> A servant will show you into the sitting room where M. Beaulieu awaits with his knitting, sitting in his chair by the window, in the sunlight.
* Hafsat is now known as Hippolyte
<Lucas> Good day, M. Beaulieu. How are you doing today?
* Svald ( Quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds)
* Svald ( has joined #thirteen
<Hippolyte> Lek’hwánwi! Please, come in. I'm quite well, I must say. You're a miracle worker.
<Lucas> Oh?
<Lucas> You have had some improvement, then?
* Hippolyte holds his hand over his eyes for a moment, then lowers it.
<Hippolyte> I can tell a difference.
* Hippolyte beams.
<Hippolyte> That's miles better than what it was.
<Lucas> That's very good to hear.
<Lucas> May I examine you?
<Hippolyte> Of course.
* Lucas will step closer and take a look.
<Narrator> The scale pattern on his eyes and skin are both fading somewhat. It's solid improvement, and you suspect his sight could return within a few months.
<Lucas> The improvement is very good - I think it will continue to get better, as long as you continue with the treatment. Perhaps even within a few months your sight could be back.
<Hippolyte> Truly? That's...that's wonderful news.
* Hippolyte smiles, though it's a little frail.
<Lucas> I don't know if it will fully return to how it was before, but it should be a notable improvement, at least.
* Hippolyte nods.
<Hippolyte> Thank you. You've managed what no one else has been able.
<Lucas> I am glad I could be of assistance.
<Hippolyte> I will sing your praises far and wide, my friend. I'm amazed.
<Hippolyte> Were you a healer back home, as well?
<Hippolyte> Perhaps some here could learn your techniques.
<Lucas> I was trained as one, yes.
* Lucas says a bit evasively
<Lucas> I suppose if someone wanted to learn, I could try to instruct them, but I don't know that many would listen to me.
<Hippolyte> Because you're young?
<Lucas> Young, and a halfling, and male... It's not always likely I'd be respected, but that's all right with me. I just want to help people, I don't need a lot of attention.
* Hippolyte frowns sympathetically.
<Hippolyte> Don't need, or don't want? I don't want to push.
<Lucas> Well... I know that to keep my livelihood, I need patients. I do appreciate that, if you want to spread that kind of word to others who could benefit from my treatment. I just meant that I don't want to claim to be an authority on anything.
* Hippolyte nods.
<Hippolyte> Of course.
<Narrator> You hear the front door open, and footsteps approaching.
* Alienor (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Alienor walks in.
<Alienor> Ah, M. Flood, I was hoping to catch you.
* Alienor is dressed for travel, and looks as though she's been riding.
<Lucas> Good day, Mme. Beaulieu, how can I help you?
<Alienor> First, how is my dear husband doing?
<Lucas> He is making good progress. I think his eyesight will continue to improve.
* Hippolyte smiles in her general direction.
<Alienor> That's wonderful to hear.
* Alienor steps over to take Hippolyte's hand for a moment to give it a squeeze.
<Alienor> (To Lucas) May I speak to you privately for a moment?
<Alienor> Please pardon us, my love.
<Lucas> Certainly.
* Alienor exits to where you know her study is.
* Lucas will go with her.
<Alienor> Please, sit.
<Alienor> Have you had tea, anything to eat?
* Lucas takes a seat
<Lucas> I haven't. Tea would be nice, thank you.
* Alienor steps to the door and asks a servant to bring tea.
* Alienor returns and takes a seat.
* Alienor gestures for Lucas to do the same if he likes.
* Lucas will do so
<Alienor> Hippolyte seems to be doing quite well.
<Lucas> Yes, he's improving. I have hopes that his vision might return within a few months of continued treatment.
* Alienor nods.
<Alienor> I was hoping to speak to you about another job, one that would require greater discretion.
<Lucas> What is it?
<Alienor> Can I presume to have your discretion at this point as well? This is...somewhat sensitive.
<Lucas> If I hear the details and do not think I can assist, I would still of course keep the information private. Does that satisfy your concerns?
<Alienor> Yes, thank you.
<Alienor> Are you aware Prelate Beaufort is ill?
<Lucas> (am I?)
<Narrator> (You are. She's basically the head of the Pangaian church in the area.)
<Lucas> I have heard as much.
<Alienor> I've just come from seeing her. She's an old family friend, and,'s worse than the public knows. She's suffered from a wasting sickness for some time, and it's recently worsened.
<Alienor> Given that you were able to help Hippolyte when no one else could, I thought perhaps you might be able to aid her as well.
