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Welumque aids Kyauta in escaping the fort to freedom. Kaarina tells Pierre she's found more seditious pamphlets. Mina meets with Leandra Carbon, who asks her to find a buyer for some 100% totally legit marked document blanks, and she takes them to Skalla. Hjalmar invites Svald to a gathering of artists where they make a new friend. Hildegarde consults Lucas on their ongoing leg issues. Chëmamës, the young Halfling who Lucas spared, comes to him with a strange spiritual ailment. Some of the soldiers who sought shelter at Charlotta's come to thank Hildy, and ask if her family has any extra work. Skalla has a visit from an old friend, Owähé'sda'ga'gá, who asks he she can sell his people some cannons.


Session date: 2021-08-22
In Game date:

Welumque aids Kyauta in escaping the fort to freedom!

<Narrator> Picking up not too long after the previous session, obviously, as Welumque is working on something of an unknown time constraint in regards to helping Kyauta and Waneni. Steve, what were you thinking in terms of getting something sold to the fort that Kyauta might have to go inspect/notarize?
<Welumque> (something that is large or immobile - I don't know, a printing press or some similar large machinery? the idea was that it has to be large enough to require a clerk to come to us, rather than us to them. That way we're on our turf.)
<Welumque> (roughly, the plan is to have a friendly halfling of roughly Kyauta's build wear something that looks like Phoebean slave garb / whatever Kyauta would wear, be there, and then we can do a switcheroo)
* UhLeeShuh is now known as Mina
<Welumque> (I'm presuming that if they find the ruse they can't be just like , oh that's ok, we'll take this one as a slave instead)
<Narrator> (Heh, no.)
<Narrator> (Okay, roll me Contacts first.)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-4
<Welumque> (rolled a 3)
* Remote is on (Ctcps,Events,Raw)
<Skalla> rolling on me is on
<Skalla> I forgot to rejoin the channels 0- I need to set them tu autojoin for work me
<Narrator> Welumque has a business contact in the town east of the fort that has a press she'd be willing to sell the fort. Or to sell to Welumque to sell to the fort.
<Welumque> (I also would have asked Waneni what languages Kyauta speaks, any special skills/abilities that might be relevant, a very detailed physical description, and then something that only she and Waneni would know, or at least no stranger would know)
<Welumque> (do you need me to play out going to the contact, or can we take that as given?)
<Welumque> (how do these sorts of deals get arranged? Do I just contact the fort directly? Do I work through some sort of bureaucrat or something? Given that they don't even know they want a printing press yet :)
<Narrator> (That's a good question. You could in theory contact the fort directly about it, or try to have your contact make the approach.)
<Welumque> (yeah I'll have my contact do it, to keep distance between me and them, if I need to , say, keep Kyauta at my home for a while afterwards)
<Welumque> (need to make it hard enough for the emira to track her down that we'll have enough time)
<Narrator> (Okay, relevant languages, Kyauta speaks Ayinic (the language of Ilhatan), Stordish, Gaulois, Lèxkweyok, Waunohàmsèpu, and Inyan fluently. Physically, she's about 3'4", dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. What sort of thing that only she and Waneni would know are you looking for? Like a code phrase sort of thing?)
<Narrator> (Are you going to let your contact know what's going on at all?)
<Welumque> (yeah or even more like, an event or conversation they had, that I could allude to in case Kyauta needs assurance that I'm the right person. Like 'I had a friend with whom I shared a cup of gooseberry wine once - it was awful.')
<Narrator> (Heh, I like that. Let's go with that. :) )
<Welumque> (I'm letting my contact know that I'm meeting with the person who's coming to buy the press, but that's all. Not that I'm extricating a slave. But they would presumably be a contact who knows that sometimes I have ulterior motives for these things.)
<Narrator> (Okay. So you're just wanting to be present when she comes to buy the press?)
<Welumque> (my contact can broker the deal directly, and/or I can do it myself. But they know more what the thing is worth, prices, etc., so maybe that's best for them to do it. Then I can focus on extracting Kyauta while ... whatever accompaniment she has is distracted.)
<Welumque> (it's not clear to me whether she'll have multiple guards with her, or just porters to haul the thing away - but maybe Welumque just has to find that out on the day of)
<Narrator> (Yeah, I'm not sure there's a way of knowing far enough ahead of time to be useful.)
<Welumque> (right, we'll play that by ear - that includes what exactly we'll need to do to create the right moment to do the switch)
<Narrator> (And who are you getting for the switch? Just one of your other mem? ;) )
<Welumque> (yup, just whoever is roughly the right appearance. It doesn't need to be perfect - in fact, better if it's not perfect, so that ... whoever notices, won't immediately know they've been conned.)
<Narrator> (Okie doke)
<Narrator> Your contact, an orcish printer named Kahina Ameqran, will set up the sale and happily have you to her shop the day of, maybe a week after your conversation with Waneni.
* NPC1 is now known as Kahina
* Welumque shows up in advance, with a couple of mems, including the one we're going to be substituting.
<Welumque> Kahina, it's been too long. Here, a little something.
* Kahina smiles.
* Welumque passes Kahina a woven bag with some beads and shells inside.