<Lucas> I would be willing to try. However, would there be... negative views of someone who is not of her faith treating her?
* Alienor nods.
<Alienor> That is where the discretion factors in.
* Lucas nods
<Alienor> I believe she will have no issue, but her could be complicated.
<Alienor> You will of course be compensated, well and with our gratitude, but no one can know.
<Lucas> I understand.
<Alienor> Thank you, and bless you.
<Alienor> I will send word when the arrangements are made.
<Lucas> Very well. I'll speak with you again soon, then.

Pierre warns Kaarina that the Sateri shop has been closed for violation of the Mark Act

<Narrator> (Have we said where Pierre lives exactly?)
<Pierre> (No - I imagine it might be at the back of the coffeehouse?)
<Pierre> (I don't know if he'd have a separate place to live.)
<Narrator> (I was figuring like a boarding house nearby, but we can have it be a room at the coffee house if you like)
<Pierre> (I'm saving up my money! :P )
<Narrator> (Heh, k)
<Narrator> Early one morning, as you're stepping out to sweep the front of the shop, you see a group of soldiers down the street. One of them is nailing something to a door down the street which, after a moment, you realize is the Sateri print shop.
<Pierre> . o O (Uh oh.)
* Pierre waits for them to move on, before going to check what the posting says.
<Narrator> They leave a little later, walking south past the cafe. When you go to investigate, you see the paper they posted declares the shop closed until further notice for operating in violation of the Mark Act.
<Pierre> What? That's absurd!
<Pierre> They didn't have the ink... what's going on?
* Pierre goes to find Kaarina
<Narrator> There's a little bit of a crowd gathering to look.
<Narrator> They seem to generally agree with your assessment of the absurdity.
<Pierre> (Did the notice say anything about anyone being arrested?)
<Narrator> (There was nothing on the notice about it, no.)
<Narrator> You know Kaarina lives nearby in one of the boarding houses further into town.
<Narrator> (Being new to town herself.)
* Pierre lets the coffeehouse know that he has an errand, and rushes off to her boarding house.
<Narrator> You're stopped at the door by a large, older woman with a broom and a scowl.
* Hippolyte is now known as Dwarf_Woman
<Pierre> (Her landlady, I guess. Do I know her?)
<Narrator> (It's not her landlady, but there's a family resemblance.)
<Dwarf_Woman> Hold it there, lad. The ladies are having their breakfast.
<Pierre> I beg your pardon, madame. I need to speak with Kaarina... Kaarina Jokela. I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you please let me talk to her?
* Dwarf_Woman frowns.
<Dwarf_Woman> Wait here.
* Alienor is now known as Kaarina
* Pierre does so, fiddling a bit as he waits.
* Kaarina steps out a minute or so later.
<Kaarina> Oh, Pierre!
<Kaarina> What are you doing here this early?
<Pierre> Kaarina! Thank goodness.
<Kaarina> I was just about to head into work.
<Kaarina> Is something wrong?
<Pierre> Yes. Yes, I'm afraid it is... and you don't have to hurry to get to work. The shop has been closed down.
<Kaarina> What? What do you mean?
<Pierre> I tidying up for opening this morning, and I saw some soldiers posting a notice on the print shop door.
<Pierre> It says that Mme Sateri's is closed down for violating the Mark Act.
<Pierre> I was worried that.. well, that they might have arrested people. You.
<Kaarina> No, I'm fine...
* Kaarina frowns.
<Kaarina> Were they posting notices anywhere else?
<Kaarina> Practically *everyone
* is printing without marked papers.
<Pierre> (I didn't see them going elsewhere? Are there other printing shops nearby?)
<Pierre> I don't know. Maybe we should check it out.
<Pierre> The notice didn't say anything other than mentioning the Mark Act... but maybe it's... well, you know.
* Pierre says uneasily
<Kaarina> Let me get my coat.
<Kaarina> (jacket*)
* Kaarina says, though it'll be pretty hot by midday.
* Kaarina does so.
<Kaarina> You think it has to do with the...flyers?
* Pierre frowns
<Pierre> If it's only Mme Sateri's shop, maybe.
<Pierre> But did they trace them back there?
<Pierre> And is that the only shop where someone's been printing them?
<Kaarina> I don't know, but, like you said, if it's just us...
* Kaarina scowls and walks faster.
<Pierre> Let's find out.
* Kaarina walks to the Sateri shop and pushes through the crowd to read the notice in its entirety.