<Kahina> Peace upon you, Welumque. It has indeed been too long. Please, come in.
<Kahina> Coffee?
<Welumque> Thank you, yes.
* Kahina pours for Welumque.
<Kahina> I know better than to ask what this deal accomplishes for you, but I can assume all is well?
<Welumque> All is very well. And of course, helping a friend get rid of a printing press to the emira, for a good price, that is a good enough goal of itself. As for anything else - well, one must keep a few discretions.
* Welumque sips her coffee.
<Welumque> Marvelous, marvelous.
* Kahina smiles again and bows her head.
* Welumque inspects the space to look for exits, corners where a little person can be unseen, any obstacles in the immediate way, etc.
<Narrator> (Roll me Investigate)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-5
* Skalla rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 1 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Kahina> Nasty business in Fastning Irena not long ago. I hope none of your flock came to harm.
<Welumque> It was. We were close by, many of us involved. No consequences too dramatic for any of my nearest. But I worry about next time.
* Kahina frowns and nods.
<Kahina> Unrest anywhere on the island is likely to spread, I'm sure.
<Welumque> So many of my mems have been through so much. They came here for a sense of security.
<Narrator> (There's a main and a back entrance to the shop, as well as a large door for deliveries and such. The various supplies of the printing trade could probably hide a halfling.)
<Narrator> There's a knock at the large door, which Kahina will go to answer.
<Narrator> Welumque, you can see a halfling woman fitting Kyauta's description, a couple of orcish soldiers and a small wagon behind her.
* NPC2 is now known as Kyauta
<Welumque> (all right, roughly speaking, we need Kyauta to sign/seal on the deal first, then as the work is going on to load / move the press, we make the switch, then I send Kyauta out back on an 'errand', leaving her double here. Then improvise as necessary.)
<Kyauta> Alsayida Ameqran, an honor to see you again.
<Kahina> Please, come in.
<Kahina> I have the papers just here, if you want to make a last inspection.
* Welumque stands over by the press, near to Kahina but clearly not presenting herself as the one in charge.
* Kyauta bows her head politely towards Welumque.
* Kyauta looks over the press.
* Welumque nods respectfully or whatever would be appropriate towards a slave.
<Kyauta> It seems to be in order.
<Welumque> It's good quality. Works like a dream.
<Welumque> It will serve the emira's needs more than adequately for many years.
<Kyauta> I'm sure the emira will be most pleased.
<Kyauta> Though it is her successor it will serve.
<Welumque> Would you and your colleagues care for anything? Coffee? Tea?
<Welumque> We have gooseberry wine - although it's not to my taste. I had it once with a friend, beneath a willow tree, but it was awful.
* Welumque says to both Kyauta and the orcs.
* Kyauta pauses for a fraction of a second, then nods.
<Kyauta> None for me, but my companions would likely appreciate a cup of coffee.
<Kyauta> Perhaps while we sign the paperwork.
<Kahina> Please.
<Welumque> Of course.
* Kahina gestures to her office area.
* Kyauta follows her inside.
* Welumque arranges the coffee, then. She makes sure the mem to be switched is nearby, but not right in the orcs' faces, so as not to risk their plot being discovered before we switch.
<Kyauta> (quietly, in Inyan) You are Waneni's associate?
<Welumque> (Inyan) I am.
<Kyauta> What do I do?
<Welumque> Sign, make the deal, then follow my instructions and my lead. All will be well.
* Kyauta looks a little nervous, but signs the bill.
<Welumque> Now, will your colleagues here be doing all the moving? Do they require a hand or two?
<Kyauta> They might welcome some aid.
* Welumque calls her mems over to around both her and Kyauta, in Lexkweyok.
<Welumque> Over here, you rascals! I told you they'd need help!
<Narrator> They will gather.
<Welumque> Ah, Sudequq, could you run out back for a moment? I forgot I left my bag of tools.
<Welumque> ('Sudequq' is not a real person, of course.)
* Kyauta tries to covertly point to herself with a questioning look.
* Welumque shuffles halflings to and fro and gives Kyauta the nod to go. A mem will be out there to meet her.
<Welumque> Not like that! It needs to be pried up, not just hauled on like that! Idiots!
* Kyauta makes a furtive escape in the shuffle.
* Welumque moves over, making sure that not-Kyauta is over near where we all are, so the orcs can't look to closely.
<Narrator> Your folks can Keystone Cops the press up into the wagon.
* Welumque keeps not-Kyauta back of course - she can't be moving the press.
<Narrator> (*nod*)
<Narrator> The soldiers manage to get it on the wagon and secured, and prepare to head out.
* Welumque just waits for them to realize Kyauta isn't here.
* NPC3 is now known as Soldier
<Soldier> I think we're ready, nasikh.
* Soldier looks around.
<Soldier> Is she...
* Soldier looks towards the office.
<Welumque> Kahina ... The clerk, was she with you?
* Welumque asks as innocently as possible.
<Kahina> I had thought she was...
* Kahina looks around.
<Narrator> The soldier share a look.
<Welumque> Well, perhaps she just headed back on her own.
<Kahina> Did she have other business for the emira in town, perhaps?
<Welumque> I'm sure you fine folk can handle the wagon yourselves.
* Soldier looks concerned, but nods.
<Soldier> Yes ma'am.
<Soldier> I'm...sure that's it.
* Soldier bows slightly and will leave with his companion.
<Welumque> All right, well ... Kahina, thank you very much for everything.
* Welumque says with a knowing smile.
* Kahina smiles indulgently.
* Kahina is now known as Halfling_Youth

Kaarina tells Pierre she's found more seditious pamphlets

<Narrator> Pierre, things have gotten back to normal at Charlotta's, which is to say boisterous and argumentative, but usually pleasantly so.
<Narrator> Your friend Kaarina, who you helped with the presses, has been coming in more often. She's in fact in tonight, in the early evening, looking once again a little troubled.
* Pierre goes about his business, serving customers as quickly and efficiently as he can. While not eavesdropping at all. Much.
* Pierre spots Kaarina and goes over to her
<Pierre> Hey there! How are you, Kaarina?
* Halfling_Youth is now known as Chemames
* Kyauta is now known as Kaarina
* Kaarina smiles at Pierre.
<Kaarina> Mostly well, Pierre. And you?
<Pierre> Good! Busy, which is good. And how are things at the print shop?
<Kaarina> A little weird, actually.
<Kaarina> You remember those Kaldrgaldr handbills?
* Pierre grimaces slightly
<Pierre> How could I forget? Yes, of course.
<Pierre> Did you find out who printed them?
<Kaarina> Well, they were gone when I got to work the next day. Which, I mean, I guess isn't too odd, they might have just got picked up or whatever, but I kept a look out, and there's two more "K.K." entries in the ledger now.
* Pierre frowns
<Pierre> Who put them there?
<Pierre> And how did they find the bills? Well, I guess you didn't really hide them...
<Kaarina> Yeah, I just put them away.
<Kaarina> I mean, it's not illegal or anything, but it's...I'm worried it's going to get someone in trouble.
<Pierre> So, how big are these new printing runs?
<Kaarina> The same as last time.
<Kaarina> I was wondering if you'd seen any around here, maybe?
<Kaarina> I know Charlotta's has a...particular clientele.
<Pierre> (Have I? I expect I'd have a good chance of noticing them...)
<Pierre> Fifty each, then. That's not so much, but still...
<Pierre> I don't think I've seen them here. Let me think...
<Narrator> (Roll me Notice)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Skalla rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> People read in Charlotta's a lot, often loudly to each other. You're not sure you heard or saw any of the one you read, but you think you heard a few people mention the name Kaldrgaldr over the week.
* Pierre frowns
<Pierre> No, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any of the pamphlets here. But I did overhear... accidentally, you understand! I did overhear a few people mentioning that name, Kaldrgaldr. I don't remember the context, though.
<Pierre> I don't know. Is it a single person? Or... maybe, a group?
<Kaarina> I don't know. I'm pretty sure it's a pen name, so it could be anyone.
<Kaarina> And any number of anyones.
* Kaarina shakes her head.
<Kaarina> I don't know. Am I worrying too much?
<Kaarina> I just don't want anything to happen to the shop.
<Pierre> I understand.
<Pierre> I suppose you don't have an idea of who added the new jobs to the register?
<Kaarina> It's not happening while I'm there.
<Pierre> Hmmm. Have these latest ones been printed and delivered?
<Kaarina> But I don't think it's Madame Sateri.
<Kaarina> I don't know for sure, but I think so. I'm pretty sure the inventory is off.
<Kaarina> But Madame Sateri hasn't said anything about it yet.
<Pierre> But you don't think she's involved.
<Kaarina> I don't know!
* Kaarina exclaims plaintively.
<Pierre> No, no, of course not.
<Kaarina> I mean, I didn't think she was keen on all this...
* Kaarina gestures around Charlotta's.
<Pierre> Maybe not. But then, if she was, I doubt she'd want anyone to know.
<Kaarina> That's true...
<Kaarina> What do you think of it? We both came over at the same time, so it's all new to me, but you're here all the time.
<Pierre> I think this is a growing movement... people seem to be more and more dissatisfied with the way things are. I may have a skewed view because of the people who come here... but still. The very fact that somebody's risking their employment at the shop shows that they must be fairly committed...
* Kaarina nods.
<Pierre> I guess you can still try to figure out who it is at the shop. Keep a close eye on the register, and try to figure out who's adding these entries.
<Kaarina> You think I should keep it to myself for now?
<Pierre> Well... if you bring it directly to Madame Sateri, that could cause a lot of trouble for someone.
<Pierre> If you don't and she notices it later, will you get in trouble?
<Kaarina> I don't know. That's what's worrying me.
<Kaarina> I guess...maybe I should mind my own business for now?
<Pierre> Well... how many people work at the shop?
<Kaarina> Ten, usually. Sometimes we hire folks for the day, when we get new inventory in or there's a big order.
<Pierre> Kind of a lot of suspects. :/
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> Would you mind keeping an eye out for any of the handbills?
<Pierre> I think our original idea was still a good one... if you can find the next batch and intercept them, and hide them, then anybody who asks about them is a natural suspect.
<Kaarina> I'll try that again, if I can manage to intercept them.
<Pierre> And yes, certainly. If they start to appear all over, the government is going to start looking for the place they're being printed... and we'll have some decisions to make. :/
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> I appreciate you listening to me flail.
* Pierre smiles
<Pierre> I don't mind! I want to help... I'm just not sure how.
<Pierre> I wouldn't want you to get in trouble.
* Kaarina smiles.
<Kaarina> I'm very glad we happened to be on the same ship. It's nice to have a friend in the colonies.
<Pierre> So am I.
<Pierre> Can I, ah, get you anything? On the house!
<Kaarina> Don't be silly. I should be buying you lunch.
<Kaarina> But I appreciate the gesture.
* Pierre smiles even wider,
<Pierre> I may take you up on that offer of lunch sometime.
<Pierre> You don't have to buy, though. we can go Fulstamish.
* Chemames is now known as Dwarf1
* Dwarf1 is now known as Janson

Mina meets with Leandra Carbon, who asks her to find a buyer for some 100% totally legit marked document blanks

<Narrator> (Where does Mina live, btw? Boarding house, rented room, etc.?)
<Mina> (Whatever is cheapest, probably.)
<Narrator> (Let's say boarding house)
<Narrator> An old contact of your father's, Leandra Carbone, will leave word she'd like to meet with you. She says she'll be at the Old Salt tavern near the Fastning Irena docks in the evening.
* Mina will meet her there.
* Kaarina is now known as Leandra
* Leandra will be waiting towards a back corner.
* Mina will take a seat if available and smile.
<Narrator> The tavern's name proves appropriate. Leandra is human, in her 60s, with her mostly-gray hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her face is weathered, and her one good eye scans the crowd with a wariness born of experience.
* Leandra smiles at Mina.
<Leandra> Minietta (little Mina), I haven't seen you in an age. And to find you in the new world, no less.
* Mina smiles a little more sheepishly.
<Leandra> You're looking fit. Not getting into too much trouble, eh?
<Mina> Well, it was a surprise to me, too.
<Mina> Depends on your definition of "too much", I suppose.
* Leandra grins.
<Leandra> Well, you seem to have all your parts, at least.
<Mina> So far.
<Leandra> How's things? I hear you've managed to land on your feet. Working for some of the big shots around here.
<Mina> You know me, I always manage to land on my feet.
<Mina> And I do like to keep informed.
<Leandra> I was hoping you might be able to help with something, if that's the case. I've got cargo to unload and my buyer fell through.
<Mina> Sounds simple enough. What's the cargo?
<Leandra> Paper goods.
<Leandra> Stamped paper goods.
<Narrator> (Sorry, marked, rather)
<Leandra> Could save a client a pretty penny.
<Mina> Mhmm. And how exclusive would the clientele be for this cargo?
<Leandra> I figure one of the old houses. Anyone who wants to do business cheaper than the bluebacks are demanding.
<Mina> (Sorry, what are bluebacks?)
<Narrator> (Stordish soldiers.)
<Mina> I might know some who may be interested. You remember my usual terms, yes?
<Mina> I'm slightly more expensive than my father was.
<Leandra> A woman needs to eat.
* Mina grins.
<Mina> Indeed.
<Mina> Let me do some talking, I'll send word.
* Janson is now known as Skepskapten
* Leandra smiles.
<Leandra> There a good woman.
* Leandra nods and raises her drink towards Mina.
* Mina does the same.
* Skepskapten is now known as Jerk