* Pierre stays at her side
* Kaarina looks through the window.
<Kaarina> Come around the back.
* Kaarina heads that direction.
* Pierre nods and follows her
* Kaarina opens the back door to the shop, and you can see there's paper all over the place.
* Kaarina groans.
<Kaarina> Well, none of this was necessary...
* Pierre looks around
<Pierre> What a mess!
<Pierre> I guess that answers the question... they must have been looking for something.
<Pierre> And I suppose they found it.
<Pierre> Are the books still there?
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> Oh, hmm.
* Kaarina will go check.
<Kaarina> They don't seem to be, but I suppose Mme. Sateri might have taken them.
* Kaarina doesn't sound convinced, though.
<Pierre> We should check on the other print shops. Maybe they *didn't
* find anything, and are just shutting down *all
* of them?
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> I suppose this will wait. Let's go check on Mme. Lund's shop on Dock Street. It's closest.
* Pierre nods
* Kaarina locks up and heads that direction.
* Pierre follows again, frowning and thinking as they go
<Kaarina> I'm not sure what I'm going to do, Pierre. If it's just Mme. Sateri's, I'll need to find another job in the meantime. If it's all of the shops...I'll have to find and entirely different job.
<Pierre> I don't know. I'm sure you can find something, if it comes to that. And maybe they won't keep the shop closed for long.
* Kaarina nods, but still looks unhappy.
<Narrator> The two of you make your way over to Lunds' Printing, which does seem to be open, with no notice posted anywhere.
<Pierre> Well. I guess it was just Mme Sateri's then.
* Pierre frowns
<Pierre> I wonder if she's been arrested?
<Kaarina> Certainly not, right? She's from one of the old families, and it's just a fine.
<Pierre> I'd expect not. But with the way things are going...
<Pierre> Look, why don't we go to the coffeehouse, for now? I should be getting back... and I'm sure this will be the talk of the town.
<Pierre> I'll get you a coffee, and keep my ears open.
<Pierre> And it's near the print shop, so you can keep an eye on things there if anything changes.
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> Thank you, Pierre. That would be nice.
* Pierre smiles encouragingly, and they head back to the coffeehouse.
* Kaarina looks a bit forlorn, but will walk back to the coffeehouse with you, putting her arm through yours.
* Pierre tries to cheer her up on the way
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Narrator> (People are certainly talking about the notice. The Sateri's *are
* one of the old families, as mentioned, so this is kind of a big deal. No arrest, but it sounds like the commander of the fort visited the Sateri house this morning about the same time her troops were posting that notice.)

Skalla and Hildegard meet with a contact to arrange the purchase of some guns for the Karagwasischijro

* Daifan is now known as Skalla
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 1 3 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Narrator> (How willing is Skalla to deal with the gray or black market?)
<Narrator> (For, as mentioned, a friend...)
<Skalla> (What's the family attitude?)
<Narrator> (Mostly "don't get caught", much like the other old families)
<Skalla> (If they're strongly anti she'd avoid it just to avoid the hassle, but if they're a little more unofficially flexible then that's fine)
<Skalla> (Yeah, okay then let's go :V)
<Narrator> (They've all had to deal under the table plenty over the years)
<Skalla> (I figured, that's kind of the colonial way :V)
<Narrator> (Yeah :) )
<Narrator> Okay, it takes a while, but you get a lead on someone who claims they can get you a couple swivel guns at least to start. They want to meet you over in Alhusan al'Aswad (the orcish part of the island), at a coffeehouse called The Rainbow.
* Skalla can do that
<Narrator> (Do you want to take any backup?)
<Skalla> (Hildy)
<Narrator> (kk)
<Hildegard> (:3)
* Hildegard will tag along then.
<Skalla> Just remember - leave the business to me
<Narrator> The Rainbow proves to be an older establishment in the Ilhatan style, with a tiled roof (wood here instead of clay) and central courtyard. You were told to wait at a specific table a little ways from the entrance.
<Skalla> these aren't the kinds of folks who are worryig toomuch about marked paper if you get my drieft
<Hildegard> So I just stand behind you and look menacing?
* Skalla laughs
<Skalla> You can sit
* Hildegard grins.
<Narrator> A server will bring you drinks while you wait.
<Skalla> its okay for a change of pace
* Skalla comments ot Hildy of the orcish booze
* Hildegard swirls her glass suspiciously.
<Narrator> (Coffee, rather than booze ;) )
<Skalla> (oh fiiiine ;)
<Skalla> (still)
* Hildegard will take a sip.