Mina brings the documents to Skalla

* Mina will find Skalla at the coffee house.
* Skalla gives a friendly wave
<Skalla> Hey Mina
<Skalla> how's it going?
<Mina> Oh, you know, same problems, different land.
<Skalla> people are assholes everywhere, eh ;)
<Mina> That does seem to be the case.
<Mina> Got in contact with an old friend, though.
<Skalla> oh yeah?
* Mina nods.
<Skalla> what kinda friend?
* Mina smiles.
<Mina> The profitable kind.
<Skalla> those are handy to have
<Mina> Seems she lost her buyer for her latest cargo and needs another.
<Mina> Thought I could help her out.
<Skalla> oh, business.
* Skalla sighs
* Mina laughs
<Skalla> I was hoping you youer gonna tell me about a party or something fun ;)
<Mina> Sometimes my business is fun
* Mina winks
<Skalla> is it this thime?
* Mina shakes her head
<Mina> Unfortunately, it's mostly business this time.
<Skalla> well I
<Skalla> will try not to hold it against you
<Skalla> what's this cargo then?
<Mina> Paper goods.
<Mina> Of the marked variety.
<Skalla> oh yeah?
<Skalla> just a nunch of deals that fell through, what a shame? That kinda thing?
<Mina> You know how it is, it can be a tough world out there.
* Mina sighs dramatically
* Skalla smiles
<Mina> Anyway, it's an old family friend. I told her I'd help her out.
<Skalla> kind of you
<Skalla> she got a name?
<Mina> Leandra.
<Mina> Friend of my father's.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> (sec)
* Skalla rolls [ Error. The syntax is !roll xdx+x. ]
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ]
<Narrator> (You don't think you've heard of her)
* Skalla thnks for a moment and then shrugs
<Skalla> not familiar
<Mina> enjoy meeting new people, yes?
* Skalla grins
<Skalla> depends
<Mina> On?
<Skalla> If I need to see them again in the morning ;)
* Mina laughs
<Mina> If it helps, I am available to provide liaison services.
* Skalla laughs
<Skalla> I prefer to pick my own, but I'll keep that in mind.
<Mina> Fair enough.
<Skalla> But for this... let's say tentatively interested, if you wanna set up a meeting.
<Mina> I can. Your turf or hers?
<Skalla> hmm...
* Skalla drums her fingers on the table, wishing someone else was here to do this.
<Skalla> what's hers?
<Mina> Old Salt Tavern is where I met her.
<Skalla> that sounds fine
* Jerk is now known as HumanWoman
<Mina> Excellent. I'll set it up.
<Skalla> great
<Skalla> we'll need a sample, probably, and I'll find someone who can authenticate
<Mina> I'll let her know. I'm sure she can part with something
* HumanWoman is now known as Emelie
<Skalla> great, let me know
* Mina will stay and shoot the breeze a bit before leaving
* Skalla will tell her about the grypon hunt :D
* Skalla will have to take this back to the family too, make sure we're cool and see if we do have someone who can veryfy the seals
* Mina ( Quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds)

Hjalmar invites Svald to a gathering of artists where they make a new friend

<Narrator> Svald, a few days after you all return from the hunting trip, you are pleasantly surprised to see Hjalmar (the dwarf guy you met) enter Charlotta's.
* Leandra is now known as Hjalmar
* Hjalmar looks around the room.
* Svald does a little wave
* Hjalmar smiles and heads over to her.
<Hjalmar> Mamsel Rensang, good to see you.
<Hjalmar> I was hoping to find you here. How are you?
* Svald is sitting at a corner table by themself, nursing a coffee and their journal.
<Svald> Well enough...
<Svald> How are you?
* Svald interlaces thin fingers around the mug.
<Hjalmar> I'm well as...well. Hmm.
<Hjalmar> What are you working on?
* Hjalmar nods to her journal.
<Svald> What, right now? Oh, just... thoughts. There hasn't really been anything happening since I've been here today.
<Svald> Before that, I was taking a walk around town and ended up at the coffee house...
* Hjalmar nods.
<Hjalmar> Did you happen to have plans for this evening?
<Svald> Huh?
<Svald> I don't make many plans.
<Hjalmar> My friend Emelie is having a gathering at her studio tonight. Informal, just art aficionados getting together. I thought you might want to come along?
<Svald> (is this the person he talked about before?)
<Hjalmar> (Yes)
<Svald> Oh... how many?
<Svald> I don't like parties
<Hjalmar> Oh, just a few people. I would make eight? Nine, perhaps.
<Svald> Well...
* Svald pokes their lip with the blunt end of her pencil, hesitating
<Svald> I guess I could.
<Svald> WHen is it?
* Hjalmar (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
* Hjalmar (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Hjalmar> Tonight, for dinner? I can meet you here before and we can walk over, or I can just give you her address.
<Svald> I can probably find it
* Hjalmar smiles.
* Soldier (webchat@ Quit (Quit:
<Hjalmar> Okay, it's [address].
* Svald jots that down.
* Hjalmar will chat with Svald over coffee for a bit before taking his leave.
<Hjalmar> It shouldn't prove too difficult to find the studio that evening, tucked between a tavern and a boarding house on the east end of town.
* Svald knocks on the door, if it is closed.
* Jerk is now known as HumanWoman
<Narrator> A human woman in her early thirties answers the door. She's well-dressed, but with an air of nonchalance about it. She greets Svald with a big smile and a curious expression.
<HumanWoman> Yes?
<Svald> Hi. I'm here for the party
<HumanWoman> Oh, you must be Mlle. Rensang, Hjalmar's friend he was telling me about. Please, please, come in.
* Svald steps in and looks around.
<HumanWoman> I'm Emelie, your host for the evening.
<Svald> Oh, yes. Nice to meet you.
<Svald> (Are there other people here? How fancy is this?)
* HumanWoman is now known as Emelie
<Emelie> Enchanté.
<Narrator> The studio is not large, but is neat and well-appointed. Paintings line the walls, some in various stages of completion, from sketch to full. A group of people are gathered around a table at the far end, near a small fireplace. You see Hjalmar, who looks up and waves.
* Svald waves tentatively
<Svald> (are they dressed fancy? >.>)
<Emelie> Everyone, this is Mlle. Rensang, a friend of Hjalmar's and a fellow artiste. Let's be welcoming, non?
* Svald looks around at the work on display
<Narrator> (Not especially. Emelie is the most dressed up, and one of the men is quite the dandy, but others are wearing fairly casual clothes)
<Svald> (cool)
* Mina ( Quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds)
<Narrator> Much of the work is Emelie's, but not all. Much of it is in what you would think of as a traditional style, curlicued and fanciful, but there are a few more modern works of starker simplicity.
* Svald stands there a bit awkwardly
<Emelie> Please, come, sit.
<Emelie> Eat, drink, be merry.
* Emelie chuckles.
* Emelie will introduce everyone, though I imagine it's hard to keep them all straight immediately.
* Svald finds a chair.
<Svald> (are any of them familiar to me by their work?)
<Emelie> (One of the older women is a Gaulois painter of minor renown, Marie Renaud, mostly known for portraiture.)
<Svald> (zzzz ;)
<Narrator> (Hee)
* Hjalmar is now known as Owahesdagaga
<Emelie> Hjalmar spoke very highly of your work that he saw, Mlle. Rensang.
<Emelie> You were out on the hunting trip this last week?
* Svald nods.
<Svald> Skalla was going so...
<Svald> I thought there might be something interesting.
<Emelie> And so there was! A gryphon, chalice and blade. Did you get to see it?
<Svald> Yes. Skalla shot it.
* Svald says without much affect
* Emelie gives Svald a strange look.
<Narrator> The various guests talk a bit about the hunt, though none of them except you and Hjalmar were actually there.
* Emelie will try to include Svald in the dinner conversation, but won't force her.
* Svald just isn't that chatty
<Svald> (not good at small talk :x)
<Svald> (if ppl talk about work/art though, then they have *opinions*)
* Renaud (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Renaud> Oh, no, I can't abide all this dreary space, my dear.
* Renaud says to Emelie about one of the paintings in a more "modern" style on the wall nearby.
<Svald> I like it.
<Emelie> Oh?
<Svald> (to me?)
<Emelie> (yeah)
* Svald shrugs.
<Svald> It has ... atmosphere
* Emelie smiles.
<Renaud> The atmosphere of a crypt, perhaps.
<Svald> Better than being boring
<Renaud> I like a bit more life in my art.
<Emelie> Life has darkness as well, non?
<Svald> Life often isn't pretty.
* Emelie raises a hand towards Svald like, "See?"
<Emelie> Exactly.
<Svald> Ever watch someone butcher a gryphon?
* Renaud wrinkles her nose at that.
* Emelie smiles where Renaud can't see.
<Narrator> Dinner proceeds apace. Much wine is drunk, and a game of cards develops between four of the guests. The others are in pairs or singly talking and walking around to look at the art.
* Svald will wander around
<Emelie> Pay no attention to Mme. Renaud. Marie is a old woman stuck in her ways.
* Svald smiles a little.
* Emelie says quietly and affably to Svald.
* Svald nods.
<Svald> (what kind of subject matter does she favour?)
<Emelie> (It's something of a mix. She does some classical scenes from myth or history, as well as some urban slice of life type stuff. She seems to like crowds, trying to capture to movement as individuals and collective. Like a kind of "human landscape" thing)
<Svald> I like these...
* Svald gestures toward one of the latter.
<Svald> Did you see the riot?
* Emelie nods, frowning.
<Emelie> From a distance, thank the gods.
<Emelie> Such terrible business.
<Emelie> And you?
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed)
<Svald> Yes, there was a lot to see...
<Emelie> How...close were you?
<Svald> Oh, right by the warehouse! I did a lot of drawings.
<Emelie> Oh, my! I'd love to see those sometime.
<Emelie> That must have been terrifying.
<Svald> I'm working on a large canvas
<Svald> Well, I know how to stay out of the way.
<Emelie> Not one for center stage, I think. ;)
* Svald nods.
<Svald> It's better to see than be seen...
<Emelie> I don't mind a bit of both.
<Emelie> But to each their own.
* Emelie will stay and chat with Svald for a while.
<Svald> I'm... not great with people.
<Svald> Most people.
<Emelie> Well, I seem to do just fine, so we must become friends, oui?
* Svald smiles a little more.
<Svald> That's what Skalla said too
<Emelie> She sounds like a smart woman.