<Narrator> (They don't serve alcohol. :P )
<Hildegard> That's... actually really good.
* Dwarf_Woman is now known as Dwarf_Man
* Dwarf_Man approaches and takes a seat.
<Skalla> they make it really strong so don't overdo it
* Skalla looks over
<Skalla> afternoon friend
<Dwarf_Man> And to you, ma'am. You in town on business?
* Dwarf_Man is old and grizzled, roughly shaven, with several visible scars.
<Skalla> Happens that I am, plsu showing my cousin here around some - you?
<Dwarf_Man> Meeting a client, or potential one, as it were.
<Skalla> well what a coincidence - We were here to meet with someone who might have some good we were interested in acquiring
* Dwarf_Man nods.
<Dwarf_Man> A cargo of iron, perhaps?
<Skalla> I do like iron
<Skalla> I hear the shipments are quite as big as I really like 'em but a girl can make do ;)
* Dwarf_Man smirks.
<Dwarf_Man> As it happens, I've got some iron to sell, but, if you're looking for larger, might be I can accommodate that as well.
* Hildegard rolls her eyes discretely.
<Dwarf_Man> How large were you thinking?
* Skalla considers
<Skalla> Something tha's not to big to wrangle inland
<Dwarf_Man> Well, I think that'll be less of a problem, if you're interested in it.
* Skalla smiles
<Skalla> like I said - we make do
<Dwarf_Man> I can get you a half-dozen swivels, no problem. If you want heavier, I know where to get them, but all I can give you is the location.
<Skalla> oh?
* Skalla 's ears perk up at the prspect of some kind of expedition
<Skalla> What are you looking for for those swivels?
* Dwarf_Man quotes a relatively steep price, but not insane.
<Skalla> That firm?
* Dwarf_Man smirks again.
<Dwarf_Man> Few have ever accused me of being soft.
* Skalla chuckles
<Skalla> I'm sure
<Skalla> I think we can work this out if you wanna toss in that location
<Dwarf_Man> I think that's workable.
<Dwarf_Man> Do you know where Fort Lacawana is? Er, was?
<Hildegard> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildegard: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ -1 ].
<Narrator> (You know roughly where it is. It was the furthest northwest fortification Vinmark had, til it was taken and destroyed in the war when the Monitokeh came east.)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 3 3 2 ] for a total of [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 5 ].
<Narrator> (You know where it was. Maybe knew some folks stationed there.)
<Skalla> I know it
<Dwarf_Man> Nasty business, that. I was there.
<Dwarf_Man> When we knew the fort was going to be taken, the commander, she had us hide the field pieces so the snakes wouldn't get them.
<Dwarf_Man> Now, you'll need some digging equipment or a wizard, but they're there, and should be just fine.
<Hildegard> How far down?
<Skalla> We can get that
<Dwarf_Man> Only a bit into the rock, but it's down in a cave near where the fort used to be. We got them into there, so you should be able to get them back out with a team.
* Hildegard nods.
* Skalla grins
<Skalla> This could even be fun
<Dwarf_Man> We have a deal, then?
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Skalla> Aye
* Dwarf_Man nods and offers his hand.
<Skalla> (Ja)
* Skalla will shake

Svald finds out that Emilie Nannasdottir shares ther heritage

<Narrator> Svald, once again, you spot a familiar face new to Charlotta's; Emelie Nannasdottir sweeps in in her fashionably disarrayed finery.
<Svald> (does she notice me)
<Narrator> (She hasn't just yet)
* Svald focuses on their journal rather than draw attention to themself
* Dwarf_Man is now known as Emelie
* Emelie orders a coffee and looks around.
* Emelie smiles (though Svald isn't looking) and makes her way over.
<Emelie> Mme. Rensang, bonjour. Am I interrupting?
* Svald looks up as though they just noticed
<Svald> Oh, hi. Not at all...
<Emelie> May I?
<Svald> Naturally
* Svald gestures to the other seat
* Emelie smiles again and takes the seat.
<Emelie> How are you today?
* Svald smiles a bit.
<Svald> Good... You?
<Emelie> Good, for the most part. Frustrated to hear about this commotion with Sateri's this morning.
<Svald> (have I heard about that?)
<Narrator> (Probably? It happened right down the street and people in the cafe have been talking about it.)
* Svald nods... "Do you know what that's about?"
<Svald> Everyone is talking about it but nobody has any real clue.
<Emelie> Ostensibly it's about the new law, but I think it's about some of what she's been publishing lately.
<Svald> Like what?
<Emelie> Have you read any of the Kaldrgaldr pamphlets?
<Svald> I've seen one or two lying around...
* Emelie says comically conspiratorially.
<Svald> Those came from Sateri's?
* Emelie smiles.
<Svald> They're an old family... I wouldn't have thought.
<Emelie> Well, you didn't hear it from me.
<Svald> Huh... Well that's interesting, that thing I didn't hear :o
* Emelie smiles more.
<Emelie> I mean, you work for the Stormsvallvåg, my dear. Certainly you know not all the old families are entirely fond of the Diet.
* Emelie looks around.
<Emelie> Or the crown.
<Svald> Well, more like families aren't a.. .monolith.
* Emelie nods.
<Svald> I'm sure some of the older Stormsvallvåg are just fine with it.
<Emelie> I'm told Charlotta's here is a hotbed of terrible seditious rhetoric, though, so she must have some sympathy. ;)
<Svald> Maybe... or maybe she isn't very observant. Who cam say :)
<Svald> (can)
* Emelie laughs at that.
<Emelie> I suppose it's little different here than home, really.
<Svald> It's pretty different for me.
<Emelie> Oh?
<Svald> But I've never been to [Fake Fantasy France]
<Emelie> Oh!
* Emelie laughs again.
<Emelie> I'm not from Gaulois.
<Emelie> I just spent a lot of time there.
<Svald> Oh... sorry.
* Svald is embarrassed
<Svald> WEll... it's colder at home, anyway.
* Svald says quickly.
<Emelie> [Birkalan] I'm from Birkala. (Fake Fantasy Finland, part of the Stordam Empire)
<Emelie> [Zemejas] Or perhaps you prefer this?
* Emelie speaks in a dialect different from yours, but recognizable.
<Svald> (z) You know Zemejas?
* Svald 's eyes widen
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
<Emelie> (z) My grandmother, on my father's side.
<Svald> (z) Oh, I see.
* Svald nods
<Emelie> (z) Sorry if my Zemejas is a little rough. It's been some time since I spoke it.
<Svald> (z) Well, there aren't a lot of opportunities.
* Emelie nods.
* Svald says with the slightest sour twist to their words
<Emelie> (z) It is nice, though. It reminds me of home.
<Svald> (z) is your grandmother still living?
<Emelie> (z) She passed a few years ago, just before I came to Callidora.
<Svald> (z) Ah, I'm sorry for your loss.
<Narrator> (z) Thank you, but it was much years ago.
<Narrator> (z) I keep her here.
* Narrator pats her chest.
* Svald nods.
<Svald> (w) You are lucky to have her.
<Narrator> (z) And your family, if I may ask?
<Svald> (z) ... it's complicated
<Narrator> (z) I
<Narrator> (z) I'm sorry.
* Narrator gives a sympathetic look and puts her hand on the table near you.
<Narrator> (ack, ww)
<Narrator> (But you get it :P )
<Svald> (z) I am from... a small community, very traditional. My family was... encouraged to send their children to proper Stordam schools
* Emelie nods slowly.
<Svald> (z) You probably know how that goes.
<Emelie> (z) Ah, yes, I know of such.
<Emelie> (z) My family, my mother's family, encouraged us to assimilate.
<Emelie> (z) It has had its opportunities, but also...
* Svald nods.
<Svald> (z) When I left the school my family were... almost like strangers.
<Emelie> (z) A stranger to them and to the Stordish as well, hmm?
* Svald nods. (z) "People like me didn't have a place to fit. So then there came a recruiter... and it didn't seem like I had a better choice."
<Svald> (z) When we came here, and I saw all the people who live here, who are just allowed to be how they are... Yes, I do find it very different from home.
<Emelie> Well, different is not always worse, perhaps?
<Svald> (z) No, not at all.
* Emelie smiles.
<Svald> (z) it is hard not to envy people here though. and not to be angry at those who wouldn't let our people live freely, like they do.
<Emelie> (z) Anger I understand, and share, but why envy? You're one of the people here now, too.
<Svald> (z) Well people like Welumque. Who have a community. And a connection to their culture.
* Emelie nods.
<Emelie> (z) I wish I had an answer for that.
<Svald> Mm-hm.
<Svald> I don't think there is one
* Svald shrugs
* Emelie nods.
<Emelie> Well, perhaps we can be community, no?
* Svald smiles slowly.
<Svald> That would be nice
* Emelie smiles.