Hildegarde consults Lucas on their ongoing leg issues

* Hildegarde send a house servant with a message for Lucas to come and see her when he has time.
* Lucas will come to see her, bringing his pack of healing supplies.
* Hildegarde will open the door and smile.
<Hildegarde> Thank you for coming.
<Lucas> It was no difficulty. How are you feeling?
* Hildegarde sighs.
<Hildegarde> It's been acting up again. It gave out on me during a hunting trip. Almost cost us the game.
<Hildegarde> Would you like some tea or anything?
<Lucas> Tea would be good, thank you.
* Hildegarde 's quarters are not exactly spartan, but not lavish either. A large table, some chairs, a few shelves a bed, and a small kitchen area.
* Hildegarde will hobble over to the kitfhen area and put the kettle on the fire.
<Hildegarde> Who've you been?
<Hildegarde> *how*
<Lucas> I'm fine. There has been plenty of work lately.
<Hildegarde> I can imagine, after the docks incident.
<Lucas> Yes... I have been tending to some who were injured there.
<Lucas> What of you? You have been over-exerting yourself with hunting trips?
* Hildegarde laughs.
<Hildegarde> Apparently.
* Lucas says, a bit teasing
<Hildegarde> You know I can't sit still.
<Hildegarde> Not in my nature.
<Lucas> Mmhmm, well, if you do not take time to rest, nature will ensure you sit still.
<Hildegarde> Mmm... but that's what I pay you for.
* Hildegarde teases back.
<Lucas> Of course. May I examine you while we wait for the tea?
<Hildegarde> Of course.
* Hildegarde will lay back on the bed
* Lucas will take a look at your injured leg.
* Hildegarde winces slightly when prodded.
<Lucas> Hmm, is it painful at all times, or only when you have been exerting yourself?
<Hildegarde> It comes and goes. It's worst when I've been standing for a time.
* Lucas nods
<Hildegarde> It's never going to fully heal, is it?
* Lucas considers how to answer that.
<Hildegarde> Be honest...
<Lucas> There may always be some pain at some times. But you can recover your strength and the amount of pain may decrease, or be less frequent. If you continue to follow my instructions, and take care to rest when it pains you.
* Lucas says firmly.
* Hildegarde nods.
<Hildegarde> Ok. I'll try.
<Lucas> You would not have been able to go on a successful hunting trip even some months ago, I think. You have made progress.
* Hildegarde smiles.
<Hildegarde> Yeah. I just... I feel so useless, you know?
<Lucas> Well... your use is not only in what your legs can do.
<Lucas> Maybe you can take up knitting.
* Lucas says with a slight smile.
* Hildegarde laughs
<Hildegarde> I'm better at taking things apart than I am at putting them together.
<Hildegarde> Besides, I'd probably stab myself
<Lucas> Now, I recently met a soldier who had been blinded in the war, and if he can knit without stabbing himself, surely you could do as well as him.
<Hildegarde> Mmm... do you have any hobbies? What do you do when you're not bossing me around?
<Lucas> I suppose I spend a good deal of time gathering herbs. It gives me time to be in nature, and I find it relaxing.
<Lucas> But I don't know if it's a hobby - it is necessary for my work.
<Hildegarde> You must know a lot about nature.
<Lucas> Yes, although I'm not as familiar with the local conditions... I'm still learning about the differences in the plant life here.
<Hildegarde> Is it so different from your home?
<Lucas> Some differences, yes. Perhaps not as different as from your home, though?
<Hildegarde> Oh definitely. Have you ever been to Vinmark?
<Lucas> No, never.
<Lucas> What is it like there?
<Hildegarde> Hmmm...
<Hildegarde> We have a very famous poet who described it. "We come from the land of the ice and snow. From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow."
<Lucas> The hot springs sound nice, at least.
<Hildegarde> They are. Beautiful and rejuvenating. And the cliffs over the sea are like nothing else in the world. Beautiful and jagged, like they were smashed into the land by a titan's hand.
<Lucas> Do you think you will return there some day?
<Hildegarde> I hope so...
<Hildegarde> And you? Will you return home?
<Lucas> Oh... no, I don't think so. There is nothing for me there.
<Hildegarde> I'm sorry.
<Hildegarde> I didn't mean to open up old wounds.
<Lucas> It's all right.
<Lucas> Sometimes it is necessary to open a wound so it can heal properly. But in this case, it is only a scar, nothing more.
<Hildegarde> Well, I am glad you are here. If I were home I would be at the springs for my leg, but here I have you to poke and scold me instead.
* Hildegarde winks.
* Mina ( has joined #gnomeland
<Lucas> The springs would be more peaceful I suspect.
* Lucas says lightly
<Hildegarde> But not as good at conversation.
<Hildegarde> Ussually.
* Lucas smiles at that, tight-lipped
<Lucas> Now, here are some herbs you can take as a tea if the pain is bad, it will help you rest and relax. Don't try to go hunting or operate any heavy machinery like, I don't know, a printing press, after you take it.
<Hildegarde> Why would I... Nevermind. I will try not to do anything stupid.
<Hildegarde> But I make no guarantees.
<Lucas> You are truthful, to be sure.
<Hildegarde> It's my greatest failing.
<Hildegarde> And thank you. I do appreciate your abilities. I would probably still be barely able to walk without you.
<Lucas> My only hope is to bring comfort to those who are in pain and distress. I'm glad I can do so for you.
<Hildegarde> That's a very noble goal.
<Lucas> Well... as you said, one wants to be useful.
* Hildegarde smiles.

Chëmamës, the young Halfling that Lucas spared, comes to him with a strange spiritual ailment

<Narrator> (We said Lucas rents a room somewhere, right?)
<Lucas> (yup)
<Lucas> (like a boarding house kind of situation, I think)
<Narrator> Lucas, when you come down for breakfast one morning, you notice a new person in the common room of the boarding house. While this isn't in and of itself unusual, you recognize the boy you helped at the dock two weeks ago. He looks a bit haggard, and makes his way over to you.
<Lucas> Ah... good morning.
* Halfling_Youth (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Halfling_Youth> Hello.
<Halfling_Youth> Do you remember me?
<Lucas> Certainly, yes. I'm afraid I didn't get your name, but I remember your face.
<Halfling_Youth> Chëmamës.
<Halfling_Youth> And you're...?
<Lucas> Lek’hwánwi
<Lucas> Are you doing well? Do you need my assistance?
* Halfling_Youth is now known as Chemames
<Chemames> I think I might?
<Lucas> Do you want to speak in private? We can go to my room if you prefer.
* Chemames nods.
* Lucas will bring him there, then. I assume it's essentially just a room with a bed in it, not a lot else.
* Chemames accompanies Lucas.
* Chemames doesn't quite seem to know what to do with himself.
<Chemames> (Or is maybe a little out of it?)
<Lucas> Here, sit.
* Lucas gestures to the bed.
<Lucas> What is troubling you?
* Chemames sits.
<Chemames> I've been having trouble sleeping...
<Chemames> I'm having these strange dreams.
<Chemames> Ever since the night of the riot.
<Lucas> What sort of strange dreams?
<Chemames> They're sort of like memories, I think, but they're not mine. People I don't know, places I've never been.
<Chemames> In one I was on a ship, like the round-ears' ships. I've never been on one at sea.
* Lucas listens
<Lucas> It could be simply dreams - but you feel as if they are more than that?
<Chemames> They feel...I don't know how to describe it. Like there's not enough room in me.
<Lucas> (have I ever seen this sort of thing happen before? it sounds like he's being affected by the dead dwarf's spirit/memories)
<Narrator> (You haven't seen this specific thing before, but it doesn't sound outside the realm of possibility)
<Lucas> It's possible there is another spirit clinging on to yours. If you are willing, I could try to see if I can help.
* Chemames nods.
<Chemames> Anything.
<Lucas> Lie down and I'll see what I can do.
* Chemames will do so.
* Chemames does look *very
* tired.
* Lucas will try to examine his spirit, or I guess any other spirits that might be lingering in the area.
<Narrator> (Roll...we'll call this Empathy.)
<Lucas> (do I get my +2 for dealing with spirits?)
<Narrator> (Yes)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-3
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-3 ] getting [ 1 3 3 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -3 ] totals [ 6 ].
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-3 ] getting [ 3 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -3 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Narrator> There are definitely some spirit remnants clinging on to him. It's like they're trying to burrow their way inside.
* Lucas will .. try to remove them, if I can without harming him worse.
<Narrator> (Roll me Lore)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-4
* Skalla rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 3 2 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 3 ].
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 2 1 2 2 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Lucas> (uh is there anything I can apply to make that better?)
<Lucas> (a fate point?)
<Narrator> (You could spend a fate point to add +1. Or I'll let you retroactively use it to invoke one of your aspects. Several seem like they could apply.)
<Lucas> (I will apply my spirit-haunted healer aspect, if that works?)
<Narrator> (That works)
<Narrator> While this is novel, it's not entirely outside the realm of your previous experience. It's like a ritual for the recently dead, combined a bit with a banishing. A gentle spiritual shooing, essentially.
* Lucas tries to disentangle the spirits that should be moving on, while leaving his patient's whole
<Narrator> It's delicate work, but obviously Chëmamës's spirit has a firmer grasp. He looks a little pained, groaning some as you work, but eventually his breathing steadies and you realize he's fallen asleep.
* Lucas will let him rest, he probably needs it. I'll stay there, unless there is some reason I need to leave (other apppointments/plans?)
<Narrator> (I imagine you can take some time to sit with him.)
* Lucas will go find a chair or stool or something so I can sit down, at least, while he sleeps.

Some of the soldiers who sought shelter at Charlotta's come to thank Hildy, and ask if her family has any extra work

<Narrator> Hildy, after having lunch at Charlotta's one day, you're approached by a pair of dwarven men.
* Chemames is now known as Dwarf1
<Dwarf1> Mamsel Stormsvallvag?
* Hildegarde will look up from the table and wipe her hands.
<Hildegarde> Who's asking?
<Dwarf1> Janson, ma'am. Jan Janson. And this is Adan Janson. Uh, no relation.
<Dwarf1> We met a couple of weeks ago.
* Dwarf1 is now known as Janson
<Narrator> (Roll me Notice)
<Hildegarde> !roll 4d3-2
* Skalla rolls for Hildegarde: [ 4d3-2 ] getting [ 2 2 3 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -2 ] totals [ 6 ].
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildegarde: [ 4d3-2 ] getting [ 3 2 2 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -2 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Narrator> It takes you a moment, but you realize they're the two soldiers you stood up for the night of the riot.
<Hildegarde> (Sorry, that should be 4d3-6, not -2)
<Narrator> (Still fine)
<Narrator> (Might take you a little longer ;) )
<Hildegarde> Oh, right. You were here the night of the incident. I'm not Mamsel Stormsvallag, though. Just her cousin. Hildegarde Maelstrom.
* Hildegarde offers her hand.
<Janson> Sorry, ma'am.
* Janson shakes your hand.
<Janson> Do you...would you have a moment to talk?
<Hildegarde> Of course. Have a seat. Or does this require more privacy?
<Janson> Oh, no, I don't believe so, ma'am.
* Janson and his associate will take a seat.
* Hildegarde will signal to Pierre for three coffees.
<Janson> First, we just wanted to thank you again for, well, not letting things get more out of hand the other week.
* Pierre nods, and goes to get them.
<Hildegarde> Of course. I'm may not be in the service anymore but I'm not about to let any of The Queen's men get pummeled in a coffeehouse if I can stop it.
<Janson> Still, we appreciate it.
* Hildegarde smiles.
<Hildegarde> Any time.
<Janson> We, ah, we don't want to presume, ma'am, but we were hoping you might be willing to do us another favor.
<Hildegarde> What can I do for you?
<Janson> We thought maybe your family might have some work?
* Pierre approaches the table with the coffees on a tray, along with a small bowl of sugar and small pitcher of cream. He smiles at the guests, and sets all the items down on the table.
* Hildegarde raises an eyebrow at that.
<Janson> At the dock, maybe? Or anything, really. Our pay isn't exactly steady...
<Hildegarde> Not looking to leave the service, then? Just something extra on the side?
* Janson nods.
<Janson> Just to get by.
<Hildegarde> I'll have to talk to my cousin, but we're always looking for security. And after the recent tensions probably more than ever. It won't be glamorous. Likely keeping watch at the mines. Have you seen much action?
<Janson> Everyone's looking, but soldiers aren't as popular as they were a few years ago.
* Janson nods.
<Hildegarde> Mmmm
<Janson> Tail end of the war.
* Janson will list a few of the later battles.
* Hildegarde nods.
<Hildegarde> More than me.
<Hildegarde> Yeah, I'll put the word in and see what I can find. Where are you two stationed?
<Janson> We're billeted over in Old Hearth.
<Narrator> (Nearish)
<Hildegarde> That's close by. Tell you what. Come by the Stormsvallag house tomorrow morning, around 8. I'll check with Skalla and make sure, but I think we can use a few more strapping young lads on watch.
* Janson smiles brightly.
<Janson> Thank you ma'am. You won't regret this.
* Janson and his companion will down their coffees and clear out. You get the sense they don't want to be in Charlotta's any longer than they have to.
* Hildegarde will let Skalla know about the meeting and see if she's willing to have them work one of the less important security details until we're sure they can handle it.
<Narrator> Before Hildy gets up to leave, someone sits down in one of the soldiers' recently vacated chairs.
<Narrator> (Roll...Contacts?)
* Hildegarde sighs and looks up
<Hildegarde> !roll 4d3-8
* Skalla rolls for Hildegarde: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 2 ].
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildegarde: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 3 3 1 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Narrator> You don't recognize him specifically, but it's one of the older Skepskapten cousins.
* Janson is now known as Skepskapten
<Skepskapten> You're gonna get a reputation I think you might not be looking for, Mamsel Maelstrom.
<Hildegarde> What reputation might that be Skepkaptan? A woman who appreciates the soldiers of her home country?
<Hildegarde> I'm not looking for trouble.
* Skepskapten raises his hands in surrender.
<Skepskapten> Neither am I. That was a friendly piece of advice.
<Skepskapten> I think what you did there is nice, and the soldiers...they're not the ones calling the shots.
* Hildegarde nods.
<Skepskapten> saw what happened to the Gudinashands
<Hildegarde> I know. And thank you. But I'm not worried about my reputation. People can think whatever they damn well like. I still have my honor and my loyalty and precious little else.
* Skepskapten gives Hildy a curious look.
<Skepskapten> How do you mean? You're a house karl for one of the richest families in the colony, but you sound like you're out in the gutter.
<Hildegarde> I might as well be for all the use I am here.
<Skepskapten> How do you mean?
* Hildegarde waves it off.
* Skepskapten seems genuinely sympathetic.
<Hildegarde> Sorry, not your problem.
* Skepskapten shrugs.
<Skepskapten> I have ears and time.
* Hildegarde sighs.
<Skepskapten> Lighten your load, if you like.
* Hildegarde considers.
<Hildegarde> I spent my whole life training for one thing. Now I can't do it.
<Skepskapten> That' to be frustrating.
<Hildegarde> I was supposed to come back with glory or else with a shroud. Instead...
* Hildegarde shrugs.
<Hildegarde> I suppose there's worse fates.
<Skepskapten> How old are you?
<Hildegarde> 29.
* Skepskapten chuckles.
<Skepskapten> You have plenty of time for glory.
<Hildegarde> Time maybe. Opportunity? That's a different story. What glory is there here?
<Skepskapten> It's a new world, Maelstrom. Who knows what'll happen.
* Hildegarde looks at him for a moment and then nods.
<Hildegarde> Maybe.
* Skepskapten gives Hildegarde a fortifying nod and a smile.
<Hildegarde> ...thanks.
<Skepskapten> Happy to help.
* Skepskapten extends his hand.
* Hildegarde extends hers.
<Hildegarde> I'm sorry about what happened a few weeks back.
<Skepskapten> Not my concern, but you might want to talk to Freya. She can be...grudge-y.
<Hildegarde> Yeah...
<Hildegarde> Probably a good idea.
<Skepskapten> She's not a bad sort, just *very
* opinionated.
<Hildegarde> I didn't catch your name?
<Skepskapten> Whereas I am free of such worldly concerns.
<Skepskapten> Oh, sorry. Jerk. Jerk Erlingson Skepskapten, at your service.
* Skepskapten is now known as Jerk
<Hildegarde> The pleasure is all mine.

Skalla has a visit from an old friend, Owähé'sda'ga'gá, who sks he she can sell his people some cannons

<Narrator> Skalla, you get a message that a Karagwasischijro friend of yours, Owähé'sda'ga'gá', is in town and was hoping to meet up with you.
* Skalla will send them back an invite to come by the coffeehouse for dinner
* Owahesdagaga (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Owahesdagaga will arrive for dinner at the appointed time.
* Owahesdagaga is tall and broadly built (for an elf), dressed more traditionally than many. He smiles down at Skalla as he approaches.
* Skalla will stand to greet him with a hug
<Skalla> It's been too long, friend
* Owahesdagaga hugs back.
<Owahesdagaga> Indeed. You look well.
<Skalla> you too
<Owahesdagaga> City life treating you well?
<Skalla> I hope you don't take offense for not meeting you up at the house - I prefer to dine here when I can
* Skalla shrugs
<Skalla> it has its moments, but I get away when I can
<Skalla> what brings you here?
<Owahesdagaga> Trade, mostly. Might see if anyone needs a few strong arms while I'm here.
<Owahesdagaga> Been out any lately?
<Skalla> a little - there was a gryphon hassling some of the pastures, so there was a hunt to take care of it. Wasn't very long though, and it was all city pomp around the whole thing
<Skalla> fun in its own way I suppose
<Skalla> but that's the closest I've come.
<Owahesdagaga> You need to get back out of your settlements. Real hunt, real country.
* Skalla sghs wistfully
<Skalla> Yeah, I'm getting restless
<Skalla> so are the settlements, for that matter
* Skalla sighs
<Owahesdagaga> That's what I hear.
<Owahesdagaga> Maybe more work for me soon, yeah?
<Skalla> new trade restrictions, though they wouldn't call it that
* Skalla grins
<Skalla> maybe, at that
* Owahesdagaga grins back.
<Owahesdagaga> There's something related to that I was hoping to talk to you about.
<Skalla> Yeah, wha's that?
<Owahesdagaga> Your family has sold us firearms before.
<Owahesdagaga> And we've appreciated you've dealt honestly with us.
* Skalla nods
<Owahesdagaga> As you said, your settlements are getting restless, and the clan mothers think we need to be more prepared.
<Skalla> so - looking for more?
<Owahesdagaga> Yes, and...bigger.
<Owahesdagaga> Is that possible?
<Skalla> bigger?
<Skalla> like - swivel guns? Bigger than that?
<Owahesdagaga> That's a start.
<Owahesdagaga> We don't have as much experience with cannon as some, but...
* Owahesdagaga scratches the back of his head.
<Skalla> well, it can be learned
<Owahesdagaga> I think we're going to need...yeah.
<Skalla> well. I don't think its something we've dealt in much... but maybe there's going to be a market opening
<Skalla> I'll see what I can find out, at least
<Skalla> if we could just get that foundry set up...
<Owahesdagaga> What's the problem?
<Skalla> maybe nothing! Might be some surplus hanging around after the war that we could get offloaded, but otherwise we'd have to source from home, and the way thigs are going right now they might be...cagey about the idea of sending artillery over here
<Skalla> if we had local prduction, we wouldn't have to worry about that
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed)
<Skalla> plus now everythig had to ne notarized through the army anyway ¬.۪¬
<Owahesdagaga> You have to report to your military if you're selling weapons?
<Skalla> not just weapons
<Skalla> that's what peopel are angry about - all legal documents
<Owahesdagaga> That seems difficult to enforce.
<Skalla> Yeah, there's no way they can.
<Skalla> but I think they know that
<Owahesdagaga> So what's the point?
<Skalla> On the one hand they want to make more money - getting shit signed off isn't going to be *free
* of course
<Skalla> But I heard some people talking about it here - saying that its just setting us up to fail, so when we don't cooperate they can set more sanctions and send more troops, and whatever to try and grab us by the cunt and make us behave ¬.¬
<Owahesdagaga> But it's not...they're not doing anything.
* Owahesdagaga scowls.
<Owahesdagaga> So this is...what is your word? Pretense?
<Owahesdagaga> The provoke you, then lash out at the response?
<Skalla> yeah.
<Skalla> Even if it isn't really what they're *rtrying
* to do... it's how its going to go.
<Owahesdagaga> Hence...bigger guns.
<Skalla> as long as you're not pointing them at us ;)
<Skalla> we'll work it out